Astroturf: SEIU paying Obama protesters $11/hr to protest Romney rally

Union money hard at work at a Romney rally in Cleveland, Ohio:

I wonder how much SEIU is going to pay people to vote in November…

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  • Orangeone

    Is the SEIU going to issue 1099s to all of these workers? And timely and properly file the associated 1096?

    • conservative58

      Maybe SEIU is trying to help Obama get his job numbers up before the election.

      • Orangeone

        Sure hope they complied with federal law and reported all these “new hires” for child support enforcement.

    • keninil

      A nice plant could maybe trap SEIU. I would bet they are paying cash with no docs.

      • tvlgds

        Here they were paying in cash and cigarettes back in 2008 to register people to vote. My dad talked to one of the guys outside Walmart, and that was his FIFTEENTH voter registration. And the libs scream that there is no voter fraud??

        • bobemakk

          The republicans wouldn’t get away with this. Obama must go, he won the presidency with false multiple registrations and voters who repeatedly voted.

          • tvlgds

            Republicans wouldn’t even try it. Obummer will win again this time the same way he won last time- by hook AND crook! The illegals and dead people will make the difference.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Can’t stimulate true grass root enthusiasm for your own candidacy? Try to buy an election, huh?

    • Cliff

      Ya’ mean they can’t find a busload of true and passionate dem/progressives who believe in their cause enough to volunteer for free?

    • warpmine

      Suppose this is why he needed over a $billion.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Well, besides paying protestors, he’s been running lots of ads & gallavanting about campaigning, etc.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Hmmm. $11 an hour, a free Obama phone, food stamps, SSI, if I didn’t have any self respect, I would be tempted to support Obama too.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Bite your tongue!

  • That’s a pretty good job if you can get it in this economy.

    • keninil

      Wonder if they get paid vacation and full medical?

  • DebbyX

    Oh great, another welfare mother with one in the oven!

  • Rightstuff1

    Do they have any idea how this looks to us conservatives or as I like to call us “real” Americans? Can you imagine in your wildest dreams any Conservative protest, tea party or whatever where one of the “leaders” tells one of the “protestors” don’t talk to that reporter and leads them away? Can you ever see that happening? I can’t because it wouldn’t happen.

    My guess is that this is the only “work” these “protestors” have when not sucking from the federal tit !!!

    Is it too strong to call these “people” societal leeches?

    • DebbyX


  • poljunkie

    What does the Job posting say?

    Help wanted:
    Unemployed but current union member needed to attend and disrupt Romney rallies and events.
    Loud, obnoxious voice needed.
    Disheveled appearance ok
    Transportation, food, gas, phone, lodging ,expenses per diem included
    Please bring sign.

    • marketcomp

      No teeth required and must be recieving government handouts.

  • Bluziggy

    before or after taxes?

  • sDee

    These people will be sitting behind a computer in DC soon, approving your Obamacare,

    • Sandra123456

      Maybe on your death panel.

  • shane2813


  • modoc1873

    They will be very disappointed come November 7th when the cashier in chief gets sent to Hawaii to work on his library.

  • 911Infidel

    Mindless trolls, pretending to matter. Ah patooey. They are about as effective as a gnat on a dog’s arse.

    • keyesforpres

      Gnats can be very annoying, actually.

      • 911Infidel

        Ah. You got my point.

  • WhiteGuy2
  • PovrlaChasse

    The DNC doesn’t just pay people with money.

    If history is a guide, the Democrats will show up at every homeless shelter, rehab shelter, and old folks home on election day with a van full of cigarettes and booze offering to “help” them vote. I hope that this year we get their first to offer our “help”.

    Obama voters are such morons you can tell them anything. “Now remember folks, the machines are broken this year. If you want to vote for Obama, you have to select the Romney button. Then well all go for a smoke and some beer.”

    • Jay

      Been to Chicago? In some precincts they’ll actually go into the booth with you to show you how to vote and give you $5 on the way out. Except my grandparents whose D vote can always be counted on, may they rest in peace.

  • stage9

    We should join them and give the money we receive to Conservative candidates.


    The SEIU is the reason we have Harry Reid still in the senate. I am told it was the SEIU that had the maintenance contract on the voting machines here in Nevada. Now ain’t that sweet. We had people complaining that no matter how they voted, Reid came up. However, the person who was to investigate voter fraud was a democrat. Never did get investigated.

    People listen up. Find out who it is in your community that is maintaining the voting machines and be sure you make sure that the watchers are watching.

  • sDee

    The real pizzer is the that WE are paying them $11 an hour.

    SEIU funds them selves by siphoning dues off government workers paychecks, paid with our tax money, raised by politicians who were elected with SEIU campaign contributions.

    The SEIU folks are probably sitting in their offices watching this video and laughing their arses off at us.

    • You are soooo right. If I could magically put an amendment in the Constitution, it would make any case of funnelling taxpayer money into an election an offense equal to treason.

      Then I would fix the difficulty of prosecuting treason.

      Then I would …

  • Sober_Thinking

    These people ought to be rounded up and deported…

    America isn’t big enough for this sort of garbage.

  • That is the most disgusting video I’ve ever seen.
    If blacks dont get from this video, they are the tools of their white liberal masters , I dont see what would wake them up.

    See the white guys mixed in with them to keep them in line.

    WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE! (latinos2)

  • WordsFailMe

    Funny how inflation works. Ten years ago you could have had any one of these women for $5 an hour.

    For soul-less ignorant scum it’s just a matters of price

  • I bet they haven’t the first clue about any of the issues. $11 an hour is all they need to know. A cheap price to sell your soul and your country up the river. They can’t even get REAL protestors who believe in their cause to come protest. They have to get paid lackeys. How pathetic is that?!

  • deeme

    Yes what a nice sight to see, I guess you have everything to lose when your fair share is healthcare and pensions paid for by people who don’t have healthcare and pensions…

  • Yep, Presenting reasons & facts — which BO has never done, just hoping on stuff, while blaming others & unequal results — cannot win, so more disruption & distraction are needed.

  • WinMissouri

    Do they get a retirement plan, paid healthcare, vacation, job training? Or are they on one of our generous entitlement plans or the two year unemployment plan that we 53% “donate” into.

  • sjmom

    Is this legal??????

  • These tactics have been used by tyrants through out history: Russia, Iran, Germany, Italy, North Korea, Cuba, …. etc. Obama is a tyrant

  • The best protesters money can buy. Tea Party members will flood the voting booths in November and eat these bums up for breakfast. We are motivated and we want to win. The same cannot be said for paid protesters.

  • Love the handlers–most of whom seem to be caucasian–who keep them all in line and away from the questioner. Wonder how much the handlers are paid? Disgusting.

    • PicklePlants

      I bet the handlers were paid more – they understand the goal of the paid protest as well as the intent of the interviewer. My guess is $22 an hour.

      I can’t help thinking that if these people are willing to walk around in the rain for $11 an hour, am I to believe they won’t sell their vote for the same price?

  • CalCoolidge

    $11/hour? Sounds like less than union pay to me.

  • opinionatedhermit

    I don’t think most Conservatives really understand how protesting works. In most cases it is a fund raising effort. You get people out on the streets, and then you hit up other people for money.

    More noise, more money. More noise, more money. Yes. It is that simple.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you go to the San Francisco Chronicle and look in the want ads you can get a protesting job.

    Even better, if you want to have whole bunch of fun, start asking these paid protestors if “health insurance” and “retirement” is included in their pay.

  • Jay

    Well, I guess now we know what an 0 voter is worth.

  • $11.00 per hour – that will buy about 3 gallons of gas – 2 packs of cigarettes – and maybe a 12 pack of the beverage of your choice – all at the “cost of freedom” –

  • $11? ppff! For $11 an hour, you’d be having my job, working in the office in safety management doing paperwork. Granted it’s not the funnest job in the world, but I can assure you, you’d be doing a lot more productive things than just standing outside while people laugh at you making a fool of yourself. But then again, I know with an attitude like that my boss wouldn’t dream of hiring your sorry ass!

  • bobemakk

    Romney has to pay no one, he will win, the polls are fudged. Obama is a disgrace and has always been. Obama couldn’t give me a $million an hour to campaign for him.

  • bobemakk

    Another disgrace as usual from the Obama regime.