Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

Hypocrite and Democrat hack Al Sharpton cites the fact that Murphy’s lead over West is “way outside the margin to justify a recount” and therefore he is against a recount in a race that is “unworthy of a recount”. But West is only .08 percentage points away from having a mandatory recount. That’s not even 1 percentage point and isn’t “way outside the margin”.

But in a local mayoral race where the votes are within .05 points thus forcing a mandatory recount, Sharpton makes clear he supports that recount. Oh I should note that after the early votes were recounted, the progressive candidate is down 61 votes and that’s when Sharpton decided to voice his support.

Note that both of the races are in St. Lucie County with the same canvassing board and the same Supervisor of Elections “Gertrude Walker”.


New York, NY (November 14, 2012)—Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network (NAN) and host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC, says he is supporting NAN’s St. Lucie, Florida, Chapter in calling for integrity in the local elections and a recount in the Mayor’s race, but opposes a recount in the Allen West/Patrick Murphy race.

According to Rev. Sharpton: “We want to see the integrity of the election process upheld on a local level but we unilaterally oppose a recount in the national race. Clearly, Representative-Elect Murphy’s lead over Congressman Allen West is way outside the margin to justify a recount. NAN supports the local chapter led by Rev. William Richardson, III and others in calling for a full recount in the local St. Lucie County Mayor’s race as we have spent months calling attention to irregularities and suppression in Florida. However, the local legitimacy of voter protection should not be overshadowed by a national race unworthy of a recount.”

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  • He is a disgrace. He is a hypocrite of the worst kind, and I actually pity him come Judgement Day.

    • theresaaa

      Lets hope he goes first , cause I for one would like to see that moment .

    • sjmom

      As someone who calls himself “Reverend” he does little to engender godliness in anyone especially himself.

      • TitaniumEagle

        Does anyone know under what religion he is considered to be a reverend? I’m not an expert, but I’m not sure that what he stands for [if there actually is anything] qualifies him as a Baptist.

        • sjmom

          I’m not sure he is even ordained.

          • He is self-ordained. His bio is extremely questionable.

            • And of course by your questioning his bona fides, then Sharpton would label you as a racist, just the way Barry does whenever credible people question his.

              • Daniel Martin Gray

                SHARPTON RACIST?

                Yes, of course he is.

                And a “Progressive” IDEOLOGUE, to boot.

                But there actually IS one way to get to Reverend Ill.

                He LIKES MONEY.

                And FAME.

                And, little doubt, SOME form of PROG PERVERSION.

                So, all you whistleblowers out there? Get the GOOD on the good “Reverend”.

                Or, if you have the bucks, BUY the little man…

                • Alphonse is a Lord of the new Herrenvolks, us niggarz of amewikkuh!!!
                  Respect, please, for your superior…proof? Youall are turning over all your money to us even before we ask!!!

              • BeeSmart

                Just by living and breathing you are a racist. Everyone who profits from having white skin does so at the expense of a Black person and is therefore a racist. You just have not studied their way of looking at the world. YOU can NEVER be just a person trying to live — ALL whites live on the extracted labor and wealth stolen from Blacks. Wake up learn the language.

                • tubaman

                  black people are just as racist as white are a good example of that!!!1

                • mrsuggs

                  Most Whites are long past racism,not so much in the Black Community.

                • violet0117

                  Where do you get that idea? Perusing online comments(especially Drudge links) on various political websites it’s obvious that many whites are racists or bigots at best.
                  Blacks are barely 13% of the US population.

                • brunnno

                  “Perusing online comments…”; definitely not a reliable source for making any general opinion on either side of any situation.

                • White liberals are the worst — they use the blacks for their own political purposes. They don’t give a crap about the inner cities or helping blacks become self sufficient. They want them to remain dependent on government and “help” so they can stay in power. It’s a shame that blacks don’t quite seem to grasp the fact they’re being used. You’d think after a while they would figure out that after voting Democrat time and time again — their lives are no better. (Detroit is a terrific example… as are most urban areas. Yet, they keep voting in Democrats to run things. Go figure.)

                • Robert Rivera

                  Can you see those posters? Do you know their affiliation? Their names? They are mostly racist libs posing as conservatives, I would bet on that.

                • I am a raciest, and damm proud of it!!

                • Another Obama voter. Only democrats care about skin color.

                • MarcusOhreallyUS

                  Hopefully less ,soon.

                • susandanielspi

                  What’s your basis for the accusation that whites are racist? The most racist person in America today is Michelle Obama because she wishes she had been born white. Read her thesis about how the poor blacks are so maligned at Princeton, where she went for free.

                • jbd1975

                  And you are here commenting also so you must be racist. Even with 13% of U.S. Population black that makes 85% of the 13% racist.

                • eztalk

                  How does that percentage address the post you’re replying to?????

                • velderry

                  Try living it.

                • Idiot! Whites are NOT racist in general. EVERY ethnicity has good and bad elements in it! Just blacks use it as a crutch that they’ve been leaning on for over 50 years! It’s old!! We are tired of the black population playing the race card every time they don’t get their way, or someone (whitey?)doesn’t agree with them! Stop the race card bullshit!

                • and are responsible for 80% of all violence…

                • Kosh94

                  97% of blacks are racists.
                  10% of whites are racist.
                  The CRIMES done by blacks far outstrips the crimes done by whites, and that’s why it was highlighted by Drudge. Would you want to hide the fact that blacks are more violent? Maybe get those flash mobs to stop robbing 7-11’s? Is that too much to ask?

                • echardb44

                  That’s specifically due to the fact that a vast majority of abortion clinics are located in poor black communities. The government puts them there to control the black population. Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

                • Eric –

                  Yep, blacks compose about 13% of the U.S. population. Yet they are responsible for about 70% of the crime in America. Now, if you filter out of that 13% the age group that commits most crimes (this is true in every race & ethnicity), that is, the 16-45 year-old males, now the numbers show that 1.5% of the U.S. population is responsible for about 70% of the crime in the U.S. Statistics and facts are not racism, regardless of what the bleeding-heart liberals what you to believe.

                • That is the most assinine statement of the day! I guess the whites that are racist are the ones who didn’t vote for Obama, right? Must be racist if they didn’t vote for the President. If you use that logic, then all the blacks that voted for Obama are racist becuase they didn’t vote for Romney….see how that works genius…13% of the population wouldn’t be able to elect anyone. It must have taken a considerable white vote to push him over the top, even with all the dead people, felons, illegal aliens and voter machine fraud that happened….

                • Violet is one of the fat blondes standing by the intersections in da ‘hoods, looking for a black wacist to stick the wacial twuth into hewh!!!!

                  We only 13% of Amewikkanz but we be the 13% at the top of the wacial pwefewences and pwivileges!

                • AZSchumi

                  And 99% of the racists….

                • And that 13% are all racist. Nuff said.

                • Bend over fo’ yo Lord and Master, Suckarz!!!

              • Hard to question anyones BF’s if they have none!

            • WOW, if you can do THAT.. Why “Rev”? I’m going for Pope.. RW

              • NYGino

                Linda Koop Simon, I had every intention to read and learn and maybe contribute something thoughtful tonight; but after your Pope thing, I am unable to stop laughing and reading it in my mind. Hilarious!

            • NYGino

              Sounds like some president that we know.

            • krz1

              Obama or West?

              • eztalk

                West hasn’t self-ordained himself. Nor, is his bio questionable.
                Please remove foot from mouth.

          • BeeSmart

            He was somehow “declared” a Rev. by someone’s divine vision. He was 8 years old and preached “Gods” word while collecting money like a trained circus performer. He then entered the world of the race hustle as a young man. The rest is on the record and it ain’t pretty.

            • Actually like a trained circus monkey. Looks like one, talks like one (chatters with no underlying brain), resembles the wide butt orangutan who partners with the big eared monkey.

              • MarcusOhreallyUS

                Do you mean Mooch-shell, sure isn’t a Jackie Kennedy.

                • susandanielspi

                  Michelle is to Jackie Kennedy as Whoopie Goldberg is to any civilized person.

                • We may be a bunch of rascals but the Kennedy are the lowest of the low…Old Joe was a mobster bum who worshiped Hitler, he stabbed his own sister in the brain, pushed his older son Joe to suicide and all the other sons and daughters to drink…The jackass one, remember, almost started a nuclear war and sold out the Cuban nation to slavery…

              • blight14

                In their defense they aren’t very ‘blessed’ in the productive DNA category…..

                • KenInMontana

                  Back to Stormfront with you.

                • Looks like time to close this thread. The race mongers are trying to make it their own playground.

            • DaFahzha

              Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine or ten. After Bishop Washington’s death in the late 1980s, Sharpton became a Baptist. He was re-baptized as a member of the Bethany Baptist Church in 1994 by the Reverend William Jones and became a Baptist minister.

              -WikiPedia, for what that’s worth… [footnotes removed]

          • StageCoachDriver

            I’m not sure he’s even educated

            • brunnno

              I’m sure he’s not even educated. Main use is comic relief.

          • donalddt

            I don’t believe that he is even born again just like Jackson,,, where is this guy’s concern for lost souls???? man what a reverend.

          • He is. He got his ordination papers from a Cracker Jack box. Just like Jesse Jackson.

          • Laffin’atcha

            I think he was ordained from a Bazooka Joe Wrapper…

          • Laffin’atcha

            He was ordained from a Bazooka Joe wrapper…

          • SELF-ORDAINED most likely.

          • Fake reverend, just like Jesse Jackson!

            • villanova1951

              Heck! Fake Indians can become senators and college professors.

          • jgdp

            He should be constrained and restrained, but he’s merely a stain.

          • He was self ordained.

        • sjmom

          Read my comment to Sober Thinking. Just went to Wikipedia and looked it up. No comment.

        • manfred74

          Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine[75] or ten.[76] After Bishop Washington’s death in the late 1980s, Sharpton became a Baptist. He was re-baptized as a member of the Bethany Baptist Church in 1994 by the Reverend William Jones[30] and became a Baptist minister.[

          • dontcare4uatall

            You know you and I can edit a wiki page to say anything.

            • BobinNC

              Do it.

              • Jan Greenhawk

                I know someone who added themselves to a college baseball roster on Wiki.

            • Ordained does not mean educated because he had his hand out for so long he forgot that step.

          • Very accurate. Yet he has been spewing hate rhetoric for as long as I can remember.

          • Jim1937

            He is a minister of bull sh#t and a complete fraud!

          • tubaman

            thought so!!! he never set foot in a seminary and probably knows nothing about the Gospel!!!

          • People who are god fearing and faith believing do not act like Al sharpton…..Need I say more

          • MoodyRed

            Just as I suspected, no qualified college credentials or credited religious training. If this is the case, my dog has just been ordained!!!

        • manfred74

          From Wikipedia
          Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine[75] or ten.[76] After Bishop Washington’s death in the late 1980s, Sharpton became a Baptist. He was re-baptized as a member of the Bethany Baptist Church in 1994 by the Reverend William Jones[30] and became a Baptist minister.[

        • Yes, I know what religion he embraces – he’s a Democrat.

          • segeny

            Correction: He’s a member of what used to be the Democrat party. But now he is a member of what it has morphed into — the Commiecrat party.

          • The problem with democracy is democrats. Mark Davis MD

            • redwolf6911

              You are correct.

          • Jim1937

            Wrong, he worships the self serving, money grabbing, dupe poor blacks and damn whitie god.

        • Yes, the Church of Eternal Revenge. Good question. Mark Davis MD

          • I think it’s “Our Lady of the perpetually aggrieved” Harlem chapter.

            • NYGino

              I heard he was an Elder in the ever evolving Church of the Evangelical Extortionists.

        • He is an ordained minister in the Church of Holy Opportunism. As a minister in this denomination, he is directed to go out and find opportunities for self aggrandizement,
          for the creation of racial divide, and the acquisition of clothes, cars and the luxuries of life, none of which he owns, which allows him to avoid the devil incarnate, that
          organization from across the river styx, the IRS.

          On that great day, when he meets his maker, the press, he will stand side by side with Tawana Brawley, Rodney King, Charlie Rangel, and a host of other ‘oppressed’ peoples of the world. And he will say “St Peter, check again, I am sure I have a reservation. For I am a well known minister of the con.”

        • chukarooster

          He’s a Reverend of ‘The Church of What’s Happenin Now’

          • Wow, you are dating yourself chukarooster! What show/entertainer was that?

        • Jonathan Miller

          The Telephone Company once gave a discount to clergy on their phone service, African American clergy multiplied miraculously by 50% in a year. Who knew they were so devout?

          • Reltna08

            Or a defendant on Judge Judy

        • MR

          Most blacks are reverends. I believe there is an online form to fill out for $9.99 to get your degree if you are authentically enough black. It comes in real handy on talk shows and demonstrations.

        • Jim1937

          The New Black Church of Hypocrisy.

        • The story goes, when he was a young child he aspired to be a preacher. He asked a minister what’s required to become a preacher. The minister told him he needed baptize first before pursuing a ministry. Good Ole Al told the minister to baptize him. The minister, caught off guard by Al’s response, did not have any water to baptize little ol Al. Luckily there a a cup of piss nearby. The minister took the cup of piss, poured it on Al’s head, then blessed him. He then told Rev Al, “now he was a
          Piss-copalian minister”.

        • You can go online and become anything you want for $5.00. That fits lard arse Al & Shake Down Jessie to a T.

        • MarcusOhreallyUS

          The “Close Cover Before Striking” Semen-ary and school of heavy equipment operation. Al is pastor of ,The First Church of the Gooey Death, and Discount House of Worship.

        • higgins75

          he was a street corner preacher in Brooklyn and Harlem and has never gone to a divinity shcool. he is self ordainde.

        • Breid123

          I’m sure he’s a “mail in Reverend”.

        • he took an online course sponsored by Reverend Farrakhan

        • madgrma

          His own!

        • It is probably a religion he formed himself. Because any other Christian religious groups should be embarassed if Sharpton is one of them.

        • caliconservi

          the church of liberal theology ,

        • He worships at the altar of the white-guilt-piggy bank.

        • jsn2

          His religion is progressivism. His reverence is for “the cause.”
          Other than that he’s just your typical corrupt race pimp.

        • SHREDIT

          Back in the day that Sharpton became reverend, there were a couple of ways to become a reverend. Inside and on the back cover of comic books, ads were posted. ‘Become a Reverend’!. Send self addressed, stamped envelope, along with $1.50 to “B A REV, P.O. Box 666, Chigago, Ill. 60609.
          The other path to Reverendy was inside all, non-sugar cereal boxes. Find the coupon, usually unwrapped. Fill out coupon and mail in, along with 4 box tops, to ‘Gots ta Preach’ P.O. Box 549, Battle Creek, MI. 49015.
          Today, they can just print their own on that stolen printer they got from that guy they know, that knows a guy, that steals stuff.

      • Brad

        He’s not even a “Reverend”, he’s not ordained as a minister in any church. I don’t know why he uses that title.

        • 20670


          • jackejack

            Tax exempt status?

        • Because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did. But Dr. King had wisdom and integrity. His hangers-on… not so much.

        • C’mon, Brad, of course you know why he uses the title “Reverend”: It gives him credibility among those who don’t know what it means; and it gives him cover among the Obamamedia and others who might know, but would never challenge a Democrat/leftist/racist on it.

        • rockribbedrushy

          “He’s not even a “Reverend”,

          Well, actually he had his named changed legally years ago.

          “Reverend” is his first name.

      • tonyg101

        Sharpton and Jackson are both reverends because they say so. Don’t dare ask by whatever other authority they are reverends. The Justice Brothers are there because they say so. Who would dare refute what they say?.

        • NYGino

          Sounds like some president that we know.

      • There is nothing spiritual about him…

        • Sure there is, Chuck: The spirit of the anti-christ, the spirit of division, the spirit of racism, the spirit of dishonesty, the spirit of chaos, the spirit of hatred, the spirit of lies, the spirit of the prince of darkness.

      • I believe that God has a special place in Hell for so called “reverends” who have done what he and Jesse Jackson have done to minorities. I hope I am right. “Welcome to Hell, Al and Jesse! We’ve been waiting for you!”

      • rev’s in the black community is a joke.
        they all wear 1000suits live high on the hog.
        while they people are in poverty.
        remember rev jim from taxi.
        he has more gred.

    • actofvalor

      you’re right. west is a joke.

    • actofvalor

      There will be no Judgement Day, moron.

      Live in reality.

    • NYGino

      Sounds like some president that we know.

      • Birds of a feather. Yeah. Not Ducks though… other birds. Vultures.

        • brunnno

          No need to insult vultures…what did they ever do to you?

        • I’m not sure that it doesn’t apply to ducks. The way he used to wear his hair made him look just like a little duck. You will know if see any pictures of him a few years ago. If you tuned that little duck around you will probably see that little duck throbbing.

          • OY! You had to remind me of that didn’t you. Good grief. I’m not changing my avatar for that racebaiter.

    • blastah

      Don’t pity him, pity the race of people that created him when God begins to judge the races of mankind.

      • KenInMontana

        Your twisted view of religion and race does not have a place here, and I don’t suffer fools or bigots, particularly when they profane God’s message like you do. So long.

    • Jim1937

      He wil get what he deserves.

    • Darkbella007

      Tawana Brawley is what I think when I see him. That was an awakening for this young kid at the time. He hasn’t ever changed since.

    • EmeraldAl

      He is awesome. He single handedly encompasses every caricature of a liberal in one convenient hack.

    • Since Ah’m God, Ah’ll be de judge of dat!

  • poljunkie

    I think we all need to accept the fact that most Democrats/liberals/progressives dislike black Republicans/Conservatives.

    • Sandra123456

      All Democrat/liberal/progressive politicians and reporters are shameless hypocrites with no moral values. They don’t think 2 or 3 steps ahead and are too stupid to know how dumb they are.

      • Rshill7


      • actofvalor



        You’re obviously the dummy.

      • actofvalor



        You’re obviously the dummy.

        • BobinNC

          …how many more times you gonna post the same thing –

          • actofvalor

            It is still true.

            People who think ALL DEMOCRATS are evil are still morons.

            What’s your problem, moron?

      • virgil leonard

        what’s really funny about all of your comments is that you don’t seem to say the same thing about people in your own party. You miss the point of being a hypocrite. You say we have no moral values while you have senators like Murdock and Akin. And “Reverend Al Sharpton” is an ordained minister and has been longer then most of you have been alive. Allen West’s lost and a judge has threw out his appeal for a recount because he lost fair and square. there’s no need to recount if you can’t prove a need for one. Speaking of being two or three steps ahead why can’t Rethuglicans admit that this country’s demographics have changed from what they used to be in the 1950’s.

        • Sadly, you are correct. Instead of being a God-fearing, honest, respectable, hard-working nation, we are now a country where the majority of voters behave in a fashion that is Godless, dishonest, slothful and unworthy of respect.

          In other words, Democrat.

        • Marjorie, are you serious, West- West Point, Col. US ARMY, real education, only speaks out of one side of his mouth, etc, etc. What ignorance you speak. HIS RECOUNT GOES ON. cAN’T BELEIVE YOU ACTUALLY WRITE STUFF LIKE THIS.

        • Typical leftist. Nothing of substance, and you are using arguments from the 1950’s.

    • sjmom

      It goes way beyond dislike and this is what is so abhorrent.

    • Somehow, the really believe it’s justified and not racism.

    • Hell, they call any black conservative person who is a success a sellout because they threaten the gravy train.

      • virgil leonard

        this gravy train you speak of has been in place for decades why is it all of a sudden a bad thing. Funny thing is most of the people your talking about look like you.

        • KenInMontana

          I think you’re done here.

    • brunnno

      “dislike” as in “hate like a traitor infidel”, for starters…

  • Sober_Thinking

    Al Sharpton is NOT a Reverand. If he were, he’d adopt a Godly attitude and behavior and stop his lying. He’d also quit supporting evil so strongly. Pray that God would touch his heart and mind.

    • sjmom

      Is he an ordained minister? I have heard he is not.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Great question. But they often place “Rev.” before his name. Doesn’t seem right considering what he spews.

        • sjmom

          Went to Wikipedia. It says he was ordained a Pentecostal minister at the age of 9 by Bishop F D Washington. After the Bishop’s death he became a Baptist, was re baptized and became a Baptist minister. Jesus says not to judge so I won’t.

          • tuleesh HERNANDEZ

            Why judge people’s behavior, or why have courts for that matter, after all, “Jesus says not to judge so I won’t.”

            FYI, that partial Bible quote you use to excuse your lack of discernment is from the Gospel of Matthew, 7:1. If you read though verse 5 you’ll find that Jesus is speaking against self-righteous judgements and for right judgement.

            Furthermore, don’t you find it odd that in verse 6 Jesus warns of giving the sacred to “pigs” and “dogs.” One must judge who is a “pig” or a “dog,” no?

            • David Alford

              And to read through verse 5 you must read verses 2, 3, and 4. Care to comment on what those mean?

              Or what John 7:24 means?

              Or what Romans 14:1-4 means?

              Despite his many faults, Rev. Sharpton is a human being. He was created by the same Creator as Billy Graham and Martin Luther.

              • CanofSand

                I like how you take someone pointing out how the WHOLE context must be considered and try to counter it by… slightly expanding your cherrypicking and pretending THAT is the context.


                • David Alford

                  Matthew 7:1-5 IS the context tuleesh is referring to. I’m not pretending otherwise. To be accurate in your interpretation of Scripture, it is good to make sure your interpretation jives with other passages. I added the other verses to point out there are other references. I didn’t think I needed to tell tuleesh to read them in context because he already has said that he does.

                  My bad.

            • sjmom

              Whoa, what is your problem? Before you decide to quote the Bible know the Bible.

              ” Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it will be measured to you again.”
              (Matthew 7: 1,2 KJV)

              Jesus also said “Love one another”. Enough said.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Even Satan knew the scriptures. Oh sorry, I’m judging you…

            • Please read the rules of conduct. No personal attacks. We don’t mind opposing opinions, but we expect them to be civil. Thanks.

              • virgil leonard

                your asking too much from people who know little. If they researched as much as they criticize they probably would not say the things they say

          • segeny

            Don’t ‘judge’? But ‘mom’, that’s what God gave you a brain for — so that you could ‘judge’ between good and bad/ or saintly and evil/ or right and wrong. Please don’t play that ‘non-judgmental’ card — it is a cop-out and cowardly political-correctness.

            • sjmom

              It’s not a cop out; it’s Biblical. Read Matthew 7. I could give a hoot about political correctness but I do care about the Bible.

            • Sober_Thinking

              God is our judge… not men. She is right and you should read your bible more thoroughly before dog-piling on someone who has a good heart and good intentions. You can start with: Luke 6 – especially Luke 6:37. The bible is our compass… not our sinful brains.

              • segeny

                — not the garbage of relative morality. And keep in mind that the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose, so it depends on which chapter and verse you wish to quote.

                • There’s nothing wrong with civil discussions, but please keep personal attacks out of it. Read the rules of conduct please. Thanks.

                • segeny

                  Is this supposed to be a reply to my comment of “And keep in mind that the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose, so it depends on which chapter and verse you wish to quote”?
                  If so, where is the personal attack?

                • Telling another to speak for their “own sinfull brain” and that they need a new compass direction- you’re insinuating that your faith is the right way and theirs is not. We all interpret the Bible differently, and while most agree on the core doctrines, other areas are taught differently by different people. You can comment to your own beliefs as your personal opinion, but don’t try and tell someone else what they must believe.

                • segeny

                  So I am forbidden, according to you, from quoting the person to whom I am replying? After all, I am not the one who brought up “our sinful brains”. And I am also forbidden, according to you, to respond to someone who is actually proselytizing? Nice to know the rules, dear. I do “believe” that I’ve caught your drift.

                • I had to reply here, for the reply button on your other comment wouldn’t show. Seems like Sober_Thinking was talking about the Bible being the moral compass- he wasn’t generalizing or personalizing. If you disagree, so be it. We still welcome different opinions here, and as for “proselytizing”, there’s nothing wrong with that either, unless it’s done in an uncivil way, or unless the site owner decides otherwise. Thanks.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  This guy has an axe to grind. I appreciate you defending me and my comments but I don’t think this person wants to be reasonable or nice… he’s not really making a valid point… I think he just wants to argue.

                • Sober_Thinking


                  You made my point.

                • I agree Sober_brother. I’m sorry so much got through earlier. I wasn’t here. When I got offline, there were maybe 14 comments here. When I got back an hour and a half later, there were over 200! Where did everyone come from?!

                • Sober_Thinking

                  I think this site is being either attacked or infiltrated by liberals, aetheists, trolls, etc. – people who are just trying to agitate and disrupt. It could all be a misunderstanding… but some of these people I’ve never seen before and they blatantly attacked me and sjmom (and you).

                  I’ve reported: tuleesh HERNANDEZ, CanofSand, actofvalor and segeny. Again, I may be wrong… but they came off too aggressively and were unnecessarily insulting. Since I didn’t recognize them, I assumed that they were up to no good.

                  No worries as far as you’re concerned… I appreciate you!

                • Thanks Sober. I’ve noticed all the flags on my alerts, and did what I could. Some while not exactly friendly conversation, they aren’t so bad to be kicked out. Yet. I’m still here 😀 I gotta say though, I’ve been a busy duck this evening! I appreciate you too!

              • segeny

                “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”

                Sure hope the courts never put you on a jury for a serial killer. People who take things absolutely literally instead of metaphorically are a danger to themselves as well as to others.

                • Sober_Thinking


                  There are better sites to go to if you just want to fight. But this isn’t one of them… I don’t know what your problem is but you’re off base and annoying. You’ve been reported… go somewhere else please.

          • CanofSand

            “Jesus says not to judge so I won’t.”
            No, He doesn’t. That’s a line sinners use to let them get away with crap.


            • sjmom

              Read Matthew 7 before you open your mouth and insert your foot.

              • Sober_Thinking

                Sorry that they decided to dog-pile on you… you are right and they are off base. Luke 6:37 is also a great piece of scripture about this. I don’t recognize them… they may be troll infiltrators. Water off a duck’s back. Thanks for making a stand.

            • Sober_Thinking

              She is right and you should read your bible more thoroughly before dog-piling on someone who has a good heart and good intentions. You can start with: Luke 6 – especially Luke 6:37. The bible is our compass… not our sinful brains.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Great point. That is my Achilles Heel… thank you for reminding me.

      • actofvalor

        Then you must be a Republican.

        They believe everything they “hear.”

        • sjmom

          Actually, I am an Independent and you?????????????????????????????

          • actofvalor


          • virgil leonard

            Your not an independent you just don’t have the guts to stand up for your party because they have made a fool of themselves over the last 10 years

        • Sober_Thinking

          Grow up.

          • actofvalor

            Bite me.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Lol… that’s all you’ve got?

              You’re in the wrong blog troll. This is a place for civil, grown up conversation where we try to expose both the truth and the lies and have intelligent, helpful discussions. It is not a place for mindless progressives, lemmings or trolls to spew their ignorance.

              You’ve been reported… the admin on this site is pretty good at weeding out those who are full of bile and venom. So, assuming they are as thorough as I’ve indicated, then I guess I won’t be hearing from you anymore.

              So I’ll leave you with this: No Jesus, no peace… Know Jesus, know peace. If you don’t get right with the Lord, your fate is horrible beyond description. Repent of your sins and turn from evil. Embrace the Lord and seek the salvation only He can give. I dare you to get a bible and do some research. You can start at John 3:15 – 18.

              If I’m wrong and the admin misses you for a short period of time, then know that when I see your name in a response, I will immediately delete your email without reading it. I have no more time for your idiocy and vomit. Heed what God has offered and change your life… or continue to live a twisted and angry existence until the end. And you won’t like the end.

              • segeny

                You really need to put your proselytizing on the shelf and engage in rational discourse. You are sounding like the christian version of a jihadist.

                • There’s nothing wrong with telling others about Jesus. Big difference between warning people about not knowing Him and threatening a jihad if they refuse to accept Him. If you don’t agree with Christian views, fine, but again, keep your comments civil.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  You think I’m proselytizing? That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Since that means preaching, evangelizing, persuading… thanks. I guess I’m doing the right thing since we’re commanded by Jesus to do so.

                  I’m not going to engage you further in your insinuations and attempts to twist my words. You serve the Lord as you see fit and I will do the same in my own way… and I’ll do it without attacking you or slandering your point of view.

                  Have a great day!

                • Well done.

      • virgil leonard

        this should help out with your question

        • sjmom


    • actofvalor

      You don’t even know how to spell Reverend, dummy.

      Some Godly thinking you must be doing.

  • Islam_Sucks

    Shit in a silk stocking

    • OY!

      • NYGino


      • Rshill7

        Buzz, crackle, static..3, 2, 1…Is this thing on? Ok, Ok!

        “This is your action news reporter, freezing my hind quarters off here in the Himalayas!”


        “Mr. Cameraman, can you get a shot at that brown dot up there?”

        “No, with your camera silly!”


        “Ladies and Germs, that’s the “Reverend” Sharpton reaching for the peak!”

        “He’s not the first to climb Mount Hypocrisy, but he’s certainly the most colorful, no?”

        “Oh look, he’s hitchhiking!”

        “Correction, that’s just him giving us the thumbs up.”

        “Oooh weee what a snow job that was huh?!”

        “Back to you Jan..snap, crackle, pop…”

        • sjmom

          How I enjoy what you write!

        • lol silly mybear. You made me LOL though 😀

          • NYGino

            Hey ABC! I want to be like Rshill7 when I grow up. He da man!

            • me too! lol. Where the heck did all these people come from?! I’ve got flags running up my email. I’m gone from the puter for an hour and a half and all heck has broken out!

              • NYGino

                To use an old Southern expression…don’t rightly know!

                Seem like nice folk alright. Lets make us some new friends.

    • theresaaa

      I don’t see a silk stocking when it comes to Sharpton .

  • carmtom13

    The court should order a recount of the whole county of St Lucie and appoint an outsider to over see it and allow representatives of both parties to be there. My other thought would be to have a new election and have the people vote again and the court appoint an outsider to over see the counting of the votes. I also would bring in people to do the official counting. As far as Sharpton goes if its a liberal he wants a recount he is descriminating against a conservative. The reason he doesn’t want a recount for Allen West is Wests opponent is a liberal and deep down he knows if the recount happens Allen West will win. Sharpeton, you and your ilk are all racist and by what you all have done to conservatives who happen to be black have proved it.

  • colliemum

    Excellent: we see here in bright daylight the racism of the left.
    Mr Sharpton – why do you support a white candidate, and dont’ stand up for a black candidate, who is being cheated by that white man?

    Oh – it’s not about skin colour, really, is it, Mr Sharpton! No, it’s about their political pedigree. Thanks for confirming this!

    • Brad

      They consider Allen West to be an Uncle Tom. That’s why he doesn’t support him.

      • CanofSand

        Just like Republican women aren’t “really” women. They’re traitors to their gender, or something.

        The left are the REAL sexists and racists. You’ll find small pockets of exceptions to the rule, but it’s only the left that actually pushes for racist/sexist policy and uses racist/sexist arguments in government in any significant number.

  • Pimp. Fake. Bum. Punk.

  • Sharpton is nothing but a liberal hack. He should have been thrown in jail several times for starting civil unrest and riots in New York. Nobody should be listening to this bum. Not only do I hope Allen West wins, I hope he exposes all of the cheating the Democrats are notorious for. Go Allen West!

    • virgil leonard

      You folks are so blind with hate it’s pathetic.

  • PhillyCon

    Where are those liberal screamers and the RINO conspirators who say the GOP is hostile to minorities?

    Its so phony and fake. Where’s Mike Huckabee? He admonished Republicans for not doing enough outreach on election night. Put your money with your is, Huckabee.

    This is why I can’t stand these types who just parrot the Left.

    • actofvalor

      Somebody sure sounds like a sore loser.


    • virgil leonard

      show proof of Rethuglicans reaching out. they got most of their votes from white men. and they still lost by a large margin. Why cant you guys just admit that the (R) have no plans for the future. this isn’t the 1950’s people wake up.

      • mgmu

        The plans from the democrats all end up looking like Detroit, California Philly or Chicago. Enjoy the hell hole you are helping dig.

      • Only democrats care about skin color. That’s why they are the party of the KKK.

  • tsturbo

    Reverend my a**!
    Hey Al, for you mocking God is not going to end well, because you’re going to He**!

    • actofvalor

      There is no God.

      There is no Hell.

      Grow up.

      And adults know how to spell “ass.”


  • Haywoodjbl

    He is “the most uninteresting man in the world”

    • Percy

      He does not drink beer often but when he does he drinks Colt 45!

      • actofvalor

        Is that the world’s worst attempt at a racist joke?

        You are the winner.

        And by “winner” I, of course mean “loser.”

        • Percy

          Now, now actofvalor how do/did you know that it is a “racist joke”? Could it be that you drink Colt 45 or like the late great Red Foxx you like ripple better?

  • bongobear

    Ole resist we much strikes again. What a dope.

  • This is the kind of human swine that we black conservatives have to swim through. Sharpton is an illiterate buffoon. But, for some magical reason, he’s managed to make a name for himself and make millions for it.

    • sjmom

      I am convinced the Left, both black and white, have earned their success through preaching hate. Unfortunately, it is easy to sell.

      • So these people belong to the church of racism, hate and evil. Sounds like spawns of the Devil.

        • sjmom

          The word the Bible would use is “wicked” and what they’re selling is definitely not godly so I am inclined to agree with you.

  • sjmom

    Does anyone even listen to Sharpton???? He’s a hypocrite and everyone knows it. Anyone who buys into what he is selling deserves what they get.

  • imsteph


  • Al Not-Too-Sharp-Toon imbecile………………….shut up and have someone read to you smart people’s comments

  • sounds like Sharpton is a racist and looking to destroy a black man, and not let the arena be on a level field.

    • Steve Roberts

      Uhhh….Ya, Think. The path has been chosen, the future is very predictable 🙁

  • That does not suprise me Rev. AL is a communist ,,,,,

  • No money in it for him.

  • Ookook Eekeek

    if West was a pimp, then Al and the whole crowd would be right behind him.

  • M

    Tawanda Brawley Al is a bottom feeder and a disgrace. Al Sharpton is a pimp who manages a gaggle of welfare wh0res.

  • Of course he refuses to support a Man like Allen West.

    • actofvalor

      That’s because West is a paranoid wacko who pulls guns on people he should not.

      No one intelligent supports West.

  • Brad

    Well there’s a shock.

  • AZ

    Race baiter Sharpton, wants to keep them all on the plantation.

  • Amazing what you can allow yourselves to believe. Is it the word “way” you object to? Here are three facts:
    1) West is trailing by 0.58%. Election law does not allow him to have a recount.
    2) In the mayoral race, the margin is less than 0.50%. recount allowed.
    3) In 2000, the margin in Florida was 0.002% and you all were against a recount.

    The mirror reveals the true hypocrite.

    • Ookook Eekeek

      You’re pretty good with numbers. So how much did Obama throw out the window with green energy investments?

      • actofvalor

        Stay on topic, stupid.

    • marketcomp

      You are so inept I don’t even know if it’s worth explaining to you, but I will try. When the supervisor of elections says that she double counted 3,650 ballots and approximately 1,950 ballots were not counted at all who is the incompetent fool? That little 0.58% trail that you mention is bogus and is not a fact which is something you can benefit from, the facts that is. I now see why so many were dooped in OHIO. It’s really easy to do! No one should be against a fair process which would give each voter confidence in their individual vote.

  • Al Sharpton is racist…he is also NO Reverand. enough said….

  • marketcomp

    I find it interesting that the Rep. West opponent declared victory at 3:00am on Wednesday morning which tells me that this entire election was a sham and the board of elections supervisor was in from the beginning. I mean who does that at 3:00am in the morning! If Allen West is successful in his law suit Gertrude will have some explaining to do and I hope that’s in front of a judge facing jail time. Even in the recount of the 3 selected days the ballot count was increased by 1000 and that was supposed to have been a full 7 day s but even then LTC. West gained from that count. I understand why the need for the full recount of early ballots would show that the election was rigged and the supervisor went before a Judge saying that all rules were followed. I see that Murphy as gone to Washington. Well I remember right after the Franken Senate race in Minnesota Al Franken also went to Washington and he was behind in his race but he found votes and ended up as Senator. Later it was discovered that Franken stole votes and used prisoners to vote. I am concerned that because this has taken a week now Murphy and Pelosi and Obama have found a way to either decrease ballots to match the voter rolls or increase the voter rolls to match the number ballots and that’s why having a lock down of all ballots and machines is critical. There has been so much done here that I understand why Allen West will never concede because it’s clear that there is gross cheating and I think Murphy and his entire campaign should be charged and jailed including the supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker. Murphy thinks that Allen West should shake his hand! I don’t think so! I would punch the h*** out him and say take that for a handshake! Allen West said that he will never give into corruption and that is why I admire and respect this man tremendously! We must take a stand on this voter fraud because we see what happens when we ignore it. It started in one election and now the democrats have stolen an entire Presidential election understanding that this is not the first time.

    Sharpton is a race baiter always looking for the race angle and who cares what he thinks about Allen West! Allen West name should not even come out of the mouth of this inept clown!

    • 18square


  • people read up on Al Sharpton’s background and history…he is a fake, fraud, and a phony…just like someone else WE KNOW…

    • YankeeDoodleDanielle

      Why, Carole, whomever could you possibly mean? Wink, wink.

  • SHARPTON the BUBBLE HEADED NI6^ER RAT needs to get DONE TO HIM what the NI6^ER


    TIME TO REMOVE the NI6^ER from this COUNTRY!!!!

    • AZ

      Well, what are you waiting for?

    • actofvalor



      • Your comments while understandable are a bit much. Please tone them down. And please read the commenting rules of conduct. Thank you.

      • Duplicate sorry. Silly Disqus.

  • YankeeDoodleDanielle

    Sharp, black conservatives like West make Al Sharp-as-a-dull-knife-ton break out in a cold sweat because HE knows that THEY know he’s full of $*#! and is willfully playing the pied piper of panhandling welfare pawns (unfortunately, a.k.a. the majority of the American black demographic) and they don’t hold back in calling him out. I’d view his refusal to help as a badge of honor if I was West; that means he’s right on target. I highly doubt West is losing any sleep over the lack of this fraud’s endorsement…

    • actofvalor

      West is a paranoid wacko who pulls guns on people he should not.

      No one intelligent supports West.

      • YankeeDoodleDanielle

        Ah, yes; this stunningly stupid comment coming from the brilliant, self-appointed Wizard of Smart, actofvalor. “That Sharpton guy’s the smartest person I ever knew.” Said no one, ever.

        • actofvalor

          I wasn’t talking about Sharpton, dummy.

          I was talking about the fact West is a paranoid wacko who got kicked out of the United States Army for not being able to control his little paranoid wacko brain.

          The fact that you seem to support this nut means no one is ever going to say YankeeDoodleDanielle has a brain in her dopey head, either.


  • Unbelievable

    141% voter turnout should be proof of voter fraud!! We’re 100% behind you Rep. West!!

  • herbtheR

    Give an idiot a forum and what do you get? A forum for idiots……

  • Folks like W.E. DuBouis, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, and Malcom X would qualify this dirtbag as an “IMPOSTOR” and “paint him WHITE”. Of course Sharpton…the ‘House Negro” would not support a REAL BLACK MAN like West, because West sees him for the fraud that he is.

    • marketcomp

      Good Post. Sharpton is the real “HOUSE NEGRO” for Obama!

  • where’s the other race baiter, the other ‘reverend’ jesse jackson ?

    • busy covering up for his son in Chicago.

    • black_to_a_T

      In the inspired words of Apostle Paul to Alexander the metalworker in 2 Timothy 4:14, “The Lord will repay him [Sharpton] for what he has done.”

      The Lord will repay him and those like him, e.g. Jackson and all the black clowns at NAACCPP, for what they have done and continue to do to Conservatives like Clarence Thomas and Allen West.

      God will repay those charlatans for abusing His Word. God will repay them for being wolves in sheep’s clothing. God will repay them for supporting those who forbid what He commands and command what He forbids. God is not mocked. The Day of reckoning for them will come. In the case of another fake reverend Jackson it may already be knocking at the door.

  • Al is a Democrat first and American second. Get the power and keep the power from the American People. This is the reason Al is on MSNBC and why MSNBC has so few watching the station and why it will never beat Fox News. LOL

  • leocal79

    Stay classy Al Sharpton. When it comes to milking your agenda you stand firm when it’s another intelligent African american with a different view all of a sudden they are discredited. Who’s the racist to even his own people mr sharpton. Go kick rocks you nutless fool

  • Why do we still refer to this man as a reverend. He is a disgrace to his race and MSNC should stop airing his show.

  • mwmichaels

    The appellation Reverend is supposed to be applied as one of honor or of esteem. It clearly does not apply here.

    • caiusKeys

      Here it stands for, “Revered DNC cheerleader, racial arsonist, and MSNBC flunky.”

  • He’s exactly right! Right wing GOP nut jobs would do better to focus on meaningful ways to move forward rather than crying over spilt milk. This country can ONLY move forward when the GOP stops trying to take us back to the 1930’s. You also should look to higher authorities to decide on election re-counts than Rev. Sharpton. He’s right, but he doesn’t get to decide! Its understood why you hate the man. Because he calls attention to all of the disgusting, illegal and repulsive actions against minorities, most of which you all undertake. So find another target of your vicious hate–try the mirror!!

    • notalib

      Sounds like you swallowed the man-childs cool aid and bought the pitch hook, line and sinker. You turn into an obamabot when that happens.

  • What do you expect from Al. After all he cannot support an Oreo like Alan West.

    Hopefully, Col West will start his campaign to unseat Flordia’s Democratic Senator

  • caiusKeys

    Obama-rule #57: Recounts only happen when Republicans are the winner.

  • govskeptic

    He is a disgrace to mankind, but apparently not Comcast Cable and Universal television.

  • dooky

    Al Shankton is a serial offender of the English language and ignorant of such terms like “hypocrite”. It is apparent the fat [email protected] cannot compute even the simplest of math, as pointed out in this article.

  • Sharpton is an utter ass. A great indicator of where our society, as a whole, is. Can you imagine this clown being on any TV show 30 years ago?

  • notalib

    We should not expect anything different from race baiting Sharpton. Black & liberal–good and can do no harm. Black & Conservative & Honest, a hero and hard working–bad and no good! Period.

  • emptysuitobama

    Sharpton you are a stupid bobble headed piece of crap!

  • Allen West is a threat to them. Bunch of asses.

  • Tosheba

    The abject hypocrisy of Sharpton cannot be overstated.

  • Tosheba

    Al Sharpton; sharp as a marble.

  • Sharpton is a race-baiting slime ball of Ney York proportions. He has, single handedly, given affirmative action a bad name.

  • 125885

    WHO is Al Sharpton? and why should anyone care what he supports?

  • Why should Sharpton support recount, he probably does not think West is “Black enough”

  • That just proves it….sharpton is a racist bigot because he fails to support a black guy, I mean after all that is how the libs define it… right???

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    “Hypocrite and Democrat hack Al Sharpton”…….pretty much says it all.

    Well, except you forgot to add bigot and racist. Those are good descriptions of him as well.

  • TempestBebende

    Will this ignorant, black, racist goon ever stop his hypocrisy? I no longer can stomach this marcelle-haired ProgThug. I have watched him on countless news programs, where fawning Mediabots respectfully described him as a “political commentator” and “Reverend” (which he is NOT). I am repeatedly stunned by his public idiocy. Like his co-hort from Texas–Sheila Jackson Lee–his lack of real intelligence is incredibly embarrassing. Sharpton’s public speech is riddled with egregious grammatical, pronunciation and logical errors (can you imagine what he sounds like in private?). He exhibits no cognitive ability or deductive reasoning, WHAT SO EVER! Sharpton is a buffoon, plain and simple. But buffoons tend to be bullies, so he is a useful idiot for the Elite Commie Crew in the WH.

  • zbobby5

    What else should we expect from that poverty pimp, race hustling racist bastard.

  • domsdad6

    What a racist.

  • aliswell

    Why is anything this spawn says of any relevance? Every time he’s given ink or air time he’s afforded a validity he doesn’t deserve.

  • FL_Stingray

    Who gives a rats patootie what this blow hard says?

  • Garr Obo


  • LC

    Sharpton is a racist. Where is the OUTRAGE??!?!

    • actofvalor

      The outrage is that idiots actually voted for a paranoid idiot like Allen West.

      Even after they found out about his embarrassing military record.

      i guess losers like other losers.

  • Sharpton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Always has been. People like Sharpton thrive because of the ignorance and corruption of their supporters. They are a symptom of what is wrong in America.

  • 4grands

    Al Sharpton, gosh I thought al Sharpton stood with his race. When republicans don’t like a democrat that happens to be a person of color, we are called racists. Now here we have a republican person of color whom has the guts to challenge an obviously tainted ballot count, and good ole al Sharpton has to open his vulgar big mouth. Sharpton could never hold a candlestick to Allen West.

  • longmountain


  • longmountain


  • Uncle Ad The Kiddies Pal…a true racist bastard

  • I’m just shocked…..

  • violetwilson

    Judgement day?
    He will go straight to the Devil! A Go Strait to Hell Card!
    Who said God is Fair with nasty Unfair destroyers of good people!
    A total fraud!

  • bserius

    Al Tawana ,

  • Indepcon

    This man is not worthy of anyone’s time. He is criminal racial huckster and extortionist. Perfect for the freak show aka MSNBC.

  • beefrank

    Al who?

    • actofvalor

      SHARPTON, stupid.

      Can’t you read?

      What a dumb waste of time comment.


  • Mr. Sharpton has demonstrated his prejudice against black conservatives as per usual. He is more racist than those that he accuses of racism.

  • Ignorance is no bar to being a radio host, presidential candidate, community leader or race hustler. Al Sharpton has demonstrated over the years that the truth is not his best friend. Someone on the periphery of civilized society has been given a pulpit to speak, but each word spoken rings of rant, subliminal mentation and spin. Society supports the Al Sharpton’s of the World by turning its head away from the false emanations people like him disperse with he word. I am from the same environs as Sharpton but my moral proclivities have molded my mind in a very different direction. Sharpton should be marginalized and sent to the home for disturbed race hustlers. Mark Davis MD, [email protected]

  • Divide and conquer well for your New World Order masters, “Rev” Sharpton. There is a special place in hell for hypocrites like you.

  • Mike Wilsin

    But he is on MSNBC and they are wayyyyyy smarter in their reporting than “Faux News” just ax the sycophants that watch this moron channel.

    • actofvalor



      That’s your idea of biting racist humor?

      They grow them pretty stupid in Iowa, eh?

  • “Unworthy”? Really, you stomach-stapled hack for Satan. “Unworthy”? Who are you to judge anything or anyone as being unworthy. By the way Al, pay your taxes.

  • hankfromthebank

    Elections are so corrupt. Chicago thieves are now everywhere.

  • Really……………….
    Reverse Racism has evolved!

    • actofvalor

      But FOX NEWS viewers have not.

  • TomGenin

    Uh, does this idiot Sharpton know that West’s election is a Local election and not National?

    Sharpton:“We want to see the integrity of the election process upheld on a local level but we unilaterally oppose a recount in the national race.”

  • Who gives a hoot what Al Sharpton supports. He’s a racist pimp.

  • David Alford

    A coward attacks those who aren’t here to defend themselves.

  • XD

    Sharpton is nothing more than a scumbag racist….

  • If big Al and Shake Down Jesse are Revs then I’m the Easter bunny!!

  • Sally

    Because according to Al Sharpton, “Allen West is an Uncle Tom and not a real black man.”

  • So he wants to see “the integrity of the election process upheld on a local level” but not on the national level. This is vintage Sharpton. The guy is ignorant and clueless and only sides with Democrats. But whats 61 to 161 votes in a local race vs a national race?

  • Cathy

    Well how surprised am I? NOT. Sharpton if this was a democrat being shafted you’d be all over it. Especially if he was black. You’re irrelevant. Col West continue your fight. We know you have more guts than the likes of Sharpton.

  • Travelassie

    Of course Al Sharpton would never support Allen West in his fight to get those votes accurately counted. West is a member of the wrong political party, and beyond that, on the list of those most hated by the left: a minority not owned, controlled or beholden to Democrats.

    • actofvalor

      And West is an angry, paranoid jackass.

      That’s an important detail.

  • If you thought for even a second that Mr Sharpton would support a conservative of ANY color, on ANY topic, you are delusional.

  • Ihatemarxists

    Are you people really surprised at this? I’m not , Sharpton is nothing more than a racist slob who does nothing for a living and gets paid. Too bad the old lady in Brooklyn missed his heart with her knife. You notice he doesn’t go to the Italian sections of any neighborhoods anymore The piece of sludge he is. No guts

  • Hey All ! Go find a riot to start.

  • mscol

    Does anyone know what big Al is worth? I’m sure he’s part of the 1%. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But I have a problem with that when he’s a two faced SOB.

    • FL_Stingray

      As a former Dutchess County resident, I remember well our county taxes being increased for 3 or 4 years after the Shawana Sharpton Show to pay for thousands of hours of police OT. The original DA in the case wound up nearly bankrupt defending himself. Eventually he won a big judgement against SAharpton and the other 2 in his crew. Sharpton pleaded being a pauper… that he did not even own the clothing on his back. Of course, the DA never collected. Nor did the limo company that Fat A used at the time. They got burnt too.

  • Golfbot

    Sharpton is a poverty pimp, much like the democrat party. He has to keep racism alive in order to make a living. He could care less about helping blacks out of poverty. In fifty years where has Sharpton been successful in turning just one inner city ghetto into a thriving community? Don’t even bother looking there isn’t any. Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada!

    • CDUB05

      Tell me where anyone person has been able to turn one inner city Ghetto into a thriving community. but yet you want to put that on Al Sharpton shoulders? get real

  • BobinNC

    Wow – there’s a surprize. Sharpton is a sh*tbag scumbag low-life of the worst kind, one that masqurades as a man of the cloth for people of all colors, but in reality it’s only about his sorry-a55. .

  • WendellWillkie

    Al Sharpton could never hold a candle to Allen West.

  • Ross G. Templar

    Al Sharpton lives in New Jersey not in Florida. Ignore this fool, please.

  • What do you expect from a Libtard? A leopard never changes its spots. I would like to know what Sharpton’s IQ is. He’s got that dull look in his eye like maybe he got dropped on his head one too many times.

  • PatrickJT

    Al Who?

  • Why? West is too white.

  • Laymen

    So why am I not surprised??

  • tompro97

    Many, many “Afro-American” “preachers” are nothing but charletons who have discovered what Al, Jesse, Joseph Lowery, et al discovered years ago, and that it is very easy to set up an Afro-American church in a storefront anywhere in the country and make out like a bandit when it comes to money and women. Do a little race baiting and blackmail and they get to wear the $2,000 suits and have all of their needs provided for by their sheep – this applies to our race baiting president as well.

    • FL_Stingray

      Sharpton has and never has had any visible means of support. Instead he lives off of “love donations” none of which go to him directly.

      • CDUB05

        He is employed by MSNBC… a paying job…………..get the facts, dumbass

        • RichardTater

          So, he is in fact a Professional Buffoon. Why thank you for clearing that up.

          • CDUB05

            Good to see you are taking up for your butt boy lover Fl_Stingray… looks like you are the buffon

    • marketcomp

      Sounds like what the President has done to the entire country.

  • If you didn’t vote for West and don’t support him, it is obviously because you are a racist! Therefore Al Sharpton is a racist.

    • CDUB05

      some goes for you to Samuel, You didn’t vote for President Obama.. therefore you are a Racist………… I guess you and Al Sharpton are both Racist

  • Al Sharpton is a big dope

  • bigvalley

    Sharpton is a confirmed radical racist, a narcissist, and a wolf in what used to be sheep’s clothing that has finally fallen away. Christian minister?? Not for the Jesus Christ I know!! He’ll stand before Him one day…….

  • Kelly Curtis

    He only likes certain blacks, not all of them. The ones that think for themselves are dangerous and not to be trusted. Put your faith in him and enjoy the ride! (while never leaving the hood)

    • CDUB05

      Yeah West so dangerous he just lost his re-election…. such a powerfull man.. He couldn’t get enough Teabagger to vote for him, thats why he lost and not this such dangerous man is whinning like a little punk

      • BigBoa

        Obviously the point of the article sort of just escaped you, eh?

      • KenInMontana

        Later Troll.

  • red_fez

    Who the Hell is Al Sharpton… who made him God?

  • Congressman West is the qwong BLACK. Come on AL – Yell the truth who support. Maybe Sanya Claus

  • jimsmith2264

    Sharpton is a phony. If it is not his agenda, he is not interested in it.

  • porkexpress

    It is a funny statement from someone who works for MSNBC. LOL I believe that Al is becoming a racist against someone who is black, republican, and an ex vet. All things that I mentioned makes Al not only a racist but a hypocrite as he is not for the American citizens of all colors but is against West for being a republican and a great American. Please go away Al and take Madcow and Ed S. also.. P.S. how is your buddy Jesse Jackson Jr. doing?

  • jimsmith2264

    Sharp ton is a slime

  • DonAnastas

    The vote count was correct before it was incorrect – John Kerry or Al Sharpton?


    The REVEREND Sharpton ey? Can’t do much about him now. Guess we’re stuck. But someday he’ll answer to a higher power. Wonder what he’ll do then? I didn’t mean it? It was a misunderstanding? I was helping your people Lord? I’m sorry NOW, Lord.

  • slowboat2

    But he supports Jesse jackson, Jr. in the Federal Criminal probe. Go figure. Oh, was Sharpton ever investigated for criminal activities?
    Allen is a real American and it is sad to see Sharpton run in over.

  • TruthDetector

    Does this surprise anyone?

    Google “Tawana Brawley” and “Crystal Mangum”.

    That’s all you need to know about Rev. Al Not-Too-Sharpton.

    • …and lets not forget “Freddy’s Fashion Mart”

      • TruthDetector

        What would you expect from an anti-Semitic reverend?


    If anyone is of the age to remember the Richard Scary children’s books, Al Sharpton reminds me of Lowly the Worm. He seems to appear everywhere there is conflict and feels compelled to throw his 2 cents in whether anyone cares or not. In my case, I could care less to know his opinions and I’m pretty sure most others feel the same. Time to move to the country, Al. Ba Bye.

  • When is the little devil boy Sharpton going to dry up and die? I guess you are only a real black politician if you are a slimy democrat.

  • ackerson

    Sharpton is a vile racist and anti-semite. All a candidate needs to say is that he supports the extermination of Jews and Sharpton will be campaigning for that person.

  • CDUB05

    After the stuff West has said over the past two years about Democrats… please, I wouldn’t support a recount for him either. Why should he. I bet West wouldn’t support a recount for ANY DEMOCRAT….

  • donpopione

    Not so Sharpton is an opportunist and a race baiter, always was always will be.

  • coolercoleman

    In order to be inclusive MSNBC felt it needed a racist on its staff.

    • aliswell

      If MSNBC wants to be inclusive they’ll need to hire a NON-racist.

  • Gringo Bandit

    Come on Al, support the “Bro” and quit being a racist….OOPS, too Un-Democtratic.

  • Did anyone ask this clown for his advise???

  • formerly_common_hyphen_sense

    Who is Al Dullton and where the heck is Waldo???

  • Sidhecat

    Alright everyone, it is time to reveal Rev. Al’s official colour spectrum. Imagine a scale of 0 to 5000, 0 is albino and 5000 is true black, like Rev Al. So Ltc. West was in the Army and achieved his rank on his merit, not on his race, that is minus 1000 points. Now, he made an Iraqi (another person of colour) sing like a Canary to save his men from being killed and then took his punishment, there goes another 1000 points. Oh, and many of those men were WHITE, so take another 1000 points off. Finally, he is a Republican, so take 2×1000 points. Oh my God, not only is West white, he is an Albino!

  • Sharpton must be a racist that hates blacks since he won’t support a black man that was ripped off in an election.

    • ItsJo

      It’s ALL ABOUT BEING A ‘CROOKED DEMOCRAT’……West is Republican…..

  • WendellWillkie

    Col West is Al Sharpton’s nemesis. He could never acheive such greatness. So like most teenage girls, why cheer the homecoming queen’s accomplishments when you can sabotage her crown?

    • WendellWillkie

      Not that Allen West is a girl or anything. lol. (But Al is most definitely the girl scout that skips along after.)

  • Leo

    the reverend title was bought through pay offs the same way jesse jackson bought his title both are phoney niggers

    • WendellWillkie

      Ugh. Please finish you GED.

      • BigBoa

        Would it be possible for him to attend with you?

    • KenInMontana

      Refrain from the use of that word, unless you don’t want to retain posting privileges here.

  • Jan Greenhawk

    I think I missed Al Sharpton coming out to talk about Sandy also. I don’t think Reverend Jackson did either.

    • WendellWillkie

      You know I didn’t think about that. Seriously, where were the two mouths during all of this? Is Spike Lee going to do a documentary of the administration’s failure on this one too? Hmmm???

    • vonveezil

      A good portion of the devastated areas are white areas. That’s why you haven’t heard much from them.

      • bigvalley

        And a like-kind president…..If Bush or Romney were president do you think ……

  • Not surprising. Al Sharpton is a race pimp and I can’t imagine anyone caring about what he thinks, says or does.

  • vonveezil

    Al Sharpton has nothing to do with if there’s a recount or not. Al is more irrelevant than he ever has been. Sharpton: The most racist man in the country.

  • Sharpton is a professional negro..if he were a white guy, he’d have to get a job. A typical race hypocrite, no way he’ll support a man like Col West whose shoes he isn’t fit to shine.

    It’s embarrassing that Alan West has to be subjected to this fraud, but dems have no shame in the quest for votes. RWS

  • That’s because Sharpton supports Dems, not blacks as a whole as he claims

  • Ohio_patriot31

    Since when does Rev. Al have anything to do with the recount? Talk about a bag of …

  • AgentVX

    Of course, he only supports liberals, socialists, Marxists, communists, Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, La Raza, anyone claiming they’ve been gang-raped by white men, and politicians who promise to increase the public dole. He’s not a real man of the cloth, unless you mean the pillowcase he used to haul away the loot he stole from the taxpayers and all those evil corporations he shook down. What a piece of crap!

    • ItsJo

      True. Alan West is a CONSERVATIVE, Republican…..EVIL, Just EVIL to Sharp-Less.

  • What a little weasel of a hypocrit. Actually, isn’t he a racist. He puts a white man before a black man. What with “color” being the most important prerogrative with him I can’t believe he is for the “honkey”. He is the dog dirt on the bottom of our shoes. Remember Tawana Brawley? His I.Q. if somewhere around 25.

    • ItsJo

      Oh, you’ve heard this stupid man speak too?” Dumber than dirt.

  • David Kachel

    Fortunately, Al Sharpton, despite his own opinion, is not King. Obama is.

    • ArkansasMom

      I’ll stick with JESUS is the king ,,,,,thank you

      • BigBoa

        Not of THIS nation….

  • nodochinko

    So, he supports a recount when the race is within .05% but not when it is .58% Sounds reasonable to me.

    • P

      The State rule is automatic recount within .5%. The mayor’s race was at .32%. The 18th race was at .58%. How far above the cutoff line do you think the the difference needs to be to apply the rule?

      • nodochinko

        You don’t have to move the cut-off line.

        The state automatically recounts at 0.5%. By that legal measure, the mayoral race demands a recount, the 18th does not. Simple.

        Of course, you are welcome to your own opinions about Al Sharpton, but to blame him for this electoral rule sure seems silly.

  • Sharpton is a hypocritical piece of shit. When I lived in New Yrok he had 0 credibility. He’s a hating, lying scumbag..and the fact that CNBC gave him a Show….proves that CNBC is shitty and a lying Station as well.

  • Where the hell did this dude called Al Sharpton come from? Has he ever had a real job? This guy keeps African Americas down more that the Klan did. Get over it Al, the modern African America does not need to be led! We are all Americans in this country. Quit trying to play race cards so you can stay in the limelight of the media!

    • ItsJo

      Sharp-Less, is a “Race Baiting Hustler”, who made his millions by keeping his OWN people down, and extorted corporations with race threats to shut them down, JUST like the Other Hustler, Jackson.

    • To the best of my knowledge, and I’ve been around for a long time, Al never had a real job. He used to call himself a reverend but then someone outed him as not having a legit divinity degree. He and Jessie HiJackson are of the same ilk. Extremely adept at fooling their followers, but holier than thou.

  • It’s obscene that our society allows a complete hack like Sharpton to pass judgement on completely honorable man like West. West is a true statesman. He knows his history, economics, the military and is a leader who loves this country. Sharpton is a blowhard who spreads lies and misinformation to keep minority voters fearful and controlled. A free-thinking man like West is a threat to Sharpton and the Democrats so he must be destroyed.

    • ItsJo

      Excellent Post Raul. These crooked Dems personally attack their oppostion, and smear them with lies, so their base will understand them and repeat their mantra of lies.

    • BigBoa

      The problem with what you say is that it is indeed the SOCIETY, which means the people.

      If enough people would speak up about idiots like Sharpton, Jackson, etc, and make it clear that their tactics won’t be accepted, stations that show them won’t be watched, etc, they wouldn’t have nearly the power they do. But that would take actual effort on the part of ALL people……. Good luck with that. The people of this nation couldn’t even get up enough courage to stop an election from being stolen in front of their faces….

  • Al dullton….go home.

  • seaarrow

    I support Allen West because he is a true American. I hope they truly recount and fire the supervisor of elections Gertrude Walker. And as for Sharpton who cares .

    • Isn’t old Gertrude black?

      • seaarrow

        Yes.she is. But in her eyes West is not one of her people just like Sharpton thinks. I’m not black but West is one of my people.

  • That’s becuae Alan West isn’t BLACK !!!!

    • ArkansasMom

      He isnt??? SsShhh dont tell him

      • BigBoa

        He probably meant to imply that Colonel West is, and considers himself to be, an American….

        Granted, he probably could have been a tad more clear on that, but the mighty Boa would have to presume that was his point…

  • of course, Sharpton is a racist. He hates all black people that think different

    • ItsJo

      Correct in your post. If he is to continue to make that “race baiting money he’s stolen for years, he HAS to keep HIS black people down on the plantation, with the misery index he’s kept stoking”. He and Jesse Jackson have made quite a lavish lifestyle by keeping their OWN people down- anyone else, such as Alan West, who IS accomplished
      is ‘hated by these Race Baiters-Sharpton(with Very little intelligence-ever heard this guy speak? It’s laughable, but MSN put him on, JUST to keep the flames burning and get their hero Obama reelected. Alan West KNOWS there was cheating in the election,
      and I don’t blame him for wanting the recount. It’s WHY Corrupt Dems DON’T want ID’s w/Photos for Voting….they wouldn’t be able to continue to Cheat.

  • He’s only a “civil rights leader” when those effected aren’t conservatives of color.


    If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. I think every election should be recounted after the fact, just to verify. Or…require ID and a system that cannot be cheated.

    • BigBoa

      Boy oh boy,,,, THAT has to be one of the DUMBEST,,,, most ridiculous ideas proposed yet!!!

      How are marxists supposed to steal elections with a system like THAT??

      • BOPOS

        I know, call me a dreamer…

  • Who the f*ck is Al Sharpton? He’s not a resident of Florida…he needs to take his fat a$$ back to New York and keep his rabblerousing confined to Harlem.

  • Kathleen3

    Allen West should send up a prayer of gratitude. A man of Allen West’s caliber does not want a scam and shakedown artist such as Sharpton or Jackson to stand within 50′ of him. I suspect Murphy’s Daddy paid a handsome sum to Sharpton in return for his comments. Both Murphy and Sharpton are next to the word sleaze in the dictionary.

  • junglejimy123

    Al Sharpton is a wacked out racist POS.

    • Agreed, but it doesn’t prevent people like Bill O’Reilly of Fox eat lunch with Al.

  • Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Tawana Brawley….

  • bubba60609

    Simply, a POS can only spew S. It doesn’t get any more basic than that.

  • Does anyone really care what Al has to say? Why would they?

  • kimdi01

    Of course Al, Tawana Brawley, Sharpton refuses to go along with a recount. That would mean supporting a Conservative and that is totally against his ethics. Conservatives are there for Sharpton to demean, not support.

  • Dear Leader

    I guess some African-Americans are more equal than others

  • toejangle

    Sharpton is a joke—always been a joke—always will be a joke—a public and government parasite of the worst kind !!!

  • MichMike

    C’mon Al, just say it. “All my bs about black rights and always siding with them is just that, bs. Blacks who are not part of the democrat party don’t count”. While you are at it, clarify a couple of other things for the folks. “Women’s rights are important but the fact that 500 million muslim women are treated like dogs and certainly FAR worse than blacks were treated in South Africa does not matter to NOW and other women’s organization because there is no political gain to be had”. And lastly, “while a woman has the right to control her own body, including killing a baby in in her womb, prostitutes do not get to control their own bodies because there are no votes there either”. Maybe Al will fess up on a few more unexplainable positions the left takes each day.

  • What you have is a Black man and a *** * **

    • KenInMontana

      I don’t care much for that word and I would appreciate it if you would refrain from using it in any form.

  • AZSchumi

    And who is this Al Sharpton you speak of?

    Some ignorant dumb a$$ that “axes” questions on a waste of electricity that no person with an IQ above 55 would watch?

    THAT Al Sharpton????

    • Yes that Al Sharpton, and Fox still brings him on as a “contributor”. It is enough to make a skunk vomit.

  • TastesLikeEmu

    Simply put, if you’re a Republican, you ain’t “Black Enough” for Al.

  • Silver Surfer Dude

    Another boring example of the hard left’s “means to an end”. At least conservatives tend to show restraint when it comes to hypocrisy.

  • If Trayvon Martin were a conservative black youth, I doubt Bozo the Clown would’ve been terribly interested in his manner of death.

    • BigBoa

      Just today, O’Bozo mentioned that he does NOT get involved in “federal investigations”….

      Perhaps he forgot about the Zimmerman case…..

  • redwolf6911

    The Florida Secretary of State is sending auditors to St. Lucie County to audit the election. There was a tremendous amounts of irregular activity and the Supervisor did NOT follow Fl laws regarding elections. Allen West may still get justice in this election. Sharpton is an idiot.

  • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

    Did anyone with any brain think that Lucifer Sharpton…keeper of inner city plantation slaves…would support a free American of black heritage?

    GOD bless Rep West who is fighting the evil within…all on his own…without the Republican leadership helping him retain his seat!


    He is doing this to maintain the integrity of our voting process…as everyone in this country should be doing and is not!

  • MichMike

    Golly folks. Sure sharpton is a racist, race baiting extortionist with a low IQ who doesn’t pay his taxes and belongs in jail. But he CARES!

  • kent7


    • BigBoa

      Are you KIDDING?? This isn’t just a fellow man! It’s a brotha!!!

      • kent7

        Around Al, thought it better to be PC! BRO

        • BigBoa

          AH HAHAHa!!

          Ah SO!! The mighty Boa understands!

  • Dreamofmydad

    Al Sharpee, a man with a TV show, just because of Affirmative Action and his brilliantly Choreographed racist rants and incoherent sentences about anything.
    The new normal, a lower level show for the useful idiot viewers from the same tree.
    Go West Go

  • John

    The Rev is not in any position to determine whether or not there is a re-count, so why is there any interest in his opinion? It’s like quoting Bill Maher after his scummy show. They are just idiots on the sidelines making nonsensical noise that the MSM loves to cover.

  • jmgconsultants

    Join us tonight at 8pm to 10pm , Call in number is 347-327-9601 as we will discuss Obama press conference, The truth on Bengazi and the misdirection that the Obama administration is conducting to keep the truth from coming out. Plus widespr
    ead voter fraud by the dems and the Obama administration to stay in power, and of course the stolen race on Allen West. How could 141% of voters vote in St. Lucie county? Doesn’t that raise eyebrows? Where is Pam Bondi and Rick Scott? Plus how Obama and his re-election has already caused widespread layoffs, business closings and a tumbling stock market.–voice-of-the-people

  • Al Sharpton is a poverty pimp anti Semite race baiting liar… he could never support truth,He is a fraud!!! besides he would lose his place at the democrat table !!

  • Clover1111

    Al MIGHT care if West loses and they can counter program West on Fox. I would look for that to happen and it would be a win for Fox News to hire him.

  • Patrisan Hack for the Dems!

  • “He is of his Father”…who comes to deceive, to rob and to destroy”…

  • Jessie Jackass and Alfonzo Sharpton is proof that anyone can be called a Reverend,,,,,,even the devil himself.

  • TheAudacityofGovernment

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…. It is so hard to be a Democrat and keep all of the rules straight. But this is an excellent example of who the dems are. They are not for ALL minorities, women, aged, poor, etc. Only those that have a D after their name!! It’s how they roll. Time for Republicans to stop the “nice talk”. They are intolerant and divisive!!
    Call it as it is!

  • If West was a screaming liberal he’d be up in arms. Hypocrite al the way.

  • BigBoa

    Why would ANYONE oppose voter ID? There is NO justified reason to do so. But the marxists and baiters like Sharpton do. Oddly enough, O’Bozo lost in nearly every state that has such laws.

    Why would ANYONE actually oppose a recount? This, of course, providing it is reasonable and done on the “up and up”. If you believe you legitimately and fairly won, a recount should not be an issue. Obviously we can’t have recount after recount. But once, perhaps twice if warranted, what should be of concern? Unless, of course, you DIDN’T actually win, and fear that being discovered.

    How about, for example, 300,000 votes still not being counted in Ohio, yet O’Bozo being declared “winner”? Of course, an entire presidential recount would probably show Mittens actually won, and God knows we can’t have that. It is absolutely mind boggling that, despite all of the shenanigans that went on during election day, there is no discussion of ANY of it, no discussion about election fraud. Nothing. It is as if the GOP wanted O’Bozo to win as much as anyone else. Which might also explain why they did nothing to reveal any of the news that began pouring forth AFTER the election. If you have your hopes placed in the GOP, it is as poorly placed as it would be if placed in O’Bozo and the marxists.

    • Is this true? Wouldn’t that swing the state to Romney? What about the military votes, were they ever counted?

      • BigBoa

        Not sure about the military votes. But the mighty Boa did hear reference to this earlier,,, perhaps on Limbaugh? And then saw a link to an article later, might have been on drudge. 300,000 ballots not counted,,, margin of victory was 100,000……

  • Al Sharpie.. Racist!

  • psadie

    Look who you are dealing with here! Al Sharpton is a disgrace to his people. He leads them down the path of no return and dignity. Him and Jesse should crawl back in the hole from where they came and the African Americans will be better for it.

    • Seriously? They look up to Jesse and Al to lead them to their promised land.

  • “According to Rev. Sharpton: “We want to see the integrity of the election process upheld on a local level but we unilaterally oppose a recount in the national race. Clearly, Representative-Elect Murphy’s lead over Congressman Allen West is way outside the margin to justify a recount.”


    We aren’t about to lift a finger to do anything that might give this Uncle Tom a chance to win.

  • Walter Bellhaven

    If $harpton had been born white, his career would have topped-out as men’s room attendant at the Port Authority.

  • Unlike many serious black spokesmen, Rev Al has always been a clown equal to any. He is always good for a chuckle.

  • irishsmile

    The shock would have been if Sharpton had supported the recount. The only minorities that are acceptable to Sharpton and his prejudiced ilk are the goose-stepping, line up for the freebies minorities.

  • I still can’t believe someone hasn’t taken the piece of crap sharpton out yet. He is such a low life poverty pimp. He is what is wrong with black america.

  • Double-post. Sorry.

    F zero.

  • l3lue_lite_special

    duh – anyone who is surprised, please raise your hand!

  • kkirk1015

    Col West is not black enough for Al. He’s off the Plantation. It’s not racial if you are not black or Dem. Al had no problem stiring the black machine for Travon Martin but draws the line if a Black Republican is descriminated against. What a hypocrit?!? And as far as being a Reverand, one can call themself anything but his actions speak louder than words. He does not have any of the qualities of a Christian Rev.

  • Kedzie

    This old black racist ain’t going to stop until he’s toes up. Worthless scum.

  • CareerPolitician

    I don’t mind Al Sharpton’s overt black racism … but I do mind him using the term “Reverend” in front of his name.

  • virgil leonard

    and yet you call us racists. that’s like the sheep calling rice white

  • ctownsteve

    Not the brighest bulb on MSNBC to begin with. Left or right Dem or Rep. Blue or Red
    is Rev. Al saying he believes in democracy only if it is to his liking?

  • Buddy P

    Sharpton is a blowhard. He has been a race baiter for years. I don’t know if anyone takes him seriously anymore. But id there is someone out there that old Al has any intergrity or revelence, I have two words for you – Tawana Brawley

  • Buddy P

    Sharpton is a blowhard. He has been a race baiter for years. I don’t know if anyone takes him seriously anymore. But id there is someone out there that old Al has any intergrity or revelence, I have two words for you – Twana Browlry

  • LOL Al Sharpton is relevant in a Congressional election because why?
    I can’t wait for Congressman West’s comment

  • Al – A racist and a hack – whose followers are more of an imbecile than he is!

  • bluemongoose

    Al Sharpton is a communist and racist. He is as anti-American as they come, and has no business whatsoever deceiving people into believing he is a man of God.

  • Reagan_is_BACK


  • Reagan_is_BACK

    Say whaaa? Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Can anybody really understand what the heck this crazy is saying? Does he? lol.

  • Harrry James

    Brother AL is no more a man of the cloth than my diciest father.

  • patsys48

    What a racist hypocrite……!! Allen West is not a liberal thug, doesn’t hang with Beyonce and the thug she’s married to, doesn’t support the socialist in office and doesn’t wear his pants to the ground…But he loves his country, spent his military years protecting idiots like Sharpton and the likes of other leftists and Sharpton and his gang of racist, hypocrite thugs, have the nerve to call him an Uncle Tom….shameful….!!

  • PhineasPhreak

    He’s taken this position because Allen West is not one of his sheep. Only the entitlement race follows Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    • Sectime

      At least Sharpton can’t be called a racist on not supporting West. Bet that bugs you.

      • PhineasPhreak

        Not really. What bugs me is how many of you are just Al’s type – sheep.

      • Brain-dead lefties are the ones who scream nonsense about race, not conservatives.

  • May Sharpton reap what he sows.

  • Jim1937

    “Hypocrite and Democrat hack…”. Why are you going so easy on Al Not So Sharp Ton?

  • BeeSmart

    Sharpton is now and has always been a race hustling, lier. Why Liberals gave this ex FBI informant and all around racist a TV show I’ll never know. So many qualified African/American Liberal people. They pick this criminal and advocate for riots,

    I think, because deep down they hate Blacks. By putting this terrible example of an uneducated con-man before the public the Liberals can feel good about themselves while keeping the minstrel show going. Sharpton is nothing but an overseer for his masters in the Democrat Party. A tap dancing clown of no moral character or integrity.

    Hey Al keep those local ghetto folk in line between elections. What a disgrace.

  • The last time Sharpton had a coherent thought was when he downed a bottle of Night Train.

  • Sharpton only supports blacks who falsely claim to be victims!

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Sharpton is racist and it is as simple as that….Just as Herman Cain was a racist in blacks eyes….You see how easy it is to use liberal arguments against them? The fact Sharpton is a Marxist race hustling poverty p-mp has absolutely nothing to do with it….He is a racist, racist, racist…..

  • Libhunter5

    Al Sharpton is king of the malcontent class…..leeching of the rest of us for their pathetic existance. I don’t call them poor because anybody the has a roof over their head, Obama phone, newy comming Obama Ipad, free healthcare, free food, and all the other goodies that Obama gives them poor. I would love to get Starvin Marvin and a buch of other real poor people to kick these whinny dependent jerks ass

  • StageCoachDriver

    Reverend Al won’t support a recount for Allen West? I’m shocked. But the Reverend Al has never put his life on the line for his country and has no respect for those who have.

    Reverend Al is just another Chicagoland slug.

    • He aspires to be a Shitcago slug. He’s from Bensonhurst, Noo Yawk.

  • Libhunter5

    Al Sharpton is king of the malcontent class. He fights so the leeches get live their pathetic life off the rest of us. I don’t call them poor because anybody that has an Obamaphone, Obama Ipad, (comming soon…google it) food stamps, SSD, free healthecare and a place to live poor. I would love to get Starvin Marvin and his crew from Somolia who are really poor to kick theses peoples asses.

  • useyourhead4

    Of course Reverend Al does not support a recount in the District 18 race. The current office holder, Allen West, is a black CONSERVATIVE and the left will go out of their way to defeat and criticize any conservative no matter how good they would be for blacks, but especially one that is black.

    A black conservative provides an alternative to those who may finally recognize that the liberals and Democrat party have done NOTHING for blacks but make empty promises and use them for their vote. What have they done for blacks, especially black youth, in creating jobs for them given that their unemployment rate is 14%+?? Now that Obama has been reelected by buying them and others with goodies that do little to improve their overall life, watch to see how much higher that unemployment rate will climb. Then, in a few years, they will be back having forgotten that nothing improved to be used again. Stupid!

    What is the definition of insanity and what sanity have black voters demonstrated by continuing to vote for politicians who have not done them any good?? Get a clue and start using the power of critical thinking to determine who is going to best take care of your pocket book issues. And don’t rely on what they say; rely on what they do and have done before being made fool by folks like Al Sharpton who lies by telling them that he and other liberals have their best interests at heart. Ask Al Sharpton where the jobs are; why he isn’t in Chicago to intervene on the Black on Black violence and death that is rampant there in Obama’s home town.

  • Why this hack is given any media attention, after tawana brawley, I will NEVER understand.

  • ricardoh

    Once a poverty pimp always a poverty pimp. Another disgusting human.

  • jackolantyrn356

    Al Sharpton has nothing to do with Allen West recount. I’d vote for W=st and I am Almost White.

  • What a shock…it amazes me that people in this country can’t grasp that the real racial hatemongers are Al baby and Jesse Jackson….

  • 1unit_31

    Since they would not post my last comment I’ll try and make this one a little less direct.
    The reason that big Al will not support Mr West is simple, Big Al is a N1663r or African American while Mr. West is an American that has served his country, not his pocket book.

  • Of course he won’t support Allen West— Col. West is a man of integrity, Sharpton doesn’t know the meaning of the word! They all KNOW the election was FIXED!!!

  • I can not stand Al Sharpton. He is so freaking stupid, not to mention one of the biggest racists towards white people.

  • collardgreens1

    Who would ever have guessed that might happen?

  • tinlizzieowner

    Like I’ve said from the beginning. If Col. West had been the Democratic candidate in this race, organizations like the NAACP and ‘race pimps’ like Sharpton and Jackson, would be screaming for a re-count against the ‘White guy’ on the basis of the fact that the racial makeup of the county is 79.14% White, 15.42% African American, 0.24% Native American, 0.95% Asian.

  • sdc63

    Al Sharpton and integrity do not belong in the same sentence!


  • of course……this is the race pimp in charge

  • iatemine

    Who gives 2 sh*ts what that greasy-haired charlatan thinks or supports. He is a corrupt criminal race baiting extortionist on His best day! “Reverend” My A**….

  • That’s because in this idiots small mind, Allen West is not an “authentic” black man.

  • C

    ghetto stick al is a waste of skin.

  • Feed Al a diet of 7.62

    • P

      So are you personally threatening his life? Do you just think its cool to talk about shooting people?


        The revolution is coming to a theater near you very soon. You dumb liberals started this down fall of America and we will bring it back. Whatever it takes.

        • P

          So you’re threatening me now? First I’m not a liberal I’m an American. If you are calling for an armed Revolution then that make you un-American. If the only way you can get what you want is through violence you should rethink your position.

          • America will now be forever changed, for the worst in my opinion. We tried to save her at the polls but could not compete against a candidate who gave away freebies to win along with all the cheating that is now arising! So the next best thing is the same thing my Grandfather helped do the King of England and his army, which by the way birthed this Country. Try reading history and the constitution.

      • oh, real nice! you won’t ever catch me with that type of set up. But, what about all your “homies” that threatened Romney if he won? I guess that is ok?

        • P

          Setup? If 7.62 isn’t a reference to ammo then what is it? Then your defense for doing it is that “homies”, that you have no respect for, threatened Romney? So, you are taking your cues from these so-called “homies”? People threatening to kill people on Facebook, et. al. are idiots, and you decided to join them.

          Not a good idea.

          • The beauty of rhetoric is that sender and the messenger can interpret, as they perceive it. Whether or not your intelligent enough to figure out which message is perception and which is not is reliant upon your instincts. And as for your directing the comment of joining “hommies” as and idiot, you are right about the first, they are idiots and you are a Democrap. How do I know? Because you resulted to an emotional defense in your reply to me using the childish tactic of name-calling.

  • buckofama2010

    The jesses jackson, sharpton and the ovomits can ALL best be described by the N word. No other word is adequate. They are pathetic scum

  • Sharktoon? The lowest of the lowest scum POS on earth? The race pimp of race pimps? Hey Sharktoon, the next time I see you, I’m going to spit in your puke face. Although, it’s a waste of good spit.

  • aberdeenvet

    The champion of the down trodden Black man never spouts the truth and surely never supports the search for it either.

  • Sharpton, just another ghetto black, with REV-REND after his name.

  • neverlickthehand

    Just another CONMAN using his race and gift of GAB for his own ends. Dirtbag of the highest order.

  • Patricia Leath

    Did Murphy aka Chicago mafia pay Sharpton to attack West? West has integraty. Sharton wants money. He will play if you pay…just like Jessie Jackson. They should retire and let honorable Black men and women walk in the foot steps of MLK.

  • Al Sharpton: a Democratic propagandist and an arrogant buffoon.

  • Tedbaxter

    Sharpton only supports his Plantation Blacks, not the real independent blacks

  • James P Bergeron

    This guy is not worthy of a comment. I sent a contribution to Allen Wests’ re-count fund yesterday. Please help a true patriot by doing whatever you can to help Col. West overcome this evil.

    • West voters need to be counted in person..takes courage. Set up counting stations..sign in and get your #. add station counts. Don’t need media, don’t need government…just the voters.

  • Racist! He hates Allen West ‘cuz he’s black!

    • john fore

      All those rascists that voted for Murphy instead of west..shame shame!

  • Has anyone ever done a neurotoxicology study of Jheri Curls?

  • condaggitt

    Racist slime……….wont support a black because he demands personal responsibility from Black people……

    sharpton GO TO YOUR ROOM…..


      Hey Sharpton–I say and demand you keep your lying liberal body in New York and help the people hit by the hurricane. You have no business in Florida

  • MissyT111

    Guess party trumps color

  • P

    Wow, do any of you live in the 18th district? I do. Do any of you know what the rule is? There is an automatic recount when the race is within .5% which the mayor’s race is. The race for the 18th is .8%. So the rule doesn’t apply when your guy looses? Do any of you know anything about St. Lucie County? It was one of the hardest hit places in the country after the real estate crash. The recount would cost St. Lucie county money they do not have. I could care less about what Al Sharpton said about the race. It does not meet the rule for a recount. Should the people of St. Lucie county have to pay for a recount that is not required because West doesn’t believe he lost? I haven’t read anything intelligent in these comments. I have seen racial remarks, ad hominem attacks, and veiled threats on Sharpton’s life (that would be you Kevin).

    • john fore

      When it is so obvious there has been voter fraud there should be a recount. If you are going to recount early votes then recount all of them.

      • P
        note* – turnout percentages will show over 100% due to a two page ballot. the tabulation system (GEMS) provides voter turnout as equal to the total cards cast in the election divided by the number of registered voters. also note that some voters chose not to return by mail the second card containing the amendments.

        The turnout was actually closer to 70.46% not the 141% reported

        • do both cards ask for a vote for the same person?

          • P

            2nd page was all constitutional admendments

  • porkexpress

    I just saw Al on MSNBC. His head is so large the he could be a “Bobble Head” doll.

  • jfkjax

    Sharpton is nothing more than a con-man, liar, racist, bigot, moron. Remember Tawana Brawley? The guy is a moron.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Allen West is not an African-American, he is an American, he happens to have very dark skin,…I am not a Northern-European-American,…I am an American, my skin and eyes happen to be very light, they are homo-sapiens characteristics of climatic ancestry and genetic experience over the ages,…the concept of race is a socialist invention and conception, it has no basis in science, DNA research has proved that we are of one species,..and when we mate with different characteristics we will always reproductive other homo Sapiens which only combines these characteristics, usually making the individuals immune system stronger by combining the two genetic experiences, like blonde Nordic hair with dark Scottish hair, … we are not MULES!


    ” The day will come when they will be judged by the content of their character,..not color of their skin” but did they listen? NO!

  • Jack76

    What gives Sharpton the right to decide anything and who gives a rat’s rear end what a criminal con man like him thinks?

  • neuroguy

    Yes, lets definitely cite what Al Sharpton thinks about anything, what with him being the national representative of liberal intellectual speak. Thank God we have his input into any discussion of matters of race, since he honed his media skills on the Tawana Brawley scandal and is now ready to demonstrate his intellectual integrity in all aspects of life.


      I’d like to hold down Sharpton and give him a nice buzz haircut. That POS can’t even comb that rag he wears. Then he will look “sharp”.

  • aircraftmech

    Another example of how full of shit Sharpton is

  • ASA_98C

    Shake Down Al, this is shocking!!

  • arkivx

    Maybe if allen west smears some feces on himself AL will help him.

  • vutsrq

    Al Sharpton says? Who cares what Al Sharpton says.

  • lou7


    SICKO, SICKO, SICKO!!!!!!!

  • Bn2D

    Sharpton is a P.O.S.!

  • Cserpent

    Remember Tawana Brawley? Who is this guy to agree or disagree on anything!

  • john fore

    If we could only get him to jump, with his head so far up his behind he would disappear.

  • Eric Van Schaik

    Basically who gives a flying pile of bear crap what Al Sharpton wants or not…Precisely what authority does he have over a d*&^ thing?….

  • Cserpent

    Does anyone remember the Tawana Brawley issue in NY?.. Who is this guy to say anything about anyone!

  • L

    Wow. What a shock.

  • paoliana

    Who cares about what Al Tawana Brawley Sharpton supports?????

  • cylde

    Again it is clear who the “house negro” is and it is not West.

  • I find Al Sharpton unworthy. And lets quit letting them call it voter fraud, it is vote counter fraud.

  • I guess Sharptongue thinks West is just too black. He seems more supportive of mulattos like obama. Maybe he hates West’s military service.

  • FriendOfReality

    He should have been taken care of at one of the planned parenthood offices that he so wildly supports.

    He’s nothing more than a racist piece of trash

  • This fat jerk sharpton has been a festering wart on the ass of America for too many years…
    I so wish he would just shrivel up and go away…

  • as far as the ‘reverend’ al is concerned, allen west’s problem is he is too conservative to be black. as forrest gump said, “liberal is as liberal does”.

    • Mr.CommonSense

      Actually the word was stupid, but they essentially mean the same thing. Sad that Hanks is a typical liberal Hollyweirdo.

  • typical for sharpton …. sharpton is not about being fair …..

  • NOBHO2012

    He just throw one of his hommies under the bus, then shot him to make sure West was dead. We need the Justice Brother’s of Jackson and Sharpton to retire, and stop keeping their hommies on welfare. Welfare keeps the justice bro’s in power and the hommies repressed, and without fathers. Back in its day the black family was strong, with welfare it broke up the family, thank-you LBJ!!

    Kind of what West is trying to do, make the family strong again!!!

  • Look up “race-baiting, arson-and-riot-inciting scamming ahole” and you will find a pic of Al Sharpton.

  • Snotty_Waitperson

    In a recent interview with Famous Race Pimps magazine, Al Sharpy gave his reasons why he supports the Mayor over war-hero Allen West. He said “Failure to embrace the local LGBT community, complete lack of interest in environmental activism and in raising awareness about climate change, turning a blind eye to the existence of a “glass ceiling” for female suicide bombers, not being authentically black and a few documented instances of not separating paper from plastic”.

  • Pouncekitty

    Sharpton supports black DEMOCRATS only. He does not support black Republicans because freedom of choice, speech and action is PROHIBITED for black people. Black people MUST be Democrats and support all the Democrat spending and insanity or they are not “truly black…” See how this works? See how this Plantation is kept in business?

  • TheBruce

    I guess Sharpton doesn’t consider him “Black Enough.”

    Translation? Only “true” blacks elect to stay on the liberal plantation (the only place idiots like Sharpton and Jackson have any power).

    • TheQuickening

      The masses seem to forget that the Rev. Martin Luther King was a Republican and Bull Conner who set the dogs on protesters in Selma AL. was a leader in the local Democratic Party. Also slips folks minds that it was the Democrats that blocked the Civil Rights Act.


      • Demcratic Party members were also the founding fathers of the KKK. This list could actually go on and on but the Democrats have been brainwashed and when told these facts will say these are outlandish lies and so much so will not even do the reseach for fear of finding out the truth.

      • Revisionist history taught in our schools.

        Have you ever seen the reaction of a democrat when told this “little bit” of trivia? Why it’s the funniest thing to watch. Their heads swell up and their faces turn purple. Then they get a strange case of Tourette’s.

        Then continue to name the long list of racist democrats including AL Gore’s father; why you best step out if the way cause the blood is going to shoot from their eyes.

        • TheQuickening

          Indeed. It’s much akin to what happens to Republicans when you discuss the Bush ties to Saudi’s, where Saddam got his chemical weapons from or Bush’s Grandaddy’s bank having ties to the Nazi’s. It’s exactly what you said LQ, revisionist history.

          Our children, the hope of the future, are being fed disinformation and those of them who don’t drop out are never taught any skills rendering them capable of critical thinking.

          Think how easy it will be when all of our history is stored on computers rather being printed on paper. The truth is we’re being robbed and manipulated and set against each other and have been for many decades.

  • Why does anyone listen to this clown?

  • Steve1962

    AL SHARPTON IS A ………. BIGOT …………

  • alanwillingham

    Isn’t Sharpton a paid Democrat Shill on the one of those Hate Filled Liberal Democrat Cable Channels?

  • cuchobear

    Al Sharptgon is a racist POS,the typical Obama voter.

  • Team_Huli

    Why is he still referred to as “Reverend”?

  • Does ANYONE actually take this Clown seriously?

  • ocdetf

    A hustler, phony and fraud.

  • Al being Al 🙂

  • He is more consistent destroying innocent white men’s lives with fake claims of racism, than bloviating on elections. His politics run from ridiculous to stupid.

  • Al Uncle Tom Sharpton.

    Any one that leaves the plantation will be reported.

  • expat1995

    Surprise ,surprise ,Sharpton is not a very intelligent man ,but he is corrupt ,racist and very cunning.He has always supported only the blacks who are Dems .But he will not be on MSDNC much longer,because he has outlived his usefulness.Their hero won the election ,so no need to pander to the minorities anymore ,he will soon be personna non grata at the White House again .He was tolerated for the votes ,now he is not needed.

  • Who the F is Sharpton? Why is anybody asking him for his bigoted opinions and secondly, which non read organazation is printing his stuff? I thought he was so totally discredited by that fake rape thing by Brawley that he was back under his rock.

  • Go to H—, Sharpton. You are a racist of the worst kind! I am white and I want to have a recount. So, who is the racist here, you or me?

  • Jay

    Not-so-Sharpton wants to send out the guards and hounds to catch West and put him in chains back on the plantation. Before 01/01/1863 Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk would have been known as overseers.

    • they’d be called slavers, too. As they’d sell their own just to make a buck

  • railroadtom

    Not a big fan of Al Sharpton, but seriously – have some credibility and publish comparable numbers.

    One candidate was “within .05 points”, the other was “only .08 percentage points away from having a mandatory recount.”

    Well, .05 and .08 sound very close however read carefully – the margin in the .08 case was actually .58, and about 2000 votes.

    The margin in the “within .05” case was actually only 21 votes and actually about .001 percent, so the real comparison is:

    21 votes – 0.002 percent
    2000 votes, 0.58 percent

    All Sharpton supporting the first would seem to be reasonable.

    Keep in mind, I really dislike Al Sharpton, but this is the sort of right wing distortion that had conservatives believing Romney would win the election. Until conservatives start worrying about the ridiculous slanting if their echo chamber media, they will accomplish nothing.

    • even one fraudulent vote is one too many. You’re comparing a mayoral local race with a Congressional race.

      You guys won, stop being so angry. You should be jumping for joy as soon you’ll get everything you ever wanted. But then again, you’ll own the mess that comes along with your agenda. HAHAHAHA!

  • According to Rev. Sharpton: “We want to see the integrity of the election process upheld “….the Race Pimp talks about “INTEGIRTY”…he is a money Vulture and a old buzzard!

    • ZzXx592

      Allen West is doing what Mitt Romney should have done by demanding a recount of obviously fraudulent votes. Please go away Al Sharpton. We older folks remember what kind of character you really are. You ain’t foolin’ anyone baby by wearing an expensive suit.

  • Junie3

    But Al, where’s all that concern for voter suppression and the republicans trying to steal the election? Al, you and the NAACP are such fakes and stupid to think anyone fell for your lies and blather.

  • AL is a racist

  • MarcusOhreallyUS

    Al will be dealt with, when the civil war starts.

  • 4juices

    What’s new.

  • Al Sharpcon only cares about non republican blacks.

  • k962

    Sharpton relegated to an MSNBC poverty pimp, will never support any successful Black person! Racism is his game!

  • Contrarianthefirst

    Al Sharpton; racist socialist extraordinaire…

  • Sharpton has been a gasbag since he first stepped onto the national stage during the Tawana Brawley rape allegations. His only discernible talent is an uncanny ability to be able to land with both feet precisely upon the wrong side of an issue whenever he chooses to open that cavernous mouth of his. Why are we supposed to care about what he says about anything?

  • prepping

    The Reverend wants to uphold “the integrity of the Election process”??? Oh, that’s too funny! Why not denounce the new black panthers for voter intimidation? Why not support voter ID? Why don’t you support getting rid of gerrymandered districts? It’s because you are a disgusting example of liberalism gone amok!

  • prepping

    Succeed we much!

  • Brawndo2

    What a contrast in persona: Al Sharpton and Alan West. Is there any question which one you would trust and which one you wouldn’t? Brings me to another point. Which one is Barack Obama more like: Al Sharpton or Alan West? Tells you a lot doesn’t it…
    While Obama is obviously dishonest, Obama works for the Global banking conglomerate. Al Sharpton could be a “tool” for them, but I think they know he’s pretty stupid. Alan West is an integrity guy and really transcends racial polarization and New World Order (International Banking Cartel) enslavement. Losing Alan West in the political arena is a loss for America which is something both Obama and Sharpton and the easily manipulated delight in.

  • amazingoly

    Hey, Al, he is a “brother”. Thought you “took care” of each other.

  • susandanielspi

    Does anyone pay attention to Sharpton, that goof with the slimy looking hair?

  • higgins75

    hypocrite and democrat is a redundancy

  • Fip1

    I laugh at the moniker, “Reverend”.

  • Peter_Grynch

    This is news? A corrupt leftist racial huckster wants to steal another election? Why isn’t Sharpton in jail yet?

  • Liberal compassion hard at work in the MSNBC news room. Sounds as though Al Sharpton rushes to the aid of those who only share his ideology.

  • CitizenKK

    Fat old Sharpton is nothing more than a race-baiting, Tawana Brawley loving, leftist thug…

  • dixhandley

    Sharpton is the son of satan. Just AX him…I detest these n….

  • The simplest way to characterize Sharpton’s attitude is to state that he is a typical Obama voter.
    That says it all

  • muckfexico2

    WHY do I find that not hard to believe….. Sharpie and West… the tortoise and the hare. No comparison.

  • Styx717

    Who in he ll gives a rodent’s patute what race baiter al has to say about anything? He has the intellectual capacity of a rat. He’s a worthless POS.

  • This is a joke, right? Oh, wait–it’s just Al Sharpton.

  • WBCarson

    West isnt black enough for him.

    • Portia2708

      West LOST…period…don’t like it, MOVE…sore losers!

      • GoldenRudy


        • Portia2708

          Yeah, that was real helpful…what would you be saying if Murphy was in the same position and he demanded a recount? Don’t bother answering, I know your kind’s answer…you just can’t handle losing and want to spend more money to prove it…wow Subject: [trscoop] Re: Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

          • WBCarson

            If you already know the answer than why even post something?

            • Portia2708

              Right back at ‘ya…you already KNOW the outcome, but yet, you all still whine Subject: [trscoop] Re: Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

          • GoldenRudy

            Murphy is a no count, no accomplishment, thug white Irish dink, supported by his corrupt father and the big $$$ his father’s construction company makes of the poor and needy. No I would not support him. Murphy, the Murphy family, and the fools that voted for him aren’t worthy of carrying Rep West’s dirty laundry. Porty, you are about to reap what you and your ilk have sown. See you after the stuff hits the economic fan in the next 6 months.

            • Portia2708

              Does your side EVER get tired of that nonsense…I heard it ALL after Clinton was elected…twice…you just can’t help yourselves from predicting doom and gloom whenever your side LOSES…get over it…the only way things will get worse is if the Republicans in congress CHOOSE to do nothing and then, it’s on THEM and the public will see that…so, enjoy the wasteland YOU create because Obama will NOT be blamed…proof…this election…the majority of people KNEW who to blame for the past 4 years of obstructionism…but, please do NOT learn from this so we keep winning Subject: [trscoop] Re: Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

              • GoldenRudy

                Porty, you do remember that Obama had BOTH the House and Senate for two years and did nothing but nationalize health care. He said he would laser focus on jobs but the result was ….8% stagnant unemployment, 16% in reality. R’s had nothing to say for two full years. How come Obama’s economic Plan was not in place during that 2 years?

      • WBCarson

        Oh sure. But that wasnt the tune Dems were singing when Gore lost.

        • Portia2708

          Do, it wasn’t for a very good reason…he was clearly ahead in the popular vote…West is NOT…but, of course, it’s always different when it’s your guy Subject: [trscoop] Re: Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

          • WBCarson

            So Democrats can sue, demand recounts, demand recalls, invade the Wisconsin State House and occupy it, run out of state, stand in front of polling stations and threaten people and thats just dandy. Let one Republican, especially a black one, call for a recount in a local election and hes somehow evil. Yes, its all clear now.
            Let there be a recount. Let us see what the votes really are. Take away his excuse then.

            • Portia2708

              Only YOU brought in the black factor…NOT me
              Subject: [trscoop] Re: Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County

              • WBCarson

                Yes, because liberals hate black conservatives. The Congressional Black Caucus wouldnt even let him join.

  • RnW063

    I’m sorry, but I don’t care any more. The inmates are running the asylum, and we allow it.

  • eztalk

    What a tool, hypocrite.

    Talk about being an “Oreo” (a term I’ve never approved of in the past)…..this is an example exemplar.
    Not supporting a man of color (the big deal they’ve pushed for YEARS) who obviously was cheated from winning?? All these people are posers of the worst kind. They use their own people to push an agenda while abandoning those that don’t fit their creed.

    This tiny little man is no bigger on the inside than he is on the outside.

    *failure* as a human being.

  • Breid123

    Is anybody surprised? The sad part about all of this is that the Dems just keep getting away with it, they are the real racists.

  • staff office

    Just die already you race baiter!!

  • mackadoo

    Excuuuusssseeeee me! Just what the hell does Al Sharpton’s opinion/support matter regarding a vote recount in St Lucie County, FL. For that matter, who gives a whit what Al Sharpton thinks about anything anywhere?

    • Portia2708

      Yep, my thoughts exactly…no one on here would EVER ask Sharpton for his opinion about anything else, why give him his continued 15 minutes of fame?

  • blight14

    What an utter buffoon, surely he’s 3 million years or so in terms of evolution…..a double digit IQ cretin, period.

  • RearEnd Not-too-Sharp-Toon…have no shame, no honor….
    Wining by cheating??? No shame, no honor…
    – like Saddam Hussein was (or could be) the best ballet dancer, or the best opera singer in the whole Iraq – after he killed all ballet dancers and opera singers.
    No shame, no honor.

  • C. Adkins

    Al will never leave the plantation.

    • 62nitro

      Al & Jessie have made a fortune over the years by creating an air of racism where none exists.

  • That is because Allen West is the wrong color of Black. This is so typical of these community organizers, you have to agree with them to get support.

    Just remember this, ole al is the one that brought on that twanna brawly lie to NY.

  • Of course if West were a Democrat “Good-ole-Al” would be down there leading demonstrations demanding a recount.
    I suspect Mr. West isn’t black enough for Sharpton to support since he is running on the Republican/Tea Party ticket.
    It’s also a demonstration of Mr. Sharpton’s lack of education in mathematics.

  • teamgreentim

    Not sure which is funnier: what Sharpton says or that some people believe him.

  • Portia2708

    I am confused as to why people are putting Al Sharpton in the spotlight…the people on here NEVER agree with him, neither do I, but then why look to him for answers or solutions? Mr West lost and although. .08 is not a huge amount, the law is pretty clear…if is isn’t below .05, there is NO recount…what’s so hard to understand about that…I do KNOW that had Romney won and there was a seat contested and the Rep. was in this same situation, all you on here would be screaming that the law should be upheld…so, all I see here is a bunch of sore losers, especially West who are trying to make this about Sharpton, when it is NOT.

  • This is just another example of someone who claims he wants the best for his race. However, Al Sharpton is a democrat first and a black man second. Supporting a democrat that happens to be white is more important than supporting the black man. It is too bad, I do not believe Al Sharpton understands how irrelevant this makes him look.

  • cooldela1966

    Well, we should all do what Al sayeth, shouldn’t we?

  • ali3nation

    There should be no confusion, the likes of Al Sharpton should not be heard at all. The man is a nobody. He made his notoriety on a scandalous lie perpetrated more than thirty years ago and he speaks for nor does he represent anyone. I can not believe that any credible source would use his name in any legitimate news piece. Shame on ” The Right Poop” for even putting his name in print, even if it is with the intent to show his double standard. He is a has been and is now a nobody, I am reserving the appropriate epithets and racial slurs to maintain dignity, but you know what I mean.

  • But is West were a Democrat and Murphy were white, teh differerance could be 10% and Hypocrite Sharpton would support a recount. People like Sharpton and Jackson only support minorities if they are liberals

  • Why is there even a story on this MORON. AL is a worthless BAFOON.

  • spidermike

    Remind me again why Sharpton should have any credence. BTW, which “matchbook cover” Divinity school did he graduate from?

  • Sharpton knows who his masters are and is a good stooge

  • If you didn’t vote for Obama, it is because he is black and you are racist. Therefore if you didn’t vote for West, it is because he is black and you are racist. If you don’t support the recount, then you support racism. So, Al Sharpton is racist.

  • Jim

    Al and Jackson uses their race when it benefits them. They are racist among their own race… West dosen’t need people like that helping him.

  • Janice Morrow

    Remember Sharpton’s involvement with the girl that was supposedly raped, etc. quite a few years back? (I think it was in New York City, but I don’t remember that detail.) Remember that it turned out to be a hoax? And, this man (Sharpton) should have any credibility? Why is he even given any attention?

  • zzzzzzzzzzzxxxx

    This is why the reverend ( cough,argh,sniff, puke ) is relevant, people ( like me ) waste their time commenting on his irrelevant existence. Sori i added to it but thot this might be one way to see him disappear. BTW Allen West deserves to be re-elected he his a man of character, courage and relevance.

  • jerryhulick

    By the way who really cares what the sissy boy thinks. By the way is still messing around with that Twana chicky

  • Spanview

    Sharpton is obviously a racist, since he opposes West.

  • GoldenRudy

    The modern day battle between a noble black man, Rep West, and a rotten ni99er, Al Sharpton. Quite a difference in combatants.

    • Your comment is a good one, but although I know you didn’t spell it out, but please don’t use that word here. Thanks.

      • GoldenRudy

        The fact that the word is referred to as the “n word” is a SOP to the speech police, aka The Left, who has no shame in using the F-word, MF-er, CS-er, etc in “home” entertainment. It is what it is.

  • EddieInFL

    Al Sharpton’s opinions have no meaning in a Florida event. The man is a complete fool and will do or say anything to get a headline.

  • locostoko

    Does anyone think that Race Baiting Al will support anyone on the right? Why HECK NO. This race baiting piece of garbage will never go there. If it was Alcie Hastings he would be front out screaming that everyone in FL is a racist because hey didn’t vote for this convicted felon and defrocked judge.

  • ErnieDavidson

    Exactly. The blacks can’t stomach the idea of a conservative black leader. They threw Herman Cain under the bus didn’t they?

  • Henry2000

    This is sad but true that, to most black, any Africa-American with conservative leaning view is NOT black.

  • TiredOfCraziesOnAllSides

    Um, if you had any actual knowledge of Florida law, you would know that his “opinions” actually reflect the LAW. Does that matter at all to you? Within .05% = MANDATORY recount. Period. Bush v. Gore confused people into thinking Florida has a discretionary recount law. It doesn’t. The mayoral race its within .05, West’s race is not. PERIOD.

    And, for the record, I CAN’T STAND SHARPTON! I still only see the hatemongering, racist, anti-semite, “reverend” from the eighties. How he became so “legitimized” is beyond me (but please, save me the propaganda about him being propped up by the ‘left’). In this instance, however, he’s just in line with the law.

    • TiredOfCraziesOnAllSides

      REMINDER (by the way) – this same MANDATORY recount law is what was used by Catherine Harris to deny recounts in dozens of Florida counties in 2000. Some of which had results just as close as Mr. West’s race, even closer. For those ranting about “fairness” on here and shrieking that the race enjoy a recount, how’d you feel about it back then? I don’t need an answer, I still remember it vividly. Everyone thinks the law is sooooo pliable when they want it to support their position. THE LAW IS THE LAW! If people would just begin respecting the ACTUAL LAWS in this country, instead of trying to make them read as they like (e.g., Roe v. Wade, gun control, free speech of PEOPLE (notice how those stretch both sides of the aisle?)), then maybe this country could go back to leading the world as we should.

      • nookly23

        Why do you talk about laws? Laws do not matter to democrats. Election laws were violated across the country last week when inspectors were thrown our, NAACP took over polling sites, black panthers were on hand, more people voted in districts than there are registered voters. Immigration laws are ignored by this admin, the constitution is ignored by this admin. Laws are a tool to be used by liberals to control the minions the lord over, not something they actually think applies to them.

        • TiredOfCraziesOnAllSides

          Thank you for proving my point. Enough of the “they do it so we do it” which we hear from both sides. Those of us not blindly tied to either side are tired of this tired, old argument hijacking our country.

          Oh, and, as to “why do I talk about laws”… because they are what our entire system is built upon and I have dedicated my life to studying and applying them. What is your life dedicated to? Hate? Ridiculous “even Steven” arguments that get nobody anywhere? How’s that working for you?

  • VetMike

    And this is a surprise how? Sharpton has aided and abetted every democratic plot, no matter how foul, for years. West is honest, a Republican and a veteran, the very antipathy of Sharpton and the democrats.

  • Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of the felon Sharpton, but really what sane person takes him seriously? He’s a failed community organizer, a failed radio talk show host, a failing cable show host, bankrupt both morally and financially, and has no standing whatsoever to comment intelligently on anything but hair grease and ways to hide assets against a civil lawsuit judgement.

  • bflat879

    If you’re black, and a Republican, you can’t expect any support from the black community. Why do you think blacks vote for the Democrats? Because if they vote for Republicans it’s called “acting White”.

    When this first came out I was a little leery because we had a complicated ballot that was 3 sheets so, if you had 50 voters, the count would show 150 ballots put in because the counters did each page. However, there now seems to be a little slight of hand going on and I believe West deserves a recount.

    Sharpton just shows his colors when he doesn’t want to “count all the votes”. The problem is the Democrats want to count them more than once.

  • nookly23

    Democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow and oppression and found a new way to own black people, with handouts. Fake black leaders like Sharpton, Jackson, Waters and the rest do not care what happens to black people as long as they get paid. Black people are worse off than they were 20 years ago despite the fact we have had a black president in the office for 4 years. Black people are owned and controlled by their democrat masters. They are kept on taxpayer handouts so they are beholden to their lords.

    If you want to see what democrats think about minorities, just look what they do to minoroites when they do not tow the liberal lie.

    The sad part is, black people do not seem care how poor, uneducated and dependent they are on the taxpayer. Most seem to take pride they are criminals and thugs. You know it is bad when a black man who just got out of prison for murder gets more respect in the community then the man who works hard to support his family and raise good kids.

  • AL is nothing more than one of the Slave Masters of the black community,and will not support Col west because he will not drink the Dem Kool-Aid.

    Col West is everything that is right with the Black Community.
    Al represent everything that has continued to keep the black community in poverty.

  • Antony Freeman

    Al Sharpton? Who the hell cares what he thinks?

  • MarvLS1

    Obama lost every state that REQUIRES Photo ID to vote. Is it any wonder Demon-rats oppose Voter Photo I.D.?

    Sour grapes, you say? O.K. Let’s put photo I.D. in every election. No early voting, no absentee voting except for military personnel, and no electronic voting machines. And a complete audit of every election after the fact.

    Then, if the Demons still come out on top, we ‘sour grapes’ republicans will shut up and go away. Wanna take that challenge, Libs? No? Didn’t think so.

    Dems cheat, lie and steal to win – they have to because they could never win an honest debate or a fair election with an informed and intelligent voting public.

  • GMason1776

    The Democrats today, just like they have throughout their history, control the black population. First it was through steel chains. Now it’s through the chains of dependency. And just like back in the day, the Democrats need a member of the black population to keep the rest of the blacks under control for the masters. Al Sharpton is that house negro.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    My favorite memory of Buffoon Sharptoon was when he was on a show with Roy Innis and he called Roy an Uncle Tom and Roy dumped the pie wagon pimpernel backwards out of a chair and chased him around the stage. Al kept the gob stopper shut and looked like a long tail cat trapped in a room full of rocking chairs.

  • Tell West to reveal the 81 Commies and we’ll give him a recount!

  • PittsburghTiger

    Sharpton is opposed to any black man or woman straying off the plantation and thinking for himself. I they stray…Sharpton has no job.

  • Al Sharpton is nothing more than a racist pig! He and Jessie Jackson can both rot in Hell! If Alan West were a Democrat, they’d be all over him like Tawana Brawley!

  • Race baiting poverty pimps are always against the Godly.

  • It clearly evident that serious mental health issues are presenting when this fool speaks…A race baiting fool…I can hear the lord of hosts even now…Al is reaping his rewards her and now in this life…

    “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

  • Sharpton is a pure racist and because West, despite his color, is not, Sharpton has no use for him in his blacks-as-perpetual-victims parade. They did this to Clarence Thomas and Larry Elder as well. Fortunately in the latter cases the poison did not work and we have a fine Justice and a fine black alternative commentator.

  • equinoxranch

    Straight up, we all know that Sharpton is pure pond scum with a thick layer of skunk snot floating on top of that. So there. But dare to see through purely self-serving, lying, scheming, conniving megalomaniac RINO, I repeat, RINO Allen West. He’s the same. I’m tired of look-the-other-way conservatives who conveniently choose not to see those in our camp (wolves in conservative clothing) who are 100% bad. If we can as we should condemn and hurl understandable invectives against the Pelosi’s, the Reid’s, the Feinstein’s, the Wasserman-Schultz’, etc., Obama and his then stop being a bunch of pathetic hypocrits and do the same for Allen West, a real POS if ever there was.

  • ELK

    Who cares about Sharpton (apt name)? He’s a liar and a racist.


  • James Busse

    Sharpton supports only irresponsibility

  • MSNBC looks pathetic with Sharpton and Chris Matthews out there daily trying to force the world to believe they are anything more than lowlifes rejected by every other news media. They say horrible evil things. That is not news.

  • miamimarine0302

    Sharpton only cuddles blacks on the reservation.
    Colonel West is his own man who courageously speaks his mind.
    Lefties cannot countenance that kind of behavior.

  • Tom2855

    Who really cares what this racist sharpton thinks or supports? He’s in the business of making mountains out of mole hills.

  • toledojim

    Sharpton is a disgrace, hypocrate and an out right bigot. We can only hope, someday, the black community wakes up and see this guy for what he is. I mean what a huckster. It’s just hard for me to understand why anyone would even listen to him; he never speaks the truth and he’s made a fortune by race baiting.

  • airmail56

    Al is just the housenig**** for the libs.

    Col. West is one of them farmnig**** and Al feels they do not qualify

  • Ross Templar

    For those in Florida not familiar with the Fast Eddy of the Baptists, you can watch the very astute Reverend Al Sharpton try to read a teleprompter on MSNBC while simultaneously looking at himself in a mirror.

  • wagsosu1

    Ole Al is a liberal talking point hypocrite. He is not for equal rights for black men, he is for equal rights for black men and women with his point of view. What a fraud

  • Al Sharpton is the poorest excuse for a carbon based entity. He has done more to propagate a division in this country than anyone I can think. If he and Jesse Jackson don’t like this country, why don’t they leave. I’ll even pay for a one-way ticket for them.

  • Me

    Hey Al, put about 7 less pounds of lard of that hair of yours and you could probably think straight! God if you stood next to an open flame you’d become a flaming i d i o t! Hey, you already are.

  • DaMama

    Racism at it’s finest! Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, MLK III, these men are the most racist men in this country. They keep racism alive because without it, they would have no platform. They would have no message, no reason to be on TV or in the spotlight. Men like this need attention to survive, and that is pitiful. They would sacrifice the well being of black Americans just so they can have the attention they crave.

    They keep African Americans in a victim mentality. They hate people like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Mia Love and Allen West because they didn’t depend on welfare. They didn’t follow the “code” of the left. They went to school and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps to be successful. Sharpton, Jackson and King HATE any African American that is conservative. These men are hypocrites and liars, and it amazes me that any one, black or white, would give these men any credence at all.

  • Aaron

    Why would Sharpton care? Being a Republican makes Allen West’s skin color turn white.

    • Ivan Warner

      In the end we all know it’s not about black or white. It’s about how he can manipulate, for money.

  • tlc1532

    Who cares what this phoney reverend thinks? He’s not qualified to polish West’s shoes. Neither is the other phoney reverend. Goes to show you, that if you are black, you had better stay on the democratic plantation. The likes of these phoney reverends think all blacks should be monolithic and the reverends are their slave owners. Better not think for yourself if you are black. Keep fighting Col. West. Hope you can win.

  • Proof that the NAACP isn’t just supporters of the civil rights of any blacks, just black democrats. Its sad that organizations such as this continue to support the very party which has oppressed them throughout their political history (slavery, voting rights, civil rights) when it was the GOP that fought for the equality of minorities and women since their establishment under Lincoln.

    • clbrown

      More than that, though… the NAACP didn’t object, and frankly went right along with the whole sickening show, when people started describing Bill Clinton as the “First Black President.” Remember that?

      At one point, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People may have been what the name infers it to be. But today, it’s not about that at all. It’s an wholly-owned subsidiary of the leftist power structure. They, like the similar “National Organization of Women,” have no real loyalty to their proclaimed “power base” because their REAL power base is “transformational liberals” (without relation to race, gender, or any other non-choice-based characteristic).

      Anyone who is in favor of growing the power of the elites who work within government over the “common people” outside of the government is going to be on that side of the matter. And a pure white guy like Bill Clinton, whose political mentor was William Fulbright, the “acclaimed segregationist leader,” and who never had any political transformation of viewpoints (ie, he remained, at his core, the same guy he was when he was insisting that blacks not be allowed in the front door of restaurants or into the same dining areas within those restaurants).

      Yeah… he was Bill Clinton’s mentor… and yet somehow Clinton, who’s as white as white can be, was somehow proclaimed by the NAACP as “the first black President.”

      That tells you everything you need to know.

  • Who is racist now!! Wait Al,could it be that Colonel West is three times the man then you why you are so upset???

  • Ivan Warner

    Of course. For little Al it has never been about supporting black achievement. It has always been about his own personal power. And the black community just continues to follow him along like the pied piper.

  • why does anyone listen to him. ignore and move on.

  • To be clear, I voted for Obama. I also think Sharpton is an opportunistic prima donna. But here, Sharpton’s support of a recount is consistent with state law. Why is this news? The question that should be asked is why should West be an exception? His tally is outside of the 0.5 percent. That number is a line in the sand. Fall on one side, get a recount. Fall on the other, don’t get one. The election was close, obviously, and losing this way must really suck, but the law is the law. Don’t like it? Change it.

    I have little doubt that if the situation were reversed, Sharpton would be calling for a recount. So yeah, I think he’s probably a hypocrite. But he’s not wrong in given the current numbers. And the fact that the election process in Florida is controlled by the GOP, I doubt West got poorly treated in the latest count.

  • OrlandoRican

    Offer him money. He’ll change his tune, the low class piece of human excrement.

  • What do you expect from a Race Bater. The only reason he is against the recount is that West is likely to win. Heaven forbid a black conservative win his seat back. The Rev should be shown the door.

  • In the eyes of Big Al and all other liberal blacks, Alan West is not a black man because he is a conservative. Such is the mental state of the liberals. Black is not a color or a race, it is a political philosophy. Nancy Pelosi summed it up when she said, “The truth is what we say it is”.

  • PVMan1

    Of course…we all know what Sharpton think Allen West is…If you hold on a little bit…some lib will be here to tell you! (Prepare yourself for the foul mouthed libs!)

    Tell ’em libs…you know…is he off of some place towards the front of the house? Off of a piece of property somewhere?

  • Calling Al Sharpton a “hypocrite” and a “Democrat” is like calling Dracula “thirsty”…

  • EdgeOfTheCliff

    Sharpton is not a real reverend of any kind. He was annoited the title as a kid. He is a race whore, a huckster, and a complete waste of oxygen. He is a irrelevant liar and hypocrite and the male version of a NAG (National Association of Gals) member. He would have to elevate to be considered useless.

  • mmmilesll

    I am so surprised-yeah right. This poverty pimp couldn’t support real racial equality, he would be out of a job. Payed your taxes yet Al

  • Im_Rick_James

    As ye sow, reverend

  • m s

    Reverend Al is an Uncle Tom to the democrats who have done nothing for the black community but raise their poverty level.

  • nocoteabagger

    Sharpton’s real problem is that he does not believe that black men and women should be allowed to possess intelligence and think for themselves. He drips venom and hatred for any black who to dares to disprove his belief that all blacks are victims and incapable of rising above his cesspool of racial hatred and self-loathing.

  • Sure he objects to Allen West because West is a conservative and Sharpton is a socialist.

  • LeftAmerican

    So he is in favor of the recount provided for by law, but opposed to the recount that’s not provided for by law. There is no controversy here; his support for the legally mandated recount is, in fact, not even neccessary. Ironically, your attack on Sharpton for supporting the law, but opposing a recount not provided for by law demonstrates your extreme partisanship, not his (even though he will freely admit that he is a partisan liberal).

  • It’s not fair to ask Al Sharpton a math question. And, an ethics question about election fraud that involves math is TOTALLY out of his area unless it has a racial component he can exploit.

    Why anyone would ask Al Sharpton’s opinion about much of anything is shocking. But, asking him to be honest and objective is like asking the planets to stop spinning.

    What a waste of skin.

  • Enchanted

    who cares what sharpton thinks or says? he is usually out there race baiting, but can’t do it this time, or can he?

  • echardb44

    Sharpton is no Reverend. He’s a disgraceful, racist piece of S**t. I don’t know how anyone could call this subhuman a reverend.

  • clbrown

    Sharpton is NOT a “joke,” though it’s easy to draw that conclusion (and I do love, deeply, the routines mocking him done by Paul Shanklin).

    The thing is, Sharpton is an avid hate-promoter. He’s created, from whole cloth, situations where massive violence followed on. Sharpton is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY ASSAULT, AND YES EVERY DEATH, HIS ACTIVITIES HAVE LED TO. That’s no joke.

    Oh, and don’t forget about how Sharpton originally came to power… he was a drug trafficker who got caught in a “sting” and decided to cooperate with the state… which is why he’s still not a convicted felon, despite his video-recorded efforts to purchase massive amounts of illegal narcotics from anundercover agent.

    Which, apparently, is sufficient to earn Sharpton an “elder statesman within the party” role in “Democrat-land.” As long as Sharpton is able to manipulate the “black vote” for the wealthy and powerful “democrat party leadership,” hey, he’s their go-to-guy.

    But.. . nevertheless… expecting Sharpton to behave in any way other than this is laughable. I get why West asked, though… because that will resonate with the GOOD and DECENT black voters in the district, who may have been under the thrall of the “politics of race” which Sharpton is so adept at using in order to manipulate them into voting against their own interests.

    I think West asking for this was a smart move… but I’m certain that West never expected any other result.

  • brett shearer

    What a hypocritical piece of crap! Black people this and black people that. Shut up and retire already!

  • MoodyRed

    it would be within the margin if West was one of his cronies!

  • I hope Allen West just accepts his defeat. That way he won’t be part of the coming collapse that IS coming. At this point we should just let it happen, give the Progs everything they want and when their house of cards falls down the GOP can come in and clean house. The only way to prove to the American people that their policies will lead to the failure of the country is to let it happen, so we should let it happen. The sooner the better.

    • LukeJohn

      I was hoping that this past election might be the start of a recovery but most people voted out of pure self-interest, out of a “what’s in it for ME” mentality with NO thought of the “greater good”

      We are headed for a crash that will make 2006/7 and 1929 look like picnics and maybe it is what we need to get people focused on what really matters.

      Unfortunately it will not be the rich or the political elitists who will suffer when that happens but ordinary people from poor-to middle-class.

      If you have money buy gold, silver …. and lead.

  • What a fat disgusting useless POS. The biggest racist of all time!!!

  • Still running with Tawanna Brawley, Al?

  • Sharpton couldn’t come close to even wearing Allen West shoes. Allen West a very educated man plus a war hero in saving the lives of his men. Most of the Democrats don’t even come close and wouldn’t understand. Which includes some Republicans as well. The man has more moral character then most of the idiots in government.

    • Tim Crowley

      A war hero? He was kciked out of the military

  • truspeek

    what does this tyrant have to do with recounts in Florida. He has screwed up enough in New York. His black ass should be deported back to Afreaka.

  • quab

    Why would you expect anything different? He is a liar a hypocrite and if possible dumber than Jessie Jackson. He is only outraged when it favors democrats or blacks and democrats come before black.

  • Buzzeroo

    Sharpton is for liberal blacks only. He wouldn’t even lift a finger to prevent a conservative black from being hanged. He is absolute poison—to the black community most of all.

  • Not sharp Sharpton shows a disrespect for black people.
    Like Oboma, he uses them for his financial and political gain, while acting condescending and superior towards them. Black Americans are our Americans and they deserve better.

  • This little short shit should be horse whipped and thrown out of the Christian Community.

    • P

      I take it you are not in the Christian Community. Drowning people, horse whipping people is not very Christian. Old Testament maybe, but I think Jesus went more with John 8:7
      “when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

      • AgentToad

        Most people don’t realize that the OT god and NT god are two different gods, and that having the Bible lump them together as one god is a joke. Jesus even told them, “You are of YOUR father.” Not of his father. Oh well.

      • WB

        did he really say that? when and to whom?

  • Floridians should grab this short piece of horse crap and drown him in the ocean. Let the sharks have him. Although they probably would get sick and die themselves if they ate him.

  • jawja777

    Of course Sharpton would try to stop a recount for Allen West. Sharpton knows this election was rigged and will do anything to keep West from getting elected. Sharpton is nothing but a race whore who keeps trying to stir up division between the races because he makes a pretty good living doing it. Who takes this idiot seriously anyway?

  • RJLigier

    Al Sharpton is nothing but a race baiter, although he is supported by leftist homosexuals and bisexuals.

  • LeftAmerican

    If anyone was wondering if racism was alive and well in America, they should read the comments on this story. Truly pathetic. What you may not realize is that you are now part of the ignorant minority in America; the rest of us, and especially young people, have moved past these artificial divisions and are trying to work on making a country that allows all people to prosper. If you don’t like the fact that America is a melting pot, then you don’t like America. If you think that people who voted for Obama are lazy and government-dependent, then you have closed your eyes and ears to reality. Time to turn off conservative propaganda (FoxNews and right-wing blogs) and pay attention to reality – otherwise you are in for more rude awakenings in the years that follow.

  • black on black crime? im shocked.

  • Obamasucks69

    One thing I can’t stand is a stupid black person.

    • WB

      O no, he is not stupid, those who listen to him are either uninformed, misinformed or gravely mistaken. he is realy inteligent, very few could be so wrong so often and get a way with it. That is intelligent.

  • Al “Jolson” Sharpton, at it again.

  • mrsuggs

    I always knew that Al, was a racist…

    • Tim Crowley

      Yes you don’t know how to use a comma. Go figure.

  • EdG1955

    The author is mismatching statistics to create a phony point. The West race is 0.58% apart, which is above the state’s 0.5% automatic recount. The local Mayors race is only 0.05% apart, or 1100% closer than West’s race. Nice try, but fail.

    • Just because it doesn’t trigger an automatic recount, that doesn’t mean that he’s not entitled to one.

  • Fastgirl

    Al is never for doing the right thing only the politically expediente thing. If West was a Dem Al would be all over the airwaves screaming about how racist not doing a full recount is.

  • James Smith

    Poop-flingers will be poop-flingers.

  • That ANYTHING Al Sharpton says is given any credence and/or exposure is symptomatic of the state of our society. We have become The Kartrashians.

  • kimdi01

    What does Tawana Brawley have to do with the recount anyway? Sharpton just has to put his lying Liberal nose in places where it does not belong. Or is it that Sharpton voted in St. Lucie County along with his voting in his home state. That would be expected from Al Tawana Sharpton.

  • magnusdei

    As a software/web developer by trade, I like the fact that Sharpton’s organization stands for “Not A Number.”

  • stevesharkman

    sharpton is nothing more than a poverty pimp…

    • VanceJ

      No, Racist poverty pimp!

  • VanceJ

    Who cares ? Sharpton is no more than a race bater that is how he makes his living.!

  • black is not always black unless your are a black democrat.
    democrat blacks don’t vote because of knowledge.
    but who they are told to vote for.

  • jsn2

    Sharpton’s a leftist race pimp. No surprise here.

  • The 2000 Presidential recount was stopped because there are laws governing recounts and democrat scum wanted it to go on indefinitely. As much as I respect and honor Mr West’s service to this country both as a soldier and as a congressman, there are laws that govern recounts. It doesn’t matter if you’re “thisclose” to the recount threshold if you are outside of it. As for “Al Sharpton”, what does that fat man with the woman’s hair, have to do with ANYTHING? You think it’s some “ah-ha!” that this lying scumbag isn’t “consistent”? Newsflash: It isn’t news.

  • i always see Al in the ghettos outraged that blacks are murdering blacks in astonishing numbers. he does this for free. he truly cares….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA i couldn’t keep a straight face long enough to finish.

  • Ah lakk Alphonse…I’d roll naked with him in a bag of dogshit like he used to do with that nigwess Tawana Bwawlay…

  • Bhopx

    Leave it to Florida to vote in a 29 year-old punk over a man with a distinguished career like Allen West. I wish that state would just float into the ocean already.

  • Tim Crowley

    West lost. End of story.

    • No, voter fraud was committed to give the challenger the win. Witnesses have stated that Democrat election officials who were “counting” absentee ballots were actually transcribing them onto a new ballot and CHANGING THE VOTES!

  • Oatie

    Sharpton is a laughable and self-soiling caricature of himself. I love when he opens his racist mouth…few, if anyone has done more to embarrass Negros than slick AL…almost makes Jesse looks legit…well…that’s a little extreme…let’s just say they both are hideous examples of human beings that use “their own people” to grab headlines and enrich themselves. Notice how subdued AL is being about FEMA’s failure in NY & NJ…imagine if Bush was in charge…AL would drag out Brawley and do hand to hand combat w/ Shumer for face time in front of the nearest camera.

  • Of course Sharpton won’t support a recount for West. West is considered an “Oreo”, “Uncle Tom”, or “House Ni**er” by people like Sharpton. You’re either on the liberal plantation, or you’re not really “black”to them.

  • Mxkid

    I thought you were for the black man Al!! I guess it’s only the liberal black man, right Al!!

  • WB

    When a person is both – a Religious leader and a politician – that in itself is something to think about.

    • AZSchumi

      He’s as religious as what falls out of his A$$

  • the fact that people in this country listen to what falls out of the mouth of that fat racist is appalling

  • kate0503

    If they go ahead with this recount then they need to do a country-wide recount on Obama and the massive voter fraud. It is common knowledge that this happened in the majority of the states where Obama won, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania etc… I’d love to hand check all of these ballets because I guarantee that Romney truly won by the “true and ethical” vote. Whatever it is….they better fix it before the next election if our country is still intact and Obama hasn’t taken us down with 4 more years of his faulty leadership.

  • kate0503

    So sick of the “racism” card. This isn’t about racism, this is about ethics and morality. If we don’t have that our country will surely fail.

  • What an N word!

  • AZSchumi

    Who the f**k wrote what is attributed in QUOTES to Not-so-sharpton?

    He sure as hell doesn’t speak the way he writes…just “axe” ‘im.

  • htownlawman

    Rev. Sharpton only support Blacks that are the liberals, Col West is the wrong color.

  • Sharpton only supports fellow Democrat slaves and Democrat slave masters. Any black man or woman who walks off the Democrat plantation is on their own.

  • Sharpton only supports LIBERAL Blacks, the same way NOW only supports LIBERAL women.

  • daflyboys

    You all are misreading his title. Look closer. It’s “Rearend” Sharpton.

  • jgdp

    More words about sharpton? Only words you need to know are: lying old racist fool!

  • thomasmwall

    “But West is only .08 percentage points away from having a mandatory recount.” So, the law does not call for a mandatory recount in West’s case.

    “But in a local mayoral race where the votes are within .05 points thus forcing a mandatory recount, Sharpton makes clear he supports that recount.” So, the law requires that a recount be done in this case.

    I don’t get it – what you’re saying is that Sharpton supports the law? Or, are you arguing for mandatory recounts more often?

  • colkid

    “Al Sharpton supports local Mayor recount but against Allen West recount though both in St. Lucie County”

    Who gives a rats ass what Al Sharpton thinks. Quit printing words about him,he is a
    slug,hanger on, who Never has helped anyone black. He is a sick joke.

  • PLEASE do not call that man reverend! He, Jesse James Jackson and others should be aware that scripture says “Holy and Reverend is His name” – referring to God. Calling themselves reverend is stealing a name that belongs solely to God. But then neither have ever read the scriptures much or they would know that.
    Besides that, with morals of an alley-cat they should be ashamed to take that name.

  • Jullou

    The leftists can only win via corrupt practices and tactics. They are so hard-wired, that “corrupt” has no meaning to them anymore; it is their norm.

    Likewise, the word “racist” has no meaning because the left has used it whenever they cannot counter the reason and logic of the right, and soon they will have to find another word to replace “racist” in order to get their minions all whipped up.

  • Ramelli

    The Title ‘reverend’ was given to him by Ahab and Jezebell and was officiated by Zedekiah!

  • Ramelli

    He was given the title ‘reverfend’ by Ahab and Jezebell and officiated by Zedekiah!

  • Ross Templar

    Only Al Shartpton has the authority to justify recounts.

  • Who gives a rat’s azz what Al Sharpton thinks believes or says. He’s a dumb azz left wing liberal racist agitator.

  • mhucao


  • Tarmangani

    Sharpton is a racist of the worst order. After Twana Brawley I don’t know why anyone gives him any credibility.

  • If Sharpton backed me I would vomit, decent human beings do not desire professional race baiters and hate merchants in there corner. Repulsive, is a kind word to describe, Rev Al “False Profet” Sharpton.

  • majorman

    Yeah, people would the wrong impression of you, Rep West. You stand for good, honest and honorable…Sharpton just the opposite. Rep West, you are the good about America, the hope…the real hope of America, not that BS the president ran on…Sharpton represents the slimmy, the underworld, the thing that is not good about America. Be thrilled that this phony race-baiter lost his opportunity to try on good for while.

    I admire you, Rep West, and I am certain that a lot of Americans do!

  • Hey Allen: .08 is more than .05, so you’re out of luck. Now go and apply for that security guard job you saw in the paper.

  • 230JHP

    I guess Rev. Al is showing his “true colors”.

  • shockwave

    the rules are the rules..if a re-count is warranted then so be it if not then so be it , too…dont get mad because the election didnt go the way you hoped it would. your all for a re-count now but wasn’t for a re-count when gore was in the same position..i tell you what go look at fox news or something. foxnews..lmao

  • shockwave

    where was all you haters at when gore wanted to have those votes counted in f;ed up florida? i tell you what..go look at foxnews, losers!! lmao foxnews

  • texasemc

    All Sharpton is a loud mouthed, ignorant fool. A waste of good air and space.

  • Ah lurved ta watch Al-Phonz back when he tried to re-start the Miami riots(he had been busy humping Tawana)…He showed up in Liberty City, preachin’:”Mah bwuddewz and sistewz..let’s keep killing da white devils!”

    Surrounded by a bunch of piccaninnies, Al-Phonz suddenly found himseff pelted by stones by niggarz that had just realized they had burnt to the ground their own neighborhood, not that of the hated crackarz…(who wanna be shot at by these armed to the teeth white demons? Safer to burn these Lebanese Ay-rab shop keepers in da hood!))

    At the time, Al the Fonz weighted about five hundred pounds, was five by five and had to waddle away as fast as possible, with a hail of pebbles bouncing on his taut hide like off a huge beach ball!!!

  • I’m still trying to figure out how they had a 141% turnout. As Obama was fond of saying the math doesn’t add up. I guees it’s liberal math.

    • P

      note* – turnout percentages will show over 100% due to a two page ballot. the tabulation system (GEMS) provides voter turnout as equal to the total cards cast in the election divided by the number of registered voters. also note that some voters chose not to return by mail the second card containing the amendments.

      The turnout was actually closer to 70.46% not the 141% reported

  • P

    The other thing missing from this discussion is if Allen West wants a recount the it is not only St. Lucie County. It is also Martin and Palm Beach Counties that would have to recount if he wants a full recount. I also believe that if he wants a full recount, since it didn’t reach the .5%, would have to be paid for by Allen West.

    • Actually, it did reach the .5%

      • P

        Actually it hasn’t. If you go to the three counties Supervisor of Elections websites the numbers stand at 50.29% for Murphy and 49.71% for West. That makes it a difference of .58%. Allen West has only asked for a recount of the early ballots in St. Lucie County only. He lost St. Lucie county by 12,895 votes or 10.9%. To win he would need 5.1% of the early vote to be incorrect to win. Only 35.8% of the vote in this election was in St. Lucie county.

        I don’t know where you are getting your “information” but facts do matter.

        • You can quote all you want but when democraps are involved there is a large margin of “Fudge” factor, cheating and lying. Allen was way ahead and at 1 am, 4000 votes dumped into the system???? BS!

          • P

            So you claim it reached .5% I prove it doesn’t so you change to the Democrats cheated. Good argument there. St. Lucie County was the last of the three counties to count all their vote. If a county you lose by 10.9% or 12,895 votes reports last you will see a big swing. That is not proof of cheating. The election not turning out the way you think it should is not proof of cheating. not understanding how the results are reported. If Allen West thinks there was widespread cheating why does he only want 31.6% (37,379 ballots) of the vote recounted in one of three counties?

  • AS long as this race baiting embezzler/extortionist and the rest of the race baiting hustlers are allowed any creditibility by the media the black community will be nothing more than pawns in a billion dollar game of who can give your more trinkets and junk like obamy phones.

  • John Civick

    It is racism for Allen West to demand a recount over suspected voter fraud! Racism I tell you, Sharpton is the racist and he himself should get off the public payroll (Yes, Obama has the taxpayer’s footing the bill).

  • David_tebow1976

    Have you told the rappers and every other black to quit using the honey or cracker word.

  • Al Sharpton needs to go back to picking blueberries for blueberry pie.


    Hey, Scoop! I got here from Savage’s web site just now. He is hotter than ever on his new radio show. Good to be here, too. I usually check in every day.

  • P
  • Freakin AL not so sharp SHARPTON, is an idiot, anyone be they white , black,hispanic or otherwise who think or act like this man are human beings of the lowest cut … utterly rediculous, we should just start to ignore these clowns

  • If AL SHARPTON is against it… MUST BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Rule of thumb: If AL SHARPTON if FOR IT…..its best to go in the opposite direction!!!!

  • P

    Imagine that, when they recount the votes in a county you lost by 10.9% they find more votes for your opponent. Allen West fell behind by another 241 votes after the recount Sunday.

  • P
  • Two words. “TAWANA BRAWLEY”. He was a race hustler from the start, and he knew the rape charge against the cops was false, but still ran with it to keep him in the spotlight. Odd, i don’t recall an apology when the truth came out because he was already on a flight to his next fake racism campaign stop.