Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Men tells his testimony

I saw headlines on this story throughout the day but I didn’t realize what the story was actually about. Turns out Angus T. Jones (aka Jake on Two and a Half Men) has become a Christian and tells his testimony in a 2 part interview on YouTube. In the course of the interview he told people not to watch the show Two and a Half Men, calling it ‘filth’, and that’s the story that the media is running with. But me – well I could care less about that and am much more interested in hearing about his faith.

Here’s the 2 part interview below. If you want to skip to his mini-rant on not watching Two and a Half Men, it’s at 7:30 in the part 2.



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  • Good for him. It can’t be easy to do a rant like that- he knows he’ll get some blowback for it.

  • badbadlibs

    It’s really remarkable this young man sees past the dollars. Whenever it’s been on (NOT my doing), I would wonder about putting a child in the kind of position with the story lines he was exposed to…I didn’t think much of him, his family or the writers/producers of that program.
    I’m not surprised to learn that God is more powerful then all the “filth” thrown his way or anyone else’s for that matter.

  • PVG

    I agree, that show is vile!

  • Two and Half Men tells me everything wrong with Americans today starting with the grandmother. Very glad to hear from this young man who under almost not a shred of positive influence through the play, still turned into a positive and good person.

    • Danny Kelly

      Can I ask what your handle means? As far as I can grasp, you’ve got “5 Moon 5 (or May 5 but not May 5th) dash Qu Yuan… I’m curious as to whether or not it has some sort of more complex or fuller meaning.

      • I’m curious about the name too Danny. 🙂 If you click the name it goes to a Twitter account and it’s all in Chinese. :-/

  • NoToTyrants

    Very inspiring. This tells me that our culture may be redeemable. There is hope for us after all.

    He is right about the show, it is a canker on our culture. It is one debauched joke after another, broadcast during what used to be American television’s family hour.

  • 3d81

    I welcome him to a life of ridicule abuse and never finding acting work again. On the other hand you’ll have us poor fools as your back up and a heart and soul at peace.

  • I love my Jesus. God is greater than any man.

    Problem is that he is still on contract, though.

    • I wouldn’t surprise me if all of a sudden his character fell down an elevator shaft or something 😉

      • iaintlyin

        Hey scoop, it’s a Hollywood sitcom, he ain’t gonna fall down a shaft. My money say’s he elopes with his neighbors Russian wife, who met her husband via an ad in the Village Voice. They’ll then give this kid his own 1/2 hour sitcom based on his being bullied by the woman he ran away with and how she teaches him the ins, outs and delights of growing up in a communist country.

        • I thought you said above you didn’t see those shows?! 🙂 Just described 99% of ’em! LOL! 🙂

          • iaintlyin

            uh oh, what does that say about me? Really, has my mind become so twisted that I could become a tv producer? Have I been reading so many perverted, dysfunctional stories about hollywood that I’ve developed a warped sense of storytelling? I gotta go, I’m depressed………(giggle)

  • TLaMana

    If he doesn’t like it then he should just walk away. He won’t give up the money because he really doesn’t think it’s filth.

    • Great. You called him a liar and you didn’t listen to the part where he said he’s under contract for another year. If the weren’t under contract I believe he would walk.

      • TLaMana

        If he feels that strongly about it, screw the contract (and the money)

        • Rightstuff1

          Screw the contract? Rrrrrrrright! You obviously don’t know too much about how contracts work. Contracts can literally destroy you because unless decided otherwise by courts they place “obligations” on the parties concerned.

          Want a silly case in point? Elvis Presley “hated” making the movies in the 60’s. Apparently they made him physically ill. He couldn’t do a thing about it. Contracts bind you hand and foot oh and mouth too sometimes. The only thing you can do is renegotiate, but you need two sides to do that.

          • TLaMana


            This is the reason why he won’t leave the show.

            Jones said that he had no plans to get out of his contract, which reportedly pays him $350,000 an episode.

            The person familiar with the production schedule said Jones does not appear in either of the two episodes filming before the end of the year and wouldn’t be expected back at work until after New Year’s.

            His character has been largely absent because he has joined the Army.

            And since the contracts expire at the end of this year he can say this without repercussions. Most likely it’s the last year of the show anyway.

            • TLaMana

              And now he falls back in line praising the executives behind the sitcom and apologizing for any disrespect he may have caused them, insisting that being part of the show is a blessing.

              In other words: Oops, I was screwing over the golden goose and I really would miss the 350K per episode.

    • Betsey_Ross

      He may not be able to get away hence the rant. Contractual issues that were done in his name. Parents may be holding the purse strings very tightly for their own good and not his. Hollywood is full of sad stories like that. I hope he can get out and live his own life soon. Sounds like he needs to.

  • PFFV

    Everything on TV is Liberal Spin / Brainwashing propaganda designed much like our education system and people of all ages took the bait, hook line and sinker. We have a crisis of diseased minds on our hands and I fear we don’t have time to correct the problem quickly enough to avoid certain collapse of the US Dollar.

    In January when people get their first paychecks and they see how much less they will be getting per payperiod I think many will start to wake up. Obama has 4 more years to finish the job he started. He is a flat out communist, socialist, marxist, you name it! With this massive spending ($17 Trillion Debt) and the Anti-Business enviroment increasingly getting worse and worse for the next four years I don’t see how we can survive. ObamaCare will erase untold freedoms that we take for granted today.

    What in the hell have we done to our Country?

    We let these racist radical communists have 8 years to kill the American Dream and End The Greatest Nation on Earth!


    • 12grace

      pffv: Your concerns are shared, you are not alone. It seems evil has taken over America and the world now.

      I have been trying to come to terms with why G-d allowed obama to cheat his way back into office again (massive voter fraud has been proven) and the other day, I may have gotten my answer. I heard a powerful sermon (on TBN) that explained that in order for the European Union (the beast) to become all-powerful, America must fall. Excuse my bluntness, I don’t mean to be cruel, I am repeating what was stated. obama will be the catalyst in America falling. Sorry to say but America is the “Wings of the Lion” (coming from the Lion- England) in bible prophecy and is not shown to be a powerful force in End Times.

      What can we do until HIS return?
      1. Go to G-d if we have not already done so, repent and make ourselves right before him.
      2. Fear NOT. Put on the Full Armor of G-d. Study and apply his word to our lives. And tell others about HIM.
      3.Speak up for righteousness, even though that may mean incarceration and possible death for us.
      4.Pray, Pray and Pray and follow G-d’s dictates. Government is NOT greater than G-d.
      5.Wait and Watch.HE is coming soon. None of us can know the exact hour, but we do know from the signs that the time is drawing near and we know that obama and ALL Evil will be defeated. G-d will be victorious and we will live in heaven with HIM.

      • 12grace, To answer one of your questions; First, You are giving God way to much credit for this mess-way to much! You are also giving Satan way to much credit for this mess. While God will win this war in the end-right now Satan reigns on the earth. With that said, God gave people the choice-the choice to choice the best man for the job that represents his character and values. Just as God gives us all the choice on a daily level to choice to walk by his word. God wants relationships with man-not for us to be robots. God will not make us choose him – we had a choice and 51% of our country didn’t recognize the reality of this election. He allowed, us that and with each choice came consequences. We will not learn those consequences- which are not going to be good. Hopefully through the trials ahead many will turn their lives to Christ and understand the evil that reigns in our country. Second, I said not to blame Satan, because- the Bible states that if man is left to their own devices they will choice self, lush, greed etc. And for many that is what is happening. Satan sits back and watches-He puts the temptations out there but again we the people much choose. And third, the United States will not fall from a third world country, it will fall from within. And if people are paying attention to those elected-such as the four Jhaid by Gov. Christie. This is an example of those we should not have in our government.

        • 12grace

          rpk. I wasn’t really asking you any questions, I was empathizing with you, as you seemed to be sad and hurting about all that has been happening to our precious, America. I believe from your response that we both love G-d and country but have some differences in interpretation.

          I agree with you that G-d wants us to make HIM our choice and He wants to have a personal relationship with us. However, I’m not convinced that choice and free-will is the reason obama got back into office as we have many indicators that voter fraud ran amok. I wonder if obama really won this or the last election. Also, if 51% of the nation did indeed choice obama then why would we ALL be made to suffer the consequences when we ALL didn’t choice obama?

          About Satin, beware, HIS time on earth is short and he must gather as many souls as possible, I think many people greatly underestimate him and evil. Satin knows our weaknesses and plays on them. He is the great deceiver.

          May G-d bless you, rpk.

      • iaintlyin

        12grace, May I ask why you avoid the correct spelling of God? Not to be a wise guy, just wondering why?

  • BikerHoop

    Good for him. I guess I haven’t missed anything not seeing the show.

  • 1vote

    I watched that show the first 2 or 3 seasons. i really liked that show at first, but, it gradually began to get raunchier and raunchier. I guess they loose audience and feel that they have to keep pushing the envelope. I am happy for Jake. May he keep the faith!

  • ryanomaniac

    Brave fella. He’ll never have another job other than working for Kirk Cameron.

    • Laurelfork

      Well said. If you are a main line Protestant, a Catholic or Evangelical and you want to work in Hollywood you keep your mouth shut about your religion or you don’t work. It is the most blatant discrimination in America.

  • toongoon

    What a testimony. Overcoming even the influences of Hollywood.

    I’ve seen the show, but I didn’t know who Angus was until I saw his young face in the interview. I am overjoyed at his conversion.

  • Rshill7

    I’ve never seen the show a single time. This young man makes 8 million per year. I’m glad he found the Source. Maybe he can get involved in Christian projects after his contract is over. They do exist and we need many more of them.

    Have you heard that a sequel to “The Passion” is in the works, but not by Mel Gibson? It’s to be called “The Resurrection”, which is what I wanted to see at the end of The Passion. I wanted the glory of that to overshadow the suffering you know? My understanding about The Resurrection is that they are starting from the bottom up…even getting investors and screen play ideas from the public at large. I think it will be from the resurrection to the ascension 🙂

    Christianity has what no other religion has. Absolute truth. He who conquered death. Christ. Immanuel. Messiah.

    “Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.” (John 10:17-18 KJV)

  • chatterbox365

    Good for him, but I hope this isn’t some BS stunt to boost ratings. Sorry to be a skeptic.

    I seldom watch modern TV shows. I have heard of this show, but I don’t know what it is about. Sounds like I am not missing out.

  • iaintlyin

    My Dad never allowed any show with canned laughter to see the light of day through our TV while growing up, so I can’t speak to those type of shows in the 60’s and 70’s. By the late 70’s I had realized on my own I wasn’t missing much at all. While raising our two kids sitcoms never saw the light of day in our home either. Call it what you may but, I have a feeling we didn’t miss a thing that would prepare us for REALITY in ANY way. Don’t get me wrong, the 3 Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Dead End Kids and variety shows were a way of seeing comedy in life but these pig produced, no talent, 1/2 hour orgies of perversion are nothing but a blight on our society, its way of thinking and a bad influence on too many vulnerable adolescents and older. The insinuations that are given throughout each sitcom today are all sexually oriented and indicate to me a lack of imagination for telling a real funny story without saturating it with a high degree of degeneracy (if thats a word).

    Kudos to this kid for developing a strong sense of whats right. His parents? I wonder.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Another soul saved. Praise the Lord!

    He’s done in Hollywood now. Good for him.

  • las1

    Poor kid this seventeen year old Jake, going from the cult of Hollywood to the cult of Seventh Day Adventism.

  • bjohnson55

    Choose you this day. If Angus can make a stand why not me?

  • I will watch the interview when I have some time later today, so maybe, I am speaking out of turn. But I think it is unprofessional on his part to dis the show.

    There’s all kinds of programming and the best comedies come from pointing out societal and personal incongruities–these include sexual and obnoxious instances within a program.

    Over the years, he’s made a lot of money. When he asks people to stop watching the show, is he be willing to return all the money he’s made to the producers?

    Having said that, I applaud his faith–ONLY as a means for personal growth.

    Since most of us are believers in the strengths of the silent market and 2.5 men did very well, presumably, even among the faithful, who were looking for a sitcom (in an otherwise desultory programming environment) that was light-hearted and occasionally gross-out.

  • c4pfan

    I’ve seen like 2 mins of that show and it was disguting and crude. I am glad this guy is just telling the truth! The show is filth.

  • notebene

    Angus will be in my prayers. God obviously laid His hands on his heart and it’s a tough thing to be bold in your faith when he is surrounded by liberal heathens. I pray he stays strong because he will definitely be taking a ton of vile hits from this. My deepest prayer is that Angus helps a revival to rise up in our nation. God is in control and He will overcome the darkness no matter where it is!

  • sjmom

    All or nothing; a great piece of wisdom. 2 Corinthians 6: 17 tells us to come out from among them. This young man has done so.

  • BMinPA

    The only angus I have had the pleasure of meeting is at Burger King.

  • Nukeman60

    It’s good to hear of another Hollywood-type finding the light. It can’t be easy while in the midst of the beast, especially for a young child growing up.

    The week before Thanksgiving, I went to Southwest Missouri to visit my mother and extended family. They epitomize what this country is falling into. They live around the alphabet networks (I sadly discovered several new reality shows and dramas that I previously didn’t know existed) and the only news they are interested in is local fluff. In fact, they were surprised to hear that I didn’t vote for Obama (as they thought he was a nice man, moreso than Romney).

    It’s shows like this that draw them in and keep them held in their trance, so that the actual world around them doesn’t become visible. I had hoped that Two-and-a-half Men would have died on the vine once Charlie Sheen was gone, but alas, it’s still around and he’s still a ‘hero’ to many despite reality (real reality).

    My heart goes out to Angus, my prayers are with him that he escapes this web, and my thanks go to Jesus for saving yet another. His power is indeed great.

    • “It’s shows like this that draw them in and keep them held in their trance, so that the actual world around them doesn’t become visible.”


  • BMinPA

    Once again we are getting excited about nothing. Frankly, after the election my excitability threshold is way up there.

    • Helen85

      The angels in heaven are applauding that Angus has been rescued from hell and destruction and you wonder why we Christians are excited? Salvation is a real something that I thank God for & that His body has grown by another member, passed from death to life…very exciting!

      • 57thunderbird

        Amen Helen.

  • I enjoyed his testimonial, but was unnerved by his timidness towards race in the second video from 1:17 – 2:10.

    It reminded me of when I was in college at Penn State (1990-94) and was into the hip hop culture. It was my form of escape from an abusive childhood (druggie brother – long story). I remember so many white kids that would talk normally around me, then immediately speak “urbonics” when they see a black person. (Yes, I call it urbonics and not ebonics because slang is urban speak and has nothing to do with color – another topic).

    Even when I performed at talent contests (I sucked – my DJ was awesome – so we placed in the top 3 a lot), I would be the guy with a decent haircut, with pants worn the right way, with his shoes tied, and whose lyrics had no swearing and actually meant something. In short, my conservative nature never made me seek the acceptance of black people. I refused to walk on egg shells for anyone after my experiences with my brother (getting shot by him at 9 makes you grow up in a hurry).

    It was funny how I had a lot of black friends in college simply because I was not seeking any acceptance from any group. Staying true to yourself cultivates deeper friendships and exposes shallow relationships. My personality did not change depending on who I was around. Of course, they were my friends more because we shared common conservative beliefs than because of anything to do with hip hop.

    (On a side, in 1992, when a new band called Pearl Jam 🙂 came to Penn State, within a few months, I was not listening to rap anymore. LOL) Now, my heavy fix is Flyleaf – a Christian rock band – the best!

    Now back to Angus’s testimony from the 2nd video from 1:17 to 2:10. I am uncomfortable with his uncomfortableness (is that a word?). I especially did not like the Forerunner guy saying things like “You’re good. Don’t worry about it.” and “You got a pass.”. Who is he that he gives a pass? What pass? This is that stupid white guilt crap. I do not fault Angus. He is young. But what the Forerunner dude should have said was “Stop right there. No need to be uncomfortable about it. Color is not even an issue. Please continue.” That would have stopped the weird laughing off of the comments.

    I am happy Angus found Christ. I am happy he is able to get his message out there. I pray that as he matures, he will stop walking on egg shells around black people trying to be super careful of what he says.

    Sorry, I have long-rant-itis. God bless.

    • DebbyX

      Really nice Jasper. His apologies for saying he likes black people was a bit odd. Everyone’s the same in the eyes of the Lord. I agree with your opinion of the interview.

  • nicole baldwin

    I’ve been hearing about this story alot today…First I think his new found faith is amazing and I sense his excitement and enthusiasm. I understand he is only 19 and started the show well before he could fully comprehend the nature of the show. But, my issue is this, at this point its unprofessional and if he wants out of contract it should be a private matter. I do agree with him about the show, ( its pretty bad) but I don’t think he should be telling people what to watch or how to live.thats all.

  • brendawatkins

    Whether you like it or not, the truth IS the truth.. AMEN! Even if a million people believe a lie, it’s still a lie.

  • Arrrggghhh

    The really disturbing thing to me about this is that the headline running on for this story is “Two and a Half Sheens.” That strikes me as if they are equating Angus’s statements with Charlie Sheen’s rants and shenanigans. Just another crazy person? Back in the day when I still watched TV, I saw the show and had the exact same reaction. It’s filth. Does that mean I’m crazy too?

  • cabensg

    I haven’t figured out yet why anyone would call his testament a rant. I thought it was a very low key but frank discussion about his coming to faith.

    He sure seems the opposite of the dead head dullard he portrays in the sitcom. I often wondered how the show was affecting him since he was on it from such a young age. I would say it’s no thanks to his parents he’s found another path away from drugs and a show that thinks debauchery is entertainment.

    Although there were some really funny shows to begin with it deteriorated pretty quickly into nothing but degraded sexual situations and jargon which were supposedly enjoyed by the canned laughter audience. It’s ended up with no redeeming qualities of any kind.

  • As presented to Congress:
    Communist Goals
    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I don’t watch the program. My wife swears by it until Ashton came on board.

  • Good for him.

  • Scoop. Check Forerunner Chronicles’ Youtube site. This guy who Angus is with in this video is much like Alex Jones. Watch his 4 Angels & Demons videos. I am posting video #4. Angus may be getting into a very loopy religious group. Very Anti-Catholic,9/11 truth, Freemason, Illumimati etc…… As a matter of fact, check a variety of his videos. Seems like Angus might have been listening to Charlie Sheen.

  • The left is skewering him claiming he swapped his drug addiction for ‘Jesus’ addiction. I personally think that show is filth along with most of what is on tv.

  • 57thunderbird

    Good for you Angus.I never watch any of the filthy garbage on TV or at the movies.May the Lord bless you and keep you and may his countenance be upon you all the days of your life.