El Trumpo likes to keep saying that he’s the only one who can beat Hillary, but you’d have to ignore the vast majority of polls that show otherwise.

And another just hit today:

Dang. Fox News has the short-fingered vulgarian losing to the cankled commie by a full ELEVEN POINTS!!

Meanwhile, Kasich has the best chance at beating her, but absolutely NO chance at getting the delegates to win the nomination.

So who does that leave in the middle that can BEAT Hillary AND get the nomination? THE TEDNADO!!!!!!

And el Trumpo is not happy about it:

Sorry, Trumpy, but we know all about ignoring polls to our peril, don’t we?

Here’s one crucial fact that no one ever mentions – Trump does poorly against Hillary with 100% name recognition. Everyone knows who the Donald is, and the media is oversaturated with his presence. But Ted Cruz already beats Hillary with very little name recognition – that means he’s got a much wider space to grow his support….

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