Allen West: We can’t be a party that picks winners and losers by giving tax increases only to some

Allen West was asked if he felt that the members of Congress that clearly understand the Islamist threat coming from groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are outnumbered by people who just don’t get it. West responds that he believes many of them understand it, but are recalcitrant to face the issue.

He also weighs in on his thoughts regarding the Boehner ‘Plan B’, saying that we can’t be a party that believes in picking winners and losers based on who will get their taxes raised and who won’t. He says we must be a party that believes in all Americans having a tax code that is fair.

There’s much more. Watch below:

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  • CPAguy

    West for Speaker….then President!

    • heh! You wrote exactly what I was about to… So All I can add is “I agree” 🙂

  • colliemum

    I hope that Jim deMint will make use of Allen West as speaker, to spread this message.

    The time surely has come were conservatives have to stop cowering in face of the relentless propaganda of the corrupt meejah, and go on the attack. And who better to do that than Allen West!

    • WordsFailMe

      Interesting pairing… C: Does the UK have a tax on food? I’m reading a W Churchill bio and just got into the chapter.

      • colliemum

        What you’ve got as ‘Sales Tax’ is VAT (‘Value Added Tax’) over here, and it is currently at 23% in the UK.

        But – children’s clothing is exempt, books and printed matter (newspapers) are at 5% and food for humans is totally exempt. (Pet food is taxed, though …)
        It is added to e.g. insurance, to household energy bills, to car fuel on top of the excise duty, and to basically anything and everything, from building materials to garden plants to hair cuts.

        But food (as of now, who knows what the politicians will come up with) is exempt.
        Alcohol, btw, is not food, nor is tobacco …

        • WordsFailMe

          Thanks C–sounds like a real nightmare.

          • Suzyqpie

            It does sound like a nightmare, which would make it very attractive to Americas Democrats. VAT would provide the ground work for a pentagon size operation, another attractive Democrat feature, to adjudicate the tripwires and minefield created.

  • poljunkie

    West rocks!

    I agree, and everyone needs to pay…something…anything….$10.00 bucks.

    • National sales tax… Then even the parasites have to pay something. Now to make it fair, other taxes should be lowered to offset the income from this tax. I have a feeling we’ll see the sales tax, but not the cutting of offset bit.

      • Nukeman60

        What they need to institute is a fair, flat tax after throwing out the massive tax code. Instead, what we will get is a VAT (value added tax) stacked on top of everything else.

        Added revenue (and I use that term loosely) to a politician is like free cocaine to a junkie. They can’t pass it up and they can’t get off of it.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          “Added revenue (and I use that term loosely) to a politician is like free cocaine to a junkie. They can’t pass it up and they can’t get off of it.”

          Yes, they are addicts!

        • 12grace

          Some Americans believe that “taxation with-out representation is STILL tyranny” and instead of endorsing new ways to help the government to steal more of our money and abuse us, we need to reconsider the entire premise of taxation. What are we getting for our money?

      • Orangeone

        The gov’t will take that as an extra tax and we will pay even more. If there is a national sales tax purchasing will go down even more. I’m all for user fees so I think everyone on public assistance (not SS or Medicare) need to pay a user fee to cover the cost of their booty.

        • That’s interesting, how would that work?

          • Orangeone

            Welfare should be a loan program not a grant program.  If the foodstamps are $200/month then a 1% fee should be deducted and provided to the State for administration, the recipient receives $198 but is responsible to repay $200 to the taxpayers from future earnings, winnings and inheritance and the gov’t should have an enforceable priority lien.

            • I LIKE that plan!! I can get behind that! 🙂

            • poljunkie

              WOW. Great idea. Why hasnt that been proposed in the past? Many wouldn’t be sooo inclined to be on long term Welfare/foodstamps if they thought they had to repay from future earnings.

              • Orangeone

                I tried in MN and was attacked, blah blah blah no sympathy for the poor blah blah blah. I HATE this state!

                • poljunkie

                  Yes Im sure it wouldnt go over too well in California, and all the other blue states.

                  Honestly though I think the “working poor” or just those who fell on hard times wouldnt have a problem with it. The people who truly use Welfare and Foodstamps as a lifeline when something happens in their life and have a relatively short stretch where they needed support.

                  I mean it would be an amazing opportunity to help reimburse a “piggy bank” that was there when they needed it.

                  I see people at the market around some of the Holidays buying an extra bag of groceries and saying that at one time in their life they went to the food pantry- so now they always donate an extra bag or two around certain holidays.

                • Orangeone

                  Well said!

                • 12grace

                  Yes, it is a financial hard time for legal citizens that have become the working poor under obama’s “Crush Americans” policies. These people, largely have a lot of pride and would want to pay back the system, they don’t want hand-outs they just want a decent job with reasonable wages.

                • Suzyqpie

                  Thomas Sowell quote, “The poor are the human shields that government uses to grow Government.”

            • 12grace

              Great idea, however, I wonder how the government would collect this from illegals? They and their off-spring are huge recipients of welfare and social services.

              • Orangeone

                States need to have funding cut off if they are giving bennies to illegals. And yes it happens in MN too.  Unfortunately R/R didn’t get elected or this issue would have been dealt with.

      • To me the sales tax will be a disaster. We don’t follow things close enough as is, it would be the gift that keeps on giving for Congress. We’ll have a 35% sales tax before we know it.

        I like the flat tax idea, but even now, if we were forced to write a check to the government every quarter for taxes instead of it being taken out of the paycheck, I think more will be actually aware how much of their pay they actually give to the US to do with as they please.

  • ApplePie101

    ‘We can’t be a party that picks winners and losers’. By ‘we’, does he mean the republican party that kicked him to the curb?

    • Yep, it would seem that way. It would seem that the conservatives have been the red-headed stepchild for so long that they love being used by the GOP. I just don’t know what it will take for him and others to see it is time to be part of the When they do, they will be that much closer to helping this nation turn the corner.

      • ApplePie101

        Exactly. It’s like Stockholm syndrome. They seem lost (most of the conservatives in congress, with a few exceptions.)

  • Are y’all getting tired of me saying how much I love Allen West?! I don’t care- I love this man!
    West 2016!!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I love him too!

      • Suzyqpie

        I love him, three. I sent money, too. A Republican who is capable of raising his voice. I think preezy called it, “Get in their face.”

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Common sense, I love it! We need West in leadership!

  • Nukeman60

    Plan ‘A’, plan ‘B’ – my sorry derriere. The House has passed a budget. They have a plan. They’ve been passing budgets all along. It’s the Senate and the President who are sitting on their lazy duffs. The Senate won’t pass a budget (thanks to Reid) and the President can’t get a single vote from either Republicans or Democrats for his so-called budget.

    The problem lies with the LameStream (and I include Fox news in this group). When they fear Plan ‘A’ or plan ‘B’ is failing, they go back to the House and say, “Well, what are you going to do next to avert this fiscal cliff?” I’m sick of it. It’s not the House.

    If the LameStream got on Obama and Reid the way they get on the Republicans in the House, maybe, just maybe something could get done. The House needs to say drop the bottom three rates and keep the top 2 the same. End of argument. Watch Obama twist in the wind.

    They need do nothing else. They have done their part, time and time again.

    • I agree but the media is so corrupt that scenario will never take place unfortunately.

      Boehner has dumped this back into Obama’s lap. I wonder if Boehner has the courage to stick to that?

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, well, Boehner was forced to dump it back into Obama’s lap. He didn’t decide that himself. He wants to capitulate (I believe in his dictionary, it means compromise. Mine doesn’t read that way).

        He needs to go, period.

      • Orangeone

        Then the GOP needs to buy the air time. I’m sick of the general pop not knowing that Reid is acting as point guard for Barky Boy to destroy the USA

        • I agree with that also. Stated that very thing right after election. They need to buy air time and start by reminding people of the history of the GOP. Too many don’t know. They also need to point out Obama’s record and the Democrats. do an end run around the media.

          Same with NRA. Most don’t know that the NRA formed to help blacks fight the KKK. By law blacks weren’t allowed to have guns until NRA.

          Sigh…end of rant. Just frustrated. Not at you, just in general.

          • Orangeone

            Your post is likely where this idea originated, just took a while to get through the grey matter and surface 🙂
            Love the idea of the NRA advertising what their mission is and the benefits fighting the KKK. Knowledge should be disseminated outside of the schools more than inside of them because it will be truthful!

            • As far as my experience goes there isn’t any information or knowledge being disseminated in schools. 🙂

              • Orangeone

                Great one!

          • PhillyCon

            Unfortunately, our side is light years behind of an overall communications strategy.

            Glenn Reynolds wrote an op-ed where he stated that the rich who poured (wasted) their money on Super PACs, should have just bought any women’s mag.

            Sometimes, I think many on our side are “scared” or timid to engage. Just a hunch.

            • I think your hunch is correct.

    • colliemum

      Very true! The corrupt meejah are driving the GOp and the conservatives as if they’re a bunch of cows – but they say nothing at all about the ridiculous Reid, who has been saying ‘No’ to anything coming from the House since 2010, or he and his henchpeople announce a GOP proposal from the House will be ‘dead on arrival’ before they even know what is in the proposal.

      Why is none of them even talking about the fact that there has not been a budget for years, thanks to Reid?

      I’m for Newt’s proposal: let the Republicans in the House go through every single item and just cut them, either totally or by a goodly amount. They hold the purse strings, they can let Obama and the administration twist in the wind – so do it.

      • Orangeone

        True! And the House needs to start with every line item in ObamaCare. Cut the spending, cut the 21 taxes!

    • Betsey_Ross

      The House has passed many budgets, and it frosts my cookies that Boehner and the House have done all of this work and the Senate and Preezy just kick it to the curb. The media while at fault will not help. So Boehner needs to actually do it. Keep reminding the public that this has already been done. Get off the wheel and tell everyone all day every day. If they won’t do it, then we need to do it. Start pointing your own fingers at Reid and Obama. Obama should be under terrible pressure from all of us. We should be making his trip to Hawaii a trip to h*ll. We should be screaming from the steps at the Capitol that his little vacation is costing us $4million.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree with everything you say here. I’ve been saying for some time now that it’s up to us (the New Guardians…the Fifth Estate…the citizen journalists) to bust the LameStream wide open. People need to know the truth, not just what Obama and his Propaganda wing want them to know.

        If we don’t get the true info out there to the average American, then we can never win any election again or even get any legislation passed that makes any sense.

        • Actually you need to get the low information voters that Rush references.

  • If ever there was a person able to pick up Ronald Reagan’s banner, it’s Allen West. I really hope he eventually gets re-elected to Congress. We badly need him there.

    • capelady

      The heck with Congress… we need him in the White House!!!

  • bobemakk

    “West is the best”…..enough said.

  • 12grace

    I love Allen West! As always his point is well-taken.

    The left has big plans for us: Death-Spiral States Eye Exit Taxes.

    Death-Spiral States Eye Exit Taxes

    December 20, 2012

    Windows Media


    RUSH: It is a story from It’s not ABC, CBS, NBC. None of that. I don’t know how widely disseminated this story is. But here’s the headline: “When Will Death-Spiral States Impose Taxes on Citizens Who Leave?”

    It is a story that asks the question and then makes the case for it. Let me give you a couple of pull quotes. “Like Glenn Close rising from the bathtub to take one more stab in Fatal Attraction, don’t be surprised when death-spiral states resort to exit taxes as a last-ditch effort to forestall their impending bankruptcies. Exit taxes imposed on emigrants have a long history, including their use in both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union,” and naturally they would in places like that.

  • Yes. The Speaker does not have to be a member of the House. West for Speaker of the House! Contact the Conservative Republican members and encourage them to promote this idea. Let John hang around the cocktail parties. Push him out. Ohio, wake up and vote your deadbeat republicans out of office. Get the Tea Party to find suitable replacements.