[FEATURED] POLL: Who won tonight’s presidential debate at Hofstra – Hillary or Trump?

trump with ted cruz 1

Trump thanks Ted Cruz for his debate praise!

Ted Cruz is really going for it in his new role as a Trumper in this Facebook post where he praises Trump’s debate performance: Rather than Hillary's America, we need to take . . .


Krauthammer: The edge goes to Trump….sorta

After watching the first debate between Trump and Hillary, Charles Krauthammer said it was not exactly the knock-out fight that everyone thought it would be. Krauthammer noted that it was a spirited . . .


I got yer Debate Night OPEN THREAD right here!!

Congratulations, America the clown show you chose has come to fruition and now we get to see the corrupt, lying cankled commie versus the corrupt, lying, orange-visaged vulvarian battle it out to . . .


TRIGGER WARNING at tonight’s debate venue!

As you probably know the big debate is being held tonight at Hofstra University, which means the school is crawling with newsers. Tony Aiello, a reporter with CBS, tweeted this picture from . . .