Allen West: Barack Hussein Obama is an abject failure in everything he’s done!

Allen West gave a speech on April 15, just a couple of days ago, and man was it amazing. I never get tired of hearing Allen West give speeches about liberty because he believes it down to his core and he doesn’t need a teleprompter. He also doesn’t shy away from calling out Barack Hussein Obama on his desire to enslave the American people into the entitlement culture of economic dependency. He blasts Obama’s massive spending and deficits and declares strongly that Obama “is abject failure in everything he’s done”.

Seriously, this is the speech Romney should be giving. I am labeling it a MUST WATCH.

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  • The difference between West and Romney…..West believes what he says. Romney could give the exact speech and it will be a flop.

    One needs to have the conviction in order to have the needed connection. Romney is the JFKerry of the Republican party.

    • Sober_Thinking


    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      He certainly articulates Americans’ core beliefs.
      [Who brought the goat?]

      • Lumpyarse

        ROFL! If you listen to Col. West’s past speeches you can hear goat guy in a few of them. I love that guy!

    • Who would you perfer, Obama or Romney. As for me and mine, I would vote for Romney and restore this country to its founding principles and values.

      • Jeff_in_Atlanta

        Neither–I’ll take Col. West.

      • The question is based on a false premise. The premise is that these are the only two candidates running for president. This is untrue. There are third party candidates running and there just may be one that will be aligning themselves closer to the Constitution than the D and R.

  • Amy

    What an exciting time to be a Constitutional conservative in America! We have some amazing leaders emerging. The progressive agenda is as plain as day. The true conservatives are fired up and ready for the fight of our lives. It’s time to double down on our efforts to topple the power hungry in our Capital. It’s time to stay strong! We need to become the warriors this place in time demands of us. Jock up my friends!

    • sDee

      That is spirit. We are just at the beginning of a long battle back. The movement has sparked and will only grow.

      We now need leaders. We need to support those that will lead us back to the liberty and a limited government intended by our founding principles. We must reject all those who do not. (R) and (D).

  • 1vote

    Tell it like it is, Allen!! Surely Obummer hates this man.

  • WordsFailMe

    Allen West — TAMPA BAY — AUG 27 2012

  • James Lofgren

    Just the kind of charge every Constitution-Loving American needs to get the day started!

    Good morning Patriots. I hope you’re ready to fight for your country today.

  • JazzFromHell

    go west !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lumpyarse

    If Romney doesn’t want West as his VP then he is a complete idiot.

    • Sober_Thinking

      My point exactly.

    • sDee

      The GOP will not repeat the mistake they made selecting Sarah Palin. They cannot afford to energize the conservative base who knows that their progressive policies are designed cast the fatal wounds to the Republic. They cannot again make the mistake of standing up a true leader of principle and passion, against the empty shell of a Statist sellout.

      The interesting thing about propaganda immersion is that we begin to gradually take it as reality. Letting a real leader burst onto stage, shatters the illusion.

      • 2yves

        That is why it is important to attend Tampa on Aug 27th. To show our support for the one who the GOP doesn’t want to run or to see on stage.

      • Sarah Palin was literally destroyed by the liberal media. Why? Well, as an Air Force pilot once said, “You know you are getting close to the target when you start drawing FLAK”. Go WEST young man go WEST!

    • sDee

      ….unless of course the Tea Party, the Conservative base and the Libertarians all refuse to embrace Romney.

      • 2yves

        Colorado and Nevada did it just recently. They were organized.

    • 2yves

      I don’t think West would want to hitch onto the Romney wagon. He would of been kissing up to him with an endorsement by now.

      • I think Paul and West would be the form-able team America needs.

  • unclesamnephew

    will we have a convention that is not just a rubber stamp of G.O.P. establishment wishes? prior to Rick S. dropping out, i had hope. are there enough tea party members to nominate a leader such as Rep. West?

    • sDee

      Who knows but there is enough of us to ensure he cannot win the election without us. We need to stand on principles.

      The may be a reverse of the strategy used by political establishment (including Rockefeller and Romeny Sr.) to shackle Reagan with Bush1.

  • denbren52

    I disagree that Obama is “an abject failure” because he has succeeded in doing exactly what he set out to do. He said he wanted to fundamentally change this country and he has succeeded. He set out to divide this country along socioeconomic and racial lines and he has succeeded. He set out to economically destroy this country from the inside out and he has succeeded. He has set out to enslave more of the population in poverty and he has succeeded.

    The failure is on the part of Congress and especially the GOP. They should be challenging him on every one of these issues and defending us against the President’s unconstitutional power grabs but they have failed and here we are holding on for dear life as a nation.

    We need hundreds more like Allen West in the House and Senate. And we need someone like Allen West himself in the White House.

    • Maxsteele

      Wll said denbren, as Obama said himself he wanted to fundamentally change America and he has done so.

      • He also talked about an America where generations would live together. That is the one thing he has succeeded in. Adult children living with their parents because there are no jobs for them.

    • Sober_Thinking

      You make a great point.

      Nothing will change until conservatives are in power in the Senate, House, Judiciary, and state legislatures.

      Having Allen West in the White House would also be HUGE.

    • leaky_sink

      You’re absolutely correct about Obama.
      And yes, we need many more Col. West.

  • truthequals9

    The only thing I feel conservatives have to be more careful about is how we portray those on Welfare. We have lost the battle already with more than half the country already taking some sort of Government handout. We have to be more inclusive by stating that the welfare state takes money from our own pockets and than gets returned without the freedom you would have with your own money and minus the money that it costs to run the bureaucracy created to give you that welfare check!

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’ve said this before, but Allen West being on the ticket is one of the only things that could get me excited about Romney. Talk about deja vu to 2008.

    It would get the Tea Party on board and it would help take the race card off the table. The unfortunate reality of it is that Allen West can tell the truth without being branded a racist (by most people).

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to give the guy who took this video some advice. While filming, your audience wil appreciate it much more if you try your level best to not do your Young Frankenstein impressions right into the microphone.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… there’s some goofy guy who sounds like Frankenstein or someone when he’s cheering. Lovely.

    Allen West SHOULD be our new president.

  • Maxsteele

    This is so true. I was thinking this same thing last night after listening to another blistering attack of Anne Romney’s chose to be a stay at home mother. The Obama socialist party has decided to divide the country. I cannot think of an area of the American society that Obama and his minions have not set up some conflict between two opposing ideals: Stay at home moms vs Working women, Church vs State, Black vs everyone else, Jews vs Muslims, President vs Supreme court, DOJ vs States rights, poor vs rich, worker vs employer. In the end he has created a very incendiary environment just to hide from his record and get re-elected and it shows that there is not a single voice of reason within the Democratic party that actually cares about America. They would rather see America burn then give up power.

    • sDee

      It is as stark and ugly as you describe.

      I do not believe Hussein Obama has created the incendiary environment and the division to hide his record. It is his record, his strategy. This is how they intend to collapse the system in order to remake it.

  • Romney should be giving this kind of speech, but he won’t. Only a person with true convictions can give a speech like that.

    • 2yves

      West didn’t have to mention how severely conservative he was 27 times in this speech to convince us that he is a conservative either.

  • 12grace

    Allen West has become an America hero.

  • Psyphurr Lock

    Awesome speech, but that guy on audio nearby, doing those gutteral moaning-like sounds. Dear God, I’d hate to see what he looks like 🙂

    • Joe

      NY Gino may know who the groaner is!

    • tinker_thinker

      A lib whose head was exploding?

  • Joe

    he is THE BEST –


    Why is he being so subtle

    Just get to the point (SARC)

    They must hate when he walks into the “Chamber”

  • aPLWBinAK

    “Allen West: Barack Hussein Obama is an abject failure in everything he’s done!”…..well, yes, except he’s taken grifting to levels never before seen in human history, a dubious achievment to be sure. Except for that, I’m with West all the way.

  • The “Buffet rule” would bring in $47B of revenue against Obama’s $6.7T proposed increases. What does that look like? 6,700,000,000,000 / 47,000,000,000 = 142.5 yrs or if you owed $6,700 on your visa and paid $47 monthly it would take you 14….5 yrs to pay it off. Neither assumes any interest. If you recall how Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union he broke them financially. They could not keep up the arms race. I am beginning to believe Obama is truly a “Manchurian Candidate” with a goal of collapsing our economy from within. This goes beyond socialism, socialism is only the tool he is trying to use.

  • He’s so smart and brave. If we could get him in as veep, we’d be blessed

  • Newt Gingrich and Allen West are the only two men in leadership who talk like this.

  • Newt Gingrich and Allen West are the only ones brave enough to speak these truths.

  • Hey Romney camp, you guys watching? This is your VP, end of story.

  • I would follow this man to hell while holding a can of gasoline. He eventually needs to be elected the first real black president of the United States. Allen West Rocks. Hope Romney asks him to join him on the campaign trail. West would help him out a lot.

    • Romney doesn’t deserve West. I have the feeling West is too principled to be so closely associated with a Liberal/Statist liar like Romney.

  • Jaynie59

    What a perfect VP pick he would be. Oh, my gosh. Having Allen West on the ticket would negate everything the other side would throw at us. Nothing will stick. Oh, man. He’s articulate and well educated in history and can call up these stories off the top of his head.

    And the Romney camp will never pick him. Rob Portman? Oh, man. Thank God for Prilosec. I’m gonna have to stock up to make it to November.

  • JazzFromHell

    i’m not gay, but i loe this man

  • Failure! In our eyes “yes” in his eyes “no” since he is accomplishing what he and his cronies have set out to do and they are not finished. BEWARE!!! They have dropped the radical pose for the radical aim and the MSM is supporting the means and the end justifies the means in their minds. Please see if you have eyes and hear if yopu have ears!!!!

  • Mr. West, how many times have you been President? None! EXACTLY! Need I say, more?

    • PVG

      No you need not say more…….BUH BYE!

  • PVG

    I do not believe (at this point) Romney is capable of a speech such as this!

  • He should be Ron Paul’s running mate! What a team that would be.

  • tvlgds

    I still love him! I honestly don’t see him being a Romney running mate since they are so far apart on the issues. I hope I’m wrong.

  • BS61

    I say it often – he should have been our first black President!

    • Mike Lee

      What do you mean “should have been”? America has yet to have a black president. We currently have a bi-racial president – not black.

  • daisybud

    Now Lt. Colonel West should be our keynote speaker at the convention, PERIOD!!!

  • leaky_sink

    Ohhh YES. I think I’m in love.


    This man WILL be POTUS one day… on it!

  • Jeff_in_Atlanta

    Unlike many here, I don’t think Col. West should accept being Romney’s running mate. Romney is a loser–if West runs with him, he’ll carry the stigma of being a loser with him. I’d rather see West hammering on Obama from the House of Senate for four years than have him tarnished by Romney.

  • Nancy Sue Jedlicka

    If Only Allen West Had Been The First Black President ,We Would Probably Be Making Payments On The Principle Of The Debt Instead Of Increasing What We Owe ! I Really Hope He Wins His Seat In Congress . If They Were Smart The RNC Would Have Him Be The Keynote Speaker At The Convention In Tampa .

  • This is one great American!

    • Liber8Me

      LOL. One great American comedy act.

  • What is congress approval rating?

  • What is congress approval rating?

  • Grumple

    Romney is the worst kind of INSIDER….kind of like Dole. Romney is so bad I’m voting independant. I think obama will win and I’m glad for it. obama will continue to help speed the decline this country is already in. I figure the sooner we hit bottom the better.

  • I am going to DITTO all previous comments

    (perhaps VP will have to do for now).

    Yours truly,
    from an old white female+an old white male married to me for 50 yr

  • Liber8Me

    West is the same guy who labeled some Democrats as Communists. And now he calls a man who has risen to the position of President of the US an “abject failure in everything he’s done.” Mr. West is the male Michelle Bachmann and I pray that no one out there really takes anything he has to say seriously.

    • LTC./Congressman West is the guy that put on a uniform for 22+ years that allows you to shoot off your mouth here. He is a man of character and conviction. He actually walked the talk. Obama is a failure. Obama is not out for America’s best interest. Get informed before you make ridiculous statements about men like West who know the truth and have put their own lives in jeopardy for the sake of America. Bachmann is a patriot and on the Intel Comm. This site is in the US Library of Congress. The letter is on the home page. Apparently, they know who Obama is now. Obama was raised by Communists and embraces Marxist ideology. He ran first in the New Party-Marxist. He is backed by the Chicago machine & foreign powers. There are pics of him with Black Panther thugs and Michelle with Jew & White hater Farrakhan’s wife. He has taken credit for what Bush admin did –the same policies that Obama decried in 2008. He has violated the War Powers Act & Logan Act. He has inserted CAIR and terror group friendly “advisers” in his cabinet. He had/has declared Communists in his admin and takes his orders from known nation wrecker Soros. Get informed.

      • Obama has given us many clues that his entire narrative and background is contrived. Obama has the inability to speak coherently when off teleprompter. He uses bad grammar and poorly formed sentences often. His has sealed records and failed to write one article as president of the Harvard Law Review. This indicates that he is hiding something. Obama’s life long domestic terrorist friend, Bill Ayers (they sat on a board together, were pals and Ayers helped launch Obama’s political career) shows poor judgement. Ayers’ recent disclosure that he wrote “Dreams From My Father” is troubling since many people voted for Obama due to the book. Apparently they did not mind that he surrounded himself with radicals, Black Panther and La Raza members and did coke & pot. The book would have earned Ayers a Pulitzer if he had not foolishly ghost written it for his former pal Obama. The second rate book on audacity that Obama wrote indicates his inability to write in the same style as the first book. The few photos that have been put out by his campaign are obviously PhotoShopped (see You Tube). Obama mispronounced corp as corpse. He even got the number of US states wrong. But this latest blunder spilled the beans. He got his story wrong on how and where he met Michelle, who was forced, by the way, to give up her law license shortly after getting it.

  • “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” –Theodore Roosevelt

    *** Even partisan hack and democrat water carrier Rachel Maddow sees that Obama is a hypocrite and full of it.
    Obama and his cronies are going to endanger America & are destroying the infrastructure of America so they can replace it with their system. Communism. It’s been planned for decades and they used the EPA, Feminist movement, destruction of our morals and faith, infiltrated the church with gays and child molesters who were not Christian, used over regulation to destroy our economy and removed our free speech and other freedoms bit by bit. Here are the US Senate hearing transcript from 1963 that exposed the Communists’ plans. Also go to You Tube and use search terms “Agenda Documentary & Rumors of War III”