Afghanistan: Two NATO soldiers killed in another green on blue attack; Taliban beheads 17 civilians

Not sure the specific nationality of these soldiers, but my guess is they are American since we make up most NATO soldiers. I’ll confirm once I find out. Either way, it’s terrible:

AFP – Two NATO soldiers were killed Monday when an Afghan army soldier turned his weapon against them in a “green-on-blue” attack in eastern Laghman province, the US-led International Security Assistance Force said.

“ISAF soldiers returned fire and killed the attacker,” ISAF said.

The latest NATO deaths take the toll from insider attacks this month alone to 12 and to a total of 42 this year, making up around 13 percent of all NATO deaths in 2012.

Over the weekend the Taliban also beheaded 15 men and 2 women for partying it up in Afghanistan:

Taliban Islamist insurgents beheaded 17 civilians, including two women, who were holding a party with music in a southern Afghanistan village, officials said Monday.

“I can confirm that this is the work of the Taliban,” the Helmand provincial governor’s spokesman Daud Ahmadi told AFP, referring to the hardliners notorious during their rule for public executions and the suppression of music and parties.

“Two women and 15 men were beheaded. They were partying with music in an area under the control of the Taliban,” he said.

Nematullah Khan, the Musa Qala district chief confirmed that the villagers had organised a party with music, and one local official said he suspected that the two women had been dancing.

Secret parties with dancing women from a gypsy-type tribe are common across southern Afghanistan.

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  • Evil. Pure Evil.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    These islamist fascists are insane, thats why Ron Paul’s comments yesterday got me so infuriated if Only we can take these people and round them up, and …….you know my point….

  • This is a solution to every problem,ordered every soldiers to soak their bullets in swine blood.You have to play ugly because they’re ugly

    • keninil

      Bacon grease is probably more readily available — and bacon is always tasty.

  • The wars in the ME are where the media really shows their bias and ignorance. Take note that Afghanistan and Iraq are descending into chaos since Obama has taken over. Afghanistan has a death toll under Obama that is frightening and far exceeds George W. Bush and the worst of it is there is nothing to show for that death toll under Obama. No accomplishments were made.

    • Sandra123456

      Meanwhile 346 people have been murdered in Chicago so far this year.

      242 U. S. soldiers have been murdered/killed in Afghanistan.

  • Sandra123456

    What’s with this “green on blue” euphemism the MSM is using lately? Is this a way to make the truth softer or disguise what’s really happening?

    Bottom line supposedly friendly Afghan troops/police are murdering NATO and specifically U.S. troops there to help them.

    Time to leave, now.

    • freenca

      I agree with you that the lamestream does try to soften that hard news by trying to make it sound as if were a sporting event such as a soccer or tennis match. Shameful and disgusting for the media to treat the lives of the troops so cavalierly!!

    • 911Infidel

      Green on blue is a military reference. Interesting that the MSM actually uses it correctly since they are usually as ignorant of the use of military terms as is Nepalitano in DHS.

      Blue on Blue – Misdirected friendly fire from our people that kills and wounds our troops

      Green (Afghans) on Blue (our people, Brits, Aussies etc)

  • Joe

    This is a total waste


    Pull them all out

    Fight from the AIR

  • stinkprogress

    Nice APOLOGY Obama….you dope I can wait to you and your Hitler look alike bud Axelrod are kicked the F outta Washington,
    You leave a legacy of Incompetence and Shame

  • stinkprogress

    Oh Notice how its alwasy first reported as NATO SOLDIERS!!!!!
    When everyone knows thats our guys?

    Thanks your sh%^t hack media.

  • Another day, another Islamofascist atrocity covered up by the media poodles (“green on blue” – What’s this, children’s play school time language about??) to appease their enslaver and master. AKA Manchild, the Empty Suit, or just plain Socialist in Chief!

  • GuessWhoFan

    17 civilians? Sounds like a weekend in Chicago.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Remind me again why we are sacrificing our people for these ignorant savages. This is a waste of time, treasure, and blood. Muslims cannot be trusted, how many times do they have to bite the hand that feeds them before the political class realises this.

  • tvlgds

    We need to pull every one of our troops out of there NOW and take our money with us. Our own country needs the resources, particularly on the southern border.

  • 911Infidel

    And the KIA’s keep piling up under the Osama slayer’s watch. There’s been more casualties under his short watch than in the 8 years prior to his administration. Part of the reason is those moronic ROEs. Part of the reason is that the jihad shifted for Iraq to A-stan. And the rest of the reason is that we have no defined mission there.

    Its time to pull out, regroup and come up with a realistic global strategy against the jihadis. Cause right now we have none. Worse still this country…including the military are being led by Dhimis who still think that haj will like us if we respect his religion.

    They forget that Mo the pedophile said that “He had been made victorious with terror”. And that he had been commanded by Allah to fight the people until none but Allah is worshipped. That is the Muslim command for all time.

    The Koran also says that Muslims are the best of people and Kuffur are the worst…deserving of death for their unbelief.

    So no amount of kowtowing or multiculturalism is going to change haj’s mind towrards us. Killing them is what they understand. If we’re unwilling to do that by the use of stupid, moronic ROEs then we should leave A-stan post-haste.

    Those people live in a 7th century shitehole. Let em rot there.

  • kong1967

    And liberals claim Islam is a peaceful religion….errr….cult. Never mind that beheadings and other killings are done systematically and widespread around the world over stupid crap.

  • p m

    WTH?? Two more today, just after this on Friday?

    Fox News
    KABUL, Afghanistan – A newly recruited Afghan village policeman opened fire on his American allies on Friday, killing two U.S. service members minutes after they gave him a new weapon as a present. It was the latest in a disturbing string of attacks by Afghan security forces on the international troops training them.

    Remember when we first went in there, how the Taliban just melted back into the general population, because that’s the ‘culture’? Guess who’s signing up for the police force and army now.

  • SouthernForester

    “When you are wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains…” – Rudyard Kipling

    Time to get out.

  • Sunnny1

    Heart sick. As a recently retired AF colonel friend said, “Time to get out of the world’s garbage dump. Iraq was worth fighting for, but not this hell-hole.”

  • Orangeone

    Totally O/T, but the MN Supreme Court issued their rulings on the Constitutional Amendment for Voter ID and the Marriage Amendment (between one man and one woman) and the liberal court ruled in favor of our CONSERVATIVE legislature on both and slapped our Dem Secretary of State and Dem Attorney General! Finally, a victory in MN. I guarantee, Minnesota will soon be categorized as a swing state!

  • sDee

    As they murder our finest, Hussein prosecutes our finest:

    U.S. to Discipline Nine Soldiers in Afghan Incidents in accordance with the Sharia

  • hongryhawg

    Religion of peace. You can murder but you’d better not dance.

  • aZjimbo

    Does anyone know the death toll for our military in Afghan. since the fake, phony commander in chief took over?

  • stage9

    Where are the naive Paulbots when you need to enlighten them?

    Did these 15 men and 2 women wage a war against radical islamists? Did they “invade their country”? Yet, here we have radicals lopping off innocent people’s heads reflecting the true nature of the religion of pieces.

    Unprovoked. Evil. That is islam.