ABSOLUTELY ASININE! Leftist children’s fairy tale shows “evil rich” urinating on needy citizens

This has got to be one of the most asinine things I have ever seen. Even if you leave out the whole urinating scene, it’s still incredibly stupid and offensive. AND WRONG! It’s class warfare, Marxist propaganda like I’ve never seen before.

It demonizes the rich as greedy bastards, blaming them for all our problems while they try and escape consequences by paying off politicians and blaming everyone else. And yes, it even shows the evil rich people urinating on a group of people.

The whole thing is incredibly offensive.

It’s created by the CFT union (California Federation of Teachers) and narrated by Ed Asner. It’s called “Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale” and I believe it’s meant to indoctrinate children in the public school system. Just makes me sick thinking about it.


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  • Joe


    Something must be done to start impeachment

    This is the only way the MSM will cover ZERO


  • Sober_Thinking

    Satan and his minions are working overtime to kill America and destroy freedom.

    • marketcomp

      They must be feeling threaten? I mean they won the election so they have 4 more years so what’s the rush now? I mean it’s the holidays! There is definitely something more sinister going on here and it is under the radar! I mean is this all about the budget crisis? This is very suspicious!

      • Betsey_Ross

        The Republicans need to answer this every single day with some sort of common sense. People already hate Republicans(me, too, because they don’t answer this stuff) and they do believe it. The Democrats have successfully demonized them so that no one will vote for them. Me included. Not because I belive it, but because the Republicans are such wusses especially John Boehner. They have also demonized the rich who will be leaving this country because they don’t have to put up with this [email protected] No one does a thing. No one. Rush, Levin, Sarah, Hannity are speaking out, but only the choir is listening. What physical steps can we take? Someone needs to come up with an answer. NOW.

        • Conservative_Utopia

          You mean the republicans who just canned their conservative committee members? Those republicans? I would hold your breath. The GOP is GONE progressive.

        • marketcomp

          Betsey_Ross, very interesting post. Of the revolutions that I have knowledge of the system has to be torn down and then rebuilt again because from my pint of view Boehner is NOT a principled leader. He does not have a core beleif in the Constitution nor in the conservative movement. I mean it’s like a joke to him and the RINO’s. I mean why is it that something so simple as voting against a treaty that gives the UN power to tax Americans and send money to other parts of the world using the disability of our citizens! The UN has nothing to do with our citzens, but people like John McCain, Lisa Murkowsky, Sen. Barrasio, Scott Brown, and of course Collins and Snowne of Maine dont’t even see the obvious stuff! Again the incompetent ruling over the competent! And this is just one example amoug so many. And given the recent moves by John Boehner these people have no earthy idea what they are up against and the conservative citizens have their ear to ground of the Marxist that lead the country. I am so tired of these people because they are the reason for the demise of our country.

    • sjmom

      At this point they don’t need overtime because Obama is doing it for them.

  • drphibes

    This is transparently sophomoric and stupid.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      I have heard asner bloviate on things many times. He is completely over the edge, bat sh!t crazy, and should be living in a padded room.

  • Umm…this animation was NOT meant for consumption by minors. It was done for adults and specifically for the CFT to send to friends and elected officials, regardless of how appalling it might be to you.

    • drphibes

      I’m sure you’re right. It is so blatantly propagandist, it’s hard to believe adults would be sincerely cheering on all the “points” it makes about how “the world really works.”

    • Actually at the Blaze it says that there are no plans to show it in the classroom.

      But it is made by a teacher’s union, so you never know when that might change.

      • marketcomp

        Does anyone really think that the union that supports a Marxist will not release this propaganda? Especially in California! All I know is that the rich better hide or leave the State.

      • sDee

        There is no doubt in my mind where it is headed. This little socialist, anti-capitalist video by the Tides Foundation had a permanent effect on shaping the young minds of America against the free market .

        This is ugly sophisticated propaganda aimed poisoning the minds of future generations.

        Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff

        • This is a great video – Highly recommend you watch it.

      • PVG

        I wonder how much old Ed was paid to spew these lies? Great use of funds……

      • This is why I voted no on Prop 32 in California. I hope that there are members of the CFT who are disgusted that their union dues were used to create such a fine production.

    • Rshill7

      Oh, it’s meant to turn adults into children. Little commie children, useless idiots, heads full of hate, Goebbels type stuff, hammer and sickle proletariat gruel. THEN those “adults” go right back into class with our kids. Is that it?

      So, indoctrinate the indoctrinators, right? Just show it to the administrators, the principals, the teachers, and every teacher union member.


      Now maybe they can make another little clip for the kids advising them how to get jobs from poor folks or an overbearing subjugating government.

    • freenca

      Adults need Mr. Magoo to teach them? Are you just silly! ?

  • freenca

    These folks are ready for the home! Someday Ed Asner will have to answer for the propaganda he is spewing!! The CA teachers federation !!!!! The unions are out of control!!!!!! Ed should contribute ALL of HIS OWN PERSONAL WEALTH to cut the debts then, and leave the rest of us alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drphibes

    Off topic….three cheers for Jim DeMint who has the gumption to speak against his own party. He and Boehner are a study in character, a study in contrast of character.

  • Actually the video is reflects reality.

    • No hell it doesn’t. If you believe this Marxist propaganda you need to step in the real world and let life rub off on you.

      • What is it that you don’t believe in the video?

        • Nukeman60

          Which did you read first, Alinski’s Rules for Radicals, Lakoff’s The Little Blue Book, or Obama’s Dreams from My Father? I’m just curious.

          I’ll wait. I’m too busy laughing to respond anyway.

          • You failed to answer my question. What about the video is inaccurate?

            • Nukeman60

              You hadn’t asked me the question – and you failed to answer mine, as well.

              • She’s using Liberal-Logic.. Go easy on her. 😉

            • NJK

              We’re going to do this to you.

            • unclesamnephew

              since you are either too afraid or too lazy to steal from me directly, continue to vote for the demo-rats!

            • Indiana

              It inaccurately paints the rich as the reason for all of our problems. They believe that because supposedly idea that the rich don’t pay taxes (a lie, they account for over 60% of all taxes in the U.S.) is the reason why schools are under funded, etc. The real reason schools are under funded and the real reason there isn’t enough money for new officers is because current union member steal the money from the taxpayers and give themselves better benefits and pensions.

            • Rshill7

              Start with the urinating part, then move on to the evil part, which is the entire thing, then finish with the finale, where Communism has killed approximately 100 million people. How’s that? Go read “We The Living” and visit the destination where this road map takes you. OK?

            • Nukeman60

              Here’s the complete answer to your question:


              The reason I did not answer your question was because everything in it was wrong. It would have taken too long to explain it to you (which you wouldn’t understand or accept anyway) and Scoop wouldn’t like a post that long from me.

              Ignore the facts, it’s your choice. That’s what’s so wonderful about this great nation. You can have the ability to be ignorant of the facts and still survive.

        • stevenbiot

          I pissed on a couple of peasants from the balcony of my ivory tower yesterday. Don’t judge me, Angel. P.S. Get an education and collect a fine paycheck. It works!

          • Nukeman60

            No, no. She makes more than I could ever dream of. Just ask her. She’ll tell you.

            • stevenbiot

              She’s a rich liberal that can afford to be angry at the rich all day? Say it ain’t so!!

              • Nukeman60

                Straight from her keyboard. It has to be right. 🙂

        • PVG
          • Nukeman60

            Now you’re not being fair – throwing Bill Whittle against the CFT. I hope he had 1/2 of his brain tied behind his back.

            • PVG

              You’re right…..couldn’t resist! 😉

        • sDee

          I need not believe it nor disbelieve it. I live on knowledge. I know with zero doubt that this propaganda does not match my life experience.

          More than that, the video is classic propaganda that my father taught me about – exactly the class warfare crap that the National Socialist Party used to occupy his homeland from within.

          regardless……you will need to do better than juvenile strawman arguments to make a point here

        • NJK

          I think it’s the poor who are doing this to the ones who are feeding them. We need to oust these marxists, and our slogan is going to be,
          Those who shall not work, shall not eat. Now go get a job, and quit mooching off of people. You deserve nothing you don’t work for. Quit begging, quit being a parasite, and just go away. You’re worthless to society. You produce nothing, you are a drain on society.

          • freenca

            They could just google their own philosophers to find out what is intended for the unproductive and they might just be shocked by the predicted outcomes for the unjustifiables among them! Pray for them to get a clue!!!

        • aposematic

          For starters the video is premised on the big lie, i.e. Marxism, and then gets worse in an attempt to justify the big lie.

    • ON what planet? Not this one that’s for sure!

  • Missourimule

    Angel – “The video IS reflects reality”?

    Clearly a product of the California Federation of Teachers.

  • I remember Ed Asner playing a grumpy editor on the Mary Tyler Moore show, but until now I never thought he was a hate filled gnome in real life. We learn something every day, I guess.

    • sDee

      Asner has always been one of those Hollywood slimeballs who talks like a socialist and lives fat like a pig off capitalism.

      Here Asner talks to Oreally and admits he is a hard socialist. Oreally calls him a nice guy, “honest” and “a patriot”. Puke.

      Garbage interviews like that is why Fox is as much to blame for the destruction of America as MSNBC. Just “wachin’ out for the folks”.

  • Steve

    I hope that I have not violated the rules. The total lunacy of todays intellectuals reminds me of a story by by Hans Christian Anderson. Here is a short quote from “The Emperors New Clothes. “Here it is your Highness, the result of our labour,” the scoundrels said. “We have worked night and day but, at last, the most beautiful fabric in the world is ready for you. Look at the colors and feel how fine it is.” Of course the Emperor did not see any colors and could not feel any cloth between his fingers. He panicked and felt like fainting. But luckily the throne was right behind him and he sat down. But when he realized that no one could know that he did not see the fabric, he felt better. Nobody could find out he was stupid and incompetent. And the Emperor didn’t know that everybody else around him thought and did the very same thing.” The powers that be today are really just an imitation of the past and are nothing more then a paper dragon.

    • sDee

      We are living in a world where the minds of billions are shaped by a global propaganda machine. It is sophisticated and tightly orchestrated across the unions, schools, universities, press and entertainment industry.

      It is truly an alter reality where the truth is lies, lies are truth, right is wrong, wrong is right. Good is evil. Evil is good. Mind boggling.

      • Steve

        OK, Sorry. I am not able to come up with my own reply, so I will copy Isaiah 5:20. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  • Nukeman60

    I believe if we just change the name from ‘rich people’ to ‘Unions’, this video might make some sense. It would be accurate then.

    • sDee


  • stevenbiot

    Well, I hope I’m the dude pissing on the people and not the dude getting pissed on.

    • sDee

      I thought the guy pissing down was Ed Asner.

      • PVG

        It was! And laughing all the way to the bank.

  • stevenbiot

    All I get from this video is that rich people are proactive go-getters that use their heads to get ahead. Entitlement victims can learn a great deal from this video.

  • cabensg

    The resemblance to Germany can no longer be ignored. The pictures of Obama shown as worshipful. The propaganda press and this and other examples of propaganda movies especially those aimed at our children. The hatred and suppression of speech by any group that opposes liberalism.

    There is however a huge difference between Nazi Germany and the U.S. The population of prewar Germany was only 79 million. The U.S. population is approximately 314 million almost four times the population of Germany. We have a much larger more diverse population which is to our advantage. In spite of their best efforts and the dependence of many on government they haven’t succeeded in convincing even 1//3 of Americans we should give up all our freedoms to a central government. Even our liberal neighbors many who voted for Obama would never succumb to the horrors instituted in Germany or turn over complete control of their lives. We’re not even close to a tipping point so before we are it’s time for each of us to spread the truth in every way we can while we have a majority. This majority includes the uninformed who would be on our side if they knew the truth.

    • Van Grungy

      Diversity is NOT an advantage

      • Diversity is an advantage. Diversity of thought causes us to evaluate our positions and think about them more. If we all agree, we never question, we become sheep and we are weak. The strongest group is the one that argues about it’s values and goals. From those arguments we refine and define our goals better. Each nay-sayer may cause us to rethink something. Ultimately we grow stronger. Look at how the Founding Fathers fought about the Constitution.. If they all sat there voting “present” instead of raising a voice of concern when they saw something that bothered them in some way, we’d have a weak constitution (deliberate small c).

    • Watchman74

      I don’t know about that, if the economy goes south and people started to go hungry things could change real quick. In fact if it wasn’t for the dire economic conditions in Germany, Hitler would have never been elected. When people are desperate they will do things they wouldn’t normally do.

  • PVG

    A testimony to the fiscal free fall that is California!

  • stevenbiot

    And then the poooooor went to their jobs, which were provided to them by “rich people.” Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Disenfranchised losers, I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for you at this very moment.

  • sjmom

    This should be banned but who in California will do it? The Ninth Circus????????

    • PVG


    • Rshill7

      Naaa, the Supremes would just urinate on them again.

  • Perhaps we ought to make one of our own. Like, “Hiring Big Bird”.

  • stevenbiot

    People aren’t worried about losing their jobs anymore. You get paid $30,000 annually by the government for having a pulse. Also, you can collect unemployment for 25 to life. As my Boulder, Colorado boys say, ” No Worries, bra.”

  • Howzah123

    Soviet Communist Propaganda

    • Steve

      Your comment saddens me, but unfortunately it is true.—– (Krushchev speaking in Russian.) … [SUBTITLE: YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE COMMUNISTS] … “We Will Bury You,” Republican National Committee, 1964 … McCarthy——, Where are you now that your country needs you? If you are not really sure what I am getting to here, please copy and paste between the ——- and place it in the soon to be UN search engine.

      • Howzah123

        They made Propaganda Cartoons all the time portraying rich people as evil and corrupt

        Here’s a small documentary about it. It’s well worth the watch. This country is so far gone right now. People just aren’t really aware how far down the road to tyranny we really are. As a society and culture, we’ve been gradually conditioned through generations, all according to Antonio Gramsci’s evil designs.

        The United States has become a country that is guided by evil

        Documentary – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6WTYWGDdn4

        One of the films depicted in the documentary – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jETJt_zbnKk

        • stage9

          WOW! Dude, thanks for those links…the similarities are EERIE!

          The beginning of this one looks very similar to the one above.

          • Howzah123

            If you watch the commentary of the guy in your link he even says it right there:

            “The country (USSR) was setup like a Religious Cult”

            Hope and Change!

    • opinionatedhermit

      Four legs good … Two legs baaaadddd …..

  • we need to pull a Bill Whittle here, and make a parallel video on compassionate Conservative Capitalism and the waste of government. Does anyone here know how to do computer animation?

    • PVG

      Great minds! I posted Bill’s “Eat The Rich” as an educational tool down thread.

  • Sounds like the campaign against the Jews in Germany.

    • Rshill7

      It most certainly does.

  • opinionatedhermit

    It’s funny. There was actually a time in history, I’m thinking the Middle Ages, when the “rich elite” did dispose of their waste to the outside world of their castles, in ways that were less than … respectful.

    We even have a name for these “rich elites” who partook in such manner. We call them Kings and Queens … and other forms of Government officials……

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Where’s our response showing the Left murdering babies?

    • nibblesyble

      hit the nail on the head…brava!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Murdering babies with our tax dollars and not recognizing the right of conscience to refuse to join in the carnage.

  • If this was a depiction of the Federal Reserve pissing on the American people, then I would agree. There are some bankers and crony government/corporations that this could justly be used to depict. If the tax booth in the video had a sign that said “Federal Reserve”, that would be accurate. As we know, Reagan’s Grace Commission report concluded that not one US tax dollar goes to US infrastructure. It was determined that our taxes go to the Fed to pay the interest on money that they created from nothing, then lent to us at interest. So, when Obama and congress raise our taxes, we should be aware of where it goes. That was the whole point behind the Grace Commission Report.

    There are many corporations who get out of paying taxes, and they are often funded by government. Take a look at General Electric and their green energy contracts. First of all, they get the contracts (government money), then ship the jobs overseas or across the border. They get tax exemptions from Obama because it is “green”.

    The EU has also set up such a system as to exempt EU members from paying taxes. They have a central bank that creates the money from nothing, which pays for the EU member salaries, and the nation states are put on the hook for it, without any tax money coming back.

    The Federal Reserve is a tax exempt “for profit” foreign corporation. They are not under our laws, and unless congress passes new laws requiring them to pay taxes, or even be audited, they remain outside of the law.

    The fact of the matter is that we have a corporate crony government who picks the winners and losers in big business, then tax exempts them, while getting kickbacks for it. Senators and congressmen often become lobbyists for an industry or corporation, or they end up working in the higher ranks of the corporations themselves. I believe that the ex-CEO of Monsanto is the head of the FDA right now. The president gets money for elections, appoints them to head up the regulatory agencies that make the rules for how we run our lives and businesses, and the president signs off on it. We end up with raids on raw milk producers and legal pot dispensaries within the states. We get legislation to outlaw supplements that are used for natural cures of diseases. We get farmers put out of business for having a Monsanto gene in part of their crop.

    This video is a liberal propaganda piece, but most of it depicts a fraudulent system that many conservatives support, and republicans vote to fund time and time again. Getting rid of the DOE isn’t even on the table anymore. Both parties support the continuance of the Fed fleecing America.

    • Conniption Fitz

      The Federal Reserve needs to be exposed, audited and perhaps ended.

      So does the manipulation of our currency, markets and economy for the profit of the big greedy people behind the green curtain.

      What they do is unconscionable.


      Romney did not. Santorum did not. Huntsman did not. Even Bachmann did not.

      Obama certainly did not.

  • This is the cartoon that everyone needs to see.

  • When is Ed going to give away all his money? Isn’t he one of the rich?

    • JimNEPA2_0

      A Hero of the Revolution never ends up poor. On the other hand, they have been known to die violently if they say the wrong thing…..

  • chatterbox365

    No surprise this came from the sh*t hole of the country…my state. I thought for sure they would show the rich defecating on the children.

    This is why I homeschool my child…she has never stepped foot in a California public school.

  • NoToTyrants

    This Alinsky-Marx presentation was brought to you by Solyndra.

    Solyndra: “Green” is our motto. Taxpayer “green$$$” laundering is our business.

  • I think they should redo this video & replace the “rich people” with politicians then it would make more sense!

  • JimNEPA2_0

    UP Your’s, Ed.

  • spin43

    Now you understand how propaganda works. Rich Eddy would have felt very comfortable working for Hitler.

    • Rshill7

      George Bernard Shaw loved him some Hitler and Mussolini too.

  • This is primarily for firming up Democrats and liberal activists in the right way to think, not school children…
    But the mindset is basically the same…

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      ….as is the intellectual capacity!

  • armyvet10

    During my military time, I only visited California twice. Both times were to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin Ca. Thank goodness it was only twice.
    IMHO California suffers from its own trap of if it feels good do it. Too many residents in California want to do nothing and live free from the worry of all responsibilities. This mentality of do nothing and have the state take care of me has caused not only the financial ruin of the golden state, but the moral decay of a once great state as well. With the liberal media placing the blame on all rich people, the actors that call Hollywood home, have no choice but to sing along in fear of being exposed as one of the rich, and by association being condemned along with the evil rich people. These sicknesses, that infect many in California, also drive elections within the state as well. No politician wanting to represent California would ever speak against the entitlements that many in California receive. (they wouldn’t stand a chance) This is the only reason a washed up person like Nancy Pelosi, is re-elected so easily. Mrs. Pelosi tells the citizens of California that she will continue to seek the destruction of those evil corporate CEO’s and take their money and give it to the down trodden of California. Of course they believe her, even though in reality, California falls further and further in debt because too many politicians keep the money in the form of ear marks and bribes.
    My fear is that too many states are heading in the same direction.

    • Excellently said arnmyvet10!!

    • freenca

      Not everyone in CA is in the basement thinking mode! We are at this point outnumbered, but we will not give up or give in. Sorry that your experience here was such a poor representation of what Californians have been all about for 150 years. The crooks are ahead right now, but they will not always be so!!

      • Pete Wilson was the only governor that I was ever happy to have. I was there in the nineties, and got to watch affirmative action defeated, and implemented by executive order. It was great. I am sure that it has all been lost and reverted back by now.

      • armyvet10

        Thanks for your response. After reading your response, then re-reading mine, I can see how my post could be easily interpreted as all encompassing, and for that I am sorry. I would never say to anyone that every single person in a state is a bad person. For that matter, I wouldn’t even suggest that every single person in a city is bad either. I suppose a better way to have said this is that many in California; instead of just listing California as a whole. Thanks again for standing up for yourself and others in California that wish to have their great state back.

  • NCHokie02

    Interesting that the only people in this fairy tale are public workers.

  • colliemum

    Couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing, it was so bad.

    If the makers of that video had put hooked, i.e. Jewish, noses on ‘the rich’ people, this video could’ve been shown in Nazi Germany, no problem.
    There’s no difference between the socialists and the fascists, no matter how loudly the left squeal when you say so.

  • Joseph Goebbels must be looking up from the pits of hell, smiling and thinking “What a beautifully crafted piece of propaganda, I’d be hard pressed to beat that!”

    They say it’s not for children… But you just know they’ll be showing it to them. Why else animate it like a children’s cartoon if it was not to be aimed at them ultimately!

    • It might be that they animate things like this to target adults, of which many have childish minds. Though I wouldn’t dare diminish the argument that children will be seeing it.

  • ryanomaniac

    Sickening. Indoctrinating? Of course they are and have been for decades. I don’t blame the Leftists though. As a Christian….I blame Christians. The majority of the population are Christians or at the very least believe in God to some degree. What does that mean? It means that Christians are lazy and seem to not find the time to go to school board meetings and fight ALL the things that are being hoisted on our children. Its just to damn inconvenient. The Leftists fight relentlessly to indoctrinate our children and win and they are the minority. They have fortitude. We don’t.

    Christians, stop bitching. Christians are responsible because they do nothing. You are the majority and there is no excuse. If you have kids then get of your ass and put the Good Book to work or just throw it out.

    • Well said ryanomaniac. True and sad, but well said.

      Hope all is well with your precious family!!

      • ryanomaniac

        It is sad. Its also sad that you seem to be the only one who agrees with me. The Devil knows where his bread and butter is and that’s the kids. He’ll get them any which way he can. Through the parents through the schools or through propaganda like this. I’m extremely disappointed with our lack of fight for our children. We are harming our children just as badly as the progressives but just in different ways. They walk too and fro looking for who they can devour and we just look.

        Family is doing great. My beautiful daughter is the light of my life and that’s why I’m so concerned. I feel I will have little help from my brothers and sisters in The Lord Jesus Christ. I now see why the end times are upon us at this juncture. God has seen enough of our white flag waiving selves.

        Thanks ABC!

        • THere are more of us out here Ryan. Just not those who are supposed to be the leaders. So many Christians who follow after the ear ticklers, who don’t see the evil spread in the schools and universities. I once tried to offer a apologetics and history class at my old church when they asked for teacher volunteers. There were a lot of teens at the church, and I had taught some of our home school co op kids the same subject and some of them had never heard the things I was teaching before. I’m not the best teacher, but they were interested and glad to learn. Anyway, my point was that many Christian teens who are raised in the church, and even some who are homeschooled will go off to university, their parents believe their kids are strong believers- but put into liberal/humanist/leftist atmosphere, these kids in many cases lose their beliefs. Even in theological seminaries leftist crap is taught. I read a sad poll a few years ago, showing that kids going into places like Wheaton didn’t even know who wrote the Gospels, didn’t know what Easter was all about! I can’t remember the names of some of the seminary schools, but seems the professors in some of these schools don’t even teach the doctrine of the cross, sin and redemption!

          To make a long story short, the church declined my offer, as they felt it was not a needed course. My heart breaks for Christian kids who are sent into the pack of wolves. Their parents don’t bother being witnesses in their work places, yet they expect their kids to be at public schools?!

          Are you guys planning on homeschooling your daughter Ryan? If you ever have any questions about it, I’d be glad to help!
          God Bless!!

          • ryanomaniac

            I will if need be. She will not go to public schools. Period. She will go to a Christian school. There is one about ten miles from my house and its really great. A little expensive but Ill do anything to make it happen. What stinks is that I still have to pay taxes for the public schools. What a rip off.

            • freenca

              Do not lose hope for her future, she will learn better than most and will probably become a leader if she is able. There is great need and amazingly our LORD does provide in times if great need if we continue to believe and follow HIS dictates, not earthly guises of them.

  • CTF, NEA , clearly why Americans and illigels are getting smarter…..NOT!
    they are taught to come to the alter of the MacDaddy and the democrate party of perverted sleeze bags.

  • 1vote

    If this is what California teachers want to pay for (I assume they pay dues – maybe not), then, I have no problem with them fantasizing or acting out all they want.

    When this $hit hits the schools, that is when I (all of us) have a problem. The real sad part is that this mindset is already ingrained in much of the population. Our great president plays to this group all the time using them to achieve his purpose.

    Another sad point is that our public education is creating teachers who, as a group, are stupid enough to believe and allow this sort of crap! Whether the cartoon shows or no, the ideology will be absorbed by our children.. Parents must remove their children from this poison if there is any possible way. I know that many have no choice.

  • anneinarkansas

    Sad for our kids….the lefties are taking over at every level.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Thank a teacher.

    • Do so in Ruskie, the little jumped up Commie will appreciate it more:

      Russians use “Thank you” in all the same situations as in other countries. If you are grateful and would like to express it, you can either say СПАСИБО, pronounced as SPAH-SEE-BAH, which means THANK YOU or you can also say БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО, pronounced as BAHL-SHOH-YE SPAH-SEE-BAH, which means THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Note that literally you are saying “big thank you”. Большой (bahl-shoy) in Russian stands for big or grand.
      Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111020075846AAahN5D

  • BeyondPolls

    This is how we are losing the culture war and why we need to end the public school system.

  • aposematic

    Reality: Those evil rich are the Government pretenders and usurpers. It is depicted by Marxist Educators as Capitalists; with the truth that Capitalism has been regulated out of existence in America since WWI naturally being intentionally omitted. The destruction of America continuing at warp speed.

  • pmb88

    They have enough money to do an ad but not enough to teach children or have a solvent pension. Typical. It would be more accurate if it was the unions or O doing that instead of the ‘rich’ people in the vid.

  • stage9

    This is what’s called MARXISM!

    Marx’s entire sales pitch centered around class struggle and demonizing the bourgeois class (upper middle class at the time, but really the upper class).

    According to Britannica:

    “In Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie plays a heroic role by revolutionizing industry and modernizing society. However, it also seeks to monopolize the benefits of this modernization by exploiting the propertyless proletariat [the poor] and thereby creating revolutionary tensions. The end result, according to Marx, will be a final revolution in which the property of the bourgeoisie is expropriated and class conflict, exploitation, and the state are abolished. Even in Marx’s lifetime, however, it was clear that the bourgeoisie was neither homogeneous nor particularly inclined to play the role that he had assigned to it.”

    Does all of this sound familiar?

    • All too familiar! 🙁

      • stage9

        “If God is dead someone will have to take His place, it will be either megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clinched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Heffner.” — Malcolm Muggeridge

        • I hear what you say! 🙁

    • tinlizzieowner

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.
      Karl Marx
      “Share the wealth”
      Barack Obama
      Any questions?
      When I was an ignorant young liberal, my father used to call me ‘a product of the California educational system’.
      Once I finally grew up with children of my own in California schools, I figured out what he meant.

  • johnos2112

    Would somebody that is a conservative please BUY time and explain the truth. BTW what a coincidence that this video comes out AFTER a tax increase in CA! Ed GO TO HELL!

  • Noindex

    The left continues its war on job creators and success in general.

  • freenca

    If Mr. Asner is a true socialist, as he professes, then he should turn in all of his ill-gotten gains to the communal kitty for general good. If he is so brash to deny that, then he makes a liar out of himself. Let him live as do the majority of us then. I’d bet money that he would not!

  • wodiej

    Asner is just another one of millions who don’t understand people being accountable, having free will, being responsible and making a contribution to society by doing so. However, I am not letting businesses or the wealthy off the hook either. Every time we have a recession, grocery, gas and other consumer prices skyrocket. Businesses pay rock bottom wages because a lot of people are out of work and they are so desperate they will take anything. That is greed. As my mother once told me, business doesn’t pay taxes-we do. The wealthy have tax write-offs, loopholes and shelters. How do you think they remain wealthy? Many of the small businesses either go bankrupt or just fold because they can’t compete. We have become a society with little regard for our fellow human beings and until we do, God will not bless this nation.

  • Robert LeChef

    @stage9 Like Jesus? Any guy who goes around saying he’s God, doing magic tricks, seems pretty megalomaniacal to me.
    On the other hand, I make a pretty good God. Worship me. Stand in awe as I multiply not just fish, but the dollars in your pocket like a Wall Street banker.

  • Robert LeChef

    @WolfieI see the vast majority of conservatives are as stupid and shallow and their liberal counterparts. Russians are not inherently Communist. Indeed, Communist came from Germany. Russia is an oligarchy, much like the US, although the abuses in the US aren’t as overt as they are in Russia (the US government and corrupt corporatists use more subtle means, although both Bushie and Obamba have been putting more squeeze on the public as they work hand in hand with arrogant CEOs). The question is: what is the right way to govern a given society at the given point in time. Republics and democracies aren’t always the best form, which true conservatives will tell you (not the neocon closeted lefitst filth). When a the mob starts to endanger the good of the good people, you bet monarchies are better. 
    And way to make an ass of yourself, citing Yahoo! Answer. Clearly you’re that caliber of people.

  • Robert LeChef

    @Rshill7 Why? Why can’t you just mind your own business. If people want to believe this crap, that’s their freedom. Don’t be a nosy bumpkin. When they start forcing you to do things, then you have a basis. For now, use argument. 
    Both neocons and neolibs seem to be disingenuous. They’re angry people, resentment and mediocre, and want to blame someone for their dissatisfaction in life, for their own shortcomings and inferiority. They’re just looking for a scapegoat to vent their anger on. Sick. It’s obnoxious, so cut it out. If you were truly conservative, you were say “well, that’s stupid. I won’t be showing my kids any of that.” and if the occasion should arise, you’ll have the reasoned arguments to present to another person. You can’t force another to believe what you want, and you don’t have that right. Ultimately, you are powerless here. If the chair is uncomfortable, sit somewhere else.

  • Robert LeChef

    @armyvet10 Don’t rationalize the actors. Hollywood is a liberal establishment. Although I will admit that actors are (willingly or not) put in the limelight by the media which is always a tool of government or corporate interests (both are as bad, so don’t pull that asinine crap about “corporation = good” “gov’t = bad”). The corporate system is a corrupt and ideologically socialist idea (Hitler and Mussolini were corporatists and syndacalists). What we should have are stakeholders not shareholders. Each employee should have a state in the company and be a part owner. The CEO shouldn’t be some grandmaster who can do whatever he wants. He should serve his company. That’s the Christian way, not this pagan “I’m at the top, I’m a God” bull, because he’s not at the top, he’s leading but leadership doesn’t mean he’s some father figure or god. When you part own a company, you care about it because you’re entering into a relationship with other people for a common end. When you have the employee/employer relationship, the employee doesn’t work for the a common good he share, but the good of the stock holders (which includes the CEO). He’s compensated for his working for the good of “the company” (which is just a hand-wavy way of saying “the stockholders”) through a salary (which is nothing to be grateful about, since this isn’t charity, it’s an exchange). The corporate model is highly flawed and tyrannical. Americans have been brainwashed into accepting it. Leftists success is partly the effect of demoralization but likewise genuinely tyrannical structures which exist in not just American society, but other societies. It is a documented fact that many CEOs are narcissists. To make matters worse, they’re often incompetent narcissists no better than the government. Private isn’t always good. Public isn’t always good. We need more decentralization, but certain regulation has to exist because the free market isn’t the amgic self-correcting machine naive idiots like to think it is (hell, Adam Smith admits as much). Free markets must exist within certain constraints. We need the right balance. and decentralization. No one sticks their nose in my business as long as I’m not hurting anyone. The correct line between public/private needs to be drawn. Neocons and neolibs are both just as bad at drawing it because secretly their cryptosocialists and morons.

  • Robert LeChef

    @Rshill7 Hey, Hitler put a car in every home and a couple of catchy/kitschy songs to sing. Can’t be that bad, right? 😉

  • Robert LeChef

    @NoToTyrants Look to Soros. Apparently tied to Alinsky.

  • Robert LeChef

    @E. Lee Zimmerman They’re just a pile of cells, Zimmerman. Child services decides when that pile of cells magically becomes a human being. Or rather, child services asks its leading ideologue when that happens.