Allen West’s full speech and Q&A at Eagle Forum

West gave a brilliant speech on America’s military power and why it is essential for peace in the world that we have a strong military because as he put it, the world is more Machiavellian than it is Kantian.

The speech portion only goes for about 11 minutes and the Q&A takes up the remaining 22 minutes or so.

Watch below:

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  • Excellent

  • GiantM

    Mitt….please pick this man!!!!!

    My gosh the man makes sense.

    • white531

      Each time I listen to this speech, I am impressed even more with the incredible intelligence demonstrated by this man. He speaks extemporaneously for half an hour without the use of a teleprompter and has no notes on the podium. You will notice he never even looks down at the podium. He maintains eye contact at all times with the entire audience. He never stutters or looks for a word. When asked a question, he has an immediate answer and doesn’t hedge. He actually answers the question. He supports his answers with historical example, quoting actual events in both world and U. S. History. I have never seen a Politician do that before to the extent that he does.

      If you missed it, I would also like to point to what he said about the lack of military experience in our elected representatives. This is the first time in 77 years or so, where we have a sitting President and sitting Vice President and prospective President in the person of Mitt Romney, who have no military experience whatsoever. We don’t yet know about the prospective Vice President. Members of Congress used to be comprised of 75 to 80 per cent of people with military experience. It is now something like 12 per cent. Something to think about.

      I don’t know of anyone who would survive a debate with Colonel Allen West, least of all Obama. He may not get a chance this go-around, but mark my words. One day, this man will be President and he will lead this nation to greatness again. We have been hoping and praying for someone like this ever since Reagan and now here he is, standing right in front of us. It has been said of our nation, that the right person always seems to come along just when they are needed. Some say the Hand of God has always been upon us. Call it the Hand of God, or substitute a term you are more comfortable with, but History certainly does seem to bear out the statement. Allen West is a living example.

  • John3_3

    This guy is Absolutely in a league all by himself. He is s m a r t! No one in politics today comes close to his splendor…..

    • white531

      I would have to agree. But if we really want him for our Vice President and eventually our President, then we have our work cut out for us. Word has it that the Good ‘Ole Boys who make up the Republican Establishment are not all that enamored of the man. Seems they think he might be hard to control. Tends to speak from his heart and tell you what he thinks, not what you might like to hear. One of the things I love about him actually, but they evidently don’t share my opinion.

      As we begin to extricate ourselves from this political quagmire that America finds itself in, we are actually fighting against two opponents. One we know as the enemy and the other we’re in bed with and we don’t know what to call him. Neither of them want any change, really. Maybe because they’re all Millionaires. Gee, you think?

      Allen West already said he would do it if they asked him. At least that part of the equation is settled. We just have to work on the rest.

  • John3_3

    This guy should be president. This guy is presidential. He is our president he just hasn’t been elected yet. He IS what the country needs right now! It is obvious to me that this is the man that needs to be LEADING this country. I would pay to see him debate a Barack Obama or a Joe Biden…..can you i-m-a-g-i-n-e?!?

    • JRD1

      That’s why I despise the GOPe. We in Fl-22 worked our butts off without any help from the GOPe to get him elected and they yanked him out of our district to punish us because we had the temerity to elect a conservative. Our district is 1/3 Independent, Democrat, and Republican (not even 1/3 Conservative.) He even got the Jewish vote, duh!!!!! That’s why the GOPe is full of crap trying to shove a squish like Romney down our throats. Common sense, constitutional, fiscal conservative WINS!!!!

      If it was West running against Obama he would be kicking his butt. The race wouldn’t even be close. Don’t get your hopes up. The GOPe and Etch-a-sketch would never choose him. He would outshine their piece of garbage who has much more in common with Obama. Etch-a-sketch stinks on ice!

      Ef the GOPe!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on!

      • Everything you said about the GOP is correct. We Constitutional Conservatives must take over the GOP and get rid of moderate (Rhino) Republicans and replace them with true conservatives who adhere to the principles of our Constitutional Republic. It will be slow going at first, but with people like Congressman Allen West the future looks bright and near…

  • Hornet414fixer

    I love this guy! He would have made an OUTSTANDING Squadron CO, Base CO! He is a great speaker, but there is just something I can’t get around with this guy!!!! Lt. Col West; I’m Chief Aviation Machinist Mate Bastos. Let’s have a conversation, if I approve, I’ll back you to the hilt!

  • Hornet414fixer

    Hey, Obama spoke a lot of crap too. I just want to make sure he isn’t BS’s us. Just saying! Let’s VET him too!

    • John3_3

      Name one thing LTC West said that was crap. Not sure I understand you. Nothing he said is crap. You said Obama spoke a lot of crap (that I can understand because he did) but then you added the word “too”, as if to say that LTC West is speaking crap as well. What crap did he speak?

      • Hornet414fixer

        Hey, I love this guy too! I’m just saying; why can’t we VET this guy! Why did he support NDAA law? Hey, Obama was a constitutional lawyer so why is he bypassing it? I just hope he approved it to take Obama down and send him and his associates to prison. That’s all I’m saying!

        • white531

          Hornet, you are right. We need to vet every politician. If we had done that with Obama, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in right now. Keep posting what you’re posting. Works for me.

    • white531

      Get a grip, Hornet. Colonel Allen West vets himself, every time he gets in front of a microphone.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Excellent response.

    • I could tell from the very start that O was a phony. I could never understand how others didn’t see it and fell for his boloney. West is the real deal.

      • That’s just it: I knew Obama was a phony, right from the instant I laid my eyes on him, heard about his background, and had the misfortune of being around a speaker when he opened his mouth. WEST, on the other hand, I knew in my bones was genuine.

        However, they have one thing in common: they’re both True Believers.

        Its just that the beliefs of one are good for America, and the world in general, and one is the the complete and total opposite of that.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    True Patriot. I always wanted palin/west for 2012. but will settle for 2016

    • keninil

      Maybe West/Palin

      • white531

        Exactly. Thank you.

  • John3_3

    Sorry for drooling all over this guy but man…..did you hear the advice he gave that young man who is joining the military and wanted the LTC’s advice? The man was entering the military through OCS, which means he will be an officer. LTC West told him, “When you enter into the military as a 2nd Lt, seek out your platoon sgt and he will make you a great LT.. When you become a Captain, seek out your 1st Sgt, he will make you a great Captain.” This is coming form a retired LTC ( an officer). This speaks of West’s humbleness.

    If you aren’t military or former military, you may not understand what I’m talking about here. But for those of us that are former military and especially former enlisted military, this speaks VOLUMES!! That advice, alone tells you what kind of man LTC West is!

    • Sober_Thinking

      I keyed on that too… better advice there never was. Brilliant!

    • The noncoms….{Non.Commission Officers} who are the true leaders of our military and who are actually in the theatre of war. Have the knowledge and wherewithal on how to carry out operations and implement them to a tee.
      The Navy Seals who took out Bin Laden were all non-commission Officers. This is usually the case in almost every field operation that takes place in all areas of combat.

  • 911Infidel

    A man who speaks so eloquently from the heart doesn’t need no stinking teleprompter. I’m still at a loss why a guy who should be on the Repubic “A” team for the POTUS nomination is not? Steadfast and loyal as always, Lt Col West. HUA

  • white531

    This is the man I want for my President. I have seen him speak on a number of occasions and always, by the time he finishes, I have tears in my eyes and I don’t cry easily. He has a knowledge of History that few people alive have even seen a glimpse of. He understands the place America holds in the security and balance of the nations of this planet. He understands, as Reagan did, that peace only comes from strength. I have never, i repeat never, heard anyone speak the way he does about their love for this country, for The Constitution and for the idea of Freedom that was the spark in the minds of our Founders that caused this nation to be born. I don’t want this man for Vice President. I don’t want this man for Speaker of the House. I want this man for my President.

    • John3_3

      Amen, White! Can’t believe people call for a Palin/West ticket. That would be like calling for a Dan Quale/Reagan ticket.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on – agreed. In a word, this man is a LEADER!

  • MaxineCA

    Wow…. just wow! Thanks for posting this one Scoop. It was great to end the evening with something uplifting after a very sad, depressing day. No one can lift our spirits and give us hope for our country more than Allen West. Guess we’ll have to be calm and show some patience until he can become our president one day. I do believe he is a true patriot that we need so badly right now.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    This is my president too, He is the biggest threat to these libs, I would hope that he makes a run for it. This is the black ronald reagan of our times god bless you Allen West.

    • williamm

      Sorry but he is not a black Ronald Reagan. He is an American that loves this country and is willing to give all to keep it free. Although Ronald Reagan was a great president, we thought of him not as a white president but a great American. Same goes for Allen West. Allen West has never seen himself as a hyphenated American and we shouldn’t either.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        You are absolutely right my friend I take it back completely i fell into the same stereotyping that the libs do I apologize.

        • williamm

          I know you meant black Ronald Reagan in a good way, but Obama who was supposed to be the great uniter, loves nothing more than the division caused by the hyphen. Unless we unite as one against the tyrant Obama, we are going to lose this country.

          In addition to that, Obama’s other weapon is class warfare. He is doing all he can to turn the poor and middle class against the wealthy, just as another tyrant did in Germany when he turned the population against the Jews.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I am so frustrated with the media calling the tea party right wing kooks i wonder why we dont start calling the communists what they are radical left wingers..

  • Joe

    Lt. Col. West is on my DREAM TEAM as VP

    I think he would TRASH anyone in a debate

    But he has a bit of a “history” which the left will SCREAM about

    so being a party pooper – I see him in a CABINET position

    as a PIT BULL – Secretary of Defense or Homeland Security

    just sayin’

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      I do not agree that he can’t be VP or Pres, if your talking about the Iraq interrogation incident, that is explainable.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Trust me there is no one better to articulate his message better than allen west I completely disagree with you. This guy will be our president one day i promise

        • marketcomp

          I agree proudhisopanicconservative! Allen West is authentic and trustworthy! No one is perfect, even Ronald Reagan but Allen West and Ronald Reagan are both true Americans and there is no doubt or question about that. Allen West can articulate history and he is on par with Ronald Reagan in terms of explaining conservatism and, my favorite, calling out the communist/progressives! Ronald Reagan did that becasue he dealt with communist/progressives up close and personal and that is one of the important similarity between him and Allen West. Allen West understands this threat where RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Gram could never understand. Allen West wouldn’t play around with those who are trying to destroy this country whereas John McCain and Lindsy Gram will and have proven they will considering how they ostracized Michelle Bachmann for just wanting to investigate given goal of communist to tare down this country from within. Ronald Reagan identified this and so does Allen West and this makes them heroes and champions for a pro-America. We are not sure if we haven’t been infiltrated already given the current occupant in the White House. While Allen West is not perfect he did not grow up communist and is honorable in every way!

          • proudhispanicconservative

            You are so right, to be honest with you I fear for him as these libs see him as a major threat to them, I read that soros just created an anti-west super pac, i just hope that a billionaire on our side does the same to protect him. I encourage everyone that supports democracy to support The honorable Allen west against these radicals.

      • Joe

        I pray that you are correct

        and I am talking about the Iraq interrogation incident

        He would be perfect and keep the Country on track morally, economically, ethically and make the US respected as it once was


        It will depend on the mood of Country

        If the mood is Patriotic – He’ll be accepted

        If the mood is worse than it is today – He won’t

        I hope the “people” are smarter in the future than they are today

        I pray that you are correct !

    • What West did in the line of duty for all of our safety and his troops would not have raised an eyebrow in WW II. We are at war. Considering that the enemy skinned our troops and cut their genitals off, what West did was no biggie to most people that are not liberal dipsticks. He got the info that saved lives and he conveyed his serious intent to get it to the terrorist convincingly. Enough said.

      • Joe

        Please understand that I am a BIG FAN of Lt. Col. West – as anyone here can tell you

        But You and I speak logically –

        and that doesn’t work with the “dark” side dopes

        There is nothing more I like to see than Lt. Col. West debating ANYone from the “dark” side – He would literally destroy them and send them home in tears

        But as usual – they would focus on that issue – supported by the MSM and ALL of our man’s good points will be tarnished by the “dark side” fools

        BUT If he would accept a cabinet position at first –

        He would set the stage for a future VP or Presidential gig.

        by then – His record would be set – AND that my friend

        That would be a great kick in the butt for the “dark” side

  • TaimeAgair

    Excellent speech as always. He is more knowledgeable about this country and it’s history than most of the people in our congress or the average citizen. He is exactly the man we need for the times we are in. It’s sad and frustrating he’s not our candidate.

  • dierardo

    Right on 531…

    I totally agree with the context of your remarks, and believe that West is the most important American leader in the contemporary scene…..
    He is the only citizen of the indispensable profile and character capable of finally bringing this multi – racial – ethnic country to some form of positive pacific resolution.

    Many have preceded him and nearly all since Rev. King, whether so-called, “Activist Leaders”, or “Reverends”, have done,”very well”, personally while doing little good for, “Their People”.

    Whoever / whatever Obama may be, neither he, nor any of his fellow Chicago black pols have done anything to repair the families and futures of their black constituents. (over 70% single parent).

    To the contrary, under the ruthless regime of the Marxist radical activist doctrines of Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, these unfortunates are a growing army of, “Les Miserables” with a prior claim to the substance of the community.

    I believe the champion of this generation of hustlers has to be Rev. Jesse who has famously, “kept Hope Alive”, while copping The Budweiser franchise for the Chicago area.

    West is already going after the hustlers in the CBC: judging nearly a hundred of them as Marxist sympathizers.

    Approaching age eighty, I have been around for 1/3 of this Nation’s history. And, looking back over my life, the suicidal civic / cultural disintegration and Largesse of society since WW II has been accelerating and proceeds apace, under the tragic-comic rubric of, “Civil Rights”.

    For all practical purposes, “The Warren Court”, in pursuit of the above wrote, “Finis” to the idea of individual equality by setting off a train of logic and bureaucracy which continues to create metastasizing “Group-based divisions/separations/alienations. Henceforth, individual rights have become source-group dependent in an increasingly absurd group – identification profile; to include social/cultural arrangements: many varieties of behavioral deviations’ eccentricities, illnesses and via such as the EPA, various flora and fauna climate and geological phenomena have acquired certain,”rights.”

    A near-century of increasingly powerful and capricious judiciary product, combined with a post WW II Neo-Marxist,”Critical Social Theory”, and “Ethnic / Feminist/ etc ad nauseum studies, which dominate our educational institutions, K thru PHD are the primary conditioning agents in destroying our original Federalism, Separation of Powers, and Principle of Subsidiarity.
    This intentional subversion of national unity must be prevented by restoring local control community schools.

    Worried that my mentors on these many issues: Professors Tom Sowell and Walter Williams are getting,”long in the tooth”(but with a rich trove of writings), I am ready to anoint Col Alan West to membership in their exclusive American Patriot Hall of Fame.

    • toongoon

      Hear, hear!
      You are a beacon of wisdom, I hope to hear much more from you.

    • white531

      The eloquence of your words demonstrate a superior education and life experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • conservative58

    Allen West is a breath of fresh air! This guy is awesome and inspiring!
    I would love to hear more speeches like this, as opposed to the bull crap nonsense that headlines the political scene these days.

    We are in a battle to take back this great country, and we need strong leaders like West to lead the troops. He gives me hope that we can indeed win this battle. And, God willing, our first victory will be November 6!

    Thank God for sending us Allen West!!!

  • Spartan4Palin

    I attended a meeting last night with Trevor Loudon here in Oklahoma City. He said that it is the intent of Obama and Panetta to gut the military as much as they can so that the arm of the communists,,,the UN, to start the next phase of take over of the world. China and Russia cannot complete what they have begun in their build up of their military if the US still has a strong reliable and well armed military. Once the gutting has begun, the UN must take the guns from US citizens. Panetta will cry and moan in public about how bad it will be if this continues, but it’s all part of their plan. He has been placed in the defense department for a reason. The Russians control the UN.

    Trevor also talked about Mark Rudd of the Weather Underground and his influence over the policies of Obama. Trevor said that he had to write to the leftists when they got upset over Obama’s pick for the military. They complained about throwing the party under the bus. Rudd had to tell them it was all part of the plan. You can’t come out in full view about ALL you intend to do to transform the country.

    That’s why Obama told Medvedev to relax, after the election I’ll have more flexibility.

    • Don

      For a free people with the strongest economy in the world, Obama is an absolute nightmare. It has always been obvious from the very start that the best interests of our country was not a high priority. The biggest problem is complacency in the populace where their day-today lives drowns out the life changing events happening on a national level. Ariel Durant said,”A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” We have a front row seat watching Barry Soetero try to do just that. If he is re-elected, life in Americaas we know it will cease to exist. One of the perils of freedom.

      • Spartan4Palin

        Another thing that Trevor said was that after Obama was elected, many people in Europe thought it was just a matter of time before it ALL fell apart for the world. Without America there was nothing left. He said and I quote: ‘We never saw the TEA Party coming? It was the most fantastic thing that ever happened. Many of us in Europe finally saw for this generation in our own eyes what the American Revolution truly looked like. It was happening again”. If it weren’t for the TEA Party, he would be digging his bunker back in New Zealand and waiting for the inevitable.

        There is something so powerful in that statement. This administration hates this country and what it stands for. But it is truly jealous of the passion we feel for this great country. And so, they despise us as well.

        We have to keep fighting. The entire world is watching and hoping we get America back to here rightful place.


  • dk_in_tn

    West is a smart, astute and capable congressman. We need more like him in the congress.

  • Pharmacognosist

    How about Allen West and John Bolton or Allen West and Dana Perino.

    • Patriot077

      Dana Perino is about as conservative as the Bushes IMHO

    • WordsFailMe

      But Dana?

    • I don’t think Dana would take the paycut.

  • daisybud

    I sure hope he is speaking at the RNC convention next month. I think he actually should have been the keynote speaker.

  • West for VP. (ex. Rubio fan when I learned he was ineligible under the US Constitution.)

    • buzzkill59

      Ineligible how?1)Born in Miami,Fl(a US citizen),2)lived here the past 14 years and 3)meets the age requirement!Those are ALL the requirements!I like West too,in fact I prefer West,but Rubio IS qualified and would suit me just fine!

  • Might as well call for Palin as our VP having read the comment about West below.. First Rubio is show down… Now West… I don’t want Rice… Who’s left? Is that Sarah I see in the headlights! If any choice would fire up the Conservatives, it’s Sarah Palin! The RNC might be pissed… but eff them! This is about Nation, not party! If the Republicans come to us and address our concerns… We’ll support them! But if they’re sitting pretty there… Waiting for us… Good luck with that!

    • white531

      Wolf, I don’t get your comment. How is Allen West shot down?

  • I KEEP TELLING you people this, and now that LTC West has said it, maybe NOW YOU’LL LISTEN. RINOs like WILLARD, and people like Rubio are totally unfit for political office at the level we’re looking at, just as Obama and Biden aren’t, because they’re nothing but civilians. As far as I’m concerned, that alone should permanently disqualify you from being president or vice president, if you’re Republican.

    West has no place as the XO to someone like WILLARD. I’d imagine that the vast majority of the literature he quotes, WILLARD has no more idea what he’s talking about, than Obama does. That, and LTC West has never shown any interest or enthusiasm for working with WILLARD, which isn’t surprising, considering WILLARD is a leftist liar and serial promise breaker,and LTC West is a Soldier. It is an absolute shame that the GOP has foisted, inflicted, WILLARD on us, while completely overlooking True Conservatives like this man.

  • Rosey Theranter


    West & Bolton – sends a tingle up my leg!

    Wouldn’t that be awesome! But if Romney it is, then I will continue to pray Col. West is the VP choice. We are doomed–certain to lose, without his strong leadership and guts a part of the pathetic, haphazard, Romney campaign.

  • westernhunter

    Col. West for VP. He is very much needed.

  • sybilll

    Nobody, and I mean nobody since Ronald Reagan can make me hang on their every word like this man does.

  • opinionatedhermit

    The talent and wisdom of this man is incredible.

    He can quote facts, figures and historical references off the top of his head. And, keep it going for more than 30 minutes. All of it, I might add, without a teleprompter.

    Allen West is a team player. He is the very epitome of the first rule of team work. And, that first rule of teamwork will always be: “Show up prepared.”

    The man knows his stuff. Great job.

  • To all of the people with rose colored glasses out there, please do your homework. Search on You Tube for “Obama’s Civilian Defense Army”, “Obama off teleprompter” and Obama’s trip to Kenya to help his Communist cousin take over. The beefed up March Ex. Order Obama signed grants him FAR GREATER power than any other President has ever dared grab before. He will use it when the chips are down and his rats have jumped off the democRAT ship of fools. Treason at the highest levels occurred in 2008.

    • In February 2012, the Republican-led US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of House Resolution 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 or more aptly dubbed the “First Amendment Rights Eradication Act”, which makes free speech a felony under certain circumstances.
      H.R. 347, which has been signed into law by Barack Obama, will allow the government to bring charges to protesters, demonstrators and activists at political events and other outings across America. Written by retired Colonel Sellin. He had to get the word out via Russian news since our media is bought off. NBC received 40 million in the bail out to carry Obama’s water.

  • blackbird

    Congressman West will be President one day, you all mark my words.

  • good to see a sense of humour, if there is any “downside” to this sterling statesman it could be his perception among the average american… by displaying humour it’ll naturally attract more people to his very attractive message

  • poptoy1949

    Should be Romneys Vice Presidential Candidate. PERIOD !

  • Please view this video that clearly explains why we must win in November and keep the Oval for at least 8 years or longer to restore America. That is why the VP pick is more important than usual. The person that will be the future President (God willing) after Mitt Romney must be able to defeat the liberals 8 years from now when even more socialists from other countries have flocked in and are voting in our elections. Romney is a righteous man and this video illustrates that he knows what is going on and what must be done. Rand Paul came out big for him and says Mitt will audit the Fed. The last time a President said that, the Fed crashed the economy. Reagan pulled us through anyway. America can survive with out a democrat party. The world will not survive without America. Together, united, we will restore America.

    • I appreciate your passion here, Lori, but please put off-topic items in the open threads. That’s why Scoop created them.

      Well, that, and to give us a little place to open up and say what’s on our minds.

  • We need to get Allen West into the Florida governor’s mansion in 2014. Then he can run for President in 2016. I would work for that.

    • white531

      I appreciate your thought, K-Bob. Sincere, i am sure. But by 2016, we will be a Communist Nation. The clock has simply run out.

      • Nope. Totally incorrect. Ain’t no communists ’round here, and many other places besides. Where I live, people still fly the flag, love the Constitution, and honor their responsibility under the second amendment.

        It’s not over till we say it’s over.

        • white531

          If that is the way you see it k-bob, then I will yield to your better understanding of the problem facing us. In the end, we are all Patriots hoping for a good outcome. God Bless you and your family.

          • Not “better”, just more determined.

            And thanks! God bless you, too!

  • Bobemakk

    Allen West is one of the most patriotic and honest politicians now in office.

  • He should be the VP of choice!

  • Allen West is a true leader and hero. Listen and be amazed!

  • Just watched for the second time and picked up on things I missed the first time. Could probably watch a third time and still get informed.