***ROMNEY RESPONDS*** – Another anemic jobs report, unemployment rate deceptively falls to 8.1 percent

First things first. The unemployment rate didn’t fall to 8.1% because of job growth:

The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July, the Labor Department said Friday. But that was only because more people gave up looking for work. The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively searching.

According to Jim Pethokoukis, if the participation rate had stayed the same as last month the unemployment would be 8.4%:

The last point that needs to be made on the labor force participation rate is that it’s at the lowest level in 31 years:

In addition to those who’ve given up looking for work, many young Americans are avoiding the job market by remaining in school. All told, the proportion of the population that is either working or looking for work fell to 63.5 percent. That’s the lowest level in 31 years for the labor force participation rate.


As for the jobs portion of the report, we only added less than 100k jobs again – around 96k jobs – well below what even normal population growth demands.

Here’s the full jobs report:

FOX NEWS – U.S. employers added 96,000 jobs last month, a weak figure that could slow any momentum President Barack Obama hoped to gain from his speech to the Democratic National Convention.

The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July, the Labor Department said Friday. But that was only because more people gave up looking for work. The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively searching.

The government also said 41,000 fewer jobs were created in July and June than first estimated. The economy has added just 139,000 jobs a month since the beginning of the year, below 2011’s average of 153,000.

Dow Jones industrial futures, which had been up before the report, fell soon after it was released.

The hiring figures and unemployment rate will be among the most politically consequential of the campaign. They arrive just as the presidential race enters its final stretch. Jobs are the core issue, and the report could sway some undecided voters.

There will be two additional employment reports before Election Day Nov. 6. But by then, more Americans will have made up their minds.

In his speech Thursday night, Obama acknowledged incomplete progress in repairing the still-struggling economy and asked voters to remain patient.

“The truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over the decades,” Obama said.

Tepid hiring could nudge the Federal Reserve to announce some new action to boost growth after its meeting next week.

The report was weak throughout.

In addition to those who’ve given up looking for work, many young Americans are avoiding the job market by remaining in school. All told, the proportion of the population that is either working or looking for work fell to 63.5 percent. That’s the lowest level in 31 years for the labor force participation rate.

Average hourly wages dipped a penny to $23.52 and are only slightly ahead of inflation in the past year.

The average work week was unchanged in August after being revised downward in July to 34.4 hours. And the number of temporary jobs fell for the first time in five months. Both figures suggest that companies are seeing less demand for their services and need fewer workers.

Many of the jobs were in lower-paying industries such as retail, which added 6,100 jobs, and hotels, restaurants and other leisure industries, which gained 34,000. Higher-paying manufacturing jobs fell by 15,000, the most in two years.

UPDATE: Romney responds to the anemic jobs report (via Washington Examiner):

If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover. For every net new job created, nearly four Americans gave up looking for work entirely. This is more of the same for middle class families who are suffering through the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. After 43 straight months of unemployment above 8%, it is clear that President Obama just hasn’t lived up to his promises and his policies haven’t worked. We aren’t better off than they were four years ago. My plan for a stronger middle class will create 12 million new jobs by the end of my first term. America deserves new leadership that will get our economy moving again.

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  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Gosh, I’m so sick of these numbers coming out, only to find out a month later they’re adjusted down, and yet Obozo still uses the same false numbers, and the media makes sure the adjustments are never in the headlines.

    Give him 4 more years to do WHAT? Continue to flush us down the toilet? I cannot believe there are so many morons out there who are still voting for this guy.

  • Rshill7

    Time to pummel this president with his own record.

  • Yet the White House will spin this and say, “You see, we added 96,000 jobs, so we’re still growing.” They would be saying that if only one job was added last month. The problem is, that with so few people working and so many people giving up looking for a job, the American public knows that everything the White House is spinning right now is a lie. People are tired of it and ready to make a change, just like they did with Jimmy Carter.

    • The White House AND the MSM will spin it. And, that’s why I’m not convinced the public “knows everything …. is a lie.” Too many don’t do their own research and simply believe what BHO tells and the media tell them.

  • Ryan Mobley

    Forward, indeed.

  • You just know the MSM is going to declare this “good news – Unemployment fell from 8.3% to 8.1%” but will omit to state why as so well stated in the article above. They’ll never tell you that real unemployment is about 15% either.

    And he wants 4 more years? For what? More golf lessons? More basketball time? The “last last apology tour” tour? To take over even more of the economy and grow government and debt even more?

    The manchild can’t run on his record, it’s running from his record and if the MSM would report the facts and not the libtard talking points spin… But I must stop… I stumbled into the land of “wishful thinking” for a second… (sigh.)

    • I don’t know. Accidentally watched CNN around 8:30 and they were not too happy with this jobs report.

      • Hmmm…. First Amy tells me that AP reported it fairly and now CNN!! I’m beginning to wonder if I got knocked on the head and woke up in an alternate universe where the media actually reports fairly! I just checked the NObama favorability ratings and he’s below water too*… What the heck is going on? 🙂

        * http://tinyurl.com/c8h32uh (links to Hotair . com article.)

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Unless you’re delusional (aka hardcore left), eventually most people figure out they’re being bamboozled. Some of knew it right off the bat, but others need to get burned before they learn, but learn they have.

    • Amy

      Surprisingly, AP is reporting the job numbers accurately. Saying the unemployment rate dropped only because labor force participation dropped. We’ll see if they stick to describing it this way. I’m sure the WH would like to see it spinned another way…

      • Hmmm… Someone must have made a mistake at the AP. It’s not like them to report facts without spin. Especially political news.

        • Amy

          Yeah, I was kind of shocked to hear it reported that way. Like I said though – they may change that as the day goes on. I’m sure the WH will be putting the pressure on to spin it to be favorable. I will be shocked if it continues to get reported correctly – I don’t trust any media right now…

    • Rshill7

      Each time Obama tries to run from that record, Romney needs to toss it out in front him to trip over. Obama should be be trippin’ the light fantastic after every upright stride. Keep him on his face and make him face the music. Something like, “Bang The Drum Slowly” would suffice.

      Our victory music will sound quite a different tune.

  • JoelDick

    I’m willing I bet that by election day, they will find a way to report that unemployment is seven and a half percent or less. Welcome to China.

    • iaintlyin

      Okay, I’m on board with the Chinese American scenario. Lets go to the next step though, when the poopoo hits the fan soon after, who’s side you think our grandkids are going to be on in the Revolutionary War of 2035, the Chinese or the Muslims.

  • odin147

    What is being done to this country goes beyond party affiliation, the moral character of this great nation is being crushed under unemployment. It is a travesty that in a nation like ours so many people have given up on looking for work. An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop, this will lead to other social problems. Clinton said no one could have done any better, beg to differ, no one could have done any worse. Instead of booming jobs this president has turned the recession into stagnation, he has ruined the recovery, and the people are suffering for it, this is a tragedy. The president should be put in jail for destroying so many lives.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Spot on Odin. It’s funny how it’s not Obama’s fault, even though he’s the guy at the top, yet when the BP explosion happened, they were out to crucify the CEO of BP, as if it was his fault personally. So which is it? Is the guy at the top in charge, or not?

      Rhetorical question, but my answer is: Obama is the guy at the top, but he’s not accountable for the problems (per Bill Clinton), and this country is going to hell because of it.

      • Nukeman60

        I like that.

        We need to see an ad with all the bad economic numbers and at the end, a voiceover says, “Is the guy at the top in charge, or not?” or perhaps, “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve these numbers.”

      • rich wojcik

        when FuBar Ack doubled gas prices, MSM said “new normal”
        (imagine big echo, ’cause they have their heads in his arshe)..
        When gas went a few cents up on Bush’s watch – they yelled: “crucify him!!!”
        BTW -gove makes more money on gas taxes that producers…WV produces 76 miles to the gallon car in USA, but cannot sell it here…..cars would have “too good” millage…
        What a crock!

  • Joengima

    The Unemployment Rate is lower only because the Labor Force is Shrinking…forget about Hope and Change; can You and Your Family continue moving Forward with Obama?

    I can’t. Romney-Ryan 2012

  • Amy

    Best bumper sticker I’ve seen in awhile summed it up perfectly…

    ‘Hope ain’t hiring
    I don’t have any change left.’

    The O in hope was the same typeface as the O that the POTUS uses in his campaign. I gave the guy a thumbs up as I was driving by…

    • Amy

      Another one that had my teenage son chuckling last nite:

      The end of an error

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        That’s another good one! I saw a photo of the back end of a pickup truck with:

        [photo of Obama’s face] Does this ASS make my truck look big?

        • Amy

          LOL – I really like that one! It’s been fun to see the various bumper stickers. Right now I’m only sporting my Scott Walker one, but we’re going to get some Romney/Ryan stickers this weekend. It’s time to even out the union fists & Obama/Biden stickers that are so prevelant here in WISC.

  • Rshill7

    Wow. Granholm was in meltdown mode last night, huh? I just watched some of it. It looks like she Howard Deaned herself. Yikes. Obama and Granholm need to co-author a book entitled, “How To Torpedo An Economy”.

    The DNC, a few days in a row of losers applauding failures and failures applauding losers. Now it’s time for the pummeling of this president with his own record, followed by a record landslide. Let the games begin in earnest. A political tsunami warning should be issued immediately.

    Arrrrrgh! 🙂

    P.S. Did I repeat myself a little here? Yes. But this pummeling thing “bears” repeating”. Eech, ooch, ouch!

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I’ve moved on from “landslide” to “bloodbath” in my terminology when I speak of the election. 🙂

      • Rshill7

        Don’t ya feel a little like a Great White Shark chasing a chum shoveling boat called “Orca”, captained by a soon to be consumed, “Quint”?

        I do. Meat snacks!

        • Nukeman60

          Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo. 🙂

          • NObama. (on the boat): We’re going to need a bigger stimulus/bailout!

            Never did quiet get how it works did he. Or to be less polite: That boy is about as bright as a 20 watt bulb. Either works for me! 🙂

  • Sandra123456

    Where do they get this number of the number of people that gave up looking for work? The thin air?

    Where and how is that reported? If I am on unemployment insurance do I go to my local office to report that I gave up thus losing my unemployment checks?

    This is just a bunch of BS to make the unemployment percent lower.

    • Nukeman60

      You get it from the labor force participation rate (eligible workforce), the employment numbers (as little as 1 hour per week, per U3) and the unemployment numbers (not working, but actively looking in past month). Eliminate all that and you have those that gave up looking. Unemployment numbers are only counted if you claim you are looking for work.

      This site gives excellent descriptions of all the terms involved with calculating these numbers:


    • rich wojcik

      “Gave up looking” – it is a lie to get the unempl. numbers down…..NOBODY knows who gave up…
      and condemned his/her family to a hunger death???? Find me ONE guy who is not looking,
      offer him a job and see him/her running to get it!!!…….
      It is 20-25% or higher

  • justplainbob

    This is devastating news, but for sure Obama and Biden will spin this as much as they can in their favor. Can the American public really be that stupid to believe that things are getting any better ?

  • HEY I GET IT!!!! I guess the goal ultimate is to get everyone out of the work-force and magically declare a 0% unemployment rate! Then you throw up your hands and walk away like George Costanza, leaving on high note. “I’M OUTTA HERE”.

  • Well Right Scoop….the Fox News….is the AP story….Fox did not write that…AP did….In fact, I love my fellow conservatives. We are sometimes to arrogant for our own good! We think we are the only ones that READ stories and that everyone else will just look at the Headline…we fall for the BS spin that MSNBC puts out….yet we bash them all the time…yet we think THEY SET THE NARRATIVE…BS!! The MSM has a declining audience, people do not trust them anyway…in fact only 28 percent do…yet here are conservatives again lamenting how the media will spin the 8.1 from 8.3 as a good thing. YOU KNOW WHAT GROW UP!!

    First, anyone ever said to someone hey that unemployment rate went from 8.3 to 8.1 and seen anyone JUMP FOR JOY???? NO!! From 9 percent to 6 they may…but .2…COME ON!! Stop worrying about that 8.0 percent number…that is what everyone thinks of as the Rubicon….BS!! Do you realize those that are looking for work are STILL LOOKING!! The report can take them off the sheet but THEY ARE STILL VOTERS AND LOOKING!! NO SPIN MAKES THEM GO AWAY!! What the heck makes conservatives think all these people are drones but we are the brains??? BS!! That is just arrogance and stupidity!! I am sick of it! Those looking have families, loved ones, need to pay bills who are we to say they look at a HEADLINE AND SAY YAHOO!! BS!! They want details just like us!

    Conservatives sometimes are the biggest dupes!! They are so sure of their own ideas that they resemble the far left morons!!

    I went to the AP, Bloomberg, Fox, CNN, Reuters, DRUDGE, CNBC and others and they all said the jobs report was BAD!! Yes they have headline 96,000 jobs added unemployment fell slightly!! Okay…so we assume everyone else (EXCEPT US CONSERVATIVES) just GOES YAHOO and on their little way!! That is not the case at all….99 percent of the people read the story….in every one of those stories….the second line is UNEMPLOYMENT FELL DUE TO PEOPLE FALLING OUT OF LABORFORCE…NOT JOB CREATION!! Each one right away mentions the 368,000 that dropped out of the workforce…THEY DO NOT BURY IT…it is right at the top and PEOPLE DO READ THE STORY!!

    If I see a good Headline I read it….I see a bad headline I read it…so does mostly everyone else…WHY??? Because we all like to know….Headlines bring you in…they do not sustain you!!

    All across America today from the bloggere, Fox News, Radio and other outlets this jobs report will be reported left and right….The MSM will say Unemployment dropped but they will also say why??? They will try to put positive spin but that MEANS NOTHING TO THOSE LOOKING or to those with friends and loved ones looking or out of work!! They do not need the BLS to tell them anything or the MSM!!

    If the MSM controlled the narrative the way so many of my fellow conservaties believe than Obama would be in the 70 percent LV Models and be assured a re-election!!

    Do not underestimate other people just because you fear! This Jobs reports was BAD!!! And that may explain why Obama last night was awful, flat, inarticulate and empty!!

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      You make a good point Michael. The other day I clicked on a headline on my Yahoo news home page about something from the convention this week (I don’t even remember what), and in looking at the comments, I was amazed to see that there were already 3000-4000 comments. People commenting on a Yahoo news articles aren’t necessarily like us — political junkies seeking out political news sites. Anyway, I had the comments sorted by most popular (based on thumbs up/down counts), and there were pages and pages of Obama-bashing comments, some of them with hundreds of thumbs ups vs. a handful of thumbs downs. I then sorted by newest first, and again, for every 1 pro-Obama comment, there had to be 10 anti-Obama comments.

      I don’t know why the polls still have Obama about tied with Romney (well, I have my theories as to why), but I’m not seeing it “out there” and I think you’re right. Even people who are not political junkies are paying enough attention to know that Obama is a failure, and I personally do not believe they are buying the spin anymore. And they know spin when they see it.

    • iaintlyin

      Your rant has merit, to a degree. I think you cut yourself short a bit by not giving yourself credit for knowing the different news reporting agencies. I think the typical American has no idea that theres a distinction (albeit slight) or that there are multiple agencies. Can you blame them, small differences that most don’t pick up. Further, probably many Americans can’t see past the number reported as “jobs created”. They see any number with a comma between three numbers and they feel progress is being made. Yeah you point out that the guy who’s unemployed may be able to decipher it as misleading but he is also dependent on his unemployment check that may be taken away sooner if a new administration steps in. If his 99 weeks of unemploy. ran out already, he’s fearful that his welfare, food stamps and other entitlement will be cut back. He/she is in a quagmire instigated by gov’t assistance from the point of the economy downturn until theres a significant up tick, as you noted. It is a shame I feel this way about the America I love but, when I consistantly stump the cashier by giving them an $4.07 toward the $3.27 tab, I have no faith. The stupidity rate amongst HS graduates is well documented as compared to other countries, as Beck says, don’t believe me, look it up.Too many believe ABC, NBC, and CBS, too many don’t want to hear Fox, because the truth hurts. I am a Conservative leaning independent with a few Democratic tendencies, but the truth is, too many dumb, misinformed MSM dependent Americans get to vote. Sorry, don’t want to disenfranchise the ignorant but, we should draw a line in order to save our republic.

    • Nukeman60

      First of all, your rant about people on this site needing to ‘grow up’ is way off base. It’s sites like this, with people here, that started the entire conversation about the U6 unemployment number (15%) and the labor force participation rate as being far more important than the U3 (official, 8.1% number) when the media always ignored them completely. Without that, this administration and the media hyped up as a good thing every little superficial gain in the numbers.

      Many people today are more aware of the true facts thanks to dilligent work by the few who persistently put forth the actual numbers over the fake numbers. For over 3 1/2 years, Obama would crow about a 60-120,000 gain in employment (never stating that it takes at least 150,000 to just match population growth) and to this day, they still brag about Obama bringing the unemployment rate down from 10% to 8%. Thanks to us, people are realizing that 15% is the real unemployment number and the media can no longer spin the numbers falsely, like they used to.

      One thing you have to realize is that if you are reading the posts at TRS, which you are, that makes you far more informed than the average joe out there who only reads the daily newspaper or only watches the alphabet stations. We know so many more facts than others who aren’t afforded the opportunity to see them.

      Yes, the media is starting to tell the truth about the numbers, albeit because we forced them to. They would not be doing this if it wasn’t for our persistence and dilligence. And most certainly, they haven’t done it much in the past 3 1/2 years, that’s for sure.

      We have to keep up the pressure, hold their feet to the fire, and force them to tell the truth, so that everybody hears it and not just those of us who frequent this site. My question would be, who is it really that needs to open their eyes?

  • iaintlyin

    Any report that comes out from now until the election needs to be examined very very closely. ANY report. Jobs, economic indicators, amount of money being printed, welfare rolls, food stamp numbers you name it, it’ll be skewed.
    When are people going to wake up. This guy is printing money like mad, taxing, regulating and licensing more than ever and he still has done nothing to the bottom line other than making it a deeper red.
    I hear he’s more likable than Romney. This dude is a con artist that has conned half of the greatest country on earth.
    Our situation is similar to my local school district. If the people that, live in and work for the district, stood home on the day the budgets are voted on, it would be defeated overwhelmingly. If the people on the gov’t dole had to give up their vote to keep getting subsidized there’s no doubt in my mind this country would be like Fore Fathers dreamed it would.

  • I liked Romney’s response…he highlights that for every job created 4 left the workforce and highlighting that this is the worst since the Great Depression and he mentions Obama’s failed policies….excellent response!!

  • Retired_Coach

    Part of me wishes that I lived in a swing state and a politically needed market so that I could see the Romney/RNC ads that are set to run beginning today. Guess I’ll have to keep checking this site to view whatever The Great Scoop posts. Did like Romney’s line today about last night being the party; today is the hangover.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      For some reason, we are getting numerous ads running in the state of TN for Obama, but I’m not seeing ads running for Romney/Ryan.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The left thinks in a radically different way than the right. The left would say, “Jobs increased 20%” while the right would point out that 80% still don’t have jobs. It’s a numbers game. And the left is spinning the numbers in the worst, most disasterous manner possible… just so they can remain in power. Sickening.

    There was nothing redeeming that came out of the DNC – in fact, God got boo’d. Our traditional American values were stomped on and the freakin LSM applauds these guys for a great convention.

    Dark days are ahead if this despotic monster gets re-elected. Fight the good fight and pray that this does not come to pass.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Why does the Washington Examiner bother to call it an economic recovery at all?

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Yeah, it’s pretty clear that this White House is living a manufactured reality. In fact, the US is probably leading the world in manufactured realities right now under this Odministration.

  • demographicallychallenged

    I am in Fl. Recently I have noticed an increase of 50+ yr old workers doing the entry level jobs High School and young people used to start out at. This is at all times of the day, and all types of work. Are you experiencing the same in your part of the country?

  • “The truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over the decades,” Obama said.

    Over the decades, eh Mr. Obama? Looks like you’re calling out Clinton! Guess you didn’t like his subtle slamming of you and your economy during his speech.

    Clinton/Obama is such as great soap opera!

    • rich wojcik

      when FuBar Ack doubled gas prices, MSM said “new normal”
      (imagine big echo, ’cause they have their heads in his arshe)..
      When gas went a few cents up on Bush’s watch – they yelled: “crucify him!!!”
      BTW -gove makes more money on gas taxes that producers…WV produces 76 miles to the gallon car in USA, but cannot sell it here…..cars would have “too good” millage…
      What a crock!

  • But to Obama and his minions, this is a great jobs report. After all, it did add some jobs, which is all he cares about. If it added only 1 job last month Obama would still consider it a success. As for the other 23 million Americans out of work, well, that’s just too bad, right? Obama has created nothing in his whole life, and the destruction of this economy proves it. At this rate, I don’t think the country could survive a second Obama term.

  • iaintlyin

    Please, people, don’t go Dick Turbin on me, Is there anyway to find out the suicide rate in America since 2000. Broken down annually and age wise? Just wonderin’.

  • stage9

    Liberals follow the Downward Trajectory Model of economics: If it’s plummeting, it’s a success. Of course even an airplane careening toward the earth is technically “moving forward”!

  • wodiej

    thanks for the report. There is no way to spin out of the facts.

  • CalCoolidge

    It’s both comical and tragic to know all the confusion over unemployment is rooted in the fact that the media call the “U-2” measurement “THE” unemployment rates – when in fact, the BLS reports quite few employment and unemployment rates.

  • Susitna

    I don’t believe neither in the 8.3% nor in th 8.1% number. I am sure that it is closer to 10%. Reason enough to get rid of this GODverment.

    If the country was in a hole, why didn’t Obama stop digging?

  • rich wojcik

    we know it’s 20-25% or higher…..most of my friends are jobless…..

  • I am so tired of the people that have fallen off of the unemployment system catorigized as have “stopped looking for work”. They are looking harder than the people that are still receiving unemployment, but they are out of the system and thus have “stopped looking for work”. This measurement is disingenuous and keeps being repeated time after time.

  • Here in my state of Florida. The private sector are creating jobs and the housing market is on the rise. In (Red) states that have no state taxes, who have lowered property taxes on homeowners, limited the onerous and job killing regulations on job creators, are where the true job creation is happening.
    It is these (Red) states that are creating the jobs in America. And the liberal media is purposely omitting this from their reports.

  • wiseopinion

    Where have the American people checked in their brains? Why is critial thinking so difficult these days? Where is commen sense? How about logic? Discernment? These figures are dead wrong…it’s more 14% and will go higher as more and more people come to the end of their year+ long unemployment. Do people really believe that because there are less unemployment claims it is because those people found jobs?

  • Numbers will always be manipulated. the truth is Mr O is a Marxist with a goal of creating
    a socialist state. his plan is to overwhelm the system, create the downward spiral, unrest and chaos to force the revolution and he has a team of willing liars. But it is failing cuz America is waking up and we’re not without recourse. Romney/Ryan just the beginning!
    we’ll take the Senate as well. Harry Reid needs a permanent vacation.

  • jm0912be

    Let me see if I understand this. In August, the unemployment rate decreased from 8.3% to 8.1% and many claim that this is bad since it only happened because 368,000 discouraged workers left the workforce. Sounds reasonable.

    However, in May of this year 642,000 people entered the workforce and the unemployment rate increased from 8.1% to 8.2%. Does this mean that the May unemployment rate increase should have been ignored because it was only caused by the tremendous number of encouraged workers who decided to join the workforce?

    In the first eight months of 2012 the workforce has increased in four months and decreased in four months. The net result, year to date, is an increase of 768,000 people in the workforce. It should also be noted that this is not unusual. Since the start of the Bush Administration in 2001 monthly workforce numbers have increased roughly 55 percent of the time and decreased 45 percent of the time.

    Using a single month’s change in workforce level makes for ease spin but it is statistically silly.