Afterburner with Bill Whittle – Umbrella Men: Neville Chamberlain and Barack Obama

Another fantastic Afterburner:

Can personal charm stop a dictator? That’s what Neville Chamberlain thought he was going to do, when he implemented Plan Z. Of course it didn’t work, and World War II happened in spite of Chamberlain’s charisma and personal likability. It was Winston Churchill, the pompous and grumpy stalwart, who actually fought the war.

In this Afterburner, Bill Whittle uses this lesson from history as an allegory to discuss how President Obama assumes he can handle foreign relations.

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  • Nukeman

    “We are the architects of our own demise”
    Barach (Nero, the Zero) Obama is indeed the Architect of his own demise. The entire country is coming down all around him, thanks to his idiotic policies and game plan, but he vacations on anyway.
    Chamberlain had “Plan Z” and essentially caused WWII, while Obama has “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and will essentially cause World War Z.
    Where are our Churchills and our Reagans? They are out there, they are getting louder, and they WILL prevail. Our country depends on it. God help us, they need to hurry.

  • Las1

    Well Obama has had many plans.  There is plan “X”.  Plan “X” got him a Nobel Prize.  Then there is plan “Y”.  Plan “Y” got him reelected in 2012.  
    Ah… and then there is plan “Z”.  Now… plan “Z” is the biggest and most important.  It’s yet to be unveiled… and somehow I think it’s going to be his finest and grandest.  For us, however, Obama’s plan “Z” will turn out to be a great big fat “ZERO”… an Obama Zero… or OZero for short.  
    But it will be a big fat Zero that will cost not only us, but the world as well…  The initial stages of plan Zero are being constructed for us in the Middle East right before our eyes.  But it’s full unveiling will not be a pretty site.  But by then it will be too late barring some miracle.

    Thank you, low information Democrat voters.

  • lilium479

    I couldn’t agree with Bill more. Remember though we were allies with Uncle Joe 
    who was more than six times worse than Hitler. Communism permeates our schools,
    our newsrooms, our pop culture, and our politics. Communism has been that threat
    since Wilson. FDR was a Communist and Obama is also. No one talks about Communists.
    Mum is the word.

  • Las1

    We have our Chamberlains and we have our Carters and Obamas.  We don’t yet have our Churchills.  Our Churchills are waiting in the wings.  Ted Cruz and Allen West are possible contenders.

  • clockwindingdown

    Once again Whittle is on point! Many of in this country saw this when “the one” was running in 2008, in other words we saw the spoiled self absorbed narcissist and heard the hollow words that rang of history repeating itself.
    I would like to think we could avoid the mistakes of the past. It isn’t looking good and a change in our direction is years away. We are barely into a 2nd term and the one is flailing fast. Unless something knocks off the current course what is coming isn’t going to be pretty…

  • Babnik

    Damn that’s good! Got to get those books!


    Thanks Mr Whittle, your history lesson is a cold hard reminder that America is in deep trouble.

  • kimber1911

    This was an excellent post.. I highly recommend it

  • strangernfiction

    Hussein isn’t an appeaser, he’s the enemy.

  • kong1967

    “We better find them, and we better find them quickly.”  Very wise words, but we won’t find them among Obama’s appointees or Obama himself.  Three and a half years, then we are looking at Hillary Clinton.

  • kong1967

    clockwindingdown  The world will be in a huge mess by the time Obama leaves office.

  • kong1967

    lilium479  Democrats are communists under a different name.  Same ideals, same goals, same tactics.  But mention the word “communist” and they pop a cork.

  • PVG

    “Shallow, infintile, moral cowards who shirk the monumental burdens of history and cover their cowardace with a fig leaf of being men of peace”. 
    Brilliant, simply brilliant!!

  • clockwindingdown

    kong1967 clockwindingdown 
    If we stay the current course yes! However we are beginning to see things at home  changing, it’s just starting to gain momentum on multiple fronts…
    Interesting times we are seeing unfold before us!

  • paleophlatus

    Obama to take his place next to Neville Chamberlain in the history books?
    In such company, will the Brits now begin to look at poor ol’ Neville as “..just an extraordinarily unfortunate chap” ?

  • kong1967

    clockwindingdown They’re going to have to change without the help of Obama.  He’ll be tugging in the other direction.

  • NanNJ

    Thanks again Bill Whittle, you have done it again. I learn so much from each and every post.

  • NYGino

    ” They covered their cowardice with the fig leaf of being ‘men of peace’ ”  Absolutely great line.  In the case of Obama it applies not only to his cowardice but also his ignorance.

  • NYGino

    lilium479   Socialists, communists.  When the truth of their failed experiment was revealed they became liberals, when that name was exposed as being the same as communists they then called themselves progressives.  Soon they will be calling themselves by another name.  Always reinventing themselves to hide the truth but, underneath the front, always remaining the same, always deluding themselves into thinking they are deluding others.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Once upon a time, we hooked up with Russia to free the world from an evil Dictator that was gassing his people. How did that work out? Stalin seized all of eastern Europe (and half of Germany) from Hitler, created a new Dictatorship and the Cold War began.
    “Of the 4 wars in my lifetime, none came about because America was too strong”.
    Ronald Reagan.

  • Rappini Pasta

    Nothing is going to change until we do something about the Main Stream Media .

  • JIM737

    Bill hits the nail on the head again!  Narcissistic arrogance……a couple of words I have long used to describe the current occupant of the People’s House.  Brilliant, Bill, simply brilliant!

  • lilium479

    NYGino lilium479  The way to argue with the left is not let them run away from the word they are trying to hide from. Communist is that word in this case.
    Levin has his “Statist”. Beck has his “Progressive”.  Rush has his “liberal”, but nothing will get someone’s attention like Communist. If they get outraged, pull out the “Ten Planks” and ask which one they disagree with? Then watch them really squeal.


    I’m with you .

  • lilium479

    kong1967 lilium479 Reason enough to keep popping that cork. Communist has to be as common as Rock n” Roll.

  • kong1967

    lilium479  Lol, their ears would have smoke coming out of them.

  • 12grace

    As usual, Bill Whittle is right on target. Bravo! 
    Now we must get the message to the low informed American.

  • 12grace

    The major difference between Chamberlain and obama is that Chamberlain wasn’t evil he was just extremely and dangerously, naive.

  • 12grace

    And she is worse than obama.Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life – #01 of 12

  • NYGino

    lilium479   We don’t talk about the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto as much as we should.  Of course they are being practiced in this country but, as usual, they are given other names.

  • lawngreen

    Bill Whittle should stop playing around being a businessman and commentator and become a Churchill or Reagan. Whittle has what it takes. I don’t know who else does. Maybe Ted Cruz. Maybe. Palin, yes, but she’s not going to run.
    Besides, we need to start … hmmm … a powerful political counter-surge RIGHT NOW. We definitely can’t wait for 2016. We probably can’t even wait for the 2014 elections – if we want America to survive.

  • lawngreen

    NYGino   I get this mental image of moochelle and barry, wearing fig leaves, running frantically through a dark forest, chased by putin.

  • brazen_infidel

    I’d love to see Obama meet personally with Ayman al-Zawahri. He’d have his head handed to him…literally.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    Spot on!

  • dierardo

    lawngreen first.. I suggest we start by cleaning the site of the infection…the GOP leadership of the house and senate ….”the hollow men”….

  • lawngreen

    dierardo lawngreen  Third party. Walk away and start all over again. Spend your time and effort creating, instead of first de-constructing (which will entail a major political war) and then still have to create. In a properly defined 3rd party, there would be no need for a leader to fight his own party leadership or grassroots.

    Leave the GOP in the dust. They are history.