ABC includes Palin smear in special on Gabby Giffords

Somehow Sarah Palin and her congressional target map managed to make it into what I understand was an otherwise fabulous special on Gabby Giffords and her remarkable recovery. Toward the end of the special, Diane Sawyer asks aloud if Giffords really wants to go back to Washington, and then goes into a disdainful tirade about the “unsettling campaigns of 2010”. It was at that point she injected Sarah Palin “targeting” Giffords district, showing the map with targets on it.

Now of course she didn’t say that Sarah Palin caused Giffords’ shooting. Of course she can’t go that far. However, the only reason that map ever became popular was because of a left-wing smear to suggest Palin caused the man to be so angry he shot Giffords. And to include it in this special is to continue to perpetuate this idea that Palin’s map created a hostile environment – the “unsettling campaigns of 2010”.

By the way, what she calls the “unsettling campaigns of 2010”, I call the American people rising up against an out of control Congress. They lied all the way to passage with ObamaCare and the media carried their water. And yet these elitist journalists like Diane Sawyer still show their contempt for the American people in little segments like this. The problem is, it does nothing but inspire me to work even harder on the way to 2012.

Here’s the clip and pertinent transcript, courtesy of RCP.

DIANE SAWYER: “So does Gabby Giffords really want to go back to Washington? Back where she was once called ‘the most positive person in Congress.’

“Staying upbeat, even during the unsettling campaigns of 2010. When we all watched opposition sometimes become vitriol. After she voted for health care, she faced people in her district calling her a ‘traitor,’ booing her in town halls.

[gun shot]

“Someone even fired a gun into her office door. And you may remember Sarah Palin targeted her district with an ad that had a gun sight on it.”

Gifford’s once worried aloud to her husband:

“She says someday I’m really worried that someone is going to come up at one of these events with a gun.”

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