2 new Romney ads defend religious freedom from attacks by the Obama administration

The Romney campaign is out with 2 new ads tonight, both taking on the administration’s attack the Catholic church and religious freedom:

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  • amen to that!

  • 911Infidel

    Well I sure as hell ain’t standing with a guy who wears a band on his finger that reads “There’s no God but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet”. That is the mark of the beast. First add was killer diller. Well done. I likedit better than the second add.

    But wait. Joey Biden said to trust him? He claimed that Obamacare doesn’t do what ad #1 says? Trust Joe? Nah. Not on my watch.

  • BeyondPolls

    Two good positive ads.

  • wodiej

    Good ads. Romney continues to expand his lead in Florida and Virginia, now by 7 points. Winning Independents and women. Already has majority of men voters. Winning some obama supporters too.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I like both ads, but it struck me as I watched Paul Ryan’s ad how he looks the part of a young, energetic statesman. He’s so different from that clown Joe-Joe Biden. I believe Paul Ryan will be an excellent vice-president, and will serve with honor and distinction alongside Mitt Romney. I’m feeling good about America’s future once again thankst to Romney/Ryan.

    • Orangeone

      Ryan will bring back the dignity of the VP position just as Romney will bring back the honor of the Pres position.

    • PVG

      And Ryan will be an outstanding president in 8 years! Happy days are almost here again!

    • Jay

      Ha! Joe-Joe Biden sounds a lot like Jar-Jar Binks. And they are both two of the most annoying characters ever created.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL…….there ya go!

    • joedoakes202

      “The middle class is coming back!”

      Joe Biden

      August 21, 2012

      Dear Mr. Obama,

      I guess the MENSA meeting with you Ms. Clinton and Mr. Biden did not accomplish much. To be honest I was not expecting much. I’m just hoping that the Secret Service installed child safety locks on the Presidential limo just in case you get a call from him while driving over a bridge. It seems like suicide is all the rage these days. I don’t recommend it, but if successful hollywood producers are checking out this cannot be a harbinger of good days ahead. I often wonder how much more a nation can take from the first exchange student pot head President, I contemplate what my life would be like if you had done the opposite of what you did and kept your promises when you campaigned in 2008?

      Guantanamo Bay would be closed. The troops would be home after you surrendered to the enemy. The fire in the middle east would be about out by now, and all of that blood and money that we wasted fighting for one side of the same muslim/arab coin would have been spared and saved. “Obamacare?” That wouldn’t even have been a memory. A gentle expansion of the entitlement net placed upon the back of a growing economy, George W. Bush did that and it worked out ok. Now we are completely screwed because you decided to throw the long socialist ball with no one to catch it in the end zone. I’m really wishing that guy Jack Ryan didn’t get divorced, and came to the realization sooner that once a man commits the necessary act of insanity that marriage is, to commit the next act of insanity, that is divorce, would end his political life. But in my neighborhood I’ve got mayors of cities beating their wives so I guess the pool of people we are dealing with is fairly shallow.

      So Joe thinks things are great. Let’s talk about business. Have your friends bought a car lately? A house? Made any large purchases? Vacations? I’m talking with your money and not the taxpayers. Because I’m betting the answer is no. I’m betting all of you are puckered up tighter then a sperm whale because you know what is coming, and you think you’ll get a better deal when things really go south when, and if, you win. That’s good. I’m happy for all of you cheap nickel and dime rich liberal democrats. Must be nice to be rich. Never been rich. What does that feel like Mr. Obama? Must be nice. Must be nice to have all of that money. Must be nice to have all of those options in life. Must be nice to not have to worry about money anymore. What’s that like? How much have you given to charity in percentage terms? More or less than Mr. Romney?

      On November 6, 2012 I’m voting for the Mormon because he had the good sense to pick really intelligent and able replacement, and not an insurance policy.


      Joe Doakes

  • Orangeone

    Both outstanding ads! We need to make these go viral!

  • PVG
  • deeme

    Just one more thing Joe Biden is unaware of…

  • joyfulgiver

    Praise God! I believe He will honor Romney and Ryan for honoring Him.

    These ads need to be in every state!

    • sjmom


  • Little children, it is the last time: and as you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; by which we know that it is the last time.
    John 2:18

    Help defeat this anti-Christ… Vote the demon and his legions out come Nov. 6th!

    Not only is God on Our side! We are on His! We shall NOT be destroyed!

    • sjmom

      Amen and Praise the Lord!

  • Landscaper

    Churches here in the southeast are mailing letters to the IRS notifying them they are talking about politics (anti-Obama) from the pulpit and daring them to do anything about it ! People are fed up and are telling the Feds to “stuff a sock in it.”

    • librtifirst

      Churches need to dump their tax exempt status that makes them give up their free speech by law. Talking about politics isn’t against that law, but endorsing a particular candidate is.

      • Landscaper

        They don’t even need to say his name. All they have to do is ask the question of the congregation, do you support _______ ? If you don’t, you KNOW who to vote for.

        • librtifirst

          I have seen many times how they can skirt around the issues in church. I just cannot get past the thought of our clergy being muffled by a tax exempt status that was designed to shut the churches up. They have been bought off, which makes them sellouts. For the sake of liberty and in the name of integrity, they should abandon their 501C3 status and just call it like it is no matter what. It’s not a big deal to many, but it is a matter of moral character to me.

          They do have ways of getting the points across. I have been in churches that give out flyers that list the positions of both candidates in a race. It is usually obvious who meets Christian voting criteria the best.

      • It was never against the law back in the founding days when the Black Regiment wore their revolution “uniforms” under their clerical robes. That law needs to be repealed.

        • librtifirst

          It isn’t a mandate.The churches choose it in exchange for money. That is what is so depressing and disheartening.

          Though I agree that it should not be in tax law, but I say that because there should be no IRS, and no governmental ability to shape society through the tax code. I just pray, right now, that Christian leaders in this country would wake up to how they are being manipulated, and reject it.

          I don’t know if you have heard about what is called the “clergy response teams”. It is a church/government partnership that is designed to train pastors in keeping their people in control in the case of a national, or local, emergency by taking scripture and twisting it to favor obedience to the state in any circumstance.

          It is the spirit of anti-Christ within the church, which we know will be the case in the end times. Churches are shut up through bribery, and told to control Christians through false teachings.

          I can’t think of much that is worse for the church. How can the church represent truth and justice in society when they are in bed with the devil? We think that the churches that have turned liberal are bad, yet we ignore Satan in the midst of our own. It is the same kind of compromise that our politicians succumb to when they take office. Their moral courage fades away and they support evil for what they are told is good, but they fail to understand that even the good they are sold on is evil.


          “Tax exempt status means more money for ministry.” (just give up your free speech)

          “Clergy response teams can help those in need during an emergency” (just make sure that you teach false doctrine to control people for the government)

          • I heard about that over a year ago, Pastors reciting Paul’s admonition to obey government. What blaspheme. This happens librti, because those coming through the seminaries have no real doctrine that they believe in. Sadly the pulpit has been as blind as the flock for years.

            • librtifirst

              I don’t accept that interpretation of “government” in Roman’s 13. I don’t keep my mouth shut, so I have have not been fully accepted by many in church. Most don’t want to reason these things out, or hear alternatives to what they believe. So be it. I will not compromise.

              If there is a second revolution in the US, it will not be backed by church leaders as it was a couple hundred years ago. Which means that it will be a secular rebellion, and it will fail because God’s people are not leading it based on a righteous cause.

              God bless those who have opened their eyes within the church.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop, fantastic Ohio events with Romney & Ryan. Any chance video and photos could be posted? I have these two photo shots from Romney Road Team on Twitter.



    • 2besusie

      Great pictures! Thanks for posting the links.

  • bartman99

    first rate candidate.

  • Great ads God protect Romney/Ryan help voters to have the scales lifted from their eyes before it’s too late for America.

  • sjmom

    God bless the Romney campaign for standing up for our freedom of religion. I feel like this election is between Good and Evil; then again, it is about just that. The powers of darkness have been trying to take over this country for some time and it is NOW we must stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

    • famouswolf

      I didn’t really believe in cosmic evil five years ago. I do now.

      I see it in obamas smirk. It has been confirmed by his actions. It’s enough to make a guy get religion.

      • sjmom

        You don’t need religion; you just need Jesus. He’s everything you need and He changed my life.

  • About time someone mentioned God! After all, He is the creator of heaven and earth!

  • 2besusie

    As a non-catholic, I especially like the second ad as it emphasizes the fact that we must all be concerned with the protection of our religious rights. Once the Left gets their foot in the door with this mandate, there’s no telling what they’ll go after next.

    • piperlord

      No matter, we are all Catholic’s now! You are right.

    • DebbyX

      Well, we know for sure that Obama is no fan of Israel! I wouldn’t trust him to be the dog catcher.

  • Whats that inscription on nobamas ring? Any chance thats why he has waged war on the Faithful?

  • 12grace

    Only G-d can save, America.

  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the Thomas Jefferson and John Adams of the 21st century. Both will restore the principals that were implemented and ment to be followed and governed by those who we elect to serve our country. “The Affordable Care Act” is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever to come out of the Oval Office, John Adams was a founder who advocated for and successfully founded a government who serves the people and was able to get us away from a government who serves itself, Mitt and Paul will bring us back a government who serves the people.

  • bobemakk

    Two great videos. I am Roman Catholic and attend church every week and receive the host. A big portion of the parishioners I speak with are for Romney because of Obamas anti Catholic/Christian beliefs. Obama is a Muslim and I will repeat that until the day I buy my underground condo.

  • CitizenVetUSA

    Romney Ryan will bring back respect for constitutional values that most Americans hold as the basis of liberty for all.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    I like both ads. If the church gives up their tax status, there is less money for people in need. My pastor said we have to put this in God’s hands, when you vote, vote for the man who represents your moral, and God given values. We all knew who he meant for us to vote for, just short and sweet.

  • If we do not stand up to this today, there will be more and more tomorrow. It will roll in waves until we are as religiously vacant as Europe. When they replace God with government, we will be at the mercy of Govt for our very rights.