60 Minutes: Unemployment is really bad

CBS’ “60 Minutes” does a fantastic job at exposing how bad unemployment really is and its very practical consequences. They even point out that the real unemployment rate is around 17% for the nation and over 22% in California, which is the part everyone seems to be talking about. But I want you to watch the entire segment because it is not only really good, but eye opening.

But I must say honestly, that watching it really pissed me off. I mean, the MSM can do such a good report on the problem of unemployment, but they continue to let Obama and his minions spout the lies over and over that it’s completely and totally the fault of the Bush administration, without even a hint of skepticism. Yeah, we know Republicans spent too much. But what about this administration? Obama gave us early on the way to measure how effective and successful his policies are, and now that we know that they aren’t working, by his own measure mind you, he and the administration are just claiming ‘stupid’, and this passes as an excuse with the MSM?!?! How much does the Obama administration have to spend before we finally decide to point the finger at Obama? How many people have to become unemployed before we start to realize he isn’t fixing the problem but making it far worse??

The other thing I felt after watching it was a rather stark wake up call that I need to continue to ensure that my ‘business’ is in order. I am very thankful that I still have a job, but that could disappear and I could be one of the 99ers before too long. So that was a good effect of the program.

Either way I am glad they did this, I would say it is definitely worth your time.

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  • That was definitely an interesting piece by 60 minutes. I would like to see a breakdown about how the couple making $200,000/year could be in such dire straights in just 2 years.

    • That’s what I thought, was the wife working before ? and that’s with 99 weeks of Gov. checks–99 WEEKS! Don’t you get like 2/3 of your income, Now they have been brought so low there son has to degrade himself by joining the army. middle class mochers(Democrat)—–What’s with grown men in public, not for love of or pride for someone or thing, but out of self-pity

      • B-Funk

        I agree with you, Roland, but what’s degrading about the Army?

      • Anonymous

        My last job as a manufacturing manager paid me nearly $60k per year. For this, I worked an average of 55 hours per week with only the occasional weekend off.
        I’ve been in manufacturing since I was fifteen years old and have done just about everything you can do in that area: design, drafting, machining, programming computerized machines, inspecting parts, hiring machinists, managing a shop, all the way to packing and shipping. I’m in my mid-fifties and have a wealth of experience to pass on to the next generation.
        However, our government decided long ago to move us into a service economy, which made the skills I’d spent a lifetime accumulating worth nothing. Things still need to be made, it’s just that someone in another country is doing what we used to do for ourselves.
        Roland, unemployment is a fixed rate per week which varies from state to state. Down here in Florida, the maximum you can draw is $275 per week. While that’s better than nothing, it doesn’t begin to replace my former salary. The cost of living varies wildly among states, and $200K in California doesn’t go nearly as far as $100K does down here.
        Honor is wonderful, but when you have a government with corrupt, anti-American, power-loving progressives in place, their lust for control over you and your family far outweighs any concern they have for your well-being. And they have the power to determine which course the country takes.
        We trusted the people we elected to go to Washington and make laws that benefitted the majority of us. What we got instead was tone-deaf elites who cannot think for themselves other than to pander for votes so they can be reelected. That is their overriding consideration, not the welfare of the average American family.
        We could be enjoying an economic recovery, except that nearly everyone in power in Washington today has no concept of how a free market economy operates. We (the people) know what works, it is they who must be removed from office so that we can begin the hard work to right our country and get the economy going again.
        Get out and vote if you haven’t already done so. Pick conservative candidates who say common sense things on the issues, they stand a much better chance of returning the nation to prosperity than the self-serving “progressives” who currently infest DC.

      • Sue

        I wish they didn’t do this piece in Silicon valley. It shows a slant to this that is not the norm.
        I do not think unemployment benefits should be extended. However, until you are middle-aged, lost your job, losing your house…until you have walked in those shoes, you should not make fun of these people.

        I am 49 and I was unemployed for 20 months. I applied for EVERYTHING.
        There were so many people applying for one job, my resume or application often did not get looked at all.

        I am no Democrat. I wish those of us on he right could show compassion.
        It’s comments like yours that make us appear heartless.
        I pray you don’t lose your jobs.

        • Sue

          By the way, I did finally find a job – part time. I’m a secretary.
          Finding it felt like a miracle.

    • Sue

      It was unexpected and they thought they would find jobs. When you make 200K a year, your bills are big. They probably had a mortgage, two car payments, maybe a kid in college. It goes fast especially when you think your situation is temporary.
      I never made 200k a year! I am just saying because I know I had all those bills when I lost my job…then my husband lost his job.
      The government created policies that made a difficult time worse.
      Don’t blame people for decisions government made.

  • This journalist missed a great opportunity,he should have ask”which party are you going to vote for?”Just curious

  • Extremely Right

    I can’t watch old hippie broadcasters. Thank you all old hippies for screwing up the country.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. They DO look like a bunch of old hippies.

  • I think for the folks in Silicon Valley over 40, they’re better off to move to small mid-west town and provide a local service or find a humble job.

    Money won’t be great, but the low taxes and slower pace of life will be less stressful. Maybe the gals would end up as receptionists at a farm equipment dealer or something, but 30K a year is better than looking for cans in a garbage bin. Buy a little house for 50K. Keep things simple.

    I had 2 part time jobs for last 10 years. I quit them both last week, my new job starts this week with more pay and opportunities.

    No one knows what the future will bring, so it’s always important to save some $.

  • zytekfan

    Too much of the MSM likes to say the Dems are defenders of people and our livlihoods, so this is a bit of fresh air, although this isn’t quite news as many, many people on Fox have gone over this multiple times.

  • Jac Snyder

    Obama is the poster image for a whipping even if the GOP not only blocked, obstructed and watered down many programs and bills created by the Obama Admin. Guess which major party has blocked and limited unemployment extensions? It was not the party of bleeding hearts!

    • Sue

      As a “99”er myself at one time, I defend the GOP.
      They had to stop somewhere. This unemployment problem is not going away any time soon. Sooner or later, we have to rip the bandaid off and feel the pain.

      It’s all the spending and bad policies that got us to these dire straits.
      Sooner or later, benefits have to be cut off. Socialism doesn’t work and infinite unemployment benefits will only add to the problem.

    • How can the GOP have “blocked” extensions? They did not have enough in numbers to mount any kind of blockade.

      If the bill did not pass, it’s because Pelosi and Reid couldn’t find enough DEMOCRATS to vote with them!

  • Lifesabench6

    This is heart breaking. And, it echoes the situations here in my home state of Florida (as I’m sure many other states!) As over 4 out of 10 people I know including my husband have all been unemployed for over a year and a half, some of them, again, including my husband being unemployed for over 2 years. Some of us are blessed because we can find short term jobs here and there which help make some ends meet, but the work is far and few between!
    You know, I hear so much of losing the American dream for future generations- but really, the American dream is gone for many of us as well, and for that- I DO blame our congress first. I never thought I’d live to see things as hard as they are now. My dad who was a child during the great depression (in Canada) said he never thought he’d live through another. It’s a shame.

  • Watching that definitely gave me a new perspective- I have been tired of my current job and my current pay, but it’s better than what a lot of people have right now-

  • shane2813

    Sorry but 60 min hasn’t mattered in over 20 years. Move along nothing to see here. MARXIST=DEMOCRATS=TERRORIST All the same.

  • scrubjay

    The one question he didn’t ask is who among them votes democrat. That would explain everything.

  • Carkrueger

    Most of the comments in this thread are heartless and disgraceful.

    • Don’t think for one instance that we are heartless.We know that people getting hurt,this situation is dramatic and that we are becoming sarcastic, instead of crying.It shows the importance of voting for the right person

  • Larry Swartz

    Latest Rasmussen showed Brown with 6-pt lead. Even with the support from John Chamber/Cisco CEO, hi-tech silicon valley by default, Chamber of Commerce and Corporate America, does e-Meg have enough fis-con and independent votes to win in the economic blue-funk California?

    Strategically significant for fiscal conservative to win both gubernatorial and senatorial to jump start and turn around the economic engine of California.

    California’s world-best silicon valley, innovative second-to-none powerhouse of hi-tech communications, blue chip, mid-small business enterprise, Disney World Hollywood entertainment industry, tourism and service industry, well-endowed oil industry, agriculture and dairy industry was once ranked in the top-10 largest world economy – The cash-cow economic engine of California and US. Were there in the mid 90’s boom-town silicon valley Mountain View.

    Yet, progressive big-government, class-warfare policy of tax-the-rich, tax-and-spent wealth distribution, massive $billion state government spending on education, healthcare, prison and other social services on illegal aliens; and the last straw — Terminator-self-destruct, pie-in-the-sky cap-and-tax greenhouse energy policy which significantly increase the cost of coal, oil and fossil fuels energy to do business — Cumulative all of which resulted in the crushing debt of state government(state issuing IOUs , 22% unemployment (CBS) the highest in 70 years); Created a toxic business environment prohibitive to entrepreneurship investment for any other business to thrive except government worker union. These have contributed to steady streams of business exodus out of California to other states and overseas over the years.

    e-Meg is the only candidate that can break the perpetuating economic lock-jam status quo and create a business-investment-friendly California with pro-business prudent fiscal-conservative policies — The necessary conditions and environment for the economic recovery of California, and thereby US economy again.

    In her debate with Brown, e-Meg substantively presented her policies on reducing state government debt with wasteful social service spending cut, law enforcement on employer hiring of undocumented workers, shelving greenhouse energy implementation, extending Bush tax cut for all, tax cut on income tax and capital gains, pragmatic short-term and long-term pension reform for public workers.

    Should the CEO of fortune 100 become the CEO of California and e-Meg get enough margin of voter support as the mandate to turn around the state economy, she can do it. e-Meg is resolute, purpose-driven and a tough-minded iron lady, and with the backing of Corporate America, Chamber of Commerce solidly behind her, e-Meg has her works cut out for her.

    For the golden state so deeply entrenched for so long with big-government model of progressive, anti-business-growth policies, the road towards economic recovery won’t be swift and easy but slow and painstaking. Meg will have to contend with statehouse democrats and powerful public employee unions. But with the change of demographic of the sanctuary city for illegal aliens and culture of dependence, there’re deep doom-gloom pessimism amongst majority Californian. Most seemed to resign to the inevitable state insolvency and federal bailout (nanny state too big to fail) before they believe that things can be turned around. “Is California Insane?” PJM sanely Roger L. Simon echoed same pessimism as well. The latest LA times/USC poll of Brown’s double-digit lead over Meg seems a ploy to exploit voter pessimism.

    After witnessing Tea party town-hall meetings, DC rally, and the 8/28 event, hopefully American spirit of exceptionalism will come through once again for the golden state, against all odds. i-hope and i-pray that e-Meg will pull through with e-Carly for the one-two punch. Massachusetts miracle in California can still happen.

  • Heckman

    all by design…the globalists want pple to starve in the street and die…in thier evil eyes it reduces the carbon footprint…all by design

    • Heckman009

      the plan is to make the U.S. into a third world serf society. the same globilist vetted politicains will be voted in and the cycle will continue. enjoying your chains yet ?

  • Bob

    The whole party system is stupid and irrelevant when people are hurting. We have a broken system and there is no ONE way to fix it.

  • Bob

    The whole party system is stupid and irrelevant when people are hurting. We have a broken system and there is no ONE way to fix it.

  • Anonymous

    As I watched that report I, too, was hoping they’d be asked if they were Democrats. But in the end it’s just as well that politics were kept out of it.

    I can relate to those people because I was almost one of them. When the lay offs came I was luckier than most because I was pension eligle. Oh, they had stopped the management pension plan three years before I took the lay off, but I had enough time in that I walked away with a pretty good lump sum. It wasn’t enough to not work again, but I had another job prospect so I jumped at it while I could even though it meant a substantial cut in pay.

    I volunteered to be laid off for three reasons: I knew they would get to me eventually and I needed the settlement money they were offering then. For me it was 35 weeks pay and benefits. I was afraid if I waited until I was forced out the settlement wouldn’t be as good. I had another job prospect that looked promising at lower pay and since I would have my retiree benefits I wouldn’t have to pay for benefits at the new company. I came to hate my job and the company I worked for so I was ready to leave and I hoped my leaving would save someone else’s job at least for a few months.

    I was lucky. I left in November of 2008. That job prospect did come through and I work for another company now. But they’re in Chapter 11 and I live month to month. I have no debt other than my mortgage. I’m stuck there because I owe more than the house is worth. But as long as I have this job I can make the monthly payments.

    I can’t touch my retirement account because of my age and tax laws. Oh, I could, but I’d lose almost 50% to taxes. I’d love to sell and move to Florida. But I can’t because I don’t have enough to pay the taxes.

    That couple who made $200K are not rich. Not in California. I shudder to think what their mortgage payment must be. Their house situation is probably a lot worse than mine. I’m only about $20K underwater so I’m luckier than most.

    It’s bad out there. I’m very lucky.

  • I have been out of work for four years now, come talk to me all you lamebrains.

  • thanks scoop, I used up my 99 weeks, didnt make the money they did before, but when I went back into the workforce, ( thank God I found a job) the pay cut didn’t hurt so bad.