Allen West SLAMS NY Times writer for alleging GOP in disarray and racist

Allen West doesn’t link to the article or author he’s setting straight, so I’m not sure which one it is. Even so he comes out swinging hard and it’s awesome:

It seems some writer at the NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist. Perhaps this gent needs a little history lesson. The Democrat party gave America slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Jim Crow laws, poll tax, literacy tests, and providing women checks for having children out of wedlock are further examples of Democrat policies. President Lincoln broke the chains of physical bondage. President Reagan broke the chains of economic bondage. The writer thinks the GOP is in disarray, but it’s thanks to liberal progressive policies emanating from the Obama administration that America is in disarray. The demise of our economic, energy, and national security are evident and the State of our Union is horrific. I would much rather be a member of a political party that rewards my individual industrialism, than one which promotes my individual subjugation.

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  • JRD1

    Thanks Scoop.

    How I miss him as my Congressman!


  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on! 🙂

    The liberal lapdog MSM is the enemy. The NYT is near the top of that list.

  • anneinarkansas

    Col. West is one of our brightest stars…the future of the GOP.
    The man tells it like it is…the straight truth.

  • Though I appreciate what Allen West does and is doing, I can see why the GOP will constantly be in a problematic situation.

    I agree with what Lincoln and Reagan have done and I am not versed enough to know if Lincoln was “conservative” or not. However, in defending the version of the GOP of today, I sense that establishment feels accomplished. They throw West under the bus and here he is defending the GOP, job done!

  • Bravo West!

    He doesn’t cite the writer so he won’t get any more attention and fame. Smart thinking.

  • Joe

    The NY TIMES is on its last leg(s)

    Obviously nobody listens to them anyway!

  • sDee

    OK West has my attention.

    The GOP turned its back on this man. I will agree that it was neither disarray nor racism. It was intentional, well coordinated and out of fear. Not the fear of bigotry or racism but out of the fear of West’s, courage, integrity, and leadership.

    After how the GOP railroaded him and then left in the wind, I am curious to watch West’s next moves.

  • notsofastthere

    Allen West, a true American, never had to read from a teleprompter or script to answer a question, and he always answered a question promptly and directly.
    I’m such a bigot that I’d vote for him in a heartbeat for president.

    • OneThinDime

      I’m such a bigot that I’d vote for him in a heartbeat for president.

      Agreed! Great man who has served this country in Congress, and more importantly, in the military as a leader!

  • deeme

    West knows what we should all think about..if we don’t get united..we will never win another election again.We know all the evils that came with the Democrat Party..but one thing is for sure..that evil sticks together..

    • sDee

      “evil sticks together”

      Indeed they do! – under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. The Marxists, Unionists, Progressives, Communists, Socialists, Feminists, LaRaza, LGBLTs, and isalmists, all put their differences aside, seize power and then divide the spoils.

      • deeme

        A question I haven’t gotten answered is how many illegals voted in the last election..That troubles me …you forgot the Media that makes sure to annihilate the people they fear the most,from gaining any Palin , West, Cain…etc..when the media goes after them ,that should be our sign they are who we want..instead we go for middle of the roaders..

        • OneThinDime

          Would be a great question to pose to the Gang of 8! Start with Grahamnesty (although he is doing well on Benghazi) and Rubio!

          • deeme

            Can you arrange that meeting lol…I would like to know how many voted more then once, how many votes were not counted and how many illegals voted in the last two elections..??? Yes I am glad they are finally standing up to some of the crimes..I’m sure the families of the fallen are happier..I really don’t understand how so much gets by them unattended..what’s going on with our borders is even worse..then don’t get me started on all the people using the system for their own is it possible a government run agency is giving taxpayer money to campaigns..I thought that was against the Constitution..?

            • OneThinDime

              Well I don’t think I have enough clout to get that meeting arranged (lol) but you can find the Gang of 8 along with a few illegals (one with MO) at the SOTU tomorrow night. Bet they voted!

              • deeme

                Yes we always know where to find them , finding a voice is the hard part..that’s why we are here..

  • BAM!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Most Excellent Commentary, Col. Congressman West!

    Every Word Absolutely TRUE.

    Guaranteed to make Pelosi’s head burst, throw Debbie Wasserman Shultz into a tizzy and give Maxine Waters the vapors.

  • colliemum

    Oohh – he’s not mincing his words, is Allen West: “I would much rather be a member of a political party that rewards my individual industrialism, than one which promotes my individual subjugation.”

    That needs to be said loudly, by everyone who is talking to dems in their family, or at their workplace.

  • Allen West MUST be elected to something and soon. We need his conservative voice in Congress to fight the good fight against the liberal cancer that is growing inside Washington. We have too few people like him in Congress and we need so many more. I hope he runs for office again real soon.

  • objective123

    Amen Retired Col. Allen West.

  • 57thunderbird

    Salute Colonel West.You sir have a very good grasp of the English language and you put it to very good use.Your intelligence and insight never ceases to amaze me.Thank you for fighting the good fight for we the people.

  • c4pfan

    Thank you Allen West!

  • aposematic

    If Obuma had even an once of American Patriotism in his Leftist pinkie he would nominate West to be our next Secretary of Defense. I have no doub’t West knows where a lot of the Military Lefties hang out. Instead, we get the likes of Hagal…

    • TexasPGRRider

      Sorry, B.O.`s plan is to turn us over to his musbros of the `hood, and he is WELL on the way to doing just that…Our job is to EXPOSE EVERY STINKIN` ONE OF `EM !!!!

    • Really? Come on do you really believe that junk? I guess I should leave you alone to suffer in your unending pity party. Never meet such a group of permanent victims. Poor poor you.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Quite Concise Colonel….

  • Ray

    I wish he would get on national television and say these things.

    • So do I, it would be great to have him associated with GOP. Reenforce views of how out of touch the base has become. Kinda like the replies here. You guys gotta get out of your bubble, the fumes are making you crazy.

      • Ray

        MCW, I DOUBT he would be saying that the base is out of touch, esp. since it was the establishment that redrew his district and caused him to loose.

        • magi52

          Actually the way the districts were redrawn is being revisited challenged and questioned. Changes are coming for LEGAL reasons.

          There is also a Federal Lawsuit against the Election Supervisor in St. Lucie County, Florida.

      • You would certainly know crazy.

  • Gawd what a fool. Sure funny you guys need crazy hypocrites as spokesmen. He misses the last few generations. The South is where the racist were and are. Parties changed, but not so much the people. Now the GOP is clearly the home of racists. They love hearing a Black man bash his own. That’s his game, pander to the far right teaparty gop people who think fox is news… It’s ok you can’rt help it, it’s your personality type. the guys who play you know it inside and out. Right Wing Authoritarians, not your fault… like always, eh?

    • Ray

      YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE AROUND VERY LONG WITH YOUR DEMOCRAT TALKING POINTS. What day did this changing of Republican to Democrat and vice versa?
      Dude, you obviously do not know what this forum is all about. WE ARE CONSERVATIVES, NOT Republicans. The Republican Establishment is no better than the Democrats. They are big government liberals who have never cut federal spending. In fact they have added to it with adding the EPA, the department of health, department of education, etc. So, not sure what you are babbling on about.

      I will tell you what the WHITE liberal Democrats have done though, they have gathered up black populations into certain areas, allowed those areas to be unsafe, drug filled, ganghoods. Democrats have OWNED those votes for 50 years, and still those areas are terrible places to live. The most dangerous city in the US is Chicago which, you guessed it, is ran by Democrats and has been for decades.

      Don’t come here with your communist/socialist bilge.

      • tinlizzieowner

        You notice how these characters always seem show up when the topic contains the words ‘West, Palin, Bush or Coulter’. ‘The Daily Kos’ must be working overtime. 😉 😉

        • Ray

          I think some are coming over from Roves organization since we do no kowtow to his way of thinking.

          • tinlizzieowner

            Not likely. I read the lib sites, (I’ve been banned form commenting on most of them). Often, they will contain links to the conservative sites, since we have a more ‘all inclusive’ attitude, for just the purpose of getting their members to post on the conservative sites. Especially when the topic starts with the usual buzz words like Bush, Palin, West and now Dr. Carson. Black conservatives are like poison to their ‘dogma’.

            • What!?!? You’ve been banned for commenting there?

              I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

              Admit it: you’ve been telling the truth again, haven’t you?

              • tinlizzieowner

                Not just by screen name but by IP address as well. 😉 😉
                And not for the usual reasons libs get banned from here. No profanity, no name calling, or anything like that. That would have been too easy for them, just facts and links.

      • Damn you are funny LOL. Disown your own party when it losses, figures. See i told you y’all can’t cope. And your inability to see your own racism is classic case of denial

    • las1

      The little cockroach shaped indentation under that rock is still warm. If you are quick you can go back there and pick up where you left off.

      • Oh you mean instead of you ‘tough guys’ hanging on on extremist right wing nut job site telling each other how ‘right’ you are? That is part of your guys psychosis, can’t cope and need to cling to simple sound bites.

    • You racists are so predictable. By the way, thanks for destroying the inner cities and black families, and making the most dangerous place on Earth for a black child the womb of an inner city mother. Also, thanks for making young black men the most likely victims of homicide in your stupid, leftist-run cities.

      You should be ashamed for supporting all of that old, long-lingering, Democrat hatred of people of color. You should feel shame every time the fake “reverend” Al (who is now paying for his phoney, racist, Tawana Brawley lawsuit, and will always be associated with the deaths of several Latino men and women at Freddy’s Fashion Mart) opens his race-baiting piehole, and suckers you in for more loss of YOUR liberty.

      If ending slavery, getting the sixteenth amendment passed over the objections of your Democrat masters, getting civil rights legislation passed over the objections of “Sheets” Byrd and Al Gore Senior, and NOT being the party of the KKK isn’t a good enough reason to leave the sick, racism-infested Democrat plantation, then nothing is.

      Get some help, before you hurt yourself.

      • Missed the GOP’s Southern Strategy, i see. Y’all are as racist as we say and you can’t admit it to save your soul. The SOUTH is the home of racist and now the teabagged GOP.

        • Spread your sick, racist poison somewhere else.

          Only Democrats care about skin color.

          • las1

            I missed the gems he threw my way, but the stench left behind was unmistakable. I think we could all use a shower about now. I know I could.

            • Heh. And that poor guy has to live with himself every day.

    • las1

      Oh… and as a p.s. judging by that mug on your avatar… it’s true… God did make a liberal.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Oh golly gee, how dare Col. West stray from the Democrat ‘plantation’.
      You want a real ‘Oreo’? How about Barack Obama, he actually IS Black on the outside and White on the inside. 😉
      The parties didn’t change at all. Lincoln (R) freed the slaves and the Democrats are still keeping them on the (entailment) ‘plantation’.

      • see, y’all can’t help but being hypocrites who can’t cope with reality or the results of your horrid ‘politics’. GOP is THE home for racists as you proved. Rage on cracka, own it for once… oh wait YOU CAN’T

        • Look at the tough, white racist trying to sound like one of those racist Black Panther guys. I’m sure they’d love to see that.

        • tinlizzieowner

          I don’t have to. I have the likes of you to do it for me. 😉

  • las1

    BANG !

  • Vote West.

  • 911Infidel

    Allen West is spot on as usual. He’d be my first choice in 2016. HUA?

  • 6799

    Smart, dedicated, articulate and determined. Allen West isn’t going away any time soon.


  • you guys are walking talking typing stereotypes of what is wrong with the GOP. full of stupid people who can’t cope with reality. Gullible and unable to admit any error, tis why you are going the way of the Whigs, please do keep it up, ya racist dummies. Conservatism is a mental illness “This intolerance of ambiguity can lead people to cling to the familiar, to arrive at premature conclusions, and to impose simplistic cliches and stereotypes.”

    Read more:

    You guys are destroying conservatism, WELL DONE and please continue

  • From Psychology Today – A meta-analysis culled from 88 samples in 12 countries, and with an N of 22,818, revealed that “several psychological variables predicted political conservatism.” Which variables exactly? In order of predictive power: Death anxiety, system instability, dogmatism/intolerance of ambiguity, closed-mindedness, low tolerance of uncertainty, high needs for order, structure, and closure, low integrative complexity, fear of threat and loss, and low self-esteem. The researchers conclude, a little chillingly, that “the core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and a justification of inequality.”
    The above list of variables is more than a little unsavory. We are talking about someone full of fear, with a poor sense of self, and a lack of mental dexterity. I always tell my students that tolerance of ambiguity is one especially excellent mark of psychological maturity. It isn’t a black and white world. According to the research, conservatives possess precisely the opposite: an intolerance of ambiguity and an inability to deal with complexity. Maybe that’s one reason why Obama seems so distasteful to them: he is a nuanced, multi-faceted thinker who can see things from several different perspectives simultaneously. And he isn’t preaching fear, either. it was a mild case of insanity, but now conservatism is a full blown psychosis

    • tinlizzieowner

      “Meaning, we aren’t smart enough to understand you guys.”

      Nice of you to recognize that. 😉

  • In an article published in the highly respected peer reviewed scholarly journal “Psychological Bulletin” the authors state:
    “”This intolerance of ambiguity can lead people to cling to the familiar, to arrive at premature conclusions, and to impose simplistic cliches and stereotypes.””
    Among the sufferers of this heart-breaking malady the researchers studied President George W. Bush and found him to be a “textbook case” of the madness. Among the early warning signs that he exhibits is “his preference for moral certainty and frequently expressed dislike of nuance.” The scientists believe that it was Bush’s aversion to shades of gray and the need for “closure” that led him to ignore intelligence that contradicted his beliefs about Iraq’s non existent WMD’s.
    At the time that this report came out conservatives were outraged and dismissed the whole thing as merely the opinion of the scientists involved. It is highly amusing now to watch conservatives fall all over themselves to tout Dr. Rossiter unscientific and undocumented political scree simply because it gives them comfort in the face of their impending humiliation at the polls come November.

    Read more:

    • las1

      Keep sipping from that cultural Marxist “junk psychology” Slurpee there ugly one. The fact that you certainly believe it shows.

  • Now I know why y’all hate science, it shows what a mess you are LOL