Full Video: Watch Herman Cain debate Newt Gingrich

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Tonight Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich took part in a debate over entitlement reform. Here’s the full debate that runs 81 minutes:

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Scoop!

  • Awesome now I can stream the debate and watch the big game (LSU vs Alabama) on TV at the same time

    • Anonymous

      …I like ALABAMA in this great match up “

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, RS!!!

  • Anonymous

    …see you at 8 pm thanks RS !”

  • Anonymous

    Terrific- thanks for bringing this to us, Scoop!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet!! I was scrambling to see where I could watch it. Thank you, RS!

  • Anonymous

    Mr Cain….I hope you are ready for a beat down.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to watch this. Thank you Scoop!

  • I doubt you will see them go after each other much. Like Newt said, they are competitors, not opponents.

    Plus, they are good friends from Georgia if I recall.

    • cabensg

      I think you misunderstand a debate. The whole idea is to go at each other but not on a personal level. This kind of debate is about ideas and you’re trying to show how their idea doesn’t fly while defending your own ideas. It also has nothing to do with being friends. Since your not attacking the person on a personal level or being snide or condescending about their ideas but showing how the idea doesn’t stand up as they’ve presented it. This should be very interesting.

      • Anonymous

        Here’s hoping Mr Cain is studying up….otherwise it’s not going to be pretty.

      • it will be more about advocating for their own ideas rather than criticizing their competitor’s

    • Newt told Hannity yesterday that people should not expect them to go after each other, take jabs at each other, etc… he said it would be more of an exchange of ideas.

      • One thing I took note of during all the debates, they seemed to have a lot of respect for each other, AND each others ideas…

  • Anonymous

    A L/D debate should put the fear of heaven into Cain. He and Newt are the only ones of worth in this race imho… but Cain will get bruised bad, real bad. But oth Cain has guts… and you can see that with each passing day he is getting stronger I hope he will see this as a wake up call to be better informed on foreign policy.

    If Cain learns this lesson… his learning curve will be very steep… but he has 12 months from now assuming he gets the nomination. Who knows… maybe there’s an agreement worked out between them… maybe they will work as a tag team until August. Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Ethanol WHAT?!!!! I’m reading the comments of praises to Newt and I’m baffle why?! THIS IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE!

    Ethanol industry is an artificial industry. Why? Because only high gas prices and government subsidies can sustain it. That’s great for iowa but it sucks for us who have to buy food or put gas in the car ever week.

    Newt is wrong on his energy policy. You can not be truly against farm subsides and be for ethonal subsides. Hello! Have you guys check your soft drinks lately it is sweeten like everything else with corn syrup instead of cane syrup or other things. The point is government subsidies in farm and ethanol is contributing in our high food cost and gasoline cost. We do not need this!

    We need a free energy market. I mean free!! A truly free market will bring down our energy cost. As president we need a true capitalist not another washington bureaucrat!

    • Mr. EMT

      On the scale of newt’s transgressions against the conservative movement, this is probably one of the smallest issues he has.
      Anyone who supports newt makes me want to barf.

      • Anonymous

        I could support newt in the VP spot for experience and execution in the political environ. Might actually be of use to a DC novice (Cain) as far as execution.
        Besides that, I would agree.


        • Anonymous

          To make things simple. If you like high gas prices vote for Newt. I would rather have a vp candidate that ran a company and without any ties to government. We need more people who are constititionalist or objectivist with private sector experience.

        • They are both from Georgia, Pres. & VP can not be from the same state 🙁
          Alan West is considering VP with Newt.

          • Steven

            Newt lives in Virginia.

          • Anonymous

            So how do you explain Bush and Cheney…two Texans?

            That is an issue that easily resolved…especially since Newt has been out of Georgia for over 10 years.

            • Easy. Dick Cheney is from Wyoming. Held his seat in the House from Wyoming, too.

    • Dax

      At the time Newt was faced with the choice of giving our money to the Middle East or giving it to Iowa and South Dakota. That’s all. Choices are different now and prices are much higher.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, things are different now. There is more restrictions on the energy industry now. With government restrictions they made the oil companies a monopoly to be able sell their oil with limited competition so they can sell high and buy low. We need government to stop planning the energy markets and all markets for that matter. Stop all subsidies and let the free market work and watch the price of oil go down. In Suadi Arabia the price of gas is $.10 per gallon and were paying for it!

        • Paul Basso

          Love to see them as a team Gingrich/Cain it will be an unstoppable ticket to the White House.
          I like to see debates where ideas and solutions are the focus no attacks and going at each other necks.

          From my humble point of view I don’t see winners or losers out of this debate , but Mr Gingrich seems to be the one with the knowledge and experience and Mr Cain the gutsy with some really bold ideas.

          Somehow they compliment each other.

    • peckrichard803

      You are absolutely right on the money. Ethanol also has a poor BTU rating and it takes more to do the job. So you are going to pay more and get less in return.
      The EPA is killing this country and it’s jobs. They have done some good in the past but they are way out there now and need to be rained in. Especially now that we know about the junk science and bad information given us on global warming and misplaced instruments that gave off defective information they relied on for there prognosis

  • While we’re waiting…

    Sarah Palin’s Full Speech Before A Crowd Of “About 1,000 At The Republican Party of Florida Dinner”

    >> http://conservatives4palin.com/2011/11/governor-palins-full-speech-before-a-crowd-of-about-1000-at-the-republican-party-of-florida-dinner.html

    “The Associated Press reported that the crowd was “about 1,000″ and that the fundraiser helped “‘raise almost as much as the Democrats reported last quarter.’”


  • Anonymous

    Ya, don’t forget, after the debate: most of us set the clocks back tonight.
    That’s a big deal up here in Minnesota because suddenly the days get very short, don’t cha know? 🙂

    • CDS in Manitoba

      You got that right, neighbour! It’s time to go to the local cave and hibernate.

    • Sad to say it’s true, just when I was getting used to going to work in the dark again.
      Now it will be to AND from in the dark.
      glad I’m on the 4-10s.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is more of a coalition effort. Both men are vital in the central goal of getting Obama OUT of the White House. In what capacity remains to be seen.

  • Which one of them is pro slavery?

    • Mr. EMT

      The one most like obamao

    • If they’re in favor of taxation, they’re pro-slavery.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks RS for doing this!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Scoop, at the very least it will be interesting.

  • The total is…

    Right now on TRS about 5 minutes before 8pm EST –

    98 comments … Gingrich speech at Ronald Reagan Dinner
    22 comments … Perry speech at Ronald Reagan Dinner

    The trend on TRS is heading toward Gingrich

    It don’t mean a thing if it don’t…


  • Steve King needs to shut up, putting everyone to sleep

  • Anonymous

    Tell that sob to stop talking and start the debate.

  • Technical Diffuculties don’t faze Newt

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Gov Perry will be happy Mr Cain agrees with him on the looser pay law. Gov Perry did get it passed in TExas.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Scoop, at the very least it will be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time the only 2 serious candidates in the race, have an actual real debate, against each other, instead of the game-show talk-show baloney, the media circus always wants to put on..

    • cabensg


  • puma_for_life

    Gingrich is obviously very bright. Love to see him up against Obama

  • mike morrison

    This is my Potus and VPotus right here.

    • Dittos…

      And, for a little bit of humor.

      Cain is a lefty
      Gingrich is a righty

      Oh, man… what to do, what to do, what to do.

      I’m going contrarian.

      Lefty Cain for POTUS
      Righty Gingrich for V-POTUS


  • I’d like to see a Newt Gingrich/Ron Paul 1-on-1 debate, or would that be an angry, vitriolic encounter?

    • Good question…

      Probably both… and the political terminus of Paul… and blaming USA for 911.


      • Ron Paul doesn’t “blame” anybody. Listen to him when he speaks next time.

        • Listen to him…

          I have listened to Paul say that “1” reason, this is at least “one” reason, that islamist fundamentalists committed murder on 911 is that they “resent” America and America’s influence in the islamist ummah.

          Also, Paul’s influence among his supporters affects their tone and actions.

          Consider this short post by Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs –
          “Ft. Collins Occupy Arsonist Identified as Ron Paul Supporter”

          >> http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2011/11/ft-collins-occupy-arsonist-identified-as-ron-paul-supporter.html

          “Ron Paul’s pro-Iranian nuclear and anti-Israel policy makes him as dangerous as Obama.”

          THAT is why Paul will never wear the Commander-in-Chief hat.

          The political terminus of Paul is coming, with or without a debate with Gingrich, it seems to me.


        • You should take your own advice.

          –Within the first :30 seconds: “They attacked US because we were OVER THERE”.
          –@~:30: “We’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years”
          –@~:35: “We don’t understand the rationality of Middle Eastern Politics”
          –@~:40: “Right now we’re building an embassy in Iraq that’s bigger than the Vatican, and we’re building 14 permanent bases. What would we say here if China were doing this in OUR country or in the Gulf of Mexico?”
          –@~:53: “We need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if someone else did it to us!?!”
          –@~:58: Interviewer: “Are you suggesting that we invited the 9/11 attacks?”
          –@~1:02: “I’m suggesting that we listen to the people who attacked us and the reason they did it.”

          You can agree or disagree with Ron Paul, but to deny what he REALLY IS SAYING is the reason why you are constantly seen by any reasonable person as a Ron Paul-bot/cultist, and people like you are the reason I have really begun to despise Ron Paul, no matter how much I like many of his policies. Ron Paul was NO WHERE NEAR this debate, and yet he is being discussed fervently.

          • Advice…

            Thanks, Brian, for the Youtube link – excellent… Paul’s own words in 2008.
            >> http://youtu.be/KuX73Ixqtbg

            “… the reasons they attacked us” is a reference to what USA what “we’ve” been doing wrong –

            Starting at 24sec.

            “… the reasons they attacked us”
            “… we’ve been bombing…”
            “… we don’t understand…”
            “… what would we say here if…”
            “… we need to look at what we do…”

            At 1min. 2sec. –

            “I’m suggesting that we listen to the people who attacked us and the reason they did it.”

            Mayor Giuliani at 1min. 22sec. –

            “That’s an extraordinary statement.

            “… as someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq.

            “I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before, and I’ve heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11.”
            (… much applause and whistling…)

            The “reason” is Paul’s unique perspective… America is blamed for inciting murder.

            It seems to me, THAT is the “reason” Paul will not win the Republican primary wreath and thus never wear the Commander-in-Chief hat.


    • Emory Burnum

      It wouldn’t be fair to Gingrich but I would love to see a debate between him and Paul. Cain is an easy target as he is ignorant on just about every issue.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with both of them on government in respect to social Security. Unions have a contract with the government and us citizens have a promise. One those that will continue on the government Social Security System they should have a contract with the government just like the unions and politicians have.

  • Anonymous

    No entitlements right on Cain!

    • Cain is gutsy…

      However, defending the original intent of the words of the US Constitution will be attacked by ideological rhetoricians and the BHObama marxist machine.

      That will be their “boogy woogie,” as Cain said that his grandmother used to say.


      • Anonymous

        That’s obviously raaaaacist!

  • David Boyes

    Newt has a brilliant mind, and look mom …. NO teleprompter !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is sooooo much better than the crap we’ve been getting.

  • Publius Poplicola

    Cain/Gingrich 2012

    • cabensg

      Nope!! Cain ain’t ready for the first spot yet. We need Gingrich as top dog to show him the ropes.

      • Anonymous

        How can i vote for someone that want to take my arm! Seriously! Newt’s commentment on Ethanol Subsides means he want to pick winners and losers! The ethanol Industry is only viable if gas price is high and government is rolling in the dough! If Newt is president gas price will remain high! We need a capitalist as potus and not a government bureaucrat!

        • Steven

          Amen! Cain is able, Cain 2012!

      • Steven

        Nope. Cain has the guts and the verve needed to change Washington. Gingrich had his shot before and blew it. Then tried to play nice with the Left by sitting on a sofa with Pelosi and then with the Establishment, by endorsing Dede Scozzafava against the Tea Party candidate.

        No, I trust Cain to be more insistent on solutions and not false compromises and Gingrich to help Cain with alleviating the political concerns of whether Cain can forge the relationships to push his agenda through. That should be Gingrich’s role, if he accepts the VP slot.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks TRScoop! That was a fine thing to watch.

    It wasn’t a very “debaty” debate, though. These guys agree on too many things to make it much of a debate. It’s still better than the stupid format we’ve been stuck with!

  • Anonymous

    That was embarrassing. Nobody gained from that. Oh, except maybe the Democrats if either one of them ends up the nominee.

    This country is doomed.

    • Anonymous

      Are you always so dour?

      • Anonymous

        Hopelessness will do that to a person.

    • Anonymous

      What are you wishing for? what was so bad about the debate that makes you want to put your head in the sand? Yeah this wasn’t really a debate, its more of getting to no the candidates. I think this is great! I think the nation deserves to know who President Zero is! There is no way president zero can do this type of debate without a teleprompter!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how Obama getting destroyed in debates, and then the general election could possibly be a “gain” for the Democrats.

      I’m happy to see a spark of intelligence in a Presidential contest for a change. the SCOAMFOTUS couldn’t stand up to either of these two gentlemen, even with a teleprompter, and Karl Rove driving him from backstage, like he supposedly did Bush when he was debating John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam).

  • Thank you Scoop for putting this up tonight. I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster all day- Levin this morning, ows idiots this afternoon and this great townhall style debate tonight. I hope they can do some more of these!! Love answers longer than a 30 second soundbite!

    • Anonymous

      “Love answers longer than a 30 second soundbite!” (ABC)

      It sure does. Love answers all kinds of problems. Tough love works too 😉

  • Anonymous

    Unemployeement insurance should be privitize or a mandate of 5% of your check up to 1 year of income in a privite account that you control only in the invent of an emergency. Kill the beraucracy and empower us…. a person than can have choices after they have a couple of years of unemployment saved up they can:
    (take a year off go educate themselves, continue to work and add to the account as long as they work, take a month off break with no worries) and if a true emergency happens the money is there!

    You don’t need a department of labor. Cut the Expenses and set us FREE!

  • Dax

    Great show. Thanks. These two deserve to be at the top.

  • Mike McElwee

    Great Debate. Shows what political discussion could be like. These two guys should just do these for the duration, and forget the scripted news conferences and gotcha question exercises the others are in.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! It was a conversation with discussion of real solutions.

  • Anonymous

    That was outstanding. Bet you couldn’t stick a straw up the a$$ of either Obama, Axelrod, or Plouffe right now. Thanks again Scoop!

    • Anonymous

      [comment removed…..and attempting to expunge image]

    • Ah, yes… the “Oh Sh*t!” effect, or as I like to call it, The pucker reflex. There is definitely some of that going on in the WH, and if Newt is anywhere near the ticket I hope someone is smart enough to put a piece of coal up there so at the very least they can generate some wealth.

  • cabensg

    I found this debate most informative. Cain did not come off as a buffoon and except for his soundbite answers didn’t do to badly. However Gingrich had the floor when it came to actual explanations, information and solutions. Cains so called likeability factor didn’t really impress but his humor at the end was very good. If we want a president that will truly transform from socialism to Constitutional governing Gingrich is the only one to do it. It’s time to put him ahead of Romney big time.

  • I was kinda hoping for a DEBATE. Oh, well, it was good pub for conservatism.

    • Birds of a feather…

      Yes, not much of a “debate” about issues.

      A serendipity will be that in the future people will look back at the Gingrich / Cain debate and say that it was a decent start at “transforming” political debates in USA.

      Please, NO MORE of CNN and Anderson Cooper “leading” a debate… please.

      A moderator asking gotcha “probing” questions with 30 second answers that reveal the mindset of the network and of the moderator and not the mindset of the candidate is so revealing of , uh, shallow thinking.

      Of course, that’s only one man’s opinion.


  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh! Now that was refreshing, informative, substantive, and pleasantly non-hostile. I would actually have enjoyed hearing Ron Paul contribute to a debate if it were held in such a format. (To discuss monetary issues.)

    The Texas Presidential candidates sure missed out by not attending.

    This was actually a great juxtaposition for Herman Cain after a week of accusation of ‘Inappropriateness’ to be on the stage with Gingrich with his multiple actual infidelities.

    I don’t think I’ve moved in my opinion much on Newt, but I needed to see Herman Cain squirm on tough issues, and I think he did an admirable job touching on entitlements. On that last question, you could tell he’s never been on unemployment, and neither of them had a good answer for that one. There’s no way to put a workforce training center in the number of places that would be necessary to cover our distributed population. We need to get government mandate out of unemployment ‘insurance’ enforcement. It is only a tool for centralized planning economic planning, and that should at most be a state level issue.

    • Anonymous

      Someone is thinking! Awesome! It should be privatize or government mandate 5% of the workers pay goes into a private account so when an emergency happens the money is there.

  • Anonymous

    Great debate , though they agreed more than they disagreed, a tea ticket in the offing ? Can I forward it to my e-mail list in the morning? Don’t shoot within the tent ? totally !

  • AWESOME debate!! We have to have a Cain/Gingrich ticket!

  • 1858 Lincoln Douglas debates…

    Illinois Civil War . org –
    >> Info – http://www.illinoiscivilwar.org/debates.html

    Lincoln – Douglas Debates of 1858

    The debates between Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln were held during the 1858 campaign for a US Senate seat from Illinois.

    The debates were held at 7 sites throughout Illinois, one in each of the 7 Congressional Districts [ Map of Congresstional Districts].

    Although Lincoln would lose the Senate race in 1858, he would beat Douglas out in the 1860 race for the US Presidency.

    The Lincoln-Douglas debates were re-enacted in the Fall of 1994 with live coverage by CSPAN.


  • cabensg

    So you learned nothing…how sad.

  • Steven

    Great night, great and congenial debate. Anyone assigning winners or losers tonight have an agenda and it’s likely that it involves trying to bring Cain down. When are they going to learn it won’t work? Cain did well tonight. But watch how the media and those who hate Cain try to characterize his deferral to Gingrich on one of the questions. They’ll make that part the whole debate! But for those who actually watched the debate and can form their own opinions, it was better than expected and cast both men in a great light. Win-Win. Cain-Gingrich 2012!

    • mike morrison

      I think Cain knows what his strengths are and has clearly defined what he wants to do…everything else he’ll defer to experts and delegate as all presidents do. I’d love to see Cain/Gingrich ticket for the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Great debate! Thank goodness, they did not play any “gotchas”.
    I love it. Strip, strip, strip!! Yeah, baby! Cut the size of government! And empowerment for everybody!!!

    • Anonymous

      “I love it. Strip, strip, strip!! Yeah, baby!” (Cindy)

      I’m calling your Mother! OMG!

      • Anonymous

        Oh, silly ol’bear!! 🙂

  • Goodbye Rick Perry nice knowin ya!!

  • Thanks for having posted this RS!

  • Anonymous

    I am disturbed (but not surprised) that neither of them brought up inflation and easy access to public/private monopoly money as major factors in the rise in the cost of health care.

    Our COUNTY hospital in Mississippi just got a new Maternity wing (on credit) with the latest and greatest of everything. We delivered there last month and the doctor said 50% of all deliveries are to Medicaid recipients. I asked how much was the cost for a standard delivery and none of the Doctors or Nurses knew. (Newt did hit that one correctly with his healthcare triangle analogy).

  • Gingrich is smarter than I gave him credit for….not because of his answers today, but because he discovered the best way for him to gain ground was to give himself a platform from which to talk for such a long time and people would tune in to watch. This benefits Newt tremendously and I hope Cain takes a hint and brings his answers up to par by deepening his knowledge. I also noticed that early on Cain tried to compete with Newt on Newt’s level….he better realize that if he’s not at that level, then it’s best not to try to play Newt’s game until he can back it up with historical knowledge and can portray a deeper understanding of the issues.

    Kudos to Gingrich for not mauling the prey.

    • Anonymous

      Indubitably. This was another big boost for Gingrich. It was an hour and a half Gingrich commercial is what it was. I liked it of course. He did great, and Herman held his own, even while deferring to Newt approx. twice. The moderator(s) still needs to shut up more though.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a very good example of fiscal conservatism…. I heard that he does not have much campaign money but the man is full of resources and you’re right, that the most awesomest ad he’s pulled todate!!

  • Anonymous

    Who did the audio at this event? Ron Paul?

    Or one of his numbnut supporters?

    Next time, use a Rhesus monkey. Probably do a better job.

  • Anonymous

    A very good conversation, not much of a debate, happy to see it.

  • Paul Basso

    Love to see them as a team Gingrich/Cain it will be an unstoppable ticket to the White House.
    I like to see debates where ideas and solutions are the focus no attacks and going at each other necks.

    From my humble point of view I don’t see winners or losers out of this debate , but Mr Gingrich seems to be the one with the knowledge and experience and Mr Cain the gutsy with some really bold ideas.

    Somehow they compliment each other.

  • Anonymous

    Audio underwater @3:31

  • Anonymous

    RS, there is a problem with the audio after the 3:00 mark.

    • Anonymous

      The media is going after him already!

      Remember the vitriol coming from the left about Newt in the 90’s? He was dracula, godzilla, the devil, snidely whiplash and your basic serial killer, all rolled up in one, way too powerful psycho.

      Who knows what the caricature will look like this time. The toughest pic for them to try and sketch, would be to call him dumb. The same dishonest suit they tried to tailor for Reagan and make him wear.

      • Anonymous

        Zombie-like??!!! That’s how his voice sounded like! 🙂

  • Audio problems at 3:30. Anyone else?

    • Anonymous


    • Deep Robot voices?

  • Anonymous
  • Can’t hear a word they’re saying, the audio is garbled.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure RS will have a good copy.


    At 3:33 the audio goes screwy and sounds like Darth Vader talking in reverse.

    • Anonymous

      Hellooo!! That’s not the way to talk to Scoop! 🙂

      This one should work:

      Thank you, Sweetheart!

      That would do!

      Just kiddin’ 🙂

  • Megan Curtis

    Thanks for trying to fix the audio-I appreciate it and everything else you do!

  • The debate has been hacked by Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Gee and I thought Obama was going to be out of a job based on his record alone.

    No he’s going to be out a job due to his record and the reality that he is going to be debating one of these two.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody having trouble getting the comments to work on fox news or fox nation? Its been down on my computer for 2 days.

  • Anonymous

    video not working for me……..

  • Anonymous

    video now work for me ty…………….

  • NEWT is The smartest candidate on Either side of the aisle and would make an AWESOME president hands down and would Shred Oblamo in any debate!!!

  • Anonymous

    RS just posted this above his paragraph about the video:


  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where I can find this debate! The Video is gone on this site!

  • nice debate, a little too nice?

  • jmarket driven is good and DC can’t do that

  • Newt’s picture is too big. I can’t see the trees for the forest….

  • Oh here he goes. Patients have no care in the world when they go to the doctor and don’t have to pay. Back in the Reagan days I was on county health care with my two kids. We were poor, my job didn’t cover things like broken arms, oral surgery, etc., when I had to pay on a sliding scale it showed me the big difference in my choices. I had previously been on medical which is completly free and you have no choice.

  • I really like it. 😀

  • sliding scale with medicaid is the way to go

  • wow, this is so good! These two are civil to each other and debating important issues with no mention of gossipy cut throat MSM injecting their biases

  • ah ha! A tea party group put this together. Very good especially in a time of class warfare and marxist globalism taking hold in our AMERICA!

  • Bookmarked… I’ll watch later.

  • Anonymous

    That was fantastic.

    I honestly have absolutely no idea why the Republicans subject themselves to liberal debate moderators in the primary. It’s probably somewhat unavoidable in the general election but shouldn’t they have control over the primary?

    I’m quite certain that we just saw a preview of the 2012 ticket – Cain/Gingrich.

  • Anonymous

    Like I keep saying….Gingrich/Cain 2012

  • Good debate. It goes without saying that Newt is an excellent debater, and while Cain is no slouch, it’s clear that Gingrich is a master in formats like these. Cain, on the other hand, is the most personable and likeable GOP candidate.

    • Anonymous

      Cain would do well against Biden in a debate. I could not bear to watch him against BO. Cain does not have the political “killer instincts” that Newt has developed and are required to reveal just how intellectually average BO really is. (I am being kind)

  • Anonymous

    I just finished watching the debate, and was so impressed by both of these smart men. I hope this innovative debate will change the ones in the future that are run by the lame stream media idiots that only want to play got u. We have to quit being afraid and to get out there and help our conservatives get back the WH. and get rid of the Chicago Mafia that has destroyed this country.

  • Health care – living in communist Hungary – I had stomach problems this week and my wife said Saturday is out, no doctors – people die on Saturday – no doctors. Oh sure, I could have spent hours at the emergency room, maybe have to pay someone some under the table money – because doctors make the same as bus drivers – and no one cares about you. It’s about corruption, your connections (I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can help). It’s a sham.

  • Both are great. Same principles, working together.

  • I have great respect for any Presidential candidate who agrees to this type of a debate. Can you imagine the Messiah ever sitting down one on one for several hours?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if you are speaking of the real Messiah. Since you’re obviously speaking of O’, the answer is still yes…if he were with Trumka, Satan, Marx, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or a few others. I don’t think he’d speak much though, preferring to learn even more, at the feet of the masters.

      If the masters dropped to their knees, O’ would no doubt drop to his elbows…you know, so he could continue looking up to them 😉

  • Anonymous

    Great debate!

  • Anonymous

    Gingrich is the only one in the field now who can beat Obama, in a debate Cain would loose miserably I am sorry to say, Romney would loose as well he has no substance. Gingrich would not only wipe Obama out in a debate, but would show the world how incompetent our current POTUS really is. I do Like Cain, but I am thinking in terms of reality, the country is not going to trade one unexperienced president for another, it would be another case of on the job learning. His inexperience and lack of knowledge on foreign affairs is enough to keep me from voting for him. I want someone who I can feel confident in in all areas, not someone who I would have to place “hope” on to deal with foreign issues like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and all the rest. I want someone who I feel confident with in all areas, I don’t want to have to “hope” for knowledge in any area for my next POTUS. Also I want to know that the POTUS is ready to answer any 3 am call that he receives, without having to look to someone else for an answer. Newt gives me that confidence, with him I have a sense of trust. He would never bow to our enemies or those that may threaten us, we would be lifted back to that place we once held, when we were respected by the international community, not looked upon as being weak as we are now thanks to the current POTUS and his apology tours. I think back to the clip I saw of Hillary telling Karzi about the republican candidates, telling him that one of the front runners was someone who ran a pizza company, and everyone in the room getting a “good laugh” on that one. Now I know that many are going to say who cares, but think about that a minute, do we need another president who isn’t taken seriously. I like Cain, but the fact is that he simply would not be taken seriously by the rest of the world, I just can’t see that happening. We would further loose our credibility in the international community. Romney would be seen as weak also, flowing whichever way the wind blows, and the rest of the field at this point although they each have their own great qualities, they just do not have the backing to get anywhere. Of the 3 top contenders Cain, Romney, and Gingrich, the only real viable candidate in my eyes is Newt. He inspires confidence that the other contenders simply do not.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

    • Anonymous

      Gingrich has zero shot of beating Obama. Roberto Huntsman has a better chance.

      Doesn’t mean that Gingrich isn’t a great guy, however.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think that is true. The only other candidate at this point that could even take Obama on in a debate is Santorum. The masses will see Gingrich as the educated choice, well rounded background and he will be able to change many peoples minds once they see them debate. Cain is losing ground as I type according to the newest polls, and it will only continue. The rest of the pack are falling off one by one, Romney is not going to get the nomination and in my mind it will be all due to a combination of his flip flopping and “Romneycare”.

  • So glad there was an actual conversation WITHOUT timers, bells, sounds, 30 seconds, sixty seconds, moderators, and petty back and forth.

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine the Marxist student in a debate like this with Professor Gingrich?
    Somebody will be staying after class.

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering, has there ever been a potus ticket with both candidates from the same state?

  • Anonymous

    Cain has plenty of real-world experience. We have had enough of the “Professional Politicians”. Look where they have gotten us.

    • Anonymous

      Yes he does, I give him that, but that isn’t enough. Being the leader of a superpower country is a whole different ball game than running a business. Being the CEO of a large company doesn’t give you experience in dealing with countries that want to “wipe you off the map”, business can get pretty cut throat, but a rival pizza company doesn’t have a nuke ready to drop on you to end the competition. Running a company does not give you the ability or knowledge in how to deal with another country committing genocide of their own people. I know everyone wants to focus on jobs and the economy, but you have to think of the entire big picture here as well.

      • Anonymous

        Ssooooo, just who does have experience with the nukes? Hhhmmmm? Gingrich is the candidate for the elites and Cain is the candidate for the American people.

        Gingrich makes good political decisions? Please… Gingrich still reeks of Scozzafava and I still do not trust him.

      • Anonymous

        …BTW, If all we care about is “experience,” note that Benito Mussolini had a tremendous amount of it in 1939. Moammar Gadhafi had even more after his 42-year rule, but that does not mean that it was good for us. Actually, Fidel Castro is the most experienced non-royal leader of modern times.

        The “electability” and the “experience” memes are just ways of re-installing “elites”.

  • PATRIOT888

    Professionalism at its BEST!…. 365 days from today and America can have commonsense, professionalism and PATRIOTISM.

  • Washington76

    Gingrich, is the only one who is running who has actually balanced the federal budget in my lifetime, and brought about prosperity as well. I have been around along time. Everybody wants prosperity! Vote for a proven record, and not words!

  • Cain Gingrich 2012

    Gingrich Cain 2012

    Either one works for me.

  • Anonymous

    Great debate, but let’s not forget what else is happening today.

    . who have died as a result of our nation’s failure to enforce immigration and employment laws. On this Nat’l Day of Remembrance, DerailAmnesty.com recalls …


    • Anonymous

      Post your response and let your voice be heard!

  • Anonymous


    I’m really taken aback by this! Scandalous!

    “Say it ain’t so Joe.” (refers to Shoeless Joe Jackson)

  • They both have to much baggage!! How do you know they would not do it again. Any body ia a good talker… We got to much in stake in US to worried about some one, what they are going to do next. I votev for Rick Perry any day than those two.

  • Wow, Cain just got to sit and learn for 80 minutes like the rest of us. He has no depth at all. Nothing but cheezy little soundbites.
    Gingrich will decimate Obama in 2012.

  • One Year from Today We get to Fire Obama!

    Okay, we won’t have Sarah, and in the end we won’t get Cain, so we’re looking at a RINO for president in 2012. Romney is Obama White, which is simply unacceptable. I suggest we get behind the smartest, most conservative RINO in the ring. Newt 2012.

  • Anonymous

    This is the way a political race should be run, discuss the issues, try to find common
    ground and don’t play gottya. A lot of good ideas there that I can get on board with, I would like to see Romney sit down with these guys in the same setting.

  • just one right wing platitude after another for 90 minutes … ugh. I wonder in what sense the US has the best health care cost in the world? Health savings accounts are just a difficult for the middle, working and poor classes way to write off health care costs … a process that should be very quick and lightweight for all … but as usual the Republicans want to set up a system that oppresses everyone but the very rich. If this was a chance to talk in a non-trivial way … why aren’t they using it?

  • Anonymous

    Both of these guys,would be better than the b.o.

  • AND … the questioning from Congressman Keen? was it, about where to park the money from social security was dodged over and over by both of these blowhards. The fact is that when Republicans want to complain and rant about something they often go off on social security, but this conversation was totally blalderdash and hand-waving because they do not really want to explain what is going in with Social Security or they would have to make it simple to the people, and they would lose that ability to attack it and say it is broken. Whatever the Democrats are, these guys are lying bastards who do not want to educate the people – calling government assistance to the needy “crack” … this is pathetic.

  • Do you think that Newt Gingrich can win the general election?

    • Anonymous

      That us not the right question.

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to see a little more depth in the debates. There is a question however that I feel is more urgent than anything else. What are the candidates going to do about our general loss of constitutional rights under the “so called war on drugs “where your property can be auctioned without conviction, the so called constitution free zone (the hundred mile strip from our borders in ward that encercles our nation where the Constitution has been suspended) Are not these the most important issues?

  • Anonymous

    Cain said in the debate “if companies across this country would educate their employees about politics we could get alot of things done.”

    This is not exactly what he said this what just pop in my head recalling the debate. This is nothing short of awesome because Cain a former employer can relate more with employers across this country and motivate them to do just that.

    Cain use to perform FairTax work shops across the land to educate the public. Again imagination. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    This was not a debate, but It was good. It gave us a better perspective where they both stand on the issues. They may not really be that far apart on most issues anyway. Who else thinks Cain wants Gingrich as his VP?