Allen West: We are losing the United States of America

Allen West last weekend spoke at the Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) 63rd Annual Conference and of all the things he said he could talk to them about, he choose to convey to them the current situation of our great nation and how we are losing it. He starts off this way:

I’m 51 years of age and I’ve never seen our country in the situation that it finds itself right now. We are losing the United States of America. We are in a country that is 16 trillion dollars in debt. We are in a country that is borrowing 42 cents on ever dollar. We are in a country where people say the unemployment rate is at 8.2%. The unemployment rate in the United States of America is not 8.2%, it is closer to 15%.

You can watch the rest below:

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  • Joe

    Lt. Col. West is another PIT BULL

    Although I would love to see him as VP

    His past would be too much of a distraction – unfortunately

    HOWEVER, Romney should consider him for Sec. of Defense

    I think the Col. would love that and do a great job

    • leel004

      I agree that he is the PERFECT VP personnel and equally the best S. of D. BUT we also need him to stay in the H. of Reps…in fact HE SHOULD BE the WHIP!

      How do we clone him???

    • Col West has been honest about his past. We still don’t know who Barack Obama is or when he came from. We may never know.

      • librtifirst

        Check this out. I listened to an interview with Joel Gilbert. He has found something that is very telling, and puts it in context with how Obama came to power.

        • Joe


          This looks like an excellent piece

          But I don’t know If I could stand looking at this POS for more than 1 minute

          • librtifirst

            I wish that I could post the interview. He went over the information in detail. It was awesome. This needs to go viral. I am thinking about ordering a couple of the DVDs. Hopefully this will hit youtube soon.

          • DebbyX

            I dido your gazowie!

  • He is correct but as this country dumbs down and continues to throw morality away it will fall on the deaf ears of the dumb masses.

    But isn’t that what progressives want?

    • leel004

      With stats going down toward obamababy, I think there is hope. He is loosing voter appeal….not that they aren’t experts at cheating, but continue to hope for the change in this election year.

  • poljunkie

    I salute you Col West!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Allen West is a straight-talker, it’s easy to understand his concerns for our nation, and what he says about the current direction we’re headed, is spot-on. Unfortunately he’s in a minority of elected officials that care about what is happening to the United States; too many of the people sitting in Congress are complicit in bringing down this once great nation, watering-down our worldwide influence, reducing our strength and trying to restrain our determination to remain a great country. A change in November can be the new begining of turning America around and showing the rest of the world that we remain a free, independent and awesome nation that other countries want to emmulate.

    • librtifirst

      If we are looking at Romney as the leader of this change movement, then we will have to wait a while for it to begin.

      • If you feel that, then you don’t know the real Romney.

        • librtifirst

          Who does? I suppose his family might, but even then they can easily be insulated from his professional life enough to not really understand what he is really all about. I don’t think that it is possible for any of us to know the real Romney. We can only take what we know about his public life, and his governorship, and determine, the best that we can, what he will actually do when it comes to running the federal government.

          There are some things that we can take out of what he has said directly, and in this campaign. First and foremost his position on government forced health care. He doesn’t have a problem with it, but doesn’t think that the federal government should do it.

          That should sum it up. He doesn’t believe in self governance, but rather that which government determines is the best thing for the commune.

          Edit: I will give him credit for wanting to keep the commune the size of the average state.

  • Rep. West…you need to speak here in Texas where the R party in the midst of such huge looming calamities managed to sneak in a “temporary worker” program in the party platform. We are losing America through debt,socialist policies and immigration feeding the two aforementioned.

  • Just another reason why this man so desperately needs to be president of the United States one day. When he gets a few more years of experience in Congress, this man is going to go very, very far in national politics. I would be proud to stand with him when he eventually runs for president or at the very least vice president.

  • 911Infidel

    LtCol West has a motto that he quotes often: “Steadfast and Loyal.” Sounds like the kind of unit mottos that I am familiar with from the military. In any event, he definitely walks the talk. I’d like him better as a POTUS, rather than a Congressional Rep. This freaking government could use a few more hard-charging, kick-a$$ jihadi killers like LtCol West.

    • WordsFailMe

      Hard charging? Sounds like the artillery is getting ready to take the field again!
      I’d follow this guy into Hell dragging my 105 on a rope behind me.


      • 911Infidel

        You wouldn’t be an old cannon cocker now would ya? If so, meet your brother.

        I’d gladly ruck up and travel via the kiwi express any time if this guy were in command. It’d be a pleasure. I’m with you.

      • badbadlibs

        Did you hear what he said about standing up and protecting the soldiers he led when he was taken to the wood shed for doing his job?
        He said he would march into hell with a can of gasoline to protect them!

        I nominate YOU and LTC West to lead this nation!

  • 12grace

    Love Allen West. I wish he was running for president.

  • I love reading these posts. You folks are correct, LTC Allen West is the real deal. Steadfast and loyal to ALL Americans. And he definitely walks the talk. Go West!

  • librtifirst

    Mr West is a believer in the system, and its ability to work. He believes that if we simply do a few things to tweek the system, we can keep it going. He gives a lot of statistics that obvioulsly sound dreadful, but he is not telling us what must actually be done to solve the problems.

    He says that SS will be bankrupt in the 2020s. Reality is that it was never funded. It has always been bankrupt. What does he want to do, continue to force people to pay into the system, but somehow grow the economy to support socialism?

    He talks about the black community and how they are oppressed. He mentions the poverty and unemployment. He says nothing about abolishing the social welfare system that creates the poverty, or the abolition of drugs that creates the criminality and continues the degredation of the family due to the perpetuation of criminality through the abolition.

    He doesn’t say a word about abolishing federal regulatory agencies that only serve to shut down the US economy through the furtherance of global initiatives that are designed to do just that, and which operate outside of the constitution and the rule of law.

    He may be a good soldier, and I do not question his character. Yet he will be ineffective in aiding any turnaround of our present situation. He may actually end up serving the elite by selling the idea that our system can be reformed “as is”.

    Please wake up, Mr West. You could be an awsome anti-establishment force to be reconned with.

    • kong1967

      In this speech he’s just bringing up the problems we face. He has talked about solutions elsewhere. I’ve never heard him say keep the system “as is” and just tweak it.

      Waking people up and getting them to realize the seriousness of the problem is a huge part of the war. I don’t have any doubt that he will support government shrinking agendas.

      • librtifirst

        I suppose that my sense of urgency is just a bit more prevelant than most. I don’t believe that we will reverse the trend with educational tactics as to reverse the furtherance of ignorance that has been perpetuated for the better part of 100 years, and in time to keep the our free society in tact. Mr West is correct in saying that we are losing our country.

        • kong1967

          Whew, we haven’t been agreeing with each other today…but we do on this. I do think there’s a need for urgency. Unfortunately, government takes a long time to reform. We were able to improve Congress last time around but the Senate was untouchable because we could only vote out a few. We can get more this time around.

          The Tea Party candidates are basically freshmen and they don’t have a lot of pull in the party. We need to keep pumping them in so they get more and more power over the decisions of the party. Unfortunately it takes time we may not have.

    • wodiej

      well since he only had 9 mins. to talk, he made a good start by outlining the problems. Have you not ever heard him speak before about his solutions? He has some. He is out talking all the time trying to wake people up. What are you doing besides criticizing him for not doing enough?

      • librtifirst

        From what I can tell, and feel free to correct me, his solutions are largely based on the republican establishment’s solutions. If he believes that Paul Ryan has the answers to our financial problems, then he will not know how to be effective in correcting the problems.

        West referred to Ryan’s plan as being “visionary”. I am sorry to say it, but if attempting to cut 1% of federal deficit spending over the next ten years is considered visionary, then we are in trouble.

        • oldguyjustsayin

          Is it possible that West was speaking relatively… visionary compared to anything else on the table… in an effort to encourage steps in the right direction…or at least taking a first step towards a solution… i.e., overcoming the resistance to any change… my guess would be that was the case… breaking through kicking the can down the road is an important first step … not to mention that radical or visionary change probably cannot happen, absent a total meltdown… Herman Cain understands that dynamic… with his 999… you have to start then refine and work towards an end. So I would just support West and give him the benefit of the doubt as opposed to picking at words and assuming one knows the intent behind the statement and choice of words.

          • librtifirst

            I certainly am not against him, just doing my part to help encourage him toward an even stronger position by attempting to persuade other conservatives toward nudging a little harder.

      • librtifirst

        On the positive side, if all people hear him say is “we are losing America” then he will do some good. Many will hear this and seek to understand it better. Some will choose to support the system and the current establishment in D.C. and some will go further with it.

        I only seek to spread a slightly different word. As a working citizen who works most of my waking hours to pay over 50% of my income in taxes and government fees, I have little time to do much else.

    • Nukeman60

      Please wake up, Mr West. You could be an awsome anti-establishment force to be reconned [sic] with.‘ – l

      I wonder if you were using a play on words here, as LTC West is, indeed, a force to be reckoned with in Congress and I, for one, would be happy to be re-conned with him anywhere, anytime.

      • librtifirst

        I agree. I would just love to see him come out with all guns locked on the establishment and with no holds barred. A time will come when men like him will have to choose between protecting the establishment, and possibly giving it all up to become a rebel. I don’t see him as “all in” the establishment, but I don’t see him as “all out” either. I don’t think that this fence can be walked forever.

        I do not question his integrity.

        • InsiderII

          He will be a kenote speaker at the Convention. Perhaps you can wait until then to make some decisions on his stance with the establishment in the Rep. Party. He was questioned by the Teaparty about the Ryan plan and did not waver from it being a good one. He has gotten stronger on other issues that the Teaparty and myself are concerned about. Borders, taxes, health care, reducing the size of Government and number of people that depend on it. His speach will define him further and should give you and me a good look at him.

    • boonejl

      He is telling you that it has already happened and basically it will not change nor could it when our govt no longer holds the core values of our basic beliefs and is willing to strip the constitution and does not uphold the law of the land. I don’t believe he was suggesting any way to correct the problem because it is in all actuality too late.

  • ron mitchell

    No teleprompter, no notes, just talking from the heart. I hope he runs for president before it’s too late.

  • wodiej

    Col. West is out there telling it like it is on a regular basis. Kudos to you sir.

  • c4pfan

    He gets it! Thanks Scoop!

  • badbadlibs

    A roomful of people who heard the truth. God bless that man and his family from now until…………

  • virginiagentleman1

    We are losing America.
    Yes, Colonel West we are.

    We are losing America because there are two political parties who appear to believe that party platforms supercede the U.S. Constitution.
    We are continually offered the least desirable candidates by both parties and instructed to vote for the lesser of two evils. How many times have you had to vote for the lesser of two evils?
    How has that worked out for America and her citizens?
    Are you more free or less free because of those votes?
    Are your personal liberties increasing or decreasing?

    Now we are told that we MUST by a ‘product’ because it is FEDERAL LAW, or face federal penalty that include fines and the possibility of imprisionment should we not comply. Do you STILL think this is the land of the Free?

    Colonel West, the America that we were born into has become a land our forefathers and Founders would not recognize.
    You state, sir, that we are losing America. Are you so sure that it hasn’t already been lost? We are ruled by a two party system that is so corrupt, that they TRADE OFF our Freedoms for political promises and favors made by the other party.

    • Nukeman60

      “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature…. If the next centennial does not find us a great nation … it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.” – James Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States, 1877

      The midterms in 2010 were a good start, to be followed by the elections of 2012. It’s up to us, right here right now, to restore this great Nation to it’s original luster, or all is indeed lost.

      • HarrietHT2

        Garfield’s quote you cite above is one of my all-time favorites, among those stated by a politician.

        And there is the rub — too many of our people tolerate ignorance and corruption; too many of our people are ignorant and corrupt themselves. The left has succeeded through our myriad institutions to create moral pygmies of a once very moral nation. Until our people repent of their wickedness, we can expect wicked rulers from here on out and the moral squalor and fiscal immorality that come with them.

    • boonejl

      You are absolutely correct concerning your observations. Let me take it one step farther. We have indeed lost America already. The only point now is to what extent will we continue to let it spiral out of control and is it even remotely possible to pull out of this downfall of our society. Absolutely not. Although we have fortitude, wealth, entrepreneurial leadership, resources, great minds, technology, everything to halt the downward spiral it just will not happen. The govt. is out of control and there are but a few with absolute power and it’s not going to improve but will continue to worsen. We do not have the ability nor do we posses the power as a people even at the voting booth to change the hearts of a govt. that has waxed cold and indifferent to the needs of it’s people in order to maintain it’s control and ever increasing appetite for absolute power without the constitution as it was written.

    • tvlgds

      I could not have said it better myself! Like X1000!

    • boonejl

      You are correct in your observation. Let me take it one step farther. We have indeed lost our nation already! The only question we can ask ourselves at this point in time is how far will we spiral out of control. I don’t believe we have the power or ability even at the polls to promote a better solution. It has already proven itself to be corrupt in every country in our world. You cannot control the appetite of a govt. that has been totally and without any reserve gorged itself on pride, greed, indifference, personal power, wealth, apathy, just to name but a few of their delights. The govt. has gorged itself to the point of no return in respect to the deficit, job growth, justice, and sustainability nor do they care. In order not to turn this into a personal soap box I do have a solution concerning our Nations complex problems. This is not a joke but has been proven completely and totally through out all time.This will work unmistakably. 2nd Chronicles: 7:14. If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and HEAL their land. Is it possible that a man can argue with GOD or call GOD a lier? THIS IS MY HOPE AND PRAYER FOR AMERICA.

    • I have SO missed my VirginiaGentleman!!! God Bless you my friend. Well said- you echo many of our thoughts.

      • virginiagentleman1

        And I have missed you my dear friend! I have indeed been visiting here but not commenting much. Lots to do around the farm! Thank you so much for the kind words, milady!

      • virginiagentleman1

        Milady, if you would do me a favor, please take a look at the blog I’m building and give your opinion? It’s still a work in progress. VG

    • Linky1

      Eloquently put!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agree One thousand percent!

      • virginiagentleman1

        Howdy Hippie!

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Howdy Sir!

          • virginiagentleman1

            Who is this “sir” guy? lol I’ll always be VG to you my friend!

            • Conservative_Hippie

              LOL VG! I moved to Tennessee 3 years ago. Down here everyone is referred to as Sir or Ma’am. It’s considered rude if you don’t say Thank you Sir or Yes Ma’am, etc.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    I would love to see him as the Foreign Secretary and going to each and every Muslim country and telling them off.

  • I love this guy! I just want to know is; WHY DID HE VOTE YES on the NDAA??????

  • I love this man. He’s telling the American people the truth, something Romney is not doing.

    I can only hope that the Republican convention in Tampa will give us the man that can and will lead this nation out of it’s difficulties. It won’t be easy, but it will take a very special man to do it, and it isn’t Romney.

  • God Bless this messenger Lt. Col. West
    “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards.” Sam Adams

  • CopperJohn

    This guy is the BOMB! In my mind, the best ticket for an administration would be WestGowdy or GowdyWest

    • Joe

      That would be one heck of a Fourth of July

      Better get some helmets and earplugs !

      The democRATS will be blowing themselves up and making a mess

  • I hope and pray that he is the Vice President.

  • I hope and pray he is the next Vice President.

  • aZjimbo

    I feel we are headed towards a recession and if barry gets re-elected we will enter a depression which the MSM will never term that way. This country is on the cliff.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Allen West what a true patriot !

  • Unless we elect the right leaders like him to dismeber the evil poisons in Washington we have scant chances. We the average people must do more then whine. We must vote men who can really cut off the head of the snake.

  • oldguyjustsayin

    Good point. With all the rhetoric going around about Obama’s election, voter fraud, uniformed people voting for bad reasons for him…. it is good to keep in mind, particularly if you believe God’s Word… that God is in control and authorities and governments are at His pleasure…”He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them” and “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” That being the case, what is God doing through Obama? What if the U.S. responded the way Ninevah did when Jonah warned them? Boonejl’s solution certainly has historical precedent.

    • boonejl

      That’s rich. Well thought out. However, I truly do not think God is doing anything through Obama’s tenure. Sometimes God would and will just back out and let the people have what they most desire with dire consequences regarding choice. God allowed and will still allow man to make choices according to the lust of their hearts and that is the reason behind 2nd Chronicles: 7:14

  • AND………………………………..??????????????????????????????

    • rich wojcik

      Dee Dumbar – FuBar Ack said (I’ve heard that) that the sound of muezin calling for a prayer is the SWEETEST SOUND ON EARTH..that’s the END to your “AND”.

    • is that the best you can do?
      You feel superior to the rest of us?

  • TheresaAK

    Amen to that boonejl..

    • virginiagentleman1

      I read your comment on C4P, milady. I’m moved by your very sweet and kind words. To be sure, I feel as if I know you and Papa as close friends! By the way, when you’re breaking bread at my table, the beverage would be a fine and aged bourbon, or two!

      I’ve been spending the evening checking out domains and blog spots. Other then commenting, I have limited experence with the net, but I’m learning. It is on my mind to open my own site where FREE and OPEN speech are not only tolerated, but ENCOURAGED! I am so disapointed with the activities of the moderators at C4P.
      So I went over to P4A and explained my reasoning to StandProud, and Firefly edited it. I remarked that I would not be back to P4A and Firebug caught up to me at C4P at my last comment and proceeded to chew me out for ‘trashing’ the eds and mods on both sites! Check the discussions out with Firefly on both sites and let me know if I was uncivil, milady.

      In any case, if I can master the knowledge required to host my own web site, I’ll let you know. I wonder if any of our C4P friends would be interested in site like I’m proposing? You can ask them I guess, but I’m a ways out from being able to launch it. Depending on what I need to learn, it could take me anywhere from a week or two up to a month or so.
      If I can do it competently, I will. My very best wishes to you and Papa, and to all our friends at C4P. VG

      • Freempg

        Hi VG and Theresa. Please say hi to my friends (which are your friends) at C4P. I was banned a little over a week ago.

        • virginiagentleman1

          Hello my friend! Whats up with you? Have you noticed the silliness at C4P lately? I had not seen many of your informative posts there lately. RightScoop is a great site and has some mighty fine commenters and mods.
          I see that this is your first visit here. It’s a good place to comment. VG

          • Freempg

            I haven’t been there but for a couple times since being banned. I called what one mod was doing a disgrace and got around 40 likes. This was after her spending what must have been 10 hrs battling regulars who wouldn’t bow to the new idol worship of ABO. Truly it is sad.

            I usually pass through rightscoop, check out the articles, but may post some now, too. Started a new novel, so that’s been keeping me busy. Happy to see you here. I will be looking for more of your fine posts.

            • StandProudNow

              So, you got banned huh? They really are driving good people away from there. Trust me, you would not 40 likes now. There wouldn’t be 40 people left to do it 🙁

              Yes, the moderators are against the consensus over there. NOT a smart way to operate a site and keep good posters around.

              Good to see you, and sorry you got banned, but it may not be a big loss as things are going, unfortunately.


              • Freempg

                Thanks, SPN, good to see you, too. Sorry for the late response. I hope you are well.

            • Welcome here Freempg. I hope you’ll feel free to comment here. We’re a happy bunch for the most part and like newer folks! 😀

              • Freempg

                Thanks ABiC, appreciate the welcome. I’ve pretty much only lurked in the past.

        • virginiagentleman1

          Do you know anything about starting a site, Free? Please read my reply to ThereasAK above. I’ll bet that between us, we could give other political sites a real run for their money!

          • Freempg

            I know quite a bit about it. I used to own and operate an internet service business. I truly have no time, though, but can connect you to others that are highly skilled and may be able manage it, but it would take a lot of time to start up and promote. Probably could attract some volunteers, I would help when I could, and certainly post here and there.

            • virginiagentleman1

              My dear friend, I can use all the help and advice I can get. I’m a cherry at opening a website! LOL!
              Good luck with the new novel. How many have you written and had published? In any case, I want to know when you are ready to release it!

              • Freempg

                Send me an email here: [email protected] (I will erase this as soon as you post a like or within ten minutes of disqus time.)

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Free, I have a rudimentry blog up. How about taking a look and give me some pointers. Thanks my friend. VG


                • Freempg

                  Hi VG, I’m having trouble logging in, I get a message that my browser is not supported. I use IE9, which shouldn’t cause trouble. The site seems only available to those using Firefox. Please keep me posted on your progress, send me emails directly to the email address i gave you if you can, it is much more convenient. Sorry for the delay in this response.

          • VG, the fastest way you can set up a website is by using one of the shared services out there like, or You get the site for free, but you have all the power of those blogging platforms.

            If you just want a place where folks can gather to discuss things, you can do that by using services like yahoo groups (go to You just fill out some forms online and wa-laa, instant discussion group.

            As an example, the folks who hang out at Ace of Spades HQ wanted a place to discuss things outside of the structure of Ace’s posts. So someone started up a yahoo group at

            The only hassle really is that you have to login to comment there, or even read anything. So it’s not useful for publishing an article.

            • virginiagentleman1

              Thanks for the information, K-bob! I spent most of the night looking at the sites you’ve mentioned and many others. I was surprised at the number of free web and blog sites available! Heck, I didn’t get to bed until 4am this morning! And then when you add in the pay sites, it’s almost overload! lol I had to go sleep, just to give my brain a rest!

              I haven’t seen you at the two Palin sites commenting in quite a while. Since Palin made her cryptic ” if the election were tonight, I’d vote for Romney” statement, the mods and Romney supporters have certainly gone a bit over the edge!
              The number of long time commenters who have left is staggering.

              Anyway, thanks again for the information, my friend. If i can get one off the ground, I’ll let you know. I’d love to have you and your insight commenting when you can.

              I’ll continue to post here where thoughtfull comments are welcomed! VG

              • StandProudNow

                WP, blogger and other free sites are just that, free. They can also help to get some exposure. The drawback is that they also have a TOS which can change. If you get a successful site going with lots of posters it would be a bummer to have it shut down for some reason. There are also limitations as to what bells and whistles you can add to it, and IIRC, if you add advertisement the revenue would be shared with the blog platform.

                Let’s say there is a photo used (by oversight)that may have had a copy right, and someone looking to shut the site down could cause serious trouble with the blog platform. It is not unusual that people can have a blog for years and all of a sudden it gets shut down and everything is lost. With something like a Palin site which would prolly have enemies from get go that would try to sabotage, I’d go with my own privately owned domain. jmo.

                OK, gotta run 🙂

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Thank you dear one! I’m still studing the various options available. There are so many! Who knew!

                  Anyway, the concept I’m working on is having the commenters bring issues to the table for discussion. I know that there are as many opinions out there as there are commenters opining.
                  What do you think? Sugestions are WELCOMED! VG

              • You’re welcome! I’m reasonably equipped to answer questions about the web and getting a site up and running. It’s sort of a minor aspect of what I do. So feel free to ask questions in any open thread. I think there’s a few of us web monkeys hanging around.

                As for C4P, I think the main problem is that once Sara Palin announced she would not run, there really wasn’t any attempt by her to help capture the focus of all that energy built up to support her. C4P became somewhat superfluous, and many of us naturally spent more time in places like TheRightScoop.

                On the other hand, the time to defeat the “ABO” stuff has passed. We’re stuck with Romney. When he takes office, it’ll be time to stay focused on what he does with Obamacare and the illegal alien problem, and THEN be prepared to make a major effort to keep things on track.

                I was solidly against the ABO concept from day one. It was a tactical error, and a basic logic error. But I’m not going to discuss it much between now and November, since it’s just a total waste of my time.

                I do urge people not to stay at home in November. Supporting the Constitution Party or the Libertarian party can help them try to reach the magic 5% number to receive Federal matching funds. That’s a worthy goal for people who simply refuse to vote for Romney.

                Also, there’s always the straight ticket vote. Just pick a side, then go home and have an iced tea. Ahhh.

                • CPAguy

                  Actually, Romney will destroy the Conservative movement.

                  Vote 3rd party, write-in, don’t let that Democrat turncoat ruin our movement!

                • I think that ship has sailed. When so many prominent “conservatives” decided to jump on the Romney train before giving actual conservatives any support, that pretty much told me all I needed to know.

                  My focus is on finding a way to prosper in this environment, and protecting my family. I’m not counting on the conservatives for anything.

                  However, I’m also not going to rail against them and try to convince people to run from Romney. Time to look toward 2016, and get someone in the wings to make sure Romney stays on the right side of things.

                  For example, getting Allen West a little time in a Governor’s chair would make him incredibly strong for 2020. Now that’s something worth spending time and money on.

                • I just looked at Allen West’s weakey-pedia page. He’s only about fifty-one. So in 2016 he’ll be the perfect age to run for the big seat.

                  Allen West for Florida Governor, 2014!

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Thank you K-Bob! Since I’m a cherry at this web site stuff, you know I will!

                  No, I’m not into the ABO meme either. About the only person who could not possibly be ABO is Obama!
                  The choices are terrible this cycle. In fact, the last time that there was a good choice, in my opinion, was Mr.Reagan. It’s been slim pickings since! Palin was a bright spot in 2008, but otherwise, we appear to be getting folks of a center left mindset since Reagan.

          • free4now

            I would be delighted to join such a site with people whose opinion I truly respect.

            • virginiagentleman1

              Free4, I am delighted to talk with you on any site! We’ll ‘talk’ here and I’ll get the word out as soon as I feel competent and able to get up and running. Thank you so much for your support! VG

      • mark1955

        I’d be interested in a site like your proposing.

        • virginiagentleman1

          Brother Mark, you know that where ever I am, you are welcome there. ALWAYS! VG

      • Virginia Gentleman,

        If you click somewhere on my screen name or gravatar or something like that, it should take you to a blog called Polination, where I am an Admin. There is an Open Thread of sorts most days, called the “Grudge Report”, and some other articles. There are no advertisements. If you would care to comment there, the very first comment goes into moderation and then once an Admin releases it you are good to go. It is not a Palin blog, though most of the regulars adore her and were really hoping for her to run. I think you would be most welcome, certainly be me!

        • virginiagentleman1

          Don’t be surprised when I come visiting you, milady! Thank you for the kind invitation! VG

      • toongoon

        VG1, It has been a while since I’ve seen your posts here. Olive and I are glad to see you now.

        That anyone would edit your gracious and thoughtful comments is beyond me. I left a comment at C4P a few weeks ago and it immediately disappeared. I guess I’m not welcome there.

        If you start a new site I look forward to visiting it. I wish you Godspeed in developing it. I cannot offer any advise to assist in that endeavor but I can encourage you that a site prepared by a man of your stature is not only wanted but necessary.

        I hope to hear more from you soon. Give your Lovely lady a big hug from us and wish her wonderful week.

        • virginiagentleman1

          TG my dear friend, it is wonderful to ‘talk’ with you again! If you will give Miss Olive a BIG HUG from me, I’ll certainly do the same with my wife for you!

          I don’t know what happened to C4P, must be something in their coffee I guess!
          I haven’t been banned or anything like that, I just decided to leave because of the outlandish treatment of so many of the commenters who have a different view from that of the moderators.

          I am shocked that they would delete any comment from a man like you! Honestly, TG, they appear to have jumped the shark over there!

          As you know, I have many ‘kids’ that I talk with who are in the Armed Forces, and so many of them are overseas and in harms way.
          Some call me VG, and some call me Vdad, and a few call me Pops. They have responded to me here on the Scoop many times since I first started posting here. My phone and e-mail been on fire from them expressing their outrage over what has happened!
          The RightScoop and simular blogs are a way for them to touch base back home, here in the states. It is important that they have a site where they can ‘feel’ at home. They follow me from site to site and I am honored that they care enough to do so!

          I don’t quite know how to do it, but I will try to open a site. I feel as if God has been whispering in my ear to do so for many months. I hope that He knows what I need to do! I sure don’t! VG

          • poljunkie

            VG, I wish you all the best as well. AND I look forward to seeing you around the RSoop more often! 🙂
            I’ve always enjoyed reading your early morning posts describing the sunrise, and the orchard. Although we live in the desert Soutwest sometimes I am transported to your lovely setting of plum trees, with dew on the leaves, and perhaps a deer or two.
            Take care friend.

            • virginiagentleman1

              Thank you so much for the kind words! I’ll be here Pol. I enjoy your thougtful comments and the logic you employ to arrive at them. Lets ‘talk’ here often! VG

              • poljunkie

                Looking forward to it.

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Poljunkie, will you take a look at the site I’m building and give me some suggestions? Thanks my friend!


                • poljunkie

                  I registered, and I await a topic to discuss.

                  You are a fast worker.

                  My suggestion: start each day with your morning highlight “from the orchard”. I can almost sense the steam rising from your cuppa Joe, and see the dew on the leaves.

                  Poljunkie ( Sandi) 🙂

                • virginiagentleman1

                  You want coffee in the orchard? I like the idea! I’m not satisfied with the way the site works yet and Im still chasing down the bugs and hoodoo’s!
                  Like they say, ‘Not Ready for Prime Time’ yet. But I’ll get there! Coffee in the orchard soon!!!

                • poljunkie

                  YES! It’s Morning again in America. Or something like that. I like it. I love it.

          • toongoon

            Olive was pleasantly surprised by your hug, but not TOO much you understand. 😉

            The good Lord will lead you, on that you can depend. His plan is perfect and we wait for His guidance.

            Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday. Psalm 37:4-6

            We are in troublesome times and I worry about the future of our republic but I’m sure that His return will be soon. Our nation may already be lost but His children are safe.

            • virginiagentleman1

              My best to Miss Olive!

              TG, I’m counting on the good Lord for guidence. Just from looking over the replies, there are so many messages of encouragement and offers of assistance. With the way I look out upon the world, through the prism that my life and actions are being guided by my Creator, I have to say that I can visably see his hand on this endevor TG.
              Until Christ returns, I will do what I have always done and take the fight for a free and Constitutional America to those who have removed God from courts and schools and public life and who seek to overturn the Constitution as the law of the land. If I am successful with my blog site, it is because of God guiding me. If I am not, then it will be MY fault and not His. VG

            • virginiagentleman1

              TG, please take a look at the site I’m building and give me your opinion. Thanks. VG


      • StandProudNow

        Hi VG 🙂

        Boy, that was a short trip over to P4A…lol… I never did see your message that was edited. In less than an hour firelight edited your message and told USMAgrandma that she was not allowed to post a twitter link with a PRO Palin message. Shesh!! I’m not going over there ever.

        As far as getting another site up and running, Irishcoins had mentioned to do just that. Is he posting anywhere outside of C4P? Setting a site up would not be hard to do, it is just running it, maintaining it, and, uhm,,, moderating it 🙂 I really feel that we have a nice size group who would be interested in a new site. The word would just have to get out there….. The cost of running the site, besides man hours, would be less than $10 per month for hosting and then $12-15 per year for the domain name.

        Was just over at C4P and most of the posters I’ve come to know and like are not there today, except a few. Now they are ganging up on Ex.

        I would stick around there in the hopes that things would get better, but the moderators are all siding with the ones, IMO, who are causing all the upheaval and CONSTANT bickering. So, there is no hope that it will ever resolve.

        Glad to have found you!


        • virginiagentleman1

          I promise not to get lost again milady! lol! VG

        • virginiagentleman1

          StandProud, take a look at this site and make some suggestions if you will. VG

      • my sweet gentleman, I’m on here kind of after the fact, but if you’re new to things, maybe you could start a simple blog at blogger for now. That way you don’t have to deal with domains and stuff. It’s free, but you can get advertising later if you want to go that way. It’d be a start simple anyway 😀 Whichever way you go, you can be sure that I and a lot of us will be visiting!!! (((()))S my friend!

      • cathmom

        Hey VG I hope you remember me. I too have not been on C4P for quite some time. I would love to hear when you get your website going, please let me know!

        • virginiagentleman1

          Milady, I remember you, and I do so fondly. I’ll let you know when I’m up and running. VG

  • I am exceedingly concerned by the infiltration of Muslim fundamentalism within the walls of the White House , and it’s spreading influence among the Progressive Movement .
    After the Nov. elections , if Conservatives are fortunate enough to control both houses of Congress , the vast majority of Progressive regulation and unconstitutional
    measures passed by a corrupt and shameless Neo-Marxist faction within our government
    can be unwound , and regulatory agencies can be reigned in ,, but the severity of
    infiltration by radical Islamists , and the collusion of those who currently hold the reins
    of power is a threat to the very foundations of our Republic . These people mean us
    no goodwill , The Kenyan in charge means us no goodwill either . This is seriously scary
    business , and must be met head-on , with an iron fist , and firm resolve .

  • jeffo1

    Show some REAL guts and stand shoulder to shoulder with Joe Arpaio……

  • rich wojcik

    to make our unempl. WORSE,
    FuBar Ack wants to give amnesty to millions of illegals
    (do not believe it’s only 800,000….and the limit how much family they can bring here/sponsor will be REMOVED),
    calling them “talented and patriotic” ->> “talented” with IQ around 80, most of them grammar and high school dropouts, and”patriotic” –> to Mexico……..

  • They are also manipulating the numbers….I applied for UEP a week and half ago and they just never acknowledged the application….and there is no record of me when I go online to check my information….even though I have my acknowledgment of receipt of my application on pdf on my computer…….wonder just how high the true numbers really are!!!

  • Anne_PA

    No doubt this has been posted at least a thousand times on this thread alone, but Col Allen West should he at the top of the Republican ticket for the 2012 general election!!!

  • grannylake

    I was afraid for America when Obama was nominated.
    I was sick when he was elected.
    I was sad when I saw how he was destroying our great homeland.
    Now, I’m angry. I’m informed. I’m vocal. And I’m determined to educated anyone and everyone about the progressive socialist movement that has been creeping into our government for almost 100 years until Obama put the movement on the fast-track to the annihilation of the United States of America in favor of a One World Order.
    What’s ironic is that Obama believes he will be one of the selected few that will govern. He hasn’t a clue that he’s a puppet, just a silly little marrionette bouncing at the end of a string.

    • toongoon

      granny, I think you’ve found a home. I hope to hear more from you.

      • grannylake

        Thank you kindly!

  • formernewyorkwoman

    While some may not know much about, Allen West of Florida, I have found him to be intelligent, articulate and right on the money about the USA of today, and what ishappeni ng in this country today. Read about him, and listen to him, he would make a good , knowledgable Vice President.

  • “Hope and Change”…Still? Looking Back at 4 Years of “Change” — Fox and Friends — 5-30-12 Obama’s henchman made Fox pull it. The truth has no agenda.