Andrea Mitchell says MSNBC and NBC won’t air Obama redistribution clip

Andrea Mitchell said on her show today that they haven’t “verified” the clip therefore MSNBC and NBC will not air the audio clip, except they already did (via Free Beacon):

So funny. Mitchell really saying they are going to protect Obama as much as they can, and she’s also trying to set a precedent so that other shows after her won’t play it.

But I have a feeling at some point they are going to have to play it.

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  • You mean they won’t report the news? WHAT A SHOCK!!! I mean, what do we as American’s expect them to do? Their jobs? Come on now…

    • yobabe

      Yeah…just like when they didn’t initially air the unsubstantiated ‘alleged’ sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain…what hypocrites…must be nice for Obama to have his guards at the ready…state-run media (dem only).

      • steprock

        Yessiree…The unsubstantiated, he said/she said non-news about Herman Cain was on 24/7 on every network until they got him tossed from the race.

        CNN dug through Sarah Palin’s emails, complaining that they were printed and not digital, until their own reporter said she seems like a great person on air and they had to cut away in a big hurry.

        The double-standard of these people makes me sick. I hope CNN runs with it and makes NBC’s deplorable behavior obvious to all.

    • smmy33

      Did he tell that guy in 2008 he wanted to “spread the wealth around”… He wasn’t talking about his money.

    • I think we are being fooled. It’s weird that they would mention it and say the need to authenticate it. Normally the would jusst not mention it

      This screams scam to me

      Obama tend to take both sides of of every issue He does it often today , no doubt he did it back then too

      The second half of the comment is cut off…..its where he pivets to include a the opposite side.

      I suspect Obambots released this shortened audio so all the right will latch onto and yapp and yap. This serves to do two things ….a distraction and a way to discredit alll of you.
      MSNBC most likely has the second have of the audio already and is waiting to play it fullly next to all the rights comments about it.

  • OK, so they won’t air one of dear leader saying flat out that he believes in redistribution… because they haven’t verified it. Yet it doesn’t stop them from airing something about mitt, which may have been doctored by the folks over at mother jones.

    Sure, we all know already you people are shills for the dictator, but it’s good of you to admit it.

    • T4Ut

      Exactly what I thought!

      How long did they wait to ‘verify’ the Romney tape ?

    • keninil

      Come on, he said it to “Joe the Plumber”. Have they lost that tape?

    • steprock

      It’s disgusting. They are such sell-outs. They’ve abdicated their roles as America’s watch dogs, becoming lap dogs instead.

      They should be run out of town, put on trial, made a spectacle of!

    • Boris_Badenoff

      lol, remember the Mitt High School hair cut incident… what was that 40+ years ago and they ran with that one in a flash.. How about Dirty Harry’s Romney MIGHT be a felon??

      This subject is too funny.

      He Andrea did you ever say that Mitt MIGHT be a felon? Did you?

      The MSM is the biggest joke out there currently… I won’t give them the time of day..


    Have not verified Obamas voice coming out of his mouth or his butt.

    • NYGino

      His voice comes out of his butt via the MSM who have a very close relationship with it.

  • johnos2112

    Spooky dude calling the shots!

  • In front of the alphabet offices is where the protests should begin.

  • Don

    Andrea Mitchell is a fanatical, leftwing political shill with absolutely no credibility whatsoever. To refer to her as a journalist is stretching reality beyond comprehension.There is not a sane person anywhere would would believe one word she says.

    • ChesterWalton

      “There is not a sane person anywhere would would believe one word she says.”

      I think your math is off by ~53%.

      • MiketheMarine

        Hey, did you here? The eco terrorists are saying the world is flat. Who knew?

    • MaroonRepublic

      To refer to NBC/MSNBC as a news agency is stretching reality too.

    • Orangeone

      Won’t she look great in a burka?

      • p m

        If it covers the face, it’d be a distinct improvement, orange…

  • Joe


    How much does Obama pay you to be ridiculous?

  • bjohnson55

    I am sure Andrea will work just as hard to verify Obama spewing Socialist redistributive rehtoric as she did verifying Romney sharing his anti-Socialism thoughts at a private meeting filmed by Jimmy Carters grandson from under a table.

  • MiketheMarine

    She may be dumb but at least she’s butt ugly !

  • That’s okay Andrea, dear. The Conservative bloggers are doing the job that you pseudo-journalists aren’t doing.

    • Nukeman60

      And that’s why Scoop’s ratings are higher than Andrea’s, and always will be.

  • “verify”


    If it was a tape of Obama saying “Gosh, I love my country, and the Founders, and our Constitution, and I think the history and tradition of this great nation should be touted as an example to the world of what men can achieve..”

    Then, yes, I’d want that verified. Because he’s NEVER said that before.

    This, on the other hand. . . . .

  • 1tootall

    We all know who and what she is. By now, no one should be surprised about their circling the wagons. In fact, it’s gone well past that stage. They have assumed the role of senior propaganda ministers. 30 years from now, we will look back at these liliputians and wonder why they were ever employed in the first place. And yes, I DO question they patriotism!!!

  • Patriot077

    So Opposition Researchers had to go back 14 years to find this clip, F Chuck? Find something that discounts it. Good luck with that.

    Nothing he has done since he took office refutes that position. In fact, this may be the only time we have heard him speak honestly.

    • keninil

      So how long ago was it that Seamus rode on the roof ??

      — and how apropos was the Seamus incident vs. the Loyola talk to governing strategy?

      • Patriot077

        And Seamus didn’t even appear on video!

      • So Romney’s dog rode on the roof of the car and that disqualifies him from the White House, but Obama EATING dog – as he admitted in his own books – is totally fine.

        Sometimes the double-standards really blow my mind.

  • ChesterWalton

    I can’t understand republicans that actucally want to go to war over this vid. It is insane, shortsighted and a loser. For every old vid showing Obama the flaming lib from Chicage, there are 10 more showing Romney the left leaning mod from MA. Did anyone vet Romney to make sure he was actually a Republican?

    Let’s fight over the current law of the land – the progressive, redistributive federal income tax.

    • mike3e4r7

      Let’s fight on any and all fronts.

  • Something critical comes out on tape about NObama and NBC and it’s ugly step-sister MessNBC get a sudden case of the “verifies” and pretend to be journalists that need to verify a source.

    Now, what do you think would be the reaction if say a tape of Romney from 14 years ago came out where he was saying something they didn’t like. Do you think they’d play it or would the get another case of the “verifies”? Hmmm… it’s so hard to guess which they’d do, isn’t it?!

    • ChesterWalton

      “a tape of Romney from 14 years ago came out ”

      There are many of these “Romney’s Greatest Hits” type vids on youtube, basically showing that he is not a Republican, but whatever, primary voters and talk radio ignored these.

      • The main thing Romney is not… is he is NOT NObama! Romney on his WORST day is 1000 times better than NObama on his BEST day! I would trust my wife to be safe around Romney… I wouldn’t turn my back on Nobama for a second!

        Are you for Freestuff or Freedom?
        Change or Chains?
        Hope or Hype?

        Do you believe in individual responsibility and liberty or Nanny state controlled lives?

        The choice is stark!

        Ryan and Romney – Restoration and Regeneration
        Biden and Obama – Bulls**t and Obfuscation.

        • GetWhatYouPayFor

          AHHH! LOVE IT! Channeling Sarah Palin straight talk! “Rage against the machine”!

        • ChesterWalton

          You make a strong point, but unfortunately I think Romney’s ineptitude has lost R’s the Presidency. I realize this is an unpopular position. Hopefully, his nomination doesn’t cost R’s the senate or congress. That is where the effort is now needed. Rove is going to quietly start moving more and more money to key congressional races.

        • MiketheMarine

          And we have our DAILY WINNER. Awesome, Brother.

      • MiketheMarine

        Do you understand that one is a communist and the other isn’t. One wants an omnipotent federal government and the other is willing to concede that you should get to keep most of YOUR OWN money.

        Damn, you are ignorant.

      • poljunkie

        It sure is nice that you have found a place to argue with nearly every comment.

        If you are going to vote, you have two choices in respect of who can possibly win. I dont think there are many on here who wanted Romney as a first choice, but we are dealing with it.

        • ChesterWalton

          Very good point, I am just venting on short sighted attempts to use worthless issues and vids to try and convince independent voters. Realize the Senate and Congress hang in the balance and a weakness at the top trickles down the ticket. I think we are already seeing this effect.

          This gets to a bigger debate that needs to be had after this election. How did Romney get the nomination and why does the party keep nominating the guy who finished second last time. Why didn’t any of the young guns step up? What happened to the tea party? Why didn’t Demint throw his weight behind a candidate sooner? Past history suggests that R’s go with Santorum next time…

  • Ken_H

    This is the same folks who edited the Zimmerman tape to make him look racist, Rick Perry dark cloud tape, Romney sandwich shop etc… Jeezum, just pass out the blue dresses, kneepads and bibs for these Obots.

  • That needs to be mashed up with other quotes, fundamentally change America, his exchange with Joe the Plumber, You didnt build that, a new vision where prosperity is shared, etc

    • ChesterWalton

      This line of attack was (weakly) tried in 2008 and who won? I believe Obama’s current position is to let the tax cuts for the top income earners expire. Romney has finally (weakly) tired it again with this leaked vid. Do you think Newt or Rick or Palin would have danced around this issue and only used it out of desperation?

      • Nukeman60

        Your only problem is, in 2008, the people were duped into voting for ‘hope and change’, while in 2012, they know they were duped previously by him and aren’t going down the same road. The media can talk all they want and attempt to skew as many polls as they can, but the voters will tell the story of an angry American populace, and just like in 2010, the politicians can say, “what the heck happened here?”

  • NYGino

    Funny how, depending on the situation or the person, NBS, sorry, NBC insists on verification, analyzation and thorough vetting before they will comment on or release a story.

  • Boy they played the Mother Jones videos VERBATIM and never questioned it AT ALL for Romney….the WH has already confirmed ANDREA that it is OBAMA….good right now NBC looks for bad it is amazing….when even the WH confirms it is Obama but MSNBLOONEYC will not play it….BAD!!! BAD!!! BAD!!! I think according to Rush NBC has already aired it…just MSNBLOONEYC has not!

    • ChesterWalton

      tiny little problem – the Romney vid was from May 2012 (during this campaign). Obama vid was from 1998 and his current position is for a more progressive federal income tax. Romney has quite a few old vids that contradict his current positions.

      • MiketheMarine

        Is it possible that Roomney’s old videos are pertinent to state affairs versus federal? And hasn’t Maobama been talking about redistributing wealth and power for the last four years too?

        • ChesterWalton

          Like the one where he said he was anti-Reagan/Bush. Can’t believe R’s nominated this poser.

          • MiketheMarine

            I don’t disagree that he isn’t my first choice BUT he IS an American, a businessman and wants to shrink the size of the federal government. Aren’t you sick of paying $4 per gallon of gas? Tired of your president bowing to middle eastern tyrants? Trying to increase your taxes while giving handouts to goldbricks, deadbeats and illegals?

            It really is that simple.

  • Sandra123456

    So, tell, me, how was the recent Romney tape verified?

  • joyfulgiver

    Facilitating the furtherance of the crime. What is the crime? The destruction of America at the expense of the Constitution. Way to go Andrea! Why don’t you start REPORTING the news? Or get out of the business!

  • Could be an Obama look-alike robot from the future that transported back in time and gave that speech at Loyola. You can never be sure. Best not report it.

  • AbdulBX


  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    I believe that Romney tape was done in Florida, where it is illegal to secretly tape someone. Verify that!

    • MiketheMarine

      That is why Jennifer Flowers went to prison during the Lewinski debacle.

      Youa re dead right. So, it looks like Jimmy Cahtah’s grandson gets to spend some time in the big house. Shocking, a liberal breaking the law.

    • I heard last night that people were asking Rick Scott to look into it. Haven’t heard anything more, but you’re right.

  • Is it just me, or is Andrea looking more and more like Margaret Hamilton in ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

  • marketcomp

    The redistribution part of this is really no surprise. But, in the video he says, “the trick is figuring out how we structure Government systems.” Now I find that aspect of this even more troubling because it tells me that this President planned to Govern against the will of people from the beginning.

  • Howzah123

    lawl ….

    If you squeeze her nose it honks

  • Haywoodjbl

    AUNDREA Mitchell….is so far removed from reality that she truly needs to retire with that crusty husband of hers. C’mon man

  • Rocco11

    Mitchell and Chris Matthews have gone over the Leftist Falls in a burning barrel…

  • tvlgds

    Too bad they won’t “verify” accusations against Republicans in the same way. Hey, Dan Blather!

  • What do they mean they did not “verify” it? Are they saying Obama didn’t say this? And Obama said a similar thing to “Joe the Plumber” in 2008, so it would follow that this is a philosophy he’s had for most of his adult life. Also, it would be nice to know the courses Obama took at Columbia University. If he took classes on socialism or the Soviet Union, wouldn’t that also shed some light on how he was forming his political views even as a student? Face it, Obama was and always will be a socialist. At least Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has the stones to openly say it. Obama, who has the backbone of a wet noodle, would never openly say it.

    • kong1967

      We know Obama’s pals were Marxists in college by his own admission. Everything he does champions socialism and his followers have said they want government to provide a house, a car, socialized medicine and to pay their bills. Yet, they get pi**ed if you call Obama a socialist. Go figure.

  • Creating a distraction—-

    Keep the focus on the Muslim Brotherhood and the attacks on the embassy and the Ambassador.

  • Well, good for them, that means that even more people will get their news from another source. Let’s watch the ratings and see them plummet like Obama’s poll numbers.

    • I think dear leader will do a media bail out (buy out) soon. “This ad is paid by the obama campaing. I’m dear leader, and I approve this buyout.”

    • 1217Chic

      Hi Flemington…..This is Clinton NJ……Mitchell dosen’t get very many viewers because her show svcks so nobody would see it anyway……..So who cares??????

  • kong1967

    I don’t even see why it’s necessary to bring up a 14 year old ad…..not that it hurts. He has said many things since along the same lines and has practiced what he preached in the video. Actions speak louder than words and he has been the “Redistribution King”.

    Andrea said the video is changing the subject. And what would the subject be? She’s more or less saying “we’ve got the heat on Romney and they’re trying to change the subject”.

  • Nukeman60

    We have not authenticated this 14 year old tape from Loyola College when Barack Obama was a state senator.‘ – Mitchell

    In other words, the word hasn’t come down from the White House yet how we are supposed to respond to it, and until they tell us we can’t say one way or another whether it is okay to reveal it to the American people or not.

    Or is she saying that, when Barack Obama was a state senator, all he did was vote present, so this can’t possibly be him taking a stand on anything?

    We’ll wait for the White House talking points memo – arriving in 3…2…1…….

  • I guess mainstream media really believes the vast majority of Americans are morons.
    This so transparent. I don’t see why all the media just doesn’t rename themselves vote BO.

  • NBC actually edited out exculpatory context in that trayvon Martin “911” call to make the “white hispanic” sound extra racist. This is why I don’t have cable any more.

  • RestlessLegs

    At the same time, no one has been able to verify that Mitchell is a legitimate journalist.

  • stevenbiot

    Haha! MSNBC doesn’t even try to get the nomination for comedy channel of the day. Yet, they always seem to pull it off.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    The Obama administration said themselves that it was Obama.. ??

    That not good enough for Andrea?

  • tshtsh

    It is not November 6, 2012, yet.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mrs. Alan Greenspan is a twit!!!! She’ll do everything she can to protect her hero, obama, from himself. Good luck with that, Mrs. Greenspan!!!!

  • A little odd to go back 14 years? And yet they went back what? 47 years for the “bullying” story? What a joke.

  • Sober_Thinking

    No morals, no scruples, no conscience.

    No credibility, no objectivity, no honesty.

    No future.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    MSMedia = Obama’s Propaganda machine. I can’t beleive America has come to this point. I weep for Her.

  • WhiteGuy2

    This is another example of the Left wing media questioning the legitimacy of any video portraying a liberal in a negative light. They did it every time AB released a video, claiming the video was doctored.

  • I’m waiting for Tingles to come on and talk about how releasing this video was racist.

  • MsContrary

    When did she and ABC start verifying their news broadcasts??? What a hypocrite, as well as a conniving, complicit, mendacious sychophant she is, and so is everybody else at that network. “The Mendacious Stream Media”.

  • Iwonder if she lays awake at night wondering why all of the bad things that are happening to to her body are happening. Bad karma for this (don’t know what to call her). But, she does deserve every drop of it.

  • GuessWhoFan

    This fossilized hag is wretched corruptocrat who will say or do anything to protect the bamster. What a horrid human being.

  • cheyennecowboy

    Of course MSNBC and NBC won’t air “the odumba tapes.” What do you think, that they are involved in telling the truth?? Absolutely NOT! MSNBC & NBC are purveyors of hatred and lies, certainly not unlike odumba himself. They spew their trash and the uninformed believe them. They should be forced off of the air, they are certainly not acting in America’s or American’s best interest.

  • NBC sure was quick to play doctored 911 Zimmerman tape. They will play a puppy who’s whistle sounds like “rooommney sux” and call it a SCOTUS statement but Bummer in his own words spouting the same “fair share” BS we have had to endure bleeding ears from for 4 years?! Definitely a fair and balanced network. Waste of time listening to these people except for comedy relief and see how bad you can be if go lib. Like driving around and seeing crack heads in boxes makes you never even want to take another aspirin!!

    ABO 2012!!!

  • If this were a republican making a damning statement, they would go to the ends of the earth to verify it. Or, like Dan Rather and the National Guard papers, just go with it and hope it’s legit.

    This woman ain’t right. Look at the fossil she’s married to.

  • Jugs Lies

    These clons need to be ignored. Completely ignored.

  • Jay

    So who expects the truth from Angrier Mitchell anyway?

  • wodiej

    Unfortunately there are millions of people who believe the things they hear on MSNBC. The clip is already verified. It was obama and he said it.

  • bobemakk

    The lamestream media strikes once again. Sickening, they are all in the tank for Obama (CBS, NBC and ABC). Romney must win.


    Why doesn’t this hag take a hike…go home to her beloved Alan Greenspan. Why are women libs such hideous angry barkers?


    I disagree that “millions” watch MSNBC…..maybe more like thousands. JMO