Allen West: Obama and Dems bribing people by expanding nanny state, leading us to collapse

Once again Allen West demonstrates his no-fear approach to politics. He tells CNM the fierce truth about Obama and the Democrats leading us to collapse by bribing the American public with entitlements just so that they can stay in power forever.

Democrat and MSM hyperventilation in 3..2..1…

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  • steprock

    West rocks out loud. I wish he was from MY state, or that we had a hundred more like him.

    How many of our representatives can so smoothly introduce historical reference into their discussions and attack the issues with such a calm attitude?

    • sDee

      He is a leader for all of us. They have tried to Palinize him before. They will try again.

      Allen West says what the political establishment is afraid to say, or afraid for us to learn. There are few of us in Washington. West is one.

      Hussein or Romney, Conservatives have lost the White House again. Please everyone, support West. Imagine if we had had more Republicans like Colonel West who were willing to stand up to Bush’s big government agenda.


      an email I just got:
      Dear Fellow Conservative,

      I’m Allen West and I’m a principled conservative Congressman from south Florida. The liberals and their friends in the media have made me their number one target because I’m not afraid to speak the truth. Will you help me fight back?

      You and I know the left and their allies in the media will stop at nothing to promote their destructive policies. This week they’re complaining about my use of the word ‘communist’ in reference to the Progressive Caucus, but no one is challenging my point—that these people oppose free markets and individual economic freedom, and they advocate for redistribution of wealth.

      I need you to stand with me against attacks from the liberals and the distortions of the corrupt liberal media. Everyone who stands with me in the next 48 hours by making a contribution of $10 or more will receive an “Allen West for Congress” bumper sticker.

      Stand with Allen West against the Liberal Media! Donate:

      The Progressive Caucus advocates for state control over industries, redistribution of wealth, reduced individual economic freedom and the destruction of free markets. Members of this Caucus lavished praise on Fidel Castro following a 2009 visit to Cuba. They have even introduced a Constitutional Amendment to redistribute wealth.

      You can call them whatever you want, but the point is, they oppose free markets and individual economic freedom, they want to redistribute wealth, and they want to see the nation fundamentally transformed. Their policies are destructive and I will stand up to them regardless of the critics.

      Stand with me today by clicking here to make a contribution. It’s going to take all of us to protect this nation from the destructive policies of the extreme left.

      Steadfast and loyal,

      LTC(R) Allen B. West
      Member of Congress

      P.S. Everyone who stands with me and contributes $10 or more in the next 48 hours will receive a “Allen West for Congress” bumper sticker from our campaign.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      “I wish he was from MY state”

      But he’s serving in our Congress, so support his campaign!

  • James Lofgren

    That guy is giddy as a schoolgirl talking to Colonel West.

    And I would be too.

  • shield1

    While Obama rides his widdle bicycle 5mph with his foam helmet on, the Colonel rides a Harley. I hope we have a country left by the time Col. West ends up running for President. Meanwhile, we hold on for dear life.

  • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

    Allen West gets it. Why don’t the other so-called Republicans? He is the lone voice, and the one who has the courage to tell the truth. The others are just pathetic. Time and time again, they just let the Democrats frame the issues and the narrative and steamroll them. There is so much ammunition the Republicans have, yet we don’t hear a peep. And that includes Romney. A bunch of poodles when we need doberman pinschers!

    • xymbaline

      Mitt “The Poodle” Romney.

      I like it!

      • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

        Yeah, he’s a poodle alright. Maybe we should strap him to the roof of his car (one of Ann’s Cadillacs) and take him on a little cross-country trip, like he did with his dog. What a joy ride that would be!!

    • capelady

      The only other one who really gets it is Newt… he is out there declaring that Obama is a Saul Alinsky radical who is destroying America, while Mitt Romney is only willing to say Obama is in over his head – he won’t even say the man is a socialist! Gingrich/West would be a Dream Team in Washington and would lead a conservative revolution that would turn this country around!!!

  • Man I would love to shake that man’s hand one day. I believe that he might have bungled that Tocqueville quote just a bit? I thought the point he was raising concerned the voters instead of the politicians.

    Still, West is correct that Democrats have only one thing to run on: “We’ll give you stuff if you vote for us”. Once voters realize that this old way is actually destroying us, Democrats are doomed as a viable national party. What else do they have to offer besides domestic spending and subsistence as a way of life?

    • WordsFailMe

      I think Democrats are doomed as a species

  • W.

    Alan West – A great TRUTH-Teller

    Keep on!

  • TANGO40

    I really hope that Allen West gets the Vice President nomination…

    • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

      Ummm, never gonna happen if Romney is the nominee. Perhaps one day in the distant future, if we’re still around. We can dream…

      • xymbaline

        There’s still time to get behind Newt Gingrich and throw the Convention open.

        Romney doesn’t have his 1144 yet.

        • MiketheMarine

          Precisely right. That is my hope too.

        • Wake up to reality. There are 1151 currently unallocated delegates. Newt has 136-138 (depending on source). In order for him to reach 1144 he would need to get all but 7 of the remaining delegates. SEVEN. And he isn’t even on the ballot in every remaining state.

          • xymbaline

            You aren’t reading correctly. I don’t expect Newt to get to 1144 before the convention.

            I want the combination of Newt, Santorum and Paul to get enough delegates combined so that Romney can’t reach 1144.

            Then, I want to see an actual open convention where the candidate is chosen in plain view of the world, and the floor is open to nominations.

            Anything can happen.

          • capelady

            Newt cannot realistically get the 1144, that is true, but he can deprive Romney and push this to the convention. If they get past the first ballot, the power transfers from the RNC to the states (which explains why the RNC is against this!) and then all bets are off! I would rather risk the more chaotic process and have a chance of a nominee we can believe in than surrender to Romney – who may not win, and we don’t know what he will do as president if he does win! We got Abraham Lincoln through a convention – that worked out pretty well! If people refuse to unite behind Romney and vote for Newt – there is still a chance we can nominate a conservative who will change the way things work in Washington and begin the process of restoring this nation. The GOP establishment will only manage the decline.

          • K-Bob

            Translation: “I’ve given up. Why not validate my choice?”

            It’s over when it’s over. Just like baseball.

        • capelady

          Absolutely!!! Gingrich/West would save this nation!!!

    • sDee

      Has the GOP, the RNC or the Republican Establishment in DC done anything even remotely Conservative so far?

      The Party once again bypassed all core Conservative voters, as well as over half the States and Republican voters, to force their man on the ticket. So far I see no indication that they see value in a core Conservative on the ticket – Sarah Palin caused them and McCain no end of grief by standing on principle.

      If the tea party and the conservative base now cave and “rally behind Romney”, the Party will continue giving us a great big middle finger.

      Romney is one ugly baby that’s gonna take one big juicy pork chop hung around his neck.

    • sara holy land

      It would be better if will be Secretary of Defense. 🙂

  • I never get tired of listening to Colonel West. A great American!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Heck, when West sounds like this, I’m looking for the entire Republican establishment to cry foul, the fools and cowards they are.

  • Joe

    Lt. Col. Allen West is the BEST

    I would love to see him debate VP Plugs

    (the interviewer should gets some training though- he is “creepy”- I have to give West 10 extra points for not laughing at him)

  • 911Infidel

    “Simpleheads trying to protest” LOL That’s being polite. Alan West never fails to rock my world. Steadfast and Loyal. That’s what I expect from a former Infantry commander. Of course the progressive commie beestards hate him. He’s their worst nightmare. A man who is salt and light; who doesn’t just project veritas, but puts his talk where his walk is.

  • I don’t care if that interviewer is a conservative…that was a joke. I don’t want our guys to look like idiot obama interviewers…show some professionalism. Allen west doesn’t need your help or nodding approval. It detracts from the great Allen West’s articulate message. Get ahold of yourself bro!…you look ridiculous. Allen West for VP!!…obama and the left’s collective head would explode.

    • Joe

      That was the interviewer’s 8th grade Project –

      I agree – He really was pathetic

      Exploding heads ?? — Fluffernutter all over the place – What a mess!

    • DebbyX

      Love Allen West but the interviewer looked like a bobble head.

      • K-Bob

        First rule of interviewing: make eye contact.

    • sybilll

      I’m going to have to respectfully disagree here. I agree that his technique is extremely flawed, but I do like the fact that people feel empowered enough to be a citizen journalist.
      I credit Andrew Breitbart.

  • Sober_Thinking

    What a sad state of affairs that we don’t have a brilliant champion like Allen West running for president. Sure, he has no experience – and maobama had no experience – but Allen West has the moral character, values, brilliance, conservative convictions and fortitude to kick butt and take names. I’d take all of that over anything that Romney has any day!

    • sDee

      What we have all but lost sight of is that, above all, we need principled leadership. That, Colonel West has, and has proven.

      Experience can be gained. Leadership, ingrained.

    • Psyphurr Lock

      He could always end up the people’s choice. If we can get to the convention…..

    • BS61

      Huh, I could only thumbs up you once!

  • Jaynie59

    OK, I listened to the end three times and I can’t get what he said about the protesters.

    Did he say suckle heads? Too funny.

    Also, notice how the media dropped the whole “there are 70 communists in Congress” like a hot potato? They must have found out it’s 71. (Or however many there really are)

    • K-Bob

      It’s “chuckleheads.” I always liked that word.

  • poljunkie

    Allen West Rocks

  • Rshill7

    Ohhhhhhhh, turn up the heat, turn up the heat, pull a bunch of folk off the government teet. Pull ’em up from the couch, and punch ’em in the pouch. Say hey you’ll no longer be paid to be a slouch. Remind them how to fish so they can reel in all they wish. They’ll have to put food on their own little dish.

    Make ’em earn a check if there’s a pulse within their neck. We’ve pushed them all for miles, so let them pull awhiles.

    This I did myself. I’m a full-grown working elf! I’m pulling my own weight and am no longer on the shelf. I get out every day, I work to make it pay. In the evening In the mirror now this is what I say.


    • freenca

      LOL ! Your poesy rocks, YAY !

      • Rshill7

        Thanks Freenca! I wrote it at the 6th grade level cuz I only had a few minutes 🙂

        Have a lovely tax day…shablam! We just wrote huge checks (IMO) to the US Treasury and the State of Michigan. Now we are poor. Arrrrrgh!

        Back to the drawing board, albeit with a positive attitude…in spite of O’ and Joe.

  • drphibes

    There are mice. And then there are MEN.

  • kong1967

    He has to be believed before the left gets worried about what he says. Yeah, we not only believe him we have known it forever. But we have a stupid half that approaches charity through forced giving and wear their emotions on their sleeves. They do not look at the negative effects their “charity” has on people and society. In their minds, when poverty expands then we should expand the policies that caused the widespread poverty to begin with.

  • 2besusie

    I am struck by how articulate West is and how directly he answers questions. There is nothing in his speech or demeanor that says “politician”, but rather boldly says “leader”.

    I was so struck by how knowledgeable he is, especially of history and philosophy, that I decided to research his background. His Wikipedia entry alone is impressive and well worth the read.

  • 12grace

    If he can’t be President this time around, I hope Allen West is the VP .

  • 08silverado

    I truly wish we had a chance to vote for Allen West

  • @ sybilll…I think you hit the nail on the head. The fact that people like Villarreal feel empowered to make a difference like Breitbart, says a lot. Anyone who can put it out there & get the truth online is OK in my book. So what if, in some opinions here, you think he’s not an experienced interviewer…he’s got 5 minutes of wisdom from a hard a nails congressman who won’t sugarcoat the corruption happening in this obozo administration.

    I’m sorry I missed the clip posted here before J. Villarreal remove it, I managed to track it down & you can still catch it on his YouTube site:

    It was worth it.

    • tinker_thinker

      Thanks for the link! It was worth it. The man should be VP!

  • Coralchristie

    Too bad we can’t see the video anymore.