Arizona’s Governor Brewer: I’m not going to sit back and let my country go to hell

Governor Brewer was invited onto the Mark Levin show tonight to discuss her new executive order as well as discuss the presidential election and how her state will play in November.

Toward the end of the interview Gov. Brewer said that it’s been a tough go of it over the last few years but she was thankful for the encouraging words from Levin and other that help her keep going. But she said that even though it’s been tough, she’s not going to sit back and let her country go to hell.

She also said Arizona isn’t going to turn blue on her watch. Gotta love the Gov!

Listen below:

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  • Another snub by the Gop not having her speak at the convention. Palin,West,Bachmann,Brewer,Cain,Newt.

    • poljunkie

      …and Perry! ( For old times sake)

      Come on……..when he’s good, he’s good.

      • He’s not that good. This is coming from a born and raised Texan. To begin your understanding he supported scumbag Dewhurst for Senate. He is not a conservative by any means. He talks a good talk but walks with the left.

        • poljunkie

          Ya, I didnt get that one.

          But there is just something about him that we find appealing. I know he is far from perfect, but for some reason there is something about a man from Texas! HA

          • That is becausehe used to be a Democrat back when the Dems ran the state. WHenthe GOP started making inroads and actually having some influence, he switched parties.

        • Can you say, “Ted Cruz”? He was voted in over the person Governor Perry was backing (Dewhurst). This says something about the shaky ground the good governor stands on.

          • mark1955

            Not to mention,Rick Perry’s past as a longtime democrat and i believe Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager.

            • Yes, Perry was a Democrat for a few years and he was an Al Gore supporter when Gore ran as a so-called conservative in 1988. Perry made statements to the effect that being a Democrat and a Gore supporter were mistakes that were made before he came to his senses.

            • This is a myth. He was, as a state legislator, on a steering committee that was supportive of Al Gore in 1988. It was not a real job–he had no actually responsibilities for Al Gore at all. Presidential candidates do not have campaign managers in states. When Al Gore did not win the nomination in 1988, Rick Perry, who remained a Democrat for just a tiny bit longer, voted for George H.W. Bush. He has been officially a Republican since 1989. Ronald Reagan had been officially a Republican for less time than Perry has been when he was elected President in 1980. Reagan was the most Conservative President we have had since at least Calvin Coolidge, so it should be considered irrelevant that one may have been a Democrat in the long ago past. Democrats used to be Conservative in the South and their party abandoned them.

        • tvlgds

          As a fellow Texan, I agree 100%!

      • PJSTX

        and that’s the problem with Perry exactly! In his defense, when public opinion gets loud, he does seem to listen (not individual “special” screamers, but those who have/will/might vote for him). If he would take a strong stand like Brewer does, it would really make a difference. Born and raised here, lived in other states for four years at a time. Living in Texas now.

    • Somehow I think Governor Brewer will get over it. She’s doing what she feels is the right thing to do to protect the people in her state. Those within the establishment GOP (RINOs) don’t like those who believe in upholding our current immigration laws. I realize Senator McCain is from that state, but he has shown himself to be on the wrong side of the immigration issue time and again. If anybody has evidence that he has “evolved”, feel free to share.

  • HiramHawk

    Gov. Jan Brewer should be delivering the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, instead of Gov. Crispy Creme.

    • C’mon, we got Paul Ryan, Romney is fighting harding than ever before- telling Ovomit to go back to Chicago (or wherever he is from) and both Rom & Ry are taking the Prez and VP to task for their tireless work of destroying our country from within- so if you guys really want Ovomit out, lets get together and stop complaining about every last thing. Brian and Hiram, I don’t mean to attack you, and I hope you understand this, but you sound more like democrats ripping America. “why isn’t he speaking or she speaking, or why is the convention in Tampa, or why are they decorating the place in blue rather than fuchsia? Stop it, please. Here is why they are not having Palin, Bachmann & Newt speaking- they are lightning rods for the left and we already have to fight everyone except Fox (& now Shepard Smith is getting liberal) (BTW I love Palin, I respect Bachmann, but she is no great speaker (hence, 1st to drop out of Republican Race with about 5% of the vote). I love Brewer, but have you heard a speech by her- not an interview, but a speech- she is no great speaker- in fact she is a very bad public speaker, and messes up a lot of the words. Great Conservative, bad speaker. Cain had issues he could not answer. I liked him very much too, but he was giving a lot of money to a female friend- we don’t need that (& BTW maybe his wife told him if he speaks and puts himself in the media spotlight, she is out the door??). We make fun of Clinton (Cigars) and Gore (creepy massage session). As for Col. West he should be speaking; he is awesome, but I am not going to cry about it. Finally, everyone loved Christie, fighting the unions and being real. But now you make fun of his weight. I bet you are not in perfect shape Hiramhawk- since most Americans are obese. I bet you could lose 35 pounds. Finally, Christie is a great speaker and can charge up the crowd. I am glad we had this talk.

      • Tim Algore Pawlenty was first to drop out. Every republican is a lighting rod for the left. None of republicans stood up for Palin or Brewer for that matter so why stand up for them? The talking heads on Fox News,talk radio and other sites are still lying about and attacking Palin and her impact in 2008. It was way more then Ryan. We knuckle dragging conservatives may vote, but are not going to be excited after what the gop leaders (Ryan and gang) did to us after we handed them 2010.

      • p m

        While you make some points that may be considered valid, you fail to recognise that Governor Christie lost a lot of appeal among Conservatives with his:

        >choice this year for NJ’s judgeship and refusal to answer valid and reasonable questions about the appointee’s ties to Hamas;
        >promotion of islamist propaganda in public schools;
        >accusations against GOP members of islamophobia at his recent Ramadan dinner at the Governor’s residence;
        >earlier rants about GOP ‘crazies’, ‘bigots’ and ‘extremists’, all without any elucidation on why he considers them to be such;
        >asserting again just last week that the court’s support of NYPD’s surveillance of muslims was mistaken.

        And that’s just his islamist predilections. This year. No facts required – just do the lib thing and call opponents and concerned citizens crazy bigots, because he says so. What a good dhimmi he is. What a very ‘useful idiot’ he is for the islamists.

        Then there’s the dabbling with Cap and Trade, and his avowed belief in global warming, despite pulling out of the North East’s carbon trading scam at the last minute. Really, one can only observe that Christie is eminently unfit for higher office on a national level. Which is why he not a fit choice for the Tampa keynote speech, which he will probably use to spout more dhimmi nonsense. It’s also why millions of Conservatives won’t be watching.

        Brian and Hawk make excellent points – at least to Conservatives – which they are perfectly entitled to make.
        But you, atl, you sound like a liberal, chastising Hawk for adopting the far from uncommon Krispy Kreme appellation, accusing them of sounding like democrats, and even assuming that Hawk needs to lose weight. Such effrontery! To top it off, you assert that you’re ‘glad we had this talk’. Who did you think you were ‘talking’ to? Who do think you are?

        You begin your post by telling Brian and Hawk that you don’t mean to attack them, and then proceed to do just that, in the most condescending terms. Pure liberal arrogance.

        Most of the posters on this site are for Romney, some having warmed up to him, some from the beginning. No-one here advocates for abdicating the responsibility of voting Obama out. On the rare occasions that they do, they are usually persuaded by the reason and patience of their fellow posters. Your post seems heavy-handed in contrast.

        So glad we had this talk. Good night.

        • Governor Christie is not a conservative. He is what the lefties call a “neocon” or what we would call a RINO. In his defense, look at the state he is trying to govern.

        • GREAT post! I didn’t know half this stuff about Christie. Thanks for the education!

          • westernhunter

            This is why I do not want him speaking at the convention. He is not what a lot of uninformed (as well as others) think he is and by the Republicans having him speak, there are just elevating him more to the people. I just cringe when I hear so many people as well as talk show host that think he is great. They are fooling themselves and hopefully we can get the word out on him, so when he is up for some national election people will know what he is about.

      • HiramHawk

        Heck… the GOP could hire a ToastMaster speaker, if they need a good speaker for cripes sake. Even Obama can deliver a speech with a teleprompter. I am likely one of the “Knuckledraggers” that John Boehner was calling out the other day. We know that we are being forced to vorte for Romney, but the Republican Party has unforgivably left us with no other choice.

        I cannot stand Chris Christy. He is a bombastic blowhard. Many have worked for people like this, until they get themselves into trouble, by demeaning and abusing their subordinates. There are many people who could get up there and yell, attempt to intimidate and stomp around to make their point. Other alpha-males see right through Christy and many of us cannot abide in his his dhimmitude.

        As the Republican Party continues in its systematic disenfrachisement of conservative Republicans, they can expect decreased party support and more individual candidate support. I know that is not as effective in elections, but it is the Republican Party that made the conscious decision to attack conservatives, while failing to agressively confront Obama and his Democrat minions.

    • kong1967

      I agree.

  • sjmom

    Always a pleasure to listen to Gov. Brewer. We need more like her.

  • badbadlibs

    It’s fantastic to have someone stand up to the little dictator in the WH.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Jan Brewer is a fighter… love her.

    She’s a trail blazer and a woman of principle. She and Joe are amazing.

  • binky354

    I love this woman! What an amazing amount of courage she has.

    • kong1967

      Isn’t it great? I don’t think I’ve seen a politician with this much courage to do the right thing and stand up for us in my entire life. Well, I can’t really include Reagan, but he didn’t stand up against powers that were above him trying to destroy everything he did in an illegal manner.

  • J S

    How about a petition to replace Jeb Bush with Gov Brewer at the convention?

    Gov Brewer has fought Obama at every turn, what has Jeb Bush done?

    What do you say SCOOP can you make this happen? Levin had high praise for you today, what can we do to make this happen?

    • PovrlaChasse

      Jeb Bush? He’s the guy they chose? That is ridiculous. Jeb Bush over Palin or Newt or Brewer or almost anybody else? What? Are they crazy? That is nepotism in the extreme. Jeb Bush is just like his brother, a light weight whiny little suck up, “Why can’t we all just get along?” kind of Republican. No backbone, no convictions, no strength, no balls. I agree. What has Jeb Bush ever done to merit this? My daddy told them to put me on stage. I’m sure McCain will be there to announce him on.

      Jeb Bush is the exact example of what a Republican should not be. If I were there, I would walk out when he came on stage.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I am afraid of Jeb Bush speaking at the convention, if you follow these establishment republicans like Jeb Bush you soon find out that he has been trying to sabotage the Romney campaign. So he can run in 2016… My conservative friends please remember do not fall for another Bush guy.

    • The GOP establishment will not permit this. However, more and more establishment GOP members are biting the dust in elections, so there’s hope for the future.

  • If Twit is NOT the nominee yet, why does he decide who will speak at the Convention? He’s nothing but a serial flip-flopper and is backed by the same anti-God anti-Americans that back Ovomit!

    • kong1967

      Is that so?

    • Yes, he has flip-flopped. I don’t know about the other points you bring up. The alternative to Romney is to re-elect Obama. This cannot be permitted to happen. Another four years of Obama would be much more sinister for the U.S. than four years of Romney would be. Romney has promised to govern conservatively. If we have learned anything, we have learned that a politician’s promises mean absolutely nothing, unless we hold that person’s feet to the fire, make him/her own up to any broken promises, and force that person to make amends. If Romney does not fall into line with a more conservative approach to governing and if he embraces leftist policies during his administration, you had better believe he will get nailed to the wall and be hounded by other Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party supporters. He will not be re-elected if he metamorphoses into a hardcore lefty like Obama. I don’t believe Romney will want to commit political suicide; therefore, we will expect him to reverse the damage done to this country by almost four years of Obama.

  • kong1967

    I love Jan Brewer. She has been the toughest fighter on the front lines against Holder, Obama and all the illegals that come across the border with nothing but the clothes on their backs and they apply for welfare benefits, free schooling, and whatever else they can get their freeloading hands on.

    Keep up the fight Jan. We need you….badly. Even to push Republicans and Romney after January 20th to use their majoity (which I’m hoping we have) to finally do something about this bullcrap.

  • JoeMontana16

    Does find it interesting that illegals will come out of the wood work to get this two year reprieve but wont take the time to go ahead and apply for citizenship? Yes it costs more but come on you can’t save the money for it after all the years you’ve been here? Geez.

    Illegals have more rights than citizen’s and that really makes my ass mad. I had an issue with my drivers license for the past year. My city switched to a new system and all of a sudden I get a letter from the state that said I hadn’t paid for four tickets from 10-12 years ago!!! It took me 10 months to get this straightened out. Couldn’t drive but damn it an illegal comes in the same DMV while I’m there and taking a damn drivers test?? WTF? This is just an example of the BS that’s going down in this country and now these same illegals are voting and with their votes are helping to decide policy and changing the direction of the USA.

  • Rocco11

    Mark Levin should be speaking at the convention..

    • proudhispanicconservative

      He won’t allow it because the establishment hate his guts.

  • Where are the other governors? Do they realize that these illegal invaders will require state benefits while they vote for the Socialist Party forever.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    God Bless You Governor Brewer. Imagine, a politican that actually does the job she was hired to do! ! !

  • proudhispanicconservative

    God bless you governor in a world of gutless politicians you stand there in Arizona like the shinny city on a hill. Governor you have a hispanic american here in florida that stands with you…. God bless you

  • michael duval

    How is it that ALL the illegals can find the time and funds to apply for Obama’s amnesty but for people to obtain a government ID for voting is just asking too much??!!

  • BIG TRUTH is what this county needs to counter the BIG LIES! Women governors Rock! Just imagine a Palin/Brewer team!!!!

  • Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin are the Iron Ladies of American politics.

    • Agreed. I’d add in Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to that group of great patriots who are truly looking out for America.

  • She is a TRUE patriot! If only every governor had half the backbone and sense of Americanism as she has we’d be in MUCH better shape!

  • wmath44

    Makes me proud to be in AZ

    • proudhispanicconservative

      YOu are one luck person…..congrats and send her your support so she runs for office again, we across the country need her there.

  • carmtom13

    We need more pols in this country who feel the same way like Governor Brewer to say that they aren’t going to sit back and watch the country go to hell. Governor Palin has been taking on BHO since 2008 because she knew what BHO stood for. She has been living rent free in BHOs and the rest of the libs heads for years and that is why they fabricate stories about her. What a bunch of fools!! Rush once said the left will let you know who they fear and now we know for sure who that person is.

  • Thomas Jefferson saw as the most important safeguard of the liberties of the people ” the support of the state governments in all their rights, as the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies.” Thomas J. DiLorenzo from the book The Real Lincoln
    If the federal government makes encroachments on the constitutional rights of the people and the states, what are their options? In a word, their right to secede. Thomas Jefferson
    In Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address (1801), he declared, ” If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.” This was Jefferson’s way of defending the rights of free speech and of secession.
    Bring back the protections of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments for states rights, and do away with the centralized government we have today.
    The civil war or the War between the States was one of the worst things to ever happen to states rights. Not only did the war lay the foundation for eventual nullification or weakening of basic constitutional protections against central government abuses, but it also laid to rest the great principle enunciated in the Declaration of Independence that ” Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Thomas J. DiLorenzo from his book The Real Lincoln.
    I wish we had more governors like Jan Brewer of Arizona who truly understands the issue of states rights, and the overreaching of the Federal government as it pertains to the separation of powers and the constitution. God be with you Governor Brewer…

  • kwiley9711


  • She’s a worth successor to Barry Goldwater. Good for her.

  • One of the very few State Governors sticking up for state constitutional rights.

    First bad move made by Feds was to enact 17th Amendmend which removed Senate’s accountability to their states.

  • Every single Republican mentioned here thus far is a stark positive contrast to Barack Obama. If you are going to be obstinate and not vote for Romney simply because someone you wanted to speak at the Convention hasn’t been chosen, then you help re-elect Barack Obama. If you’re not going to vote because you don’t deem Romney conservative enough for your taste, then you help re-elect Barack Obama.

    I would love to hear Palin & Brewer and Newt, and others speak at the convention, but for whatever reason they are not. Yet, there will be others who will be speaking and I believe it will be an exciting & motivational event. I fought hard for Newt to be our nominee, but he is not. It was difficult, but I’ve accepted it. I don’t feel like a traitor – I just realize I now need to support our candidate – just as Newt is doing. If he can – if he doesn’t see extreme danger in America’s choice compared to what we have in the WH now – then I don’t either.

    This time in particular, I don’t think we need political celebrity orators to speak as much as speakers with real substance to address the issues currently at hand.

    At this time in our history, we need to rally behind who the majority of Republican Amerians apparently wanted and voted for. We have successfully introduced a good dose of conservatism into the party over the past 4 years. It has not been rejected – it has been embraced, even by many who we refer to as RINOs. Relatively speaking, had things not been as bad as what we have coming from the Obama administration, Americans would likely have not been as motivated to get up, get out, and fight for conservatism. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes baby steps to get where you want to be. We don’t want the Republican party to be at the extreme right as compared to where the Dem party now sits at the extreme left. Neither is good for this exceptional country.

    As the Rolling Stones have said “you can’t always get what you want – but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you NEED”.

    Right now our country is not only in NEED of a dire shift back to the center, but I feel we NEED Romney & Ryan’s very targeted talents to get our economy and job situation back on track, or it won’t matter one iota who speaks at the convention, because we will likely not have any more conventions if Obama is re-elected so it will be a moot point.

    Sort of like the Occupy movement, just complaining about what you don’t like gets you nowhere.

    There is no perfect conservative or Republican who will appeal to every other conservative or Republican. So I guess we need to weigh the options put in front of us, adhere to the art of accepting what we can no longer control since primary voting is over for this cycle, and find the good in the selections that have been made champion them, promote them, and vote for them.

    For me, this is not about what I want – it’s about what our country needs right now to survive.

    • The Hell with the Center! Compromising with the left is agreeing with them on their own terms and being left of center is what we have in congress today. Appeasement of our Conservative principles and belief in the Republican form of government is to give-up the very liberties we hold dear to the left. How is that working out huh?, with no balance budget and the national debt in the Trillions, and our Economy in Recession. The shift is to go to the Far Right and make the public understand that by doing so the Republic will be saved.
      Never will I compromise my belief for anyone sake regardless of the pressures that will most definitely come my way. Liberty is too precious a thing to be compromise for the sake of compromise.

  • bobemakk

    I hope that every republican politician expresses their guts like Jan Brewer, my hat is off to her, she is gutsy and is right all the way.

  • LizzieBorden

    You go Jan!!! I am with you 100%. I refuse to let my country got to hell because of these illegal alien invaders.

  • Where is George?