Ann Coulter had The View ladies all up in arms over her new book “Mugged”

I wish they had longer than a 7 minute segment so Coulter could spend more time explaining why they are wrong without being constantly interrupted. But alas, it was still fun to see their insanity come out when Ann tells them that they’ve got it all wrong on blacks and history.


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  • kim

    I’m all done with Ann.

    • stage9

      I liked her right up until she became Obamney’s mistress.

    • BlueGood

      No matter what your political views are, please watch.

      Remember when we were told to watch Fox News on a Sunday night that was going to air something about Obama and we watched but never saw anything! Well, read below and click on the video to see why it got pulled before it could air

      Now we know why Fox News never broadcast it as they had originally planned to. This piece was pulled.

      *I encourage you to please send this to everyone on your email list ASAP.*

      *Remember all the notices we kept getting to watch Fox News on Sunday at 9PM? What Happened?*

      *This is the clip that got pulled due to pressure from the Administration.*

      Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Sean Hannity from airing this piece.

      *This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. It was a matter of time until the internet picked it up.*

      *Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!*

      • Go down to sDee and my conversation.

      • conservative58

        Blue – Thanks for the link. I don’t think there was anything in the video we haven’t seen before, but it is chilling to see everything pulled together in one video.

        So many things in this video make me angry. I have NEVER considered Islam to be a part of America’s heritage. I also cannot believe that America elected this monster as President only 7 years after we were attacked on 9/11. Obama is not out to protect America; he is out to promote Islam.

        America — WAKE UP!! We have got to vote this evil man out of office on Nov 6.


        • BlueGood

          You must send out to all on yr list!

          This is Phuckin’ very Scary…

          ‘scuse my FRENCH!~

          • sDee

            you meant Phrench, Right? 😉

      • sDee

        He is an apt summary…

        No Vetting Needed
        Obama is out in plain sight before Americans and the rest of the world.

        There is no mystery. Nothing to uncover.

        He has intentionally taken America down.

        His most recent proclamation at the United Nations that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” says it all, doesn’t it? There is nothing vague about that comment.

        He unequivocally promoted Sharia law and gutted our First Amendment rights. (Of course the two go hand in hand.)

        Do we really need Obama to unseal his records? Does something hinge on the release of the Los Angeles Times video tape? Is more digging into Obama’s background in order?

        I think not.

        • puma_for_life

          I agree. I know more about Obama than most people having been through the 2008 election as a Hillary supporter. What more can I say. We investigated him them and no one was interested. If people continue to vote for this man and he gets re-elected, I pray for this country.

          • Wisewoman2

            Hi puma. I’m still a PUMA but now I am an independent PUMA.

            • puma_for_life

              Hi, Wisewoman2, I’m an independent also.

            • puma_for_life

              Hi again, I noticed you were a poster over at NoQuarter. What’s going on over there? Everyone left and it seems pretty strange.

              • Wisewoman2

                A number of us were supporting different republican candidates. Larry didn’t appear to like any of them and began to really disparge everyone’s candidate to the point where it got ugly. For example, Ferb and I were supporting Cain. He made a number of false claims about Cain’s education that a link proved him wrong. He was incensed about it. He also couldn’t stand Newt and ulled no punches insulting people about their choice. He started inviting people to leave and they did. I do miss the site and I try to visit it but for some reason a script runs that makes my computer run extremely slow. I am prompted to close or let it run. I close it.

                • puma_for_life

                  Thanks. I was going there when Larry was disparaging all of the GOP candidates except Romney and Huntsman, but I didn’t post much, just a lurker. I remember Ferd was a frequent poster. If you go over there now, something else is going on. There are hardly any posters and you have to register or something to even be able to post. Larry is going through something again, maybe because of Hillary’s role in the Benghazi brewing scandal. What happened to RevAmy? Did she leave when you and the others left? What other sites to you go to?

                • Wisewoman2

                  Yes Ferb was one of the stars of the site. Larry even let him post an article once. Don’t know what happened to RevAmy. I still hold warm thoughts for the site. It was a comfort for us PUMAs. Sometimes I look at Breitbart, dailycaller and townhall.

      • badbadlibs

        satan’s servant praising satan’s religion.

      • Having lived in the ME, I can tell you his history is that of what is taught in the ME. Everything he recited in that video is incorrect but it is what is taught in Islam and the ME in particular. It is also why ME puffs itself up and thinks itself entitled to the fruits of the world. Well I can’t go into detail here but you get the gist of it.

        The tell tale sign was when he cited Islam as bringing about the Renaissance in Europe. No true historical scholar would credit the ME at all with the Renaissance but that is what is taught in the ME.

        Thanks for the video and yes I am passing it on.

      • bobemakk

        I will put this link on my facebook page, thanks….Obama is no good. He has to go. The problem is the politically uneducated that look for the social justice handout programs a/k/a “Obama bucks.” God Help US if he is re-elected.

    • Kim, you lack backbone. Ann has it. You, don’t.

    • CalCoolidge

      Generally, I agree with that. However, it was instructiive to see all the usual liberal race-baiting dodges dragged out on cue.

    • Andrew Bonnette

      Well……bye 🙂

  • cheezwhizz

    Why does anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size ever go on the View ?

    • poljunkie

      She’s selling a book.

    • funkybarfly

      I know what you mean.Putting a Conservative on that show is like throwing a worm in the middle of a bunch of pecking hens – the sound it makes is the same anyway.

    • We conservatives need to go to every liberal media outlet and make our case. We can’t just “preach to the choir” and just go on Fox or Rush. Remember the GREAT Andrew Breitbart would go on these lib-stations all the time and argue the good fight. If any of those 4 lib yentas on The Spew (view) would have shut their damn mouths for 2 seconds and let Ann finish one sentence, Ann makes a great, compelling argument. And for conservatives, and I promise I am just or more conservative than most- but anyone who dislikes Ann for supporting Romney is misguided. Mitt is tied with Obama, but who thinks Newt, Santorum, or the others who dropped out in January would be doing better? Be realistic- every media outlet except Fox is super liberal. I would love to see Mitt run more commercials, but maybe his media blitz is strategically waiting until the last month. Candidates don’t want to peak to early (research Dukakis, Carter, Mondale- yes Mondale in 1984, GHWBush in 1992- all peaked 6 or 7 weeks before the election). At this point in 1980 people did not like Reagan and stupid carter was up by about 8 points. Let’s see what happens in the debate next week.

  • I’m sorry Scoop, no amount of wheaties can make me go in there. I really REALLY can’t take those idiotic airheaded blind fools.

    • sDee

      ABC – completely off topic but I’d like your thoughts on something. Beyond the obvious repulsion of Obama’s UN address, something about it has been nagging me. Then something I read today connected. Please listen to the tone and attitude in his voice when he says “Prophet of Islam” and how he says “Jesus Christ”……..

      And here is what I read.

      • We’re on the same page sDee. I’ve noticed before how he always says “the prophet” with such respect, yet NEVER refers to Jesus as Our Lord, or the Lord, or the Son of God, or anything like that. Whether he is talking about the sound of the muslim call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds”

        Notice how he says, “where I first came to the place where it was REVEALED”

        Then notice how he speaks about the HOLY koran, but he NEVER speaks about the Bible being Holy.

        notice how he speaks about the Scriptures of the Bible.

        Long tradition of celebrating iftar in the whitehouse?

        Let me know what you’re thinking my friend. There’s so much more, but I won’t have time until later to discuss more.

        • sDee

          Nothing much more to what I was thinking just a gut check.

          There is absolutely nothing that could make me think this man is anything but pure evil. I do not know why but I cannot get that sound byte out of my head. He said with such disgust – it put a the voice to the evil.

    • CalCoolidge

      You left out “talk sluts.”

  • Marky_D

    I like Ann Coulter – I realise not everyones a fan, but I like her gutsyness (not sure that’s a word, but oh well).

  • I don’t watch the view, it has always amazed me that anyone with half a brain does. When I used to visit my mom at the nursing home, there were all these senior citizens asleep in front of the TV supposedly watching the view. Maybe that’s their audience?

    • kim

      Makes you wonder about the American woman’s IQ, doesn’t it?

      • poljunkie

        HEY NOW.Some of us think for ourself.
        Thats what always irked me about Oprahs endorsement in 2008. She knew what kind of impact it would have with her sheep like viewers.

        • conservative58

          Speaking of Oprah, she’s been rather quiet this go around….

          I never watched her (or any of that day time crap) either but I think Obama used her, then dumped her like a hot potato. Hate it for her — NOT!

          • WinMissouri

            I heard that the author of the book The Amateur revealed that Oprah like the Clintons does not like Obama (anymore). I have not read the book,that is what someone who read the book told me.

            • CalCoolidge

              He’s not “the one?”

      • puma_for_life

        I have to agree. I just talked with a friend of mine who is voting for Obama because of the abortion issue. I cannot believe it; she is 60 years old. I asked her if she needed an abortion and she said no but she knew someone who had died from an illegal one. Frankly, I am pro-choice for close to that reason, but it would never be the deciding factor for my vote. I said to her that she must not know what obama is doing to this country and got no response. (She is voting for some GOP locally, I hope for the person I recommended, but I was appalled, but tried not to show it…I don’t have that many friends as I live in a very liberal area…and here I dont’ have that many friends because I support Ron fact someone said I was a traitor because I might vote for Gary Johnson)

    • puma_for_life

      Maybe, but there are actually a lot who listen to, and watched, Glenn Beck. I have a friend who is liberal Jewish and she was complaining about how her mother listened to Glen Beck. Don’t forget, those old folks vote.

      • They say most old people aren’t voting for Obama. They also say we hate old people at the same time.

        • puma_for_life

          Most old people are not voting for Obama.

          • If they can scare them into thinking we’ll mess with Medicare. At the same time they like saying old people vote for us.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I could care less what Ann says, she was the one that did not defend Sarah Palin and was the one that pushed for Romney knowing full well that Romney was not the most conservative candidate out there. And no conservative would ever cheer for this

    • Arrrggghhh

      And all her bullcrap hype for Chris Christie. Although Christie is probably about as conservative as NJ can get, he certainly is not at the top of the list of real conservatives. If Romney doesn’t win AND implement some effective conservative policies, I will hold Ann and all the other RINO’s responsible. Maybe that’s the only way we’ll get Sarah Palin or Allan West in the White House. Unfortunately, it will probably be too late to save the country.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Christie is the worst and most overhyped politician, his speech at the convention was all about himself and if he was so good why is the unemployment in NJ over 9% and with the Obama Care he didnt move a finger to fight it in court. I just hope our fellow conservatives dont forget.

        • And don’t forget what he called conservatives when he appointed a muslim judge…

          • marketcomp

            Chris Christie has just added another notch in the belt of the Project that Glenn Beck made us aware of. What a stupid fat man!

            • I haven’t seen the program, and most likely won’t get to see tonights unless Beck puts it up on youtube or something. But I’ve been watching islam for a long time, and the creeping sharia coming into the US and Canada. Crispy was a major disappointment when he said those words.

              • marketcomp

                Hey AbC. Sign up at Glenn for the free trial. which is either 2 weeks or 14 days, he is posting both programs on his webpage. You can see the Project-there for free. I thought I knew it to and alot I did but these Muslums are very senile and dangerous and they are in every aspect of government and institutions.

                • I always feel guilty when I sign up for free stuff, because I won’t be paying for it later. My silly conscience is getting in the way

                • marketcomp

                  Well, Glenn Beck said for those who domnot have Dish to sign-up for the documentary at and then unsign. I have Dish so that’s how I know. I hope that makes you feel less guilty, maybe?! But, I understand AbC.

                • LOL. Well if the big boss said it. Maybe I will if I have time. I know it’s an important one. Thanks for the info marketcomp!

                • marketcomp

                  Anytime abc:)!

                • Well, there goes that idea. I tried marketcomp, but they have it set up to where you have to give them your banking info, so they can start charging after the free period. Not that I’d mind having to contact them to discontinue it (although I’d rather opt in than out) but I don’t have a credit card or pay pal. I guess I’ll have to depend on all of you guys who see it to spread the word!!

                • marketcomp

                  It says Start your FREE Trial!
                  You will not be charged until after your free trial ends.

                  Your Membership: TheBlaze TV Plus Monthly (After free trial, you will be charged $9.95

                  But, I guess you do did a credit card for the free trial and then cancel. Ok, sorry Abc!

                • You’ll just have to be my go to guy on this one 😉

                  Thank you anyway my friend!

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I didnt know that thanks.

      • Kris

        I have never gotten the admiration ppl up north have for Christie…please “enlighten me”…

        • conservative58

          When I first hear about Christie I was really impressed with the way he stood up to the union thugs. I thought, ‘WOW’, this guy is awesome! But it didn’t take long for that to wear off. I think the final straw for me was his defending the Muslim judge. After that, I was done with Christie and didn’t even watch him at the Republican convention. I’m just SO thankful Romney didn’t pick him for his VP!

          Sorry, Kris, I guess that really didn’t answer your question but thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. 🙂

      • Don’t forget her saying radiation was harmless after the hurricane in Japan. A lot of patients with radiation poisoning wouldn’t agree.

    • IwjwI

      Percicely why she is on my boycott list for helping support her. I won’t even share this link on my social media sites. She needs to go away.

    • marketcomp

      Well stated proudhispanicconservative!

  • Arrrggghhh

    The clip may be good, but I placed Ann on my Do Not Watch List during the primaries with all the other RINO talking heads (Rove, Krauthammer, Kristol, O’Reilly to name a few).

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I disagree with the Krauthammer part.

      • Arrrggghhh

        I really loved Herman Cain at one time (seems like years ago). Krauthammer turned me off by being so blatantly dismissive. That’s what landed him on my list. I guess RINO isn’t the right word for him, but it put him on my crap list nonetheless.

        edit: I think “elitist” is the right word for him

    • Edward La Guardia

      it’s pretty silly and foolish to call O’Reilly a RINO…he has always said that he is an Independent and he has never said that he was a Republican so how can he be a Republican In Name Only??? That’s logically impossible.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Okay, I just wanted to keep it short. I just don’t have much tolerance for either RINO’s or elitists. Your right. He’s definitely another elitist and not a RINO. Nonetheless, I can’t stand his elitist dismissiveness. He’s so much smarter than his interviewees that he doesn’t even let them finish what they’re saying.

  • R F

    and as usual, Dumbass Whoopi plays the race card. Sickening

  • WhiteGuy2

    The Liberals have a very distorted view of historical facts, as well the present. As you can see, trying to correct the record is impossible with these delusional Liberals. Mainly because they won’t shut their mouths long enough to listen.

  • R F

    and right on cue dumbass Whoopi plays the race card. She can’t come up with any decent conversation. Sickeningly stupid
    Why not let her talk and then dispute what she says, no, they attack like a mob

    • Which is why I shake my head that anyone who is not an indoctrinated lib goes on this show at all. They NEVER let anyone complete a sentence before interrupting with a typical liberal response.

  • scrubjay

    I was originally upset by Ann Coulter’s logic but she was proven right in the end to support Romney. The way that the Obama “don’t run on the issues — destroy your opponent” campaign works, everyone of the conservatives in the primaries would have had their head handed to them.

    Ann has been doing yeoman service in giving conservatives the intellectual ammunition to demolish the left’s false narratives on many issues. I respect her.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      So, you prefer the backing of ‘moderates’ running for president?

      • scrubjay

        I prefer winning campaigns.

        Conservative author and commentator William F. Buckley (1925-2008) was asked, in 1967, whom he would support in 1968 for U.S. president. Buckley responded with what would late be called the ‘Buckley Rule” for primary voting: “The wisest choice would be the one who would win. No sense running Mona Lisa in a beauty contest. I’d be for the most right, viable candidate who could win. If you could convince me that Barry Goldwater could win, I’d vote for him.”

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Ann changed her mind from thinking Romney would lose if he became the nominee to backing him when Chris Christie didn’t run. If Romney wins, he will beat a 150 year trend when it comes to a ‘moderate’ running against a Democrat incumbant.

          • “Compassionate” GW Bush beat the incumbent vice-president Gore. I think Romney has good enough odds.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I was speaking of history in regards to incumbent Democrat Presidents and ‘moderate’ challengers, not a challenger running against a terming out Vice President.

              But wouldn’t it be nice if Romney was challenging Biden instead of Obama?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Like mark levin said when talking about moderates, so are you for partial liberty?, are you for moderate freedom? 🙂

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Now that it’s not the primary season and he is the nominee with a conservative running mate, though, we hope Romney will win this time around.

  • Sorry, but Ann was not very impressive in this segment. Granted, it’s hard to get a word in edgewise with that bunch, but the moment those idiot women started talking about voter suppression in reference to voter ID laws, Ann should’ve destroyed them on that. And she didn’t say a word.

    • scrubjay

      Ann did magnificently, given that it was 4 against 1. She had all the answers in under a second to respond and refute everything that they threw at her.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I watched this, and, boy, was there absolutely NOTHING learned in those 7+ minutes. They’d ask a question, only to berate Ann before she could even answer it. Sad, sad state of talk TV.

    • kim

      Did you expect to?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Of course not. That’s precisely why I wouldn’t waste bandwidth on reposting it. It’s fundamentally useless.

  • Josh

    The only one who could possibly reach Whoopi is Zo. No white person has a chance. That right there is one racist black lady.

    • sDee

      At her age it is a permanent affliction.

  • DebbyX

    You cannot make the blind see!

  • marketcomp

    I am so over Ann Coulter! But perhaps she can find a new audience for her books.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      She is suffering from a severe case of importance widrawal. We could care less of what she says.

  • This is only the second time that I have publicly agreed with Ann Coulter, as I am not a fan of hers. –But what she said in that video is true. It needs to be said. But it appears to me that some blacks (like the two black women on that video) want to be victims of white republicans; and to find out that they are not, would take away their reason for waking up in the morning.

    That’s how I feel on this.

    Informing Christians Writer

    PS: I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am an independent voter.

  • Throwing pearls to swine.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Whoopi Goldberg is such a waste of time. Matter of fact all those women on The View are a waste….how can anyone watching understand anything because they’re all talking over each other…trying to shout down each other in an attempt to get in their liberal slant on the subject being discussed!!!!!!!

    • Wisewoman2

      As an intelligent black person they all came across as ignorant and proud of it. Ann is correct. My black people don’t know nor do they care to know their history. They think everything important started and ended with Johnson’s passage of the civil right law in the mid 60s. Thanks Ann for trying.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Some of the finest soldiers I served with were proud, black American soldiers. They were very sharp and were dedicated to serving the United States in a totally professional manner.

  • screw ann coulter and the women of the view, they deserve each other as far as i’m conerned… don’t buy her book.

  • 12grace

    Whoopie is an idiot. I think Ann was brave going on the Communist View.

  • 12grace

    Coulter’s book in excellent and the stupid View leftists can’t change that…

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Thanks Scoop, for reminding me why I would NEVER watch The View. That was horrible.

    They are uninformed, brainwashed liberals, just like all the liberals I know in my life. They drink the Kool-Aid, never do their research, repeat Alinsky lies, and allow themselves to be USED by a power-hungry, socialist party which cares NOTHING about the quality of life of blacks, the poor, or any other citizen in this country. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NanNJ

    Ann, sometimes you tee me off, but congrats girl, you held your own…arguing your points well against a bunch of no nothings bigots. You done good.

  • libertyandtyranny

    Why do they only have ONE conservative on the View?

    • sDee

      Even odds.

      • reason1984

        That was good.

  • libertyandtyranny

    Liberals crush FACT and TRUTH to promote their world view, which is entitlement welfare big government CRAP.

    • Wisewoman2

      As Mitt said Obama measures success by how many people are getting govt benefits. He said he would measure success by how many people have a good job with rising wages.

  • libertyandtyranny

    The libtards on the View try to marginalize Coulter by bullying her. It’s disgusting.

  • libertyandtyranny

    Hateful comments???? The TRUTH is hateful to liberals, especially liberal blacks.

  • gothicreader

    They just won’t listen!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Off topic: Just received an email from Allen West he is leading the leftwing idiot Murphy by double digits.YEEEEEEEEEEEES

    • sDee

      A toast is in order my Floridian friend! SKOAL

      • proudhispanicconservative

        A toast my Friend.

    • nibblesyble

      woohoo! Thanks phc!

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Yes its fantastic, its what you get when you take on the liberals head on. His ads are just destroying the liberal idiot Murphy.

    • reason1984

      Outstanding news. Thank you. Some day the Lt.Col. will be our first black president.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Yes he will, and Lets hope we get the senate with real conservatives so we can start to dismantle the Establishment Rinos in Washington.

        • reason1984


      • Ahhh. The truth will set people free.

    • conservative58

      Thanks for sharing the great news!


      • proudhispanicconservative


    • Double digits? Excellent!

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Yes he is ……….He sent emails to his supporters and that’s what it says. He is a great fighter.

  • dukeaboy

    Ann rocks. You can she’s doing a good job by telling the truth. Look at how the libs foam at the mouth when they hear her talk.

  • Jaels_Song

    Barbara Walters is a self-admitted adulteress. The woman admitted publically without embarrassment that she cheated with married men and that trollop of a battle axe has the NERVE to accuse Ann Coulter of being HATEFUL? Let me tell you… women who take pride in committing adultery are the most hateful contemptible loathsome trash known to human families.

    • The thought of that is so nasty. That hag is gross.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Anytime anyone can make those shrews go ballistic is a good time. 🙂

  • hbnolikeee

    Coulter has more brains with one lobe tied behind her back then that entire gaggle. Whoopie never disappoints.

  • badbadlibs

    Ah, the yentas. What a bunch of blood sucking, lying, lunatics. And nope, that’s not the official definition of yenta…that is entirely too tame, the blood sucking stuff is more to the point.

  • reason1984

    That was fun. A flash mob of empty bobble-heads and empty jargon. Not an Ann fan but she sure got their panties in a wad. Somebody needs to tell Whoopee to ease up on the whoopie pies. And who knew that Whoopee (Roman Polanski apologist) got her doctorate in history from her grandmother. The View needs to consider revising their format to a combination cooking/gardening tips show.

  • Whoopi is as racist and dumb as she is ugly.

  • She’s said other good things talking about the book. About things that have nothing to do with civil rights getting called that like with immigrants.
    They’ve never been afflicted by Jim Crow, but the left prattles on like they were.
    I like how she’ll talk about race. Most don’t have the guts to do that.

  • aZjimbo

    As Mark Levin would say: who cares about this crap. It’s meaningless tribble.

  • Wow, the cumulative IQ (minus Anne) of that group of she-zombies barely hits triple digits! Whoopi, is out there where the buses don’t run, Barbara needs to be in a “home” and those other three simpletons would be doing “what” if it wasn’t for this show!! Ugh, they need to be “Kevorkianed”!

  • MaroonRepublic

    What a colossal waste of time trying to convince these idiots.

  • eyewatcher1960

    I’m so sick of these hair-brained View Women. Can someone please tell these know nothings that one MUST understand the Past to know the Future?. What the hell is History? I bet none of those except the blond has had a history course; but, I am finished with her, anyway, because when Obama came on the other morning, she sat there like a typical idiot instead of asking any Hard questions….especially about HIS role in the death of our Ambassador.

  • John3_3

    Coulter keeps confusing them with facts.

    • the View should be renamed to a “Skew”…….
      The stupidity of those twi(a)ts is bottomless…………….

  • Do those hens on the view ever come up for air. Constant verbal vomit. How anyone can watch that show without getting a migraine headache after 10 minutes is beyond “my pay grade”- to quote a historic zero. The producers should carry gags and masking tape to control those babbling bores.

    • I don’t even bother watching trash like ‘THE VIEW’ – because it is their point of view and none others that matter on that show – unless of course you are “eye candy” a/k/a POTUS –

  • brianmouland

    Ann would have more luck teaching a cow to drive rather gettting her point through to this group of progressive cementheads

  • I made it all the way to 5:25.

    Do I win?

    Fear of research, facts, and history is what keeps people like Whoopee from ever understanding anything about the history of this country.

    And while I’m at it, Howard Zinn is a dead racist.

    Ann Coulter owes me a couple of dollars for sitting through that.

  • Ann was great!

  • repubboy

    that was like herding cats !

  • Hard to prove your point when you have a bunch of overpaid deadheads jumping in and never letting you complete a sentence.

    • total IQ of those 5 dorks on View is below 50…..why bother?

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Why did she even go on The View? I mean really, that’s a big step down for Coulter. Controversy does sell, however, she would have been better off going of Live with whats-her-name, oh yeah, Kelly. At least she could have gotten a full sentence out to rile up the viewers and not be side swiped by the likes of Whoopie. Who, by the way, sounded bone-head-stupid. Whoopie kept playing the race card while Coulter kept saying WHITE LIBERALS. Bone head just didn’t get it.

  • logic and and a leftist idiot-ess??? Whom are you kidding?

    BTW – is this the same Whoopi who once said she scraped out her baby with a wire hanger?

  • FreddieandReady

    Whoopi is the dumbest person on television. I get embarrassed for her every time she opens her mouth.

  • If you are going to be against someone’s point of view, especially a book, at least friggin read it.

  • Joseph ewing

    4 Liberals, one silent “conservative” (Hassleback who was amazingly silent) and Ann.

    If they had brought in at least 3 more liberals, it might have been a fair fight.