Allen West: ‘This is going to be a dogfight for your country’

I listened to this last night and it’s another great campaign speech from Allen West:

Watch below:

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  • Joe

    This is what TRUE PATRIOT looks and sounds like!

    • B-Funk

      And a good politician

      • tvlgds

        We don’t want good politicians, we want good LEADERS. Politicians are the problem!

        • B-Funk

          Why can’t we have both? He seems to be. The silver tongue with a good heart.

          • True, everyone who has a job or has ever done anything in life is a political instrument. Some are better than others, so it isn’t true that all politicians are evil. Please read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and you’ll begin to understand the roots of the problems and how extensive it is.

  • Allen West continues to show that Florida made a wise choice when they elected him to Congress. He doesn’t back down from a fight, and he does his homework.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    True Patriot! Would love to see West as president someday also in a administration. wouldn’t see him bowing down to anyone.

    • Joe

      BUT – I wouldn’t mind see someone bowing down to him out of respect!

      (the gentleman that he is – wouldn’t allow it anyway – but I can still imagine it)

  • Sober_Thinking

    Allen West = LEADER.

    • ryanomaniac


  • Allen West is our man!
    If Al, can do it.. no one can!

    AW for VP!

  • poljunkie

    This man is a leader.

  • Kordane

    If only the Republican party was entirely comprised of Allen Wests. The Left wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • sDee

      It would only take about 3%. 😉

  • Get this man some Prime Time at the convention…. he’s ready for it.

    • WordsFailMe

      I could not agree more! I can imagine some really interesting things happening if this man ignites the fire in every belly in the convention hall.

    • maynardb50

      Absolutely. He can be the Zell Miller of the 2012 convention!

  • WordsFailMe

    Notice how the foul muz have stopped showing up at Allen West speeches?

    I almost miss them. Not.

  • 911Infidel

    Another excellent speech from Lt Col West. I can’t get enough of this guy. Now you see why there are certain commanders in the military that you would go to hell and back for. You’d be proud to ruck up and move out if he gave the command; no matter where that led.

    • Referring to his actions in Iraq he said he’d walk through hell carrying a gas can to protect his men.That,dear friends,is a leader.

      • 911Infidel


    • freenca

      If not VP in this go, how about Homeland Security Department? He’d be great as that! Aunt Janet has been an abyssmal failure at it, intentionally so, IMO. We need an AMERICAN in that position!

      • sDee

        West is a leader not a bureaucrat.

        What does it say about our future if we let this man be ground down by the Republican establishment. America is in grave danger, and the enemy within. Who else do we have to take that on?

        • freenca

          My thinking is that he would be so good in any leadership position, he’d be able to clear up the big messes that have been made. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but we have to find some more people like LT West to root out the enemy within. I hope we can do just that! The VP position would be my first choice, I just don’t see Romney picking him.

      • 911Infidel

        An interesting idea. SecDef or National Security Advisor or maybe CIA chief would also give him some excellent national exposure in case he decides to run in 2016. But I think he’d be happy if he could be somewhere close to the military.

        • freenca

          Agreed, He’d be a great pick for any of those also. He has that leadership quality that we need so much.

  • Beck has introduced Bill Whittle’s “Fire Wall” recently. You can become a citizen producer. Bill has a way of presenting the facts and history that young people can relate to. Click on the “vault” tab to watch more. Enlightening.

  • KarlRogue

    Awesome. This guy is a leader.
    but what do I know, I’m just a racist tea party guy

  • dk_in_tn

    BRAVO!! I adore Allen West.

  • Brian Ross of ABC looked at a list of 2200 people named James Holmes on it. He chose the only one that was a Tea Party member and slandered the man by declaring him the likely shooter. When the error was caught, he gave a lame apology. If this has been Sean, the Left would demand Hannity be fired. We have been too nice. It’s time to fight fire with fire. ABC must pay a huge sum to the Tea Party member Holmes, fire Brian Ross and apologize to America for being shills and the enemy within.

    • Pharmacognosist

      Meat hook to NBC, CBS, and ABC news. See how they survive with ZERO viewers.

  • Nukeman60

    Continue to talk about the things that they don’t want to talk about‘ – West

    This is key in this election cycle. BS from the Lame Stream Media will continue to distract us from the real issues that we need to talk about. Whenever some lib brings up their cute little distractions, we need to swing it immediately back to what’s really important. Rep. West knows how to do this. Those foolish enough to go on MSNBC, NPR, or CNN, must learn to do this.

    Romney will have to do this in the upcoming debates, as the moderators will be asking the all important questions about his dog on the roof or his High School hair cutting days. Keep it on focus and drill the issues into their brains. Drill, baby, drill. They won’t have a leg to stand on in that arena.

    • p m

      Seeing a chance for some coaching from Newt…

  • Rshill7

    It sounded to me like West is in support of the letter that McCain, Graham, now Rubio, and some others have distanced themselves from. Of course he is. He is seldom on the wrong side of an issue. The time or two when he has been on the wrong side of a vote, he has acknowledged as much, has apologized for the mistake, and has corrected course.

    Also, regarding Lori Patriot’s post above…why is it OK for Obama to have an enemies list but it was a horror for Nixon? Why is it OK for him to seemingly pick and choose who to have the IRS audit? Why is it OK for him to misuse Executive Privilege in covering up for Holder when it was not OK for Nixon? Watergate seems like nothing in the face of what democrats have been doing and defending of late.

    Obama and company have been in office for 3.5 years too long. He pulled the wool over millions of eyes. For the blind, naive sheep, he didn’t have to pull very far did he? Those sheep have now been rained on, reined in, and reigned over, and have had a chunk of whatever wealth they had accumulated, shrink. That’s what wool does.

    Have they had just about enough? Well, if they haven’t, they’re gluttons for punishment, ignorant of history, and hopelessly devoted to doom.

    West is a soothing breeze beneath the shade on a scorching day. A patriot reminder of what got this nation off and running in the first place, and a guide who can lead us back to camp…home base. May he be a spark that ignites others to do likewise. What he has, we need. What he preaches, tens of millions should hear. What he extends, should be embraced.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Bravo. Well said.

  • MaxineCA

    Perhaps the next time Rubio is in Florida he should spend some time with West to get “educated” on many topics.

    • marketcomp

      You are so right, MaxineCA! LTC. West can teach all of the RINOs so much about being a Conservative and a good politician. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. LTC West uses his platform to further educate all of us and he does it so well through communication incorporating his principles and values. Rubio is a great communicator but flat on principles and conviction. LTC West is our modern-day Ronald Reagan because he can articulate the Constitution like no other politician and in the same vein as only one other person, Mark Levin, and that’s remarkable!

    • Pharmacognosist

      His reaction to Michele Bachmanns letter will cost him his job the next election time. Romney better not announce him as his choice for VP. He lost my respect and I’d bet I’m not the only one. His future in politics is over. PERIOD!

      • odumbabgone

        what’s wrong you left wing moron hack. can’t handle the truth that Col Allen West delivers, then go home to your Mommy and cry about it. Hey she might let you use her EBT card is you play your cards right drone!

        • p m

          Pharmacognosist was replying to MaxineCA and she was talking about RUBIO, NOT WEST. Pay attention before badmouthing someone who most definitely is NOT a ‘left-wing moron hack’.
          You might be a troll, judging by your disgusting huffpo language, but Pharmacognosist is NOT.

  • 12grace

    He’s right. Communism or Freedom.

  • PVG

    Standing O from the left coast!

  • Good news patriots. The power of the radicals is crumbling. Spain bans Qu’ran! When the Middle Eastern countries allow Christians to practice their religion without being beheaded and visitors to bring in the Bible….the ban can be lifted. We must stop marching towards the cliff like lemmings. Listen to the radicals’ speeches. Believe what they say. Iran and Egypt’s leaders mean us and Israel harm. Last year they went after the dictators and this year, it will be the Kings. Watch out Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Watch “Prophecy In the News” on You Tube.

  • “I don’t care what the president says. This country was built on individual industrialism, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, innovation. And your success is your success. It does not belong to government.” – Allen West

    Great speech.

  • This site has great videos that explain what is going on and the Left’s efforts to destroy us. They used the schools, unions, EPA, ACLU, political correctness, censorship, Hollywood movies, media, pornography, coarsening of our culture, infiltration of our churches with child molesters, gays and evil people to ruin their reputations, mocking of traditional values and faith TO DESTROY AMERICA. They even convinced our youth that America was not exceptional and had a special purpose in the world. The Left is the enemy within. It’s time they fall in love with their country again and see that they have been indoctrinated by Communists and morons like Al Gore, George Clooney, Obama, Michael Moore and Bill Mahr on purpose. They need a nation on Welfare and dumb. In California, all the librarians and science teachers are losing their jobs. THEY DO NOT WANT OUR KIDS TO KNOW TRUE HISTORY AND THAT MILLIONS HAVE DIED DUE TO COMMUNISM.

  • Some folks think that Obama is just clueless, an amateur, a novice, harmless and just made some bungles. Don’t be fooled. Obama DOES understand that his policies will bankrupt and ruin America. That is the goal. The same guys who helped to do it abroad, are his advisers. The guy who made it happen in Hondorus and Soros (broke the British pound) are his mentors/advisers. The goal is for US as no longer the world super power. He has disarmed us for this reason too. We had 5000 nukes, now we have 1500 while our enemies keep adding to their stockpiles. He intends slow suicide for America. He has done EVERYTHING to make it happen. His policies are very successful in his view. The plan is almost complete. The Commies rotted us from the inside out just as planned. It’s time to unite, prepare and get ready to stop their game plan cold.

  • John3_3


  • Former US Army Sgt. Robert Delgado was assigned as the driver for Lt. Col. Allen West during Operation Desert Shield in Irag. Here Sgt. Delgado tells the story of how his life was saved by Allen West, his commanding officer. Allen West gave his own body armor to this soldier!

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      Allen West is a good man

    • sDee

      “video removed by user”

  • Amen Allen! What if, just what if Romney calls on Allen West as VP at the convention? I think it would sink Obummer and be a fun campaign!

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      Allen West is a true patriot

    • sDee

      It will say an enormous amount about the man and his love for the Republic if he were to chose West, and for that matter, if he does not.

  • white531

    I am sorry, but i cannot join with the rest of you in saying that this was one of the best speeches Allen West ever gave. It wasn’t. The audio was poor, there were people walking back and forth in the background as a distraction and he was speaking too fast and did not have control of the audience. I would rate it a zero. I am Allen West’s biggest supporter. I want him for my President. But, when he screws up, like he did this time, I will be the first person to tell him so.

    • Rshill7

      Who said anything about it being a great speech? People are talking about the man himself not the speech. Right? I didn’t say a ding dang thing about the speech. Who did, other than yourself?

      • white531

        You are quite correct, Rshill7. It was something I read on another site. My mistake. Thanks for correcting me. I just hope Romney picks Colonel West as his VP.
        God Bless.

  • odumbabgone

    Go Col Allen West. You are my choice for our VP! With your help we can round up all the sick, pathetic, commie drones and send them to the Fema Camps!

    • Here is one of West’s best talks. Unlike Obamass, West does not need a teleprompter because he actually has core convictions and well thought out views based on careful analysis and research. He means what he says and says what he means. How refreshing. Obama is an illusion wrapped in lies. West is the real deal. Obama promised hope and change and delivered hype and chains.

      • Obama The Bumbling Idiot—————-really, is this dipstick the best we have??

        • WordsFailMe

          “Obama Unleashed!” (from the organ grinder.)

  • 12grace

    I wish Allen West was running for President.

  • 12grace

    Look at the direction our country is going in….

    1.Washington’s Message to Americans: ‘We Own You’

    Read more:

    Goal:Shut down business and make American people dependent on the gov’t.

    2.In states across the US and Mexico (and elsewhere) the government has mandated ‘smart meters’ – and power companies are generally installing them without the knowledge of the customer. Make SURE that you have not had your meter replaced with a digital so-called smart meter and if you have one, object and demand that the power company replace it with the analog type. These smart meters, while increasing most electric bills (in some cases drastically), also have capabilities to enable each power company to control via their grids, how much power surges into individual customer locations, even controlling the temperatures at which you heat and cool your home, or if you get power at all. It has been claimed that these meters are to assist in distributing power more evenly to help during peak use, and thus keep from overloading grids. That may be the case, but is not the big picture. The ability of these meters goes far beyond peak use to total control over individual consumption, and at higher rates for consumers.

    Goal 1: Wealth Redistribution
    Goal 2: UN dominance of the World

    3.As sure as government health care was forced on us by the Obama administration through whatever means necessary, so will gun control. See what obama is plotting against us now.

    U.S. Reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

    The Full Article

    Goal: Make Americans defenseless so they can Install One World Order via the UN.

    4.Webster Commission FBI Report on Fort Hood Massacre Whitewashes Islam

    Goal: Hand over America to Islam

    5.Bachmann Is Right, McCain Is Wrong on the Muslim Brotherhood in the US Government

    Goal: Islam infiltrated our gov’t at the highest offices in order to destroy America.

    6.Social Security’s Benefactor-Illegal Immigration

    Goal 1: Get illegals here so obama has a larger voter base
    Goal 2: Illegals make better slaves than legal Americans

    7.Last Chronicles Missions up-date from Pastor/Gun Control/July 21, 2012
    The Army is training to take your guns. And foreign UN troops will also be sent in.
    Prophecy Sign: Revelation 13:15-16 show us one man will control the world. What we see happening with gun control is one of the last days pieces to the puzzle to control everyone. How are you going to fight back if your guns have been taken?
    See US Gun grab
    Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

    Goal: To kill those of us that don’t cooperate with the New World Order

    Allan West is so right. Our country is on the precipice between Freedom and Slavery. But, the real fight is between principalities ( good and evil)

    Get down on your knee’s and pray to G-d for forgiveness and healing for us and our nation.

    America could be the next Ninevah but we don’t have much time.

    2 Chronicles 7:14

    • tdrag

      Regarding smart meters; You cannot make the power or gas company remove these meters. They own the meter and associated supply. They can do any thing they want with it including remove it.

    • Jerseygalnny

      12grace, #5… Bachmann IS right! It is past time to have a conversation on the Muslim threat to American freedom. Had those in power not been so afraid to have such a conversation, the Fort Hood murderer might have been stopped. As I posted on Fundamental Refounding former President George Bush went quietly to visit the wounded and victims’ families. Obama did not. Of course, this is an election year, and 2009 was not. The Fort Hood murderer was an Islamic extremist, and the Aurora movie theater murderer is not (that we know of).

      God bless,

      • 12grace

        Great Points, JG.