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The reality of a bad economic situation is beginning to set in on the left and some of the more honest lefties are now admitting that there isn’t a hopeful outlook for Obama’s re-election. I’ve included the entire interview of Arianna Huffington with LarryO because of not only the way she trashes Obama and his renewed focus on jobs, but also the way that she talks about how disenfranchised people on the left feel with this debt deal. She even goes as far as saying that Obama needs ‘intense therapy’ so that he can explain to himself why he agreed to such a debt deal. Just the way she characterized it surprised me because it’s not even over yet. We’ve only been through one phase of the deal and I can assure you that the left will push hard for tax increases the next go round as they hold the defense cuts hostage.

But then she starts talking about Obama’s recent pivot toward jobs again. Arianna says that she went back and counted the number of times Obama said he was focused on jobs and apparently it’s so many times that she says no one believes him anymore. She points out that Obama is very focused on campaigning for 2012, and while she agrees that’s an important goal, she says the only number that people will care about in 2012 is the unemployment rate and that there are no prospects for it going below 9%.

What’s funny to me is that the premise that began the interview was that LarryO was trying to find a way to convey hope about economic conditions that are less than hopeful, to help the President as much as they possibly could, and yet it’s their hopelessness that made me feel more hopeful.

Watch the whole interview. It’s not as difficult as it normally would be:


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