1:45 PM ET – Watch FreePAC LIVE, features Glenn Beck and Rev. CL Bryant and more!

FreePAC started streaming at 1pm but I don’t think you’ve missed any great speakers yet:

The evening program will be a “Call to Action Rally,” headlined by FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe, prominent media entrepreneur Glenn Beck, FreedomWorks Outreach Director Deneen Borelli, Reverend CL Bryant, Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, and Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel.

WHEN: Saturday, September 15, 2012. The grassroots training will be from 1:45–3:30pm ET, followed by the FreePAC Ohio Rally from 4-7pm ET.

Watch below:

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  • grayjohn

    picture quality sucks

  • Joe

    G – O – D

    spelled backwards =

    D – O – G

    Think about that!

    ZERO has no soul – I believe dogs do!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Let the complaining for liberals, appreciate that you can watch it.

  • WordsFailMe

    Instant access to your congress person record, contact info
    Go to

    Click on “HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE: in the masthead of the page

    Next Page, under the word “LEGISLATOR” on the right, enter your ZIP Code and press enter. Click in the congress person’s face to see details of their voting record, contact inf , instant email etc.

    Looks Brilliant!

  • Sinsonta

    Thanks for providing the access to such an important event. Wondering when Glenn Beck will be talking?

  • Ed

    Enjoying this FreePac. Thanks or providing it scoop! BTW…is Twitter down or is it my computer?

  • Ed

    Thanks for providing online streaming of FreePac, Scoop. Is Twitter down? or is it my computer?

  • magi52

    This is great, has been great ALL afternoon and even greater at the ending… TheBlaze.com Now you can take action.

    • sybilll

      I never intended to sit here all afternoon watching, but my gosh, it was amazing! Some speeches are must see that I hope Scoop will post for those that missed them.

      • magi52

        The last time they posted everyone. I hope so also. It was great.

        Refreshing to hear truth isn’t it?

  • I love the ideas Beck presented. Especially what I think I heard be referred to as a “brain”. The idea of an interactive global network of linked ideas is like a dynamic bubble chart based on what other connected news issues are “online” so-to-speak. Connect media and other people’s related content and it would be an amazing thing. If I understand it right.

  • lanae1791


  • PVG
  • You never post anything from Beck’s radio show anymore. I was around here when you posted from Levin, Limbaugh, and Beck’s shows all the time, but now you never put Beck here and only occasionally put down Rush.

  • magi52

    I have told so many people about the FreePAC Cincinnati speeches. I hope this site or somebody posts the whole thing.

    It was very inspirational and a great relief to listen to people speak the facts about the truth.

    • what an amazing event. I attended FreePac Dallas also. Find an event near you. I seen Illinois, Colorado and there was another State I can’t remember…lol. FIND ONE NEAR YOU!!!!

  • OHJan

    This is another MUST WATCH! If you haven’t seen it yet you should check it out.

  • 12grace

    Love it!