Another person faints at Obama’s campaign rally

Yesterday another person fainted at Obama’s campaign rally, at least that’s what Obama said as he noticed apparent commotion:

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  • The person probably fainted after seeing what the national debt will be if Obama is elected to another four years. I know that would make me pass out big time.

    • kong1967

      How many of the liberals, most of which are on welfare, understand what that debt means? To most of them all it means is “someone else’s bill”. They don’t give a crap which is why they vote for Obama so they can keep on not giving a crap.

      • Bobemakk

        These are the “politically uneducated,” who don’t give a damn about our country and all they want is the “Obama bucks.” They sicken me.

        • kong1967

          Me, too.

  • I hope they called the paralegals!

    • marketcomp

      LOL! I think Obama must be hitting that bottle too much!

      • warpmine

        “That’s ok, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

        “It’s just the heat, you’ll all be OK if you just give me four more years.”

    • kessi7

      O no pls dont call the medical ‘corps’ men

  • keninil

    They keep leaving out the TOTUS from the pic. Without TOTUS O would be a statue.

    • Joe

      Uh – Uh – Uh – Uh

  • Army_Pilot1967

    If somehow I found myself trapped at a nobama rally I wouldn’t faint….I’d puke!!!!

    • Joe


    • Constance

      Trapped is an appropriate word. After 60 seconds of his voice with his insufferable “ah, um, you know” speech pattern, blood would shoot out of my ears. The paramedics wouldn’t get to me in time. 🙂

    • 12grace

      My very thoughts, AP. smile

    • Jay

      If I found myself at one and said what I was thinking- well, I’m sure the SS would have a word or two with me.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL….just make sure you don’t wander into one of his little rallies. I’m sure the fainting routines are as fake and phony as the words nobama speaks!

  • Joe

    Now ——– he’s a DOCTOR too!

    – “They’ll be OK — “They’ll be OK”

    He waves his hand and they come back to life!

    I just “love” this guy !

    He is the bestest!

    • freenca

      That reminds me of his comments that led to a beer summit. “I don’t know anything about what happened, but the police acted stupidly” LOL!

    • sjmom

      Bestest at what??????? I’m having difficulty thinking of anything other than how tor destroy a nation.

      • Sober_Thinking

        One of Joe’s trademarks is his sarcasm. 🙂

        • Joe

          If you were on Bizarro World

          You would be Drunk-thinking

          Thanks for watching my back!

          • Sober_Thinking

            Anytime my friend.

      • Joe

        Are kidding ?

        He is the bestest at everything he does

        on BIZARRO WORLD – where everything is opposite of what makes sense

        I guess I wasn’t clear that I KNOW he is from BIZARRO World

        Where lying is truth


        Transparency is opaquency (is there such a word? )


        common sense is a things democRATS can’t relate to

        Bla- Bla- Bla- Bla

        So that is why – – – I LOVE ZERO! (remember opposite)

        Think opposite and you can live on Bizarro World and qualify to be a SENATOR!

        • MaroonRepublic

          In Bizarro World, is zero RGB instead of Black and White?

        • Nukeman60

          …opaquency (is there such a word?)‘ – Joe

          Yes, and BOs administration is the mostest opaquentest everest (sounds Latin. Et tu, Joe-lius? Veni, vidi, illusi – I came, I saw, I made fun of).

          • Joe

            My kind of guy!

        • sjmom

          Unfortunately, I do live in Bizarro World; Obama is my president.

          I have often thought if I could get to testify at a Senate hearing every time a Senator would ask me a question I would turn the table to ask them one and say: when you answer mine I will answer yours.

    • 1vote

      Now that right there, Joe, is a good post. LMFAO

  • Don

    Are the Obama fools going to try this scam again? Amazing how they were dropping like flies with the hysteria surrounding the “Hope and Change” savior, then everything went quiet. You know they are desperate if they try to resurrect this insult to the intelligence of the American people again. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • freenca

      You inspire me to print a new t-shirt for after the election, with this slogan on it. ” I SURVIVED HOPE AND CHANGE ”

      • 12grace

        Love it! smile

  • MaroonRepublic

    He is so full of crap that it’s the methane coming from his mouth that’s making some people queasy.

    • Sober_Thinking


  • MaxineCA

    Good grief….. Obama’s arrogance has no bounds. He couldn’t even stop his BS for a few moments until the paramedics could attend to this person? What a classless jerk!

    • warpmine

      That’s because, Demigod Obama, all knowing in all has figured that it wasn’t no big deal cause he’s all know’in.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Your wasting bandwidth for this ?

  • sjmom

    Watch whoever it was that fainted sue the WH.

  • Constance

    Oh, come on. Never before have I heard about so many swooning and fainting people at any politician’s speeches. What a load of crapola. How often do people faint, really? When was the last time any of us were at a Tea Party or other political rally, and people were just fainting when some politician was speaking? Rubbish. Something is terribly wrong here.

    • Patriot077

      What’s wrong is Oblahblah thinks he’s a rock star. Young girls often swoon over rock stars and famous actors.

      Give it up, Zero. You ain’t all that.

    • StandingGround

      My thoughts exactly, Constance, and worth repeating ’cause one little ‘like’ won’t scream it loud enough for me.

      “What a load of crapola.” !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boris_Badenoff

    How much per faint do you think they get? 25$ 50$ The DNC can’t be paying them any more than that…

    • They remind me of iran’s basij militias

  • daisybud

    “They’ll be OK, they’ll be fine.” How do you know they will be fine? Could it be that this is one of your plants? I think that if anybody really fainted it was because there was nothing but hot air circulating and they couldn’t breathe, your lying hot air.

  • allwethrpatriot

    From now until Election Day purchase only what you absolutely need. Protest Socialism by not not allowing them to use us as the producers. Bring the economy to an unmistakable halt. Protest by going Galt.

  • ctmom

    oh good lord.

    • B-Funk

      Didn’t Rush point out these were members of the organizing groups last campaign? I can’t remember, but I think I’ve heard about all this fake stuff before…

      • ctmom

        Whatever they are, they are a joke. Just like Obama.

        • B-Funk

          For sure

  • Freempg

    Is that spelled “faint” or “feint”?

  • Sober_Thinking

    Swooned from the volley of perpetual lies… not the so-called rock star appeal of Obama.

    Sadly, the whole country is swooning because of this arrogant monster. If we don’t boot his butt in November, then we’ll be down for the count.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol! Once again he’s trying to distract Americans from the truth. ROFL! This time he doesn’t want them to hear his lies – like he couldn’t go and speak in front of the NAACP.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      That’s exactly what he is doing and it is all he can do.

      What is he suppose to run on , His record in office? lol

      People here are acting like he threw a nuclear grenade in the room..

      They got NOTHING…

  • Only in totalitarian states like north Korea or Iran this happens.

  • GiantM

    Looks like all of you below me have clearly made my point for me. I have nothing further to say that’s already been said.

    Thank you!

  • I’ve heard there are very high temperatures at the obama rallies, and that’s why there is the fainting, reports of them going to local hospital, FREE RIDE, FREE FOOD, and FREE ROOM,and FREE CABLE TV with room service thrown in for good measure…uhm! uhm! Uhm! so somehow I’m not surprised, after all the hot air we’ve heard coming from the magnified one for the past four years.

    I hear many Americans are fainting from lose of everything they own, but Obama? Oh yeah; that [email protected], he’s cool.
    Only A #1 small piss ant.

    tea party patriot
    sorry ): respectfully

  • Joe

    I think they are fainting because Zero still hasn’t paid off their mortgages like he promised!

  • PVG

    I’d faint too at the thought of another term for this composite potus!

  • Nukeman60

    Obama: “And during my first term, I stopped the oceans from rising, I cut the national debt in half, I brought the whole world together in Peace (hey, psst, cue the fainter).”

    • NYGino

      “And on the seventh day, (or was it the third day, oh, it was both days) I played golf again.

  • Well, dear leader lets out enough hot air whenever he speaks, it’s no wonder.

  • hbnolikeee

    Perhaps it was the stench of BS on a hot day.

  • dk_in_tn

    Obama has designated fainters.

  • Sandra123456

    I hate seeing this or any president without a coat and tie.

  • David Boyes

    this guy is soooo full of himself … it makes you want to …. faint?? or throw up or something

  • 4rcane

    anyone think the fainting episodes odd? Its funny how OBama can always pick up a person who faint in a crowd. He will stop and then point out, look over there, someone fainted

    • freenca

      Attention at any cost, just spell the name correctly, first rule of PR agents, huh?

  • NYGino

    Wish I could remember when this exact same thing happened before. Remember him pretending to be aware of something and pointing in the same area and using the same phrasing. First he diagnoses the condition then says to the audience that this happens fairly frequently, then he goes on about ‘she’ll be fine, she’ll be fine don’t worry the paramedics will be here’ or words to that effect. Pure rehearsed drama.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    seems staged to me . isn’t that what the dems said when romney was boo’ed at the NAACP when he talked about obamacare.

  • When they heard all the falsehoods they fainted!

  • NYGino

    And he didn’t even have the Styrofoam Greek Pillars up.

  • tshtsh

    Probably, passed out due to being in security check lines for hours-no forks, knives or bottled water allowed.

  • kong1967

    I was expecting to see him mention it as if he’s the one that caused it because he has the “god” effect (not G-d), but that’s not what it was. He didn’t act arrogant, he actually said it was probably from dehydration. I actually didn’t see anything arrogant or wrong here.

    Oh, but I’m not giving him credit for not being arrogant in general. We all know he’s an arrogant ass almost all the time.

  • And I’ll bet the cameras were on it as fast as the cameras were on Bill Clinton when he made a heart from stones he claimed he found, yeah right, on a beach of sand in Normandy France.

  • aZjimbo

    I would not doubt if these “faintings” are staged by this fraud.

  • Obama kept saying, “they’ll be okay…they’ll be okay”. “Those are my paid actors, so I know they’ll be okay.”


    I want to thank Obama for helping America rise from its slumber!

  • Fainted? More likely fell asleep listening to the boring drone drone on and on… and on.