Another liberal Democrat proves he’s UNWORTHY of office by taking up the ‘Minimum Wage Challenge’

U.S House Rep. Patrick Murphy is proving that he is unworthy of managing anything beyond an ice cream cart by taking and “winning” at the “Minimum Wage Challenge.”

Look at this dumbass:

So the “challenge” is to live off of welfare wages for a week and just spend what you get in a week. Now, what they neglect to mention is that many American families eat perfectly fine and healthily off the same money – and they EARN IT THEMSELVES.

But what makes it worse is that the whole point of the “challenge” is to FAIL. And that’s why Democrats LOVE it – if they were actually expected to live on a budget like the rest of us, they’d starve and die. They’re SUPPOSED to fail this “challenge” in order to show how sympathetic they are to the poor.

Well this moron is really going out of his way to fail.

Take a look at his receipt:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.02.53 PM

Are you serious? You spent THIRTEEN DOLLARS ON THREE ITEMS?!?! What kind of idiot are you?!?

Oh look here he is:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.03.09 PM

WHY are you buying brand name groceries? Anyone who’s on a budget knows you buy generic. You could have bought those items for half the price, at least, if you buy generic!!

What a damn fool.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.03.03 PM

But that’s not all – if you have $17 to spend on food, you DON’T buy crap like strawberry jelly and peanut butter! You buy things that are going to stretch for a while, and things that YOU can prepare.

This really infuriates me because I’ve had to live on a budget, I was extremely poor, and I never starved. And these pendejos are utterly insulting millions of Americans who live for LESS than this, and do it from their OWN money, not from free money from the government!

Also also, let me call BS on this, because he’s only posted ONE day of pics of food that he’s eating on the “challenge” even though supposedly he’s on the third day. You’re FULL OF IT, Murphy!!!

Please go and make fun of him on Twitter, and slam his Facebook with this post. I’d really appreciate it!!

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