9-year-old punches and chokes babies in daycare rampage

Oh man this will get your blood boiling, especially you parents. Surveillance footage caught a 9 year old boy punching, kicking, and choking toddlers at a daycare in Mississippi. His aunt was interviewed on camera and said this:

“He bad. He fight kids, but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem, he take medicine every day. He just a normal child”

Um, he’s not just a “normal child” and if he has known problems, why in the heck is he allowed near children?

The whole daycare should be shutdown and the owners should be held accountable financially and criminally. This is absolutely unacceptable.

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  • Yazz55

    Was anyone bothering to watch that security cam while all this was going on???

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sorry Scoop… I won’t watch it.

    1. The 9-yr. old should immediately be removed from the Daycare – no question. Change or increase his medication.
    2. The Aunt is an imbecile.
    3. The Daycare should be closed right now.
    4. Those adults who witnessed this and did nothing are liable.
    5. The parents should file lawsuits immediately.
    6. The Daycare owner is liable and probably criminally negligent.

    What a world we live in.

    • Amy

      Sadly, the aunt is probably just trying to step up and take care of a kid dumped on her. I’d bet on it. I’d also bet on the fact that the daycare is the reciepient of federal funds to provide day care to special needs children as well as low income children and therefore HAVE to enroll this child unless/until he proves to be a threat to others around him. YEAH government!! 🙁

      In a reputable preschool/school he would have been in an area with only his age present and all incidents documented for use later in determining his needs. This doesn’t strike me as a reputable establishment. Which sucks for all those children present.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good points.

    • “What a world we live in.”

      Americans need to be awakened out of their logical, reason-based thinking. Weird things, I should say even much, much weirder than this, are going on all the time in the third world countries in Asia or Africa, for example. There is such a thing as the world of the supernatural where people are being used by evil forces, and they don’t really know what they’re doing. Evil forces can use anything and anybody including a 9-year old child. Not everything can be explained away by logic or reason. Good and evil forces are absolutely out there AT WORK everyday.

      The problem is we are a proud people. If things can’t be explained or illogical to our reasoning, we dismiss it. I am not sure why it’s so hard to believe the UNSEEN world and admit their existence. The simplest explanation would be to observe the wind. Can we see the wind? No. Can we see the effect of the wind? Yes, absolutely. The wind is absolutely out there in existence, even though we can’t see it with our natural eyes.

      Just watch, weird things like this will happen more and more here in this nation. As this nation moves further and further away from God, of course, the protection is also lifted. This will also result in the enemy occupying more and more. The effect of this is evil and violence will also increase, and we will see more and more weird things that other nations have experienced. We have seen cannibalism in Florida that happened not too long ago.

      Yes, the dark knight rises but the King of Glory is also rising. And we will be able to see the difference between light and dark. I suppose it’s the only way for people to be awakened out of their slumber. Let the great awakening begins!

      • Being far away from God doesn’t cause people to do evil things. Being an evil and/or crazy person causes people to do evil things. Lacking morals causes people to do evil things.

        • Karlyn02

          I truly agree with Bombs and Dollars on this one. God does not have anything to do with people being evil. If they knew this DEMON had a problem, why allow him to be around other children? I bet you this isn’t the only incident that happen with him. How would he like it if someone choked and punched him in the face? He probably have had that done to him and this is reason for him acting out like this! Get help for this child before it’s too late! Because if he lives to become a teenager, it will be worst for him if he doesn’t get the help he needs right now!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Excellent post. Thank you!!!

    • Lisasalosa

      If this kid doesn’t get help, we’re looking at —not just a wife beater, not just a gangster but another mass murderer.IMO

      • This 9 year old definitely needs intervention-but unfortunately he will fall by the wayside and society will pay for it in a few short years. God have mercy on this child!

    • shagstar

      i repeat,,,the aunt is an imbecile.

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    This kid learned this from someone…

    The cruelty and anger … too much.

    Everywhere I go.. I meet bullies… just like this kid.

    • Rightstuff1

      Agreed – I’m so freaking angry right now its probably best for me NOT to say what I really want to say. I have a 10 yr old and it would NEVER occur to him to be such a malignant little shit. What a little bastard! As for learning this, maybe, its all too freaking much for me.

      As for the “authorities” whether it be the aunt or the police officer or the parent who went looking for the monster that beat up on his kid. The aunt could barely speak what I would recognize as English, the police officer’s calm demeanor caused nothing but vexation. Where was his moral outrage?!!!

      • This is what many are used to-it doesn’t do any good to be so angry with the 9 year old-he obviously needs mental help! And the babies in the daycare should be protected-why was someone his age with babies?

  • keyesforpres

    Is this kid a child of one of the daycare owners?

    The grammer with aunt is awful. She thinks there is nothing wrong with this kid? Honey, you are part of the problem.

    • warpmine

      This be da reezon dat do po be staded dat way in the dark continen.

      Remember this woman went to our fine educational facilities in Vicksburg where they let her grammar, her speech(don’t want to separate herself from da-hood by axing white) and probably her behavior as well. Main reason poor people stay poor because of the poor education of the parents. Both Michelle and Barry Obama came from middle class and have absolutely nothing in common with the poor dark skin colored folks in the inner cities yet they are ignorant enough to cast their uneducated ballot for elitist snobs that use them as cannon fodder every chance they get. End rant.

      • hbnolikeee

        “yet they are ignorant enough to cast their uneducated ballot for elitist snobs” – and therein the why.

    • Susanna958

      “He’s a normal kid”. In her world, thats probably true.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That boy needs professional help and close supervision while around other kids. He could have seriously injured a smaller child. He just looks and acts mean.

  • cheezwhizz

    I’m guessing that this daycare is funded with taxpayer money .
    And the kid and his family are on welfare for atleast 2 generations.
    BTW, if Obama had a son, this is exactly how he would behave .

    • kong1967

      “…if Obama had a son, this is exactly how he would behave .”

      Lol, you have a very good point. Obama does the exact same thing to us. He acts normal on camera then kicks us in the teeth when we aren’t looking.

      • toongoon

        Yep. That’s it! He’s a petulant child who never grew up.

    • warpmine

      Probably not when you think about it. Odumbo’s kids will speak clear American English and be schooled in private institutions so their kids don’t come out like trash but everyone else’s kids, well, the hell with them. Gotsto break a few aggs to make that omelet.

  • M_J_S

    The “medicine” this kid needs is a beating with a leather belt.

    • kong1967

      Judging from the attitude of that lady…who I assume is his mother…this child is a goner. He has no chance in the future and the libs want to blame our teachers and our schools. It starts at home, and with parents like this stupid B there is no chance of keeping kids like this away from a criminal life style.

      • M_J_S

        Deport this kid and his mom to Mexico

        • kong1967

          Lol, she wouldn’t be able to read the sign at the border anyway. Just tell her it’s New Mexico or something.

        • first of all it doesnt always start at the home, u can have parents who raise they children in the right way and the child will do what they want. 2nd of all its not just the black community i rather for blacks to rob and steal than sexual assualt young innocent children which you find majority white men doing

        • I laugh at your ill-informed comments and your bigotry. James Holmes, a full grown adult just murdered a dozen of innocent souls and he is “just a victim of our economic times”, if he were Mexican, extremists like yourself would call for even more stringent immigration laws. Casie Anthony abused her own child and is walking free on the streets and was tagged “just another careless mother”. A 9-yr old boy just assaulted little kids and you think he is normal? You are a bigger disaster and indeed a shame to stupid people.

  • WordsFailMe

    Crack baby

    and crack mama

  • If Obama had a son he would look like this normal person. Why do you think he hits them? Is it because they don’t understand Marxism yet?

    If there we no road then this kid could hit small children or wait.

  • 3seven77

    He was enjoying hurting the smaller kids way too much. Right now I’d say he’s destined to grow up to be a serial rapist or killer. I’d bet this kid’s family has no control over him and has already written him off. And I don’t trust psychologists or “the system” enough to say with proper care he’ll be alright.

    • kong1967

      Even worse, that lady gave excuses for the kid and said he was normal.

    • warpmine

      Truth in that. Which prison is the father in?

  • What the hell?! “he bad.” no kidding! Why is the aunt speaking? Where is this boy’s mother? Out with one of her multiple boyfriends?! What’s up with medicating kids for everything these days? Oh riiiight, it’s more loving to drug a child than to spank the child. Speaking of spanking, this clearly shows the boy has never been spanked, but I can maybe guess he or someone he knows has been punched, slapped or shaken. This boy needs to be removed from the family, taken off drugs and given some serious councelling.

    • Amy

      To be fair – you can’t spank a child for being bi-polar, schizophrenic, autistic or cognitively challenged. They also NEED meds in order to be able to live a somewhat normal existence. You don’t get that violent at 9 unless you’re living in hell or have some of the issues above.

      My guess on this one? He was born addicted, is being raised by family in an inconsistent home (even multiple homes), only sees medical/pshyc staff in school and preschool and in reality needs to be in either a foster home or group home geared for his issues.

      That said & to be fair on the other side – I have worked with some kids who I would readily agree need to be weaned off the meds and the parents just need to step up to the plate. Sadly, there are many children who are drugged up simply because mom or dad just didn’t want to have to raise a rambucious & energetic child…

      • I agree Amy. I know there are serious medical circumstances where drugs are needed, but it just seems like way too many go that route because they don’t want to discipline or deal with a child who’s a bit strong willed. I agree though too in this case, this boy needs to be removed from whatever hell his homelife is. I hate seeing this kind of behavior- there’s no excuse for it, and the boy is old enough to know better, but obviously, there’s something a lot deeper here, and I pity the kid.

        • Amy

          I have a soft spot for kids – even the violent ones. Strictly anecdotally speaking, it has always been the case that their home life is crap at best and hell at worst.

          I’ve worked with only three special needs kids who had involved & capable parents. That is a sad, sad number…

      • John3_3

        Well, let me tell you something, they need to change his meds ’cause the one’s he is on aren’t working!

        • Amy

          Ya think???

    • I saw an African mother on the bus in Toronto the other day and her kid was sitting in the handicapped seat. When an elderly man with a cane got on, he motioned to the mother to move the child. The mother attempted to move her, but the child refused, crossed her arms and just sat there. The mother laughed.

      If only I could have moved that kid….BANG, ZOOM, to the moon Alice…..

      • I hate to see what’s happening in my old city. But unfortunately, that can and most likely happens all over. So sad. Yeah, if I had have been there, there would have been some serious words.

      • warpmine

        Why didn’t the mother vacate her seat? I would have given the old man my seat.

        • thats because you are civilized.

          • warpmine

            Thanks. I thought I was a racist sob or at least this other moron is trying to make that case.

        • m.

          I would have gladly vacated my seat, however my child would have moved without me having to say a word. I am so tired of this society where children are allowed to act as if they are adults.

      • isn’t diversity awesome?

    • Why are these kids on meds? The main reason is they are taught to act out to achieve a medical diagnosis of ADHD, which gets the child a Social Security Disability designation. The drug used is usually FDA Class II Ritalin; it has a high street value, having an amphetamine action in adults. Did anyone see any indication that this kid’s chemical straight-jacket was working? As far as excusing this child’s behavior, he obviously knows it’s wrong, is very skilled at avoiding detection, and repeats the brutal attacks with the intent to terrorize. I see him as an agent of evil, raised by demonic people. He obviously has the younger ones terrified, and they know the adults won’t protect them, because not one of the children ran to an adult for protection, which would be a younger child’s “normal” response around “normal” adults when attacked or hurt.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    I’m sorry but this boy has picked this up from his parents most likely.

    The look on that poor little girl’s face when she kept getting punched. She’d just look back up at him, WITHOUT TEARS in her eyes, as if to say, ‘But why?’ :(.

    Men I’m so depressed right now.

    Please y’all, Say a word of prayer for those innocent little things. This is how little children get marred and become sick adults. Pray also for the nine year old. He’s old enough to repent. Boy this is so sad. (Showed this to my sister; she won’t stop crying.)

    • warpmine

      I to was sickened after viewing.

  • Islam_Sucks

    This is what happens when English is a 2nd language and violence is the first.

  • 911Infidel

    “He’s a normal child” WTF is that moron smokimg. No he ain’t. That boy needs an ass-whooping and a shrink.

    • No thats were you don’t get it. He is a normal child to that woman. That is normal in the ghetto culture. There is this giant insurmountable cultural disconnect between those of the ghetto and those in the middle and upper class.

      • 911Infidel

        I’ve seen lilly white mothers with the same level of disconnect from reality about children as the woman in the clip does. It isn’t a class thing. I blame it on Spock and Kinsey…cause this sort of thing would have been dealt with harshly by the neighbors and the family 40 years ago…even on the “po” side of town.

  • Amy

    Wow – I’ve worked with quite a few children who have had very disturbing levels of aggression, but no one this young and already that blatantly violent. I’ve also never seen a child look around to make sure an adult is not present before acting out. Children who reach that level of violence do NOT need to be integrated into mainstream anything – be it school, preschool, playgroups, etc. Hopefully the authorities will do a thorough investigation into this child’s homelife as something clearly isn’t right.

  • animals….just plain animals.

  • dabbobean

    I forsee a short exciting carreer for this boy in the narcotics industry closely followed by a full life time accomodation at exotic Angola State Prison.

    ….cut short only by a lethal injection if he finally kills one or two of these little kids.

  • maynardb50

    If Obama had a son he would look just like that bully!

  • Landscaper59

    He is a product of the violent CULTURE he lives in and sees every day.

  • kong1967

    Those kicks were brutal, and he did it with a daycare worker nearby. No one heard a commotion or a child crying out or nothing? Bull bull bull bull. If the kid was on behavioral control medicine, he should not have been anywhere near those children. The jackass that went in and hit an innocent child is about as bad as the 9-year old if not worse.

    And don’t even get me started on the intelligence level of the lady they interviewed. No wonder she opened a daycare because no one would ever hire someone with an IQ of 5. She had nothing but excuses…it’s normal, she says. Shut the place down…period…..and throw some irresponsible daycare workers in jail.

    That kid is going to be a criminal as an adult. He will be in the crowd people are afraid to walk by because of gang beatings and mob mentality.

  • Obamatax voters in action – socialist-communist training workout at toddlers killing

  • Spartan4Palin

    I’m so sorry I watched that video. I wanted to crawl through the screen and slap the dog crap out of the adult in the room who OBVIOUSLY heard the other kids crying and couldn’t draw a conclusion that EVERYTIME they cried that kid was near them!!!!!

    But I also wanted to smack the back of the head of that snotty little brat!!!!

    I hope they serve A LOT of time in jail. Unfortunately this may not be a single event. It’s happening all over the place!

  • JamesMA

    Neither my fiancee nor I want to put our future children in daycare. When the time does come for us to have children I will stay home and sacrifice income for my family than put my child in these daycare centers. I wonder if this will cause some parents in America to pull their children out of daycare and raise them at home. If it means sacrificing to live on one income so be it. For me that is what I will do to avoid handing my future child over to these places.

  • Susanna958

    This is our future.

  • ‘he bad’, he normal…in the same breath. good luck w/that.

    • NCHokie02

      you mean “wit dat”?

      • 0i…..just 0i.
        you know 30 years ago, when I first started homeschooling my kid,…back when it really WASN’T cool, back when ‘they’ sent the DSS to interrogate you & your 6-yr-old,…people would always ask me in the MOST condescending manner ‘why are you homeschooling your child…do you think there’s something wrooooooooOOOOOoooong w/ the public school system???!’
        so I would pick up any news paper, find the daily beating/shooting/rape/gang-related school incident & say ‘is this a trick question?!’
        o, & the first thing I taught my child was language skills. You only THINK as well as you speak… frightening…Right?!

        • I don’t think there is anything wrong with the public school system….I KNOW there is something wrong with it. Whats wrong with it, is its PUBLIC. We bus ghetto dirtbags around to good schools in the name of “diversity” and lower the education experience for all.

  • that child has been abused and he’s now a serial killer in the making…he needs therapy…he needs a new family…my God…

  • Joe

    What a sadistic little POS

    This kid will be in jail in no time

    If this brat is tracked – I would bet he will become a violent killer before he turns 20

    Very sad comment on our society

    BUT we all know this already

    “Bring back the real woodshed!”

  • Constance

    I couldn’t watch it. I knew my head would explode if I did. What I can state is that the beating would have commenced immediately by Auntie Constance the moment I heard about it if this were my nephew. NO, I don’t mean actually beating the kid up or anything, so don’t freak out. There would be no chance of probation, tolerance, or psycho-therapy in the Aunt Constance Court. An ass-whooping would ensue, and one that was felt for more than a nanosecond. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have a nephew who behaved like this. I’d have straightened that attitude out years ago. Either fix this behavior now, or visit him in prison later.

  • i would really like to know what happens to this child in the future…will the authorities investigate his father/mother/caretaker? obviously, he has learned this behavior from someone…and, these actions are considered assaults, correct? i know he’s only 9 but this should be clearly obvious to anyone in child protective services that he needs help…and NOW…

  • John3_3

    The entire place needs to be shut down and everyone involved needs to go to jail. This boy’s guardians need to be put in jail and the boy needs to come to my house for about 2 weeks. I will having him saying sir and ma’am and thank you and I’m sorry.

    Pr 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him

    God’s way is ALWAYS the right way.

  • NYGino

    So often when the psychological makeup of a killer is examined, one of the findings is that, as a child, they were cruel to animals. This kid probably skipped that stage and went straight to human children. Nothing but downhill from here. It probably would be better for him, and all future acquaintance of his, if he were hospitalized now. Of course, behind this scene you will find a liberal caseworker and an extremely dysfunctional family. He is a bomb whose fuse has already been lit.

  • c4pfan

    Ugh. How horrible! I’d take my kid out of that place & fight to have it shut down.

  • wolfveryne

    This is your Great Society at work here ,, Folks .
    How do you all Like it Now ?

  • shagstar

    the 9yr old simply needs to be put down like any sick animal.

  • Trayvon in training. If Barack Obama had a son…

  • terrywest0206

    That facility needs to be closed. Day care workers are required to know CPR. Would you trust that woman to know how to administer
    CPR. She couldn’t control a nine-year-old with behavioral problems.

  • Savage….it needs to be called out and quarantined. I don’t care what the age is. Behavior begets behavior. What a mess this country formally known as a the epitomy of a civilized nation has become.
    Every day, it seems, these videos make me appreciate the parents and the raising that I have/had.

  • What’s this kid’s future look like? Pretty bright, it seems: SEIU Thug, Community Organizer, Chicago Politician, EPA Inspector, IRS Agent, Secret Service Pimp Hand…hell’s bells, the sky’s the limit for a guy who knows how to abuse power without a conscience!

    • He’ll never make it that far. He’ll shoto or stab someone to death no later than 21-25 and then will be in prison.

  • aZjimbo

    Probably on ritalin. We need something to blame his actions on.

    • I actually was going to say that. Some of this behavior is probably due to drug use by his mother and the person who sired him, some is just typical ghetto behavior but some of this is likely due to some of the drugs they have this hellion on.

      • aZjimbo


  • Why is it always that we think we can medicate away crazy and evil people? Get this kid out of society. Charge him criminally if you have to, lock him up and throw away the key.

    If he’s crazy, he’s just going to continue to hurt people. He’ll be pointing a gun at people in a movie theatre in 15 years.

  • Josie

    And these are the people that will vote for Oblunder in November. Real responsible thinkers.

  • WordsFailMe

    The crack kid grabs the little girl’s hair and jerks to make her cry, then starts to pat he on the back like he’s comforting her.

    Then later, he bites her on the shoulder until she screams and then starts parting her on the back again like he’s trying to help help her,

    This kind of behavior is learned behavior. This behavior reflects a culture of hate, rage and deceit. Ask a cop if he doesn’t see this same behavior ten times a week.

    When this kid grows up and has spent his youth being excused by those afraid of him or fooled by him, be becomes a man who will say, “You didn’t build that!”

  • bobemakk

    What a disgrace, and listen to the grammar in the response of the interview. May God Help US. Close the place down NOW!

  • I would like to kick the ever lovin shit out of the aunt!!!

  • m.

    Younger children with “problems” that require medication, don’t wait until no one is looking, they are impulsive and it doesn’t matter who is around or watching. This is a ridiculous tragedy, I hope that DCS gets involved and gets that family and child the help they desperately need. I’m glad that worker was jailed and I hope they padlocked the daycare; at least for now. Clearly they have a staff issue. Why was a 9 year old with those young children?

  • The political spin that people put on this is hilarious to say the least. This kid is crazy. He clearly isn’t getting the treatment / support / parenting he needs. He obviously comes from a disadvantaged background. The daycare sucks. The staff should be punished – for doing nothing and for not quitting if they were forced to work under those conditions. The father who beat the other kid – seriously????? What example is he setting for his children? I’m glad the courts will make an example of him – because he needs a lesson. Stories like this inspired me to quit my job and start a work from home business when my child was born. I know it’s my upbringing that gave me the wherewithal to do so. I honestly don’t want my kids in daycare until they can articulate how their day went!

  • tonylockup53

    This is what we have to look forward to in a world/country that has turned its back on their God. Prople it’s time to return to our first Love that is the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

  • That lil boy needs his ass beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was very smart about it making sure the worker was not looking! this is a problem the parents should of handled a long time time ago… 10 15 yrs from now if the parents dont get him help we will see his face again in a jail cell for a serious crime or dead!! the parents is the key here…..

  • That lil boy needs his ass beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was very smart about it making sure the worker was not looking! this is a problem the parents should of handled a long time time ago… 10 15 yrs from now if the parents dont get him help we will see his face again in a jail cell for a serious crime or dead!! the parents is the key here…..

  • we just need to keep the kids prayed up..its not always the parents fault for children to act the way they do..all ive been reading is negative towards the black community and thats not always the case. you got all race children acting up..you got the world against beating the children with belts and all and thats what children do need is the belts instead of running to a therapist or medication..some children may do need medication.some of the ones making comments on here your children probably punching yall in the face bc u don know how to control your own children..yes was he did is truly wrong and there isnt an excuse but yall pray for children like this

  • sella335

    Odd, he is only hitting baby girls in the video, and he is wearing a wife-beater…maybe he is practicing for his future bride-to-be???

    I really liked the aunt saying “”He just normal” “He fight other kids, he don’t fight babies.”
    WOW, she is right, he wasn’t fighting babies, he was ATTACKING them. I am still wondering what “JUST normal” means to her.

    My kids are grown, but I do not remember one of them being on medicine at age 9, presumably for behaving badly. Is todays NORMAL that kids are medded out at 9???

  • fayvored1

    ‘Bad’, is an understatement auntie. Your nephew is a criminal and should be treated as such. It is apparent from the video where he watched to make sure no one was watching before he punched, choked, kicked and bit the babies that he knew full well what he was doing. If he is not held accountable for his actions in this instance, I venture to say he will be in the news again at later points in his life for similar or much worse incidents. Sure, medicate his condition, put punish him severely.

    As far as the daycare goes, SHUT IT DOWN!

  • “If the courts would allow parents to spank their children……….” I’m throwing the BS card. I spanked all three of our kids. Very selective, and never, ever when frustrated. I figured, if the state could do a better job parenting……then I’d send them cards for their birthdays while in foster care. Now….all 3 are out in the world, and NEVER was there a discipline issue with any of them. I heard all of them tell me, “I don’t respect you mom, I fear you”. I told them the fear would evolve into respect…..Respect for others and for themselves. I never had to send a card to a foster home, not have I ever had to post bail, or make excuses for their choices in their lives.

    This nine year old…….shoot……..the die is cast. His parents dropped the ball, and once again….society gets to deal with the clustermuck of poor parenting, and even worse…….another enabled, crippled, and burden on the tax payer.

    I request the media do a follow up of, “Where is he now” in 10 years. I’m patient.

  • That kid needs an ass whooping!

  • effing put that kid behind bars now so he doesnt hurt anyone else later on. I think im gonna remember this kids face so in 10 years I can look him up in prison. oh but “he dont fight babies. he bad”. Sounds like the aunt needs a lesson on how to take care of your kids or for that matter future prison tenants.