1PM ET – Watch LIVE Conservative Black Forum hosted by Allen West

Rep. Allen West is hosting the Conservative Black Forum today and it runs from 1PM – 3PM ET. It is also being broadcast live on C-SPAN2 according to West.

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Go Allen West!!!

    He’s sure out and about – fighting the good fight! Love this guy!

  • stevenbiot

    Go to a flat tax. Get rid of the minimum wage debacle, like Milton proposed years ago. Get rid of the corporate income tax, which forces businesses overseas. Finally, lower the entitlement percentage to less than 5%.

    • Rshill7

      Are you talking about Milton Friedman, Milton Bradley or John Milton?

      • stevenbiot


  • 911Infidel

    Wait…Where’s the Black Liberation Theologists? Where’s the Mr and Mrs Bells? No critical race theorists? Where’s Barkus Obomus? Hmmm…Nowhere to be found. Oh wait, I get it…dumb people don’t hang out with their betters.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Ah, thanks! Glad to see this is happened again this year. I came in VERY late, so I will have to catch in on the C-SPAN website.

  • 911Infidel

    The one guy who left was talking about institutionalized racism towards Blacks and talking about how Black unemployment has been high in his lifetime. Well he might not have been alive in the 30’s and late 40’s when Black unemployment was lower than white unemployment…where 85% of Black households has two parents. You think that statistic had an impact on Black unemployment in those days? Since the institutional racism towards whites that has been getting worse since LBJ’s Great Society and the Minimum Wage Laws that have been in effect since the late 40’s, Blacks have been given a edge and have been screwed by government and society at the same time.

    But as far as one race being favored over the other, its the whites that have been disadvantaged. Its time to remove race quotas in hiring and promotions. Everyone in this society has an equal chance at success.

    So I take umbrage with the gent’s comment.

  • WordsFailMe

    Love Col Allen West. I’d follow him to hell dragging my 105 on a rope, but all of the ideas I am hearing point to a “program,” to be funded by a lot of taxpayers and:
    a. Benefiting the black community or black families and
    b. Keeping, and maintaining, blacks separate form “all other.”

    There’s so much great thought here and enthusiasm and hope in their voices but here one of the examples Col West gives:

    “What if we had a CPA come to a school and teach about money and finances?”

    Col. West- That is a stupendous idea except for one problem. Nobody sent CPA’s to my school in 1958 and this country is peopled with some of the best accountants in the world, the best small business persons and the best entrepreneurs. Nobody in this country got special treatment to get this country where it was before the first BP and if you all are suggesting that some one lift one finger to help a man because he’s black, there’s a problem here and it’s the same one we’ve been fighting for 200 years.

    Go and preach your ideas and plans to the blacks. Imbue the black community with the shame they deserve. I hope I am dead wrong but I keep waiting for some to say, “Hey! What we need is a government sponsred program to implement these ideas!”

    You say, “What will we do with the 21 year old black man, who grew up in south Florida, who has never had a job and not finished high school?

    My answer the the conservative black group here is this: WTF are YOU going to do? When do we see the effort of the black community to take care of its own? Black Panthers, drive by murder-49 killings in Chicago alone last week end–where’s the home guard? Are you all to frightened to face your own communities? I don’t think Col. West is.

    These people are so inspiring, so bright and represent so much hope to this society. It breaks my heart to say, “Get ready. Here’s the shovel.”

  • marketcomp

    Thank you, RS!

  • Rshill7

    Ok, it’s 3:10, where is the show? Oh, it ended ten minutes ago. Let me check my wallet…dagnabbit! I’m also a dollar short!

    Well, at least I’ll be on time for supper.

    Based on some of these comments, I’ll just say this. The black community has itself yo blame for each and every one of their ills. Fix it yourselves. Your great, great granddaddy’s hardships have nothing to do with you OK? get over it, hop up off of your asses, and teach your kids,,,uh, by EXAMPLE!

    Should anyone feel sorry for you? No how, no way. You are every bit as capable as anyone on this earth. Stop believing those who say you need affirmative action. Stop believing those who say the world owes you a forever free lunch. If you can’t find your own bootstraps, sew some on, grab those badboys and pull! See, that how everyone else does it. Then go up to Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton and rip their heads off.

  • Lucia_USA

    I loved watching this black forum. It gives me hope for our country. We need our black Americans to believe in themselves not in government to define them.
    The statements and questions were very positive. We are all Americans and we need to encourage each other.
    God Bless you Allan West. Maybe someday you will be our second black president.

  • daisy_mae

    If you missed the live broadcast here is the link for the video: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/EconomicEm

  • c4pfan

    Check this vid with Sonny Johnson with some answers with Black Conservatives:

  • JoeMontana16

    Why is West getting involved with this and the CBC? He shouldn’t be involved in black groups. We are not Democrats with all their racial organizations. He should be working to end this stuff. Conservatives are exactly that, just conservative. Not black ones, not white ones and not Hispanic ones.

  • Black conservatives unite. Black conservatives rise. Enough said.