Allen West campaign calls Sunday’s recount a ‘sham’

Yesterday’s recount of partial early voting ballots has left the Allen West campaign calling the recount a ‘sham’. They say the canvassing board didn’t recount the three days of ballots they had requested, instead choosing another three days of early ballots. While it added to West’s vote count and narrowed the gap, it wasn’t enough to trigger an automatic recount. West’s campaign is vowing further legal action.

Watch the full report below:

Also, Allen West said this on his Facebook yesterday:

Today is Veteran’s Day and I am spending the day at several events with those few who have always answered our Nation’s call. They are the guardians of our liberties and freedoms.

However, on this day I am deeply troubled by the voting procedure issues emanating from St Lucie County. It is unconscionable to me to witness what is transpiring before our eyes.

This is not about who gets a congressional seat, because it belongs to the people. This is about preserving the integrity of the voting process and the fundamental right to free and honest elections, because it is for that which I, and all veterans, have risked our lives.

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  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Ride ’em Col. West! It’s gonna be a long 8 seconds.

  • This is disgusting.

    Communist enthusiast coming to power in Arizona.
    Air Force Veteran slipping away from a good seat in Arizona.
    And now our conservative friend is being cheated.

    What a disgrace.

    • They say we should move on. Heck no!
      This will go until there is a full embarrassment of the Florida electoral system. After what happened to Norm Coleman in Minnesota? Oh, no you don’t.

      Thank goodness we got more Republican governors this election. I pray that they handle their budgets well and take any credit that they deserve.

      • colliemum

        The call to ‘draw a line and move on’ has been used again and again here by the socialist Tony Blair and his socialist, Labour regime, for 13 years.

        It is beloved by all lefties, because it makes them look generous, while the other side are, by default, unreasonable nit-pickers.

  • anneinarkansas

    The Voter Fraud in the election will top all ever and the Dims will get by with it.
    Pray, folks. We are in for a bumpy ride!

  • Philo Beddoe

    Glad to hear the republicRAT leadership is supporting West

    **In Illinois, there was a Senator Peter Fitzpatrick. A very conservative politician. When he was up for reelection, he was told by republicRAT leadership that he was to conservative and was on his own. Then came barky obama.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that this is happening with West due to the Tea Party association.

  • WhiteGuy2

    We all knew this would happen. The government is run by thieves,cowards, and commies..

    • BevWKY

      Really? Not if one believes the news reports. For example:

      Adviser: Romney “shellshocked” by loss;catDoorHero

      I haven’t been commenting a lot the last couple of days because I’ve had other things going on in my life but I have been trying to keep up with a few threads as best I can here and on a couple of other sites and this is exactly what gets me about the election results and aftermath.

      Forget everything else about analyzing the electorate. Forget the big tent or lack thereof in the GOP. And think about just one thing.

      West is still fighting. And intends to keep fighting.

      Does anyone here honestly believe that if this had been a Palin, Gingrinch or West campaign for President that had supposed “lost” to Obama that they wouldn’t have been prepared AHEAD OF TIME to fight for every single vote in every single state?

      Why wasn’t Romney prepared for that? Why did he and his campaign not realize that it might be needed? Why did they immediately just pack up and retreat?

      That is what’s wrong with the GOP and not the lack of a big tent, people. If it was ONLY the problem of a big tent, I could forgive them and dig in and try to change them. But this isn’t about them needing change from the inside. It’s about a mindset that just gives up.

      Or doesn’t even see a problem in the first place and even plan for it. And that’s unacceptable. Why would anyone even want to be part of that party any more?

      I’d post this on other threads where it would apply but frankly I just don’t have time. Or energy. But think about it. Honestly think about it. Why are they not fighting for us right now?

      • colliemum

        They are not fighting because the cocktail party in the Beltway is happy with the way things are.
        Many people said last December, when all the shenanigans about when to hold the primaries was on, that the GOPe put up Romney as place holder for Jeb Bush in 2016, and that the GOPe didn’t really plan to win this.

        Looks like we were right …

        • Freedomswatch

          Well, I can tell you right now, I have no intentions of ever voting for another Bushie. No dynasties, no monarchies. I’m backing Rubio for President in 2016, whether he wants to run or not. It’s time to win the hispanic vote.

          • BevWKY


            While I understand the sentiment, it’s attitudes like this that are just as much of the problem as “giving up” without a full accounting this time are. I’m not talking about identity politics here as much as I am about being able to adapt to the moment, whatever the issue is at the time. By that I mean that four years from now, the Hispanic vote may not be where our focus needs to be. It might be. It might not be. To assume that it will be and decide who the next candidate should be NOW is exactly what gets us into these messes in the first place.

            Every single time.

            • Freedomswatch

              I have thought carefully about which candidate I would support. I support Jim DeMints conservative candidate choices. I learned from this primary season that if Conservatives don’t get together beforehand and decide not to cripple each other, we will get another RINO choice. So, I am committing to someone based on his track record and beliefs. If it’s too early for you that’s fine, but I can tell you the RINOs are grooming their next “inevitable”, so I am thinking about a Conservative choice. You focused on the fact that Rubio happens to be hispanic, whereas I was focusing on the fact that I like his conservative views and by the way it wouldn’t hurt that he is hispanic and from Florida.The Hispanic aspect is merely a bonus and we obviously need to shore up Florida, so we don’t have to fight as hard for it next time.
              As for “this is exactly what gets us into these messes in the first place”: the RINO establishment picking one RINO to put up versus differing Conservative viewpoints (social, fiscal, etc) putting up half a dozen candidates against each other, is what kills Conservative candidates. Our circular firing squad does each other in, while the RINO sits back and gets the nomination. You are entirely free to choose to wait and select your candidate later, as I am perfectly free to choose someone to help now. I encourage people to take a look at candidates in advance and if they find someone they want to help then go for it, versus squashing any enthusiasm as premature.

              • BevWKY

                Oh, I’m sorry. I thought when you said “It’s time to win the hispanic vote.” that was the main reason why you liked him. That’s an honest mea culpa.

                As to the rest, I’m not squashing anyone from supporting anyone that their heart tells them to support, just wondering whether in its own way committing to one candidate for this high of an office this early just because we want to stop them from doing it is not a reverse form of “inevitability” that mucks up the process, too.

          • BigMamaTEA

            Slow down there everybody, the election’s not over yet.

            Everybody let’s remember, we have an Electoral College. So when you voted (unless you had a paper ballot you might not have noticed) you are actually voting for a list of people that will cast the Electoral college.

            Electors chosen on Election Day meet in their respective state capitals (or in the case of Washington, D.C., within the District) on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, at which time they cast their electoral votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President. That means Dec. 17th?

            Spread to everyone you know in OH, WI, PA, VA, & FL. Today (Mon) is Federal Holiday, but tomorrow people need to contact either the individual electors on that ballot (reps for Electoral College) or their State Repub. Party and State Secretary of State.

            These electors can ask for recounts. Don’t know where Mittens is, apparently licking wounds? So, WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to get busy. All Mitten’s contact links that I had available are now static.

            It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and I can’t carry a note! ha! Get busy troops, if you don’t live in one of these states you can still contact anyone you know and make this message go viral.!!!

        • BevWKY

          I honestly don’t know. I’ve seen comments both ways about Romney with regards to the Bush contingent. Is he part of the GOP establishment? Probably. At least, a lot more than some of the ones who are more identified with the Tea Parties. There’s no need to name names because we all know who those people are.

          But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t intend to win this election and WAS blindsided by the apparent results. I personally cannot fault him for the general campaign he ran. Where my eyebrows quite literally went up was when it was apparent that there were a lot of irregularities around the country in the very battleground states that his campaign was itself so focused on but there appeared to be no plan in place to fight for the votes after the fact.

          So, again, I say, forget about what might be wrong with the GOP because whatever plans the Bush people might have aren’t at issue right now. What is at issue is why the Romney campaign and the GOP weren’t prepared for wholesale voter fraud by their opponent when everyone engaged in the Tea Party movement knew or at least suspected that Obama’s Chicago based political machine would cheat?

          Okay, maybe I just answered my own question, but if that is THE answer then we aren’t the babes in the woods that everyone claims we are. THEY ARE. And why in the world should be trust their leadership ever again?

        • canscrap

          What a bunch of crap that is…. who would put themselves, their sick wife, family, all the people who donated and volunteered, to lose. Only a liberal would think like you do.

          • colliemum

            Thank you, canscrap, for labelling me a ‘liberal’. I am no such thing.

            As for my post being a bunch of crap – there’ve been enough snippets of info coming out from the campaign to show that it was badly managed, from ORCA and from the placing of adverts, especially during the summer, onwards.
            Romney certainly didn’t play to lose – but did those who should’ve supported him in the campaign and the GOPe really and fervently play to win?

            We are allowed to have our doubts.

          • Colliemum is NOT a Liberal.

            • canscrap

              Too bad that we didn’t all pull together to save our country. It’s so easy to point the finger AFTER the election. It’s too late now and we will all pay the price. I always check the headlines on Weaselzipper and am shocked at the lightening speed that this admin is moving to further destroy us.

              • BevWKY

                Here’s the thing, I don’t personally know anyone who didn’t vote for Romney, so I can’t say that we didn’t all pull together. So if the problem isn’t us, then it has to be something else altogether.

                And the most likely answer is…

        • MLCBLOG

          That’s right. Their jobs are secure, and they are free to go on reporting and schmoozing with each other.

          They are entirely too clinical for my taste, as they stand back and watch the things we hold so dear crumbling before all our very eyes. The coldly report and manipulate events for their own comfort/gain.

  • Patricks Pledge

    A man who fought against and hates the Gov’t is now asking the Gov’t for help. Ironic

    • Constance


    • PhillyCon

      I don’t understand your comment. He’s not “asking” for help … he’s calling for a recount of the votes. How is that help? Its asking them to do their job as an election official honestly. You know something that is lacking in countries like Venezuela and North Korea.

    • toongoon

      You might need to explain yourself a little better.
      Blanket Liberal talking points don’t quite cut it here.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        hear hear!

    • Haywoodjbl

      Said the skinny little guy who wears an occupy mask, never served and collects his free phone minutes.

      Go away now please, this forum really will not be tolerant of your “noise”.

    • NYGino

      Take off those liberal blinders and you may find that Allen West and the vast majority of the folks at TRS and pretty much most conservatives love this country. Which is exactly the reason we are fighting the forces that want to “fundamentally change” it into something it wasn’t meant to be and something that is destroying it from the inside and allowing it to be attacked from the outside at the same time.

      Specifically, those forces are the Criminally Negligent media, the current administration and the very liberal education system.

      • white531

        I like that. Criminally Negligent Media. CNM. Almost the same as CNN.

        • NYGino

          Cable News Malarky?

    • kong1967

      He doesn’t hate the government. He believes government is taking on roles it shouldn’t be and that it should be smaller.

    • white531

      A man who fought for and loves his country is now asking the election officials to do their job. Patriotic.

    • NYGino

      Pretty sure most conservatives know better than to count on our too large government for help. Why don’t you ask your liberal friends in the New Jersey and New York area how relying on Big Brother is working out for them after Sandy. They even got a photo op of the impostor committing the full resources of the Federal government, with no red tape and all obstacles aside.

      Think the unfortunate folks in Staten Island are giving thanks to The One now?

      West is not asking for help, he’s asking the government to do it’s job and accept the responsibilities that come along with their oath to our Constitution.

  • DavidRobertson

    I hope Col. West continues to pursue this. Someone needs to expose the fraud…nobody else in a position to do so seems to want to.

    I am self-cautioned though to continue to look at the big picture. While the vote here is within a few thousand and the Presidency was decided by ~400K votes in four states, it is easy to get myopically focused on the “win”. I find the big picture to be that there was still a significant mass of people in this country who thought it would be a good idea to vote in favor of less freedom and more government control.

    This should have been a 60/40 or 70/30 election. The fact that it wasn’t tells us all we need to know about the moral and cultural deterioration that has taken over the electorate. Less people go to worship at their churches. Over 1/3 of our young population have no religion or belief. Fatherlessness and the destruction of the family are its root cause.

    We should commit to activating ourselves politically to turn this tide. However, we should be even more committed to turning the tide in our homes and communities–the very nucleus of change.

    • Rshill7

      As long as there is massive, unrestrained fraud, we can’t win regardless of what we do. Eliminate the fraud first. This should’ve been a landslide for Romney on the economy alone, and probably was. Until we get to the bottom of fraud, all other talk is meaningless. You don’t adjust your tactics based on false feedback any more than you’d adjust your card playing tactics when your opponent is dealing off the bottom and has two other decks up his sleeve.

      • colliemum

        Great points, rshill7!

        I am astonished that so many conservatives are falling in line with the arguments brought forward by the corrupt MSM, about who all sat at home and didn’t vote, from evangelicals to Tea partiers – lies all already debunked, but still used by many conservatives inside and outside the GOP.
        It is as if they are afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions about voter fraud. One wonders why ..

      • DavidRobertson

        100% agree. My point is that the fraud at its largest state should not have put this election in balance. The fact that it did is concerning in and of itself. Let’s support the fraud investigations and put their feet to the fire to force the intestinal fortitude it will require to battle the forces that would keep that fraud in place.

  • kong1967

    Typical liberals. They agreed to do the three day recount to make it appear like they were being straight and narrow and honest. They pulled a fast one on West and the voters. They don’t want to get busted, for one, and they also don’t want West to win.

    As I said, we don’t have elections any more. We have scams that make the elections just a motion of habit. We sure don’t need them any more.

    • white531

      This is like the only bank in a small town being robbed, and the citizens have a good idea who did it, but they don’t know how to prove it, so they just move on.

      What happened in Florida in a local election, happened nationally in the recent presidential election, with similar results. In both instances, the mantra from the Dems and the RINOS and the media, is just, “move on and get over it.”

      As long at that attitude prevails, and voter fraud remains the favored technique among the Left to win elections, we will continue to see results exactly like we just saw. You know it, and I know it.

      We need to get rid of electronic voting machines entirely.

      We need a mandatory lock-tight voter ID system in place in every state.

      We need to get rid of early voting and mail-in ballots and voting by email, and all the other crazy ideas the Left has come up with.

      Without those changes, future elections in this country are pointless.

      We spent enough money on this recent election, to keep a small third-world country solvent for ten years, and give everyone in it a new pickup and a wide-screen tv, and all we wound up with, is what we started with.


      • DavidRobertson

        Digital elections scare the heck out of me. How does the elections board (locally or by state) certify and ensure that the software used is legitimate? Who decides it is legitimate? Who runs it? From what I have seen, many unions actually support the quality control. So, if my hunch that this is easily open to fraud is reality, then ballot stuffing goes up EXPONENTIALLY. You no longer have to bus people in to boost your vote. You only need to change the existing voter’s input.

        • The software should be open source and be approved by BOTH sides before being used. Being open source, it would be open to scrutiny. It would have to be all above board or there would be an outcry.

        • white531

          The machines themselves can be programmed accurately, so as to produce the exact margin required to win, without making it so big, that it would be questioned.

          And you’re right. The unions are involved.

        • canscrap

          I suggested earlier that we need to do a finger print analysis, you put your finger into a scanner, it has a national database, shows if you voted already, if you’re a felon, if you’re illegal etc…. make sure the military votes count…. and like you get rid of all the early, mail in crap that has so corrupted our system. I am now convinced that Romney actually did win.

      • kong1967

        That’s the frustrating thing to me. There are no serious efforts to reform the system. Some states created voter ID laws, but that’s not enough. The early and absentee voting is where the big time fraud is at, and I don’t know of anyone addressing that.

        • Pyrran

          And Obama lost every one of those states, big surprise.

          • kong1967

            That could be for a couple different reasons. Conservative states are implementing the voter ID laws I’d imagine, because it’s always conservatives getting screwed by the fraud. I don’t know what all states implemented the laws, but it’s just a guess. I’d imagine the states that aren’t interested are liberal states and the liberals are the ones pushing the fraud. More liberals, more fraud.

      • Wisewoman2

        Those changes you advocated are what is needed as well as 5 times or more of polling places so that voting lines are not too long. These polling places should be well staffed and people should go to jail for misconduct.

  • dufudge

    Why would the vote count be off by any votes?

    • MrMicawber

      Exactly – if it’s “off” and it narrows the margin between the two candidates, shouldn’t someone look into this further???

      I get the feeling they don’t want to because when/if a dark truth is found, all hell is going to break loose.

    • kong1967

      Do you live under a rock?

      • white531

        I understand what you are saying kong, but dufudge’s point is legitimate, in one sense. If I can speak for dufudge for a moment, why should we be complacent with any error in the vote count? The answer is, we shouldn’t.

        I don’t know how many of you have worked in retail, but I spent a fair amount of time there.

        One of the rituals at the end of the day, after the store closes, is to balance the cash registers.

        You count the money, subtract what you started with, and then balance the result against the sales. It has to balance. If it doesn’t, then you count it again. If it still doesn’t balance, then the employee(s) who were working out of that cash register are going to spend time in a meeting in the Manager’s office, I can assure you.

        This exercise is repeated hundreds of thousands of times in retail establishments and businesses every single day, across this country. It is routine.

        How is this any different than counting votes? Only one way, actually. Counting votes is easier.

        • kong1967

          I completely agree. I think I misunderstood the implication of his comment. I thought he couldn’t understand why we would need recounts because there would be no reason for the counts to be off. You are right, the results should be verified and match up. If you have 100,000 more votes than there are registered voters, it should be an automatic recount instead of just “oh, well”. They need to have a system thats very difficult to defraud and where it’s easy to find where the fraud was committed. As of now, we basically might as well just be emailing our votes in under 6 different emails attached to no names….because it’s just so important to protect the rights of the rare individual who can’t get their papers or ID in line. Never mind the hundreds of thousands of voters that are disenfranchised because they leave the door wide open for fraud.

  • Don

    Never before in our country’s history has the corruption and total incompetence been so obviously exposed. If Colonel West is robbed from public office by the possible corruption that now seems evident, it should be a crime. It seems the voting processes being questioned should welcome transparency in order to assure the constituents that no voter laws were violated. Failure to do so suggests criminal activity was involved.

    • BlueGood

      I thought I posted the other day the Recount was probably agreed to by the Lyin’ Dimocrats just to placate Allen….

      The disgusting prycks should be forced by the courts to do it CORRECTLY…..Ihope Mr. West continues to PUSH FOR IT!

  • MrMicawber

    That woman in the red sweater – election commissioner I think? That look on her face when confronted is so incredibly reminiscent of how liberals/progressives look when I’m arguing with them with irrefutable fact/reason. LOL.

  • Have you hoticed incredible silence from the left???
    We heard in the past:
    : “I won, you lost!! HA HA HA “….”Now is our turn!!!” “It is payback time!!!”

    • MrMicawber

      I think many people voted for BO because it makes them feel good except, assuming that Mitt (the more competent of the two to deal with the multi-layered crisis we find ourselves in) would win handily. That way, they’d get the best of two worlds. I think there’s a bit of shock on the left too – at least among some of them.

    • Patricks Pledge

      Have you noticed how Loud the right is with excuses on why they lost, but continue to miss the real reasons? Does the right think that making excuses, calling the President a fraud and ect is going to help their chances in 2014-2016? Will they learn from their mistakes? Instead of conspiracy attacks they would do more good debating policy because unless they learn to work together they will lose for some time to come. Most of all and many people are missing this, is either you are with the RHINO Party or your not. If your not, turn Fox Off, quit quoting a Rhino just because it fits your agenda ect ect. If something isn’t right in Florida with West, its not the dems, its the Rhinos – If you want a chance, you need to realize that the RHINO’s are going to and already started doing away with the Tea Party and they will make this very clear within the next year or so.

      • It’s amazing to me that the left had little momentum, not nearly the votes, hardly the yard signs around the country, not nearly the filled stadiums or rallies, not as many college kids getting out the vote, Jews throwing their hands up and forsaking Obama for Romney and YET somehow we are all to believe the left QUIETLY took the country by storm?????

        Amazing-here’s what I think-I think there was NO WAY the FAR LEFT was EVER going to let go of HEALTH CARE-it is the carpet underneath the country that they will use to pull out and reset America once and for all to a more socialistic way of life. And that means they would stoop to ANY and ALL levels to see Obama and the FAR LEFT administration reelected. I think even the DEMS were surprised they won but not the far left-they knew exactly what they were doing-watch-next it will be talk radio that will suffer for the last four years, it has already started here and we are now as red of a state as can be!!! and then GUN CONTROL-watch! They have come this far they aren’t going to let it go-and you can also thank the 50 some million people that fell for Obama and his empty destructive ideas!

        Any person let alone President that sends federal money overseas to help other countries with abortion, who tells his sick grandmother we won’t help you just take a pill-who will cry over his own REELECTION but NOT THE DEATH OF FOUR WHITE AMERICANS who died for their country is NOT WORTHY to hold the office of this once great country! Obama is indeed a reflection of the current values this country holds and it is not the country I grew up in! For the first time in my life I am truly ashamed of my country!

        • kong1967

          I was ashamed in 2008, too. Mostly because of the voter fraud but also because there were so many warning signs that Obama did not have American values and did not have our best interests in mind, yet people ignored the signs. “Hope and Change”. They didn’t even know what he meant, but it must be good, right? ….because government sucks so he must be going to clean up the place.

          I also don’t understand the low Republican turnout. Reverse voter fraud? I mean, libs figure out a way to cram hundreds of thousands of votes in, so have they figured out how take some out as well? It looks very fishy to me, because I have never seen conservatives so riled up before in hopes of getting Obama out. It makes no sense, unless a lot of conservatives sat at home because Romney “is no different than Obama” (supposedly).

          The rest of your analysis is right on the money. We won’t be America in four years from now. Obamacare is not the end game that they can hang their hat on. It’s a stepping stone to a single payer system. It will put private insurance companies out of business over a decade or two….all by design. They planned in the bill to have billions of dollars ready to build more hospitals and to hire more doctors in order to be able to manage the increase in patients. I just have one question. A very large percentage of doctors want to quit as I speak because of Obamacare, so how do they think they are going to keep these hospitals staffed?

      • Conspiracy attacks? Working together?

        • kong1967

          Yeah, haven’t you heard? Democrats are conspiring to be complete idiots. I’ve got news for them. Stop conspiring!! They’ve never been anything but idiots.

          Did I just break a rule?

      • you wrote: “….you need to realize”.
        I realize what you realize, then some.
        Don’t teach a father to make babies.
        ……………………………IT’s RINO, not RHINO…..
        …………………………………………………………..we do need Tea Party to take over or become a third one, but dirty fighting by DNC overpowers all opposition….and RINOs in RNC are holding to the steering wheel.
        Romney was ahead even when sampling was illogically +5% to +12% for DemocRats – and -suddenly – he lost?
        Even mathematically it is impossible; 2+2 is 11, according to DNC new math.
        they controlled voting machines…FRAUD is the ONLY explanation.
        Pat, don’t try to pat or trick me, don’t pledge strange theories.
        think on your own…..your professors spread leftists ideas…use your own brain.

      • kong1967

        I don’t have a problem with Romney or West losing in a fair election. I would be disappointed but would blame the approach on our side and/or a growing want for big government on your side. I have heard from several lefties claiming that voter fraud didn’t happen….including now because you say it had nothing to do with Romney’s loss.

        Apparently you don’t understand that when there’s 150% turnout, that means half the votes were fraudulent. Not nationwide, but in that district. A very high turnout is 60%, and there were districts in PA that turned in over double that. You do realize that when there are 80,000 registered voters and Obama gets more votes than that by himself in a district that it is impossible, right? That is, unless there’s voter fraud.

        Get off the Obama kool-aid and look at the facts.

        • white531

          Pretty simple math, isn’t it?

          • kong1967

            Yep, and the only reason people on the left don’t see it and claim fraud doesn’t exist is because they are the ones committing the fraud.

            • white531

              The most common error reported about voting machines was that the machine changed the selection by the voter to the opposing candidate, usually to Obama.

              Now, these machines are supposed to be state of the art design, and are tested and checked before being put out for use.

              I can think of a lot of errors that a machine might make, if it malfunctions, yet these all seem to be making this same error, over and over again. I didn’t hear of the machine selecting any of the other candidates, either. Did you? Seems like whenever it malfunctioned, it always selected Obama.

              Curious, don’t you think?

              • kong1967

                Yes, but there’s no way to tell if the people it happened to are imagining things because they didn’t make sure it checked the right box…or if it really happened. I believe them, but I’m just saying there’s no way to prove it. While I was voting a lady came in and reported of it happening to someone in a town not far away… Kansas. That’s really odd because I don’t believe they would have a reason to mess with the machines in Kansas. We aren’t a swing state.

                Oh, and I also only heard of the votes being changed to Obama, not Romney.

        • white531

          Patrick seems to have an identity problem. If you go to his profile and click on it, there is no profile. NONE.

          His activity does however, list a whopping two comments and two replies. There have been a couple more since.

          I think this guy represents a real threat from the enemy camp. Perhaps we had better give him a wide berth. I’m afraid to even talk to him.

          • kong1967

            Lol, I just checked his profile and you are right. Kinda strange.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Were you old enough to type during the Bush/Gore election?
        Are you a Florida resident?
        If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to both those 2 questions, take your 2 posts and go back over to Media Matters.

      • toongoon

        Did you notice how loud the left was when Bush was president? Did you notice that they called him Hitler, burned effigies of him and called him a murderer? Yet he was still reelected.

        If insulting the president was really the issue Obama would never have been elected. The lesson learned is that the left has the market on criticizing and defaming

        Republicans and have been very successful at scaring the hell of people and poisoning the minds of the rest.

        Most people like to hear the truth and out of all the television news sources FOX delivers the most truth.

        Why should it bother you if FOX tells lies as you say? It didn’t affect Obama’s reelection did it. Why not let FOX drag the Republican party down?

        The left fears the truth like Dracula fears a crucifix.

        Too funny!

        But keep this in mind, the supporters of baby killers, blatant corruption, historical racism, and blatant liars are not the ones to give conservatives advice.

    • kong1967

      Lol, I don’t think that’s why. There was massive voter fraud in the last election, too. I think the first time around Obama was asserting his position as king. At this point I think he believes the country belongs to him.

      • white531

        I follow the financial markets, especially the market experts who have a track record of being right, with their forecasts. There is not a lot of optimism in that arena right now.

        There is a great potential in the near future, for a worldwide financial crisis, on a scale heretofore unseen. It will start in Europe, then spread to America and China.

        Food and energy shortages will be common. Street violence will reach dangerous proportions. There will be riots. City services such as utilities and law enforcement will be crippled, and in some cases, non-existent. Life as we know it, will cease to exist. The recent Hurricane on the east coast will become insignificant in comparison.

        If it gets bad enough, martial law will have to be imposed. Bank accounts will be seized by the government. It will become against the law, to hoard gold and silver.

        Here’s the good thing. Once Obama imposes martial law, all future elections will be cancelled. No more voter fraud. Problem solved.

        • kong1967

          Lol, I sure hope you are wrong. I do believe harder times are coming and Obama’s energy policies are going to strangle us….especially when he starts pushing global warming crap. I sure hope we push along despite his efforts to bring this country down to it’s knees. That’s the thing. This country did not try to rebound because of Obama, it tried to rebound despite Obama.

    • white531

      You are right in that sense, Rich. They want it to go away, before too much scrutiny is involved.

  • Arrrggghhh

    How can we have any faith in our elections when actual votes cast far exceed registered voters? Also, I challenge anyone to come up with an example of how something like this has worked in the favor of a conservative candidate. If we can’t change the course of our country through the ballot box, more radical means must be explored.

    • kong1967

      Exactly. Al Franken. He was behind the Republican candidate at closing of the polls, yet Dems found several thousand votes JUST FOR FRANKEN in the back seat of a car and wherever else. It consistently works in favor of the left, which tells us that the massive fraud is being done by the left.

      • Arrrggghhh

        I live in a very liberal area in PA. Although this is obviously anecdotal and impossible for me to prove (hence the problem), I noticed a lot of cars with out-of-state license plates this past week. We do not have early voting. Perhaps these people early voted in their states and then drove here to vote again on Tuesday. Early voting is a recipe for voter fraud.

        • kong1967

          Yes it is, and we’re seeing the time extended for early voting more and more. Gee, I wonder why.

          • Republican watchers were REMOVED from some voting places……they went to a court, got a judge order and came back……
            meanwhile……………………………… DNC “vote early and vote often” was applied – and – voila! – FuBar Ack “won”.

            • kong1967

              Ah, I didn’t even think of that. You’re right, and it explains why they would throw out Republican watchers even though they knew it was court ordered and they had a right to be there. They were importing something…..votes, and they had to get the watchers out even for just a while.

              I think people should be arrested for that. This happened in 2008, too (I believe).

              • Arrrggghhh

                If the media covers voter fraud at all, it will be:

                – “It happens on both sides”
                – “Voter ID disenfranchises minorities”
                – They will dig really long and really hard to find a case where it was done by a Republican (if they can’t find one, they’ll fabricate one; perhaps a Democrap plant)

                • kong1967

                  I had seen where they claimed voter fraud with two individual Republicans trying to vote twice. The stickler…..they were trying to test the system to see how easy fraud was. But their claim was that they were busted so fraud cannot happen like we claim.

                  Uh, yeah. Never mind the obvious. Up to 50% more votes cast than there are registered voters in many swing state districts. They just don’t see that.

              • Wisewoman2

                They should have refused to leave and called up the media, Fox and local friendly newspaper reporters to let them know what was happening. I marched in the 1960s for voter rights and civil rights and I am highly upset at the voter fraud. When we marched in MS there were threats of all kinds of violence and death threats to the point where the hair stood up on the back of my neck from fear, yet we continued to march in spite of the fear.

                • kong1967

                  You marched when there was seriously something to be scared about. Everything you’ve told me about being a teacher and what you did, along with this, you are one heck of a strong stand-up lady. We need more people like you.

                  Back then racism and lynchings were real. Of course there’s still racism, but you can’t disagree with a liberal or your a racist. If you try to cut back on welfare you’re a racist, for example. Libs have hijacked the civil rights movement for political gain, and it’s disgusting. It angers me tremendously to see how liberals treat any black person who dares leave the liberal plantation. It’s as if they own black people all over again. Makes me sick.

  • Keep up the good fight Col. West!!! God Bless you and thank you for fighting for the truth!

  • Just knowing that a a partial recount of early votes comes up wiht a different total should send people into a fit.
    A total recall should be on the table , not because of the closeness of the new total but because the totals change whenever they recount them

    • colliemum

      It should – but then the dem candidate might lose, omigawd!
      Can’t have that!

      Btw – has Mr Rubio, the new darling, said anything about this scandal?

  • NYGino

    This token recount that is supposed to satisfy the electorate that all is well still showed different numbers, in Col. West’s favor.

    Anybody that has had the responsibility to balance books and ledgers at the end of the day knows that if you’re off even a penny you have to keep looking for the mistake, or mistakes.

    The St Lucie County supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker, a Democrat, has been noticeably reticent to talk about this situation, even to the local media.

    Once again the American public is being taken for fools and our laws are being mocked.

    • I remember years ago when I worked as a cashier back home, the register was off by a good sum one day. My boss and I went through every receipt and every register tape for HOURS to find the problem. Yours is an excellent point NY!!

      Good morning friend Gino! 🙂

      • NYGino

        So just throw a penny in the till and it balances, right? Wrong. The penny difference could be the result of four accounts being wrong on the high side and five accounts being wrong on the low side so you really have nine accounts in error, unacceptable.

        How’s my friend ABC doing? I’ve been licking my wounds, feeling totally depressed for our country and haven’t been saying much lately.

        • I’ve noticed your absence my friend… and I’ve missed you. It’s not been a good week at all, I agree, but what would be the hardest thing about this whole thing would be to lose our silliness. We can be depressed for a little while, but as a good and sweet friend of ours said a few days ago, “When you lay in the dirt with tears in your eyes you end up with muddy eyes. When you stand tall,fight back the urge to cry, you see things with a clear eye.” GBW

          While we fight the evil, please lets still find time to be silly, or the evil wins. ((((())))s myGino!!

          • NYGino

            Me? Silly? I’ve never had a humorous thought in all my life, you must be mistaking me for someone else, Joe perhaps or Rshill7.

    • MrMicawber

      Well said NYGino!

  • Patriot077

    We have your back Allen West! You are the only person in these United States that has the courage to stand up and defend your right to an honest election and the right of all citizens to expect their votes to be counted properly.

    I am sending your campaign even more money than I donated for you to run for office. I don’t even live in your state, I just like to support honorable candidates.

    Never give in, never give up.

  • tshtsh

    It did not make sense to me to count the ballots cast before the cheating started but then I am stupid (not a lying politician).

  • colliemum

    Allen West wrote:
    “This is not about who gets a congressional seat, because it belongs to the people. This is about preserving the integrity of the voting process and the fundamental right to free and honest elections, because it is for that which I, and all veterans, have risked our lives.”

    That is indeed what this is about, and I cannot understand why nobody from his party is standing up for him. Well, I do understand: they, ahem, dislike him.
    So, Mr Rubio – what say you? Think your seat will be safe?
    Because if this isn’t stopped, then the fraud will go on and on, and more and more people will disengage from the political process, sad as that is.

    Perhaps you all could write to your congress critters and demand they at least stand up for Allen West, who is the only defender of the Constitution.

  • The result is in question and the very same people who counted the ballots before get to cherry pick which ballots (if any) they will “recount”? Is this a joke or what? Oh… It’s the Libtard way of counting!

    The real solution is that ALL votes be re-validated and recounted by a 3rd party independent group with observers there from both parties to supervise the whole process and ensure count integrity! Is THAT too much to ask????

    The media aren’t that much interested in this story, but you can be damn sure if the result were in question and the Democrat was trying to get a full recount the national media would be all over it!

    We can’t trust the vote counters, we can’t trust the media to report the truth. Pretty soon we might as well just give up on elections entirely. They cost so much and the outcome is pre determined in the smoke filled back room Liberal meetings anyway.

    • NYGino

      Very discouraging, very criminal. The liberal media is the single biggest threat this country has ever faced. Outright treasonous.

    • white531

      Card player asks,”Can I see the cards you just brushed under the table?”

      His opponent responds, “No, but I can show you these others, up my sleeve.”


    I wonder if we can get the votes for Alan West for “SPEACKER” of the House.

    You all know he (Speaker of the house) does not have to be an elected official right?

    OR is John Bonehead the choice of OBUMMER?

    I know to many RHINOS to get this accomplished, but would that not be AMAZING if some of them were willing to make a STAND with the Colonel?

    The Rhinos will sell us down the road on debt and TAX talks.


    JAN 1, 2013 ????

    DEMAND IT !!!!!

  • what the heck. they’re purposely trying to make it harder for west. of course murphy’s team says “west got what he asked for” obviously not. those weren’t the right days. west can’t even get a fair vote count when he asks for it, wow just wow. thank goodness he’s a fighter who doesn’t back down. keep fighting allen, you are in our prayers- we have your back!

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    What have we devolved into here in parts of America? This is ridiculous!

    • tinlizzieowner

      ‘Barry’ calls it ‘Fundamental Transformation’.

      • I call it ‘whatthefuckhappenedtothiscountry’

        • tinlizzieowner

          This is what happened to this country.

          “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”
          “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”
          Norman Thomas 1948

          • So right… 🙁

            • tinlizzieowner

              If you look this up on Snopes it says “Probably False”. Of course, when you ‘read the entire’ Snopes comment, the ‘probabay false’ concerns wether Norman Thomas did or did not say it and when. Not the accuracy of the comment, or the fact that it was the goal of the Socialist party in the first place.
              😉 😉

              • 🙂

                Hate the way Snopes blocks you from copy/pasting even a bit of text. grrrr….

  • white531

    Scoop just posted a new thread on this subject.

    “Mitt Romney got zero votes in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions.”

    Its right above this one.

  • carmtom13

    Maybe we should take a lesson from the libs and say what is going on there is racist and prejudice.
    Where is Florida attorney general Pam Bondi and the rnc attorneys? This is voter fraud and something needs to be done about this. We need to help Allen West to get a full recount and bring in other people to do it not the libs who are working in that office. How in the world can they have 140 percent voting in some of the precincts? The fish stinks from the head!
    Mark Levin Allen West needs help, doesn’t look like he is getting any help from the rnc establishment. Why? In my opinion they would rather have a lib win. The rnc and the DC elite GOP establishment are looking like an extention of the democrat party more and more.

  • wodiej

    I hope West continues to pursue this. Where is the RNC? 59 Philly precincts produce not one single Romney vote. Florida fudging ballots and throwing things out. What the hell!


    Shades of the Al Franken debacle, and so many others including Feinstein’s opponent, Mr. Huffington, being defeated by 14,000 suddenly found ballots. Whole ballot boxes were said to have been mislaid. Right!

  • randy brown


    • DebbyX

      She’s on dead when WE THE PEOPLE say she’s dead!

      And we’re fighting on………………..

  • Mary_Linda

    YOU KNOW there is FRAUD involved!

    That’s why they are stonewalling.

    They cherry-picked those days where fraud was at its minimum.

    If West surrenders, this country may as well be communist today.

  • Col. West don’t give up.