Watch the full ABC New Hampshire debate

Watch the full ABC New Hampshire debate that includes Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich:

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  • Look forward to this one

  • You mean Santorum won’t be at the end and off camera most of the time? lol

  • This should be good!!! I’ll be here for sure!

    • Ah damn it! I can’t make it guys! I gotta go help my brother fix his wife’s Nissan Xterra. Some kind of transmission problem…

  • Anonymous

    What about Huntsman? He’ll be there right? He lives there. That would make it six in the debate wouldn’t it? He should be the most desperate dingbat there. He shouldn’t speak, that would contribute to global whatever.

    (Huntsman paraphrased): “I believe in man-made global warming and evolution. I believe in science.” He should’ve dropped out immediately after or immediately before saying that. Very little science involved there. Pseudo-science, yes. The politicization of science, uh huh. Real science?

    Please 🙂

    P.S. Apologies to all you Huntsman supporters out there…you lonely sap.

    • crap. I forgot all about Huntsman since he didn’t participate in Iowa.

      • Anonymous

        The conservative electorate forgot about him too Scoop, a few minutes after his announcement.

        You came by it honestly 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I guess there’s gonna be a lot of sparks flying between Newt and Romney tonight! Newt will make him pay back for the negative ads he ran in Iowa…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let McDonalds win!

    There is no doubt that our cultural/collective attention span has decreased due to technology and that repetitive and flashy slogans tend to move us. These these things work as much as I hate to admit it. The only way to gain a vantage point above the media circus is to hear the whole story. The short clips and soundbites we often hear are almost always intended to paint a particular, rather than holistic view of our candidates.

    Advertising works!

    Can you imagine what our founding fathers would think of the millions of dollars spent on negative ads in the same way that McDonalds uses TV to get us to by a cheeseburger. This year we have treated our candidates like the latest flavor of the month. This is not Burger King VS. McDonalds. We have to look at ideas and solutions to our problems.

    I admit that I have become disheartened that so many (nationally) would turn from a candidate so easily, are we so fickle? Don’t get me wrong, I think that most of the candidates are ok, but if you watch the early debates and watch long speeches and interviews, you might have a slightly different opinion. Be very wary of Major News soundbites and clips. As much as I enjoy the 8-10 minute interviews with Greta, Hannity, Wolf, O’Reilly and other, they rarely(almost never) approach the depth of a candidate. The interviewers are forced by ratings to stay on the surface, to talk about the daily polls and political gossip. We NEED more!

    We, as Americans, have to do more. We have to work for this one, we cannot trust the media to do it for us. We have to dig!

    Lets use our shovels and dig for truth. In this election the internet is the sharpest shovel in our shed. Look at voting records, watch long, boring, 10-20 year old speeches from C-Span. This election is too important to be swayed so easily. What happened to Newt Gingrich is proof that we are not working hard enough for this. Join me in this work.

    To be perfectly honest, I am with Newt and have no shame admitting it. Whether you are with Newt are someone else, work hard because this could be the most important election of our lives!

  • Anonymous

    Man, what’s Santorum gonna talk about now that he can’t complain about not getting enough questions?

  • Anonymous

    I hope Newt roasts Mittens!

  • Who will lay first blood on RINO Romney?

    • First Blood on RINO Romney goes to Santorum!

      Mitt, there are no classes in America we are all Americans! Great line!!!!!!!!!!

      Way to go Rick Santorum…..!

  • Anonymous

    This is tough. One eye on the debates, one eye on the wild card game.

    • Anonymous

      I had them side by side on the Mac screen. streaming the wild card on and the debate here at RS. The game was better.

  • Anonymous

    The focus should be LIAR Obama but instead the performance tonight will be about the shooting circle that the GOP is famous for, the self inflicted wounds just help Obama. I want to hear about:
    The Constitution
    National Defense
    The NFL is on tonight and I have made a pledge to vote for the corner stop sign rather than punish the citizens of the USA with four more years of LIAR Obama. Happy watching!

    • Anonymous

      They need to focus on our new DICTATOR.
      Who the f&*k does this POS Prez think he is?

  • Thanks Scoop!

  • Anonymous

    The article the blogger refers to is from the “Morning Call” newspaper in Allentown, PA which is in the “Lehigh” Valley not “LeHigh” Valley. I know because I lived in the Lehigh Valley area for 9 years.

  • Well you can really tell the liberals don’t like Rick Santorum. Look at all the pre debate hatchet job they are doing before the debate evens starts.

    • Anonymous

      You mean their own little debate and conniving while on national tv??/ Yes, indeed! At times, you could here them talking alongside the candidates. I see that as very rude!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe they are letting Diane Sawyer do this again. Ugh. Smarmy patronizing questions to follow I’m sure.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to have to stop watching. She and Steffy are putrid, pathetic leftist hacks.

  • ABC is such a joke, I just watched them to a little piece about their political reporters and crew following each candidate, and I already spotted a bunch of hidden little messages and jabs at the candidates.

    • Anonymous

      All the questions are digging up dirt and designed to encourage petty bickering.

      Why the hell these candidate even bother with these disgusting leftist media hacks is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe the “conservatives” on stage on taking shots at Romney’s having to lay people off.

    Who is going to stand up for capitalism? I guess it’s Romney.

    Never thought I would defend him.

    • Anonymous

      They should ask Romney why when he says government should stay out of business, he believes the government needs a businessman to run it.

  • Rick Perry brought up a good point on the 1 trillion dollar cut in department of defense. Great Point!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is a kook!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Serving one’s country and understanding the Constitution is kooky! He should be indefinitely detained at Gitmo immediately!

      • Nah, a regular old loony bin would be good enough now, let’s not go overboard. Admittedly, we should probably keep him in a straight-jacket for his own safety, to keep him from eating too many boogers.

  • Anonymous

    These guys are really unpleasant tonight. Except for Perry, at least not yet. Ron Paul pretty much makes me sick.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Because he’s putting the others in their place one by one, and was even identified by the front-runner as “The Constitutionalist”?

  • Anonymous

    This is a bit of a circus!! Everybody seems edgy and definitely not so focused on current issues…. their little selves!

  • Anonymous

    What a ridiculous question on banning contraception. Good for Romney, smack Georgie Stephanopoulos down.

  • Anonymous

    Is Perry ever going to be given a question?

    • Anonymous

      Good question!

  • Is it just me or has Romney just ran on and on and on and on…..putting everyone to sleep?

  • Anonymous

    Good for Perry!

  • Anonymous

    Romney identified Ron Paul as “The Constitutionalist”

    Ron Paul pwned Newt earlier with regard to military service. Sorry Newt, being a military brat is not the same as serving. Classic when Newt tried to get out of it by saying he had a child…Ron Paul served with two children. Whoops!

    • Obviously you did not hear the end…Paul was drafted and Newt was not eligible for the draft. Paul did not volunteer and Paul lied about the deferments because Newt did not file any or have to files any because he was not eligible for the draft.

      Therefore you are wrong and so was Ron Paul.

      • Anonymous

        Dr. Paul received a draft notice (from the Army), but volunteered to serve in the Air Force as a flight surgeon (he was fresh out of medical school). He was married with two young children at the time.

        Newt tried to suggest that he didn’t serve because he was married with a child.

        • KenInMontana

          You do know what a Flight Surgeon is do you not? He could have been a surgeon with the Army, being he was a Medical School Graduate, even if drafted the Army would have likely assigned him to either a field hospital or a Convalescent Hospital Unit. Oddly his military service is very similar to the type of service choices that Bush was excoriated over, choosing a specialty and branch that would keep him “in the rear with the gear”.

          • Get off Bush. A jet fighter pilot is not a rear echolon position.

            • KenInMontana

              For someone with an English education you are lacking in comprehension skills. Reread it again, twice if necessary. If you don’t get it after that then maybe, just maybe I will explain it to you.

              BTW, it’s “echelon”.

              • Is Bush’s military record really worth getting worked up over?

                • KenInMontana

                  It’s Paul’s “vaunted” record I’m talking about. I just mentioned that Bush was excoriated over his choices. Just, using the same standard that W’s detractors play by, and applying it to Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Santorum sounds halting in comparison to Newt. But reasonable answer. (Slap Huntsman Rick, slap him now!)

  • Anonymous

    This is what I’m talking about! Newt is a leader, when the direction of the debate heads the wrong direction, (like a leader) he turns it in the right direction and all the other candidates follow suit. That is why he needs to be President!

    • I agree. Newt does well in debates and can take charge!

  • Here are your defense hawks…..Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry.

    Your defense doves….Paul and Huntsman.

    Your waffle….RINO Romney…but he leans dove.

    We don’t need any DOVES running the nation….the Middleast needs defense hawks NOW!

  • Anonymous

    I’m Mitt Romney, and I say nothing very eloquently, and in such a long rambling round about manner, that I sound extremely reasonable to everyone while saying almost nothing of importance.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve got to be kidding me. These dopes are who they have for their commentary/color panel? Center for American Progress?? Wow ABC. As if my respect for you could gone any lower.

  • Anonymous

    These debates by ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. all have set up questions designed to be soundbite gotchas. If the answer isn’t what they wanted for their evening news soundbite, they seem to ask again and again and again until they get what they want.

    Why these types of debate are even worthwhile is beyond me. Until we get moderators that are neutral and unbiased, we should just tell them to take a hike.

  • Anonymous

    I simply can’t understand why the RNC lets these outlets organize and host their debates.

  • Obamacare is NOT freedom, Mitt!

  • Huntsman is a menace. The only thing Obama did that I liked was get Huntsman outta Utah by sending him to China! Oh Happy Day!

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the Huntsman/Paul show; I’m ready for some Lucy and Desie!

  • Obamacare won’t rein in or minimize the government, MITT!

  • Anonymous

    Go Perry, if they won’t give you a chance to answer, then make them listen. His energy plans will give us jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is finally taking on the moderators. He is channeling Newt.

  • First Blood on RINO Romney goes to Santorum!

    Mitt, there are no classes in America we are all American! Great line!!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go Rick Santorum…..!

  • ABC just got their ass handed to em!!!! I love our candidates…

  • Eve

    Well said from Rick Santorum. Liberals love throwing out the class warfare and using the Middle class loosely, just like their term “fair share” and the divide, nicely done. That did not make Romney look good especially after his answer.

  • I feel like I am watching Wild Kingdom with all these RINOs in the wild going after each other . . .

    • cabensg

      Don’t know why but that finally got me to smile through this whole dismal piece of crap question and answer dog and pony show put on by the media and that whining long drawn out irritating voice of Sawyer. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, the Lions/Saints game is getting too close, and I can’t take this Huntsman punishment anymore. Goodnight guys, I’m out.

  • Anonymous

    If I had the opportunity to conduct a Presidential debate.
    I would ask:
    1. Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ as the savior?
    2. Do you believe Obama should be brought up on charges of Treason?
    3. Would you sign in a bill for term limits for congress and the senate?
    4. Before electing our military to go to war would you first go to Congress and declare war against the country or people we are going to war against?
    5. Would you follow the constitution the way it is written, not try to interpret or bend the words to fit your agenda?
    6. Do you believe in Gun Rights?
    7. Do you believe in Gay Rights?
    8. Would you dismantle agencies such as the FDA, FRA, Amtrak and the post office and many more? Do you think such agencies should be dismantled or sold to the private sector?
    9. Do you believe Jerusalem is a state and has a right to defend herself?
    10. Do you believe our school systems have been infiltrated and are “as we speak” indoctrinating our kids?
    11. Do you believe we should crush the cartel in Mexico and build an electric fence and give the authority to shoot anyone trying to cross?
    12. Do you believe in amnesty?
    13. Do you believe you work for the people by the people? Would you adhere to their voice (the majority not the minority)?
    14. Would you close embassy around the world, except strategic ones and bring all our military home and put them on our own borders?
    15. Would you help to stop all earmarks?
    16. Would you dismantle and make null Obama care, every iatrical part of it.
    17. Do you believe in raising taxes or a flat tax rate?
    18. Would you leave the United Nations so we can have a nation of our own!?
    19. How would you help change the mood of the country from divided to standing as one nation?
    20. How would you help to dismantle affirmative action?
    21. Would you help create laws that would overturn Roe vs. Wade?
    22. Do you believe in abortion?
    23. Do you believe in a balance budget and take an oath to balance our budget?
    24. Would you help demolish free trade and start tariffs on imports to this country again?
    25. Do you believe in the death penalty?
    26. Do you believe Gay’s have the right to serve openly in our military?
    27. Do you believe Gay’s have the same rights when it comes to marriage?
    28. Would you legalize marijuana?
    29. Would you drill drill drill for oil on our own land here in America? How would you make us more energy reliant on our self’s?
    30. Do you believe Fema should be abolished?
    31. Do you support internet censorship?
    32. Do you believe America should only have one language and that is English? What would you do to support and pass such legislation?
    33. Do you believe in defending our nation and the right to build nuclear bombs? And nuclear testing?
    34. Do you believe we should build more Nuclear power plants?
    35. What do you believe our tax money should be used for? On what would you use our tax money for?
    I retain the right to add any question I deem worth asking that should get it going? By the way this is a speed round most questions are one word answers? How many candidates do you think would play along? Why can’t news anchors come up with these types of questions?

  • Richard Laycock

    The “analysts” are more like People Magazine gossips, giddy and giggling. I’m disappointed that Matt Welch fits in so well with these vacuous clowns. I thought he had more substance.

  • Best place to watch and chat…as always. Curtsy….Scoop

  • I cannot believe that I am saying this but winning by default…..Mitt RINO Romney!

    Mittens held his ground and deflected all the really weak attacks. I was really surprised at how non-eventful this debate was compared to the last two.

    No one really took the mantle and charged in this debate and that is what Mitt Romney wins…not because of what he said but no one was able to reall mount an attack on him.

    This debate tonight was a real snoozer…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • StNikao

      ANOTHER DEBATE TOMORROW NIGHT – 9PM NBC – so more excitement…

      Good night everyone. Thanks for all the great argument and analysis.

  • Anonymous

    This was the lamest damn debate…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

    Bachmann was sorely missed. It felt strange not hearing her voice.

    • I liked hearing 9-9-9! personally.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, that’s another voice that I missed. With those two voices gone, I slumbered between Romney and Huntsman but woke up at Santorum’s and Gingrich’s voices…. The debate was truly boring!

  • cabensg

    If it wasn’t for Gingrich none of them would even know how to answer anything. He made them all try to come up with plans (which are outlines to nowhere) and he moved Romney to sounding center right. As usual the questioners tried to marginalize him but he still made more sense than anyone else. If Gingrich hadn’t been in this they’d all still be floundering. They’ve all had to up their game because he was there that shows you what leadership is all about. It brings everyone up to a higher level this is why he was so successful and this shows why he’s the only one for the job now.

    If there is anyone on television with a more irritating voice than Sawyer please tell me so I never, never watch them.

  • cabensg

    You’ll see a similar list at Newt Gingrich/2012. It’s called the 21st Century Contract with America.

  • cabensg

    Yeh like one other commenters said he’s learned how to channel Newt.

  • StNikao

    This was my favorite debate of the season. The media seemed more positive, less biased and negative than in any so far. There were no flaming adjectives or any of the ‘stuff’ we usually see.

    And all of the candidates seemed to do their best and show their strengths to good advantage. And, they differed more gracefully. There seemed to be a new level of respectfulness and collegiality in their exchanges – and there should be respect – it’s costing millions and an enormous amount of work and dedications for them to run this excrutiating gauntlet…AND they each know the very life of our country and people truly is at stake.

    As Newt said in his 1776 Washington Crossing the Delaware video – it is ‘Victory or Death’… Islam and its Communist/Facist allies are playing for keeps. We need to face that as absolute fact. This is a stealth war, but no less deadly than WWI and WWII. We had best not forget that.

  • Anonymous

    At least one panel member spoke the truth. Brazille said that the Dems want Romney as the candidate. You can tell by the easy ride the media is giving him that Romney has already been chosen by the Dems.

    Here’s what Brazille knows. If you can’t fire up the base, you lose … it’s a basic rule that works in all democracies. Obama can no longer fire up much of the base, so the Dems need to level the playing field … and Romney is their man.

    Imagine, 70% of Republicans will be holding their nose and voting for Romney … the fire just won’t be there. McCain all over again … with no Palin to come in and make it a fighting chance. The Dems destroyed Palin because they feared a fired up base … they know that above all else.

    The difference this time will be that the Dems won’t be fired up either … so it’ll come down to a mud slinging dog fight which Dems are the best at.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was the worst debate ever, but not from the candidates standpoint. The questions were very disjointed and there was no flow. At least Diane Sawyer didn’t appear to be drunk like the last time ABC hosted a debate! ARGH…. I can’t stand listening to either Diane or Stenopocrap.

    Saw tonight that Huckabee is going to host another forum next Sat. Last one he did was great. Every candidate gets the same questions and given equal amount of time. How many questions did Perry get tonight….. I didn’t count be probably less than 5 in 2 hours.

  • Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry all had pretty good performances.

    The good thing about this debate was Huntsman taking jabs at Romney then hit him with a body blow in regards to China, Romney tried to talk a big game but the reality is Romney is ALL TALK, China will not be intimidated by a ‘Timid’ Romney policy.

    But since the three conservatives had a good debate, didn’t say anything to fall on any sword, I don’t see where the polls will have any drastic change for any candidate, so good news for Romney, the conservative vote is split, just the way Romney needs it

  • s.hayward2

    Romney looks and sounds like where in Hollywood movies, you see a TV on and there is a guy selling a drug of some kind. He looks good looking, sleek but ever so plastic. If I was ever going to design a male president I think he would look and sound like Mitt. Problem is as we have seen he melts under pressure. And as for his past… Obama wants to face him. The media want to annoint Mitt like they did Obama.The Obama camp and elite media have prepared for Mitt,I have heard a rumour that there will be a class action law suit launched against mitt concerning his employment practices.

    Mitt is running on his business record makes sense to do that ,the Obama camp will sink to any level I don’t think Mitt would get into the gutter with them and slug it out. they need to be wrongfooted.Palin said as much last night. I really hope she endorses a certain friend of hers soon. I have nothing personal against Mitt ,I also think he is too nice. We need a gutter fighter to counter chicago style corruption.Obama is going to have a huge warchest, the elite media and hollywood…

    Newt is the leader here,for all his faults which the media and Romneys rich friends just loves to ram down peoples throats .It is not just I think he could beat Obama,I watch him in the town halls,in the debates listen to what he wants to do,the guy is confident he knows how to solve the problems. I want a guy with loads of ideas in his head,even if a few are wrong. Look at churchill, if you read about him, he was another man with loads of ideas,in this case of how to win the war, some were excellent when one was ridiculous his generals gently guided him away from it. I think Newt would listen to his ‘generals’.He has that bluntness and plain speaking. I like Ron Paul as well and I hope he gets into government. I like his economic ideas. What about Paul as newts VP? As long as he is kept well away from foreign policy!

    • I’ve heard concerns voiced about how Newt would handle being president, if the prestige and authority and power that goes along with the title would bring about a change in him, causing him to become egotistical. I think this stems from his term as Speaker of the House, where he showed signs of this behavior. I’m surprised the same concern has not been voiced over Mitt, given his religious views.

    • Anonymous

      Gets into government? He’s been in Congress on and off since the 1970s.

      Newt would NEVER make Ron Paul his VP.

  • Anonymous

    It bugged me to hear these 3 idiotic unprofessional pseudo journalists whispering in the background while the candidates were answering their questions. It’s just beyond rude, unprofessional, and insulting.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Paul lost me completely. He was drafted (maybe because we payed for some of his doctor school) talks as if he voluntarily served. He served in areas safe and protected, possibly even stateside the whole time. To disparage anyone and think that serving in the military for a few years qualifies him to be commander in chief is ludricous.

    I served. I served in combat. I had lots of special training. That alone in no way prepares me to lead the entire military.

    To suggest that either of us is qualified is to suggest that a cashier for a major chain is prepared to be CEO.


    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul received a draft notice from the Army, but volunteered for the Air Force.

      You did not pay for his medical schooling. His wife Carol did.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for clearing up the details.


      • Anonymous

        Why did he wait until he got a draft notice to go into the service? He is trying to act patriotic now, but all he did in the service was tell someone to turn their head and cough.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think that is fair to diminish Dr. Paul’s service that way.

          As for why he didn’t enlist until receiving a draft notice…I would assume because he was married with two young children and intended to go into practice with his recently acquired medical degree. He was about 27 years old.

          Bottom line…he served his country with honor, despite family and professional considerations. The same cannot be said for Newt Gingrich.

          • KenInMontana

            Actually his service record is fair game, if it his held up by his proponents as a “qualification” (as it has been), then it is completely fair to examine it. Paul served as a Flight Surgeon at Kelly Air Force Base, in San Antonio, performing exams on helicopter pilot candidates. He completed his medical training while in the Texas Air National Guard. While he was discharged honorably, to liken it to the average draftee that would be facing combat, is to liken apples to oranges. While he did hold an officer grade, it was not a command grade, so it does not serve as a “leadership” qualification. Just to be clear, as a vet, I oppose the draft, on several points, I see it as “involuntary servitude”, but more importantly I see it as producing an inferior fighting force as compared to an all volunteer force. If a person is not personally motivated to serve, I would not want them anywhere near me in combat or serving at all, as someone like that is likely to be a greater danger to those they happen to be serving with, than the enemy they face. At least you know where your enemy stands, while you cannot rely on someone who does not want to be there in the first place. While some might hold Gringrich’s choice against him, I cannot and do not, as at least he went the official route of applying for the deferment and did not tuck tail and flee to Canada like the draft dodgers did. Had he just up and run away I would then see it as an issue.

  • Anonymous

    I love you Right Scoop for posting these full debates! Keep it up!!!!!

  • JamesFall

    As Ran Paul said, “blks are being arrested in….” Ok we all know that the system is far from being perfect, now, is this how people like it then. If so why should anybody like that and what does that make those ppl.

  • FrancineStar

    ROMNEY: ON ABORTION (Serial Hypocrite ) /watch?v=qjEHfCxQURU
    {}If these links are broken. Search by title{}

  • FrancineStar

    It is a national travesty that, most of the media is censoring out
    ~Congressman, Doctor Ron Paul~

    On Feb 15th 2011

    FOX intentionally omitted 2012’s actual recording located @ 4:12 of the below recording.

    Which has a exceedingly-lengthy-standing-ovation
    for Ron Pail’s 2-year-in-a-row-win!

    And inserted 2010 footage @ 0:29 of Ron Paul winning 2010.
    Where a room full of Romney and Palin supporters were present
    and were distastefully-booing Ron Paul’s 2nd-WIN.

    There was no reason the 2010 recording
    should have been in the recording deck in 2012!

    Knowing this, we can conclude, amongst other networks…

    FOX is intentionally misleading, the public
    that the crowd was booing Ron Paul’s WIN in 2012!!!!!!!

    The audience’s Real Reaction to Ron Paul winning 2-years in a row
    can be seen at 4:12 in the below recording.


    2nd offense by FOX

    In the below video, we can clearly see and hear.

    ~~~~~> Officials are instructing their reporters to tell the public
    “The story is not Ron Paul winning 2-years in a row.
    The story is about Romney taking 2nd-place, 2-years in a row.”

    ~How dare the officials lie to you telling you to look at a 2nd place winner
    and avoid the 1st place winner. Utterly despicable!!~~

    At 1:58 you can see for yourself here:

    FOX, MSNBC and others
    are taking away Ron Paul’s AMAZING VICTORY
    (The Conservative Political Action Conference Straw Poll.)

    And the MEDIA is also taking away
    Ron Paul’s Amazing Victory of placing 3rd in the Iowa straw poll.

    Replacing the airtime due Ron Paul with that of 4th place Newt Gingrich!

    Anyway you can hear the truth
    of what some of the candidates are really saying here.

    ROMNEY: ON ABORTION (Serial Hypocrite )


    {}If these links are broken. Or they take the truth down.
    Search by title.{}


  • Anonymous

    Most of the candidates are talking about the threat of a nuclear Iran and Islamic extremism. The truth is that Jewish intellectual and political movements have done far more damage to the West and the United States than Islam has ever done: Marxism has killed 100 million people. Zionism, Neoconservatism, Freudian Psychoanalysis and Multiculturalism have inflicted more cultural damage on Western Civilization than Iran ever could.

    So why do we keep propping up the same Tribe who have nothing to do with America’s founding or ethnic heritage, even after our support for Israel has lead to the September 11th attacks and two wars since then, with all the resulting loss of life and massive debt accumulation that came with it?

    There are two scholarly books that will explain how and why Jewish group strategy has had such a profound impact on the West, and what lessons can be learned: The books are “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements” and “Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism”.

    Both books are authored by Kevin Macdonald, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at California State University. MacDonald holds a Masters degree in evolutionary biology and a Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Science. The books are available from the Occidental Press.

  • Anonymous

    “為什麼在地獄裡亨斯邁允許進行辯論,或吃蛋捲的那件事” is chinese buffet for ” Why is Huntsman even allowed in the debates. If the moderators are going to allow him to debate they need to provide subtitles.

  • Whoever wins, I will vote for them, however, I am not excited over any of them, especially Romney.
    Looks like he’s the heir apparent. It’s going to be McCain / Obullcrap all over again.
    We’re all going to suffer because no one ran that could beat the living daylights out of the dictator thug from Chicago.