Advice to Rush: Call Glenn Beck

Today it pains me to write an article criticizing Rush Limbaugh. But I’ve taken more than I can chew.

On the first hour of the Rush Limbaugh show, caller Ed from Chicago commented to Rush about Glenn Beck’s equating the republican party with the democrat party.

Rush replied that one of his tenets in radio policy is to never engage in criticism of another radio host nor his or her objectives.


Yesterday Rush engaged in a slight against a certain speaker at CPAC:

I would not have said that the only people who can stop Obama should be excoriated for being just as bad. It would never occur to me to say that.

Frankly, Beck told the truth. It’s not enough to call out the democrat party as taxers and spenders, when the GOP themselves engaged in spending.

With all due respect, to Rush if you have a problem with Glenn Beck, I would advise him to call in to Beck’s radio or television program and engage in a meaningful discourse about third parties, the republican party, and the democrat party.

I admire men like Dan Riehl of Riehl World View and William Bennett. Agree or disagree with them, each have written articles critical of Glenn Beck, called him by name, and backed up their claims. More so, Bennett even called Glenn Beck to discuss his critiques of the CPAC speech.

Why can’t Rush follow that example?

I am frankly getting sick of the backhandedness, slights, and talking in the second person. It’s petty.

Rush is better than that. He’s the king of conservative talk radio. Rush should do what he’s superb at: talk! Call Beck up, Rush.

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  • ronald

    Beck is a false prophet steeped in Mormonistic false teaching, when he talks about Jesus or God beware, he has a perverted view of both. Rush or Levin are true conservatives with healthy political track records, Beck is a nut job who should shut down his radio and TV show and sit at the Great One's feet for a few years to learn solid constitution lessons, he should also get surgury on that double chin, its annoying.
    The best thing Beck ever did is recommend the Wallbuilders website which shows the true Christian heritage of the America and founding fathers and it is not mormon. Glenn has a right I suppose to believe what ever he wants to but all you listeners out there should really look at what mormons believe, I have, mormonism is a false teaching and I can't take seriously anyone who has been duped by it, and that goes for you John Stossel also! That's right I said it!
    Sorry Mr Chubachi Rush is right and Beck is moderately wrong. I think Rush has a lot of class to say what he did here, because I've heard Beck many times blast Rush by name. Beck as I said before is wishy washy doubleminded in his political views much like McCain, where as Rush and Levin are much more solid in their conservativism.

  • cubachi

    Firstly, I don't think we have to resort to shots at Beck's religion. He's an honorable and Christian man.
    First I hear that Stossel is a Mormon and nor do I care if he is or not.
    Secondly, Beck never blasted Rush. In fact, Beck praises Rush and said Rush is his hero and that they have slight disagreements. However, he did not refer to Rush in the second person.
    Thirdly, I never ever criticized Rush and Levin's conservatism. Nor did I mention Levin. Anyway, since you mentioned Levin, I have to say that Rush and Levin were my inspirations to become a conservative. My dispute with Rush is that he should call Beck and discuss his dispute with him in a meaningful way.
    Rush can explain why Beck is wrong. Why is that a problem with you?

  • Sharon

    I totally agree with therightscoop. Just a few minutes ago I heard Hannity say that he doesn't agree with bashing Republicans though it is apparently the most fashionable thing to do right now. This proves Beck's point when he says that he is the most misunderstood man in America. Between Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin these guys are coming across as whiney and jealous children. Limbaugh had his chance last year at CPAC to say what he wanted to say, maybe someday Hannity and Levin will have theirs…but they are just as bad as the media by taking a sound bite and running with it instead of seeing the whole picture of Beck's message. Even today Beck was endorsing Hannity's documentary and I've never once heard Hannity give Beck any sort of attention. This whole charade, in my mind, is making Beck look like he has more character than the three other guys put together.

  • A False Prophet ? Hrmmmm I have noticed Glenn Beck coming out in those nice robes with a turban on talking about how He has come to lead the Children to the Promised Land of America. And BTW Its The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just so you can be certain everyone knows what you are talking about. Yes those dangerous people with their talk about Jesus Christ being the son of God surely aren't fooling a loyal true Christian as yourself.

    Funny I love when people start talking about True conservatives and sitting at peoples feet when their first sentence starts out with calling someone a false prophet. I guess it confuses me because you only sit at peoples feet when they are like religious figures and such or parents or perhaps kings and queens. So Which one is Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin in your eyes as I do not want to be wrong as that surely might lead to me become one of these foolish supporters of The False Prophet Beck.

    Yes it really annoys me when people aren't chiseled Hollywood Actors and Actresses as letting the sub average human beings on the Television screen defeats the end goal to have everyone look Perfect. It must be a cunning trick of The False Prophet Beck to fool people. I can not believe his arrogance in pretending to be slightly pudgy to lure people into his mental traps.

    No! No! You must be strong and come out and say The False Prophet Beck has no right to be stating his beliefs to anyone. After all its not like he has a national Television and Radio show and even if he does it is surely due to his sly treachery in pretending to be a False Prophet that has allowed him to fool those people into giving him such a forum. Speak Truth to Power my Friend ..

    And I am glad you have discovered this sly treachery in this False Prophet Beck supporter named Mister Chubachi as the picture clearly shows a female with name Cubachi. I myself was tricked but now that you have shown me the way My Friend I have become enlightened..

    We need to clear the airwaves of all the people who haven't trained with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin to sustain the purity of thought required to elevate the Nation to a True Conservative Beacon. So what if this False Prophet Beck is entertaining when he talks about history and lays out connections between past and present events. After all we do not need such things to distract us from our goals.

  • Azarkhan

    Rush is right and so is Glenn Beck.

    Rush is correct in his assessment that the Democratic Party is the “Great Satan” of American politics and must be destroyed by any means necessary. Rush is also following Reagan's commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

    But Glenn Beck is not a Republican. He is a Libertarian. And he is speaking directly to the most energized political group in the country-the Tea Partys.
    These are the people who opposed the Repubs endorsement of Gov Crist and have ignited Marco Rubios campaign. They are also the people will oppose Dan Coats in Indiana, another old pol endorsed by the Republicans.

    What Beck wants, I think, is for the Republican party to first clean house, then take on the Democrats with fresh, motivated and legitimate conservative candidates.

  • ronald

    All right, sorry, I guess I over reacted to your comments shooting down Rush, I agree Beck is honorable I just differ with his theology. I just think Rush is great and hopefully they can get along despite differences and align against the common enemy which is destroying the USA. All the best, Ronald

  • Tyler

    I'm not sure what to think of Rush yet, but as far as Levin. I DO have ONE beef with the man and maybe you heard the phone call…maybe you didn't. Either way, I'd like to present the beef nonetheless.

    A caller on Levin's show tried to call out Tim Guitner and the rest of the business criminal a-holes and asked Mark why we don't arrest these guys and throw them in jail.

    Now…I know Mark believes that people are wrong and likes to just call them morons and hang up on them, but THIS is what REALLY boiled me about THIS particular instance.

    Mark hangs up on the guy before he finishes his sentences and then states:

    “Thank you for the call, but we DON'T go around arresting politicians. I don't support that kind of thing.”

    So…being a TRUE CONSERVATIVE that he is…he thinks POLITICIANS are ABOVE THE LAW? IF you wanna talk about false prophets, REEVALUATE YOUR OWN first.

  • Tyler

    Despite our arguments over whether Ron Paul should be president, I thought you makin fun of ronald's comment was pretty awesome. HIGH FIVE, bro!

    I would also like to point out Rush, Levin, ronald here, and anyone else who MISUNDERSTOOD the CPAC speech and Beck's rants…that Beck DID state on his show that he ALSO thinks dividing into a 3rd party is a BAD IDEA…UNLESS WE HAVE TO.

    On other words, it's NOT THE R&D COIN, but the PRINCIPLES that should matter. Heck…I'd vote for a DEMOCRAT, IF they shared my values and principles. I DOUBT I'd ever find one…but…I think yall get my point. That's the KEY here and if a 3rd party is the ONLY way to GET THOSE…SO BE IT.

  • Tyler

    I've got a little secret for ya, Sharon. It's because he DOES.

  • Tyler

    PRETTY MUCH. Let's face it. If the Republicans STAYED CONSERVATIVE…then the Libertarians and Constitutionalists WOULDN'T EXIST.

    There IS a HUGE difference between these “moderate” Republicans who the left media LOVES right now cause they're making the Republican party LOOK TERRIBLE with their constant flip-flopping…ESPECIALLY NOW.

    They VOTE FOR these stimulus bills, jobs bills, cap & trade at the time they're first proposed…then they BASH them NOW that they're about to lose their seats. These are the EXACT DISEASED people who need to be THROWN OUT and replaced with FRESH Republicans. THAT'S what Beck was gettin at, REST OF FOX NEWS. Why can I who DID NOT go to college for years on end (yet) get the bigger picture and YALL CAN'T?

  • ronald

    Thanks for replying to my comment, I guess I over reacted. I just like Rush a lot and got offended with Ms or Mrs Cubachi. I also just disagree with LDS teaching and I just believe it is “one of today's most seductive non Christian religions” (Ron Carlson/Ed Decker).
    As for sitting at Levin's feet, I don't mean in worship or idolatry, I mean it as learning from a mentor who knows the constitution like how a grandson would sit at his grandpas feet and learn, that's all.
    As for your comment on LDS Son of God this is what they believe or teach…. “To the mormon Jesus was our elder brother who pointed the way, but he isn't the Way as Christians understand it. To the Mormon, Jesus was the god of the OT but once he took his physical form he had to justify or earn his own spiritual salvation through his works while in the flesh, just as each of us must.” (Decker) This is false and this is teaching, so that makes it false teaching period.
    I also encourage you to watch a movie called the God Makers which shows exactly what mormonism is. This is a quote from the movie
    “Joseph Smith (mormon founder) is now honored by Mormons as a prophet because he claimed to have had visions from the spirit world in which he was commanded to organize the Mormon Church because ALL Christian creeds were an abomination.” This also is false, and it errs in the supernatural realm which is more serious than just a theological mistake, which makes Joseph Smith and Mormonisms a false prophet period.
    I disagree with you that a false prophet is someone with nice robes and a turban, is that supposed to be funny? No, a false prophet is someone who consistently prophesies falsely, you judge a prophet not by the clothes he wears but by the content of his message and character. Anyways I could go on all day with this, I just got heated up trying to defend Rush from Ms Cubachi.

  • johnos2112

    I frankly grow tired of this in house juvenile behavior or Rush, Levin, and Hannity. Beck is going after ALL RINOS and calling them out. What is wrong with that? And Cubachi, I love Rush. He is a tremendous influence but he lied through his teeth today and I was appalled when I heard the comment that he does not call out other conservative hosts. The point Beck was making was clear. We need to support true conservatives and when they need to be called out, call them out! Scott Brown is not a conservative. We need true conservatives running across the board! It is not enough to be conservative tax cuts but allow immigration policy change, cap and trade, etc. (McCain) These out of touch republicans need to go away. The Washington beltway needs to go away and that mentality must be called out. We need Marco Rubios across the entire country AND hold people like Rubio accountable if he/she feel compelled to reach across the aisle.

    Salida, ca.

  • I do not hear Glenn Beck talking very much about his faith at all on the air which was why I was poking gentle fun at your commentary. He does talk a lot about his experience with the 12 step program in getting from where he was then to now. If His Religion helped him become a better person then so be it .. “You do not deny a man his faith or his speech because you disagree with it. If you do, You deny Freedom to others that you would rail against if denied to you.”

  • I want people to think for themselves and sometimes the best way to get someone to do Self examination of what they have said is to agree with it in an over the top manner. Or I circle around defining what they mean and then hold up a mirror to it after its put back together. Sometimes it shifts their views and sometimes it just reaffirms them. And Sometimes it helps me to redefine my own views.

  • Rush needs to get his head checked. Rush needs to step aside and he should let Glenn Beck be the new king of talk radio. Rush is getting Levin to trash Glenn Beck. Rush and Levin need to step aside for Glenn Beck now.

  • Right…

    Rush is right
    Levin is right
    Bennett is right
    Hannity is right
    Ingraham is right
    Beck is right

    What's the difference?

    Beck is a leader on TV with his own program.

    Beck is a leader on radio and TV with vision who is convincingly articulating on a daily basis a substantive understanding about progressivism, the ideological opponent of the “original intent” of the founders of America, and everyone else, including Rush, is playing catch up.

    All are “right” in the Left vs. Right context, but Beck is the only “educator” with sources to back up his assertions re: the “cancer” is progressivism in both major political parties.

    The progressivism of John McCainsenism is the most recent iteration of Teddy Roosevelt progressivism that needs to be excised from the Republican Party.

    To excise progressivism from the Republican Party is what it means to “take back” the Republican Party and return to the “original intent” of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the original phrase, “life, liberty and the pursuit of property”… before “property” was changed to “happiness” to counter the negative connotation of “property” being an understood reference to slaves being considered property.

  • Cheryl

    Take a look at who is Beck's bosses…Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch…do your own research and draw your own conclusions…I have been an avid supporter of Beck for several years now listening and watching but his treatment of Debra Medina (no matter what she believes) was the last straw. Beck flip flops way too much and I don't know if I had contracts that exceeded millions of millions of dollars I too would probably convince myself of whatever leanings my bosses told me to have. There is NO WAY after reading the backgrounds of Ailes and Murdoch you can come to any other conclusion other than Beck works for a certain political group…look it up. I don't listen to him anymore or watch his show because the money DOES cloud the judgement and I personally see his flip flopping as a struggle between what he knows to be true and what he is PAID to do!

  • Cheryl

    Beck is NOT a Libertarian…he says he is but LOOK at what he does or doesn't do…look at who his bosses are…Ailes and Murdoch…he is paid millions millions of dollars to ENTERTAIN and unfortunately he is confusing and misleading alot of people that WANT to know the truth…I was an avid supporter for years not anymore…Beck has some good insights but he flip flops too much and never really shows support for any TRUE CONSERVATIVE but if you look at his bosses that pay him you will understand…I may have done the same…it is a lot of money.
    Besides he has spoken more than once about “getting rich” as a good thing and something to strive for…that is so not in the Christian faith…it isn't that having a lot of money is bad…it isn't but if that is where your efforts, energy and heart are then you are not following the tenents of Christian faith. Anyway, Beck is officially off in my home.

  • Cheryl

    Beck always says this but when a true Conservative comes along he dumps on them. Who does Beck support?

  • Robert4Liberty

    Agree with Rush and Levin. Like Beck though but he isn't a serious thinker in my mind like Levin and Rush.

  • ronald

    Ive already commented on your Levin hang up offense.
    Sometimes we forget that radio hosts like Levin screen every call that comes in, he knew what the caller was getting at. The annoying talk point of Bush and Dick being arrested for 911 could easily get to the point of frustration such as Levin demonstrated.

    Levin has his own style and I like it, because he calls it what he thinks it is, the extremely odd time he may not be 100 percent right, but at least he's not a spineless ass smoocher of the latest persona charisma, and when it comes to the constitution, he's second to none in interpreting and applying it, and the same goes for economic and social issues, so no, I do not think he is a false prophet like bewitched cross denying Mormons are, who “preach a different gospel and a different Jesus…see Galatians”
    Maybe Levin's blunt wit is too harsh for Beck Benchers like you, and maybe
    his one on one phone conversions with people who differ does get cut short the odd time because of a little lack of patience with idiots, (frankly I think sometimes there is no other way to deal with them and it can become a waste of energy and time), yes I did hear the call, and I have a beef with you for having a beef with him, he's right, and your a sissy. That's right I said it “'a sissy”.

  • ronald

    I'm not denying Beck his faith, he can believe whatever he wants to, and I'm not denying his speech, he can say whatever he wants to, don't try to make me into some Communist State commentator, because I'm not.
    I've heard Beck several times talking about his faith on the air and TV, I don't feel like going back and looking for each quote, but he does do it regularly..and the twelve step program is not the same as mormonism.
    Also Beck sits there and scoffs at everybody republican or democrat and I can't take it anymore, the 2 parties are not the same, and if he thinks a third party is the answer, why doesn't he go and start a third party and nominate a leader and clearly state his solutions and show some action! I'm sick of his whiney talk talk talk. At least Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity are offering a plan and positive solution and it is backed with historical success. So many people are getting caught up in all the charisma of Beck (just like the Obama thrills) but not receiving any conservative solutional content. He says democrats tax more and spend more, and that republicans tax less but spend more, I think Becks 3rd party movement would spend less and tax more judging by what he's said in interviews over the past few months, which is just as dumb because he'd be taking our money and who knows what this wish wash would do with it, well if he surgically fixed his chin maybe it would be worth it, so vote Beck everybody!