Allen West: When tolerance is a one way street, it will lead to cultural suicide

Allen West said that the Muslims sending messages to each other by writing in the Korans were violating their own principles and based on Islamic law, those Korans must be burned. And yet all of a sudden, as if we did something wrong, we’re on the defense apologizing.

West then said “when tolerance becomes a one way street, it will lead to cultural suicide”:

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  • MiketheMarine

    Geez, that sounds familiar to some other comments by veterans. Nice, Col. West.

  • Allen West is so right. But we have been in a cultural suicide mode for a long time now- I’d say we slit the wrists of our culture a few dacades ago and have been slowly bleeding to death since. This method has been too slow for the folks bent on our destruction, and now that godless progressives, marxists and socialists are in power, they see their chance to speed it up. Dear leader knows danged well what he’s doing and knows that as far as Islam goes, there is no such thing as tolerance.

    “Tolerance is often championed by people who nothing to stand for.”
    Woodrow Kroll

  • Is it wrong for wanting salute Allen West if you never served?

    Well said! Allen West is so right!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Not in his case. He deserves respect in every form.

  • SpikeT

    Driven by Leftists, Americans are on the march….I see the edge of the cliff coming up FAAAAST!

  • I was thinking about this is regards to the atheist who paraded as Zombie Mohammed and was attacked by a Muslim. In addition to having the Judge take the side of his attacker, he has received hundreds of death threats from Muslims. Woops, I mean disaffected youth.

    I am no atheist, but this is terrible. A good start would be to make death threats or any threats of harm to person or property a felony with a mandatory sentence.

    Allen West is the least politically correct politician we have which is exactly why we need him in the White House. And the sooner, the better.

    • he is a breath of fresh air.
      while I politically/religiously don’t agree with that atheist I did my part to ensure he has the right to do what he did.
      and this judge effectively nullified what every veteran of every service has given.

      that hurts me more than my injuries do.

      • Thank you for your service dmacleo.

        • you are welcome although I really don’t deserve it. I got hurt in peacetime overseas and was not allowed to re-enlist. so I was only in one term.

          • The facts are that you were still there, peacetime or not, serving. It takes nothing away from my views on anyone who has served whether they get hurt the first day in, middle way or last day, and whether or not they are in active fighting. They and you were still there. Thank you. 🙂

            • I, and I am sure many others, appreciate that. thank you.

  • Joe


    That has a nice ring to it

    What do you think ??

    • sDee

      Methinks Colonel West will take Article 2 Section 1 seriously when looking for his VP.

    • tvlgds


      • virginiagentleman1

        Almost, my friend. Read sDee’s comment above. Jindal can’t be VP by federal law. I like the guy and I know that he can serve with distinction and honor in someone’s Cabinet.

        • tvlgds

          I don’t see what you’re talking about, but Bobby Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, if it’s an eligibility issue!

          • Paulla

            If Jindal’s parents were American citizens when he was born, he’s eligible.

            • tvlgds

              Guess that only counts for Republicans. Obonehead’s parents weren’t both citizens and his mother wasn’t old enough for her citizenship to convey, and I can guarantee that the first anchor baby plopped on American soil that wants to run for Pres won’t have any problem either.

    • Maxsteele

      I have been thinking a lot lately about a possible VP candidate for Santorum and I thing that having West or Jindal as a VP would be huge. First, they are from southern states. So the Santorum (PA) and southern candidate would cover the US. Second, they are both very articulate conservatives with a very strong message. Third, they would squash any of the lefts “The republicans are racists” dogma right from the outset.
      Santorum/West would be my first choice and, oh man, would that be a ticket. Can you imagine West debating Biden, it would be a massacre of untold proportions.

  • denbren52

    Obama is committing “cultural suicide” while protecting his own Islamic @$$. Win win for him!

  • sDee

    Pakistanis fish korans out of sewers. Crickets.

    I guess we got the koran disposal procedure wrong after all.

    • Joe

      I am sure they can BLAME GW for this too!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Exactly. This man needs to be our president.

    Those degenerates over in towelhead-land are simply exploiting something that is in accordance with their own frickin traditions. And our limp-wristed president and his cabinet bow to these neanderthals. Count on a ridiculous show trial by the UN as dear leader offers up our military as a sacrifice to appease the unwashed.

    This whole thing sickens me.

  • PChandler

    Allen West motherf’ing president of the U.S.A. …. NOW!.

  • Juan999

    Unlike Obama, West would make a very good President. Like to see him as a VP with Newt or Rick.

  • NJK


    • Joe

      WAIT ! – I am sure they can blaim it on GW

    • virginiagentleman1

      If I use the words to descibe what I think about Hassan Shibly, Scoop or K-bob will zap me!


    Colonel Allen West would make a Great SECRETARY OF THE DEFENSE !

  • 911Infidel

    Well, you see Muslims can do whatever that they want as long as what they do andvances the cause of Islam. It IS a one-way street. There is no tolerance in Islam. Learn a few Arabic words, like tawriya, tagyiya, kitman and maruna. See they can kill Americans and the cultural Muslim in the WH will apologize and kowtow to them; and never ask or care to ask for reciprocation for the deaths of Spartans that he loathes and despises.

  • Ana

    Love love love a man with some backbone! That’s what we are missing in politics – moral certitude and some b%lls!

  • We have been in a cultural suicide since Liberals started to set the narrative for what should and should not be accepted in our society.
    The very things that once bound and united us such as Christianity and a sense of Morals have slowly been torn down by Liberals.

    Liberals only see Christians as the real enemies to their amoral, immoral, utopian world vision.

    Because Liberals only look at things from a secular point of view, because they lack a spiritual awareness hence why they can never understand the real danger of Islam.

    By the time they do it will be too late for them and if we elect them to office it will be too late for all of us.

  • Joe

    The story BELOW really concerns me – If “they” hate us so much why are they coming here and why can’t they abide by our laws ?

    What do you think – – am I overreacting?

    Keep in mind the last “suicide bomber” the FBI caught in DC – just came from a Mosque

    • They are coming here because their objective, according to several Imams (wish I still had the links), is to fly the flag of islam over the White House (Google “flag of islam over the white house”). Their intention is to take over this country and impose sharia law… and they’re using our very laws against us. We must let them practice their “religion”… you know, that “religion” of peace. We can’t discriminate against them. We must respect their cultural differences. And no, they don’t have to assimilate… you know, like immigrants have had to do since the founding of this country.

      What Americans must realize sooner than later is that “multiculturalism” is a failed experiment. Just ask England, Germany, Australia and a host of others. It just plain doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

  • M_Minnesota

    Palin/Allen (Jack Bauer) West 2012!!!

  • anneinarkansas

    Allen West=Brave Hero!
    Pearls of Wisdom!

  • PFFV

    Allen West is Awesome! I love this man!

    Enemies view apologies as weakness; it emboldens them and makes them stronger. They were already desecrating their Korans and we did nothing wrong by stopping the passing of Jihadist’s messages that could harm our service men and women. The Obama administration tries to spin everything the USA does as horrible and instead of looking at the facts first they start apologizing like cowards and traitors to our troops. I feel for anyone in the military right now, they must really hate life under these hypocritical (so called) leaders. Obama and his entire administration is a National, as well as, World wide Disgrace. I spit on this Anti-American Obama, and his pathetic POS administration!

  • timeout31

    He is the man! Welcome in my house any time!!

  • virginiagentleman1

    Have you noticed that the best people who could fill the job of president and serve with honor are those NOT running?…. Palin and West……SIGH

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Allen West for President.

  • This man GETS IT! ALL of it! We so NEED Allen West to lead our nation! Thank you for your service, Congressman..hope you aren’t planning on going anywhere..WE NEED YOU!