AUDIO: Hillary Clinton trying to cash in on new book by saying her ‘skin crawled’ over being near Trump

Hillary Clinton trashes Trump in her new book, of course, suggesting that just being near him at one of the debates made her skin crawl.


I get that this was two days after Trump’s infamous 2006 comments were released in October last year. And the comments were repulsive, as everyone has since noted. So I don’t begrudge her for feeling a certain way after hearing those comments.

But really, she expects us to feel sorry for her? Trump could make the same argument against her!

While Trump’s comments were appalling, it must be said that he’s not the one who let four good men, including an Ambassador, die in Benghazi without sending any aid for their recovery.

He’s not the one who ignored for months and months the security upgrade requests from the Ambassador for the consulate in Benghazi that might have saved lives.

He’s not the one who lied to the faces of the loved ones of these four men as their bodies had just been returned to the US, blaming their deaths on an out of control protest over a video that no one knew anything about. She knew it was terrorism on that very night yet still lied about it to them and subsequently all of America.

So if you ask me, Trump’s skin should have been crawling too because he was standing next to pure evil.

And if you want to compare the two, there really is no comparison. What Hillary did was far, far, far worse than anything Trump has ever done.

So I’m sorry, but there will be no empathy and no tears for Hillary falling from this face, not after what she’s done. Even with all the crap we’ve been through this year, I’ll take Trump any day over Hillary Clinton.

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