Allen West weighs in on 2012 GOP field and Obama’s 1967 borders

Allen West says that in order to win a presidential election the GOP needs a candidate with a very strong image and a charismatic persona. Right now he doesn’t see anyone that emerging as that candidate but says it’s still early.

He also criticized Obama’s horrible statement suggesting that Israel should go back to the 1967 borders and said we need to stop with this Pavlovian style of reward for an Islamic terrorist organization (HAMAS) who continues to lead terrorist attacks against Israel.

Go West!

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  • Mike Coville

     I think it is too early for any one candidate to stand out when we are more than a year from the primary.

    All though I disappointed by the lack of attention Ron Paul is getting. At this point there is no better presidential candidate and he should be the front runner. In numerous straw polls he is number 1 for both the GOP nomination and the general election.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul is too much of an Isolationist for the 21st century.  But I do like his position on the IRS.

  • Anonymous

    “Tea/Party , GOP 2012 TICKET = SARAH PALIN PRES. / ALLEN WEST VICE PRES. for a decisive , overwhelming majority VICTORY ,

    I also will stand with ISRAEL .”(period)

    • sDee

      I hope more Americans put their party aside, listen carefully to West and Palin, and then ask ourselves who can save us from the point of no return.

      West and Palin are the only pointing at the root causes.  Everyone else points to the symptomatic problems and then blames someone in the opposite party.

      The RNC and the DNC are going to be out to get these two. The RNC from behind, the DNC head-on via the media.  That alone should tell all Americans it is time to abandon our political class and fight for America

  • Anonymous

    What’s not to love about Allen West?  He’s Awesome! 

    • Steprock

      Yeah, and he sure respects the office a darn sight more than the current occupant. Obama: “What? I’m new to the Senate with no real world experience to point to? Of course I deserve to run for President! I’m just arrogant enough to pull this off!”

      You don’t hear that from West and it’s not fake humility either. I hate it, but we’ll have to wait for the next cycle to hear from him again unless someone like SPalin calls him up.


      “we must guard against a cult of personality when we elect individuals to office”
      yet now his stated opinion is
      “the GOP needs a candidate with a very strong image and a charismatic persona”


      • Only if you conflate C of P with a strong image and charisma. Simple definitions will help with this.

  • Persephone

    It’s interesting that he would mention Bill Clinton, who kept saying that he was “not going to run”…right up until he announced that he was.

    If I remember correctly, the ’92 election cycle was one where the conventional wisdom was that it would be impossible for anyone to beat the incumbent.

    So maybe, just maybe, it’s not foolish to keep hoping that LtCol. West can be convinced to run.
    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. 

    • Art

       Yes, I agree–West is too much of a patriot to not accept VP if asked properly by the correct candidate, ie., Palin, Bachman.

      • Art

        ….and perhaps President if the Republican Party could get their doo-doo together. 

      • oh I love it when Bachmann is grouped with Palin as the “correct candidate.”  One has close to 20 years of executive experience, has been a reformer and has done more for the conservative movement than anyone else and one who has done very good things for conservatives, but not nearly as much the first one, and has 0 executive experience. 

        • Art

          There are more than enough candidates that can claim executive experience that I would loathe to see as a Republican Candidate–even for dogcatcher.

          My point is that Bachman/West or West/Bachman would be a huge improvement over what we have in power now, and also the RINO’s (with vast executive experience) that the Republican elites would like to put forth.

          It would also foul-up the true racists and misogynists that find such comfortable abode in the democrat ranks.

  • omg i LOVE the fact that the woman specifically mentioned palin, and is not one of those who pretends she doesn’t exist. THANK YOU, lol. and the man had a point, she’s not in. west is only talking about the field right now. i’m so glad these two hosts said the things they said.

    let’s see. west wants a charismatic person with a strong image and persona, but that person hasn’t entered the race yet. HMM, NOW WHO COULD THAT POSSIBLY BE. 

    palin/west 2012!!

  • Allen West totally gets it. He’s so right. “Let’s not nominate the candidate just because it’s their turn.” 

    Even if he doesn’t run, he will be a force in the 2012 election and whoever the nominee is will be seeking his endorsement…and his advice.

    Newt Gingrich/Dede Scozzafava 2012!!!

  • PK

    Alan West: “Running for American president is like American idol.”  

    Not only the contestants got to have political qualification, political savvy and media smart, CEO experience, or Godfather pizza secret recipe, or otherwise community organizing skills. To top that, they have be able to sing and dance, talk show and do talent show, tab dancing while playing sexophone or guitar, dancing with the stars, to debate, to act standup comedy or to play monologues  …  It’s all about America’s got talent, pernonality and popularity contest, who got in and who got votted off from survivor island.

    • Steprock

      Haha, I sometimes think we should get rid of the Electoral College system and just have a series of “Debate Face-Offs” where candidates go head to head in 5 minute challenges. They do a series of touching behind the scenes pieces and drag the whole thing out for 3 months. You call in for your favorite each week, and then the “American President” is declared.

      • PK

        |@ @ |
        | ~^~ |
        Allen West started it, with AI online voting, sure enough to rid of hanging-chad problem from Florida.  

      • PK

        |@ @ |
        | ~^~ |
        Allen West started it, with AI online voting, sure enough to rid of hanging-chad problem from Florida.  

        • PK

          |@ @|
          No disrespect to Allen West.

          • PK

            🙄 I thought I got banished for good by CM Sackett by insulting Bart Simpsons. 🙄

  • Anonymous

    Allen West could easily defeat Obama in 2012! 

    • poljunkie

      It would be great if he decided to run, but hopefully he will accept a VP nod? 

  • Anonymous

     Interesting change of tune about the GOP turn thing, it was his office that said that was an issue for him, that, and money.

    Frustrating to hear him talk like this knowing he is the answer.  I love the guy for sure, but kinda lose a bit of respect at the same time.  His decision, his life, so be it.  But his country needs him, so does Israel.

    All the GOP has is left over used dish rags that smell.  My mind always goes to the day my dogs found a big dead fish by the river and rolled all over it.  They had a GRAND time.  I was having a hard time not vomiting on the drive home they smelled so bad, and that was all the windows down and A/C blasting.   Obama reminds me of that day often as well.

    This election is so important, and it is critical there be a person that can fire up the entire country. The GOP milquetoast company isn’t it.  And why is no one raising hell about the 60 day cut off for Libya?  Why does the GOP Congress allow it?

    • las

       Patience 22… Patience!  Timing is everything.  I agree, West is the only one who can stir Republicans. But the GOP establishment and their Consensus Media water carriers will try to do everything they can to minimize America’s exposure to West.  Pray that some event, some amazing thing out of the blue propels West to the forefront in the hearts and minds of Americans.  There is nothing…. NOTHING I would relish with greater joy than to see Obama try to debate West.  To say that West would mop the floor with FOTUS (Fraud of the US) is definitely an understatement.

      • Persephone

        “FOTUS” <—I like that. So true.

        And I will share in that prayer, that something will happen to propel West into even more hearts and minds nationwide.
        I was so disappointed when his hour-long appearance on Glen Beck's show was cancelled.
        Hopefully it will be rescheduled soon.

        • Anonymous

          Funny how that just fell by the wayside.

      • Anonymous

        If obama giving the middle east carte blanche to go and slaughter the Jews isn’t enough I don’t know what other event could make him re-think his position.  And heck yeah on the debate, it would be such a thing of beauty.

    • Persephone

      I share your frustration, 22227.
      And if West cannot be persuaded to run, then I hope the patriot in him will kick in and he will accept the VP position.
      I have a feeling that whomever gets the nomination will have him at the top of their list.

      Your fish tale reminded me of something I heard G. Gordon Liddy say during the Monica Lewinsky coverup when Clinton was president:
      “The Fish rots from the head down.”

      The Libya NotWar makes me sick, the way that Obama is flouting the 60 day cut off makes me sick, the Obamacare Waivers make me sick, the out of control spending makes me sick…it all stinks to high heaven.
      The stench coming out of Washington is getting so bad that we are going to be wearing gas masks before long. 

      • Anonymous

        The GOP makes me sick for being so weak and allowing this crap to happen.  And the American people as well, the phone lines should have melted.  I already have a barf bag, gas mask will be needed.

        • PK

          As a hockey dad, I am excited too, playoff fun has only just begun!  popcorn and a large quantity of liquid.

  • Noemail

    Herman Cain has my vote hands down! Here is a link to a site that has gathered a bunch of info on his positions on issues…    He just seems to have common sense positions and ideas to implement them…not just saying he is for or against something. Ron Paul will never beat Obama saying the government should let prostitution and hard drugs to be legal. Palin is a lightning rod…I love her but I don’t think she could pull many independent votes. Mitt has Romneycare…not gonna happen either. Gingrich is very smart but he has a past and is kinda a boring old white guy. I just think Cain has the values, experience as a leader/problem solver and charisma to beat Obama.

    • Cain seems like a slam dunk until you look deeper.  TRS gives a good bit on info here,

      And then there is Cain’s tacit approval of the ways and methods of the Federal Reserve, on par with his having served as one of the Bank’s Chairmen (St Louis ,I believe). 

      Good guy but not going to get the job. 

    • Debby

      I liked Cain at first……….now, not so much.  I’m not seeing charisma at all.  Nothing really against him, just not getting that Presidential feel.

      I would definitely vote for West.  I’m getting more and more disappointed that he keeps saying he will not run.

  • Herman Cain still has my vote… Nothing has changed. And if Allen West is tapped for VP, oh me oh my!

    Also, my other position still has not changed, Allen West is still my favorite politician in America.

    BTW, Cain overpowers Obama in charisma ANY DAY. Allen West is talking about Cain no doubt, when he talks about doing things diff. At least I sure hope so ;o.

    Remember Obama was known for his weak foreign policy, and that is why he got Joe Biden… Allen West is the perfect compliment to Cain.

  • I love how people continue to ask about the “current field” and then throw Palin’s name in there like she has declared she is running.  Just like the poll on here a few weeks back when people got all pissy because Palin wasnt included. Love Allen West.

  • Mikemorrison281

    West needs to run…the country needs his leadership.

  • West is awesome.  I wish he had a little more experience and could run himself.  He is a leader and the kind of person the country needs badly.

  • PK

    May be Allen West just don’t want to run for president in 2012, as so many have hope that he should. West can be tapped to run as VP running mate after primary without going this route.
    To go all the way for a presidential run is a very expansive business proposition and endeavor. One will needs more than “fire in the belly” to throw his hat into the ring and run, not only he needs to raise fund, he needs a well-organized campaign engine behind him, team of policy advisor, media/PR communications expert and planner and lots of resource. Some candidate formed exploratory team to survey the political landscape, gauged the winning chance, count the cost but decided not to run. Huge debt can incur as the case of some failed candidates. Could this be one of the reasons that West did not declare himself as a presidential candidate?

  • Patricia Teague

    Exactly how many years of military leadership experience would be
    considered enough experience to lead?  How can anyone say that this man
    does not have enough leadership experience?  It is my hope that Rep.
    West will reaffirm his oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of
    the United States against all
    enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and
    allegiance to the same….So help me God.’ as the Commander and Chief of
    this nation.  It is my continued hope for this country that he will
    reconsider his position and realize that his country needs him to defend
    the Constitution against the enemies who are trying to destroy it and
    heed the call to the highest office in his continue service to this