Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Going out of Business

An excellent Afterburner to start your Friday:

That which cannot continue, will not continue. Does this adage apply to California? Could California simply go out of business? Bill Whittle tells you a cautionary tale about the California government and how it is driving high tech businesses to Texas at the same time that it is building trains to nowhere. Is the California government going to bring the rest of the United States down a path to fiscal ruin?

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  • Rshill7

    San Bernadino has now followed those other California cities in filing for bankruptcy I heard yesterday.

    Lefty liberalism, unions included. Parasites that continue unabated till the host dies.

    The host, “that which cannot continue”. The parasites must be knocked out, i.e., eradicated, so the host can survive and thrive.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on my friend.

      God bless Texas!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Secede California. They are among the anchors that are dragging this country down. Especially with their many sanctuary cities and Gov. Moonbeam.

    The will reap what they sow… ignorance is hardened ground where no seeds can take root. If they are really that self-absorbed, progressive, and stupid, then let them self-destruct. but release the embilical first. No bail outs for these twits.

    • Rshill7

      Jerry, jerry quite contrary is the original California Governor who signed legislation in the 70’s for state government workers to be able to, wait for it…collectively bargain…uh huh, public sector unions (parasites). In other words, California, which already wastes so much money it strains credulity, opened the parasite gates on that once great state, and the same guy that opened those gates is Governor again. Isn’t that precious?

      Californians are a bunch of balloonheads.

      Now, of course, that state is dying. Once it dies the parasites will simply “rinse and repeat”, just like the directions on your shampoo bottle direct. Then it will shout, “NEXT VICTIM! Step right this way, or we’ll simply run you down.”

    • XXIIFan

      You know as well as I who will get the bill for California’s foolishness. I can hear it now… They are too big to fail. California knows that the rest of the country will be forced to bail them out. That’s part of the reason they are charging at full steam down the road to ruin.

  • badbadlibs

    How do so many people get so stupid all at once?

    • They join the Democrat party, that’s how.

      • MiketheMarine

        I am not sure if that is a cause or a symptom? LOL

        • warpmine

          Just a prerequisite.

        • SineWaveII

          It’s the disease

    • piperlord

      A whole generation gets brainwashed in govt schools, that’s how.

    • It doesn’t happen overnight. It just looks that way. Although I’m Canadian, I was thoroughly brainwashed. It was really sick how deluded I was. Obama knocked me out of it. So I have to think that those that are still supporting Obama are not brainwashed, but rather lack even rudimentary self discipline. It’s worse than being drunk. Their sense of right and wrong is permanently broken. Like I said, this takes years to happen. But Obama is taking full advantage of it. However, one thing I do know for certain is that people have turned away from Obama recently and cannot admit it. This is a life changing event (not turning away from Obama, but realizing that your beliefs were wrong your entire life). I guarantee that in November, the Democrats will blame the Bradley effect, but that what is actually going is trumps the Bradley effect. This is something else all together.

      • piperlord

        .. and too, Vorlath, my family still thought this was their father’s/grandfather’s Democratic Party when they voted for bHo – oh, but they are also a stubborn, rather be right than happy bunch. Oh yes we are! Scottish/Irish we know all bunch. I am the only one that had to find the real truth in my life, and get humbled or I was to die. So unless people are facing real hard facts in their face, I found and still find helping others these days – they won’t change. I even send them ‘normalcy bias’ defs! I’ll bet my family is voting for Romney this time around (I just sent them thee abortion letter from Heritage on Aug 1st), but I WILL NEVER hear them talk about it like they did over bHo. It’s definitely is a character defect that is deeply rooted.

      • warpmine

        Only have to look to San Fran to see that.

  • Terrenceor

    If California goes down, the rats will flee the sinking ship and end up in other states that aren’t broke and they will work their destructive magic on those states. States need to get their houses in order to make themselves less susceptible to parasites on the taxpayers purse.

    • badbadlibs

      They’ll probably head north, where they already destroyed a once booming economy and business friendly atmosphere. If we get anymore I can’t imagine how much longer Wa. state can last.
      The voters of Tacoma voted in a mayor that may make moonbeam look semi-normal.
      He and the council approved a hike in the sales tax to now being nearly 10%, for what you ask? Well, to make sure the drug addicts can still get their free methadone and other free services.
      Where was the outcry? It sounded like crickets.
      It’s just a matter of a short time for this state to go belly up.

      • Terrenceor

        You are right, my brother lives out there and I remember the big snow storm Seattle had 3yrs ago. They would not salt the streets because they didn’t want the salt to run-off into the Ocean. I guess they didn’t realize the ocean is salt water. Stuck on Stupid.

        • warpmine


      • SineWaveII

        Well the good news is if they keep heading north, they’ll be Canada’s problem.

        I have an idea, why don’t we implement a Mexico style system. We round up the useless left wing welfare scum, drive them north and shove them across the border. When Canada complains, accuse them of racism. And then demand that US “Citizens” be given the right to sign up for Canada’s welfare programs, and for the right to vote in Canada’s elections. Seems only fair to me.

    • sDee

      It is not just California – progressive parasitism spreads everywhere. They have no choice because they add or create no value to the systems. They only siphon from us. As they grow in size and number, they must seek out new producers to attach to and thrive upon.

    • Pyrran

      We already see it in Austin. The new carpetbaggers are already moving here, along with their great ideas that sunk their state.

  • NYGino

    The new California State song………”All my exes live in Texas”

    • MiketheMarine

      I think maybe we should start enforcing the border between the USA and Californication and keep the commies locked in there until they FINALLY slide into the pacific.

      • warpmine

        Cut off the food supply and they’ll all starve to death. Cut off the fuel supply and they’ll all stay put in their homes until the next big one. Could be once again a great energy producer and food producer but the environazis would rather die than live free.
        Let them.

    • badbadlibs

      Gold star awarded! 🙂

  • MiketheMarine

    And now I read that Governer Brown stole $3M dollars from a fund for victims of 09/11/01 to spend in his states budget gap. He didn’t tell anyone or write it down. Rather he stole it. Reported right now on fox…..

    • sDee

      Brown is Holder’s Mini-Me. Absolutely corrupt. The people of California voted him in knowing this, so I have to assume they are fine with this.

      The legal and illegal immigration policies in California have been a great success.

      The audit? Doubtful anything will come of it – the crooks are running the system.

      • Incorrect. I guarantee you people that voted for Brown didn’t live here the first time that idiot was governor. Didn’t help that Whitman ran a terrible campaign.

  • sDee

    Because of green mandates, renewable energy regulations and environmental cronyism, electricity in California cost 50% more than say, Arizona! Already business whose products and services profits are peg to energy costs have left or are in the process.

    We should all beware though, many other states are close on their heels and doing nothing to stop it. The progressives who drove California into the ground, move on for fresh blood before their host dies.

    • Patriot077

      Right on, sDee. A quick review of the state tabs on the debt clock will show that some states (such as Washington) are actually further in debt per capita than CA. Compare the debt to GDP, unemployment and food stamp recipients to total population …

  • wmath44

    Born and raised in Anaheim, I now live in Lake Havasu City Az. I wouldn’t go back to Mexifornia for all the money in , ah wait Mexifornia doesn’t have any money.

    • badbadlibs

      Raised in Orange County, married in Anaheim….went to La Quinta High School, btw.
      But, those were the days when California actually voted in conservative republicans.
      I don’t even reconize the Orange County of my youth.

  • Sunnny1

    Great lesson on how socialism, aka redistribution of other people’s money actually works. Midland and West Texas are no strangers to this experience, however. Ask anyone there where the Supercollider (that went to Switzerland) was supposed to be built and who put up all the tax dollars to put it there. (The answer is Sterling City, Texas, 30 minutes southeast of Midland.) All this and one of the foremost physicists in the world living in their backyard, yep, in Midland, Texas. He ended up moving to Cambridge, UK and commuting to CERN.

    Oh, and then there was the Countrywide Mortgage debacle. Midland is a haven for disaster.

    And, this is beside the point, but no woman in her right mind would want to live there. Midland is the snobbiest area of the country and for zero reason. Children grow up thinking the sky is brown. The wind kicks up dirt more days than not. The hospitals are bacteria ladden with unbelievable c-section rates. They are also falling apart fiscically because of illegal alien issues. The best schools are in homes. Playgrounds are not necessary because people rarely venture outside because of heat/dirt/wind/all the above. Good luck finding a decent piece of fruit for your child, but, the Tex-Mex at Taco Villa is amazing. Californians will gasp when they see the obesity rate due to diet/exercise problems there. No healthy food=fat. Then again, maybe it is a good place for Californians to move.

    • kamiller42

      The Supercollider project was in Waxahachie. It was cancelled when it seemed too expensive to implement. While it was a great idea, it was something we decided we could not afford. This was the days when D.C. was much more concerned about the deficit. Now, they are too at ease with $1.5+ trillion budget holes.

      Besides, I don’t think Bill Whittle would equate a supercollider with a train. The supercollider is 20/21st century technology. It’s also more of an R&D project like something NASA would carry out. I highly doubt Bill would be against funding those sorts of ventures.

      I have been to west Texas (Lubbock, El Paso, etc.), but not Midland. If things are as bad as you say (At a glance, I think it’s 25% true.), then the influx of new business is going to do the area some good.

      • Sunnny1

        I know with 100% certainty where the Supercollider was going in; I supplied some of the parts and watched them drive south to Sterling City.
        Bill is fantastic and I have no beef with his dream. Some of us just know the reality of the corruption in West Texas. Believe me, DC has nothing on it.
        Midland has terrifically high property taxes. Living out of state now, even with the state income tax added I come out ahead. Now living in a safe and growing environment, my home is valued at 3 times the one I had there and the taxes are exactly the same. No state income tax does not equate low taxes.
        No, I am glad to hear Bill’s thesis and agree with the premise. I only disagree with the “dreamy” prognosis in crime-ridden, ugly infested, no decent health care Midland.

      • ryanomaniac

        You’re right. It was in Waxahatchie. I live near there and watched it on the local news. People were very excited to have it in this area.

        As for the other person talking about Midland, it is a dump and can be corrupt as hell. Its still the wild west out there. Some parts of West Texas are God forsaken. Like you said, an influx of business there would be a blessing cause it might break the strangle hold the cronies have going on.

      • I would rather have a supercollider than a train that is really built with the entire nation’s tax dollars that is for the express purpose of shuttling people from SF and LA to Vegas all they while wasting the most valuable farm land on the planet. I would love to give the idiot California politicians a punch in the nosr and my boot up their a..!

        State after state is becoming an economy based upon gambling. Yeah that’s sustainable…sarc/off.

  • Nukeman60

    Well, let’s see. All the better businesses are moving out of California. All the cities in California are filing for bankruptcy. The government is wasting billions on high-speed rail boondoggles. But, the good news is, all the illegal immigrants are welcome there, they are pouring in by the millions.

    California will become the slums of the US, with broken down cities, and poverty abounding. Whoever is left will see their taxes rise to 75%, as all governments know, raising taxes is the only way to raise revenue.

    I say seal off the Rockies, let the good people out, and forget about what’s inside. I think Kurt Russel once made a movie (or two) about LA and New York that seems to be coming true.

    • Patriot077

      The Rockies are too far east and would cut off parts of my two native states (Mt & Wy), Nuke, but I like your idea …

      • Nukeman60

        Ahhh, my bad. I guess we’ll have to adjust the gameplan just a tad. I just figured it would be a natural barrier. 🙂

  • kamiller42

    Texas, beautiful state like no other. God bless Texas and its great governor (I don’t care what Levin thinks of him.)! 🙂

  • As a Californian I can attest to the fact Bill is correct. Far too many brain dead idiots here don’t pay attention and vote continually for the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

    My family is putting it’s escape plan into place.

    • Pyrran

      They’re using the Detroit model for their state.

  • ryanomaniac

    As a Texan I can say I’m glad I’m here and not Cali. Actually I wish Texas and California could do a land swap. Its a 107 degrees today. That’s not fair to the people creating jobs!! Can’t we have some good weather? Also we would put an end to wildfires because we will kick the Pansy environmentalists out the door and clear the underbrush which cause them. I could go on and on.

  • MaroonRepublic

    Stars at night are big and bright, clap clap clap clap!

    Deep in the heart of Texas!

  • NEWSFLASH***This is from the Wall Street Insider that has been tipping off Ulsterman for quite some time and has been spot on. “”Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke are now working in unison in an attempt to purchase a second term. There will be those who will argue it will not impact the election. Not so. Those surrounding Obama hope to have QE3 as a tool to buy back support from Wall Street in the final weeks leading to the election. Sadly, their may be some who will cooperate with this “buy back”. Shame on them for doing so. God will make an accounting of their betrayal when they are held in final judgement.”

  • Does paying a company to come to your city or state to create jobs count on crony capitalism?

  • Josie

    I’m visiting Texas next month and hope to move there one day. I can’t stand Illinois any more it’s as bad as Calif or worse. Great clip. If this doesn’t get to some libs maybe we should check if they are breathing.

  • PVG

    I am sending this to EVERYONE!

  • I know that my state of Florida is trying to get some of California’s tech companies and is in a battle with the great state of Texas to land more corporations and small businesses to their respective states. The two Ricks….Governor Rick Scott of Florida and Governor Rick Perry of Texas are doing the right things by making their states more business friendly.
    Too bad Florida didn’t land the Xcor Aerospace and add them to our great space coast.