Anderson Cooper confused at why Mike Lee opposed U.N. disability treaty

Anderson Cooper is looking for facts and ignoring the possibilities. In short, Mike Lee opposed the disability treaty because the language was vague enough that it could have been interpreted several different ways, ways that could have obligated the American taxpayers for things they disagree with, like abortions. But Anderson Cooper wants facts, as he calls it, or past precedent of a UN treating bing abused in order to justify Lee’s opposition to it. So far there is none, but as Mike Lee continually pointed out to Cooper, that simply because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it won’t be. But Cooper never seemed to comprehend that simple premise.


(Via Mediaite)

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  • sDee

    How about these reasons:

    1 – The UN sucks
    2 – The UN does not give a fuke about anyone or anything except oppressive global government and regulations which lead to more of the same.
    3 – America doesn’t need a globalist cabal run by a bunch of pre-fuedal savages and money laundrers, telling us jack shit about anything, especially taking care of our own.
    4 – UN treaties suck.
    5 – Anyone who signs a UN treaty is a pantywaist.
    6 – The UN sucks.

    • mike3e4r7

      works for me

    • EstevenTres

      6 for 6…sign sDee up!

    • 1vote

      Now that right there is a gooood post… thanks Dee

    • Sober_Thinking

      ROFL! You had me at point number 1.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      And that’s what Mike Lee SHOULD have said.

      Conservatives have to change their posture against these pin-head liberal dummies to win the trust and confidence of their constituents. No more ‘higher ground’ disposition – the left [and certainly the independents] simply do not see that as powerful.

      • sDee

        I agree. It is a simple powerful message. There is a 50 year of trail of blood, money, and suffering to point to.

      • BS61

        Mormons seem to be too nice – not me!

    • white531

      All good reasons, but my favorites are numbers 1 and 6. 🙂

    • warpmine

      You forgot one of the biggest reason to oppose the UN which is comprised of unelected b-crats responsible to nobody but themselves. How much strictly bull excrement language has come from this body over it’s existence? Has got to be a pile more than 3/4 mi high and five times that at it’s base.

  • Anderson, Global Warming is a complete hypothetical so why do you support laws to deal with it?

    • good point!!

      • PVG

        GREAT point!

    • white531

      Good one, Tim!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well said!

  • Hey Cooper, we’ve already got the Constitution, which gives rights for everyone, including those with disabilities. If the UN doesn’t like it, they can shove it. Get the UN out of the US, and the US out of the UN! Now!

    • RocklinConservative

      Not to mention the American’s with Disabilities Act. We’ve already taken care of ours. Now it others haven’t, deal with them.

  • SurfinCowboy

    I love how he sites a radio interview with some guy from some group who lobbies some people about this bill as “evidence” that someone discussed the very same fact on the floor of the Senate.

    Does he even realize how dumb that just made him look?

    Here is a scenario:

    The treaty passes.

    In another country of the world, a child is deemed to be “disabled” and that level of disability is so grave and will cost so much in medical care that the minds of the UN determine that it would be best to euthanize the child.

    The parent disagrees.

    The child is taken.

    The child is killed.

    Yah! UN rules!! Pain-pills for everyone!


    • dlg1956

      That is happening in China right now.

      • aposematic

        And England!

      • sDee

        And Florida. see link.

        • aposematic

          Started to add Florida but thought some might get A. Cooper’ed over it.

        • SurfinCowboy

          Thank you for the link, as sad as that was to read, it was exactly what I was thinking of – the “we know better than you” crew is hard at work in so many disturbing ways.

    • sDee
      • oh crap that made me bawl. Florida dcf sucks! Do you have any idea how many kids they have ignored,who end up dead because of them, yet they seem to go after the innocent parents who genuinely love their kids. God this stuff breaks my spirit.

        • sDee

          The mother who takes care of a child like that should be the most revered and respected among us. It is an enormous burden that only the love of a mother can overcome.

          A compassionate society and government would circle her and support her. A souless liberal society and government bureaucracy would do this.

  • sybilll

    If Anderson Cooper’s argument were correct, that the treaty would have no effect on American laws, why the F would we ratify it? When I saw the language that disabled children have to be registered with the UN, I knew “hell to the no” was my position.
    But first and foremost, sDee is right, the UN sucks, and we should end our participation, and never send them one more thin red dime.

    • aposematic

      But! If we stopped funding the UN we could be accused of Islamophobia.

      • white531

        As a card-carrying Islamophobe, I like that idea!

    • Orangeone

      “Registered with the UN” reminds me of Jews Registered with the Nazi party

  • lmcpark

    Anderson is extemely naive! We do not need or want the UN to make any decisions for us! Who is theur right mind wants this?? God help our country!!!

  • NoToTyrants

    Anderson Cooper confused at why Mike Lee opposed U.N. disability treaty

    Let me try and help Anderson.

    The UN is an infected festering boil on the posterior of humanity. It is replete with despots, tyrants, savage Islamists, and murderous thug regimes.

    Their motives are not altruistic or benign, like securing the rights of individuals with disabilities.

    Their motives are greed, revenge, conquest, plunder, despotism, and the eradication of Christendom and Western Civilization. Any treaty they propose has as its’ sole purpose to achieve those ends.

    So, I am with Mike Lee.

    Not just NO, but HELL NO, …and they can go fornicate themselves.

    The UN should be relocated from the United States into the lake of fire, where the father of the UN reigns.

    • OH YAY! I’m clapping over here NoToTyrants! Love it.

    • white531

      Good job, NoToTyrants!

  • 12grace

    Anderson Cooper, yet another “useful idiot”.

    • Orangeone

      If I may, Anderson Coooper is yet another useless idiot

      • white531

        Words do have meaning, don’t they?

        • Orangeone

          Yes and that critter isn’t worth mine 🙂 Can’t wait for WordsFailMe to chime in!

  • Landscaper

    “……the disability treaty because the language was vague” On purpose? Me thinks so. Trust me the used car sales guy says, we’ll fill in the details later.
    No to the United Nations and heck no to them being on our soil any longer or the United States being a member.

    • Orangeone

      Did they have to pass it to find out what’s in it?

      • Landscaper

        Remember Nancy Pelosi and the “we will read it after we pass it” Thats my thought with this as a repeat, except with the UN. (?)

        • Orangeone

          Mine too, hence my post.  And for any idiot that thinks the Americans with Disabilities Act hasn’t been watered down to classify anything as a disability, it almost permits a hangnail!

  • Congress has never passed a bill before that no one has read, so that can’t possibly happen.

    Obama is so great, that if he said something is a fact, and he believes strongly in it, then he would never, ever contradict himself within the same year, and then act like he never said it in the first place.

    Hire an expert, Anderson: you are a nice guy, but too naive to look after your own estate.

  • opinionatedhermit

    How about the oil for food program, Andy? Is that not corrupt enough for you?

    • jleinf

      The great Maurice Strong, king of U.N. dirtbags, made out well in that ” humanitarian program”.

  • Jim Botts

    This sort of crap is always disguised as some sort of “Altruistic Common Good” mechanism to spread prosperity. It’s all a lie of course, and designed to slowly and gradually undermine United States sovereignty and transfer it to the United Nations.

    Too many people don’t realize that the United Nations is merely a country club for tyrants around the world. And the #1 enemy of every world tyrant is the United States. Each of these 3rd world crap holes loose all of their best and brightest to the United States. If they can socialize the United States, no one will want to come here, thus the 3rd world gets to keep their best and brightest people.

    Of course, who wants to work hard when 60-70% of your pay goes to the state…..

    It all fits into the zero-sum prosperity mindset of liberals, the theory that the United States steals all of its wealth from poorer nations. World leaders use this as a tool to enrage the masses of their countries and focus their hate on the United States. If the people are busy hating the United States, and all of their problems are our fault, they don’t have time to blame their own leaders, who more often than not are just thugs and tyrants.

    • jleinf

      The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. H.L. Mencken

    • aposematic

      Bingo! Inside the US its the Republican Party that plays that roll of keeping the publics eyes off the real tyrant class.

    • white531

      Excellent, Jim!

  • Fireplug52

    Why should we approve a treaty from the United Nations concerning disabilities when a law already exists in US Code? To quote Senator Lee our law is the world wide gold standard when it comes to people with disabilities, but I am still hard pressed to understand why it is necessary for us to approve such a treaty.

    I do not have a problem with them not approving this treaty. BTW, didn’t I just read about a family who lost a daughter in the state of Florida whose care had been administered by the family and had to fight the state in court, who ruled that the family was responsible for that care, but the state ignored the court order and forced the child to be driven over five hours from home to another facility and the child died 12 hours later? Is that hypothetical?

    Was that logic used before in the late 1930’s by a gentleman who negotiated with another leader thinking that he would not go to war and then later his country was “hypothetically bombed”? I think it was known as the Munich Agreement.

  • Rocco11

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • sDee

      Genetic, I fear. Natural slaves

    • white531

      For which there is no known cure.

  • jleinf

    U.S. disability policy- OK
    U.N. anything- F NO

  • Yazz55

    UN is comprised of islamofascists and human rights abusers, who run that asylum. In some cases they are both. Other nations are only ancillary and get dictated to by the majority. The political correctness they dictate is based on sharia law or socialist marxist principles, war on women and all sorts of other human rights abuses. They are also dependent on U$ tax dollars that they freely spend on these activities without any responsibility to the source of the funds. Not the type of entity to turn over a nation’s sovereignty to.

    • sDee

      Yup. Any sovereign nation signing a UN treat should go visit one small Caribbean island and ask themselves…. would they rather be a Haiti or a Dominican Republic?

  • 1vote

    Cooper really, really wants a checkmate, but, it isn’t there.

    Like we don’t have enough rules and regulations to follow already. Now we need more regulations being handed down from these dipsticks !!

    On the other hand, we are fast becoming third world nation.

  • 1vote

    I hope Mike Lee has a future in our starving gov.

  • Anderson, since when does the UN have dominance over the American Constitution? You missed it somewhere in school or it wasn’t taught to you! You better wise up!

  • 911Infidel

    The raison d’etre of the UN was suppose to be to give nations a platform to work out their differences rather than go to war over them. They have utterly failed in that regard. So what’s left for a bunch of over-paid third world anti-colonialists to do?

    What else? Global governance.

    Since the shysters in the UN can’t affect change in their own cesspool of a country, they choose to affect change in the only place that buys into their crud: the West.

    Un treaties are as worthless as the paper their printed on…except in the West.

    • sDee

      The UN, NGOs and blue helmets were in Syria for 2 years until this summer. They all pulled out literally weeks before the atrocities and terrorist “militias” cranked up. Coinkydink?

      • 911Infidel

        The UN contingent was still in the Golan when the FSA moved into the DMZ. Then they got out of the way.

        There is no “coinkydink”. Blue Helmeted UN troops need to change their logo to chicken shite. They do not fight back. When hostilities break out in a UN “protected” (sarc) area they run or hunker down in a concrete bunker.

        The last time the UN had any real teeth was in Korea…and that’s only because it was led by Americans. You could say the same about Bosnia. But once again it wasn’t because the UN was effective..other than the Brits that is.

        The last time that the UN had any good leadership was in the days of U Thant. The last time that a UN Security council meeting was worth a sh_t was during the aftermath of the shootdown of KAL 007. And that was because RR was POTUS and Jeanne Kirpatrick was UN Secretary.

        Are we now getting our monies worth from the UN? Hell no. The OIC is running the show, right along with the rest of the third world dictators and anti-colonialist leftists.
        F-em. We don’t need ’em anymore.

    • colliemum

      On top of which the “rich” West, that’s the USA, the UK, Germany and tiny contribution from France, pay the majority of the UN’s bills.

      In this time of economic austerity, it surely is time to stop paying!

      Tell me one good thing the UN did – except for recognising Israel as state, that is.

      • 911Infidel

        See my reply to sDee.

  • Sandra123456

    The UN is copying an often used tactic of the Democrat Party, disguise a bad bill/law/program as something it is not by giving it a sympathetic name that no one could be against, then hammer the people that vote against it repeating the lovely name of the thing often.

    How could anybody be against the UN Disability Treaty that seeks to give the disabled worldwide, the same rights as the able bodied people. How could you be against the Disabled, EVIL Republican (bastard)?

    • white531

      Language is everything. The meaning of words is important. The most important information in any contract or agreement is usually in fine print, hidden in an obscure paragraph, on page 128.

      -Lessons I have learned in Life.

  • Thank goodness for Mike lee, and Senator Santorum for speaking out against this treaty.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Anderson Cooper doesn’t get it because his handlers have instructed him not to get it. He gets paid for going against common sense.

  • Hey Anderson. Look up United Nation’s Agenda 21 and see how that 300 page paper of ideas are affecting U.S. cities today. But, of course, that is a little harder to do now because the United Nations scrubbed the direct link for the average Joe to find it. Efforts by Glenn Beck and others to shine light on these utopian socialists are making them hide their ideas. Time to shine light and disinfect.

  • Nukeman60

    One only has to ask themselves, “Would you accept another country, such as Russia or China, creating laws that our citizens must abide by?” If not, then why would we accept anything the UN tries to do to control our laws and our country in general.

    We are a sovereign nation. It’s as simple as that. Keep your mitts out of our elections, off of our guns, and away from our people’s rights. Period. We make our laws, not you.

    The bottom line is, if this treaty would have ‘no effect’ on US laws, as Cooper attempts to point out, then what’s the problem with voting it down in the US Congress. No treaty, no effect.

    Cooper thinks that we can’t be concerned about something if it never has happened before. How about our concerns about Russia dropping a nuclear bomb on our cities? That was a concern for decades. How about our concern that Iran gets a nuclear weapon? That’s never happened before, so we shouldn’t be concerned about it now, right?

    I love the way Cooper finishes his argument after he dismissed the Senator. Was that so the Senator couldn’t refute his argument? Rather poor journalism, I’d say.

  • sjmom

    Thank God there are still some US Senators who care about US sovereignty.

  • BS61

    I love Mike Lee – I may move to Utah! He and Janon rock!

    • c4pfan

      Too many Huntsman types and they didn’t even vote Mia Love in for Congress!

      But, Mike Lee is great.

  • white531

    I am planning on starting a new company. Let me tell you a little about it, and you may decide to invest in it yourself.

    The product I plan to offer, is in huge demand worldwide, with literally billions of people hoping to get their share of it. More details, later.

    Using my own money, and yours too, should you decide to join me,
    I plan to buy a large parcel of land, upon which I will build a huge central office complex, which will house the management operations of the business. The Sales Division will have it’s own offices within the complex.

    At a separate location on the same property, I plan to build another high-rise, with completely furnished offices, fully staffed and equipped with the latest technology in computer systems and equipment. A large auditorium will be provided for meetings and gatherings. Even though this additional building will produce no income, I will nonetheless, maintain it at my own expense. For what purpose, you may ask? Please allow me to explain.

    The purpose of this building will be to provide offices and staff for all of my competitors, both present and future. In this setting, they will be able to share ideas on how best to go about the task of impeding my success and destroying the foundations of my business.

    They will be able to vote amongst themselves, on which of these ideas hold the most merit, and those that do will find life as Resolutions. Based on these Resolutions, they will then attempt to get me to sign Treaties, the purpose of which, will be to put restrictions on how I run my business. Once I sign these Treaties, they will have the effect of law, and will supersede any or all, of the precepts of my original business plan.

    This whole idea is still in the beginning, or planning stages, and I welcome any input you care to give. Please get back to me and let me know if its something you might be interested in being a part of.

    Oh, I almost forgot. The product is Freedom, for your entire family.

    • Wow Whitefriend! Excellently done!!!

    • the UN summed up nicely 🙂

    • DebbyX

      Title that: Teaching How The UN Works
      For Dummies

    • Nukeman60

      I would like to invest heavily in your company. Could I take out a loan from you to do it?

      • white531

        Actually, Nuke, I have an idea on that which might help both of us. We’re going to need someone who has the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for Federal grants. The government has tons of money they just can’t wait to give away every year. Just look at Solyndra.

        If you think you could fill that requirement, we could probably find a way to funnel some of that money off in your direction. What do you say?

        • Nukeman60

          Heh, the only thing the government is ever going to give me is a tax bill for the ammo I’m buying (just before they take it away from me).

          • white531

            Why let them take it from you? Why not just give it to them? At the speed of sound. 🙂

            • Nukeman60

              I cannot respond, because they listen to every word I say.

              (Wait, is that the sound of rotors in my back yard?)

              • white531

                Quick, get a tail number! Wait, I forgot. They don’t have tail numbers.

                • Nukeman60

                  It’s night…they’re black…can’t quite get my laser focused on it. I have to go by sound alone. Best I can do is bug out and set the charges, lol.

                • white531


    • toongoon

      Without even knowing all the details, I’ll invest! You should hire a Chief Executive Officer who has experience in union organization and preferably has been mentored by anti-capitalist mentors. Pay him the going rate for salary and lavish him with benefits such as a high salary for life, frequent all expenses paid vacations, top of the line health care benefits for him, his family and his senior staff, weekly bashes at the company with the competitors from the other building and all paid for by the employees.

      Of course he will need a staff of highly educated, low experienced managers who will be faithful him, defending all of his actions.

      The employees should be divided by their gender, race, sexual preference, and whatever else can be dreamed up. The employees should not be paid according to their productivity, the less productive should receive a portion of the more productive employees salary and all employees should eventually receive equal pay regardless of effort put forth.

      I can already see what a thriving business this will be, there is no possible way it could fail.

      Thanks White, for exposing another leftist hypocricy.

      • white531

        While I do appreciate all your suggestions, Toon, I want to get the business off to a good, solid beginning. That’s why I’ve set up a preliminary hiring office in Chicago. All the initial primary management positions will be filled through the Chicago office.

        If that works as well as I think it will, we might try a second office in Hollywood, once we get the business up and running.

        But thanks for your input. 🙂

      • white531

        On second thought, Toon, you may have just saved me a lot of work. If I followed all of your guidelines, I might not have to build that second high rise. If I hire enough Union thugs, college perfessers, and other incompetents, I wouldn’t need to help my competitors destroy my business. I could do it in house and save all that money. I could funnel some that extra profit into offshore accounts, then get a government bail-out for a few billion, and just keep right on going.

        I think I’m beginning to see how government really works. I was running with the misguided opinion that businesses should be self sufficient. Stupid me.

  • c4pfan

    Because, it’s none of the UN’s business?

  • Arrrggghhh

    I don’t get it. If we already have protections in place for disabled people, then why would we want to sign on to a treaty that protects the rights of disabled people but that is under the authority of an outside, international body?

    • Because it would be under the authority of an outside, international body of those who know best for the collective.

      But you knew that already. I’m just in a mood to talk… as usual.

  • mikeinidaho

    Cooper is a communist who never saw a move by the UN that he didn’t like. Why do conservatives think they should go on these idiot’s programs to explain their side? Cooper would NEVER understand ANYTHING that a conservative believes.
    Screw Cooper, CNN and the UN!

  • white531

    Seriously, folks. The United Nations only has one purpose, and its not the one stated in their founding documents.

    The United Nations was put in place to provide a working platform for establishing a New World Order and a Global Government. That is its primary purpose. Its secondary purpose, which supports its primary purpose, is to find ways to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Why? Because our Constitution represents the biggest obstacle, ever created by human beings on this planet, to all the tyrants and despots of the world who want to move us toward that One World Government.

    For most of its life, The Constitution has remained a rigid, immovable object, that has protected our Freedom. That’s what the Founders intended it to be. It has weathered the storms, and is still in reasonably good shape, except for a few cracks, here and there. One of those cracks though, has a name, and it is real. UN Treaties.

    The Founders thought nothing would ever supersede The Constitution. If only we had wise leaders, that would still be true today. Unfortunately, we know we haven’t always had wise leaders, nor do we today.

    These Treaties that Obama and others keep signing with the United Nations, do get around our Constitution, and do have the force of law, BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!

    Until we get some leaders with a spine, who will resign us from that body of tyrants, and throw them off our land, our future and the future of our children and grand-children, remains in peril.

    The United Nations is one of the most serious threats this nation faces, going forward. We need to elect leaders who recognize that fact.

  • leel004

    Gee, such a decision, do I beleve Cooper, who has no international law credentials, OR the Homeschool lawyer who has studies international law…..oh what are we to do.

    Cooper, if I own a gun, but never shot it, does that mean I willNEVER shoot it?

    Just say’n

  • Orangeone

    O/T but don’t see an open thread yet. So:

    Happy Birthday BlueGood! May this be one of many, many more you celebrate with your Scoop family.

  • Orangeone

    He is a twit and confused about everything, including the self. If he would like to live under UN rule, there are many countries he can immigrate to. I’ll be happy to slam and lock the door when his backside clears our border 🙂

    • marketcomp

      Good point, Orangeone! And if Cooper loves the treaty so much then move to Geneva Switzerland. I am sure will be welcomed given your lifestyle and all.

  • bjohnson55

    We are not obligated by law for one single damned thing overseas, yes there are treaties but what the UN wants is to slowly but surely become the law in the US by this incremental “Progressive” measures type of measures where the UN injects itself into US law. Not only NO but Hell NO!!

  • clockwindingdown

    Cooper gets stuck on what he thinks is a “gotcha” regarding effect of UN treaties directly applied to US citizens. Well, yes Cooper I can give you an example, TAXES! US citizens pay the brunt of the financial burden of UN Treaties. So yes these UN treaties do usurp US constitution and effect US citizenry daily. Let us also not forget all the UN treaties regarding sanctions and how many of the nations in the UN blatantly break those sanctions.

    Fact is the UN treaties are one way that is being used to change the US constitution. By passing treaties and being ratified make them the law of the land. That means these treaties changed our sovereignty, our Constitution. Forcing the US through identical laws of other nations to become part of a one world nation. Now one can see why the attack on “States Rights” is so important. If states loose their rights they fall into National laws, the National Laws which then are turned over to the UN.

    What better way to inject these laws/treaties then under the disguise of helping those more vulnerable, handicapped, young, poorly educated, etc. The pattern is the same the left always uses. They go after peoples feeling of compassion, after all “whom would not wish to help these less fortunate, are you unfeeling”. To this they make these treaties that are broad in scope or loosely word so they can get their foot in the door, then they further define what is meant.

    Just as we have seen with the healthcarelaw/Obamacare/affordablehealthcareact, it is a law that the rules are still being made even though it is the law and yet not defined. In other words the law can and will be changed, and not for the better of those it affects. The end game is control for freedom is a word that is top of their list to despise and destroy.

  • ChangeThis

    Cooper, as all Leftists, feel just fine with relinquishing our Sovereignty and Self Determination to the UN. Disgusting.

    • marketcomp

      I am so thrilled that we have people with foresight like Mike Lee who can predict and see what is really behind these treaties the Barack Obama and the UN is trying to force on Americans. If this treaty does nothing they why pass it, John McCain, Lisa Murkowsky, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and Barrasio?!

  • marketcomp

    Is Anderson Cooper really arguing with Mike Lee, a Constitutional Lawyer? Who cares how Andersen Cooper sees anything after all we all know that he is being compromised! This sounds like another George Stephanopoulos move when he brought up the birth control issue in the Republican Presidential debate, which we now know as the prelude to the so called “War on Women” and forcing Catholics to offer birth control. Mike Lee was absolutely brilliant! I noticed that Andersen Cooper brought up more after the interview was over and reinforcing his stupid argument. This has Mark Zuckerburg’s fingerprints are all over, you know the ex-ceo of NBC!

  • Rocco11

    It doesn’t take much to confuse Cooper, hell he can’t figure out why men love to have sex with women…


    …the fact is Anderson you suck just like the U.N. sucks .”

    • Orangeone

      Ew Liberty, that gave me a bad vision….albeit unintentional….I vote to deport the UN and Cooper along with it!

  • Alborn

    I cannot listen to these news people. They disgust me so much I refuse to let them have any more voice than they already have.

  • The general concept here (often misunderstood), having the appearance of benevolence, is the WORDING in “disability. It’s similar to double-speak or an oxymoron, but not quite, in which the the details are not all advantageous, & can reduce freedom & options.

    As usual, those among the LMSM lack facts/research, look at labels, jump to conclusions, ass-u-me that each/most gov/UN laws/treaties are good, etc.

  • hbnolikeee

    Tea bag boy keeps repeating the “gotcha” question asking for another example of the UN taking over here as a reason to suggest that this is not that. He is such a moron.

  • Israeli Terrorists

    Wow. I’ve always wondered where all the crazies read their news and make their comments. I think your tin-foil hats are on too tight. The UN is going to take away every kid that wears glasses? You argument sounds something like:

    Situation: Hero receives symbolic key to the city for saving a family during a fire.
    Your stance – We should not give him the key to the city because he may use it to rob every citizen and bank.


    Situation: Plan to build a new park.
    Your stance: We should not built this park because an meteor could land there, thus killing everyone at the park.

    I know that you are all narrow-minded bible thumpers but this seems to be a little bizarre, even for the people who believe that the Earth is only 5,000 years old or that women were made from some guy’s rib.

    About man-made religion – 99.9% of you do not have “faith” in your fairy-tale Tyrant-God. Your religion was chosen for you by your parents and the place of your birth.

    How can people be THIS stupid?

    • white531

      How nice of you to stop by so late in the evening. Most of the Liberal Idiots usually appear before we eat dinner, so there are plenty of people here to talk to. Coming in here so late, chances are, all you have is me, and I’m no fun at all.

      I take by your opening comment, that you think the UN is just a peachy keen idea. I understand perfectly. You’re probably what, twenty-something? Lot’s of life experience, I’m sure. Got it all figured out, don’t you? Have you started shaving yet? You’re probably holding off on that as long as you can. You’re right. It is a messy nuisance every morning.

      Just for the record, we do get our news here, but its different than the way you put it. We get our news from many sources, except of course, the main stream media. We get all that news from all over the world, and then we bring it here and discuss it and dissect it.

      By using this method, we find we are able to sift through it all, and determine what is truth, and what is fiction. I know its a lot easier to just watch CNN and NBC, but well, I think you get the point.

      Sort of funny really, you’re the second Atheist we’ve had here this evening. That doesn’t happen too often.

      I’d really like to help you, but you have to understand, its getting late, and you haven’t really given us much to go on. On the Troll scale of ten, ten being a really great Troll, I would guess you would come in around four. But, that’s not really definitive, or even fair really. Because we simply don’t yet know how stupid you really are just yet. We simply need more data. I’m sure your understand.

      Come back tomorrow and try again. I promise you, there will be others to entertain you. I think I warned you already, I’m no fun at all.

    • NCHokie02

      how can you claim that 99.9% of us do not have faith in our God?

      Aethists seem to try so hard to disprove a God they don’t believe in. You guys crack me up. I honestly don’t care if you believe in Him or not. You’re the one who will stand in judgement before Him one day, wether you believe so or not. You believe that I will just return to dust that will be that, so then what’s the harm in believing in a higher power? If I’m wrong nothing happens to me. If you’re wrong however, you will suffer eternally in hell. It’s your choice though, I just don’t see why you come here trying to disprove He exists to people when you aren’t going to. I’m not going to connvince you that He does.

      Oh the tolerance of the left is overflowing with you isn’t it??

      What does this treaty have to do with God or religion at all? It’s not even the right subject.

      • Israeli Terrorists

        I have heard your argument before. You do know that Pascals Wager has been debunked many times? When you use it with a specific man-made religion in mind it becomes absurd. Here is the definition of faith:

        “Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

        Now, 99.9% of Christians had their religion chosen for them. Either by their parents or by where they live. If parents did not brainwash their children and said children went on to believe in your God…that would be different.

        Your faith teaches you many things, some good, some utterly evil but since people are responsible for implementing your god’s will even the good things are corrupted and twisted.

        Here is a good argument. According to your religion the vast majority of all of the good people who have ever lived are now burning in some lake of fire or other hell. I’m talking about the bulk of mankind (Hindus, unbaptized babies/infants, Buddhists and many others). Some radical wings of Christianity even believe that retarded people and many other Christians will burn for eternity. Let’s not forget about EVERY human being who lived before Jesus (or 200 years after him when some extremists preached your religion to slaves across the empire). So all of these people will burn for eternity? That sounds pretty harsh, especially for the babies, kind Hindus/Buddhists and the people that lived pre-Jesus.

        So, it would be safe to assume that the vast majority of good people are now suffering for eternity? An unbaptised baby who spent 3 days on earth will spend…forever burning.

        That would make your god a petty, evil tyrant right? With so many good people in “hell” would it not be better to go there? In Heaven they will be the baby killers from the crusades and the witch burners and all of the other evil people who did the work of you god, usually on the church’s orders.

        Please don’t bring up purgatory. The church has long admitted that they added that to the bible during the dark ages to increase numbers and donations.

        I suppose my main point was that how can you have faith in something that you were forced into? If someone was forced to become your friend would you put a lot of faith in him? If you were born in India to Hindu parents…you would be Hindu and the same is true for 99.9% of Christians. Please also remember that 99% of Christians profess faith in god but almost never adhere to the bible.

        I’m not an atheist BTW. I believe in god, just no man-made god. It is enough to know that there is something there. I suppose I will burn in hell but with so many good people there atleast I will be in good company. Perhaps your devil has been changed by all that goodness or your god has been corrupted by all of that evil. Heaven might be hell and hell might be heaven. I’d think that tens of billions of good people would change hell and the devil and if your god is surrounded by evil, wicked, narrow-minded little tyrants that he would be tainted. Oh well.

        • NCHokie02

          Not familiar with Pascals Wager.

          Interesting how in your definition of faith, it does not say “a god” but “God”.

          I think your stat of 99% or 99.9% of christians had their religion chosen for them is a little off. Where did you get that number from? Let me guess you came up with it. How does where you live affect your religion? If you parents believe differently wouldn’t you side with your parents? Or are you saying there is a free choice in this decision? A lot of people do come to Christianity by their own free will. I would argue that a large portion of Christians come to Christ on their own free will. I agree that people raised by parents of a certain faith will teach their children to believe in that faith because they believe it is correct. However, one is able to read and learn on their own. I came to Christ on my own. You are making the assumption that one, I have always been a christian and raised that way in a family of christians and two that I am Catholic. Neither is true for me. I don’t consider my parents bad people but my mother has come to Christ after I left the house and my father is not a christian. He’s not a bad person. Do I believe he will go to hell because he does not believe that Christ is our Lord and savior and died for our sins upon the cross? Yes. Do I like that? No. Is it my choice? No. As for babies, I don’t believe that unbaptized babies go to hell. Jesus wasn’t baptized as a baby. Baptism is an outward expression of your faith and belief in Christ. You are declaring to the world that you are a follower of Christ and strive to walk with Him. Babies can’t make that concience decision. My children haven’t been baptized yet because they don’t understand the ramifacations of it yet. It would be meaningless to my 8 month old to baptize him because he may go away from the Lord and not believe. Just because he was baptized at 8 months doesn’t mean he’s saved.

          Where is your stat of 99% of Christians don’t adhere to the bible either come from? Another guess? No man is perfect. God knows that. Thats why Christ died for our sins.

          So your agnostic but know that the Christian God does not exist correct? The devil has not changed because there are “good people” in hell. There are a lot of dirtbags in hell too. The devil isn’t like, “aww shucks you didn’t make it into heaven. Well at least you can hang out here, it’s not too bad. There’s coffee over there.” No one is changing the devil. It’s not like you go to hell and have discussions with him about where he went wrong in his existence. I think he knows that one already. And God is not tainted by anyone that goes to Heaven. They glorify Him in heaven, not have discussions as to how He could stick it to people better. Your view of God and the devil is very naive if you think their minds can be changed by the likes of man. That would mean that the creator of all the heavens, and earth is not as smart as a man….right? C’mon. But as for you, you should read paradise lost. Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven right?? I hope you pick up a bible and look to Him one day.

          • Israeli Terrorists

            I can help open your eyes and your mind. I’m going to use Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo to do so. They raped, tortured and murdered some little girls in the 90’s.

            1. Is what they did evil/wrong/unfair?
            2. Are they evil/wrong/unfair people?

            Despite the fact that you are a fanatic who believes in the most evil book ever written, I’m sure that you will answer yes to both questions. Just in case though, we will assume that the little girls were white. Now, that should do the trick.

            You said that your father was a good person yet what your tyrant god has done to him is a trillion times worse than what those sickos did to the little girls. You god has punished a good person for eternity. Not just a lifetime or two…eternity. No forgiveness, no 2nd chances…nothing. That would make he evil for doing so, right? Does your god not lead by example (i.e. Jesus)? Why would you blindly follow an evil, selfish, petty tyrant?

            You know, your false belief is the only thing that gives your god any power. If you cast him down you will be free. He will have no power over you. Why not follow a god that isn’t evil? Would your god be better if he let good people like your father into heaven? Of course he would yet according to that pile of man-made lies he is already perfect. A perfect being would not do ANYTHING that your god does. A god worth believing in would not punish the innocent and reward the wicked.

            • NCHokie02

              I believe you got side tracked with my father and didn’t finish your story of Karla and Paul. I don’t know how saying that they raped, tortured and murdered some little girls in the 90’s is opening my eyes to anything.

              You make more assumptions again. One, that I am white. And two that I am a racist. What does race have anything to do with those little girls?

              As for my father he is a good person and he is not a christian. He is still alive so he has the rest of his life to come to Christ. When someone goes a lifetime of ignoring God and what he has asked why should He reward that person? That does not make God evil, it makes Him just. What person would respect a god who was wishy-washy and just let people into heaven if they were a “good person”. By who’s standard of “good” do they get in?? By that persons own standard? By what that person thinks the rest of society would say?? Who is really in charge then if that were the way it was? What kind of power would that god have???

              Jesus did lead by example. However man is not perfect and we sin. It’s our nature. Although we strive to follow in His example, I know I will never add up. However Jesus’ death on the cross and resurection secured heaven for everyone. Believe that Christ is the savior and ask forgiveness of your sins and they will be wiped clean. Now of course you’ll sin again so forgiveness isn’t a one time deal.

              God has power wether I believe in Him or not. You know who you sound like though in your last paragraph?? Lucifer. He tried to ascend to Heaven and become a god with angels at his side that agreed with him. Didn’t work out to well for them did it. As Lucifer didn’t have the power, man certainly does not have the power to cast God down. Again, with the letting of good people into heaven. Who determines what is good and what isnt’ good enough? Does one mistake in your life condemn you for eternity? How many good acts do you have to commit to make into heaven? What a horrible life, never knowing if you were doing enough good to secure your eternal soul. Never knowing if the mistake you made when you cut that guy off driving into work went against you. The bible says what you need to do to get to heaven. And it isn’t just, do good and hopefully you’ll measure up. That would suck.

              So what would a perfect being do since according to you God is not perfect? You seem to believe that you have the ability to cast God down or cast a god down. They wouldn’t be too godly if they could be defeated by man, now would they? So you believe in something, however he lets people who are “good” get into whatever it is in the afterlife. Do you even believe in heaven and hell?

              I did like the leftist showing its side when you blindly assumed I’m a racist. I got a laugh out of that.

              • Israeli Terrorists

                When a priest says “My flock” he means it literally. I’m going to have to suspend this debate because you have shown that no amount of common sense, logic or simple goodness can touch you. Your man-made religion has a firm hold on you. Since your faith and god is imaginary it a good example of how concepts have power.

                Since your god is petty and evil enough to eternally punish the good and embrace the evil…and that is just fine with you I really don’t know what else say. The bible claims that retards should not be allowed in churches, that it is okay to own slaves and even worse. Despite that, you cling to certain things in the bible and claim that they are immutable truths but simply ignore the things you don’t like. Most of the evil men in this world is driven by your religion and the other two that are simply different versions of the same fairly tale…filled out with lies.

                I guess people need the imaginary product that you pay for when the collections plate gets passed around. The fear of death has spawned countless religions but few of them are as evil as yours. You can use your fake faith as a blanket and brainwash your children using threats and violence if they do not comply. Your god is looking for robots and sheep who will blindly follow him so he isn’t for me. I’m sure you have to get up early to attend a Westboro Baptist protest or perhaps spread the word that the world is only 5,000 years old.

                • NCHokie02

                  Please provide examples of “most evil men” that are driven by Christianity. What Christian has brought evil upon other people? What are your thoughts on Islam? You want to see a religion that brings evil about take a look at that one. You believe in a party that shouted down God three times at their convention. You don’t see any biblical similarities there?? Hmm…”you will deny me three times before the rooster crows” maybe”?

                  You claim to say I cherry pick the bible. Granted I do not know it from cover to cover but I doubt you do either. You seem to cherry pick as well as you believe it allows for slaves and worse….which is what exactly?? Nice leftist talking point.

                  And as a typical leftist you result to insults when you lose an argument. I know where I’m headed in the afterlife, you on the other hand are wondering around lost hoping your good deeds will buy you a ticket in or at least that you can change either God or the devil. And where do you think our sense of what is right and wrong come from?? You think someone just made them up one day and everyone decided that that person was right? Where do our morals come from? God perhaps?? And where do we get our rights from? The government?? No. God perhaps?? Let me know how that Hope and Change works out for you.

    • FY, go play with your bombs, maybe you’ll get to see your (Supposed) 99 virgins.

  • spin43

    Cooper, the communist, doesn’t believe in US sovereignty.

  • spin43

    I make a motion that the US withdraw from the UN and boot the dictators out. Cooper and Obama can go with them. The enemy is within.

  • dk_in_tn

    The UN is a money sucking sponge and needs to be abolished. It no longer serves any useful purpose.

  • Anderson Cooper doesn’t understand because there has never been a progressive born that can see the bend in the road.

  • Well Anderson when we have Supreme Court justices condoning and employing the PRACTICE of looking to International law when deciding cases concerning US law (that is the LEGALITY of US laws, no?), then what is so theoretical about the impact of a treaty of which we are a direct signatory?

  • Anderson C. is a tool of the lame stream media and at the very end when he played the clip of the guy saying his son wears glasses and therefore would be disabled under the u. n. treaty twisted the words and said they would take away his son which is not true. Anderson you are a TOOL.