As Middle East Melts Down, @BarackObama Tweets About Jay-Z, High Fives and Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

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  • 911Infidel

    Divert and attack is all Obama knows how to do. But it isn’t working. The whole world is watching while the little Kenyan boy-man plays games.

  • marketcomp

    All I have to say is that Obama is incompetent and out of touch. 4 Americans were just brutally killed in Libya and at least three embassies breached. And Obama ask for tax returns? Really! In one of these phoney interviews why don’t someone ask him about that!

    • stage9

      Oh, it’s far worse than that. In a speech yesterday Obama was mocking Obamney for having no foreign policy experience! And the room just applauded and laughed like the mindless drones they are.

      Imagine! Obama, of ALL people accusing someone else of having NO FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE! LOL! Community disorganizer in thief!

      • marketcomp

        Spot on, stage9!

      • If this is his example of experience I will take the ‘inexperienced’.

        • marketcomp

          Checkmate, Laurel!

  • Obama, please, do us all a favor. You know that “fake” paper you got that says Columbia or Harvard transcript, that you like to keep stashed away? Yeah, could you just scan that and post it on your twitter account? You could even “Instagram” it if you want!

    Jackass… -_-

  • Nero is fiddling.

  • Obama is now using dead Americans as campaign props.

    • louisiana_mom

      There is no low he will not sink to in this election. Sad, the depths he has brought the high office of President down to…

  • Yazz55

    Still chasing after Romney’s tax returns? I wonder why. Perhaps…

    They want to show their welfare collector voting base what a tax return really looks like.
    Democrats really want to learn how to do tax planning-from one who has done so.
    Democrats want to show their kids why they should get into private equity.

  • louisiana_mom

    He is using the Progressives tried and proven method of “Look squirrel” or “Oh, shiney.” He will do anything to get people to look somewhere else but what is happening in the Middle East.