Allen West: I’m tired of people talking about Obama’s likability

I love it. Allen West’s interviews are so awesome that he has to have follow up interviews about his interviews. And today, responding to his interview Saturday morning where he said Obama was serving America a “crap sandwich” with a smile, West said that he’s tired of talking about Obama’s likability. He says we should be talking about the facts – what Obama has done to this country.

West also responds to a new attack ad by his opponent that exploits children to attack things he’s said in the past, instead of talking about the issues.

Watch below:

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  • conservative58

    Allen West ROCKS!!!!!!
    Wish we could clone this man!

    • He will make a fine secretary of Defense

      • He can’t be trusted. He would tap the 3 a.m. phone call. This turd is an embarrassment and with a little luck, he won’t be there in 2013.

        • sybilll

          <<<—————————–The door is that way.

          • Good call… I flagged “Dakota” too. That kind of abuse and language has no place here.

        • PChandler


          “Social Studies tchr 4 32 years. Avid dog/horse lover. Political junkie. Pro-Obama. Blue person from red state #Obama2012”

          Please, report this dolt for spam here and on Twitter.

          • Telling sign that Dakota might be an Obama supporter: “Social Studies tchr”. If there is a conservative Social Studies teacher out there, please stand up and say, “Aye” and I will take notice. 🙂

          • barkingbird

            Is Dakota aware Obam signed the horse slaughter bill……is Dakota aware Obam eats dogs ???

  • Don

    Allen West is a liberal’s worst nightmare. Armed with the truth, Colonel West can make a point and reinforce it with facts that liberals have a hard time refuting. When it comes to leadership, he is at the top of the list.

    • Allen West has wet dreams every night thinking HE will be president one day soon. He’s so full of shit, that’s all that comes from his mouth.

      • Dakota . He’s so full of shit, that’s all that comes from his mouth.

        • It more resembles diarrhea. Please excuse me for being vulgar.

      • After further review, the player was out of bounds.

        So long, and hey, thanks for playing!

  • Patriot077


  • anotherworriedmom

    Allen West speaks the facts. And he does so bluntly. It drives the libs crazy because they can’t argue the facts. So the only thing left is to attack him personally. He shrugs it off and keeps going. I love this guy.

    • And they can’t even play the old, worn out, “race card” against him either! 🙂

      • Jossy Spiga

        They just call him an “Uncle Tom”.

      • Jossy Spiga

        They just call him an “Uncle Tom”.

    • conservative61

      I really LOVE the way Colonel West demolishes the left. It’s exactly as anotherworriedmom said, but unlike the crazy left libertards, he does it quietly (no shouting, cursing, or histrionics) with CLASS as only a true, honest GENTLEMAN could do. Colonel West is the only politician, and please forgive the utterance of that degrading word, that I can listen to from start to finish and feel like there is hope for this country, after all. Allen West does indeed ROCK!

  • Howard Ochs

    That ad using children just makes me sick to my stomach. I think it’s criminal, among other things.

    Col. West is a great example of keeping one’s “cool”, speaking plainly and staying on the issues. Proof positive that it’s a very effective tactic. Proven leader and he’d be a great President. Would love to see him in a cabinet position.

    • You have to realize that the Democrat party has run out of ideas and are in danger of collapsing, what else is left for them to do but sling mud. It does trouble me that these children have to be put out front of this hate filled campaign. Everyone thought that blaming the death of someone who happen to die of cancer and blame it on Romney was a bit below the belt. Team Obama is spinning out of control, now they are falling back on that sad pathetic ploy of playing the “race card.”

  • I love, love, love, this man!

  • God Bless Allen West!

  • poljunkie

    Totally awesome!

  • bjohnson55

    Allen West for Secretary of Defense!!!

    • A case could be made for Secretary of State as well. Although I salute his service to our country, Colin Powell disappointed me on many levels. Allan West would not follow in Mr. Powell’s footsteps.

  • Allen West is the Antidote to NObama’s crapola sandwich! A great man, a great patriot, and a TRUTH speaker! God Bless him, I wish we had more like him!

  • Can you see this man on the Battlefield?? He would be an inspiration to follow and fight with. He is a brass knuckles down to the gun straight shooter. He calls it head on and is not afraid to mix it up with facts and passion. Allen has that deadly combination of brains and personality. Liberals cannot stand him because they run on deceptive emotion..Allen runs on undisputed FACTS!! He is the poster child on why liberals lose when it comes to talking issues!! Go Allen!!! Obama is full of it!

  • Spartan1975

    I hope and pray that he will run in 2016… he will obliterate those factless, lying and name callling liberals in a debate!

  • Landscaper

    A current day George Patton in a sense, confident, plain spoken, kick the hell out them guy.

    • donmoffet

      I agree. You’ve made an excellent comparison.

    • “No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other bastards die for their country.” – General George S. Patton

      The same could be applied to the political “battlefield” and Congressman West would do nicely!

  • Patrick Murphy…another in a long line of loser lemmes that cannot talk issues. Exploiting children Patrick? That will turn off people big time…Parents using children that have no idea what they are really saying but are told to same something for their Parents? That is a disgrace and I do not like the use of children on either side. What a little man and coward! Hey Patrick get some gonads and debate Allen over the issues BIG BOY!! Or do you hide behind 6-7 year olds for that as well???

    • StandingGround

      I’m with you, Michael. This ad makes Allen West’s opponent look exceptionally weak. Like Col. West said, it’s obvious he can’t discuss the issues on his own so he exploits these children to make his points for him. Not a good approach.

      Other than the exploitation, I really hate this tactic. It has become common to put children on camera with a bunch of lines on a subject they are too young and inexperienced to know anything about. So, THEY are supposed to convince ME of their point of view? Not a chance. It just irritates me immediately. Any time children are USED to sell anything other than age appropriate stuff like Fruit Loops or Finger Paints, I immediately get turned off. I don’t want a child to tell me what I should think about something as complicated as politics or any other adult subjects for that matter! Tell me how much you love your Mommy and Daddy or how great your trip to Disney World was, and I’m in. These kids need to go back outside to do kid stuff and adults need to quit using them in the adult decision making world. It will be theirs to decide soon enough (a subject for another time).

      Mr. Murphy, you only weakened your image by using these children in this way. There is no comparison between you and Allen West who is honorable, bold, informed and fearless to present the facts and a plan to save our nation.

      Col. West rocks and we need him back in DC.


    This mand should be out POTUS!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Allen West said that oblamer is “…emboldening our enemies, confusing our allies.” This country needs a REAL leader that’s more interested in the United States than worrying about retaining his perks, power and throne like oblamer. Romney/Ryan can get this country back on track and we need that desperately.

    As for Patrick Murphy, he should be ashamed of himself and his campaign for exploiting children! He would never get my vote with that distasteful ad.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Trust me that ad by Murphy will at the end hurt him, and as always expect a strong response from the colonel it will be swift, to the point and will show Murphy for the idiot that he is.

  • mike3e4r7

    Well said, Colonel West! I’m also tired of hearing how “likeable” Obama is. I said in a previous post that the only people who think Obama is
    likeable are people who haven’t looked hard enough or people who actually like arrogant,dictatorial Marxists. I left out another group of people.

    You have a group of spineless people who will reflexively tell you “I like Obama personally. I just don’t agree with most of his policies” out of guilt and a fear of being perceived as racists.

    I’m sorry but “I like Obama personally. I just don’t agree with the fact that he has disdain for me and the rest of the country, wants to take away my freedoms and wants to weaken our national security. But he’s personally very likeable” just doesn’t make any sense.

  • brendawatkins

    I don’t think at this point anybody expects DECENCY from the democratic party. Not only are they using youngsters to target West, they are acting like a bunch of youngsters themselves.

  • Love this man.

    • mike3e4r7


  • mike3e4r7

    Remember when you were little and some adult, maybe one of your parents or a teacher tried to get you to do something you didn’t want to do – like maybe clean up your room – by trying to pretend it was some fun game you were playing? That’s essentially the lib media, who is determined to make the first black president’s tenure a sucess. If they can convince enough people that it’s true, then that’s sucess in their mind, hence the likeability meme that they trot out. The only way they can try to make people perceive his term as a sucess is by fawning over him, laughing at his jokes and blaming any unpleasantness on Bush or the Tea Party.

  • I had pushed hard for Allen West as VP. He would take it to the streets with these moronic liberals. He’s a great American and continues to serve this country honorably.


    I’m tired of hearing about his likeability as well.

    • He’s as likable as poison ivy!

      • If I had to choose, I’d go with the poison ivy.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I think Romney will be well served by picking him as secretary of defense, I will feel so much secured with this guy at the top.

    • I think there is a logic to that beyond safety as well. A military man will know what constitutes fat in the budget and what is necessity. West certainly has the education as well for the job. West is also much less likely to play politics as well and there is a lot of politics in the military.

  • white531

    There is just no one like him on the political scene right now.

    • He is as refreshing as a true fresh air breeze in a pigsty.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I have no idea where they get these polls that suggest that Obama is likable, May be I am going to get some flack for this but I think this is people that when asked if they like Obama they somehow feel guilty for saying what they really feel and say instead that they like him. I summit to you that it is false.

    • I don’t answer polls on the phone. I’ve no idea who’s really taking the poll and what they are doing with the information. I might be being a bit paranoid, but I’d rather be that than wrong.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        You are right, I am a registered republican, and to this date I have not received one call from any poll gathering company, so to me this another imaginary poll just like the imaginary recovery.

        • So long as the poll taken on Nov 6th comes out the way I hope… That’s the only poll we should be really concerned about! The others, who knows who’s polled, who’s polling, etc…

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I know, but is annoying to hear how likable the guy is. I feel like throwing up everytime I hear him on tv.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            It will, it will my friend

        • I saw this ad online that wanted me to wish Obummer a happy birthday, I haven’t
          laughed that much in a long time. Truly amusing!!

          • Happy birthday, President Obama! P.S.: It will be your last one in the White House.

        • I have never received a call from a pollster. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    • Mtncougar

      I’ve been personally waiting for a call … Been wanting to say “The only thing I like about Obama is that he’s black…”

      • proudhispanicconservative


      • You’d be half right.

  • salg01

    does anyone know the poll numbers for his race?

    • tularockstar

      Yes, Romney is up and moving upward! Obama will lose by a landslide!

      • salg01

        no i mean allen wests campaign, what are the numbers in that race?

      • Sinsonta

        Oh God, make that happen!!

    • steprock

      Florida Dems say

      “Key takeaways from the first public poll of FL-18 shows first time challenger Democrat Patrick Murphy and right-wing GOP fanatic Allen West are tied neck-and-neck: 45-45”

      Right-wing GOP fanatic??? Factoring in their clear hatred of West, I’d say he’s actually leading, though RCP calls it a toss-up right now as well.

      How’s that new spirit of toning down the hateful rhetoric working out? Of course, we know that’s Dem code for “shut up, Republicans”.

      • Did Debbie Wasserbot Schlitz write that?

  • NYGino

    I challenge any American to take an unbiased, fact based look at the Impostors body of work and what he has done to this country on so many levels and then tell me that he is a likable person.

  • tularockstar

    All of these likeablity polls are such garbage! These polls are trumped up by the liberal media, through oversample of liberals over conservatives.

  • Sinsonta

    I’m also discuss and disturb by listening to the crap that Obama is such a likable guy. What is likeable about this guy? He is no more & no less than an angry arrogant radical.

  • tvlgds

    That is among the most disgusting ads I’ve ever seen. Using children to spew scripted vitriol is beyond despicable. They don’t even understand what they’re saying.

  • It is really bad when obama`s lap dogs can not even think for themselves.
    It is even worse when they get children words that they have no understanding of.
    If they can not stand up for themselves, don`t try to have children do it for them…..The time has come for this of gutter politicing to be removed from our veiw forever.
    For Florida, vote for Alan West, and Romney/Ryan.
    Lets get to work on this country and try to clean this mess up.

  • I can now call you brother for sure!!

  • 911Infidel

    Love this guy. Love his attitude: “Some people want to make peace. Some like to make waves.” Hit em high, hit em low LtCol West. You’re so effective cause you tell the truth. The Osama slayer and his Chicago mob lead from the rear. Real leaders lead from the front.
    Osama will never run on his record. If he did he’s be stomped in November. So all he’s left with is divert and attack ads. Best way to handle that is to toss it right back in their faces. Osama-boy said it himself “They bring a knife, you bring a gun”. Only with Alan West, we bring it all…hand grenades, mortars and artillery…a nice precision strike…

    Get some Lt.Col West.

  • deeme

    Too funny all the people liking him are probably a fake app. like his twitter account..Either that or they are those kind of friends who like you for what’s in it for them..

    • p m

      Yep – it was just reported that two thirds of Zero’s facebook likers are fake. Apparently he can buy likers, just like he buys his cronies.

    • I think I heard that on Rush’s show. Upwards of 70 percent of his twitter followers are fake. The same thing can be said of his voters last election! j/k

  • steprock

    KIDS in an ad? What a stupid argument. Of course kids shouldn’t repeat everything an adult says. Time for these people to put on their big boy pants.

    And I’m right there with the Colonel – I don’t give a rat’s rear how likeable the President is. Give me the hard-nosed SOB any day of the week. Are we safer? Are we wealthier? Is the world more stable?

    Under BHO – NO! But at least he’s still cool. Dumb voters. So gullible.

  • NJK

    Steve, please, like able? How do they keep pushing this like able crap? How does a rationale human being believe a sociopath is like able? Come on, cut the pc crap, Steve, just pretend people just dislike his white half if you aren’t allowed to say a half black con man is not likeable, geez, stop it already. He’s only likeable if you like rattle snakes. Do these people on TV think people honestly like Zero? Good grief, cut the crap already, you don’t have to like him.

  • Yazz55

    using those kids in that manner IS child abuse

    • I agree . How could anybody stoop that low? This is crazy!

      • This from the same party that implied Romney might be a felon and that he was responsible for someone’s cancer death.

  • PChandler


    “Social Studies tchr 4 32 years. Avid dog/horse lover. Political junkie. Pro-Obama. Blue person from red state #Obama2012”

    Please, report this dolt for spam here and on Twitter. Keep the garbage in its place, thanks!.

  • OldmanRick

    I really wish Col. Allen West were running for the oval office. Maybe in 2016.

  • RebeccaH

    I wish more black people would see Allen West as a black American who considers himself an American first, part of the mainstream, not as some “uncle Tom” who’s betraying those black people who regard themselves as somehow separate from mainstream America.

  • guyjones

    My GOP presidential ticket in 2016 (assuming that Obama wins in November) is Rubio-West. Two guys from Florida — I guess that breaks the conventional wisdom that says the ticket should have members from different states — but, I guarantee this would be one heck of a team that will make mincemeat out of anybody that the Communist-Dems come up with in opposition.

    • Jude O’Connor

      I really don’t think we’ll make it to 2016. If Obama gets in again it’s over.

      • If El Presidente is re-elected, can you say “Reset Button”?

  • I never have seen anything to like about odumbo.

  • West is truly a Great American. God Bless Him.

  • I totally agree! We need More Allen Wests!

    Allen West ROCKS!!!!!!
    Wish we could clone this man!

  • Suzyqpie

    I do not subscribe to this errant meme that Pres 0bama is likable. Pres 0bama is malevolence personified. Why do Republicans parrot this “like ability” canard? Rep Allen West speaks extemporaneously. Words matter, words are how you think and how you think is who you are. Attn: LtCol West explain your lapel pins. We take pride in your pride. Whatever they are, you earned them. We want to grandstand them.

  • sue-marie

    I also am confused about Obama’s likeability. It is common knowledge that he does not mingle…does not thank his admirers, refuses to mix with those that support him except for the very few he admits to the private residence. Obama does not have a lot of personal friends…he has a lot of acquaintances that he gives mere minutes to. It must be that “grin” he possesses. No more no less…just a smile and that is not enough to run this country.

    • He is likable among his close circle of friends, 70 percent of whom are fake.

  • George Bush, whatever his qualities as president, was a likeable guy. Barack Obama is about as aloof and non-down-to-earth as you can get. He makes Romney seem like Sandra Bullock.

    But who cares about liking the president. We need competence.

  • bflat879

    Obama’s likeable because………………well because the LSM says he’s likeable. First of all, anyone asked if they “like” Obama will probably be reluctant to say they don’t like him because the racism charge comes next, so they say “Sure I think he’s a likeable fellow.” The problem is, if you sit back and really think about it, he’s not all that likeable. He seems like he’s really arrogant, when he’s on the campaign trail you can tell he’s trying to divide the country, and his policies are just terrible. What’s to like? It’s sort of like being raped and offered lube….alright I’ll leave it but if it doesn’t show up I’ll understand. The point is that the country is falling apart, because of his policies, and he’s trying to divide it even further, in the attempt to win the election. I just don’t think that should make him likeable.

    • How can you like anybody that does’nt even like the country he is President of?

      • Very good question.

  • FlushOblamer

    Col. West eats liberals for lunch.

  • Business as usual….Until God comes into the picture and sticks his cook up Obama’s [email protected]@……

  • Allen West has my support.

  • DAMN!!! A black man that can see beyond all the hype. Able to call a spade a spade, so to speak. I’m white, and if this guy ran for office in my district, he would have my vote!

  • aZjimbo

    Man oh man does this guy get it.

  • hongryhawg

    Likeability. What the f does that mean? You like people in middle school. You don’t “like” the POTUS. You either “like” the job he’s doing, or you don’t. People who say they “like’ him while he destroys the country are either socialist pigs or have the brain of a middle schooler.

  • Why I love Allen West – Exhibit A:

    Murphy: WAAAH! He’s a bully! WAAAH! He used a naughty word! WAAAH! He called the President names! WAAAH! He’s not nice!

    Rep. West: Here – have a tissue and an ice cream cone. Now, you go play with all the other liberal crybabies and let the grown-ups fix the country.

    Allen West is awesome. The end.

  • One positive thing about a Romney Presidency is that we would no longer have to look at a gorilla trying to sell correct eating policy while sporting a Buick sized butt.

  • One positive thing about a Romney Presidency is that we would no longer have to look at a gorilla trying to sell correct eating policy while sporting a Buick sized butt.

  • A true Hero!!!!!

  • God Bless Allen West.

  • I believe El Presidente is likable. He is well-liked by leftists, Muslims, revolutionaries, and radical extremists everywhere.

  • DISQUS-ted

    I find nothing likable about Barry or Michelle. It’s strange how people feel they have to coddle these two. It literally may get us killed due to his friendliness with the Muslim beotherhood and his chumminess with Russia and China, while alienating US alles.

  • Clover1111

    He bothers progressives because as a black man, he can’t be pinned down with the same arguments that someone who is white can. Voters thought they were getting a Bill Clinton sandwich back in 2008 and didn’t realize until it was too late that it was substituted with Barack Obama.

  • Yes, Allen West the charlatan. Votes in favor of the NDAA, then expresses he would accept a DoD position. We need to start connecting the dots now!

    “for me, that [DoD position] is the only job worth having in Washington, D.C.” – Allen West

  • trojanguy

    Yeah….he’s about as “Likeable” as a turd in a swimming pool. Obama loves to mock, ridicule and denigrate anyone who dares disagree with him. He’s a total A Hole. Get rid of this Marxist Devil in November….get rid of ALL Democrats as well…..THEY are the Enemy Within!!

  • I absolutely dislike this prez, moreso than any other president in my 60 years and I know that there are at least 49% of Americans who think like me. If half of America dislikes Obama, then obviously the only people that like Obama are democrats – and they don’t matter.

  • He should have been picked for VP! Has the b*lls to bring the truth out in the open.
    Would have wiped both Bad Karma Obama and Biden on the floor of any debate hall.

  • barkingbird

    Mr. West please…please…please….check out page 107 of the Obama healthcare bill……..and please explain to the American people what DHIMMITUDE is !!!!!!!

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    I agree. It’s hard to like a guy who wants to ‘change’ the best country that has ever existed.

  • Victor_Lima_Mike

    Pimping out children to bash your opponent, there should be a law against using children as political mouth pieces. Shame on the parents for agreement to it and shame on this classless hack Murphy for standing behind the ad. God help is children if he has any.

  • highge1256
  • Allen West is a NUT! “What has President Obama done for this country?” Look it up Allen- it’s a easy find! The question is- what have you done for Florida. I have searched and searched and all I seem to find is your rendition on what you did in the first 6 months (none of which accounted for anything); but where have you been in the past year and a half?