Allen West: “Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress too”

Allen West was interviewed by NPR recently on a number of topics, including his recent defeat and his future. But what’s making news is what West interjected at the very end of the interview after being asked about his future. He’s a partial transcript:

MARTIN: So what’s next for you?

WEST: Look, you know, God closes a door so that he can open up greater doors. I will continue to, you know, stand up and fight for this country. That’s my goal. I have two daughters, 19 and 16, and I want to make sure that they grow up in a great America that provides them all the opportunities that it provided to their mother and father.

MARTIN: Congressman Allen West is completing his term in Congress. He was kind enough to join us from a House recording studio on Capitol Hill here in Washington, D.C.

WEST: And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.

MARTIN: Duly noted. Congressman West, thank you so much for speaking with us.

WEST: Take care, now.

I’d love nothing more than to see West continue to rise to the point of being president someday. And I sincerely hope that’s what he meant by that comment.

Listen to the full interview below:

(h/t: The Blaze)

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  • Vote West!

    • keyesforpres

      West-Keyes would make an awesome ticket!

      • cheryl spiegel

        West, absolutely, yes. Keyes???? No way. He’s a bit nutsy.

        • keyesforpres

          If by nutsy you mean a staunch Constitutionalists like our Founders, than yes he’s nutsy.

        • keyesforpres

          You really should read some of his writings. There is nothing nutsy about him.

        • JoJo58

          I’d vote for West in a heartbeat, and I agree with you about Keyes. Not nutsy, but not very good at speaking.

          • Really? That’s what I LOVE about Alan Keyes — the way he speaks. He’s mind-blowing! But then again, I LIKE listening to people with astronomical IQ’s. Evidently, most Americans don’t. Sadly, it seems that a successful politician these days must be able to dumb what s/he says down to grade-school level. And it’s true that Dr. Keyes has not shown himself to be capable of that.

            • JoJo58

              LOL so if someone disagrees with your opinion, you make snarky comments. Are you sure you’re not a liberal? The only opinion that matters is YOURS? I just made a simple observation that I didn’t think Keyes was that good of a speaker or good with one on one type of conversation/interviews that I’ve watched. So sorry that we all can’t be like you.

      • I think Keyes is great. But It only works if we just focus on telling the Republicans we’re voting West.

        I’d crawl over broken glass to vote for a West ticket with Keyes, Palin, or a conservative trade to be named later. But we can only get this done if we focus solely on the simple concept of telling the Republicans it’s West, and to get on board or get the heck out of the way.

        • white531

          Just so long as we don’t compromise, K-Bob. Ticket has to work on its own. No compromises. I am sick to death of Washington, “compromising.” I don’t want the, “diet,” version. I want the real deal, from now on. Full strength, total caffeine, maximum calories, I’m sick of wimps.

      • for me Keyes is the smartest politician in america today and probably ever.
        Unfortunately he is a couple of hundred years too late. Most americans today are too dumb to understand him. I love listening to him. Such an eloquent smart speaker.

        • badbadlibs

          Totally agree. Did you know he use to have a program on MSNBC? I kid you not. I never missed it. He eviscerated the leftists who dared peek their puny heads onto the set and dare to dialogue with him. Naturally it didn’t last long…his intelligence and the truth he spoke was too much for the viles who run that network.

    • ……………in a different party.

  • President West! Man, that even felt good to type, I can’t imagine how good it would be to actually happen! NO better man for the job! A patriot, a true Conservative, a man with a spine who says what he means and means what he says! I’m behind him 100%

    • crosshr

      I stand ready to support this real man West on whatever his spirit leads him into the coming near future in serving this nation.

      Exactly correct wolfie, he means what he says, and myself too is 100% behind him

      And yes there is real voter fraud by the left

    • NJK

      West? Now that even sounds tough and American, doesn’t it?

  • John3_3

    Hint, hint….(I hope)!

  • colliemum

    I pray that he will indeed work to get elected to the WH in 2016.
    He’s got the strategic and tactical nous, he’s got the spine and the cojones to do it, and if he gets together with his friend Mark Levin and with that outstanding Lady from Alaska, they can roll up the GOPe, the GOP and the country from whatever direction you prefer.

    If, nay when he gets elected, I’ll come to Washington for his Inauguration. That’s a promise!

    • In that case, we must plan a big Meetup.

      ScoopCon 2016

      Prepare to celebrate the rebirth of a nation!

      If that doesn’t work out we can still get together for the ScoopCon guns and ammo swap meet, featuring workshops on:
      * Torch binding and soaking
      * torch safety
      * pitchfork sharpening
      * pitchfork safety
      * Tines, how many?
      * Pine Tar rendering
      * Brush techniques for applying Pine Tar
      * Feathers: chicken, duck, or goose?
      * Rail carrying
      * Rotten vegetables: Recycling those plastic bags
      * How to wrap and mail a dead fish
      * Letters to Congress: how do they work?
      * And many more!

      • colliemum


        As for the item “many more” – may I suggest spade sharpening and techniques for using them as cutting implements.
        Perhaps some training to use pets – both dogs and cats welcome! – as attack and diversion forces might come in handy as well.

        I bet there are ‘many more’ to be added to the “many more” list!


        • hah! Good ones!

          We need to let folks know to make sure that they line up properly. The odd-tine folks need to have an even-tine wielder in their right. That way we can really pack in the front lines.

      • I’ll bring the feathers!! No, not my own, as I’m partial to them, but I’ll start saving my chicken feathers now! 😀
        And I know how to paint- so I’ll bring the tar brushes.

      • poljunkie

        I’m in!

      • white531

        I love it when someone of K-Bob’s intellect delves into humor. Reminds me of Dennis Miller. 🙂

        • OK, but with 30% more adult beverage content.

          • white531


        • Humor? I got all exited for no reason?! Dang it!


    …will DEAR LEADER HUSSEIN OBAMA PART II allow for a 2016 Election ? Mmmmm just asking.

    • crosshr

      ask me if I’ll be surprise, and I smell the hardcore left already in full speed figuring out how to deceit their way forward

      patriots, we can’t let up and fall asleep on our feet now I pray

      let’s work till He come, days are evil !

    • We’ll demand it.

    • white531

      I guess he could just pass another Executive Order. He’s used it for just about everything else.

    • NJK

      We might have to go drag him out. What do you say, millions of us.

      • That is what it would take. (millions) It would have to be a sneak attack as well. That’s a hard thing to do in this day and age.

      • We just form our own #OccupyWhiteHouse group, and move in there by the tens of thousands until he’s pretty much pushed out the back door.

        When they look at us, we’ll be all, “what?”

    • This four years will be even longer if congress does what I think they will do about Zero. (nothing) I am really hoping that the states start fighting back with nullification and threat of secession, or possibly a constitutional convention. We’re getting down to the brass knuckles here.

  • JDOlson

    Yup. Time to go national. There are too few real conservatives out there. Sorry Santorum, Rubio, Perry, Romney, etc.

  • JeffWRidge

    Yes! I would support West for POTUS in a heartbeat. He is the kind of man we need in the White House; honest, straightforward, and patriotic. Please run sir.

  • Rshill7

    The conservative heart has infinite capacity to smile and reveal happiness. The liberal progressive has something I would describe as other than heart, preferring either grimace or maniacal, unhappy, glee.

    Mr. Allen West widens the smile of conservatives, and deepens the grimace of the others.


    • colliemum

      Beautiful image regarding the smiles and the grimaces!

    • YAY!!! Hi Wally! 😀

    • white531

      “other than heart, preferring either grimace or maniacal, unhappy, glee.”

      Good one.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Do matter what you chose to do Col. You’ll always have my respect and my support.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Col. West, you have a volunteer here when you are ready.

  • Goldni007

    West eeeya duh best

  • Patriot077

    I read an article on politico, I believe, and those honyockers are very intent on twisting Allen’s words into “comparing himself to Lincoln”.

    He made no comparison, he is just saying that his career isn’t over. Whatever direction he moves, I know I will support him.

    • I was just thinking about how Biden would blurt out, “So you’re Lincoln now?” if he were to talk with West.

      Well the answer is, “No sir, the name’s Allen West, please try to stay focused.”

      • white531


    • Nukeman60

      Everytime the liberal media tries this bunk, we must 1) publicly laugh at them, and 2) loudly debunk the story. The problem with the GOPe is that they hardly ever returned fire on the left’s lies about them. So much so, that the populace is still spewing the leftist lies even today without any counter.

      Any politician worth his salt must learn the word “lie” and use it when it’s applicable (usually every day). I’m sick and tired of the wishy-washy, mush-mouthed, crying babies we have in office now.

      • white531

        “I’m sick and tired of the wishy-washy, mush-mouthed, crying babies we have in office now.”

        Thanks, Nuke. That’s exactly what Allen West is not.

    • NJK

      They’re scared to death of him. I think Lincoln would approve. He’d have Zero locked up for treason, and probably more than that.

      • Patriot077

        I think you are right on all counts!

  • tvlgds

    I want to slap the interviewer. Hey, it’s NPR, I should expect it.

  • Early voting starts now. I’m voting West.

    • colliemum

      Do repeat your programme please, the one you unveiled the other day, about voting West everywhere and about telling the GOP officials that it’s either him or no one.
      Thank you.

      • crosshr

        sharp colliemum

      • Hmmm. Maybe I should clean it up and put it at the top of this thread in a little while. For now, you might want to see a rant I left at Stacy McCain’s place about the notion of “purity” and listening to folks who aren’t really conservative when the spotlight isn’t on them. Kind of like David Cameron.

        It’s good to read Smitty’s post first, though. Smitty is a first rate intellect, so it seems like I was dumping on him, but really I was only riffing on a concept he brought up for discussion.

        • You just put that link there so I could “like” all your comments didn’t you? Well I did anyway lol. Well said K-Bob.

          • Sorry. It was just a rant that had some good stuff in it we can use later.


        • colliemum

          “Kind of like David Cameron” – very well said! Any Brit will understand that instantly.
          The pity is that he’s got the intellect and the political instinct to have become a first-rate conservative leader and PM.

          Now I’ll go to the link you put up …

      • Okay, I did it.

        Bit wordy. Oh well.

        • colliemum

          This is great – duly bookmarked, and I’ll use the link at every possible opportunity!

          Thanks, k-bob!

    • I’m definitly goin’ in the spring for my citizenship. The very place I’m going when after my Oath is taken, is to go and sign up for West’s campaign. If he hasn’t declared it yet, I’ll campaign anyway!!

      • marketcomp


      • white531

        You’re going to become an American? God help the Liberals!

        • lol. 😀 I am an American already. I just want to make it official 😉 Good evenin’ Whitefriend!

          • keyesforpres

            You’re definently more America at heart than most born on our soil to two US parents…that’s for darned sure!

        • We’d have to send six people to Canada, just to make it fair.

          • Not that I want to insult the good Canadians here, but might I suggest, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Stretch Pelosi, Dingy Harry, Jimmi Foxx and Ted Turner? We can send them to the Yukon or somethin’ 🙂

            • Can’t they just go all the way over to Siberia? I would feel better about that.

              • Sounds like a plan! Got any good prices on one way tickets?

                • I don’t think that coming up with the funds would be a problem.

                • Nukeman60

                  We could strap them to a few ICBMs. That’s one-way. The libs are always trying to reduce the arsenal.

            • Nukeman60

              I’d like to send Moore to Guam (I want to see if he’ll tip it over), Fonda back to N. Vietnam (it would serve her right), Pelosi and Harry back home (to H*ll), Foxx to an unknown island, and Turner I’d send with Fonda (just to p*ss him off).

              What we need to give Canada is a bonus to get you. Perhaps we could connect the Keystone pipeline. They would like that.

      • toongoon

        That’s our Duck!!!!!

        Nothing! Nothing holds her back!

      • That’s the way! Bypass the machine, order our own signs (it’s gonna be terrible ugly, but who cares), send every envelope back to the RNC marked “Vote West!

        It’s a whole new lifestyle.

        • I can design the signs, then they’d be really COOL! 😀

          • Someone needs to clean up the election process. There are two years left until the next fraudlection. What I would love to see is a campaign to get rid of the voting machines, and have a total hand counted paper ballot election. We might have a chance at getting real people elected.

            • Amen on that librtifriend! I agree!

              • How can we get the ball rolling? There is tons of information on the internet, but the MSM will have to be forced to cover it. I have noticed that when something goes viral, they usually do cover it. All the money and time we put into getting someone elected is negated by fraud, so we may as well put our money and time into the fraud issue, and hope that it will take before the next cycle. I am afraid that this might have to be done at the local level, and work its way up. I would be interested in knowing if a county can choose how to run its elections, or if state law mandates it. Oregon is totally screwed with being an all absentee state. All ballots are mailed, then electronically counted. You should find out if counties in Florida can choose to have hand counted paper ballots only. I suppose we could form groups that get together to battle in their counties for election reform, if it is possible. Either that, or we could go to AFP meetings and push the issue, then use their network to spread the word. The liberty movement is all over it already, but I haven’t heard much about going after election reform. Maybe the RP supporters would jump on board, which would account for a few million people in all. The RP people show up and get it done.

                What do you think?

                • I think you’ve got an idea there librti that you answered your own question. We really do need to tackle a lot of stuff each in our local areas and work outwards from there. If enough city, county then states have enough people willing to work on this, it may be just the thing. I really don’t know much about how the balloting works here- maybe some of us Floridians can find out. 🙂 It’s a start. Good thoughts librtifriend!

                • I have a cousin who is a state senator. He supports AFP, so if I can wiggle my way in, maybe I can get a push going. I may just look for the next public meeting with the county commissioners and put the pressure on there. I have thought about running for county commissioner, but the good ol boys have a strong hold. That is where Agenda 21 needs to be battled as well.

                  This is going to require a lot of research.

                • Nukeman60

                  Tell me about it. I’m already working on the election fraud issue and it’s a can of worms. You have a great idea. Start at your end and then inform the rest of us how we can do the same locally. The counting part is the most important, as I see that being where the most fraud is (and easiest to become invisible to the public eye).

                  I’m working on it locally as well. We need to update as we find more. I’d like to see a system set up to match the ATM system our banks have. Seems like millions transact every day without issue. Why not a secure election process (I keep saying this and people are probably tired of hearing it, but I want it to spread so I’ll keep trying).

                  Give us your best, Librti, I know you can come up with some great stuff.

                • mark1955

                  Great to see many people catching on to the “Voter Fraud” issue. This election stunk to High Heavens. No way Obama was actually re-elected with his record. I believe Obama lost in a massive landslide and him and his cronies are walking a tightrope trying to sell the idea that he has a mandate for his statist agenda. They are deathly afraid of people finding out it was Fraudulent because they know the massive numbers actually against his agenda and fear a revolt.

                • We need to go after the machines. The machines have memory cards that are sent out from the manufacturer of the machines. The memory cards have been proven to be able to have transferrable programming on them, and can be programmed to flip the votes as they come in, or get counted. The fraud has become so blatent and obvious, and some states actually announced the winner with only 5-8% of the votes in.

                  Every polling location would need to have their memory cards checked by professional programmers prior to the election to know if the election was legitimate, because the base code that caused the fraud can erase itself.

                  The machines have to be scrapped, then start all over again. Receipts don’t necessarily solve the problem, because they are not counted, and the election is usually called before a recount can take place.

                  If we don’t stop the fraud in the primaries, then we will never even get a nominee that isn’t chosen by the establishment. We need to study the primary fraud and become aware of the process. We then need to make sure that the GOP does not defraud the caucus’ again. Every district needs to report the vote numbers independently, then add them up publically. The GOP collected all of the caucus votes in a secret location, and was shown to have flipped the numbers there. The GOP got caught time and time again cheating and changing the rules.

                  There is a lot to it, but we either solve it, or give up on elections.

          • Cool is good. My designs are more like Russian architecture from the 60’s.

        • Nukeman60

          I like that idea about the envelopes. We get our message to them and they have to pay the postage for it.


  • crosshr

    I silently slapped her knowing I can’t touch a woman, maybe if she’s a liberal devil ! ughhhh !

  • Arrrggghhh

    Perhaps the silver lining to the whole debacle that just unfolded. We need to get involved and prepare the battlefield over the next two years.

    • crosshr

      loud & clear, I hear thee A.

  • 3seven77

    Allen West could run against Joe Biden? I want the first Depends concession. The left is going to need warehouses full.

  • I know I’ve said it so many times but I LOVE THIS MAN!!! Vote WEST for President 2016!!!!

  • shaggy jay

    What an arrogant SOB. I’m glad you lost, West.

    • There’s a good attitude.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Yeah, most airborne combat veterans are arrogant. What’s you claim to fame? 32 consecutive wins on X-Box?

    • crosshr

      arrogant ? there is but only one , that’s your messiah Onothing SOB

    • Gtrjag

      People who have no core convictions of their own often mistake honesty and conviction for arrogance.

      • keyesforpres


    • tinlizzieowner

      Hey, Shaggy. Devour excrement and expire. 😉

    • 3seven77

      So you’re mistaking truth for arrogance? Okay.

    • white531

      30 year combat veteran. Quotes the Constitution from memory. Loves this country like no Politician in Washington. Yeah, he’s an arrogant SOB, shaggy jay, and that’s why we love him. And that makes you a dirt bag, with four comments to your name.

      If you respond to this one, that will make five. Go for it. You’re famous already, maybe you’re destined for even greater things.

    • KenInMontana

      Go troll elsewhere, you’ve bored me long enough.

    • NJK

      Arrogant, no. Confident, yes. He’s also mentally stable as opposed to the psychopath who occupies the White House now. We’re going to have to fumigate the place, and make sure Zero and his Muslim Brotherhood ilk haven’t stolen any treasured aritfacts. I hope for an act of God to end Zero’s reign. I hope for something evil.

    • NJK

      Think the Navy Seals are arrogant too, little boy?

    • Nukeman60

      I’ll take an arrogant (ie, self-confident) SOB (soldier on board) over a narcissistic, self-indulgent, teleprompter-addicted usurper-in-chief any day of the week.

      Losing sets him free from the dregs of Congress to perform greater deeds down the road for us. It can only be a plus.

      Thanks for playing.

  • Bunjy

    When he does run he’s got my vote, monetary support and my time.

  • I do hope he runs again for something. We so desperately need a real, articulate, conservative voice in Congress today. The past election had some bitter losses for people like Allen West, Mia Love, and Martha McSally. I hope they ALL run again because we’re going to need them in the coming years, espcially when everything really falls apart by 2014. Allen West is a natural leader and will have a great future ahead of him. And if the Tea Party ever becomes a new third party, HE is the man to lead it. The way things are going with the Republican party, I hope that day comes soon.

    • white531

      Liberty, maybe he doesn’t have to run for anything right now. Maybe he just needs to do what Sarah is doing. Stay in their face, and keep needling them. I’m sure Greta will have him on three times a week. As long as he is not running for anything, he can criticize the hell out of the Liberals, and point out every mistake they make.

      Just like Sarah.

  • mark1955

    I’m going to catch alot of Heck here,but Allen West is along with Marco Rubio,among the most overrated political figures and FAUX Conservatives of my lifetime.

    West talks a big game with his “Right Hand” about radical islam,with his “Left Hand” West has voted for: Every Debt ceiling raise, Banning off-shore oil drilling in Florida,the NDAA, opening up the skies to drones and he was being lined up as Boehners point man to keep the worst and most egregious parts of Obamacare if SCOTUS had shot it down ( Which they didn’t unfortunately.)among other horrible votes. West in his action’s as a congressman was actually quite the “Business as usual” RINO. West most valuable contribution while in congress,might have been challenging the obviously fraudulent results of his election and bringing National attention to the voter fraud issue.

    • white531

      mark, since no one else has responded to you, I’ll take a shot. Your main history, is a site we don’t talk about here. So, if that’s where you are coming from, you might not find yourself so welcome here. That being said, you presented your statement in a very professional, and concise manner. I don’t agree with your accusations against a man most of us on this site love, but you made your comment in a straight-up manner, so it deserves comment.

      I’m sure those comments will be forthcoming.

      • mark1955

        That “Site” doesn’t reflect or share my opinion of Allen West. Let me explain exactly why i criticize many republicans including West. Because they are not as advertised.They are lefty’s posing as Conservatives. They have been working and collaborating with Obama and the dems while they are pretending they are not. every single piece of Obama’s statist’s agenda could have been stopped,but at the last second,there is alway’s at least one repub to step forward and push Obama’s bill through.That’s not stupidity or cowardice but complicity. This is why it is imperative that we get a third Party.

        I feel it’s my duty to point out how the repubs have become a mirror image of the dems,all while we are told they are not. West’s votes have been atrocius. Look at them. Anyone who votes for the NDAA is a traitor and nothing less. The NDAA,is meant to round-up and eventually murder threats to the establishment politicians of both Parties if we catch on to how their trying to destroy the Country from the inside. They all know what that bill is for.The same as anyone who voted to opening up the skies of the USA to drones. THose are to spy on and murder non-compliant American citizens. West voted for both of those as the over 90% of the repubs in both chambers. I didn’t even mention he voted for the Pigford Reparation’s to non-existent Black farmers.

        Most of the people at that “Site” you refer to share your positive opinion of West,but his action’s while in congress simply do not hold up to his rhetoric and the same goes for just about every other so-called “Conservative Tea Party” repub. That’s why i call into question not only West but people like: Bachmann,Rubio,Chaffetz,Perry,Coburn even Demint. Bachmann was a dem most of her life and met her husband working for Jimmy Carter and was a tax collector for the IRS.Not only that her family farm and her husbands clinic are largely subsidized by the federal government. How is she a Conservative?

        Marco Rubio was a liberal Florida State senator,then a liberal Florida House Speaker,who upon joining the US Senate,refused to join the Tea Party Caucus. Then he lied about his parents being refugees. Then he co-sponsored the Senates PIPA Internet freedom destroying legislation,then when people found out what was in it,he acted like he never heard of it. Then he was working with the dems on his own version of the ‘Dream Act’ in secret and he refused to release the details of it. Yet,we are being constantly told he is some Tea Party super star. Chaffetz is another so-called “Conservative” they are trying to tell us.Yet Chaffetz ran dems for Dukakis in Utah and was a radical dem most of his life.Just how the Heck did Chaffetz ever come to be labeled a “Conservative”.

        I could go on and on with the lot of the establishment repub Party. Roves whole M.O.,is to recruit lefties like Bachmann and Rick Perry ( Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager ) then teach them to dress and sound conservative,but ultimately vote liberal to move this Country left and eventually enslave us in a “New World Order,One World Government”. I just feel it’s important to actually point out who these people really are so we can so them and eventually turn around and save our Country. We ain’t gonna save it,by buying that these posers are Conservative…They are not. I’m not being a Troll.

        • white531

          Thank you for your reply, mark. You write well.

          Some of the things you mention in your comment are indeed fact. Others could be more construed as opinion. I’m sure that you consider them all to be fact, and that’s understandable.

          I’ll give you an example.

          “I feel it’s my duty to point out how the repubs have become a mirror image of the dems,all while we are told they are not.”

          Well, feel its my duty to point out, that not only is that opinion, but it is also a blanket statement, encompassing all Republicans. Most of us here, are trying our best to focus on the Republicans who are still doing, or at least trying to do, a good job against incredible odds.

          You list so many names of people who you think are fakes, or otherwise not living up to the faith we put in them, when they were elected. If I were try to go through the list and debate with you what they have done or failed to do, everyone would be asleep, by the time we finished, so let’s just pick one.

          You say West’s votes have been atrocious. Specifically, you said that anyone who votes, or voted, in this case, for the NDAA is a traitor and nothing less. Strong words to use, when describing a 30 year Combat Veteran, don’t you think?

          Allen West explained on several occasions why he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act. Here’s a link to just one of them.

          Sections 1021 and 1022 are the ones that caused the concern. The so called, “detention” sections.

          As Congressman West points out in the video you hopefully just watched, they conveniently ignore page 657 of the NDAA, which clearly states that American citizens are excluded.

          Two things.

          1) I agree with you that parts of the NDAA contain language that could have been more precise. If one does not like secs 1021 and 1022, they could launch a drive to get them repealed or reworded.

          2) These sections that seem to be the center of all the controversy are only a small part of the NDAA. It contains a lot of other necessary business, that had to be attended to, not the least of which, were the paychecks for our military and their families, and other military expenditures.

          As for Allen West’s voting record since arriving in Washington, I find much in that record I agree with, just about all of it in fact. If anyone is interested in delving further into this, here is a link to his record.

          While I agree that Scoop and other sites like it are public forums, intended for debate and dissemination of information, my fear is that when someone posts a long critical comment like yours, and someone else, who is less informed, skims over it without seeking verification, they might just go away with an opinion of a great man like Allen West, that is less than accurate.

          On a side note, Bachmann being a Dem most of her life means exactly what? There is a pretty good list of Republicans who used to be Democrats, before they finally realized they could no longer support that Party’s principles. Ronald Reagan comes to mind.

          To extend you an olive branch, I don’t like RINOS any more than you do. I just want to make sure we identify them correctly. And yes, I do think a third party may be where we’re headed.

    • keyesforpres

      Actually Mark, you are right. I love West’s outspokeness and telling it like it is when it comes to islam, but his voting record was around a 60 or 70 conservative rating. Was very disappointed in that…..and quite baffled.

    • Vote West!

      • mark1955

        Believe me,i wish i was wrong.

        • You are. West brings 90% of what any conservative would agree with to the table. You won’t find many 90% guys in congress, especially when you look at votes. West calls it like it is, when no one else will. That’s what we need.

    • Nukeman60

      Mark, I’m responding here to your comment to me from further down the thread (as it appears to have no reply button to it – second person’s post that has happened to me in two days – strange). What we have to be careful about is the ‘birther syndrome’. They are going to, or have already called us conspiracy nuts about this just like they did with the case of Obama’s true eligibility for office.

      What we need to provide is proof. In cases of voter fraud, it’s fairly easy (as 140% of registered voters or 100% of a district voting for Obama is not exactly rocket science to figure out). But in the case of electronic election fraud (that which I am presently working on and is a far greater threat, in my opinion), it will be extremely hard to prove and will be debunked publicly until we show actual proof of it occuring (much like the sworn testimony in front of Congress that proved the machines could be easily hacked).

      If you feel strongly enough about this, do some serious research to dig up whatever you can. Get the info to me and I’m going to make sure it goes public, one way or another. Key companies so far are Diebold, Sequoia, Scytl, and Dominion Voting Systems for the voting machines. I’m amassing as much data as I can.

      • mark1955

        Working on it. the Blogsgspot:”LameCherry”,Which i have been monitoring for about a year, has been pushing the pushing the SCYTYL,Sequoia and SOE voter fraud angle and the problems with those firms and how they use gambling Algorithyms based on the Las Vegas casinos where the House in this case ( Obama/Bush ) can’t ever lose,since well before the election. SCYTYL’S problems and track record are well known. The Spanish firm has not ever been involved in an election where a Marxist hasn’t won. Their original owner was murdered and now George Soros is knee deep in that corporation. I am Working on trying to get more info,but i am posting repeatedly the info on the voter fraud at all the Sites i post at. The Establishment is desperate to put a lid on this, as they know there will be a literal overthrow of them and their Banker ( Rockefeller,Rotschild ) Handlers,if the American people in mass catch on.

        • Nukeman60

          Thanks for the heads up to the Lame Cherry site. I’ll check it out. I knew of Soros’ involvement, but not of Scytl’s owner’s death. Dying seems to be a convenient way of silencing people these days (it’s the Chicago way. I’ve seen it a lot. May Breitbart rest in peace).

          Be careful you don’t post over at RedState, though. I saw where they are banning all comments dealing with voter fraud and declaring it all conspiracy theory. Just a heads up.

          • mark1955

            Thanks for the heads up on “Red State”. I haven’t been over to that Site in a long time as i started to believe it had more Establishment tendencies than they’d like us to believe. Haven’t ever cared much for Erik Erikson. The banning of the voter fraud issue by that Site pretty much confirms my suspicions.

            On that same subject of Voter Fraud, it also pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of my suspicions about Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh. Month’s ago,Malkin out of the Blue wrote a column on her Site,defending SCYTYL’S participation in our election’s. SCYTYL has not ever been involved in an election where a marxist has not won,yet instead of adopting a wait and see approach to that outfit,Malkin wrote a piece basically saying there is nothing to worry about. What the Bleep! Her list endorsement of Rick Santorum as a cover for her actual support of MITTEN’S ( The most leftwing of the repub candidates ) was bad enough,in addition to her initial calling for radical leftie pretend Tea Partier Jason Chaffetz to run against Orrin Hatch,then switching to MITTBOT Dan Lilinquist. Those two make Hatch look like Ronald Reagan. But her running a “Smokescreen” for SCYTYL pretty much told me she is an establishment lackey. I used to be a big fan of Malkin’s but no longer.

            As far as Rush is concerned, i have stopped listening to him since the Debt ceiling fights of the summer of 2011,when he pretended to be opposed to Boehner and McConnell and then Limbaugh had all of us troops fired up and Boehners constituents ringing the phone off the Hook in Boehners office then Boehner called Rush. He shut Rush right down with his paraphrasing “Well Rush,we are only 1/2 of 1/3 of the government and there is nothing we can do” spiel. Rush immediately clammed up like it was rehearsed…Because it was. Then Rush after Boehner left,was saying Boehner was a “Great Guy” but he disagreed with him. After that,Rush’s criticism was toned down for the rest of the debt ceiling fight. This was planned “Theatre” on both of their parts. As far as Rush and voter fraud,the day after the election,Rush immediately got on the establishment Meme paraphrasing,”That we have to face facts that there are now more takers than Doer’s”. He pounded that home every day for almost two weeks,while crying crocodile tears about it so he could pretend to sound Conservative. What Rush was doing was trying to cement that meme in our heads for the Establishment,to dispirit and discourage us and make us Conservatives think we are increasingly isolated and alone in our Country ( When we are not ) by distracting us from the beyond obvious voter Fraud. This pushing of the false Meme that “There are now more takers then Doer’s”, also gives Rush’s establishment Buddies a Reason to push a “Reach across the Aisle” Candidatelike Jebbie in 2016. Don’t kid yourself,inspite of Rush’s criticism’s of Jeb and MITTEN’S and many of the RINO’S he is friends with them and fully onboard there agenda.

            Now that Rush has done his job for the Establishment in helping push their “Meme”,he is now bac to pretending to attack them in order to distract us from his collaboration with them. That’s how he and other’s do their dirty work for them while pretending to be Conservative.

      • mark1955

        Warning! “Lame Cherry” is an aquired taste. Their language and imagery can be beyond disgusting. Not only that,they talk in riddles that can make your head spin. I’m not necessarily recommending that Site, but they were all over the voter Fraud issue with SCYTYL and SOE well before the elections.

        • Nukeman60

          Thanks for the warning. Someone else recommended the LameCherry site for some other reason once and I went there. I’m not a shy kinda guy, but yeah, I was a little surprised. The warning is always appreciated.

          I’ll go there for the info I need, then bug out. lol.

        • white531

          You’re right. I’ve been to that site, and its a little different, for sure.

  • Joengima

    I want Allen West

    Give me him and Ted Cruz in a ticket together and I’d be super excited.

    • marketcomp

      Now that would be FANTASTIC!

  • Nukeman60

    I always love to see leftist responses to Allen West. You can always tell who they fear the most by who they denigrate the most. They will claim he is declaring himself the new Lincoln, when in fact, all he is saying is that by having only one term in office does not cause a man’s career to be over, but could be a steppingstone to greater things. Col West will achieve those greater things, do not doubt that.

    Lincoln turned out to be the demise of the Whig party and West may well be the demise of the GOP. We must work to make the populace see the truth about West, Conservatism, and the future of our great nation. The LameStream lies end right here, right now.

    Vote West.

    • white531

      The Nukeman knows how to put words on our feelings.

    • keyesforpres

      Alan Keyes had an article the other day on WND about resurrecting the Federalist party of our Founders.

  • Allen West will fix this country, if, we the people, give him the chance. If we can push for West over Rubio, and Ryan, this country will still have a fighting chance at continuing on our path to prosperity. We can continue the Great Experiment with a man of principal and moral like Mr. West, He has my vote and if he runs, I will be willing to go door to door to get the man votes. (For Romney I only made phone calls.)

    • white531

      Love your Avitar. Reminds me of crazy Joe.

    • keyesforpres

      We must squeal like stuck pigs if they try to nominate the ineligible Rubio.

      • white531

        In that particular respect, he is no different from the Communist-in-Chief. Doesn’t meet the requirements.

        • keyesforpres

          Yup, and he pi$$es me off that he never just comes out and admits he’s not eligible.

  • anneinarkansas

    Congressman West, I would vote for you in a heartbeat.
    You represent America for all of us.
    I am elderly, female and Southern and I love you.

    What would Rosa Parks think of the way our Unclad Emperor celebrated her today? A picture of himself in her seat on the bus at a museum? ME ME ME I I I MY MY MY MINE MINE MINE?
    Didn’t he do something similar for Neil Armstrong? Insert HIMSELF?

    • white531

      Neil Armstrong on the Moon? We didn’t build that. Washington Bureaucrats built those rockets and all that other fancy equipment. Private contractors and taxpayer money had nothing to do with it. It was the government. Get it through your head.

    • keyesforpres

      Yes. O had a picture of him looking at a CRESCENT MOON and a STAR…..

      • white531

        A Crescent Moon and a Star. I’ve seen that somewhere. Something to do with worship of the, “Moon God.” Early beginnings of some minor religion, as I recall.

  • TexasBanker

    I hope he isn’t planning on the Republican ticket. Remember folks, the “leaders” in the Republican party obviously tried to screw him over as much as possible with his redistricting. Do you really believe that they will help him get in the White House? From what I have seen so far, the Republicans are more hostile towards Tea Party candidates (Bachmann, Santorum, West, etc…) than the Democrats. I really hope he does run as a separate party (Tea, Constitution maybe?) seeing how the Republicans are looking like the Whig party.

    • white531

      I believe The Constitutional Freedom Party might take a look at him. 🙂

      • Oh we’re trying Whitefriend!! WE Are trying! 😀

        • ApplePie101

          Our third party may start as a coalition of parties with constitutional principles: Constitution party, Constitutional freedom party, Libertarian, Conservative. What we all share is a determination to restrict, shrink and control government, protect our nation, and repeal Obamacare.

    • Gtrjag

      Sounds good, but I think he would stand a better chance winning the Republican nomination than winning in a three way race. The Democrat candidate would still get the socialist/dependant class vote, and West and the Republican would split the rest of the vote. What is needed is for Conservatives to not be swayed by the media and the Republican establishment when they try to claim that the Conservative can’t win.

      • ApplePie101

        He stands no chance of winning the republican nomination, due to rules changes enacted at the last convention. The GOPe will quickly crush challenges to their chosen candidate. The game is rigged against constitutional conservatives.

        • Rather than focusing on the next savior, we need to focus our efforts on forcing election reform. The machines have to go. You are right, the republicans have rigged the primaries, just as democrats do. The media is in their back pocket, because they ignore the real issues in elections, other than to hype up voter fraud, which doesn’t even matter when the votes are just flipped electronically.

          • ApplePie101

            Good point!

  • TLaMana

    The campaign theme song is Wild, Wild, West

  • Mike

    Allen West is the man! He knows a Marxist when he sees one and isn’t afraid to call them out. He’s exactly the type of person that our country needs.

  • Allen West is a very respectable man. He will never attack you if do not attack him first. I wish him the best on all his future endeavors.

    (How can you not like this guy?)

  • toongoon

    That’s just what they’re afraid of, another Republican who goes around freeing slaves.

    • keyesforpres

      Oh, that’s a great one!

  • white531

    “restore honor, integrity and character.”

    “not for self interests or special interests but for American interests.”

    “not above the American people, but serving the American people.”

    “I don’t think our Founders wanted people to become career politicians.”

    “individual industrialism that leads to a successful marketplace.”

    “voting day should be a national holiday.”

    “and always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress.”

    Just some things I picked up from the interview.

    Colonel West has the demeanor of a former Texas Ranger. He speaks slowly and calmly, and without raising his voice, he says, “if you go for that gun, I’m gonna have to kill you.”

    I believe a President Allen West, would speak to Putin or Chavez in the same manner.

    There is this, also. Colonel West doesn’t work just for Florida anymore. He works for all of us.

    Now, he’s just like Sarah. Free to shoot ’em down when he sees ’em.

    Sorry for the Western analogy, but one of my favorite authors, is Lous L’Amour.

  • brendawatkins

    I think West is the closest we could get to a Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • white531

      Benjamin Netanyahu and Allen West. Two very real, no nonsense leaders.

      Brenda, I think you nailed that one.

    • YES!!

  • white531

    I don’t know if you are like me, but the threads I linger on longer than the others, are the ones about Sarah and Allen West. They fill me with feelings I can’t explain.

    I’m a human being, with all the frailties and shortcomings that title implies. I just want this country to come back. To be what it used to be. To be what the Founders envisioned.

    If I helped cause this, by my lack of attention or ignorance, I will try to make up for that. I just want back, what we had.

    I think Sarah and Allen West, and others like them, can do that. Let’s not forget Mia Love. The Washington machinery shut her down, just like they did Allen West and Sarah.

    This country is a train headed down the wrong track. Levin, and all the other great Conservative voices tell us that every day. Actually, they don’t have to tell us, because it is patently obvious to anyone with, “neurons that are actually connected to each other.”

    Some of you like to get your inspiration from our favorite talk show hosts. I’m with you on their wisdom and their ability to keep us all apprised of pressing current events. Scoop does that too, as we all know. But sometimes, I get inspiration from other Americans, who we don’t necessarily see on the blogosphere.

    There are a lot of people in Country Western music, who have a fierce belief in Freedom. We have listened to their songs. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnnie Cash. Plug in your own favorites. The list is long. Country Western may not be your thing, but these people understand hard work and Freedom, because they have lived it.

    Don’t always expect city folks to save this country. You might be disappointed. The people who live on the land, out in the country, far away from the big cities, still know what Freedom means.

    If you can’t saddle your own horse, and handle a six-shooter, you may just be what the Progressives are hoping for.

    Dang, there’s that Western thing again. Wait a minute. Reagan had a ranch. Reagan rode his own horses. Reagan cut his own firewood. Reagan preferred his ranch, to the glitz of Washington.

    And you thought I didn’t have a point to all this.

    • Was listening to these today! 😀

    • Nukeman60

      Mia Love is a prime example of the election fraud this cycle. With her, they can’t say the polls got it right and we just weren’t listening, as the polls had her winning right up to the end when the numbers miraculously turned on her (yeah, I know, it’s the conservative apathy, the pundits will, and do, say).

      Each of us has a talent. It is different for different folks. Some can get into changing the party. Some can get into promoting the New Guardians (5th estate) against the LameStream. And some can get into tracking the election fraud in various ways to eventually restore a secure election process.

      Any of these three things can be broken down to subsections of progress. My challenge to all our Scooper dudes and dudettes is to pick one of these (or more than one) and run with it. We need all the help we can get this time around.

      I believe in American ingenuity and I believe we can do it.

  • white531

    G’nite guys. Nursing a minor cold. Need some pillow time. Catch you on the backside.

    • Hope you feel better tomorrow! Suggestion, pile on the blankets and sweat it out! It works!!

  • NJK

    Can you imagine? Him and Rand Paul are both making noise about running. This gives me hope. He wouldn’t role over for fraud either. Go, Alan West!

  • Medaton

    I’ll work for Allen for PREZ! LET’S get srarted NOW!

  • Medaton

    Allen West and Josh Mandel. That is a team!

  • HBentley1

    I had the pleasure of meeting & working with Allen West in 2008, when I worked on the McCain Campaign in Southeast Florida in 2008. He is an honorable & distinguished man.

  • The reasoning behind Vote West!

    The Republican party is dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.

    Reality: we are now in a post-cliff election cycle. Why? Because the cliff over which Mr. Obama has determined to take us, will be behind us (mostly) by 2016. I wish that were good news for the 2016 candidates.

    As we saw in both hurricanes Sandy & Katrina, the collapse of Lehman Brothers & the housing bubble, and the epic failure of “green energy,” things inevitably grow worse in the period after a major disruption. I’m sorry my friends, but we do face harder times ahead—in the period after Obama has skated out of office, leaving us with the worst economy in world history. The question on most political observers’ minds is: what do we do about it? How can we possibly make this nation whole again, after the ruin of Obama?

    The first step to recovery is to recognize the new reality. Things already no longer work the same way as they did before. The election results of November proved that fact, with ineluctable certainty. Things will be even more different, post-cliff. (And let’s be clear, the “cliff” isn’t the “fiscal cliff” the media are distracting you with; no, the cliff is the economic ruin we face, thanks to the accelerated borrowing and hyper-accelerated spending by the Progressive Left—which sadly includes too many Republicans). The Republicans have, in fact, contributed to the problem by going along with this slow, national, suicide-by-debt program begun before most of us were born.

    The failure of Republicans is what allowed for an Obama to happen. After all, it’s not like we thought the leftists actually cared about the nation’s future when they decided money was some magical, fungible, infinite resource, and that reality was whatever they wished it to be.

    We all knew we would end up facing this cliff, and yet the Republican leadership (and party apparatus) felt it was possible that some of us would survive the fall, so they sold us—and continue to sell us—on a permanently damaged republic, as if that would somehow excuse the foolishness of trying to compromise with destruction itself. When the plane is out of gas, there can be no compromise between trying to land it, and letting it crash. And yet several voices on the right are already trying to tell us this is not so.

    Add to this pathetic history the fact that, since Ronald Reagan showed how to win and how to govern, we have been subjected to Bush I, Dole, Bush II, McCain, and now Romney as the preferred candidates of the party elite. Not one single man from that list was a proponent of Restoration. None of them ever bothered to explain or invite the public to understand the principles embodied in the Constitution. They have ALL been willing to let it weaken, in some mad belief that compromise is the acceptance of a portion of death in a life-or-death struggle. This is why Obama happened.

    Unfortunately the world is now in peril because Obama happened, and the Republicans bear much of the blame—for failure to engage and defeat the progressive left. We cannot endure this any longer. Liberty is dying, and the alternative is so bad that I hereby accept and endorse the dictum of Patrick Henry without reservation. I believe most of you do, too.

    So the question that comes next is, can we really take over the Republican party in time to restore the republic, or must we form a third party?

    I was open to both concepts until the last few weeks of rising tyranny have made the present reality unedurable. Republicans have continued to behave as though the old wisdom prevails, and we can modify the party and moderate our way to success. It is the belief in winning without risk, in order to be in a position to make change. But the failure to risk more on a conservative candidate is why we lost this election. This is obvious to any student of history. Instead we are offered excuses by the armload from the party believers and consultants. We are again asked to accept a little more death in order to survive to win another day. As I wrote elsewhere, observing these Republicans really is like watching the ship’s screw continue to turn in midair, just before the vessel begins it’s nosedive into the finality of Davy Jones’s embrace.

    I’m afraid the Republican party cannot be overtaken in one cycle. It is a dead thing, rotting from the neck up. It leaves nothing to overtake.

    But a third party is a perilous undertaking. Ask anyone: they always fail.

    (Until they don’t, of course. See for example, Lincoln, Abraham.)

    But I had this idea…

    What if we, the voters trapped on the Republican side of the ballot, simply ignored the party, ignored the primary process, ignored their posturing and pleading, and simply informed them that we are voting for Allen West in 2016?

    What if we, the voters, bought or made our own signs that say Vote West! and tell that to the Republicans whenever they start in with politics for the coming year? We tell Iowa that we’re picking West now and they can get on board or miss the boat entirely.

    We tell the GOP we aren’t interested in their “process.” Just West. Get on board, or be left behind.

    When they begin early polling: Vote West!

    When they ask for contributions to any PAC: Vote West!

    Just one response to any and everything the Republicans do for the next few years: Vote West! If they get on board, then good for them. If not, then they can get the heck out of our way.

    Here’s why I think this can work:
    1) Nobody has to be in charge. We all just act, on our own.
    2) Allen West need not be “nominated” for this to work. We all act, on our own.
    3) If we do not cloud this by insisting on any particular VP (I’d love for it to be Palin), and instead leave the selection up to West, then we gain more focus, more power, and more punch to cut through the media. Just make it a Vote West! concept.
    4) By not bothering with the waste of time involved in “forming” and then organizing a third party, we focus all of our energy and capital on getting Allen West into the White House.
    5) George Washington was made president without campaigning. We do have a precident.
    6) The tightness of this message will cut through the media.
    7) The lack of insistence on a third party allows all Tea Party organizations, and many other party-type groups to join the cause without disrupting their structures.

    After we win, then we can for the party around those of us who helped it happen. The ones that did the work ARE the party. If the Republicans decide to go with West, then we take over that party, aggressively.

    This is the plan, and I think we can succeed. We must pledge ourselves to it, through oddball revelations, smears, and fake bimbo eruptions. We need to spend our own money campaigning. We have to act locally to make this happen nationally. But we can get it done if we get enough folks on board.

    Vote West!

    • Nukeman60

      I like the idea, but it takes people actually seeing what is reality all around them for that to be burnt into their retinas. Having people do it themselves from the local level is a great grassroots idea that is imperative for a national idea to formulate.

      Unfortunately, our economic outlook may force the issue long before a political solution can be reached. We are making the same mistakes that they made in the ’30s and hyperinflation may drive us into the ground before we can right the ship.

      Then again, perhaps hyperinflation will drive the message home all that much quicker.

      Vote West.

      • Pretty intense article. I was hoping it would end in some suggestions to avert disaster, but apparently not. It reminds me of the book The Forgotten Man, by Amity Schlaes, where she points out that every stupid attempt by government to “fix” the depression pretty much made sure it grew longer and worse. When it comes to capital markets, the stability of money, and banking, I always picture government intellectuals as a bunch of monkeys surprised to find themselves set loose in an air traffic control tower.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, in the article I posted, I got the impression that, even though he posed the questions, he figured we would make the same decisions as those idiots in the ’30s. And so far, we have.

        • Nukeman60

          I never read The Forgotten Man, but I remember Beck talking about it a lot. I assume her solutions were to cut back on the New Deal and let the free market take back control, much like I would have hoped Romney would do.

          I’ll have to check the book out. I should have read it a long time ago.

    • May I excerpt this (with link to the original and post it on my blog?

      • Sure! Just be sure to mention this is a project we’ve come up with among us Scoopers at TheRightScoop!

  • Rocco11

    Allen West/Mark Levin 2016! Palin SecDef…

  • Conniption Fitz

    At 4.0, Allen West calls the Democrats out on using character assassination (Alinsky tactics) instead of debating the issues.

    The interviewer begins arguing with him and accusing him of being abrasive and of calling the Democrats communists.

    That should not be her place as a journalist. She was interviewing with an agenda: to make him look bad.

    West is absolutely right about the need for ELECTION REFORM!!!

    When a man can go on TV and brag that he voted four times and when 114% of some districts voted, something stinks.

    We need to have computerized Voter ID Registry so that people can only vote once and stop illegal aliens, fictitious and dead people from voting.

    We need to end crooked voting machines.

    Stop the corruption, foreign interference and influence in our government.

    Get the permanent political class out of DC.

    • West was right. Nearly 80 members of Congress are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which is a project of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is an offshoot of the Comintern, the international (Soviet-based) Communist Party. Q.E.D.

  • jdelaney3

    PLEASE, Mr. West, run for president!!!!! 2016 is your time.

  • West/Newt, West /Bachmann, West/Santorum, West/Palin, West/Keyes, West/Cruz…So many great choices but no more “hold your nose” campaigns like we had with mccain and rmoney.

  • white531

    K-Bob, I wish these threads would have more life than just a couple of days. Your message is clear, and I can see you’ve done your thinking about it. I think it might work, but we need to start right now, not three years from now. Signs for the yard, bumper stickers, community groups, a billboard or two, here and there over time, social media. I like it.

    Let’s try to keep it alive.

    Vote West!

    • Heh. I might not go so far as to accuse me of “thinking about it.” It just sort of happened, somewhere between by brain and my fingers pounding the keyboard.

      I want everyone to think about it because it’s just an idea, and ideas have to get the snot beat out of them to be any good. (Because the really good ones, they fight back on their own.)

      But we do need to keep it rolling. After I finish my current project (top sekrit!), I’ll spend more time on it. Probably in February. Until then, though, we can beat it up reeel good here in open threads and West threads, which Scoop seems to provide with regularity.

      And by “regularity,” I mean the kind of regularity that keeps the laxative industry in business. (Just kidding, Scoop.)

  • Dapandico

    Defund the RNC and donate to individual candidates.

  • I will stop my life and work for him if he decides to run.

    I mean it.