Allen West: Negotiating with Obama who is a “Marxist, Socialist, rigid ideologue” is silly

Allen West was on with Mark Levin last night in what I think was one of his better interviews. Not only did Levin put West on the spot and really press him on his future, but West weighed in on this debate over the ‘fiscal cliff’ saying that the House should be passing good policy and not negotiating with a “Marxist, Socialist, rigid ideologue” like Obama. He says that instead of Obama telling people how he’s going to give them $2,000 by keeping their taxes low, West says Obama should be telling them how he’s decimated the median family income by $4,000 through printing money and inflation.

On his future, West said he’s gotten good offers and he has no plans to stop fighting for this country. Levin called him a “national treasure” and implored him to remain in public service.

All in all an excellent interview. Listen below:

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  • tinlizzieowner

    Col. West is a national treasure, a free thinking Black man.

    • williamm

      I disagree on one point. Col.West is a free thinking American.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Actually, both are rarities – free, logical, rational, honest thinking – are rare by persons of any color or ethnicity.

        • Conniption Fitz

          Thankfully, Col. West does not think racially, but as an American without a hyphen.

      • tinlizzieowner

        No arguement there, better said. I was thinking in terms of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters and other ‘plantation Afro-Americans’ I could name.

        • I knew what you meant and I agree.

      • In this case, I think “Black man” is appropriate because 98% of the blacks voted for O even if they disagreed with him.

      • Orangeone

        Lt. Col. West frequently refers to himself as a black man so I agree with tinlizzieowner. The same holds true for Herman Cain.

        • williamm

          Sorry but I don’t see the color of his skin. I only see someone that loves this country and has put his life on the line many times to protect it. I see someone that has the strength to lead this country back to pre-Obama days. I see a man that will face our problems head on without fear, unlike the Rinos that run the GOP today.

          • white531

            I agree. When he’s speaking, I’m thinking, “what a great statesman! What a great historian! What a great patriot! What a great leader!” What a great black man, is the last thing to cross my mind.

          • Orangeone

            No need to be sorry. West and Cain want to be great role models.

  • toongoon

    The two plainest speaking men in the US today. Thanks Scoop.

  • Levin and West… Could it get any better!? 🙂

    • crosshr

      Love these two,West & Levin, when the saying states.. “truth be told ” I automatically think of these gentlemen

      On a brighter note, I don’t doubt they both are here to stay in this fight

  • Conniption Fitz

    Don’t negotiate with them. JUST SAY NO and RIDICULE them for their insane, obscene spending and faulty, false thinking.

  • CPAguy

    Allen West = President = 2016!

    • Marky_D

      I need to start arranging my green card! 🙂

    • Orangeone

      Yes and Jeanine Pirro as VP!

    • white531

      Vote West! (doing some groundwork for K-Bob)

  • tinlizzieowner

    I would rather see him as Secretary of Defense in a Republican administration. He has a grasp of the Middle East situation like only those who have fought there has.

    • Orangeone

      We need a VP we can trust and Paul Ryan has turned out to be a John Boehner croney.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Allen West is the future President of America. He is one of the very few heroes out there who I unreservedly support. Being a Commander in the military has given him a unique skill set that you simply can’t replicate anywhere else… especially as a community organizer. Allen West is a selfless leader who takes care of those he’s responsible for. Look at his former troops who love him. Look at his district – each town hall meeting and the turn out. Look at how the Tea Party reacts to him.

    Allen West is like Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader (Obama). Yeah, the system, media, cheating, lies, etc. may have struck him down… but now, just like with Jim DeMint, he’s free to go out and make even more of a difference. These two guys give me hope for our future.

  • Rshill7

    I may have run out of words of adulation for Mr. West. An Officer, a Gentleman (who can also kick your butt), and a Patriot, who takes a back seat to none of that noun.

    71 years ago nearly 2,500 of our finest were killed by that infamous surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Four years later, Germany, Japan, and Italy were defeated, and our surviving men and women returned home to be welcomed by a grateful nation. Socialism and Fascism were trounced.

    Both, (and more), are on the move again, and will necessarily have to be trounced with modern day encore. Are our generations up to it? Can we reawaken that “sleeping giant”? I’ve gotta believe that we can, as “these are the times that try men’s souls.” That same writer penned the following:

    “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” (Thomas Paine)

    West is out front. From a distance, I can see him charging into the fray….unafraid, undeterred, with definiteness of purpose.

  • aposematic

    What happened to West in the 2012 Election proves beyond any possible doubt that it is indeed the counters that decide elections, not the voters.

  • I’m still a little bummed out by his congressional lost, and disheartened to know that it was the congressional rino republicans who help changed the district he won 2yrs ago. They wanted this great man out of office in the worst way and had his district redrawn to expedite their plan. And it worked!
    We mist get rid of Boehner and his ilk and replaced them come 2014.

    • Me too- but let’s look at it now as a blessing in disguise and go hard on firing the rest of them. West WILL be back!

      • Orangeone

        Agreed! And he has time to work on 2016. Hopefully he pushed Juan Williams out on his but and takes a spot with Fox with a lot of visibility!

  • anneinarkansas

    How true…a chilly climate in America today.
    I want Boehner removed.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I heard the interview last night. Col. West is indeed a remarkable individual. Since the speaker of the house does not have to be a serving member I would like to nominate him for the post in the next congress. Can you imagine the howls from the left?

    • white531

      There would be national ads, saying he cheats on his wife, beats his kids, kicks his dog, and hates white people and Jews.

      • Dukehoopsfan

        You’re right but it sure is fun to think about the possibilities. Can you imagine him approaching Boehner, grabbing the gavel, and whispering “now take your orange-skinned, punk ass out of here, there’s work to do”.

        • white531

          Like sweet, sweet music to my ears.


    …West is RIGHT ON by calling a spade a spade President Obama is a MARXIST,SOCIALIST, RIGID IDEOLOGUE and if this was reiterated during the 2012 Romney election campaign we would be awaiting the inauguration of elected President Romney and Vice President Ryan . But oh NO we had to play by the rules and not tell the TRUTH . Thank you Allen West for finally speaking the TRUTH about CHAIRMAN HUSSEIN OBAMA .”

    • white531

      He never minces words. That’s why they’re so afraid of him.

  • JRD1

    Let me share something with you.

    We in Fl-22 worked our butts off to get West elected without any help from the corrupt Bush crime family. Yeah, Jebbie got his little opportunistic lap dog, former Speaker of the Florida House, Marco Rubio to arm twist the Florida legislature to redistrict West out of his seat, but one thing the corrupt gopE can NEVER take away from all of us in Fl-22 was the wonderful feeling we in this district had for 2 entire years that someone finally, finally had our best interests at heart.

    What corrupt Jebbie and his partner in crime Marco Rubio fail to realize is that feeling of security and comfort is addictive. Now that we had it we will follow West through the gates of hell carrying a gas can to give America back their constitution and fight the tyrannical Bush wing. We are energized, not demoralized.

    We in Fl-22 tried to warn you about Rubio but now he is showing his true colors more and more everyday. The corrupt Bush crime family capos Boehner and Sununu drew a line in the sand with their corrupt Soviet style power grab “Rules Change” at the convention. Corrupt Boehner piled on removing conservatives from committees.

    As the Lt. Col. would say, “Bring it!” We are going to kick your azzes from here to kingdom come. Motivated by corruption cannot beat passion. Bring it!

    • colliemum

      Thank you all in FL-22 for your hard work.
      Above all – keep telling everybody again and again about how Jeb Bush and his lapdog Rubio did their utmost to get rid of LtCL Allen West!

      This message must be told and retold – the USA cannot afford a Rubio as ‘next in line’.

    • Orangeone

      Thank you for the intel! Gives me even more reason to distrust amnesty-loving Rubio!

      • white531

        I am becoming more disgusted with Rubio every day. It has occurred to me recently, that the movement toward The New World Order is going to need a few Spanish-speaking leaders to help them. It’s a thought to keep in mind.

        • Orangeone

          That’s a great observation White!  Plus he was raised by Communist parents…..

    • Orangeone

      Rubio had to move West out of the way because he knows that West will be a presidential candidate in 2016 and Rubio doesn’t want minority competition, especially from a military hero. Rubio is a coward hiding behind the Bush cloak.

      • jlbs

        If we insist that we only have a Natural Born Citizen as a presidential candidate, Rubio is left out of the picture. His parents did not become US Citizens until he was 4 years old, or so. If the Dems can’t be honest, we can. And we can raise a stink about it too. Let’s not shrug our shoulders and say, well, they did it so we can too. NO, let’s stop it NOW! Let’s show them for what they are — liars, cheaters, the lowest of the low (snakes).

        • Orangeone

          Great point! And Rubio is already campaigning!!!

  • tshtsh

    They need to stop pushing him for President too–we need a “solid Conservative”!

    • They can push all they want. No more plugging noses! No more suffering the lesser of two evils!! The people will speak the next election!!!

      • marketcomp

        Right on, abc!

        • I’m in a fight’n mood today. 😉

          • marketcomp

            I am with you on that!

          • Orangeone

            I could tell Sis 🙂

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Enough with the Bush family! I am so tired of dynasties. The US rebelled against monarchs.

    • Orangeone

      Was it Levin that said anytime someone suggests someone for 2016, repeat West or was it someone else???

  • Arrrggghhh

    How about West to fill DeMint’s Senate seat?

    • Wrong state, but yeah. And he’s right, there’s no negotiating with someone like Obama, he needs to be forced to take his medicine.

      • Arrrggghhh

        I know Col. West is in FL, but I believe that he’s originally from GA. I’ve lived in the south and found GA and SC to be very conservatively like minded. He’s from the same state in the most important aspect – state of mind.

    • DuraMater

      I’d like to trade Sen. Rubio for Allen West. At least Cong. West does not seem to be a stealth open borders advocate, beholden to the Hispanic Serving Institutions and Assoc. of Hispanic University Professors.

      Far too many people overlook or are unaware of the political influence University and college presidents possess, especially in SoFla where the student vote was delivered to Obama by that cabal. Saddly, Marco Rubio and perhaps Jeb Bush are deluding themselves into believing that they can tap into this market by issuing veiled statements and outright proposals to legalize more foreign students so these institutions can access more of the federal and state subsidies (your tax dollars) they already receive in the name of “Diversity”.

      But back to the topic at hand. I agree with all the above. Col. West was given a very raw deal by his own party in addition to the slimy progressive politics in South Florida. I, too will follow him and pray he remains a force for good for our nation.

  • Rocco11

    These may be the only 2 guys in America who get it…

    • These 2 guys may be the only voices to speak publicly for those of us who get it. There are millions of us: awake, alert, alarmed, and mad as hell.

  • Wigglesworth

    The RINOs are trying to purge Republicans like Allen West.

  • remaxgirl

    That is a true BLACK leader I welm up when i hear Allen West love that man I hope I live long enough to hear him become someone important like VP or even President . what a true American

  • remaxgirl

    Mark have you heard about Obama doubling peoples food stamps if someone had 75 dollars in food stamps he gave them another 75 dollars if you had 200 he doubled that to 200 i guess as a reward for voting for him keeping them happy and in his corner it happened to 2 people I know and did he do it with everyone and thats our tax money (would you call it a bribe ???)

  • Kelsonus

    Hey Nikki Haley?
    What do you think about Senator West?

    • Orangeone

      She used her position to bypass Tea Party and return a favor by apptg someone who helped her get re-elected. Tim Scott would have been outstanding and then she could have apptd another Tea Party to the House! Guess she’s in the RINO group too.

  • Amen. I hope Allen West remains in public life. We need him now more than ever. Hopefully, the people in Florida will send him back to Congress. It would be the best thing Florida could ever do for the nation, sending Allen West back to Congress.

  • Nukeman60

    People say to forget how the election went. Don’t complain about voter fraud. It’s over. Just move on and try to change to get elected in the future.

    Let’s forget about the fraud that elected Al Franken in ’08 (a man who became the key vote that put ObamaCare over the top). Let’s forget about the fraud that took Allen West from Congress (a man that would not back down and confronted the left like no one else). Let’s forget about the fraud that reelected Obama (giving him four more years to fundamentally transform this great nation).

    Let’s just be more like the Democrats and we can win more elections. Well, I say if we are more like the Democrats and win more elections because of it, then won’t the results be the same as they are now? What’s the point?

    We need Col West. He won’t rest and we shouldn’t either. O’Reilly is a bag of wind when he says Obama is not a Socialist, but merely a social-justice liberal. Obama is indeed a Marxist, Socialist, rigid ideologue. He must be defeated in his goals in whatever way we have at our disposal. And I see Col. West as a major weapon in our arsenal.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Let’s forget? No and Hell no!
      Instead, lets take the fight to them! On the blogs, in Op-eds in local papers, on local tv and radio stations, we must fight for what freedom we have left before we can recover what we have lost under the overt marxism of Obama and the combined Congress of fools!
      I know YOU will fight warrior, as will I.
      Unlike our elected politicians;


  • colliemum

    Mark Levin – there are people around the world, not just in the USA, who would follow Allen West in a heartbeat.

    The left – and you can stick the Bushes into that category, for all I care – have won a Phyrric victory when they unseated him, from redrawing his district to the millions Pelosi and friends spent on getting that drunken cheater into Congress.

    I’ll repeat what I wrote here earlier: when Allen West wins the Presidency, I bl**dy well will come to his inauguration. So there!

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Irony is if Col West ran for President PRAVDA,and the Socialist Black Caucus, would harass him for exploiting the fact that he happens to be Black.
    Duty,Honour,Country…three words Socialists and PRAVDA don’t care about or for.
    Col West,Sen Rubio,Ryan,and Herman Cain would be what the country really needs in 4 years.
    Jim DeMint laying more groundwork with the help of we Americans,both naturalised,and native born…Patriots.

    Not only do we take the country back,but American parents need to get the school curriculum back too…believe me if the Socialist agenda is not countered there will be generations of Socialists who don’t have a TRUE frame of free markets reference.
    I emigrated from Socialism to the greatest free market and Liberty….Native born Americans will have no perspective if the Socialist teachers go unchecked.

    Remember Dec 7th…and what America eventually defeated
    Thank You all American Veterans
    Thank you America

  • I’m so happy to hear him not play the game and make mention that they had to cheat to beat him. Even most conservative radio has turned into a bizarro world where everyone denies what they see happen, or cowardly, they don’t mention it. Reminds me of 1984 where Winston is being tortured and asked how many fingers he sees. I’m glad he is willing to tell the truth.

  • I am very pleased to hear these Americans doing what they can to save America, it will take all of us, both those who are more or less talented to meet our goals !

  • virginiagentleman1

    In a day and time where republicans are ‘cleansing’ conservatives from their midsts, West is out speaking his mind about the ‘purge’, calling the Florida election what it was, FRAUD and CHEATING, and chiding repub leaders at the same time for their very appearent actions in leading the party to ‘squish’ status. In other words, yes men to Boehner, and subservent to most programs the socialist dems want. Squish is what happens to cockroaches under the dems shoes.
    West’s words about his future were on a par with those of DeMint.
    Many of the words I’ve heard from Col. West, Sen. DeMint, and the four ‘purged’ conservatives (dismissed from their committee assignments by the cowardly ‘Squeeker’ Boehner), sounded very much like a paraphrasing of those used by Sarah Palin in her speeches and interviews.

    Is there now a convergence of conservative thought banding together?
    How powerful would a group of people that comprises the folks I’ve mentioned above be?

    And don’t forget the many anti-repub and anti-dem folks who demand a new party without any attachments to either of the old parties.
    For those who want a quiet political revolution, it appears you are getting your wish.

    For those of us who desire a more aggressive approach, the convergence of some of the top conservative minds, Sowell, Levin, Palin, West, and DeMint, to name a few, we may be seeing a new direction being taken by conservatives.

    Do yourself and your nation a favor, confront dems and repubs where ever you encounter them! When they spout their party dogma at you, confront them with the Constitution! YOURS is the greater firepower!

    Compromising has come to mean the loss of freedoms and liberties guarenteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Confrontation means you are TAKING those freedoms, rights and liberties back!

    Confrontation is a GOOD THING!

  • 12grace

    I love Allen West, I hope one day he runs for president and we get a fair vote.

  • siquijorisland

    This is one very smart guy please keep up the good fight.

  • white531

    There are three things that I need to see on Scoop, at least once or twice a week. I need to see an interview with Colonel Allen West, I need to see an interview with Sarah Palin, and I need to see Michelle Malkin get angry and roll her eyes at something some dumb Liberal said.

    These things are soothing to my soul.

    • Jaels_Song

      Amen and amen…

      We need to share this site as much as possible. There are times I can get a link off of Fox, Newsbusters, etc…, but I prefer to come back to the RS, grab my source (link) from here and distribute it others. I do not know who owns this site, but he/she is very a very professional writer who is abreast of Constitution, laws, states, politics, and events around the world. I wish this person great success, as it takes a lot of hard diligent work in order to put out a product this good.

  • white531

    Here is what I like about Allen West. Most politicians, after losing a close election the way he did, would say, “Well, we ran a good race, but the other guy just got more votes.”

    Allen West says, “No, I didn’t lose the election, they stole the election, because they cheated!” And he’s right. They cheated. You know it, I know it, and Allen West knows it, and he’s not afraid to say so.

  • 1vote

    There is a storm a brewing in the South. May our country shed this sickening ignorance that has enveloped our great land. Folks really need to hear language that is honest and not necessarily politically correct. About fifty years ago thousands and thousands of our brave countrymen died in a war that attempted to fight communism. Do I think our leaders and president should be called such contemptuous names like Marxist or communist?? Hell yes I do. The low-lifes in Washington need to be identified in no uncertain terms. We need to quit dancing around these issues and quit being so politically correct.

  • we need veterans in the white house.

  • Opinionated12cents

    This is a real man, the man America needs.

  • Ross Young

    I wish he’d run for president. I would vote for him without a second thought. He’s made more sense than any other politician that I can think of over my 50 years of life.

    • There are some folks who voted against last year’s debt compromise, NDAA, and the Patriot Act.

  • bobemakk

    Allen West do what Jim DeMint did, since you probably lost due to the redistricting done purposely….join The Heritage Foundation and you can be able to do more for US. You are one of the top choices for the 2016 election. Obama must be impeached. Great interview with Mark Levin. Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to both of you and your families.

    • DeMint took a principled stand against debt increases. He didn’t vote for these scams.
      He’d be an excellent choice if he ran.

  • sorry Mr Levin, I used your word silly to describe another post, swear i hadn’t read your post. But obviously were’re in one accord.
    To me the word silly is the word that replaces the word deadly serious to Americans.

    you take care

  • And yet when the same debt ceiling increase came up a year ago, West voted for it. What’s the difference? Mark Levin should have pressed him on that he voted for the debt ceiling increase last year.
    As conservatives, we don’t deny somebody’s voting record.
    I hate to say it, but it’s like Romney saying that healthcare mandates are unconstitutional.