At Length: John Bolton discusses nuclear Iran

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Most of the time when we hear John Bolton, we hear him in small sound bites on Fox News. But in this interview John Bolton talks about Iran at length, discussing what we know about Iran’s nuclear facilities, why sanctions won’t work, and what he expects Israel to do in the next couple of years. Very interesting discussion:


UPDATE: Some of you have been asking for the entire interview. I was editing out pieces for a couple of reasons, to make them smaller and to fix the video/audio sync issues. And of course those were my favorite parts too. But there’s a lot more so you can watch the whole 70 minutes here.

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  • Anonymous

    Loved the point about sanctions and why they have failed. They have not been massively applied nor even basically by all our so called allies. They have not been swiftly applied nor have they been applied across the board but selectively. Lastly they have not been enforced and some of our own countries businesses have been exempt from those enforcements. John Boltons assessment on taking out Iranians capability makes so much sense you have to wonder what the Israelis are waiting for except for our CinC being such an anti-Semitic appeaser

  • I love this man! I am so glad he talked about sanctions. I get so frustrated when I hear anyone say, “oh we need to sanction..” Since when has that ever worked? It does nothing to those dictators who rule the nation- only the people who live under the dictatorship.
    “What do you advocate today?” “The sooner, the better..” There ya go!! It’s refreshing to hear a straight answer for a change.

    • Anonymous

      “The sooner, the better..”
      Before we lose air superiority over the region due to our drawdown. Those 30,000 lb. Massive Ordnance Penetrators that Boeing just delivered to the pentagon would come in handy.

  • Anonymous

    Did you hear that Ron Paul? We are three years too late and one year away of Iran getting a nuclear weapon! Ron Paul is just a grumpy old man who sometimes says something stupid like I love you, and sometimes just something stupid.
    Thanks to Obama and Hillary we are in this mess.

  • Anonymous

    Sanctions work about as well as telling the schoolyard bully….”Don’t do that or you will get detention.”

    The only thing he will really understand is a hard swift punch upside his head.

  • Anonymous

    ROTFLMAO “That was a non-political statement.”

    I love the guy. Unfortunately he, his intelligence, and the information he possesses are so far above the average citizen of this country (and above some above average people too) that only a serious conservative who does not care about his / her opposition would feel free to listen to Mr. Bolton and follow his counsel.


  • Anonymous

    I missed it. Where did the interview take place and who was the interviewer?


  • Anonymous

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  • I want the whole interview.

    • Anonymous

      Me too and I can’t find it. I tried Google and nothing, but I don’t know what to search for beyond “John Bolton interview”.

      I never thought I’d be pissed to not see a station or network logo at the corner of the screen.

      I want to watch the entire interview!

      • You got it. I posted it above.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. I searched YouTube but it didn’t come on the first page so I gave up.

    • updated with the entire interview above.

  • Not a fan of Amb. Bolton for his support of the Marxist-Islamist MEK.

  • Bolton, a guy to admire.

  • bobemakk

    The big jack ass, Obama is bringing home all the troops from Iraq, and all the losses of all our military and those who came home maimed will be a total loss for US. Once the troops come home Iran will take over and we will be the big losers. OBAMA wake the hell up.

  • Hey Newt? About your flip flop on Iran and now you’re for sanctions instead…John Bolton disagrees adamantly.

  • Hey Newt? About your flip flop on Iran and now you’re for sanctions instead…John Bolton disagrees adamantly.