Another business sign: “We built this business without gov’t help. Obama can kiss our a–!”

Not only do they affirm that they built their business without government help, they tell Obama where he can kiss:


Watch the video:

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  • Well done!

    • BeerPartyPatriot

      In other words, roads, schools and emergency services are NOT a gift, they are PAID for with tax dollars. So not only do legit businesses PAY for their share of services, they also carry the burden for the free loaders. The phrase should not be “You didn’t build that” to business owners, it should “You didn’t EARN that” to the entitlement class.

      • Damned straight.

      • steprock

        Precisely. Even if you give O the benefit of the doubt (and I do in this case) by assuming he meant “You didn’t build the roads and bridges, so you owe somebody” he is STILL dead wrong!

        We already paid what we owe for those things!

        He doubled down on his statement by saying other people are as smart and work as hard as you. Then he drove it home by saying later that prosperity should be shared by all.

        He’s a Socialist/Communist! It ain’t rocket surgery, folks.

        • BeerPartyPatriot

          Nicely put, steprock. And what do we say to the Feds???? “YOU SURE DIDN’T HELP MUCH?” or maybe “The States Can Do Better.”

          I’ve said it before – any economies of scale that might have been available at the federal level are OBLITERATED by the rampant corruption and inefficiencies. What result would a FIREWALL amendment have that halted all bailouts and subsidies to individuals and businesses by the feds? It would promote competition among the states to best care on the local level for the truly ill, elderly and indigent, dammit.

          We could so easily make this country prosperous to the point that Mexico’s economy would take off like a rocket just for being next to us. It’s capitalism v. communism and we had better make sure our capitalist tows the line.

  • Joe

    My monitor has a “SPOT” on it !

    I can’t read the last word – BUT –

    I’m sure it’s very complimentary of ZERO!

    • Sober_Thinking

      It’s an apt discription of who he really is…

      • Joe

        Oh – now I get it

        That’s why your name is – what it is

        (Where’s my beer?)

        Thanks !

        • Sober_Thinking

          Lol! You crack me up. 🙂

      • Orangeone

        And what he wants the press corps to kiss.

    • kong1967

      It didn’t degrade him, either. Obama is an ass (Democrat / donkey).

      • a more apt description would be socialass(t).

        • kong1967

          Lol, good one.

  • Where he can kiss…….Michelle?,0,766924.story

    Seriously, Chicago is this messed up. There has also been an Obama street renamed right by where I grew up- hilariously, it’s in a part of town that is run down, even though there is a major expressway link on it.

    • Joe

      If I am (n)EVER in Caponeland

      I would love to see it and leave a “decorative marker” there!

      • HEY! Only OWS can leave stinky markers.

    • Cindy09

      … and the story should go on to say that Baskins Robbins was saved by Bain Capital, Romney’s Company. Yeah!!!

      • Was it really?

        • Orangeone

          Yes it was. Is that funny or what. There is a story on Breitbart and Daily Caller on this too.

    • steprock

      And a new plaque for where the Royal Couple shared a first date and first kiss. Awww…Chicagoans must love that.

  • M_J_S

    HELL YEAH!!!

    This election is going to bring out this type of reaction from MILLIONS OF PEOPLE because the overarching theme about Obama is that he screws over people from all backgrounds and ethnicity.

  • Rshill7

    Well, they reported it but were slanted as heck about it weren’t they? Notice how they zoomed in on the “we”, held it there, and put both negative comments as the closers?
    I guess they can kiss his ass too.

    And what’s wrong with the word ass? Ass, asS, AsS, aSs.

    • conservative58

      They censor ‘ass’, yet MSNBC allows Toure Touche-bag to use much more offensive vile language.

      Lame Stream Media – at it’s best – which is pathetic!
      Does Obama have a ‘Media’ Czar?

      • kong1967

        Lol, yes he does. It’s just a different name.

    • Orangeone

      Can’t stop laughing at your closing line! Thanks for the giggles.

    • Martin2717

      I noticed that too. Stupid news media at it again.

    • Hardest word to abbreviate: assassin

    • wodiej

      “And what’s wrong with the word ass? Ass, asS, AsS, aSs.”

      LOL….some look good from behind and some look like donkey’s from the democrat party.

      • conservative58

        “… some look good from behind and some look like donkey’s from the democrat party.”

        And some are well-educated (Smart Ass) and some not so well-educated (Dumb Ass).

        • and some are assclowns…..(no need to expand on that explanation).

  • hramirez18


  • Sober_Thinking

    Connie and Bob do need the Government because they didn’t build the bridge to understanding. They’ll need our help to realize the truth and the facts. Bless their little hearts.

    • keyesforpres

      “Bless their little hearts”. Ha! Ha! You must live in the South. 🙂

      • wodiej

        Gov. Palin says “bless their heart” as a subliminal message all the time. Kyra Sedgewick on The Closer does the same thing every time she says “Thank Yew!”

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol! Busted… I live in Georgia presently… born in Iowa, raised in Illinois, but me and my family have lived here since 1997. I’ve learned that “Did jeet?” (Did ya eat?) is actually a sentence here.

        Some of the kindest people in world here… their colloquialisms are priceless. Here’s my current favorite:

        “It’s so quiet you could hear a mouse peeing on a cotton ball from 20 feet away.” Cracks me up.

        • keyesforpres

          Hadn’t heard the mouse one!
          When I moved to the south I used to say “you guys” and was told by one of my girlfriends, “We aren’t guys!”. So, I quickly learned “you all”. I just can’t bring myself to say “ya’ll”.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Lol… I’ve adopted that one… but I may drop it after Biden ruined it with his “chains” gaffe the other day. 🙂

        • actually “did jeet” is shortened from “did you eat yet”?…….remember, even three letter words have two syllables in the South….

          I’m a native Kentuckian and now live in Texas…my high school English teacher used our classroom as a laboratory for her doctoral thesis on how Middle English words and phrases were preserved almost entirely uncorrupted for almost 150 years….our everyday conversational speech could have been heard on the streets of any city in Great Britain…….we were a pocket of WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestants). This preservation of a culture and its customs and laws was/is reflected in our social mores and is still seen today…..same with our moutain music….could have been played in an Irish pub.

          yes, you can find common sense, courteous, independent, freedom loving, and yes, kind people all over the south……it just comes natural, like hospitality…it’s what you do.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Nice post. Thanks for that! 🙂

  • p m

    So one of the feedback folks only heard 0zero’s road, school etc. bullcrap, but forgot that Bob’s parents paid for them.

    • Orangeone

      And so did Bob.

  • nibblesyble

    looooove it!

  • Don

    The war on American businesses and jobs is backfiring big time on Obama and his socialist thugs from Chicago and the SEIU. The constant lies and deceptions coming from this White House and administration are becoming so obvious the most brainwashed leftwing lemmings are being embarrassed. This is an anti-American attack from within by our own government to transform our country against our wills. Whoever wins, the American people will get what we deserve. Think and vote. 2010 AGAIN.

  • Joe

    This makes me feel great – Follow up on the Baker who told “Joe” – NO!

    Customers are flocking in from all over

    The bakery ran out of baking dough and made lots of $$ dough

    The revolution has started

    Their page >>

    • Nukeman60

      The revolution has indeed started. The Tsunami is growing ever larger every day, little bit by little bit. More and more people are coming out in the open, no longer afraid to say, “Hey, I’m sick of this, too, and I want it to change for the better.”

      That change happens on November 6th, and 7th, and beyond…

      • From a comment I dropped over at TheOtherMcCain:

        For their bottom scraping, I think they need to be awarded not only the short version of an Administration’s years, but the biggest landslide election in US history.

        This year, every leftist should get the boot. Forget landslides. We want a shockwave like the front of a massive explosion.

        Pushing a freight train full of coal.

        On tracks of flaming steel.

        Surrounded by every member of Rolling Thunder.

        And doughnuts you can buy for one silver dime.

        With sprinkles.

        • Amen!

        • Nukeman60

          Hear, hear. I like the visual (except the silver dime, of course. I collect them, they are valuable, lol).

          • Heh. It’s a Galt’s Gulch kind of thing. I “collect” them, too. Meaning I keep a stash handy to use as real money once the dollar has gone from “legal tender” to just “tinder.”

            • Nukeman60

              Yep, it will make for good fire starter material. (and possibly TP substitute) 🙂

      • kong1967

        The best change happens on January 20th.

    • Orangeone

      Great idea from a poster on Breitbart to call Crumb and Get It and purchase goodies for them to deliver to the local Veterans Admin hospital. Thanking the entrepreneur couple and our vets is a win-win for America!

    • “The revolution has started ”

      And it’s delicious.

  • One thing is for certain — in their attempts to divide, conquer, and remake America in their own image and to cling to power for generations to come — Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk of dyspeptic reprobates have awakened a sleeping giant — very much to their own detriment.

    Every step they take — every move they make — they can’t help but step on a rake!

    It truly is a wondrous thing to behold.

    • conservative58

      It’s about time that sleeping giant woke up!


    • Right on flatfoot!

  • SurfinCowboy

    I say in my best Mr. Burns voice (while wringing my hands):


  • B-Funk

    I’m all for supporting these businesses! I should find some in VA!

    • Orangeone

      Crumb and Get It is the bakery that said no to Biden doing a photo-op. They are in VA. Also remember Kimmie Candy in Reno, NV. They did an “I built this business” commercial for Romney. Their candy is all made in America and they ship nationwide. I ordered some and drop-shipped to a client and THEY LOVE IT!

      • B-Funk

        Where there’s one, there has to be more! ^_^ I’m keeping my eyes open! Thanks for the tips!

  • rjcylon

    Well, I expect more stories like this in the very near future.


    I almost want to call for some civility here and slow down
    the rate of increase in our spine building bravado.

    Naaaaaa, not really.

    Pinch me, miracles happening, GOD is in the house, involved, ticked off,
    walking the planet…..ALL of the above.
    HMMMM, Beck was right?
    I hear he make $120 million a year, and only pays 2% FICA.
    So, he needs to be right on this.
    Or him and Motor City Madman are going to be toast.

    BTW, I hear GM is going bankrupt again. REALLY OBOZO/BITE-ME, are you kidding me?

    Thank you CBO for AWESOME report (July 24th) and that paragraph on page 13 that has $716 billion in it talking about MEDICARE if OBAMACARE is repealed.

    The “genisis” of THE choice for RYAN a few days later on Aug 2nd?
    If Mitt an Ryan are this smart, they are the ones foretold by REAGAN who said we needed folks like this to come along….DIVINE PROVIDENCE?

    FINALLY, a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY that put out a report that may save the country !

    Probably cost $20-50 million (depending how you score it), worth every penny.
    I kid. CBO people work for free.

    Dope and Chains — ya just can’t make this stuff up.

  • JeffWRidge

    I approve too, Mr. Roggendorff. Great sign and a great message.

  • Mike Lee

    Bob Roggendorff…you are my hero!

  • I think that last word should have been plural. Unless he’s talking about conjoined twins or something.

  • chatterbox365

    And where does government get the money to pay for roads, bridges, police, fire, etc…and of course their outrageous salaries and fringe benefits?

    Way to go Bob Roggendorff! Push honest folks hard enough and they will come out swinging.

    I’m sure Toure would call this a n*****ization tactic.

  • Yazz55

    I hope I’m wrong about this…but I suspect all these small businesses who put up signs the they built their own businesses are going to get audited by the IRS asap.

    This phenomena seems to be gaining traction and the regime somehow needs to put a stop to it. An IRS raid next Mon morning, just like they did to Gibson guitars could just happen.

    • I “liked” your comment because it’s thought provoking, but I sincerely hope you are wrong. Besides, I think it might backfire if any such businessman/woman were to contact the media regarding the IRS sudden interest in their business records, it could (and should) backfire hugely!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    One small sign from Bob Roggendorf, one big kick to the ass of barack obama!!!!!

    Thanks, Bob.

  • wodiej

    LOL…love it. Small business owner taxes pay for those roads, police, fire etc. Where do liberals think this money comes from that the gov’t spends??

  • kong1967

    Hilarious. A while back I saw a story of a guy that posted signs saying he won’t hire until Obama is out of office.

    I think Obama’s in deep doo doo this November.

  • What riles me is that people who say that government paid for it talk like the government has an orchard of money trees growing out in the back lawn of the Whitehouse that they harvest each autumn to provide for all the programs. It never seem to dawn on them that any and ALL money the government has comes from the TAXPAYERS and that includes all the small businessmen and workers of the country – even the ones that built those roads and bridges – But they seem oblivious to that fact and, as I said, it riles me.

    “Though our work be a labor of love,
    Still, we have to have help from above:
    Yes, we have to depend
    On that one special friend
    Whom we pray to at”