Allen West on Next Generation TV: Why are colleges hotbeds of anti-Semitism?

This is a very interesting interview between Allen West and Lee Kaplan on why our colleges have become so anti-Semitic and what we can do to fight it:

Allen West interviews investigative journalist and Israeli activist Lee Kaplan about anti-Semitism at American universities. Why is this happening? What can be done about it? And is the political left uniting with the Islamists on campus? Find out in this interesting conversation.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Thanks, Col. West. Keep on exposing the nefarious agenda of the Islamists.

    Foreign Islamist money and operatives in the administration have caused universities to become leftist and Islamist propaganda outlets.

    Here is another awesome video – Three Stages of Jihad – that covers this and more:

    • DebbyX

      Thanks Fitz for the video!

      I need to buy some more copy paper.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Rock & Roll Conniption…Let`s give `em some Fitz !!!!

  • Yeah, the leftists , MSA and other muslim groups have been doing a fantastic job spreading hate. It’s what they do and they’re good at it.
    I agree with Lee Kaplin here. He’s spot on.
    Thanks Scoop for posting this.

  • I fully and freely admit that I discriminate against all forms of ignorant bigotry including that coming from Arabs. 🙂

  • deeme
  • Rocco11

    The Steven Spielberg snub last night was yet another example…

  • The reason is simple, it’s the Red-Green Alliances (Red for Communism and Green for Islam). The Middle Eastern oil money is pumped in to fund nonsense like this and the “Liberals” are more than happy to eat it right up. This has been going on for years upon years.

  • RKflorida

    Simple question, simple answer: They have been taught to hate Jews and love Muslims. The real questions is why any parent would pay these institutions to damage their children.

    As usual West has it right on the nose. I’d sure like to see him back in a position to battle the scum.

  • Don

    Colonel West is a true American patriot. What the RINOs and George Soros money did to him in his re-election should never be forgotten. Ariel Durant said, ” A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” It is happening before our very eyes. Our nation is being attacked constantly from within by those who would transform us into a subservient nation bowing to elitests who care for nothing but their own narcissism. We need those like Colonel West to come forward and stand tall against the enemies of our nation now before it is too late.

  • Diogenes_wy

    When my kids were in high school we made it a priority to visit college campuses during the summer vacation (along with some other sight-seeing). We visited some major Universities, Ivy Leagues and several small private colleges. As a result of these visits and reading up on these institutions our kids opted for Christian colleges. And I thank the Lord for helping to guide them. Their experiences were fulfilling and both enjoyed their college years immensely. One went on to medical school and is now a pediatrician. The other is working at a prominent zoo in a program that breeds and replenishes native species.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Good one. I am stealing the vid for my blog too.

  • WordsFailMe

    The paleth-tinian ass holes on US campuses will kick the asses of white American students who disagree with them Sounds to me like the Arabs took a lesson or two from the ignorant, slobbering, racist, bed-wetting, thumb-sucking mama’s boys from the moronic in-bred American African Students union.

    Everybody takes an ass whipping once in a while. It ain’t no big deal. After getting stomped a couple of times, the whitepu**** will learn to fight back. Until then white people are going to be suppressed by the racist majorities.

    • WordsFailMe

      Or these weak, white punks can live on their knees like American Muslims. And eat humus and eggplant