Arizona rancher’s hidden cameras capture illegals crossing border

This rancher in Arizona sets up hidden cameras and catches illegals crossing the border all the time, especially with drugs and other illegal stuff. Just more proof that the border is wide open.

He was on Hannity to discuss it:

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  • stage9

    Napolitano: Border security better than ever

    I’ll ask it again….why are politicians so stupid?

  • keyesforpres

    Rewarding lawbreaking only gets more lawbreaking, that is for sure.

    There was a great website that reported about illegals and crimes committed by illegals called
    For the past year I have not been able to get the website to come up. It says internet explorer declines to show it.
    Can anybody else access it?

    • Constance

      I just tried to access it, and when I tried directly at the site, it was an Access Denied error message. I did a search, and I can click on various related sites for them that way, but not the direct way. Not sure what that means. ;/
      Just thought I’d share my attempt with you.

      • keyesforpres

        Yeah, some of their archives come up, but that’s it.
        It was such a great site. Back in late 2007 they were running the Huck Dirt Alert articles on Mike Huckabee. He is disastrous on illegals.
        They ran articles on why o was not eligible. They ran an article about Frank Marshall Davis more than likely being o’s real daddy. The pictures they had side by side of the two really showed the resemblance.

        They had videos of all the illegals protesting in our streets back in 2006 and them telling us to go back to Europe. They had pictures of the rape trees along the border, and ran articles from across the country on crimes committed by illegals. I fear they have been shut down.

      • Ditto!

      • Leedae

        I found it when I googled it, I think it is what you are talking about. I put in outraged patriots 🙂

  • It should be interesting when some of these thieves bring in some dirty bomb materials or suitcase nukes, if they haven’t already. How many of these are middle eastern passing off as south americans? I know people in government are smarter than I am, so it proves this administration doesn’t care who comes in…. as long as it’s vote is for “D”.

    • That’s why the Scum-Bag n’ Chief WILL be KICKED-OUT come Nov.6th!

  • Tom

    Well I wonder what would happen if someone started planting those little land mind, ied’s along the incoming trails

  • CPAguy

    Too bad a President Romney only exacerbate the problem, rather than fix it.

    I don’t blame the illegals…I would do the same thing if I were in their shoes…WE are to blame.

  • Want to stop the madness… ? SP And AW the winning ticket,the only one… ~ ! On to Tampa…

  • Dan

    invading army WTF!!!

  • Dan

    shot on site…only way to end this…land mines anything to stop the invading army….

  • ryanomaniac

    Are these ranchers not able to do anything about this? Can’t you protect your property? If you have drug runners and all?. Stupid questions I guess but I just don’t know what the law is in Arizona concerning your OWN land.

    Its high time these ranchers line up along their property lines and give one warning shot across the bow.

    • notebene

      While I agree with your gut reaction to be ready to defend your property, here is something to keep in mind. One rancher cannot fight a drug cartel, and fact is, many of these people are running drugs illegally over the border for those. As angry as the ranchers must be, they’ve got to keep it in check to protect their families. Until we get the imposter in chief out of office, these folks are sitting ducks for violence on their own property. Even though the illegals are outright breaking the law, the law has been perverted to protect the illegals and not the citizens. We can send drones over the Middle East, but Odumbo won’t touch Mexico. It’s a sick state of affairs for our law abiding citizens and our legal immigrants, who did go through the proper channels to be here!

      • kong1967

        If the Middle East was next door and we were being flooded with illegal Arab
        voters Obama wouldn’t touch them, either.

      • well the state dea is duplicating and strengthening the federal dea, isn’t that illegal?
        shoot them all.

    • ranchers have been sued over it…and lost.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, and it’s tantamount to a burglar suing a jewelry store for having them arrested for being in their store at midnight stealing all the jewelry. Anyone have a barf bag? I seriously need one.

        • you don’t have barf bags handy?
          thats a crime.
          we’ll call it a gastric tax and require everyone to have at least 2 on their person at all times.
          pretty sure there was a run on barf bags this morning.

          • kong1967

            Lol, I procrastinated and when I showed up the shelves were empty.

            What the…? I’m trying to “like” comments but IE Explorer just sits there and gives me the busy signal. Obama must be on the other end.

    • kong1967

      I would think so but with liberal enforcement of the law anything goes. I know of a story where a rancher held a group of seven illegal Mexican trespassers at bay with a shotgun while he waited for the police. They arrested him and let the illegals go on their way.

      Insanity has no boundaries.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I saw this on Hannity last night. And the law is unable or unwilling to stop this.

    Holder and Napolitano should be jailed for lying and endangering our country.

    Maybe this guy could plant several claymore’s along this path?

    • kong1967

      When Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona she pleaded with the federal government to help her with the crisis on the border. It is very disgusting to see what she is doing now to the Governor of Arizona (and Arizona) now that she (Janet) is in the federal government. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      Yeah, how about setting up some mechanical booby-traps along the trail? Then put out a few warning signs (in English) about the potential of tripping a booby-trap, then it’s invaders beware of the dangers. The idiots in D.C. are giving away OUR country to invaders and they’re only concern is their own re-election.

  • Today they carry over illegal drugs. Tomorrow a dirty bomb perhaps?! And if that happens, will we get an apology from the politicians who refuse to seal the border? Of course not, we’ll get finger pointing and “Bush did it first” excuses. NObama and Nappy are putting the people of this country at unnecessary and unforgivable risk for political gain. It’s as disgusting as it is unpatriotic!

  • detectivedick

    One way to stop this is to cut your own lawn, clean your own house and DON’T HIRE THEM! I live is Sanctuary Maryland, our laws apply to blacks and whites but not to the walking class. Remember who is in the Department of Justice ? Tom Perez, a long time friend of Podesta at the CAP. I wonder why we even have a Border Patrol Agents, just retrain them to work in a Welcome Center. Sad very sad to watch this invasion.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Arizona Hispanic Majority on Track by 2020

    MESA (Hispanic News) June 22, 2004 — New state population estimates show Hispanics are still on pace to outnumber whites in Arizona by 2020 and they may even do it sooner. That’s the picture found in the Arizona Hispanic Research Center’s biennial population projection released this week.

    The projection is based on figures that show Hispanic growth continued in the financially troubled early 2000s while all other groups held steady. Hispanic growth sped up from 2000 to 2002 because fewer people were coming to Arizona while the economy was down. But Arizona Hispanic Research Center’s director Jon Garrido says the state’s Hispanic birth rate was much higher than that of other groups.

    The traditional projection has non-Hispanic whites becoming less than half the populace next year. That projection holds that Hispanics would edge non-Hispanic whites in 2020, with Hispanics becoming a majority by 2035. But if trends continue as they did from 2000 to 2002, non-Hispanic whites could lose the majority this year, with Hispanics becoming the largest ethnic group by 2015 and the Arizona majority by 2030.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Obama is giving Arizona and Texas to Mexico. America is doomed to fall apart if its borders are not protected.

    • kong1967

      And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Obamacare, the food police, etc. This country is going down the crapper really fast. Goodbye America.

  • Go to their website there is even more video!

  • AZ_Author

    Obama, Napolitano, and the Supreme Court just rang the dinner bell.

    • kong1967

      That’s an interesting way to explain it. Yes, they did.

  • joshkidder

    Wake up america.  These people are bringing in drugs and selling to our children.  Our children become non-productive citizens and depend on working tax payers to pay for the rehab our children need.    Some or most of our children that are on drugs that the illegals brought in to our country, they never get off drugs or they become a mess.   Fact:  illegals do come in this country and have children here and not made to go home.  American Tax dollars are paying for this and frankly I can not pay anymore taxes and my family is suffering.  Fathers of these children are made to go home to mexico just to return in a month.   Americans we are paying taxes to allow the illegal mexican’s to pay the bills of them having children here in American.  We, Americans pay to feed, cloth, shelter, and let them go to our free schools—we are paying for it.  The illegals and their followers rally down our American streets and carrying the Mexican flag—this is WRONG!   We need to pay for Americans—not illegals.    STOP—it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, they are here illegal, which means they have stolen from us by coming in this country illegally!!!!  We have to boycott Mexico and put pressure on there country to make their country work for them, but we can not give you any more money to do this, we are broke and the illegals broke us!!!   Boycott Mexico!!!!!——