Ann Coulter: Republicans should concede to Obama and raise taxes on the rich

Ann Coulter says we have to win in 2014 and 2016 and that in order for that to happen, Republicans must concede on raising the tax rates of the top 2 percent so that Obama gets the economy he wants and the blame for it as well. If we stand on principle, Ann argues, the GOP will be blamed for the economy and we hurt our chances in the next 2 election cycles:

Problem is, just as we’ve seen over the last four years, Obama and the media will blame Republicans anyway. It’s a foregone conclusion that Republicans will be blamed for a tanking economy so why don’t we stand on principle and fight so that we don’t lose the base we already have.

If Republicans concede the higher tax rates, we will also be conceding these socialist arguments to Obama and not telling people the truth about the economy. I agree the GOP is terrible at messaging and that desperately needs to be fixed, but if they concede these higher tax rates then I believe it’s over for Republicans. Obama’s next move is checkmate.

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  • I agree scoop, Repubs will get the blame no matter what. If they cave and raise the taxes it will be “Well we could have avoided this mess that we are in now if we had raised the taxes sooner but the republicans held the money hostage.”

    • Conniption Fitz

      The Republicans should stand their ground and JUST SAY NO to Obama.

      Let them shut down the government.

      Someone is going to have to be man enough to stop the obscene irresponsible spending.

      • carmtom13

        I agree with you but Boehner doesn’t have the gutz to do that. Boehner needs to be voted out as speaker I don’t trust him he has caved before and will probably do it again and we the people will suffer for him being weak.

        • Don

          The establishment republicans, better known as RINOs, are irrelevant in their own “party”. They are the third party and too stupid to have even a clue. If the truth is known, no one on the face of the earth gives a crap what the RINOs do or think. They are not worth the water to flush them down the tubes.

        • CalCoolidge

          You are right. Boehner is as bad as Coulter

      • crosspatch

        I think that would be a dumb move. Reason is if we stand our ground and do nothing, the economy goes south anyway due to Obamacare and sequestration. They blame the Republicans for that, in 2014 they throw the Republicans out of the House and in 2014 Obama has a Democrat House and Senate. Nightmare.

        • Wake up….study those election results. better start being better partners in negotiation. you cannot win ANYTHING with 2% of the vote!! soon the morons in the south will also figure out U have no policies to help them. then it is over for you. raising taxes on rich is NO-BRAINER stop standing on your ridiculous principles. in essence you are defending GWB…those tax cuts should have NEVER been

          • Defytheleft

            Don’t fret. No matter what the Republicans do, they will lose in the end. I hope they do not compromise, and we jump head first over the fiscal cliff. Let Obama have full ownership. At this point, screw it.

            Nice avatar, btw. Go Hoosiers

            • Exactly. However, what if the the marketing strategy was to say the only way to save the economy is to lower all 99%-ers taxes to 10% and keep repeating that over and over and over and over? Then, when it tanks after anyone’s taxes are raised, O can be blamed for not going to 10%? Flip the coin.

          • I love how you put the Moron tag on the entire South. Do you care to reference these Moronic States? Now with that out of the way, your sentences are hard to understand since they are written so poorly. I know you are not a moron because you live in that bastion of heavy thinking which is Indiana. So please let us know what you mean that “U have no policies to help them” means. What policies do you suggest that would help morons? If you are speaking of entitlements, the morons of the South are generally brought up to earn their way through life, and not have the government fund it for them. Please explain which policies the Democrats have to help the South, and I am serious about this part. I want to know what you have to offer.

          • Garym

            Yeah everyone, give up your principles. The Bush tax cut never should have happened. Oh wait a minute:
            Well …… you should give up your principles, just because.
            Idiot lefty.

            • And remember ‘read my lips’? Lefty still owes America a bunch of cuts they promised Bush 1– trust me they said, you can count on tax cuts from us when you agree to tax increases. Idiot lefty. Idiot righty if they agree to it again.

              • Garym

                Absolutely. It amazes me (it shouldn’t though) that Coulter and others have just given up the fight. She just wants to sell books, which is fine, but we have governor Walkers example of what you can acheive if you fight for it.

              • George HW Bush is in the hospital. His actions should be an example to Boehner and the others that want to raise our taxes.

          • KenInMontana

            Drop the talking points and think for yourself, oh, I’m sorry, talking points are all you have. Later troll.

          • Funny The South because of our Conservative Policies is prospering while the Liberal States are sinking. Just stay out of the South Please !! We don’t want your Liberal Trash Policies.. And I don’t care either way about the 2% top earners. They can fight for them self. But Obama Care, and Over spending by Obama will further sink you liberals. Obama’s policies are sinking ,, so don’t come crying and whining about your financial situation on the boards, the Conservative tried to warn you and you didn’t listen. So Deal with whats coming because either way YOU LOOSE FINANCIALLY !!

          • keyesforpres

            Now Jenny, you do know Bush’s tax cuts were for EVERYONE who paid federal taxes? Well, if you work, you will find out in the New Year!

        • Conniption Fitz

          Listen to Newt’s speech at the Reagan Library and the Restoration Weekend. He knows how to battle liberals and leftists in congress.

    • JimNEPA2_0

      Taxes will take 98 cents out of every dollar earned by Americans making $750,000 a year and more ($750k being $15,000 in today’s dollars), gasoline will be $507.55 (and 9/10ths) a gallon, George W. Bush will be pushing up daisies on his ranch in Crawford, the Republican Party will be as extinct as the T-Rex, and yet 73-year-old President For Life Obama will STILL be blaming them for everything on the day he signs Executive Order Number 500,000 which guarantees that all unemployed Americans have a right to a month-long vacation at Disney World North, formerly known as Detroit, Michigan before the 2015 Stimulus. (This is up from the two week vacation he gave them in 2019 shortly after it opened.)

      • He doesn’t want to be President for life…EXALTED RULER sounds way more appealing.

    • CalCoolidge

      Ann Coulter – Democrat Lite

  • conservativenews

    I’m getting tired of this dumb bitch.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      You just earned yourself a disqus “follower”.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but please don’t use that kind of language in this context. It goes against our comment policy.

      • 401_Unauthorised

        LOL “I understand where you are coming from.” Heck yeah you do! Major LOL!

      • conservativenews

        Sorry scoop. It’s very frustrating to see a lot of people panicking on our side.

        • 401_Unauthorised

          She was never on our side, thats what funny about it. She was just good at playing the part. A good old fashioned huckster’s what Coulter always was.

          • She is soo good at it that she keeps being invited back over and over and over again. And we wonder what the problem is.

          • You nailed it.

    • dcnj

      pfft take for what she is in reality – entertainer …and to be real, so is everyone else from O’Reilly to Stossel.

      Smart people indeed. But no better then Elvis Presley at the core.

      • OK, what’s wrong with Stossel?

        • dcnj

          Nothing wrong with Stossel, I have great respect for him, and I agree with him almost all the time.

          We need him…we need common sense leaders… it’s beyond entertainment now… the govt is broken and it’s taken us all down

          • You just said he’s only an entertainer.

            • dcnj

              exactly…we do not need entertainers…we need leaders. Right now he’s nothing more then a talking head…

              Want a really good read this guy nails everything – Daniel Greenfield – google “sultan knish”

  • Don’t need to concede, just extend all the rates with two separate bills.

    One bill extends the highest rate, the other bill extends all the other rates.

    That way no one violates their pledge, but Obama can’t accuse the GOP of letting everyone’s taxes go up to help the rich.

    Obama doesn’t want to get what he claims to want, because then he will own the coming recession. By doing this the GOP will make him own it without violating their principles.

    • GaltLine

      Certainly a better option than Coulter’s turn tail and run scenario.

    • PapaLouie

      The problem is, the media would only talk about the second bill and report that the GOP totally caved to Obama’s demands. If anyone mentioned the first bill, it would be to point out that it was a political ploy that the GOP knew would fail. And they would be right. They would only have one bill if they were serious. Having two bills proves that they expected only one to pass. I think the public would see through it.

    • Jazzee

      I agree instead of boehner yak yak PASS the BILLS and let them sit in the senate
      Lordy do they not KNOW HOW to do anything get on offense boys and girls
      pass the bills…………..just do your job
      OH yeah they can’t do that because most of them are on vacation AGAIN
      and sorry boehner ‘not being loyal’ is not the right reason to take real conservatives off committees…………………you are not KING and neither is dumb obama

  • Conniption Fitz

    Coulter has officially jumped the shark and revealed herself as a stealth socialist liberal pretending to be a conservative all these years.

    Maybe she is really whatever is gonna bring her the biggest profit and power (like her boys Romney and Christie).

    • It would seem to me that she jumped ship trying to explain Romneycare is a conservative model of healthcare.

    • Buckeye27

      That’s ridiculous. So arguing that the Republicans granting the Democrats tax cuts is throwing in the towel? You have to set yourself up to win the war, and in the media culture we live in we’re going to be a minority regardless, unless we give the Democrats exactly what they want with a giant I told you so on the other side. You go ahead and charge an entrenched enemy head on when they gave total cover. I’ll concede the battle and crush them later. I think we should offer spending cuts associated with job losses after the tax rate hikes, because like it or not they’re coming. That way GOP gets to cut spending, point out the failure of Dem policies and do both at the expense of Democrats.

  • c4pfan

    Didn’t the GOP do that the last time when they caved and made this deal a year and 1/2 ago? Don’t they get that thinking ‘next time’ never ends up coming?

    So, raise taxes & then blame it on Obama when the GOP agreed to raise taxes? Makes no sense!

    • hbnolikeee

      It does makes sense if you do say and at the same time state that it is wrong but that the GOP will not be blamed for the failure and it will show the people how dumb these Marxists are. Realize that obstructing anything will be used as an excuse and not help get them the hell out of DC.

      • c4pfan

        That’s what they did last time and it didn’t work!

    • aposematic

      We wouldn’t be in this mess if the Republicans had just gone along with the D plan to destroy the Republic; or, we wouldn’t be in this mess if the Republicans had not just gone along with the D plan to destroy the Republic. Take your pick!

  • c4pfan

    When the Senate just asked the Dems to bring Obama’s plan to a vote and Reid said NO, why not just pass something the GOP wants and go home? NO tax increases, nothing but a cut across the board in spending and top if off with a pay cut for themselves and go the heck home.

  • 401_Unauthorised

    And people wonder why she jumped on the Romney bandwagon so readily. This here’s your answer. RINO-ism: win at all cost, even if you become Demoncats in the process.

  • God she’s annoying.

    • marketcomp

      She’s just try’in to be relevant!

  • marketcomp

    STU, Ann Coulter!

  • Coulter might as well come out and be a liberal.

  • sjmom

    Coulter is off the wall. She needs to go to the dark side because she is now one of the libs.

    • mark1955

      “She is now one of the Libs”. Her and almost the entire repub legislature and establishment. They and the dems are of the left and fully onboard Obama’s agenda. Any protestation’s on the part of Boehner/McConnell and company is pure “Theatre” and nothing else,for our benefit. Every las bit of Obama’s agenda could have been stopped,but some repub at the last second alway’s pulls Obama’s bills through. That ain’t stupidity or fecklessness or cowardice,but Treasonous Complicity.

      People have to realize,the repubs ain’t working to stop Obama. They are working to make US think,they are trying to stop Obama. They are all lefties!

      • aposematic

        The majority are lefties…not all; but Boehner silenced those that are not lefties, so I understand the confusion.

  • Maxsteele

    Why do we keep having this Bimbo on air, disguising herself as a conservative. She of the Romney and wish it was Christie mantra.
    She is one of the gang that is the death of conservatism.

  • NJK

    She’s an absolute fool. Ann, this isn’t a game. How about they just do what’s right, and let the chips fall where they may. Is it that hard to do the right thing?

  • carmtom13

    Coulter is a rino she and her guy big mouth praise Obama Christi should just join the democrat party.

  • objective123

    Ann, with the implementation of Obamacare starting 2012, the new taxes will happen anyway. See these Rhinos have sold out everyone and think we (tea party patriots) are stupid. The fiscal cliff will happen because once you tax the rich, they will say Forget You and put their money in a mattress before let it be taxed or give it to this “gimme” lazy unearned generation for stuff (homes, health care, jobs, etc…) when they did not earn it.

  • toongoon

    Good idea ditz. If the Republicans do what the Democrats want they’re sure to win in 2014 and 2016!!! Why didn’t they think of that before?

    Oh yeah, they always think like that and you used to know that. Go away Coulter, your usefullness has expired.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      The sarcasm in your first paragraph nails it. Its the best retort to what Coulter is proposing. I mean, at a base level, Coulter’s reasoning just it just beggars belief.

  • JeffWRidge

    Yes, the economy is going to get even worse for the next few years, but for Republicans to agree to raising taxes just to deflect the blame won’t work. The Democrats and the media will remind everyone that the GOP went along with raising taxes, making it impossible for the Republicans to blame Obama and the Democrats for the damage the tax increase causes.

    If the GOP were going to do something along this line, they need to announce that they still oppose tax increases, but that they won’t vote against them. They can announce that they’ll vote present on the bill like a certain former Senator, who is now President, used to do. That’s the only way I can see Coulter’s idea working.

    Personally, I’d prefer that the GOP stood their ground and dared Obama to let tax breaks on the middle class end. They need to remind people that when the “Bush tax cuts” were first proposed that the Democrats said that the only people who would get tax breaks would be the rich. They claimed that the middle class wouldn’t see much of, if any, cut in their taxes. Now they’re claiming that if the Bush tax cuts end that taxes on the middle class will go up. The GOP needs to get on TV and make that point.

    • hbnolikeee

      Exactly. They give these morons/Marxists everything they ask for and all the time adding the caveat that GOP knows these policies are wrong but that they REFUSE to take the blame for them and won’t be labeled obstructionists.

  • capelady

    What Obama also demands now is the ability to raise the debt ceiling at will without congressional approval – does Ann Coulter want to give him that too, I wonder?

    • hbnolikeee

      Let them screw the pooch and we can point it out clearly as 100% their doing and not let them label the GOP as obstructionists.

      We do that and we take it all back the next two cycles (with a lot of voter fraud watching). Once we do so, we start the process to fix the crap that has come down on us.

  • lambfound

    Republicans should propose an actual cut in taxes for 98% and keep the 2% the same – sell it has no tax cut for the rich, only for the 98%. That’s a better deal for the middle class and let Obama deny a tax cut for the middle class.

    • c4pfan

      They need to focus on stopping the spending!

    • Agree. And emphatically repeat that huge tax cuts are the only answer, are the only answer, only answer. Trust us, the only answer, only answer. Strategy= keep repeating that.

  • onetwopunch

    Ann Coulter is a conservative, BUT, she is a FEMALE. People bashing her for being a stealth socialist or liberal are demonstrating their lack of knowledge of the female of the species.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      You’re a genius.

    • I’m tired so I might be mistaken, but please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

  • rjcylon

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, if republicans went against their duty to represent their constituents, and voted for every single thing Obama wanted, there’s no way they could get the blame for whatever happens. How could they?

    The only way they could get blamed would be for not stopping Obama and the democrats from their destructive policies. But the media could never characterize the libs that way. And then America could see the true consequences of electing Obama, and of socialism.

    A big slap in the face, make people live with the consequences of their vote.

    • Unfortunately, the answer is the republicans were the party of no too long, and that caused the problems; it’s a never-ending conundrum to get out of.

  • keyesforpres

    I think the peroxide seeped through her skull and damaged her brain.

    • Good one! Looks like radiation has bad effects on the brain after all!

  • Wigglesworth

    Ann, Democrats will never take ownership and the media would never blame them for anything regardless of whether Republicans submit to their demands. Next year Obama will be out there hyping his new plan to create jobs and blaming Republicans for being obstructionists.

  • lambfound

    Obama has to be on the hook for the chaos that is coming. The only way to do that is to give him everything he wants. You might lose the battle, but you win the war. Ann is right. Republicans should be able to communicate that – of course it is wrong for the country, but let Obama own it. We won’t gain a thing in this particular battle – we have to look at the long run.

    • aposematic

      The only way Obuma, any D, would be on the hook for anything requires something we do not have–an honest MSM/Press.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    As Tonto reportedly replied to the Lone Ranger when he said, looks like we are going to die Tonto, because they were surrounded by Indians……….”Who WE white man?” My question to Ms Coulter, “Who we?”

  • hbnolikeee

    I have said this before and agree with her. Give them everything they ask for with the constant caveat that it’s wrong but we refuse to be labelled obstructionists when it hits the fan. The faster and worse Duh Bumbler makes it the better.

    We should deal with the pain of it and realize that it will be pure and clean evidence that these Marxists haven’t a clue.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      Is your account one of the many being used by Coulter’s PR employees? I mean, think about what you’re saying. When the economy gets worst, do you really believe the media will turn round and say: “Those wise old Republicans, they told us so.”

      Ermm. I don’t think so. I’ll tell you what they will say. They’ll say: Didn’t the Republicans go along with the Obama tax plan back in 2012? Now they’re just being sexist by using it against Hilary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Darn wacist sexist Republicans!”

      What then nolick? Refuse to run a candidate against Hillary to show them how unsexist they are? Pfft.

      • hbnolikeee

        Even a worm will move when you step on it. What a mean it that the most brainwashed will have to feel the pain then and recoil.

        Personally I would tell Duh Bumbler to go piss up a rope, but I don’t think that would help. How else can you demonstrate how flawed these Marxists are?

        • I’m not willing to stand on principle that’s going to provide Obama with cover fire and take the blame for this terrible economy, I want to get out of the way and have Obama own it for the first time in his presidency! We’ve been saying raising taxes on the rich won’t work, won’t bring back the economy, it will make things worse, we need Obama to own it.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I understand your reasoning behind what you are saying, but if we stand on principles and dont raise taxes on anyone, yes they will blame it on us, but circumstances will catch up with Obama one day, you can blame all you want mr Obama, but at the end of his presidency he will be remembered as the worst president ever.
            The reason Romney lost was because 3 million republicans stayed home, because they saw Romney as another moderate that was not going to reverse course, now you want to tell me that we have to give up on the one argument the republican party was instituted for? I say “No” raising taxes will be the final nail on the coffin of the republican party. this article does a better job of explaining it then me…Lol

            • I don’t believe that’s the reason why Romney lost, I think it was largely because public perception was that it was Bush’s fault for getting us with the really bad economy, Obama’s doing what he can but it’s not really his fault for a sluggish and slow growing economy.

              • 401_Unauthorised

                So lemme get this straight. With 3 million less votes than McCain, and after four years of blame to stick on Obama for the bad economy, you believe the reason the Repoobs lost was because people were still mad at Bush 2.0, a meme the Obama campaign didn’t even bother pushing anywhere near as much as they did in 08? Right.

                Now I know why they say ‘The Nile. It isn’t only a river in Egypt.’

                Jeeze. I mean, get over your self and realise many did what you couldn’t do in 2012; they stared the Repoobs down and said “Fcku you and your Mormney; do your worst. We’ll be here to put the pieces back together when the shti hits the fan.”

                • Obama also got fewer votes than he got in 2008. 3 Million votes doesn’t exactly equal that Romney wins the electoral college. Newt couldn’t have beaten Obama, Santorum couldn’t have beaten Obama, Conservatism couldn’t have beaten Obama, Ronald Reagan couldn’t beat Obama in his political climate and the culture change Obama has created all because people still blame Bush.

                • 401_Unauthorised

                  So lets analyze this my brother.

                  Clearly it was true that nobody who voted McCain in 2008 would vote Obama in 2012. So, if in 2008, when the memory of all that Bush had done to the economy was a lot greener in the mind, they wouldn’t vote for Obama, why would they vote for Obama in 2012, four years on? They wouldn’t. So with a lot of people, lets say the three million it simply wasn’t the Bush thing.

                  You’re right, three million doesn’t automatically give Mittens the electoral college but in a world where ten million less people voted for Obama, I’d wager that it wouldn’t have done any harm to Mittens to have had those three million. (See dictionary for the words: ‘understatement’, ‘mild’ and ‘sarcasm’).

                  Now lets not forget those who didn’t vote in 08 for McCain at all. Imagine if a Reagan-like character had stood for the GOP, AT LEAST, thats another 3 million that could have helped out in 2012 that didn’t help in 08 because of McCain. Altogether, that’s a guesstimated 6 million potential voters who could have done a lot for Mittens; 6 million for Mittens when 10 million had abandoned the Obama ship to play the role of neutrals. So to recap: while Obama is losing die-hard Democrats (10 million of them) who refuse to vote for a pro-gay, pro-death, pro-debt president but who remain neutral, Mittens could have gained at least 6 million more conservatives/Reagan Dems/whatever. Again, whilst I agree that that doesn’t automatically translate to electoral college victories, I don’t think these votes would have hurt Romney. You?

                  In the end, my patriot brother, this election wasn’t about those that turned out. For our side, at least, history will read this past election as won and lost by those who abstained. In a world where Obama lost votes, it doesn’t make sense that not only doesn’t Romney pick up those votes but he himself also loses base votes. To look at that and say the reason we lost was because people were still blaming Bush, I’m sorry but that’s just plain dishonest. Romney not only couldn’t pick up those who defected from Obama, but he himself lost votes. So it never mattered who voted for Obama because they were still blaming Bush, if at the end of it all, people who never cared about Bush and would have voted for a Reaganite still stayed at home and well away from Romney. At the end of a failed election bid, you don’t look at the voters you were likely never going to get or that were a 50/50 toss up, when you have voters who you should have had in your back pocket who never turned up for you, all probable 6 million and more of them!

                  And then to say, at the end of it all, that Reagan wouldn’t have won? WHAT IS THAT? You mean Reagan wouldn’t have picked up the 3 million and more who abstained from Romney and McCain and have been abstaining since Bush 2.0? You mean Reagan wouldn’t have picked up ANY of the Democrats who refused to vote for Obama’s pro-gay marriage direction? DafooooK??? Come on dude!

                  Oh but I forget, none of it automatically translates to electoral college wins. Right.

                • Dishonest? Did you see the polls, the majority of people believe it was still Bush’s fault for the economy, or do you just disregard polling data? Reagan had the failure of Carter and the public believed it was his fault, that paved the way for Reagan. If the majority believed it was Obama’s fault for the economy he would be outta there! You are really stuck on the number of voters who voted for who, but that doesn’t really matter, it’s a weak excuse, what matters is the political climate, it’s what sways independents, it’s those independents that gave Obama another chance.

                • 401_Unauthorised

                  You’re right. My bad. Goodnight.

              • “Obama’s doing what he can” “it’s not really his fault for a sluggish and slow growing economy.”
                On what planet is that? Obama’s been President for four years. He owns the economy. Bush didn’t do it any favors, but my goodness! Obama’s made it a hundred times worse.

            • 401_Unauthorised


              Notice Valdez in his reply below doesn’t answer your point that no matter what the Repoobs do they’ll be blamed for the economy anyway and so raising taxes will just piss the base off more (losing more voters and sympathizers) and contribute to a worst economy.

              He just smarts from talk that die-hard conservatives refused to play the RINO and lashes against that point alone. Typical.

              • proudhispanicconservative

                I think he is a patriot, but unfortunately on this issue and the way to handle it he is wrong.

                • 401_Unauthorised

                  “I think he is a patriot.” Yep me too.

                  “But unfortunately on this issue and the way to handle it he is wrong.” Again, me too.

              • If we’re responsible for Obama getting a second term, that’s irresponsible, shameful and we certainly shouldn’t glamorize it; aiding and abetting the enemy, something RINOs are guilty of too.

  • I hate to admit it but I do agree with Ann Coulter. Republicans don’t want to concede higher taxes on the rich to Obama but it’s the only way for Obama to own this economy, it’s the only way public perception is going to change on the economy for better or for worse.. There is no conservative / republican messaging can say that will change that fact.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I disagree with you, if the republicans raise taxes it will be blamed on us anyway, and by doing that you are conceding the major part of your party. “Republicans are the party of lower taxes, the day they raise them, they lose their function”. And the death of the party is going to be eminent. What they should do is pass a bill and lower taxes for everyone, keep the rates for the “rich” the same, hand it over to Harry Reid, and let Harry Reid be blamed for not lowering taxes and allowing taxes to go up.

    • aposematic

      Funny! It will always be a Bush’s fault: Bush I for raising taxes, Bush II for lowering taxes. Get it yet?

  • PapaLouie

    The problem with abandoning conservative principles to give Obama what he wants is that he will want even more next year. We already know that when we give Obama an inch, he demands a mile. So if we cave now, no one will believe we’re serious if we try to stand on principle next time. We’ll have already shown that we’re willing to sell our values cheaply, and in future negotiations we will only be haggling over the price. I’d rather get the blame for what results from standing on principle than be branded a cheap whore with no core values. Apparently Ann doesn’t feel the same way.

    • aposematic

      Could argue the question: Do “cheap whores” (your words) have more or less core values?

      • PapaLouie

        If the GOP gives up their principles to bend over for Obama as cheaply and easily as Coulter wants them to, they have no core values. What is there to argue about that?

  • Larchmonter

    The Problem is SPENDING. That should be the talking point, the bargaining point, and it should be sold this way: Cut Spending by cutting WASTE and CORRUPTION.

    Arguing rates and deductions and “loopholes” is foolishness.

    We talk SPENDING CUTS and we win.

    • aposematic

      A year+ ago the MSM/Press was all up in hysterical ranting the R’s refused $1 in tax increases for $10 in spending cuts (Yes, I know fake future cuts; but that is irrelevant). Now the same MSM/Press is all up in hysterical ranting just on tax increases with no spending cuts. The game is called finish off the Republicans.

  • Larchmonter

    Ann Coulter is an entertainer and should not be taken seriously, except in private with the lights low.

  • David Boyes

    maybe …. Ann should go the way of Karl and Dick on FOX ….

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Another fool that inspired me to leave fox behind a long time, they already let Karl Rove, Dick Morris and a few others go, now its time for you Ann Coulter get off the stage, you are tiresome, and offer nothing that the democrats and the left wing media hasn’t already proposed. I am confused is she a liberal, or a conservative?

    • NoToTyrants

      I am with you my brother.

      Fox New’s behavior during the Republican Primaries and since has been abysmal.

      Can I add …Shep Smith, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Kristol, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams …my hands are cramping from all the typing …but you get the point.

      Fox News needs an enema to clean out …well what enemas clean out.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I read this article yesterday in which it says Roger aisles from fox is “reportedly rethinking the branding of the network in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s re-election”, now that could mean two things, either fox is going hard right, or they are just going to join the other liberal cable channels, I think is the latter, because for the past maybe 2 or three years, fox has been turning liberal, and only ex Bush people come to the shows to defend conservatism and you and I know that they are not real conservatives.

        • NoToTyrants

          I think is the latter

          Regrettably, I think you’re right.

          I heard a rumor that Breitbart, prior to his death, was planning a Conservative News cable network. I don’t know how true the rumor is, and even if it were true, where it stands now that Andrew has passed. I hope it is true and that planning continues.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            We need to find another Breitbart, ever since we lost him, nobody has stepped up to be the counterpunch to the liberal media. His website is a good site, but we need to get into everyone’s home, the way to do that is get a group of conservative investors and buy one of the major networks, abc,nbc,cbs, and turn it into a conservative alternative to the liberal crap we are all obligated to take every day.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Yes unfortunately it is.

        • aposematic

          A 100 likes for you…

          • proudhispanicconservative

            THANK YOU

        • They have Graham/McCain on there disproportionately, ditto Rove before the fallout. Not conservatives at all obviously. And I’d just like to see somebody there put them in their place instead of pretending they’re credible.
          But here’s Fox’s track record last few days:
          On Monday Hannity had Palin and Buchanan (conservatives)
          Van Susteren had Santorum (conservative) and Ingraham
          On Tuesday O’Reilly had Rubio and Huckabee (RINOs)
          Hannity had conservatives Newt, Malkin, and Liz Cheney and RINO Coulter.
          Hannity’s been on fire, he’s really ticked off at this “deal”, I totally respect him now I see he has it in him & he torched Boehner and Coulter.
          Today he had David Limbuagh going up against liberal Juan Williams, who’s getting angrier and angrier now, and Reps. Amash and Huelskamp who Boehner kicked off the committee because they kept their oath to the American people.
          Greta had conservatives Buchanan and Snyder and RINO McCain talking about Syria.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I haven’t been watching Fox but from the count you have made, they are probably shaking things up a bit, I counted more conservatives in the list you gave, I really liked Limbaugh, and the reason I liked it, was how passionate he was, instead of parading these ex Bush officials, who really are really just big government republicans. Lets pray that Fox realizes that they need real conservatives, if not they will serve no function, since we have so many liberal channels out there.

            • I feel ya. In previous weeks it seemed like affirmative action for Bush officials and other RINOs. Pretty much nobody likes these guys, but oh look! Lindsey Graham! McCain! Roove!
              They seem to be shaking things up now.

    • Larchmonter

      She and Bill Maher are close. Enough said. If you would sleep with the enemy, especially a slug like that aHole, you are an entertainer, not a thinker.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Rush was talking about this today on his radio program.

    In a nutshell, letting the Democrats have this so they can punish the rich is ridiculous. The rich broke no laws… why should they be “punished”? And letting this destruction loose on America… so the left-wing morons and America will “learn” the error of their ways is ignorant. America is already “destroyed”… why keep wrecking it more? And the idiots who want this will never learn anything positive from it (“oops, we made a mistake”)… they think they are doing the right thing and will keep taking and taking more anyway. They have no conscience… no muscle in their brains that says “stop”. They have no ability to realize that America is dying and that they and their policies are the cause of it.

    Rush says it MUCH more logically and eloquently than I do. But his points were spot on. We must never concede these fights to the liberals and Democrats. Any victory for them is another nail in the coffin. And this will indeed destroy the Republican party… the wedge will be driven in wide and deep. And Obama will be laughing all the way to our banks.

    • And the alternative is what? Punish everyone with letting the tax rates expire? Can’t afford to lose the house and give it back to Pelosi, back with Harry and Obama again. And then it is possible that Obama isn’t the worst president we ever seen, I don’t even want to think who the next democrat president could be with the public still pissed at republicans for having everyone’s taxes go up in this economy.

      I thought the another alternative could be is wait till the last minute, and just extend all the Bush tax cuts like the did before because a deal couldn’t be reached yet, and put in the senate democrats and Obama’s hands, at the same time, Obama still doesn’t get the blame for economy, and we just have to wait to see how 2014 plays out. If enough of the public does want Obama’s way they’ll vote Republicans out of the house.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I understand your point… but Republicans are going to get blamed no matter what. They should do the right thing. They signed a pledge… they should still do what their party always stood for in the past: keep taxes low.

        But if they cave to the Dems… the GOP is ruined because there will be open fighting between the establishment and the Conservatives from here on out… heck, there already is. And that’s what Obama wants – to destroy the Republican party.

        I like just extending things as they are now… but Obama is trying to curb that strategy already. I’d be fine if they could extend the Bush tax cuts until 2014. Then we could send in reinforcements to keep fighting the good fight and remove the establishment Republicans that have no spine (Boehner for example).

        But the GOP has painted themselves into a corner and are damned if the don’t and damned even more if they do. As long as they stick to their principles, then they will remain somewhat united and they won’t lose their constituents or support.

        One other note – Brent Bozell wrote an interesting article that was on Mark Levin’s site yesterday. Basically he said that he and many conservative donars have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to support the RNC over the years. He said flatly that he would cease to do that any more if the GOP caves and makes a deal that raises taxes in any form. He also pointed out that many of the bundlers he knows are quite happy to move their money over to the Tea Party. I took from this that many people would quit supporting the GOP financially if they give in to Obama and Reid.

        • I don’t really buy into the destroying of the republican party. I honestly think we would be fighting the establishment even if Romney was elected president. The open fighting would have not changed. And actually the open fighting would be a good thing because Conservatives could say, See I told you so! Tea Party 2.0 2014?

          • Sober_Thinking

            I’m not so optimisitic… and agree with your Romney comment and open fighting.

            I especially embrace Tea Party 2.0 in 2014.

            Nice discussion. 🙂

        • FreeManWalking

          Right On ST!

          I do not understand why some thing the republicans will be portrayed in any other light. Regardless of their stand, whether it is conservative, dem lite or full blown socialist they will be portrayed as dark, evil, sinister Devils stealing from the poor.

          • Sober_Thinking



        • proudhispanicconservative

          Count me in, we are not servants of the left, and we are not subjects of the republican party, we are conservatives and constitutionalists first.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Amen brother.

  • detectivedick

    It must be a bottle blonde thing…..she would make a great replacement for Carney.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Oh and Ann Coulter has lost all credibility with me. She’s a complete twit… these are foolish things coming out of her mouth.

    I don’t know what happened to her… but she’s lost it big time.

    • aposematic

      Spends too much time in NYC, DC, and LA/CA!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Too true…

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Her problem is that her usual noises are not influencing anyone, on the right she has no credibility, and on the left they are rejoicing watching her deteriorate, ever since she she gave “three cheers for Romney Care” she was toast in the conservative eyes, her deep love for chrisspy creme in NJ, etc.

      • Sober_Thinking


      • I guess it makes sense that a woman who looks like a meth addict would end up making bizarre rants and having their career deteriorate.
        Maybe that goes too far.
        She’s not influencing any constituency anymore. I’m sure that upsets her.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Exactly my point, she is a non factor with conservatives, maybe she auditioning for MSNBC because on fox they are going to shake things up a bit.

  • stage9

    So we risk the collapse of the economy because we want to save face with the idiots who voted for Obama because we need their votes?

    I would rather lose every election from here until the Lord comes back than to EVER concede to a liberal the nation I served and the nation my fellow brothers in arms have fought and died for!

    • NoToTyrants


      Don’t concede. Don’t capitulate. Don’t comply.

      Provide a clear contrast with a Conservative plan. Go all in and call Obama’s bluff.

      Oppose Obama’s fiscal cliff plan by not only making the Bush tax cuts permanent, but with even deeper tax cuts, cuts in regulations, entitlement reform, and real spending cuts.

      Make Obama pass his plan without any Republican support, just as he had to do with Obamacare. The Democrats and Obama own Obamacare, and when Americans begin to feel the more horrific consequences of its’ passage, then Republicans can credible offer alternatives. The same should be true of the “Fiscal Cliff”, but it won’t be if Republicans give in and go along.


    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on my friend.

      Those boneheads who voted for Obama and support what’s currently happening to our nation, are no friend to America and they disgrace those who fight and die for their rights to be idiots.

  • We have NOTHING to lose by standing firm on cutting taxes and eliminating entitlement spending. The deck is always stacked in the favor of the “dealer” so why does anyone say “well if we capitulate then we will win in 2014”?
    The word COLLABORATE, defined by Webster’s New University Dictionary, in one of its definitions is: “To comply with, cooperate with, or assist willingly, the conquerors occupying one’s nation or country– usually with implication of traitorous dealings in distinction from passive acquiescence.”
    WE MUST INSIST THAT OUR REPUBLICAN, PUBLIC SERVANTS, IN DC STOP COLLABORATING. Boehner is selling our nation out for 30 pieces of silver.

  • Good to see you…

    At the close, after vigorous point-counterpoint…

    Sean –
    Ann Coulter, good to see you.

    Ann –
    Good to see you (big smile).


    It appears that Sean was not pleased with Ann’s nuanced concession to BHObama.


  • shield1

    This is the same An Coulter who fawned over Christie the turncoat? She has lost her credibility with me.

  • “Ann Coulter says we have to win in 2014 and 2016 ” Who’s her big pic next presidential run, crispy cream or Jeb? Forget conceding. GOP is gonna get the blame no matter what, and their crap is going to stick to Conservatives. We just have to start from the ground up right now. We need to find true Constitutional Conservative friends who are willing to run for local and state offices, and work our way up to pestering Allen West to run in 2016. I’m good at pestering. Who will help me?

    • FreeManWalking

      Whether it is whipped frosting or a bird in the bush, you can bet she will be swooning over some moderate.

    • Isn’t it obvious? Christie. She loves everything about Christie, I think to the point of being this rail-thin woman being a chubby chaser. She couldn’t stand McCain but loves Christie and Mitt.

      I don’t think West will run. 1 term Congressman being the reason why. Out of the people who might run, I think Sarah’s one of them though.

  • Howzah123

    Obama isn’t going to get blame for a bad economy

    He’s never held accountable for anything. Never has been. Never will be.

  • crosspatch

    I absolutely agree with Coulter here. A very slight majority of people want their pound of flesh and want to “tax the rich”. They have no education in economics. We should allow that to happen to give them a concrete example of what happens and then rub their noses in it in 2014. If we don’t, the economy is going to go south ANYWAY just due to Obamacare alone. If we go off the sequestration cliff, they will blame the Republicans for messing up the economy and elect a Democrat House in 2014 and raise taxes on the rich anyway and things will be much worse. In other words, we are going to get higher taxes on the rich either now or in 2014. Better for that to happen now. The GOP is in much better shape for the 2014 mid terms than we were in 2008 for the 2010 mid terms.

    They want it real bad, they can have it real bad. Then when business investment declines and unemployment increases, and revenue collection DECLINES, we can give them a lesson on the Laffer curve.

  • wallwatchman

    What is wrong with these people?! I heard a usually good conservative congressman in my area say the same thing in an interview this morning. What happened to our conservative beliefs, the constitution?! Do we only uphold them and fight for them when it’s easy?! Apparently so.

    Does Ann and the others really believe this will be the last time Obama and the democrats will try and get us to cave, or blame things on us?! They can’t be that naive! Obama’s a bully! He’ll keep doing this because he usually gets what he wants. We give in again, and we’ll be doing this for a long time. Especially when folks like myself won’t vote again for people who have no principles or backbone! I’ve had it!

    • 1vote

      Yeah, why vote for ’em?? It just encourages ’em !

      It do get tiresome voting for the lesser of two evils all the time. But, that is what I have to do.

      • We need to find others who will counter the two evils. Where in the Constitution does it say we only have 2 choices? Stick with us 1vote. you’re not alone in your frustration. 🙂 We can change things.

    • Well said wallwatchman!!

    • Aaron Schock?
      He tried to sanitize the deal on Greta.

      • wallwatchman

        It was Kansas rep Kevin Yoder.

        • My Representative is a member of the Black Caucus. One who’s close to Pelosi and Obama considered appointing to his Cabinet.
          I tried to vote him out this year, to no avail.

  • This, coming from the same person who said “Romney is the most conservative candidate in the race”. And “Romney is the only one who can win.”

    Sorry Ann, you’ve got as much cred in my book as Bill Kristol……meaning none.

  • stevenbiot

    Ann needs to be offered a spot on MSNBC. Low taxes is our bread and butter, you idiot.

  • Susanna958

    I can’t stand her anymore. Taxes are already raised on everyone. Inflation is a tax.

    • NoToTyrants


      QE I , QE II, QE III…

      ….aka “printing press wealth” is nothing more than devaluing the currency, resulting in inflation, which dilutes your buying power.

      It is a backdoor way of taxing you, which the ruling class can then blame on big business. Big business raising their prices isn’t causing inflation, the government printing money is causing inflation.

  • SurfinCowboy

    Ann is operating under an assumption that:

    1) Follow her ideas and low and behold! The economy will be blamed on Obama!
    2) If you do anything that is right (correct) it the MSM will blame it on Republicans
    3) If she makes enough jokes her fans will believe her

    She is (unfortunately often these days) wrong.

    1) Follow her ideas and low and behold! The economy will be blamed on REPUBLICANS!!
    2) She is right here, but for the wrong reasons. Sean had it. The MSM WILL ALWAYS BLAME THE REPUBLICANS!!
    3) Jokes are for jokers and we need not a joker right now dreaming of some way of of using political maneuvering and the “economy” as a way to regain the reigns of power in this country.

    A generation of newly indoctrinated students are spilling out of the schools and universities of the nation. They are mixing in with the last, and the next is starting. When you have lost the educational system, you lost one of the means to educate the people.

    The MSM is all-in for Marxism. Now we have lost another of the means to educate the people. The “fourth establishment” is an active fifth column.

    What is left? Stand by conviction and truth, utilize what you have left (like this blog and many others) to educated others in the coming dark times, tear away at the Big Pigs of Washington with Article V and State Legislatures, and when you see them stumble – strike!

    The moment that you can get a charter school – strike!
    The moment vouchers are brought in – strike!
    When Article V is bandied about – strike!
    Get on your local boards, you local political power benches, into seats of power and dismantle or slow them. Take them back.

    Yeah it takes a long time, but you will have clear eyes.

    Pass all the tax cuts, a bunch of spending, a letter of rebuke – and then walk.

    If they want the cliff – take it. Sure the MSM will blame the Repubs, but many people don’t watch them and they will blame the President. Many don’t even know about the Congress.

    When Obama says, “I will not allow us to play games with the debt ceiling.” You reply, “Ok, well, it looks like you don’t run the House so – tough, we are. You can pick up your toys and go home like a little child. We will use the debt ceiling and we will not give in like the Repubs did under Clinton. They should have held the line. Newt was right. RINOs are wrong.

    Go us.


    • I am SO clapping over here Cowboy!! Excellent!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      16 triilion% in agreement.

  • billbg

    Another bad idea from a Rhino. Instead: A bill that continues all “Bush” cuts indefinitely and establishes a zero growth baseline for budgets. Extending only Bush cuts stops the “temporary” Social Security discount that is hurting the Social Security system. Zero growth baseline would help tame Fed spending by requiring justification and affirmative votes for all spending increases.

  • Larchmonter

    The Tea Party and hard core Conservatives have to take over the Party mechanism. Setting a goal of finding a perfect candidate is only ten percent of the mission.

    You have to own the Party or you can never win the country back.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Let the so called tax cuts for the rich expire! Then lets sit back and wait for the inevitable screams of terror as the middle,and lower class gets slammed with higher taxes.

  • Coulter was rambling too much at times in this segment, but she’s right. The reason Obama wants us to go over the cliff is to destroy the GOP in upcoming elections. If taxes go up for everyone, and he then gets a retroactive tax cut reinstated for 98% of Americans, he’s branded the hero and Republicans are demonized 24/7 over the next 4 years. If he doesn’t get the Bush tax cuts reinstated for people making below 200k, the economy will go into a deep recession and he gets to blame the GOP just the same.

    Coulter’s simply saying do whatever is necessary to preserve the current rates for the 98%. If that means allowing the rates for the top 2% to expire, so be it. The hit Republicans take with their base will be far less damaging than if they’re blamed for the state of the economy between now and 2016.

  • WordsFailMe

    Coulter? Isn’t she the bar stool bimbo who came out for Romney when the rest of us were still thinking Gingrich?

    I’m a little dubious about advice from a saggy sot, specially an old, saggy sot. I guess little morphin’ Annie still floats Hannity’s boat. Who knows.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Actually, Ann Coulter looks pretty good for a gal that’s going to be 51 the day after tomorrow. 😉 😉

      • WordsFailMe

        Cheese Cloth on the camera…no close ups…the constant head tossing keeps the shadows from becoming to prominent,,lot of girl tricks..and wishful thinking on the part of male watchers over 50… Now 51 years, even on a Corvette or Ferrari is a lot of sun, wind, oil changes and miles..I doubt if that chassis stayed in the garage for 3,000 months/90,000 days…lol

        I don’t think that FOX is able to attract or even handle better thinkers. Annie is in a rut with the rest of the East Coast plastic, cocktail conservatives. They are not affected, their jobs are not threatened. They never give the admin any reason to focus on them. I’ll been sucking wind soon enough and these guys will still be wondering whether Obama is being hypocritical.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Hey, 1st Cav, she doesn’t look too bad in a pair of cut-off levis and a tee shirt either.
          Of course, I’m 16 years older than she is, so it might just be me. 😉 😉
          Hauled a lot of you guys around in my C-130 in Viet Nam, thank you for your service ‘Brother’.
          I don’t know what’s going on with her recently. She doesn’t sound like the same gal that wrote all the books I have. 🙁

          • WordsFailMe

            Took a couple of rides on the big bird! Don’t remember that the stewardesses were very pretty though. Ever drop in to Camp Evans up North near Hue/Phu Bai?

            • tinlizzieowner

              I was the ‘stewardess’ (Loadmaster). My outfit (315th Air Div. ‘Combat Cargo’) was the guys who resupplied Ke Sanh and evacuated Kam Duc. Probably touched down in Phu Bai, don’t remember for sure? Don’t remember the names of a lot of the ‘Hot LZ’s’ we went into. Tried not to stick around any longer than we had to. Remember flying back to Saigon in a bird all shot full of holes a few times though.
              ‘Beans and bullets in one direction, 🙂 body bags in the other. 🙁
              “Welcome Home Brother”.

              • WordsFailMe

                Saw the films From Khe Sanh- You guys made amazing deliveries and saved a lot of Americans! Thank you sir!

                • tinlizzieowner

                  I was back in the states by then. I was in ‘Nam’ in 66-67. I won’t take credit for Ke Sanh. My outfit was the down and dirty Air Force, we were attached to the Army, we did whatever the Army needed done, anyway we had to do it. Often, way outside of ‘regulations’. 😉 😉
                  The 315th Air Division was disbanded in 69 and everything went back under TAC (Tacitcal Airlift Command).

              • jimmie smith

                Phu Bai? 69&70…first Cav division…first of the ninth..bravo troop.

      • Larchmonter

        Excellent. She does get MILF of the Year award, but needs to work on her thinking processes.

    • stage9

      She was his secret mistress….at least that’s how I saw it.

    • Hannity just tore Coulter and her bizarre rant for raising taxes a new one in this interview. Jeez. What interview did you watch?
      I’m glad he has it in him, he’s p!ssed off at Boehner and this ‘compromise’, as we all should be.

  • Rocco11

    I enjoyed Ann’s books, particularly “Treason” but I’m finding it very difficult to take her seriously any longer, particularly with her infatuation with that flaming RINO disaster Krispy Kreme Christie…

  • colliemum

    Does this woman think that her proposal, Republicans to propose to tax the Warren Buffets and Hollywood, will be agreed on in the Senate? Really?

    She doesn’t get that this is not simply about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ to the corrupt MSM, but about principles, as Hannity tried to explain.
    Has she really no idea that whatever the Republicans do they’ll be portrayed as the wreckers, the obstructionists?

    Why isn’t she spending her time attacking the dems, who haven’t presented one single budget? Is she scared of taking on the dems?
    Or has she only arguments attacking those Republicans who don’t fall into her Christie/Bush/RINo category?

    • I noticed something weird about her even when she used to be a conservative. She thought education and intelligence were the same thing. I tried to shrug it off, but there ya go.
      Even before Krispy Kreme, she had a real hankering for the bizarre Michael Steele.

  • wodiej

    Many of the wealthy voted for obama. Increasing their tax rates will not harm them one bit. They will take more tax deductions and send more of their wealth overseas and in tax shelters. Why do you think Warren Buffet thinks obama is so great? This will cause even fewer taxes being paid by the richest people. And jobs still will not be created because that is about the only taxes the rich do pay is when they hire someone.

  • chatterbox365

    Does anyone still think Coulter is a conservative??? Fox needs to take this half-man off the air like they did with Rove and Morris. I am so sick of her BS.

    I’m sorry, but the Republicans f**ked themselves on this mess and Gingrich hit it right on the head the other night on Hannity. The RINO leadership are a bunch of wimps and sell-outs. We are at this point right now because of dip sh*t Boehner.

  • kong1967

    Ah, man….I don’t know about this. I agree with her and I don’t agree with her. In a way I think she’s right. This time around Obama at least had job increases he could latch on to (although terrible numbers). If the taxes go up (along with his war on coal and oil, his rapidly increasing regulations, and Obamacare) unemployment will go up. Will he get away with blaming anyone else when he got exactly what he wanted?

    On the other hand, can we afford to give him what he wants, regardless of who gets blamed? It’s already going to be a bumpy ride if we try to stop him, so I can’t imagine how bad it will get if we give him the economy he deserves.

  • If the Republicans give Obama everything he wants and the economy tanks he will just turn around and blame the Republicans for giving him what he wanted when they knew it would fail. He will claim they tricked him!

  • We should do exactly what we did with Obamacare and the “stimulus,” which was NOT vote for it or support it. Did we lose in 2012 because of that? Not a chance, but we DID win a huge victory in 2010 for NOT voting for those two laws. Ann should pay more attention to the base, instead of trying to have what we do look good on TV. Republicans will be blamed no matter what happens. If you actually STAND for something, like we did with the Tea Parties in 2009, you get much better results with the base and with the people who support the party. Time to start paying attention to the wishes of the people that keep the party going, instead of trying to please the people at the Washington Post, who you’ll never please anyway.

  • ryanomaniac

    Yes, hang it on Obama neck. The Republicans can do this. Explain to the country that we will give you what you voted for and that’s Obama’s economic plans. EVERY show they go on this needs to be explained. We did what Obama wanted….he got it and so did all you idiots that voted for him. Hang this around his neck BEFORE this is voted on and blamed on Republicans. Get ahead of the game guys. You guys have one play here….use it now!

    • ryanomaniac

      Another thing. Off topic kinda. No matter how you feel about Coulter you should read her book Mugged. Its about the Democrats and the way they have gotten away with changing history as far as race goes. Its a masterpiece.

  • Sandra123456

    If the economy tanks even more than it has now it will become an excuse for even more socialistic spending to help the poor and there will be a deeper recession, and just like in FDR’s era only a World War will get this country out of the economic hole it will have dug for itself.

    I agree with Chatterbox 365, “Fox needs to take this half-man off the air like they did with Rove and Morris. I am so sick of her BS.” …and stop buying her books.

  • notebene

    I can see Coulter’s point, but could somebody explain this to me? Why can’t the GOP say that Odumbo can have his tax hike only if he presents a budget? A real budget with spending cuts, not the attrocity he tried to present the only time he presented one. I’d be sending him past videos of himself…he is an egomaniac…criticizing Bush for his spending, and all the other crap he said to get elected to push the point. GOP…freaking stop it with trying to be dignified about this! He’s a thug, so treat him like one and force your hand. Give him the tax hikes, but no power on the debt ceiling and absolutely no hike without a budget! If they are leaders, they need to start leading him better than he manipulates them!

    • Defytheleft

      Notebene- the only conclusion is that DC Republicans are in bed with Obama. The opposition party act is all smoke and mirrors. To hell with the Republican party.

  • americalsgt

    I don’t want to agree with Ann here, but sometimes you have to fold and wait for the next hand. Come January 7th, and average Joe gets his pay check and it is $93.97 less than the prior check, and he is inundated by press reports that it is the Republicans fault, who do you think will get the blame? You and I both know who. Look, we are being double teamed here by the press, the Democrats, and if you want to call it 3 on 1, you might as well throw in Chicago politics that few Republicans have the stomach to fight. Republicans are in a jam, and by fighting a loosing battle, you are going to make matters worse. I think we are in a huge hole and this country is in for a real bad time in 2013. All the CNBC good times reports can’t make things better. I’m in the medical industry and am at present explaining to my customers that I will be adding 2.3% to all my invoices due to the Affordable Care Act. No big thing, right? It is to the guy paying medical cause that increase, along with the other increases, are going to go to the consumer. So my thinking is why make it easy for the press and the democrats to blame us? When inflation hits, and it has to at some point, I don’t want to be in a position where the Republicans get the blame for not agreeing to a 2% tax on the high earners. I want to be able to say, “But we gave you what you wanted.” For me, the line in the sand is giving in on Obama’s request, also known as a demand, for an unlimited debt ceiling.


  • ApplePie101

    Coulter is part of the ‘Let-It-Burn’ crowd currently having a temper tantrum because Romney didn’t get elected. But ‘It’ is America. Putting the ‘chances’ of the republican party ahead of the safety and solvency of the country is immoral, and she’s showing herself for the GOPe shill she is.

    • The Let-it-Burn “crowd” has little to do with Mitt Romney himself.

      The safety and solvency of the country cannot depend on a liberal White House and Senate and the voters that elected them. Giving the country the liberal policies it voted for would demonstrate their stupidity, if done well. Sadly, I doubt Boehner can do anything well.

  • Are you working for the Obama camp now Ms Coulter?

  • Myptofvu

    Its a trap and the only way to win is not to play. If the Repubs truly believe that increasing taxes will only harm the economy then they should not compromise on this. How can you compromise on harm? When is a little harm any good?

    Even if they get spending cuts I still cannot see a justification for increasing harm. I’ve heard the expression “It will do more harm than good” but I’ve never heard the expression “It will do more good than harm”.

  • Mark – This idea is not mine, but it makes some sense to me. Why doesn’t the House pass a bill making the Bush Tax cuts permament? If they did that, they would force the Democrats and Obama into the position of having to vote against that or veto that. I think that would help change the narrative such that the Democrats would be blamed for the increase in taxes that would result. Can you give me your thoughts on this.

    • wallwatchman

      I agree. I heard mark levin suggest this too on his show and wondered why the house isn’t doing it. Then I heard a congressman from a state close to mine, on a local talk show, and I couldn’t believe my ears. It was Kevin yoder from Kansas and he’s been a pretty conservative guy, but he sounded so alien compared to what he’s sounded like before.

      He was asked why the house just couldn’t pass all the tax cuts and leave it at the senate and obamas door. Let them take the blame for not moving it along. His answer was they wouldn’t pass it, and then the media, senate, and Obama would blame all of it on republicans even though the house is the one that passed tax cuts. But it’s because the “rich” tax cuts were left in that repubs would get the shaft. I’ve had it with these guys! Their more concerned with the PR than with the country and their people they represent! Ugh!

  • we should go over the cliff and let taxes rise for everyone — that way when the Republicans win the Presidency we can lower them again.

  • Daniel537

    You wingnuts might as well give in. You lost the election, and if all Americans taxes are raised you can bet we will blame you loons 24/7 for it, and the blame will stick. They call you guys the Stupid Party for a reason, lol. You won’t be winning national elections any time soon.

    • notebene

      Let me get this straight. Your homeboy has no budget, no plans to create jobs, and wants to raise taxes on all of us. Did it ever occur to you that if more people get employed, there would be more tax revenue to collect? If everyone is getting free stuff, then whose going to pay for it? Do you think a foreign entity will continue to fund homeboy’s spending indefinitely? You are fine with government being a nanny, socialist state…and you’re calling conservatives stupid? Wow…you must have been dropped as an infant. Why exactly are you trolling here? I’m looking forward to watching the progressives cry and tantrum when the whole debacle crashes and the free stuff is gone! You have no plans, no direction, and no purpose other than to be selfish and ignorant children. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Defytheleft

        There’s no point in arguing with imbeciles, notebene. America’s idiocracy culture doesn’t understand facts and logic because Honey Boo Boo can’t teach them that.

  • I understand Coulter’s point. We absolutely MUST win in 2014 and then in 2016. The question is how do we best accomplish this. While I do not wish for it, if Obama gets his way with taxes and spending, he will send this country into a long term recession. Maybe that will begin to sink in with the middle and low information Democrat voters. We then have to show them a BRIGHT LINE difference between us and them. I would like to win ALL of the battles and the war, but we may have to accept losing a few battles in order to win the war.

    • Terrenceor

      If that were the case then Detroit would be the most conservative place in the country. If we can’t make the case for free markets today how will we be able to tomorrow?

  • Bob

    Another dumb white pale face attractive woman on FOX NEWS???

    And of course, she’s blonde:

    …Why I don’t respect Hannity; nothing but softball, furry fun & friendly questions.

    …Everybody always laughs at the end when it’s all fun and dumb entertainment as opposed to actual news.

    • He wasn’t friendly to her in the interview. Go back to DU.

  • TickedWhiteDude

    She’s a progressive….no wonder she was smitten by Big Christy

  • TickedWhiteDude

    I love this site.

  • CAN WE STOP LISTENING TO ANN COULTER NOW. She jumped in with Dick Morris and karl Rove and all the rest of the nuts who said Romney wold win in a landslide. TIme to get off the stage Ann. You grate on people now. We need folks who embrace tea party principles and liberty not commentators who seek to shock people and elicit publicity. GO AWAY!

  • FreeManWalking

    I didn’t need to watch bob, and I don’t need to watch Ann Cost us either. She became a dickweed to me in the gop primaries.

    She is nothing more than another personality hoping to be supported for her lack of brain power.

  • Defytheleft

    Chris Christie-loving Ann Coulter doesn’t exactly have a good record of giving political advice. Go away, Ann. No compromise with lunatics. No complicity with destroying this country.

  • Ann has gone to the dark side of the galaxy. She is stubborn and lost her way.

  • Conniption Fitz
  • I’ve been done with Coulter since her Chris Christie love fest.

    However, she was right when she said “if we nominate Mitt Romney, Obama will win.”

  • Oh, and Fox News should fire her along with Rove & Morris.

  • BMinPA

    The best strategy at this point is to vote on keeping the tax rates the same for the under 250K and leave the rest for the new year. Obama foolishly suggested that a while ago. I don’t think they’ll go for it now because they’ll lose all leverage.

  • FreeManWalking

    When capitulating and raising taxes on the rich fails and it will fail, and the economy sinks even further in the hole, What will be the MSM and dems talking points?


  • semby

    The Dems are pushing the tax hikes on the so-called 2%. The Repubs have to let it happen, they need to create a reason why no one will vote Democrat again. I agree with Coulter. This is about 2014. The #1 goad for this year is Pelosi to regain the Speaker’s gavel, make no mistake about it!

  • Not really, let it burn happens to look like a very attractive option.

    In fact, we ought to be adding oil to the Democrats’ fire.

    The people have asked, now they shall be given.

  • Conservator1

    Does anyone care about Romney’s sycophants who attacked all other Republicans running in the GOP primaries such a Ann Coulter and The Post’s Jennifer Rubin? BTW, add politicians pundits like Bill Kristol of “The Weekly Standard” to this growing list of cowardly clowns conservatives.

    The Post has been pushing it’s latest poll conducted with the Pew Research Center “…that 53 percent of Americans would blame Republicans for sending the nation off the cliff and only 27 percent would blame Obama…” Below is link to the latest Post article touting this blame game canard:

    I’m a CONSERVATIVE who will not support any Republican politician or pundit who would base policy on fear from the results of a poll as Coulter foolishly argued last night on “Hannity.”

  • pmb88

    The media will blame Republicans for anything that happens. If its a Dems fault they’ll try to paint the Republican as the source of problem. They’ll even blame Repubs for breathing. The Repubs have the fire to silence conservatives within their party but that fire is gone when dealing with Dems. The Repubs should just do is walk away and say we’re refusing to deal with someone who’s not serious in solving this. That would be in a perfect world. Either two things will happen 1. Republicans cave in and pass O’s plan 2. We go over the cliff. Even though there would be more hardship, I would go with option 2.

  • Christi25

    The republicans will be blamed for whatever bad happens anyway, in whatever way it happens! The only recognition we can have is God’s recognition – and He has the last word, always.

  • Wonder how much the Democrats are giving the Republicans under the table to vote for Boehner again. There has to be some reason if the Republican are being taken in by him.

  • aposematic

    La la land. R’s giving in to D’s is why they are now impotent and cannot win elections. As to the R’s being blamed for all the D’s intentional disaterous Policies, when has that ever over the past Century not been the case?

  • m0r0

    But what happens when ‘the electorate’ doesn’t learn Ann? What happens once we’ve capitulated and given away the farm AND lost the conservative base? What then Ann?

  • I’d rather the Republican stands on principle and lose than what this blonde suggested.

  • I’d rather the Republicans stand on PRINCIPLES than what this “BLONDE” suggested, which has led to the 2nd OBAMA REGIME!

  • If the Founding Fathers wanted compromise, they would have created a compromise Party. John McCain and CryBoehner would have been in it. They didn’t.

    Instead, we have a Republican Party who took power because of the Tea Party, and the further away from the Tea Party they move the more America will lose.

  • Nukeman60

    Ann Coulter: “I think Chris Christie is the best candidate to beat Obama. Romney could never beat Obama”

    Ann Coulter: “I think Romney is the Best candidate to beat Obama. We can never beat Obama without him.”

    Ann Coulter: “I think we have to ‘cave in’ to Obama to win future elections. We could never win otherwise.”

    What Nukeman60 hears when Ann Coulter speaks:

    If Ann is speaking, that must mean there is another book out there for sale. End of story.

  • whatever GOP does, it will be blamed on….Poor, naive oafs cannot fight back.

  • Larchmonter

    Where in the founding is there a mention of Parties? The government was taken from the people, and Parties have been institutionalized, and the work of the Republic has been formalized into a two-Party racket.

    If the Conservative voters and the Tea Party voters (people who actually do the heavy lifting of campaigning and financing and voting) don’t wake up, all they will have left of this Republic is these comment boxes. Looking for the right candidates is only a small part of what has to be done.

    And whining over losing gets you nothing. Romney-Ryan came close, and they were failed by people who talk a good game but did not get out and vote against Obama and the Tyranny of Liberalism.

    The failure is with the people who put their responsibility on the backs of candidates.

    We own the victories (so the people claim) and therefore, we own the defeats.

    Don’t blame others. Don’t even blame Media, consultants, big mouth fools, or if, ands or buts, if onlys, et al.

    340,000 people who rationalized not voting for the ticket to save the country, our freedom, our prosperity and our future cost us the election.

    Florida was 74,000 people. Think about that. Who the hell can win when Cuban-Americans vote for Tyranny?

    If Rubio could not deliver Florida, and Ryan-Walker-Priebus couldn’t deliver Wisconsin (hell Ryan couldn’t deliver his own district), it wasn’t the Ticket or campaign.

    The Conservative-Tea Party message does not resonate to new generations. It is like RIM or Nokia. Got to get a makeover of message and organization, and take a long war approach to educate, educate, educate our basic values, heroic victories, and widespread prosperity. Urgency and a credible plan of action should be what we are discussing.

  • MiketheMarine

    Foxnews should concede to their viewers and fire your dumb a$$.

  • TruLevinian

    I wish there was a chance that this RINO would get off the stage. She’s shown herself to be an absolute phony, and I think I speak for most informed conservatives when I say that enough is enough Coulter! GEEZ!

    • With Coulter it is about making money. Say whatever she needs to put more money in her purse. But really the Democrats won. So give them what they want. Then the Republicans might have a chance in 2016. What would they do if all of the sudden Republicans agreed with everything they wanted?

  • unseen1

    no on taxes is the ONLY principle the Moderates in the GOP has not chuck overboard. They caved on social issues, they caved on military issues, they caved immigration, they caved on the middle east and promoting democracy, they caved caved and then caved some more. The last principle the only one left, the only one that they ran on for the last 2 elections taxes is now what they want to cave on. Is anyone anyone in the world surprised. moderates like Coulture would give away everything for nothing. These people need to just go ahead and admit they would rather be dems.


    …everyone has it wrong , IT’S GEORGE W. BUSH’s FAULT .”(period)

  • proudmomofseven

    no offense – I mean Ann is a strong advocate and a very smart woman; but man she has been wrong- really wrong and I don’t know why we should be listening at this point. Same with Rove, Morris etc. All these folks have been soooooooooooo wrong. When do we stop rewarding them for being wrong? I’m done.

    The changes start when we – the regular folk – start telling people why we believe what we believe and we stand up for those beliefs. We need to educate those around us. What made the tea party so powerful is that it was truly grass roots – “we the people” sort of grass roots. No leaders just us. It will be most interesting to see if in 2014 we can stop this marxist by a tidal wave of true Americans who want our representative republic back.

    So no offense Ann – but be quiet and go write a book.

    • nibblesyble

      well done..100% agree!

  • Coulter’s plan to get a good Captain. “Let the ship sink. That’ll learn ’em”

    – The Cat

  • kateorjane

    It’s getting really old hearing the GOP folks harping about how we gotta join the Dems in pandering otherwise we’ll never get elected. But if we’re going to just do what the Left does, what difference does it make if we’re in charge or just folding and giving the Dems what they want?

    You have to wonder if Ann is afraid she won’t be the darling of the talk shows if the GOP actually grows a backbone.

  • PapaLouie

    Boehner has already tried Ann’s suggestion. Right after the election, he conceded to Obama’s demand that we raise tax revenues on the rich. What did his capitulation to Obama get him? It just got him additional demands. Now Obama wants not just more tax revenues but increases in tax rates, more stimulus spending, no debt ceiling, and no spending cuts. If Boehner concedes to those demands, do you think there won’t be additional demands added? The next demand may be to tear up the constitution and vest all power in Caesar Obama. Do we concede to those demands, too, so Obama can “own” the economy? What would that get us? Is mutual suicide a “moral victory” to Ann Coulter?

  • If Republicans yield on the tax issue, they will pay for it dearly at the polls in 2014. Did no one learn their lesson in 1992, 1998, or 2006?

    I understand where she is coming from but she overlooks the fact that no matter how badly Obama’s policies damage the economy, his pals in the MSM will find a way to blame Republicans. She argues that you can’t win on principle so given in. It’s hard to criticize that since we use the same argument against Libertarians to convince them to not cast a “principled” vote for Gary Johnson. Also was she not one of the pundits who attacked Bush for not vetoing the massive spending bills on principle even though there was no chance that such a veto would be sustained?

    You have to give Ann credit for one thing – during the primaries she strong opposed Romney and said if he was our candidate, we would lose. She was right about that one.

    • CO2isGood

      You have to give Ann credit for one thing – during the primaries she strong opposed Romney and said if he was our candidate, we would lose. She was right about that one.

      Umm…no, she supported Romney, tooth and nail!

      • She supported Romney after the primaries, during the primaries she was pimping Christie – “I think Chris Christie is the best candidate to beat Obama. Romney could never beat Obama”.

  • Nitnyline

    I have said it before “I am finished with Ann Coulter.” Stop putting her on Fox and stop having her speak on campus, just stop with her already. She is a hack, she is mouthpiece of the establishment or as it was known in my day a party aperachnik. But as with all the garbage she spews there is a tiny kernel of truth in there burried in there to make her sound cogent. Yes we lost the election. Lost the Presidency, she was a Romney cheerleader from the very start. Lost the Senate, Dems gained 2 seats. Lost seats in the House too. She is also correct in the fact that the House Republicans will get the blame no matter what. However one must be made to understand Republican DOES NOT equal Conservative! Ann Coulter please go away, just fade away like Douglas Macarthur put it when he vanished from public sight.

  • So now A.C. saids we Americans are all principled if the GOP agrees to raise taxes. Hum this idiocy sounds like a progressive, democrat, liberated mindset. She failes to mention the debt ceiling has already collapsed or more taxes are already on there way January 1st.2013.
    Jeepers creepers A.C. wheres your TLC?

  • Ann I totally Agree !!

  • Mann Coulter needs to join the Ranks of Rove and Morris and be TOSSED OUT ON HER ASS. no more fox news appearances

    • paulinpittsburgh

      Coulter, Hannity, Rove, Beck, Rubio, Ryan, Haley and anyone else who called themselves a conservative but backed or wouldn’t stand up and oppose the ultimate RINO Mitt Romney’s nomination.

      I changed my party registration to independent the day after I cast my vote against Mitt Romney in my state’s primary and I’m not returning until I see a clear and unambiguous move back toward real conservative principals and not just claims of conservatism from RINOs.

      • Beck? WHAT? He was on Santorum’s team. There’s few who like the establishment less than Glenn Beck. Levin got bothered than he called the GOP establishment progressives at first.
        Hannity didn’t pick a side too explicitly in the primary. He had them all on.

        • paulinpittsburgh

          Hannity continually declares on his show that he is not a Republican but a conservative yet when it came time to back a conservative in the primary he wouldn’t and simply repeated Karl Rove’s talking point that any of the GOP candidates (which included commie Huntsman) would be a good choice to the point he became utterly unbearable to listen to. This so called conservative gave tons of air time to Rove and Coulter to spin their RINO establishment BS. Yeah Hannity allowed them all on which is part of the problem, when Limbaugh at least had the integrity to declare Romney “was not a conservative” Hannity was giving him airtime to blow his smoke up the audiences behind unchallenged. Hannity can run his mouth all he wants about being a conservative but his actions spoke louder and it is abundantly clear he’s nothing but a party tool doing their bidding.

          With “allies” like Hannity, Coulter and Rove honest, sincere conservatives don’t need enemies.

  • Time to call it a career, Ann. No more please.

  • Time to call it a career, Ann. The last year has been rather bazaar… “Romney’s the only guy who can win”. Chris Christie… “Let’s raise taxes so we can win elections”?

    Tell us, How did they finally get to you?

    • paulinpittsburgh

      They didn’t get to her, she’s always been their sock puppet. It just didn’t always seem so when they were in power and defending themselves.

    • “Radiation is good for you”.
      Start of last year.

  • Must we concede to succeed?



  • wrightguy

    The title wave of stupid liberal ideas will wash over all of us. The libs will bankrupt the economy as long as they get “theirs”. When you reward bad behavior (Obama), you get more bad behavior (re-elected).

  • If Ann Coulter is now the “voice of reason” for the GOP, it’s already over. Buh-bye…

  • RocklinConservative

    I’ve outgrown Coulter. Her wit was good years ago, but times are different now and I don’t think she has adjusted to them.

    • paulinpittsburgh

      Ann Coulter was, is and always will be a tool of the George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney wing of the GOP establishment. Once in awhile they’re on the correct side of issues and they make senses, but for the most part they’re working against conservatives, Libertarians and anyone else who doesn’t want the Republican Party to be just Democrats light.

      • She absolutely hates McCain. She loves Romney though.

        • paulinpittsburgh

          Nonsense. She only “hated” McCain when he was running against the establishments first choices of Romney and Guliani. The moment McCain has the nomination sewn up she was using Karl Rove’s pom-poms to cheerlead for McCain like the dutiful tool she is.

          • Actually, there’s few people who hate McCain more than Coulter does. Both during and after the election. She said she’d prefer Hillary Clinton for President to McCain. She called him a d-bag last year. I don’t think she’s ever passed on a chance to diss him.
            It’s not that I like her, but it’s true that she hates McCain’s guts.

  • Steve

    Ann Coulter is just so cool! I pretty much agree with anything she says. I admire her courage and moral aptitude and her ability to stand tall in thje face of adversity.

  • CalCoolidge

    Ann is already working on her next book, “Deranged.” It’s autobiographical.

  • mcamire

    Let the taxes go up on everyone. That would mean that everyone was actually paying income tax. That would be a nice change.

  • paulinpittsburgh

    If anyone still doubted that Ann Coulter was just another GOP establishment tool after she endorsed Mitt Romney and tried to argue he was the true conservative candidate that doubt should be gone after these comments.

    Same with that wanna be conservative sock puppet Sean Hannity.

  • Big Al

    Go ahead GOP & give the cry baby Obama his tax hike on $200K earners. When they lose more revenue & recession gets worse then maybe America will come out of it’s coma?!?

    Is EVERYBODY smoking dope now??

    Lesson From UK: Tax Hike on Wealthy Lowers Revenue

    One side wants to rein in entitlements to deal with the budget deficit. The other side insists that any such moves be accompanied by higher taxes on the wealthy.

    That may sound like the ongoing fiscal battle in Washington, but actually describes the situation in Britain.

    The difference is that Britain has already raised taxes on the wealthy, with a telling result: The government actually lost revenue.

    In the 2009-2010 tax year in Britain, more than 16,000 people reported annual income of more than 1 million pounds (equal to about $1.6 million today). Then in 2010, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a member of the Labour Party, introduced a new 50 percent top income tax rate for high-income earners. After that, the number of people reporting income of at least 1 million pounds fell to 6,000.

    “It is believed that rich Britons moved abroad or took steps to avoid paying the new levy by reducing their taxable incomes,” The Telegraph reported.

    Harriet Baldwin, a Conservative member of Parliament, said: “Labour’s ideological tax hike led to a tax cull of millionaires.”

    Instead of raising revenue, the tax hike cost the U.K. 7 billion pounds ($11.2 billion) in lost revenue —and that in an economy one-quarter the size of America’s.

    Now the government of Conservative Party Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that it will lower the top rate from 50 percent to 45 percent, a move the Labour Party officials have called a “tax cut for millionaires.”

    In ongoing budget talks, Conservatives want to freeze out-of-work benefits, which are set to rise with inflation, while liberals in the government “will only allow the benefits freeze if taxes on the rich are increased.”

    Democrats in the United States might note that since Cameron’s government announced the lower top rate, the number of Britons reporting income of at least 1 million pounds has risen to 10,000.