Allen West gives another inspiring speech about saving this nation

Another fantastic and inspirational speech by Allen West from Saturday. What a great way to start your week.


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  • 12grace

    I love Allen West, he is a man of great integrity and honor.

  • rapidcraft

    Future President Allen West 🙂

  • wodiej

    He’s awesome at getting the message out about our Founding Principles. Wish we could have heard them all sing. He would make a great Secretary of Defense and one day a great President. We have to do some work first. Some conservatives still want the power not give it to the people.

  • 1vote

    Jobs is not no. 1 priority.
    Foreign policy is not no.1 priority.
    Rebuilding is not no 1 priority.
    Compromise is not no 1 priority.
    What is no. 1 ??? No. 1 priority is getting
    rid if the current gangsters that are running washington.

  • Can’t get enough of that Col. Allen West Stuff!

    Our future President has a first name it’s…
    A L L E N!
    Our future President has a second name it’s.
    W E S T!

    ah… But that’s for the future… First things first.. Getting the rotten Muslim loving Commie out of Our House! And after a month of fumigating and tenting, it might be ready for the Romneys to move in. Oh, it will be good to have some Adults who love America back in Our House!

    Squatter OUT! Romney IN Nov 6th! 🙂

  • WordsFailMe

    Can we get Allen West into Pennsylvania and Ohio? The man can connect.

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  • Patriot077

    What a great way to start the day! Actually Allen West is fantastic at any time.

  • CPAguy

    Now, this is the man that should have run for President!

    He understands the basis upon which this country was founded.

    He is not merely a Conservative, he is somebody that understands and knows how to implement the policies to protect the liberties are founders held dear.

  • westbankmama

    favorite line: a safety net is not a hammock!

  • I watched all 18 minutes and 17 seconds. I am disappointed.

    Mr. West has a message that is inspirational to millions of Americans. He speaks of preserving our republic, of avoiding the perils of socialism, and defending our freedom. He is highly critical, and legitimately so, of Mr. Obama and his failure to fulfill his promise to cut the deficit in half.

    Unfortunately, not once did Mr. West mention sound money or the Federal Reserve. Our great nation is being destroyed insidiously by a cartel of banksters who have a government-granted power to counterfeit our currency at will. This is the root of our troubling fall from once being the most prosperous nation on the planet. Our economy is manipulated and our markets are distorted by a handful of central planners. Our monetary system is based on debt, and as long as it is, the debt must continue to expand or the system will collapse. Our dollar is no longer a dollar as defined by the Constitution, but a Federal Reserve Note, which is convertible into nothing and is a promise to pay a debt.

    There is great fear by many in this forum and across this country that we are under grave threat from “radical Islam” but I can assure you the greatest threat to the sovereignty of this nation is the collapse of our corrupt monetary system. It is vital that people who command respect and attention such as Mr. West communicate this threat and the dire consequences of its failure (and all of history shows it will indeed fail).

  • dk_in_tn

    We need more congressmen like West.

  • colliemum

    But … but … he can’t be a great speaker – there were no teleprompters!!! /sarc

    Allen West is surely going to be a President of the USA, no doubts whatsoever. He really is totally awesome.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    Look Ma, no teleprompter!

    • white531

      That is amazing, isn’t it? All of his speeches are like that. Doesn’t even have notes on the podium. Most of the time, he doesn’t even use a podium. The words in his speeches come his heart. They come from his deep convictions, his Christian faith, and his love for this country.

      • All true! What a difference between Col. West the Patriot and NObama the Occupier of the People’s house!

  • marketcomp

    Your right RS, it is a great way to start the week!

  • white531

    Always a pleasure to hear Allen West speak. Makes me feel good just to know someone like him is on our side.

    I receive his weekly newsletter by email, so once a week, I get a message of encouragement, even though I’m not in his district. I highly recommend you do the same.

    • jlbs

      I live in Iowa. How do I get the newsletter?

      • white531

        Sorry to take so long to respond. I was at my brother’s house for the debate.

        Here is Allen West’s website.

        Open up the website, and there is a message right there on the page, to sign up for his newsletter.

        For more of Allen West videos, they are all on YouTube.

        He has never made a bad speech, that I can recall.

  • tvlgds

    Awesome, as usual!

  • RS: “Another inspired speech” I have yet to hear Col. West NOT give a speech that has not inspired me! 🙂 He is the Anti-NObama!

  • This guy will be a very important military adviser to Romney. No doubt about it. He just can’t be ignored.

  • I love Allen West and I love the Right Scoop, but if you all are not recording these at every event Allen West is appearance at where are the h/t to those you borrow from? The only reason I ask is because the last speech was a personal friend of mine at the Mark Levin event and you didn’t even give him one. Just think its more respectful and courteous if you are not the ones reporting or recording to at least give them credit.

  • 12grace

    I hope that Allen West runs for president one day. He would have my vote.