ABC News spent almost half of unemployment report on Romney’s taxes

ABC News decided the unemployment report wasn’t important enough to lead off the show, instead it came in third. And when they finally did cover it they spun it as ‘better than expected’, predictably emphasizing job growth much more than the actual unemployment rate. In fact they played off the increase in the unemployment rate by saying that what’s actually happening is that more jobs are coming online and more people are starting to look for work.

But they weren’t just there to spin the report for you, they also wanted you to know that Romney isn’t releasing any more taxes:

Using Harry Reid as an excuse, ABC News spent well over a minute talking about Romney’s taxes during an unemployment report and while they did highlight the absurdity of Reid’s accusations, this story was really about the fact that Romney isn’t giving them what they want and that’s their taxes.

Out of the three major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), ABC News was the only one to bring up the tax issue. I’m sure Harry Reid was giddy about it.

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  • “….this economic recovery is stalling” What recovery? Did anyone here see a recovery? Dang! I must have blinked.

    • Nukeman60

      Come on, haven’t you heard of the term ‘recovery summer’? Obama has tried that phrase three different years in a row and each time the numbers fell. Oh, the irony.

      How could Bush do this to him each year? Bush must have an economic voodoo doll of Obama, that he sticks oil wells into every time we’re on the verge of recovery. When will it ever end?

      (/sarc off)

      • Nukeman, you have a (/sarc off) I really have to get one of those.

      • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12

        i still have my recovery summer tour t shirt……….use it to check the oil on my car

  • Expect more of the same until November. As soon as the election results are in and Obummer is fired you will then start to hear how bad the economy is and that it is all the Republicans fault!

  • Just read that 80% of the coverage of Romney from the alphabet networks is negative so this isn’t surprising.

    Conservatives buycott great but can they boycott? We need to boycott the networks.

    • Spartan1975

      i don”t even watch them and never did since 3 years ago… it is up to every individual now!!!

    • Nukeman60

      Check their ratings plummeting. They are getting boycotted (actually, boycott is the wrong word. Just plain quiting them is more like it). People are moving away from them and toward the ‘New Guardians’ (the blogosphere), and the internet in general, more and more every day. Once the ‘Average Voter’ realizes what to look for, the alphabet networks will be just like the newspapers – dried up ink.

      • Sandra123456

        I am surprised that the story of how low TV viewership is never gets reported.

        Basically the 6:30 evening newscast on NBC and ABC each get a little over 2% of Americans watching. CBS get a little under 2%.

        Specifically, total viewers NBC: 8,525,000. ABC: 7,248,000. CBS: 5,994,000.

        Total viewership in the “coveted” 25-54 age range for all 3 networks combined: 2%. ( Assuming a population of 300 million. Actually we might be at 310 mill now.)

        I don’t think that in 20 years we will see TV’s in peoples’ homes. They will have been all replaced by computer monitors, and all of us will get out news from websites.

        • Nukeman60

          According to the debt clock, it’s up to 314 million, but I understand your point and it’s well taken.

          TV’s are already being used as monitors and people are backing away from the ‘normal’ TV stuff. I’m looking forward to the day when I have a 54 inch computer monitor mounted on my wall. Cool.

  • 911Infidel

    I’m still waiting on Hairy Weed’s tax returns; Obama’s college transcripts, and the status of that goat Hairy keeps in his office (that comes from my uu-named source). Has anyone freed the poor thing yet? Oh the humanity of it all. And where’s PETA?

    • kong1967

      Harry Weed? That’s awesome.

      Reid’s not going to get rid of the goat. He found out it feels like the real thing if you catch my drift.

      • 911Infidel

        My source tells me that Hairy likes his goat all decked out in stilleto heels and something frilly.

        • kong1967


          • You people have some sick minds. I love it!! What’s his goats name? Pelosi?

            • kong1967

              Lol, I like it.

            • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12

              i was told by an inside source its naaaaaaaaanceeeeeee

  • p m

    The only government document I want to see is Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions, completed by Ms.Clinton’s aide, Ms.Abedin. Oh, and the follow up that cleared for her post.

  • wodiej

    we don’t have a media any more. It’s all a reality show. The real news is on the net.

  • kong1967

    I am a little baffled by the demand that Romney give up his last 12 years of taxes…or 10…I forget how many years they are demanding.

    How many years of tax returns has Obama ever released? I only know of one, so why is he able to slip under the standard they are demanding Romney to go by?

    • electricjack

      Actually the Illegal alien has 6 irs reports he had to he always worked for the government of somthing or other thats the only reason. As to Biden exactly who but the government has either of them worked for?????

      • kong1967

        Six years is still less than what they are demanding Romney turn over. His college days should be as impressive as Romney’s Bain days, lol. I’d like to see those tax returns.

  • Joe

    I am sending this letter to ABC

    ABC Ombudsman

    I recently watched a segment with Jonathan Karl World News with Diane Sawyer

    The segment was reporting on the unemployment situation and ultimately showed how each Candidiate was responding to the jobs report –

    Then I was very surprised how the report segued into Romney’s tax return situation.

    The segment conclusion spent more time on the tax returns than Romney’s response to the jobs report

    This is yet another example of very biased reporting on the part of ABC –

    When will ABC realize that it is now obvious ABC shows bias towards Pres. Obama

    Please stop the bias – ABC is really looking silly with its yellow journalism



    You can send a letter here >>

  • Sober_Thinking

    Harry Reid must be so happy with this that he probably had to change his Depends.

    It’s criminal what the LSM is feeding Americans as “news”. The LSM is one of the three biggest threats to this nation. I’m glad Americans are turning to cleaner, non-mainstream sources for their news. Only then can we get the truth.

    This will go down in history as one of the only things that Harry Reid was successful at in 2012 as Leader of the Senate: smearing a Presidential candidate successfully (and shamefully).

    • Nukeman60

      …smearing a Presidential candidate successfully (and shamefully)‘ – sober

      I don’t know. Reid has gotten the word out, the Lame Stream Media has picked up on it, but I don’t think it has taken hold. I don’t think the people are buying it anymore than they are buying the “You didn’t build that” crap. I really think this is backfiring on them, just like everything else they throw out there these days.

      It used to be they’d throw anything out there and see what stuck. Now, instead of sticking, it’s all bouncing back at them. Much like the ‘free water’ protestor got pummeled, Reid is going to see the pummeling in November. The more they try this crap, the more people see it for what it is.

      Look at the supposed European gaffe tour of Romney’s. How many people do you think bought into that pile of media hype? Not many, in my opinion. People can be uninformed for only so long.

      The veil is coming off and I’m loving it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        That’s positive. I guess it makes sense that even lazy people’s BS-meters must be going off over much of this.

        I hope your right my friend… we have to win this.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Harry Reid is a bitter, old man that is more interested in harming Romney’s chance at getting elected than he is on fixing America’s many problems. Harry, you just might be one of the problems!!! Leave the campaigning to your boss and get busy and try to come up with some solutions to America’s problems…that is your job isn’t it, Harry?

  • liberal343

    There is nothing wrong with using tax loopholes to your advantage but I do believe the American people deserve to know.

    The birthers asked for a birth certificate and got it.

    National security leaks is one of the biggest crimes in American laws but secrets get leaked any day…

    What makes Romney thinks someone at the IRS will not leak his taxes?
    We want the taxes.

    Release it now or someone will release it in October.

    • Gosh I sure hope Axelrod can pull off one more mysterious “sealed” record out of his hat! He’s got a 100% victory record when that happens!

      The most transparent admin ever? You betcha!

  • Don

    In a way, ABC removing all doubt that they are a corrupt propaganda machine for the socialist movement in this country is out of the bag. They now join NBC, MSNBC and CNN as co-conspirators for forcing the lies and deceptions down our throats that are coming constantly from the administration on a daily basis. Can CBS be far behind in joining the spilling on of the American people with this travesty?

  • mike morrison

    My company went out of business July 2nd…the economy is not recovering.

  • James1754

    ABC news and Harry Reid are both doing nothing except repeating Obama campaign talking points. The pitiful thing is that nearly everyone does not care about Romney’s tax returns, it is a non-issue.

  • YOU all suck stop pushing Romney to give more taxes. He gave two all that is required .Harry Reid is a old sob lair that has screwed over this country long enough. If you all do not like how taxes are payed with Loopholes and shelters then stop whining and change the freaking tax laws. I am sure Romney would be glad to help move that along when he is elected. You full well know its a ploy to find one little thing they can blow up and distort to take the focus off the crappy way the country is being ran under the current Potus.

  • leftwinglooney

    Tell you what, ABC news and the rest of the lame stream media need to start asking the man and woman on the street who cannot obtain real or good paying jobs as to what their opinions are and stop pushing President Morons agenda.

  • Nikos8

    I hope that Romney will man up and not give in to these liberal vultures. They are sick!

  • Yazz55

    The lamestream media still all kvechy kvechy about trying to goad Mr Romney into releasing more of his tax returns. But what does that have to with the unemployment reports you ask.

    Well, many of those loyal liberal political hacks are unemployed. If Mr Romney would release more of his tax returns, they could get jobs working for the regime to pour over Mr Romney’s tax returns, to see if they can find some little irrelevant detail of political incorrectness somewhere. That should lower the unemployment rate a bit, at least until election day.

    And what are they most likely to find????

    … That Mr Romeny didn’t make any charitable donations to gay & lesbian organizations, or any other bleeding heart uber-liberal non-profits. Now that should keep the lamestream media busy diverting attention from the real unemployment rate for about a week or so.

  • JoeMontana16

    Breitbart was a smart son of a gun and he had the right line of thinking. Its the media and that is who we should go after. Check their finances. Check their personal lives. Check everything damn thing and run with it. They are the true culprits. If they did their jobs we would have an honest government. Its the media and I’ve had it.

    • I agree. If the media was interested in truly delivering non biased, factual news, the politicians would not be able to get away with their lies, tricks, smears, and crime.

  • Sorry RS, can’t stomach it.

  • bobemakk

    They can’t find any skeletons on Romney. This country has put up with enough of the lamestream media trying to ruin truly good politicians…..the media is the socialist party.

  • Don

    liberal3431 day ago

    “There is nothing wrong with using tax loopholes to your advantage but I do believe the American people deserve to know.

    The birthers asked for a birth certificate and got it.”

    The people that believe in the Constitution asked for one and only got a fake.
    Where “was” he born?
    Where are his college records?
    Why is he still using a Social Security Number that is not his and when will he be charged with identity theft?
    Why was his draft records forged?

    We know more about the CO shooter than we do about Mr. obama (if that is his real name).

  • oBummer: “This morning we learned that “OUR” business have created…. Who The Hell is talking about?