4PM EST – Watch Right Online 2012 Live Feed

This afternoon Right Online begins streaming at 4Pm EST (1PM PT) and will feature Joan Goldberg, S.E. CUPP, and more! The chatroom is open and you can watch below:

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  • DocBarry1

    Anyway to listen to this on the new IPad?

    • sarahhasmyvote

      Good Luck. They have their limitations because of Flash.

      • DocBarry1


  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Obama’s illegal immigration gambit has successfully pickeled Romney today.

    Will Palin pick up the ball and run with it?

    • I’m sure we’ll hear plenty from Mr Palin and the other guest as well.

      Thanks to Americans For Prosperity.

      Tea Party Patriot

    • bigsun24

      kagan leaked the supremes SB#1070 due out monday, thus the commies did what they did today.

    • John_Frank

      She did not say anything on the subject in the speech, but she had something to say afterwards to Poitico, the medium used by Republican moderates:

      Palin: Obama ‘pandering’ on immigration

      LAS VEGAS — Sarah Palin on Friday condemned President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy as both unconstitutional and cravenly political.

      “He’s absolutely pandering to a specific demographic that no doubt polls have shown … he would be helped in this demographic if he just makes this move,” the former Alaska governor told POLITICO late Friday as she left the Venetian hotel after a speech to the RightOnline conference.

      “And I say that because all of President Obama’s actions are based on polls that are provided him that would lead him to believe he can garner support for his reelection bid.”

      She decried the executive order declared Friday as “amnesty” that violates Congress’s constitutional right to pass laws.

      “Our president still doesn’t understand the three branches of government,” she said. “He thinks he can usurp the Congressional branch of our government and dictate and mandate a policy like this.”

      The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee said it will make the borders more porous.

      She took umbrage about an explanation she read in the press that said the law would only affect “law-abiding illegal immigrants.”

      “That is a contradiction right there,” she said in the interview. “I think we need to characterize it and describe it more accurately. It’s called illegal for a reason.”

      With her to the point and pithy comments, the people’s Governor again shows the GOP (are you listening Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio) how to “fight like a girl!”

  • That’s scoop. I’m There. This event should be very interesting.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • ApplePie101

    Someone has a bit of a shoe fetish!

    • You ahhh, ever spent any time on the ONT at Ace’s place? The Moronettes are all about shoes. And the Morons love it.

      Whoah! Marko Rubio “not a fan” of Obama’s power grab. (Also at Ace’s – Ace “brings it,” as usual)

      • ApplePie101

        Ah-hah: I see what you mean.

  • panchita

    heavens to betsy. why doesn’t the darn woman run already?

  • Joe

    I wish this were on the LSM

    I am sure they will some nuggets to pounce on

    Sarah – Kick their butts !

    • Kick their nuggets.

  • PicklePlants

    Sarah Palin: “our team’s got the balls!” Gotta love that.

    Love the woman – love the message – but the voice grates me. Does that make me bad?

    • blackbird

      Not at all PicklePlants, I think the Governor can shatter glass. For me I love her voice but that’s what makes us great… individualism. Thanks for the post.

    • Embrace the voice. Embrace the pronunciation. It’s the new wave!

      I guess.

      Hey, if it helps, I’ll pronounce “Deal” as “Dill” for the rest of my life.

      So help me Rudy. (Bill Cosby joke.)

      (Channeling Joe with this style comment.)

    • ApplePie101

      No, I feel the same way. She also tends to ramble at times, though lately her speaking has become more focused. Still, I’d vote for her in a heartbeat if she were running.

  • LastMomStanding

    Sarah’s guts scare the heck outta the leftist pantywaists. Don’t retreat…reload.

  • Patriot41

    Great tribute by Sarah and a lot of good common sense. She is a great lady and I cannot understand why Barbara Bush does not like her./Sarc.

  • jeffo1

    did I miss Sarah?

    • Dan

      yeah…live streaming sucks….”buffing”

    • MaxineCA

      Scoop just posted it on another thread. She was great, as usual!

  • Let the chips fall where they may… SP &AW 2012,the winning ticket ,the only one…

  • Sarah knows what she is doing. Just wait….I can see a floor fight coming in Tampa.

  • speakez6

    Woo Michelle!

  • Rshill7

    Lots of very good speeches are part of this deal. Thanks Scoop.

    Men: Is there any other word as soothing to the ear as Daddy? I submit that there is not.
    Any functioning male can father a child. Daddy’s are extra special though. My favorite word in the whole wide world, is Daddy. I love hearing it. I love being it. We need more of them in our country.

    To all of you Daddy’s out there. God Bless you guys! May I wish you all a Happy Day tomorrow? OK. Happy Daddy’s Day!

    To my own Dear Dad. I love you Dad! Hope to see you soon sir. Thank you for everything.

    Daddy’s. Men after God’s own heart 🙂

    • freenca

      Happy Father’s Day bear! My Dad had a sweet heart and I miss him dearly. May your day be as blessed as a honey jar and fresh salmonberries on the side.

  • freenca

    Thank you right scoop, this was a truly encouraging conference of a lot of dedicated people for the conservative causes. Andrew Brietbart lives!

    • marketcomp

      DITTO, freenca!