Al Sharpton: Republicans cutting govt jobs the reason Black and Latino unemployment so high

Al Sharpton believes that Republicans cutting back on government jobs is the reason unemployment in Black and Latino communities is stagnant because, as he puts it, Blacks are disproportionately in the public sector. So his reasoning is that we need bigger government to solve the problem of high Black and Latino unemployment.

Anyone insulted yet? Because the inference he’s making is that blacks don’t really stand a chance in the private sector on their own, that they need government jobs so they can get hired though a system of nepotism or something. Or else they need government coercion in the private sector through contracts and bailouts.


One of the reasons that I think people do not understand that unemployment has gone down and in some cases black unemployment and Latino’s has remained stagnant, is over the last thirty two months Dr. Hutchinson, they’ve increased jobs and found jobs – unemployment has gone down in the private sector. What has not gone down is [unemployment] in the public sector and blacks in particular are disproportionately in the public sector.

One of the reasons those jobs have gone down or have remained down is one, the Republicans are cutting a lot of the agencies where we are the employees of government jobs – government employees, and a lot of those jobs go to governors and mayors who also have had cutbacks. So what we’ve got to do – and we addressed this to the President – is take on these governors and mayors as well as the private sector on why the private sector is getting all these contracts and bailouts and not hiring and correcting the disproportionate amount of their employment does not touch our community and have the President and them support us in that.

(via Radio Equalizer)

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  • kong1967

    Who cares. He’s a moron and I don’t listen to anything the says.

    • Why comment then?

    • This is the plan for the next two years. Blame the Gov for all of the problems. They plan on
      using the same smear campaign of obamas against the (R) Gov’s

      Start defending your state gov’s NOW

      • kong1967

        Of course, because a lot of Republican states are refusing to set up Obamacare exchanges. Now it’s time for libs to go after them and try to pressure them into creating the exchanges.

        From what I hear, if enough exchanges aren’t created, Obamacare will fall apart and won’t be able to be implemented. Additionally, businesses cannot be forced to pay the fines for not carrying Obamacare. I don’t know the details, but I want the whole thing to collapse.

        • Well, if you take it to the extreme and ponder what would happen if only ONE state set up the Obamacare exchange, we’d see that it would essentially be the Government mandating that a State give out free healthcare with only their money.

          So yeah, if the State doesn’t do that now, there’s no reason to think they’ll be any more likely to survive after the Government forces them to do it! The whole purpose of Obamacare was to give tons of money to the Liberal Bastions of America, and once we say no the Liberal Bastions will shrivel up under the weight of the bureacracy they have created.

          • kong1967

            Well, I want to see the Liberal Bastions shrivel up like prunes.

      • This guy is a complete idiot. Unfortunately, we have many idiots in this nation right now. .

      • Since Obama became president we started hearing this crap more and more. So sick of it I don’t even care…..the way they go on it almost makes a person feel racist because they stuff that shit down our throats so much.

    • kong1967

      Ok, Scoop, why ask me a question then delete it?

      To answer your question, I was being facetious. It’s just a gut reaction to a stupid liberal statement.

    • Kent2012

      unfortunately those that voted for the kenyan boy to reassume the throne believe idiots like this dunce cap. those clowns that think Romney was wrong about nearly half of the country’s population paying no income tax are a problem. They believe the boy when he says anything and all others are lying thieving honkies. the numbers say something different, more like numbers around 20% of the government workforce are people of color – that is considerably more that the population numbers. but the fools do not let facts cloud their thinking. The gift that keeps on giving – communist government…..

      • kong1967


    • Dukehoopsfan

      Thanks. You saved me the trouble.


      • kong1967

        I should sleep with one eye open because I called Al Sharpton a moron? Yeah, I’m real sure that G-d is going to send me straight to hell because I called Al Sharpton a moron.

  • bongobear

    Old ‘resist we much’ is a fool. He tries to sound intelligent and insightful but he can’t pull it off.

  • JeffWRidge

    Wow, he really lives in a reality all his own, doesn’t he? Lefties generally don’t live in the real world, but he’s even beyond their usual fantasy-land thinking.

  • maynardb50

    Imbecile. Pendejo,

  • aZjimbo

    Of course it has nothing to do with the economic policies of barry hussein nobama.
    fat al stroking the flames of racism again.

  • DCGere

    This guy is a complete idiot. Unfortunately, we have many idiots in this nation right now.

    • sjmom

      Unfortunately, too many are in high places.

  • freenca

    It’s those wascally old republicans is it, sir sharpie-doodle?? A pretzelly sort of logic that! What a putz!

    • sjmom

      Excellent analysis.

      • freenca

        The yarn he spins is so twisted, I could knit 2 sweaters, 9 hats, and 14 pairs of socks out of them. 😉

        • sjmom

          What is really sad is so many believe what Sharpton and these other fools say; so many perverted minds among us. Only God can help us and only prayer changes things. Praise the Lord He is still on the Throne and always in control.

          • freenca

            Amen, sjmom !

  • 911Infidel

    Yeah and I bet he’s much about that committed. What a fraud. Pond water on a windless day moves faster than his tiny brain.

  • Don

    Sharpton is a semi-illiterate, racist to the core, liar. He emits evil from every more pore of his body. If he was white he would be in prison. As long as he and the countless black racist leaders are alive, we will never be the united as a people because of the pure hatred that justifies their existence.

  • bjohnson55

    There will be race wars because of race baiters like Al Sharpless.

    • Constance

      No kidding. I never imagined that at age 50, I would be facing a possible race war led by anti-American socialists who hate me because my ancestors were fair-skinned Irish. I better get practicing on my archery – this fool’s behind is the first target I’m going for.

      • I’ve been considering getting a bow, just in case my guns and ammo get confiscated.

        • Constance

          Oh, it’s so much fun. I used to go practically every Sunday and practice at a local archery range. Now that the weather is cooler here where I live, I plan to get back into it more. It’s an inexpensive hobby – everything is reusable!!

          • Do you like compound bows, or something like a recurve?

            • Constance

              I actually have both. I have a beautiful longbow that was given to me several years ago – it’s just like a work of art and even has my name carved into the wood. Harder to handle than a compound bow, actually, at least for me, but it’s a joy to shoot. Makes me feel like Legolas in Lord of the Rings. 🙂 I bought myself a compound bow, which is very accurate and lightweight. That is the bow I would use to defend myself if I had to – more powerful. If you are interested in different types of bows, take a look at a website called, or check out – it provides good explanations on the different types of bows out there.

            • Constance

              Re your Edit – Definitely, a recurve is nice as well. It was the long bow that pulled me into the sport heavily, because of the simplicity and beauty of it. Nothing is better than watching that arrow fly and hitting the target after practicing for ages to get it right. You should “test drive” all different types and see what tickles your fancy.

              • Thanks for the links and info. I want something that is simplistic, yet can kill an animal if needed. I have talked to a couple of bow guys and they said that they pretty much take their compound bows in to have them worked on. That isn’t good for a survival type scenario.

                You probably have the right idea. Just get both, or multiple kinds.

          • charliewillson

            reusable.. yep.. just wipe the blood and guts off.. and put that baby back into your quill.. I made a quill with a vacuum cleaner shaft, covered in in soft leather, with fringe.. and a strap that fits around my shoulders. So comfortable.. and NO concealed carry permit is mandated. Nice. What was good for Robin Hood is good for me.

        • Jay

          They’ll take your bow, too.

        • charliewillson

          Get a nice compound bow.. a target and some target arrows.. shafts, and practice.. it is easy, and lots of fun. And.. silent. be sure to stock up on some nice point shafts, for when the action starts.. Little practice and pinpoint accuracy can be managed at 60-70 feet.. silently. Just take your time, find your target, and let go the shaft.

        • aposematic

          Had that very thought earlier this morning?

        • Preppers definitely need a couple bows. A compound is nice, but relies on parts availability. One of each kind: compound, regular, and crossbow would be a good idea if you can arrange for it. (Plus, you don’t have to be “good” with them already, like you should be with guns, because you can practice with arrows without attracting attention of neighbors or scaring away game animals.)

          (EDIT: just looked at what we have and it’s all old “archery” equipment. Guess I need to do some more budgeting.)

          • That is extremely attractive, as my property is 680 feet long. I can use a bow at home, whereas I cannot shoot here due to neighbors being too close. Not that I won’t shoot a rat or two with the shotgun.

            I am now looking for a good compromise on price and quality for all three types, and will be visiting my local archery shop. It looks like there is a big world of bows out there.

            • Yep. Like golf clubs, they have benefitted amazingly from materials research. The last bow I ever used was in phys ed. a long time ago. They are nothing like that now!

              • I like scientific advancements in products, but would almost rather drive a car with a carburetor and buy a bow made out of a stick with a string. (not that any bow is just any ol’ stick)

                • Yep. I have a tractor that is older than me. It will still run after the great EMP that takes out half the country.

                  (Needs work now, though. Especially tires. The ones on it are serviceable, but I wouldn’t count on them lasting after SHTF, year one. I have so much to do it’s not funny.)

                • Mine is an 8N. (1952) The tires, last I checked, were $650 each for the rear. I paid $1500 for the tractor and implements. I have built a wood gas generator that I could run it on, but haven’t perfected it yet. I know what you mean about having a lot to do. I was just working on my reloading room today, and getting ready to set up my food room. I have 300lbs of dry goods that need to go into buckets and mylar bags, and 500 quarts of canned food to build shelving for. I have a 1500 gallon stainless tank that I need to set up for rain water recovery. I have a 20X30 greenhouse that needs to go up, and a garden that needs built up. I just added 26 chickens to my flock and need to build worm beds to feed them in the future. Next year I am raising turkeys for canned meat, and need to add chicken wire to about 1000ft of fencing…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

                  I love the carburetors on those old tractors.

                • I know what you mean. Literally “dirt simple” they are.

                  I’m considering buying a distiller. I think the ability to make quality ethanol after SHTF would be almost as good as functional currency. Some really nice, stainless steel models are available.

                • I understand that ethanol burns at a 4/1 ratio to gasoline. It could be used for many things, such as cooking, heating, lighting, etc. I was thinking about getting one just to purify water, but hadn’t looked into buying one, until now. Thanks for the idea. I have acquired about 700 gallons of used motor oil, and built a burner to heat with it. This is the design:
                  Works great, but I have to clean out the carbon in the burner daily. Not a big deal.

                • That’s interesting! Thanks!

                • I’m not getting instant gratification with my searches on the actual combustion and byproducts, and the long-term storage of used motor oil.

                  I assume the metals in the oil mostly deposit in the burner as soot, but I do wonder about breathing the gases (which have to be mostly water vapor and carbon-black, so no biggie there).

                  How did you handle storage?

                • K-Bob, I couldn’t reply down below, so…. Anyway, I get the oil from work in 55 gallon barrels. We have eight huge backup generators that get the oil changed out yearly, and I get the oil. I bring it home and use a 4hp Honda engine with a pump that is typically used on log splitters. You can get all the parts at Northern tool to bolt right onto the engine. I then pump it into fuel oil tanks that I got at my local fuel oil dealer. (used $50 each) I have one raised off of the ground about eight feet. I built the stand, but they are common. I have a fuel oil filter, which needs to be bigger, on the tank and then I ran a line into the house. I put the heater where the wood stove was. When it heats up you can’t really see any smoke come out at all. The carbon collects in the burner, which has to be cleaned daily with this design. The oil will store indefinitely, but will collect moisture in a vented tank, but fuel oil tanks have a port and valve at the bottom to drain the water periodically. In seal barrels, no problem.

                • Good stuff. Thanks.

    • charliewillson

      the SOONER, the better..

    • I doubt that. Latinos are mostly “white.” It’s more of a cultural thing with them than a skin color. Meanwhile blacks are shrinking as a percent of the population. This is why Fake-reverend Al includes “latinos” or “hispanics” in his race hustling industry now. There aren’t enough “black” folks to keep that business going. Especially since many are learning that Democrats do nothing for blacks but keep them poor.

      • bjohnson55

        I hope you are correct however Latino organizations like La-Raza seem more racial than cultural to me. They have a different spin on issues than Al but ultimately the same outcome. White guys/gals bad, everybody else good.

        • Yeah, they have the same confusion over “race” that anti-semites have. Buncha idjits.

  • TimeForAnarchy

    Boy, you sure can count on ole Al to say something really stupid when the time is right.

  • thinker1

    smarter than not-too-Sharp-Toon are locked up in mental asylums.

    • Orangeone

      May he join JJ Jr behind bars soon!

  • Haywoodjbl

    F_ing IDIOT….take him away to the loony bin where he belongs…..and this is the same guy Obama brings in for the “cliff summit”…..tells you lots about both of them…

  • Patriot077

    Yes, lets attack the private sector to see why they don’t have more “diversity” in their employee rolls. He mentions those getting contracts and bailouts, but I don’t expect it would stop there.

    Who would ever think that business must hire qualified personnel?

  • UnCL3

    ya, since we’ve been in charge for soooo long, eh [email protected]?

  • Conniption Fitz


    Black businesses have been hurt the most by Obama’s domestic economic policies.

    Black babies have been killed the most by Obama’s abortion policies.

    Black boys are getting HIV and STDs, killing each other, addicted to drugs and dying the most due to Obama’s promotion of the ‘down low’ violent lifestyles.

    Black women are suffering due to the immoral and anti-marriage policies of Obama.

    Black children are growing up on welfare and in poverty because of Obama.

    Black Africans are being killed or enslaved by Arab Islamists all across Africa.

    Obama is the worst killer and enslaver of blacks EVER.

    Those who really care about Africans should despise Obama.

    • Conniption Fitz

      And I do despise Obama and Sharpton. Utterly. Because of their despicable, destructive, deadly actions – not the color of their skin.

    • oregonproud

      So, what’s your problem??

    • Obama ensured that Al Qaeda took power in Libya, then they went around killing 40k blacks after Gadaffi was gone.

  • I plead the 5th on this. If I open my mouth, stuff that is unlady like will spew. Lord forgive me for my thoughts.

    • Constance

      Yeah, I didn’t do as well. 🙂

      • lol~ believe me girlie- I didn’t do too well either. I just told my fingers to be polite as I typed 😉

    • sjmom

      Forrest Gump said it best: Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta


    • Constance

      Okay… In addition to God, we are all putting our arms around your shoulder for solidarity. However, scream it from the rooftops! We’ll all scream with you.

    • thinker1

      …and send a leg and kick that AL Dull-Toon very hard. And again.
      And again.

  • FreeManWalking

    Al Plenty Dullton,

    Raising Taxes = Less Private Jobs
    Less Private Jobs = Smaller Payroll
    Smaller Payroll = Less Money for Government
    Less Money for Government = Less Gov Jobs and need for MO Money
    need for MO Money = Government Raises Taxes, Prints More Money
    Government Raises Taxes = Same Results Different Day

    It says a lot for the intelligence of America when a Dumb @$$ like Dullton is on a national television show.

    • syvyn11

      But take solace that Bret Baier beats his a$$ on a nightly basis.

      • Constance

        Bret Baier’s show is really quite good. I hadn’t watched him much until recently, and I do like it.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Keynesian economics is a failed theory. It puts power and control in the hands of a powerful greedy, unaccountable few and kills real economic health.

      • FreeManWalking

        a failed theory, In FULL Bloom!

      • charliewillson

        Expand this and what do we have? We have 545 people making the decisions for 310 Million. Something wrong with this.. !

  • Constance

    Isn’t the skin color of the president dark? Isn’t the president responsible for the policies pursued in this country? Weren’t the democrats in control of Congress from 2006 to 2010, and in control of the presidency from 2008 to present? Yes on all accounts?

    Then, sit down and shut your pie hole, Mr. Black and Latino Defender of the Universe.

  • yeah … yup … mmm … yea … yea … mmm … zzz … ZZZ

    huh what, whud i miss. did u sayr somethin

  • JacksonPearson

    Sharpton’s a clueless Idiot. The majority of blacks are failing to educate themselves, dropping out of school, hence still stuck on the social engineered, democrat plantation.

    Meanwhile there’s millions upon millions of illegal alien, uneducated Hispanics roaming the U.S.A., with fake ID’s, on welfare, that voted for Obama.

    • Orangeone

      All of whom deserve to be unemployed and unsupported by the taxpayers. They reap what they sow.

  • sjmom

    So, he is saying…………….Blacks cannot find a job in the private sector. Why not?
    Or is he saying………………Govt must be big so blacks can work?
    Does he even know what he is saying because I don’t.

    • aposematic

      Sharpton is just spewing his racism, that is what he does as his racism controls all he believes and/or knows.

  • NJK

    Why would anyone listen to this idiot. Race hustler, that’s all he is. He’d be in prison if it weren’t for the white trash in the Goebbels media who are trying to make themselves feel good, by giving him a forum to speak. Shut up you idiot.

    Resist we much! ~Al “The race extortionist,” Sharpton

  • Wigglesworth111

    This is the side that is winning too. We are doomed!

    • Constance

      Oh, I don’t know about that. Technically, they won the last election (if you actually believe nothing was rigged anywhere), but not by that much. Nothing is going to get any better in the economy, and if anything, those of us who consider ourselves conservatives are coming together even more than before the election. I see a real chance for us now. I didn’t right after the election, because I was so devastated, but I’m seeing it now. We are going to prevail. I just know it.

  • white531

    I’m not really up to this, this evening. But it deserves comment, nonetheless.

    I was all prepared to make an eloquent speech about racism in America. After watching this idiot speak, I lost the thought that I had. Please forgive me.

  • hongryhawg

    I never saw anyone try so hard to be relevant. He says the most nonsensical things with a demeanor meant to impress his ignorant supporters because he knows they don’t know what he’s talking about. One of many reasons msnbc ratings are in the dumpster.

  • yanksrule

    Everybody’s favorite racist/racebater…the one and only Al “resist we much” Brawly…keep moving folks, nothing new to see here..

  • I don’t know where all this “cutting” Al is talking about is coming from. Someone should remind Al that there is a liberal Democratic president and a Senate controlled by the Democrats. There hasn’t even been a Federal budget in almost four years, so nothing really has been cut at all at the Federal level. Al may have lost some jobs at the state level, but that’s because the states are literally going broke because they can’t pay for all the government employee benefits, especially when it comes to pensions. It’s ironic that states are letting state workers go because of the fat government pensions and benefits that were negotiated under Democratic politicians. So thanks to the greedy Democratic politicians and corrupt unions, more and more union members are being let go. So if Al has a bone to pick with anyone, it should be with the corrupt officials who negotiated those contracts to begin with. Sure stinks when you’re screwed by your own side, right Al? And if thousands of government jobs are cut because of the upcoming Sequestration, then Al should blame Obama, the guy who signed on to the deal. Poor Al, nailed by his own buddy in the White House.

    • PhillyCon

      My thoughts exactly. Where are these cuts? Seriously? 16 trillion in deficits is cutting? I know we are living in an alternate universe, but this is too much.

      But no worries, facts and reality are non existent in this new age that is Obama governance. And, don’t expect anyone to question this.

  • a1

  • Rshill7

    All I can hear is a giant organ grinding fanfare in one speaker and a crusty carnival barker speaking nonsense with some strange dialect in the other.

    Every adult who has ever spoken in a Charlie Brown TV special is more understandable and articulate…and makes more sense.

    Al should go fly a kite. I’d like to be a football placeholder while he tried to kick it. Yanking it out of the way while he did a one and a half back gainer with a full twist would be wholesome fun.

  • Sandra123456

    “Al Sharpton: Republicans cutting govt jobs the reason Black and Latino unemployment so high” Big Non Sequitur.

    What jobs have been cut? When? Doesn’t anyone challenge this man on anything? He just makes things up as time rolls along. Sharpton, an affirmative action TV host. alleged preacher man.

    Al’s Rap Sheet :

  • TitaniumEagle

    I try not to be too directly inflammatory…but he is a f***ing moron, plain and simple. I pity the fool who takes him seriously.

    • Constance

      I read your post and heard Mr. T in my head – “I pity the fool..”

      Geez, I’m aging myself here.

  • davienne

    if al not-so-sharpton had a brain he would be dangerous… he is one angry black man.. insecure in his own skin.. he is so used to being dragged down by the democrat party that he has insecurity issues… he’s always putting his spin on the KKK, without knowing that the KKK is a democrat organization funded by the democrat party… got the brains of a postage stamp

  • Dr. Frank Lippenheimer

    So, if I’ve got this right, Rev. Al is telling us that Blacks are not dependent enough on the Federal government/plantation. How much is MSNBC paying him for this BS?

  • CitizenVetUSA

    He continues to think like a victim but his thinking is wrong. Freedom is through Private Sector Jobs not government jobs.

  • drphibes

    Sharpton is correct. This fact was first reported by Tawana Brawley.

  • Danny Kelly

    Actually, both in terms of the definition of “inference” and the greater point you’re making, that’s your inference, not Sharpton’s.

    I think the point he’s making is that there were a lot of people of color working in the public sector, which has been both hit hardest and been overall slowest to recover. I don’t think he’s saying we need “more” government, but rather that we need to return public funding to pre-recession levels.

    That public sector employment has been severely hit since the recession began and that this has disproportionally affected people of color is not a wild assertion, it’s a fact.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “I don’t think he’s saying we need “more” government, but rather that we need to return public funding to pre-recession levels.”

      To do what, if it isn’t to employ more ‘minorities’?

      • Danny Kelly

        To give people back the jobs they once had, maybe?

        • tinlizzieowner

          You’ll have to excuse me. I didn’t realize the government I’m paying for was created to ‘give people jobs’.

    • thinker1

      …’ve missed that inconvenient FACT: prezzy told all gove agencies:: “hire no whites”

  • James1754

    As usual the Reverend Sharpton is completely wrong. The only area of actual growth has been in the public sector.
    I am amazed that anyone believes this person about anything.

  • thinker1

    Rover-end imbecile is an economic genius now, according to another economic genius….

  • repubboy

    Those rascally republicans at again, and again ! Its unbelievable that this man even has an audience, I have never seen such a misunderstanding, No let me change that ! I have never seen such ignorance nor have I ever heard such contorted version of placing blame for the unemployment picture, Look towards the bad policies of this administration Mr. Sharpton before you go off on a rant, look inwards towards your POTUS I say yours because he is not mine.

  • tsturbo

    R-E-P-R-O-B-A-T-E !!!

  • Suzyqpie

    Have you noticed that when liberal policies fail at whatever their intended purpose was, it is never the fault of liberal policies? As the menu of available excuses is exhausted, the fall back position will be that it is GW Bushs fault. GW maintains a stunning amount of power four years later.

  • TxGold

    sharpton is one of the worst racist in the country. Of course he’s going to say that!

  • Haywoodjbl

    AL BABY… get a new hair dew…also, what do the Republicans have to do with this again?

    What a moron

  • Sharpton must be smoking crack cocaine with Obamao!

  • mikeinidaho

    It takes a total idiot racist to call everyone else racists. What a tool!

  • Old

    Allow me to quote Victor Davis Hansen:

    “Only in the hyper-racialist America can we take quite distinct Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Chinese third-generation citizens and create from them the artificial rubric “Asian” in their shared antithesis to “white,” or take disparate Cubans and Mexicans and likewise reinvent them as identical Latinos, or take Jamaicans, Ethiopians, and American blacks and call them all “African-Americans” on the similar logic of not being something equally artificial like white — which I guess covers Americans who used to be Greeks, Irish, Armenians, Jews, Poles, and Danes.”

    Apparently, it is an effective tool used by the left to “gin people up” as they say. Group people together and convince them they are victims.

    Pick an imaginary target like “the 1%” or “the Republicans” and get everyone worked up over it.

    In this case, actually try to convince people that this artificial group of Americans are victims because, in this fantasy, they can only work for the government.

    I don’t know why The Reverend Al Sharpton is viewed with any credibility or stature.

    • Kordane

      You have identified one of the tools of collectivism. Rather than see people as distinct individuals, the collectivist puts them into tribal groupings, and then pits them against each other in battles over territory, power, resources, etc.

      A “mixed economy”, as America is right now, is the perfect battleground for the collectivist. Ayn Rand described the mixed economy as: “a country in the process of disintegration, a civil war of pressure-groups looting and devouring one another”.

  • bobemakk

    I just retired from the government, and 75% of the workforce is black and hispanic, so Al is full of crap.

    • I agree…I happen to work for a private firm under a government contract and we employ a huge proportion of minorities. You are dead-on. It’s so bad in fact, I have a difficult time understand many of them when I talk to them on the phone. To me, communication should be a top priority and here I am, speaking to a minority with an accent so thick I can’t understand him and he’s an employee of the federal government, not even a contractor!

  • I haven’t heard something this absurd and idiotic since…..Well, since Obama’s administration blamed Benghazi on a video. Sharpton every so often has to say something off the wall, just so he doesn’t fall out of the media’s eye. Which by the way, is his biggest fear.

  • Sharpton is a racist lieing hypocrite!!

    • tinlizzieowner

      I’ll put it more bluntly, he’s a ‘Race Pump’. He’s made a very tidy living on Black victimization.

      • Orangeone

        The real question is whether the Race Pump will be a covered medical expense under ObamaCare like the P…sPump is….

        • tinlizzieowner

          Sharpton will be as exempt from Obamacare as all of Obama’s union pals, the government and his big buck donors are.

  • I’m sorry, but every time I see this idiot, I feel the urge to hurl “cheese & debris” across the room. Nothing this charlatan says has any merit…NOTHING. He’s about as articulate as someone reciting the preamble to the Constitution whilest hurling.

  • He has to keep his believers on his band wagon happy; he can’t blame the black President’s administration so his new evil are the Republican’s, Governors and Mayor’s, a new conspiracy to keep the black man down. It just shows that MSNBC is wasting air time by giving him his own TV show and how one sided they are.

  • Yazz55

    Same old psycobabble nonsense.

    But useful idiot liberals actually swallow it whole and regurgitate it on command.

  • tinlizzieowner

    ‘Latin’ is the language of the Romans. The Romans came from Italy. The word ‘Latino’ means of Latin origin. All of my grandparents were (legal) immigrants, one from Italy. Therefore, by extension, I’m 25% ‘Latino’. Since Sharpton seems to think that government employment should be based on race or ethnicity, ya think Sharpton could get could get me a part time job with ‘Da Gubment’?
    😉 😉

  • spidermike

    Government employment is just another form of welfare. We pay farmers not to grow certain crops, right? So let’s just pay federal workers to stay at home so they don’t muck up the whole shebang any more than it already is.

  • Has anyone ever looked at the unemployment on a per capita basis, it seems to me that where there are anly about 35 million blacks and probably only 10 million of employment age (the rest are single mom’s and illegitmant kids) there are more blacks in jobs than is fair and equal to the rest of American society. Just watch TV and see for yourself, and as for unemployement in the black and hispanic neighborhoods, ya cant’s gets a job ifn youze has no edukation…..stop drinking ripple, shootin midnight hoops and knockin uo da b itches and youz just might amount ta soumpin, snowflake! OR, is the free ride worth a low self imige and low self esteem? lazy f*cks!

  • Teapartyunobabyyyyyyyyyy

    Al Sharpton is an institutional Racist! A Reverend of Hatred and Ignorance. Al Sharpton is Ignorant anything he says is garbage. Al try’s to play it off that hes intellectual and insightful on issues but he can’t pull it off….he is Race baiter, hater and very Ignorant!
    Hes a coward! He makes me puke on Liberals ughhhhhhhh!!*(

  • I guess my answer would be; perhaps minorities shouldn’t rely on the government for everything from food stamps to jobs. The government isn’t in the business of employing people. Yes, they do employ people as a consequence of performing other responsibilities but it isn’t their duty or obligation. This is just more proof of how much minorities depend on the government to carry them from cradle to grave. I wonder if idiot Al realizes how he exposed himself?

  • Teapartyunobabyyyyyyyyyy

    Incidentally, Now Al Sharpton is trying to unite Latinos to his Cause…they know hes a fraud!

  • This old man really needs to get a real job……He is one of the reasons that blacks and latinos are of the “you owe me” mindset. I will be glad when he is too old to make trouble any longer. Minorities are their own worst enemies…..all they want to do is whine because they are minorities…..I don’t even think most white folks give a damn what color a person is these days…..if they know their stuff and are a good worker…..who cares what color a person is. Thank our government and their stupid laws……that is exactly the reason blacks and minorities act out.

  • m0r0

    This man is a walking talking assault on my intelligence. But he is the man behind the Tawana Brawley lie and has been given a forum on television. He’s a disgrace.


    He’s an insult to moron mansion!

  • Not true. It was Liberal Venture Capitalists who owned Hostess.

  • Check it out and see what the Liberals gave to those who voted for them.

    So, doing a little research on Obamacare to answer a difficult question. “what if I employ 50 more employees but many or all are married and covered by their spouses health insurance?” I think I have the answer but along the way discovered this. If a SINGLE one of your employees gets help from the government with their health insurance, you pay the $2K penalty not just for that person, but for your total fulltime headcount (employee count – 30 times $2,000). To prevent that government rebate from occuring, you have to make sure your plan’s premium to the employee doesn’t exceed 9.5% of their household income. So if you pay them $10 an hour ($20,000 per year) and get them the average health plan for an individual (just under $5,000 but lets round to 5K), you have to make sure that premium is less than $200 a month. Which mean you cough up the other $215 per month. It boils down to this, a 13% tax. So you want to pay your employee $10, it’ll be more like $11.30 an hour. Now add the 6.2% you are on the hook for social security and 1.45% for medicare. Now you’re at $12.06 to pay that person 10 an hour. Of course after they lose their %16 to income tax and SS/Medicare they’ll only see $8.40. So I pay $12.06, you see $8.40. *Throws hands up in the air*

  • Again, blaming others. Never able to accept the “responsibility” of Obama’s policies and regulations as the driving force behind growing numbers of unemployment, private section shutting down, continued housing foreclosures with the higher taxes coming to further cause the decline and drop in wages as the new year comes in a short few weeks, just to name a few. I don’t believe for one minute that the House and Senate or especially the president will come to a real agreement that is in the best interest of the American People or our Nation. He is bound to destroy our economy any way he can. The health care law is one that was meant to strip people of their rights to control their medical decisions and forced to pay for procedures and things they don’t need nor want. Get between their doctors and make decisions for US because THEY THINK THAT AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID TO DO IT THEMSELVES!! Just like our taxes dollars, they think they know how to spend our money better than we do. Right! Look at the Post Office, VA’s hospital and care system, DMV Office, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security (which they keep stealing from and will never be able to pay back), the BS between the House and Senate along with a president who continues to divide the country so nothing for US gets done. They are well off and don’t see the problems we face because they don’t face eviction, unemployment, inability to get food or health care… responsibility of and blaming others for crazy reasons for events like huge unemployment in various cultures goes right back to obama and they know it. They are angry too because if all thirty states refuse to set up the exchanges, then obamacare falls because they need the states to cooperate in order to get their “special interest group law” or obamacare to enacted like they want. I hope they hold on and don’t cave in at all.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Ok Al, what’s your plan after all the blacks and latino’s are employed by the govt and they still make up the majority of prison inmates?

  • charliewillson

    Simple logic.. Qualification. Ask an ordinary, regular.. private citizen, black, WHO their Congressional representative is? Some men will know, but only a few. The black women can almost NEVER answer the question. That said, they CAN tell you what you need to know to get food stamps, or to add yourself to the trough of other such unjust and unfair, anti-American Free Enterprise, hand out programs. We had a bill board sign on one of the main Freeways coming in and out of Atlanta, providing a tel. number for help and assistance, for blacks, of course, in getting on one of the many handout programs established by Congress, and you know who, as yet another means of “vote buying”, “pandering”. UNLESS the white men open their eyes and become actively involved in their country, TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK, then soon, very soon, there will be no more recognizable Unites States of America. Veterans. Do any of you EVEN know that only one per-cent (1%) of Americans have ever worn the uniform?? Hello? History is not even taught in the public school system now. Pre-schoolers, 5 year olds, are being taught, in the first two weeks of class in the public school system, Marxist Communism. The doctrine being, “From each according to his ability, To each according to his need”. This is BEING TAUGHT in class rooms of the Public School Systems now. UNLESS the people of this country TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK, soon.. sooner than later, there will be not much worth having and investing in that remains.. I am shoveling sand against the tide in this. I know this. Americans are following along like ducks behind the Greeks, who did essentially the same things, resulting in the loss of their nation. Now.. apathetic and non-caring Americans are doing virtually the same things. I give up.

  • charliewillson

    Just a matter of time.. The white men in the country will wake up, eventually. Then, the proverbial you know what will hit the fan. Just a matter of time for this to happen. White men have been castrated.. sent to the sofa to watch the ball games.. the women, whose misery index is off the charts, are working every day, underpaid, continuously bickering with the back stabbing other miserable women “out there”, and then.. the poor creatures come home from work, bake cakes, clean house, and wash dishes..

  • WOW

  • How about claim some personal responsibility for once. Stop blaming everyone else. The only one holding the black man down is the black man. The only one holding Hispanics down is the Hispanic man. The only one holding white trash down is himself. The only one hurting the Democrat is him or herself. Please grow the heck up. We are sick of hearing it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I don’t think this man has ever uttered a single logical sentence in his life.

    When is HE going to stop being a racist?

    • When he finally honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. instead of corrupting it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Agreed… well said.

  • Sandra123456

    It’s Sunday. Guess who is a panelist on Meet the Depressed? Rev Al! Look how far NBC is falling.

  • aposematic

    Sharpton, the dullest butter knife in the drawer, must have no clue which Party has been in charge for the past six years.

  • Patmajek

    Time for a reality check Al. Blacks and Hispanics are losing their jobs, and will continue to do so, because they re-elected King Hussein as their beloved imperialistic leader. And I for one hope that any employer that is faced with making layoff decisions dump the Obama voters (and that includes many white women) first and retain all the patriotic conservatives. It is only right that those who voted for handouts over jobs should pay the price. Elections have consequences.

  • NJK

    Lindsey Graham to the rescue. Look what he had to say.

    South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham says he’s “willing to generate revenue” by steps such as capping tax deductions, which he says would most affect upper-income Americans. But he says he won’t agree to higher taxes — a position shared by most Republicans in Congress.

    Can someone explain to me, how this isn’t raising taxes, oh excuse me, revenue. I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted by them thinking they can change the term, or using a sleazy way of raising revenue.

    Hey, Graham, stop saying revenue. Use the real word. People are on to all of you. LIARS!

  • NJK

    The Democrats are a really sick bunch.

    Horowitz: Democrats Groom the Mentally Disabled to Vote
    Friday, 23 Nov 2012 09:52 AM

    By David Horowitz

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    Al “Not So” Sharp ton again opening his big mouth connected to his small brain and making both facts evident.

  • JohnWest

    C’mon, Fat Al Sharpton is an imbecile, why do you even bother reporting on him. He is nothing until you put his ugly mug up on your site. And why do so many black people work in government jobs anyway? Don’t tell me … no one else would hire their lazy butts.

  • JohnWest

    How about if I complain that the reason so many white people are not employed in well-paying government jobs is because our racist leaders are intent on hiring all the black and brown people they can. It’s simple, they obviously hate white people. What do you call that? Earth population has only 9% white people. We are a persecuted minority.

  • Talk about racism. This man takes the top prize for it. If EVERYONE would shut up trying to keep racism alive and live life by the fact that we are all human and treat everyone as such, life would be so much better. No job should be decided by color, sex, etc. it should be decided by the one with the best education or work experience and pay should be done the same way. Where is the rule stating that a male should get higher pay than a woman, or that you should hire a minority over others? Seems like that is just the stupid government putting their noses into the workforce and we all know how bad our government is. So why listen to any of them?

  • Only Democrats care about skin color.

    Al Sharpton loves skin color issues. It makes him a lot of money.

  • Suzyqpie

    “The poor are the human shields that government uses to grow governmet,” quote
    Dr T Sowell. Note, please, Dr Sowell, identified no political party. In closing one more Dr Sowell quote, “The government treats the wealthy as prey.” I have observed that since 0bamacare passed the control freaks of government have become truly predatory. 0bamaCareRobertsTax will inspire their control.

  • Landscaper

    Mr. Rev, your last 8-5 paying JOB was when and what?

  • leftwinglooney

    Does anyone listen to this Chester. I doubt it. That is why he is on MSNBC

  • Lets be fare here before we throw stones at radical Al.
    As a retired New York City government employee and a Latino. I can tell you for a fact that what the reverend is saying here is correct when he mentions that the majority of government workers happen to be minorities of Black and Latino descent, especially in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
    That they depend on the government for their employment is also true being that most of those jobs depends little on experience and education. Some of those government jobs doesn’t even require a high school diploma or GED.
    In many cases most of the people that have worked for government has done so because it was the easy way out of poverty, the jobs were guaranteed, and were protected by civil service law. They were granted great benefits, full medical coverage for the entire family, and 5 weeks guaranteed vacations. The wages were very low at the start of employment, but many of us knew they would go up eventually as our government unions fought for better contractual wages. The government coffers with the collected tax revenues from private and commercial enterprises would eventually increase providing us the raises incrementally as the years passed.
    This is the reality and it will continue as long as the governments provide these jobs with just a high school or GED diploma, and little to no experience. And in most big cities throughout the United States the Democratic party runs the municipalities and encourage minorities into government sector employment for which their participation guarantees their power over the electorate and creates a huge voting block the Republicans can’t overcome.

  • irrelevantinMD

    Al Sharpton’s argument about a racist America is defeated by his own success. It proves, without any doubt whatsoever, you can be the most ignorant, illliterate jackass in the room and still make lot’s of money because America is full of ignorant, illiterate jackasses.

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